02x08 - Morning Comes

Previously on Dexter...

My mother was murdered when I was a boy.

I was there. I saw it.

3 men were arrested for those murders.

One's deceased, one's doing life without possibility, and that's the only one that's still an open case, Santos Jiminez.


Did you have to saw her into little pieces?

Did you have to leave two little boys soaking in a pool of their mother's blood?

I don't care what you did.

It's okay.

Who the f*ck are you?

Pardon my tits.

How could you do this to Rita, not to mention her kids?

Rita broke up with me, okay? 'cause when you're around, I kind of feel like I can deal with anything.

Your past is a bigger mystery than f*cking Jimmy Hoffa.

It's time to make Doakes go away.

Sergeant Doakes is on administrative leave pending an internal affairs investigation.

The killer's making us chase our tails.

You know what that means?

That he might be one of us?

I was working on my piece, and it just caught fire.

I was so scared. Promise me that you won't leave me, that you won't go anywhere.

I'm not going anywhere.

Subtitles: swsub.com I can't believe he said it. Even for Masuka, it was too much.

And Batista didn't do anything. Talk about lame, he f*cking sat there.

You know how much I wanted to...

Is that the sports section?

I used to enjoy quiet mornings, but ever since the fire at Lila's loft, she's been crashing here a bit too often.

Is that my shirt?

I thought it was Dex's.

It's not.

It's okay... keep it.

And so now I share the kitchen with a cobra and a mongoose.

Somebody drank all the coffee again.

Somebody didn't drink all the coffee.

I had a cup, Dexter had a cup, and it just kind of went like that until the pot was empty.

Why are you sticking up for her ?

I'm just trying to keep the peace.

Maybe we should stay at your place tonight.

Has the fire damage been repaired?

The insurance company's dicking me around.

Won't pay me.

Don't worry.

I'll move out soon.

Stop leeching off your brother?

Whatever for?

Again Dex, thanks for sticking up for me.

I am switzerland.

Yeah, and I'm out of here.

What's this?

It's the dragon zombie.

Cody likes to hide things in my bag.

He's trying to control you.

By hiding toys in your bag, you have no choice but to return them to him.

He's 7. He seldom has thoughts more complicated than the desire for candy.

I'll see you at your loft tonight.


Honey, no.

You said we could make breakfast.

I meant cereal, baby.

I don't want cereal.

I guess I should give Rita back her key.

Cody, no. No, let mommy get the d...

It's Dexter!

He brought doughnuts!

I did.

I also brought... A dragon zombie!

I knew you'd find it!

Hope it's okay I'm here.

Could you watch them while I finish getting ready? Astor still has homework.

Thank you, Dexter.

Meet me at the car.

Good thing I dropped by.

Don't ever do it again.


It's too hard on the kids and it's too hard on me.

It's Paul all over again.

Please, Dexter, just stay away.

Notice we have some new faces.

Please make them feel welcome.

Our immediate task is to re-examine every criminal case involving our 18 victims.

Where would you like us to start?

By answering every question as honestly and with as much detail as you can.

Excuse me, sir.

Answering questions?

That is correct.

I can hardly expect you to investigate your own cases.

What are you saying?

Are we under investigation?

We're now operating under the assumption that our killer is somehow connected to law enforcement.

Whether he be a file clerk, a dispatch officer, park ranger...

Or a police officer.

Or a police officer.

Is that why you brought in all these suits?

Special agents.

Sir, you risk alienating every cop on the task force if you do this.

We go where the chase leads us...

Even if it gets messy.

It's insulting.

We're as capable as they are of looking into our own cases.

Who wears a wool suit in the middle of summer in Miami?

Nazis. That's who. It's all about intimidation.

And the idea that one of us could be the killer is complete bullshit.

What do you mean? "us" who?

Lundy has his feds investigating all of our cases that are tied to the Bay Harbor victims. That's good here.

We gotta stand tough here. We gotta make it clear to them that we're not gonna be their little "yes, sir, no, sir" lapdogs.


I'd like to go over some of your cases tomorrow.

Got them listed there.

It would be helpful if you could gather up any notes you may have taken.

Happy to help.

Way to stand tough, Dexter.


That's exactly how Hitler walked.

It seems my manifesto unintentionally helped Lundy narrow his focus.

That's what I get for trying to emulate Lila and take the offensive.

I've always worked best in the shadows, and that's where I have to stay.

Lundy's really pissing people off.

He's got his whole crew looking through every case involving any of the Bay Harbor victims.

He sounds desperate.

You know you're gonna be called in.

I'll be curious to see if I show up.

Okay, James, you need to be a little careful here.

If you wanna keep your job, you gotta cooperate.

Being on suspension does not exclude you from this.

And who was it that suspended me again? Oh, sh1t! That was you.

Please, don't act like you didn't deserve it.

Your case is coming up for review in a week.

If you wanna keep your job...

You keep saying that.

What makes you think I wanna keep my job?

Are you just talking here, or is this something that you've seriously considered?

Well, you and I both know that I've gone as high as I can over there.

Maybe it's time to move on.

Well, what would you do?

I don't know.

My father was a butcher. Maybe I'll open up my own butcher shop.

Yeah, I can just see you putting on an apron every morning.

Look, I have a friend.

He's the head of personnel at Stillwater security.

Government contractors.

They're always looking for people like you.

It's a dangerous world out there. They pay a lot of money to make it safe.

Yeah, you got that right.

Alright. Set it up. I'll meet with your guy.

Officer Morgan.


I picked the Rodrigo case for you to look into.

Small-time dope dealer. Arrested for murder ended up walking free, then disappeared off the face of the earth until his body was found in a garbage bag in the ocean.

Not exciting enough for you?

I'm homicide. I mean, I thought you didn't want us checking into our own cases.

You're new to homicide.

At the time of this case, you were still in vice. No conflict there.

I'm flattered you want me in on this, but...

Batista and Doakes were lead here.

I feel kind of weird about investigating my own colleagues. "Weird". Gosh.

I'd hate for you to feel weird.

You know what I mean.

Would you have dinner with me tomorrow night?

Or would that make you feel weird?

I'd love to have dinner with you.


I'll take you to the best restaurant in Miami.


I like the smell.

Don't you?

Like something exciting happened here.

It's like when a piece of bread gets stuck in the toaster.

You like to pretend there's no poetry in you.

So, what's the problem with the insurance company?

It's ridiculous.

They think the fire is of suspicious origin, and they need to finish their investigation.

What do they mean,"suspicious"?

Are they saying you started the fire on purpose?

Who knows what they're saying?

You know insurance companies. Anything to keep from paying out.

Especially when a fire has multiple points of origin.

So, you never told me.

How did it go at Rita's this morning?

You know, I just returned Cody's toy, and that was it.

No quickie on the kitchen table?

Rita doesn't have a kitchen table.

Clever way of not answering the question.

It was...

Awkward, actually.

Always is.

You can't go back. You know that.

I'm not trying to go anywhere.

The bed's all ready.

I can't.

And why would that be?

I have too much work to do.

I have all these case files I have to go over for tomorrow.

You didn't bring any work with you?

At home...

I need... work at home.

Goodbye, then.

So, I'll see you tomorrow?


Is it possible she started that fire on purpose?

I can't imagine why.

What I do know is that I can't take any risks right now.

At least, you wanted to...

Morgan ! Come in.

Can I offer you some tea?

No, thank you. I'm...

And he pours it anyway.

He's trying to throw me off balance, show that I don't have the power to say no to him.

How about some sesame crackers to go with that ?

So I'll say yes to everything.

I'd love some.

Sorry. Guess I ate them all.


So, You worked firsthand on, what, four of the cases related to the Bay Harbor investigation?

I believe so.

Your reports were a real pleasure to read.

Concise, meticulous. I appreciate that.

Good. Thank you.

Does your sister prefer meat or fish?

You have more than one?


No. Just Deb.

Or is she more of a salad kind of person?

She's definitely a carnivore.


So... the Rodrigo case. Let's talk about that one.

Kind of blew it, didn't you?

I'm sorry?

Anthony Rodrigo.

Crack dealer with an apparent habit of killing people who got in his way.

I believe this was yes, Doakes' and Batista's case.

They finally tied Rodrigo to one of his victims, built a solid manslaughter case, would have got him off the street for a few years.

But the case largely rested on the bloodwork that you did.

Bloodwork that in the course of the trial was proven to be, well... wrong.

So, you... one of the most cautious and precise forensic specialists I've had the pleasure to work with, you performed bloodwork that directly led to Rodrigo walking free.

I asked myself, "how the hell did that happen?"

And did you answer: "Dexter blew the case on purpose "so that he could get Rodrigo off the streets for good "with a cordless reciprocating saw"?

I'm sorry. You've caught me off-guard here.

Sloppy bloodwork.

This wasn't my idea.

Could have said no.

Come on, Angel, we have a job to do.

Since when my job is trying to prove to a fellow police officer I'm not a killer?

That's not about that.

What is this about?

It's about finding someone who had motive and opportunity to kill all 18 of our victims.

No way it's anybody in our department.

Then help me prove it.

Go through the Rodrigo case with me. It is not just you.

LaGuerta's cooperating on her old cases. Even Matthews is coming in.

The Rodrigo file.

You just happen to have it with you.

I'm a reasonable man.

You know how it is.

The defense attorneys bring in their so-called blood experts to counter everything I say.

I'm familiar with the process.

I understand how this may look like sloppy bloodwork to the layman.

That's what Rodrigo's defense convinced the jury of.

But as you can see, the low-velocity blood drops clearly point in the direction opposite to that in which we know Rodrigo to have fled, which makes it impossible...

Except those low-velocity drops were revealed to actually be 90-degree passive drops that were given tails due to the angle of the floor.

Perhaps, but if you then examine the blood trail...

Which we know isn't a blood trail, but projected blood.

You're not winning me over here, Morgan.

The truth?

By all means.

I was overworked. I was carrying half a dozen cases at once.

It was a heat wave... means a spike in... homicides.

This one got pushed aside.

I didn't write up my summary until an hour before the trial.

I obviously overlooked a few things.

A murderer walked free because you were overworked?


Who's this guy? Lenny Asher.

Lenny? He's a nutjob...

But it says he lived next door to Rodrigo, filed all kinds of complaints.

But he filed complaints about everybody.

He sat at his window all day and call us every time he saw someone move.

He called us once to say there was something weird about the clouds.

Still no harm talking to him, right?

Lenny Asher?

Who the hell are you?

Detective Batista. This is officer Morgan.

We're with the Miami metro homicide.

Can we come in?

Who's dead?

Anthony Rodrigo.

I know. They found him in the ocean.

I hope a whale ate him and shat him out, and then ate him again.

You weren't too close to him, right?

He was scum!

Yeah, you made numerous calls about him when he used to live here.

He was a drug dealer. He played loud music, urinated on my lilies.

You actually saw that?

They were dead. That's all I needed to know.

Any thoughts as to who might have killed him?

How the hell should I know?

Look at that joker parked right in front of the fire hydrant.

I got his license plate, though.

That would be our car.

You take a lot of notes?

Anything hinky happens outside this window, I note it.

How long you been doing that?

Since someone stuck a nail in my tire.

March 1998.

Rodrigo was last seen alive the day after his trial.

April 16, 2002.

Think you took any notes that day?

If something happened, I did.

You still have those notes?

Here. 2002.

What kind of order did you put them in?

I told you: 2002.

I have no idea if Lundy bought my excuse.

Either way, it makes me a little anxious to see my sister looking through the Rodrigo files, Looking for me.

You're never gonna guess what I found.

What did you find?

An apartment.


One-bedroom near 78th and Harding.

Big change.

It's time, you know?

Good for you. When do you move?

As soon as possible, but not tonight. I have a date.

I thought you broke up with Gabriel.

It's someone new.


Lundy, special agent Lundy?

He's at least 20 years older than me. What do you care?

I don't.

I mean... I'm sure you wouldn't do anything like that.

What are you talking about? Do what?

Like try to sleep your way to the top.

You douche.

That is so not true.

No, of course not. I shouldn't have even said anything, and I'm sure that thought would never even occur Double douche!

You are not allowed to talk about anyone I date as long you're seeing little Miss "pardon my tits."

I am sorry, Dex, but she is gross...

And pale, and nobody is pale in Miami.

She is obviously a vampire.

A gross english-titty vampire.

You just described the perfect woman.

Truth is I need to avoid Lila for now.

Harry taught me that the key to survival was staying one step ahead.

But Lundy almost trapped me today.

I can't be unprepared like that again.

Hey, it's me.

Why aren't you here? I'm starving.

I thought you knew. It's my bowling night.

Bowling? Really?

What, like Fred Flintstone?

I'm more in the Barney Rubble category.

How fun.

I'd love to watch you bowl.

It's not really a spectator sport.

Well, I'll close my eyes.

But it's sort of the guys'night out.

Come on, Dex, I want to meet your friends.

Where is it? What time is it? Give me the address.

Starlight lanes. 1690 Michigan avenue.


I guess I'm going bowling.

Go, Dexter!

He only got three pins down.

I like to celebrate the little things in life.

If you like little things, I'm your man. I mean, I'm not little everywhere.

Some places I'm just perfectly average.

You are perfectly adorable.

Why you got a hug and I got a pat on the nose? 'cause you're like a retarded puppy.

Your ass does the cutest little thing when you bowl.

If you guys will excuse me, I need to use the ladies'room.

She's pretty hot.

Yes. She is.

Nice place.



Yes, the bureau have always been known for their fashion sense.

Honestly, all I care about is the kitchen.

You cook?

Like I said, best restaurant in Miami.


You're gonna cook for me.

Well, don't ever expect me to return the favor...

Unless you're a big fan of toast.

I would love to eat your toast.

Gosh, that sounded wrong.

So, what's for dinner?

Steak florentine and grilled potatoes italian-style.


There's that mouth again.

I'm sorry.

It's just the way I talk.

And if we're gonna be together, you better get used to it.

Can't change who I am. I'm crass and... dirty, and...

I have a very filthy mind.

You're also pretty adorable.

I know.

Now start peeling potatoes.

I like a man that takes control.

Wash your hands first.

You're so turning me on.

You know, considering our age difference, you're not too old to spank.

No, stop. Please.

I can't control myself.

My God!

Sure you don't wanna grab a beer with us?

Nah, thanks. I'm tired.

I hope you saved enough energy for me.

That doesn't look like the look of love.

Sorry. I really am tired. I think I'm gonna go home.

Help! Help!

Somebody please come!


You OK?

Dexter, you're bleeding.

It's not deep.

I mean, what the hell?

He tried to grab my watch.

It's stupid. I should have let him have it.

It was... reflex.

Sure you're OK?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Jesus Christ. They sell anyone a gun in Florida, won't they?

Yeah, I know. Scary, right?

Anyone get a license plate?

No, it was all too fast.

You want us to take you to a doctor?

No. Really, I'm fine.

I'll take care of him.

So... who was it?


That man. He wasn't trying to rob you. He was trying to kill you.

Santos Jiminez, the man who murdered my mother.

My God, Dexter.

He must have followed me to the bowling alley.

If you hadn't have seen him in time...

I saw him. That's all that matters.

None of this scares you?

Nothing you could do, Dexter, would scare me.

I believe you.

Come here.

Whatever comes, we'll get through this together.

I'm not leaving your side, Dexter.

I'm not leaving yours.


Why would you think that?

You've just been a bit distant lately.

I get that way when I'm stressed.

What are you stressed about?

Right now, nothing.

Do you think Dexter will come for breakfast tomorrow?

I don't think so, honey.

Well, maybe we should call him.

It's kind of late.

But Dexter stays up late.

She doesn't want to call him.

Why not?

Dexter and I broke up.


They don't like each other anymore.

That's not true.

Does that mean he doesn't like us either?

No. Of course he likes you.

It's just... That's hard. when two people break up.

It makes them sad to see each other.

I don't think Dexter's gonna be coming for breakfast for a while.


Lila may be the right woman for me but she's wrong about one thing.

Recovery simply isn't an option.

When I let my guard down, I open myself up for attack... or capture.

I need to embrace who I am, who I've always been.

I need to kill the man who murdered my mother.

I'd almost forgotten this feeling...

Driving toward a kill, all my senses sharpened.

It's like I've been living underwater, holding my breath, and now I can finally breathe.

So how come it's so suffocating in here?

It's nice to see you.

Yeah, feels all warm and comfy.

I spoke to Todd about you.


He's very interested.

He said someone with your special-ops background typically starts at about $200,000.

I could live with that.

You can meet him tonight.

9:00, bar at the Hilton.

I'll be there.

I appreciate your time.

Can we get this over with, sir?

It's interesting that of the 18 victims,

9 passed through this very station, and you worked on cases involving 4 of them.

And you were unable to obtain a single conviction.

The Smith case thrown out because of inadmissible evidence.

Orozco skipped bail, never to be seen again.

The Rodrigo case lost due to bad bloodwork.

Excuse me?

You weren't aware of that?

The D. A. didn't get a conviction. That's all I know.

Are we through here, sir?

No, actually. We're just...

We're done.

Look at this. "June 1st: Mrs. Holcomb takes out trash, "drops soda bottle, doesn't pick it up." "March 17th: "airplane flying too low."

I told you, this guy's a fruit bat. "April."

It's the month we want. "April 16th"...

f*ck me sideways, listen to this. "Rodrigo gets into car parked in wrong space. "Must be drunk because someone's carrying him."

The plate's here. This is from 9:00 the night he disappeared.

Last time he was seen alive. We gotta run that plate.

Whoever owned this car is our killer.

I'll get Lundy.

He's out with his Feds.

I'm calling him in.

Lila almost had me believing it was possible to change, to become something else, as if that ever really happens.

I've always known what I am. "If the glove fits..."

A secret cabin in the middle of the Everglades. what more could a rededicated serial killer ask for?


Apparently Mr. Jiminez never gave up his old habits.

What a bad, bad man.

What? You think it just turned on by itself? "There is no such plate."

Is that a 1 or an "i"? f*ck you, Lenny.

f*ck your handwriting.

Kind of busy here.

Then can you please tell me where I can find Dexter?

I brought him some dinner.

Dexter's not here.

Where is he?

How should I know?

He said he was working late.

Is that what he told you?

What do you mean?

He's not working late.

I think he lied to you.

Men are such pigs.

I'm so sorry. I'm sure he'll show up.

He's very excited about this job.

I swear, I've tried every combination. Nothing is coming up.

I told you Lenny would be a waste of time.

Maybe it's not a Florida plate.

Try Georgia.

Holy sh1t, here it is.

The vehicle was registered to Charlie Lewis.

I know that name.

A drug dealer out of New York.

A tough guy.

Likes to carry a big-ass knife.

That's our guy. That's the Bay Harbor butcher.

I told you he wasn't a cop.



Where is he?

According to this, South Bay correctional facility.

What? For how long?


Charlie Lewis was arrested April 12, 2002.

That's four days before Rodrigo was seen being carried into the car.

Who had his car, one of his gang?

This is where it gets really bad.

The vehicle was seized as evidence.

By who?

By our department.

Where was the vehicle held?

Right here in our evidence lab, behind a secure gate.

Someone signed the vehicle out, picked Rodrigo up, killed him and then signed the vehicle back in.

So you have records.

Why would we keep them?

The only people allowed access to those vehicles are members of the Miami Metro Police Department.

Holy sh1t.

Bay Harbor Butcher is one of our own.

We keep this to ourselves for now.

Just the three of us.

I'm gonna go tell it to a bottle of scotch.

Here we are again.

What... what the f*ck?

I know. I keep asking myself that same question.

Let me out of here!


I'm finding it's best to accept things you can't change, you know?

Normally, I'd have a chat to make sure you understand why you're here, but...

I think you have a pretty good idea.

Let me go.

I got cocaine.

You can have all of it.

It's funny you should say that. I am off the wagon.

But that was never my drug.

I'll f*cking kill you!

No, Mr. Jiminez.

I'm gonna kill you tonight...

For what you did to my mother... and because, well, this is what I do best.

It's kind of fitting, don't you think?

Astor, Cody, come on, let's eat.

How'd you get the door unlocked?

It was already open.

That's odd.

Dexter, hi.

Look, I'm sorry to bother you, and I'm sure this is nothing, but I was just wondering if by chance you were at my house.

Well, no.

- It's just that the door was open

and you're the only other one with a key.

Rita, get out of the house. Call the police.

I'll be there as soon as I can.

I can't leave you here.

I can't take you with me.

Don't go anywhere!

Hey, I'm sorry to drag you into this.

No, I'm glad you called. The kids?

Next door.

The place is empty. No sign of forcible entry.

I'm guessing you just forgot to lock the door.

If you need anything else...

No, you're not leaving.


Someone was in this house.

I need you to stay here in the house until I tell you it's safe.

Really? I need to do those things?

I'm with Miami metro homicide. I know you don't take orders from me, but if you like, I could get lt LaGuerta on the phone.

If you prefer to speak to cpt Matthews, I can arrange it too.

Dexter, what's going on?

Please, just stay here, okay?

It's one thing to f*ck with me, another to f*ck with... my ex-girlfriend who hates me.

The Lila experiment is officially over.

Give me Rita's key.

Well, that's your fault, isn't it, Dexter?

You lied to me about working late, and I thought I might find you there.

Do not ever go to Rita's house again.

Do you understand?

Do you understand?

Is this the monster that you keep telling me about?

Trust me, when you meet the monster, you'll know.

You called Jiminez.

Yeah, I suppose I did.


Why would you try to have me killed?

You weren't going to get killed. That's why I did it at the bowling, so all your police-officer friends would be there.

What were you thinking? Are you insane?

I was trying to bring us back together again!

You were pulling away, and...

Remember at the hotel after you faced Jiminez?

That's... That's what I wanted!

To bring you back!

So you called him?

Well, it worked, didn't it?

Last night...

You and I...

You fell asleep in my arms.


You are more dangerous than my addiction will ever be.

That's saying a lot.

Stay away from Rita.

Stay away from me.

Or what?

Or you will see the monster.