02x07 - That Night, a Forest Grew

If you were the Bay Harbor Butcher, would you use a place like this ?

The conditions on this space don't support his MO.

Maybe he's having an identity crisis.

Your brother's a junkie Are you high? He's never smoked a cigarette.

Cody's enjoying himself.

Dexter's very patient with 'em.

Dexter's a saint.

I hope you could dig up an old file for me.

Got a date?

It's the crime scene where Harry found me.

- How much?

300 bricks, give or take.

I've been waiting for a chance to take you.

I know how you feel.

He crossed the line. He broke into my lab.

He's probably gonna tail me again.

Doakes tailed you?

I followed him to an N.A. meeting. That asshole lied about that too.

You're obsessed.

I'm not.

Open your eyes!

Dinner was fantastic, Rita.

I kind of like her.

Just calling to check in.

Imagine her face if I told her you and I spent the night together in a hotel.

It's over, Dexter.

I hope with Lundy it'll be different.


I respect him.

You love him.

No. He's like my dad.

You wanna tell me what's going on?

You said I'm supposed to feel my feelings!

Now I'm telling you to get them under control!

Which step was that?

Use the entire canvas.

Start from the top. Work your way down.

Light, feathery strokes.



Try longer strokes now.


You really know what you want, don't you?

I hope you don't mind.

Some men do.

I've always found instruction manuals...

Quite useful.

Your turn.

What do you want?

I think that was it.

Come on...

You must have some dark fantasies... unfulfilled urges.

I'm pretty good at acting on those.


Then f*ck me like that.

Your light's burned out.

It's the wiring.

I've been asking my landlord to fix it for weeks.

Now I can see better.

That's where my landlord lives.

Now he'll have to fix it.

See you later.

Got to admire Lila for taking things into her own hands.

That includes me.


Come on, let's go! No more moping.

I'm not moping. I'm sleeping.

Oversleeping, 3rd time this week. The only way you gonna get over Dexter is if you take charge of your day.

Come on. You're not in high school anymore.

Go scrub your face, and I'll heat up some oatmeal.

Didn't hear you come in last night.

Well, it was late.

I was quiet.

Yeah, you're good at quiet.

Guess you kind of have to be with me crashing here and Rita's mom over there.

You and Rita f*ck quiet, too?

And she's off, right out of the gate.

Because me, I wake the goddamn dead.

It's a problem.

I know, only too well.

Scary, right?

Sometimes I disturb myself.

So what kind of noises does Rita make?

Could we not talk about s*x...

Or Rita?

Why? 'Cause we broke up.

For real.

It's over.

You break up, you get back together. That's just what goes on.

I mean, you and Rita are forever.

Say you're sorry and send some flowers.

You're not hearing me.

When all this blows over, I'll spend a few days at Gabriel's, and...

You can screw Rita as loud as you want.

Big news, Dex.

Feel like I got caught in a wave.

The Miami Tribune received a 32-page manifesto in the mail.

It's looking good for the Bay Harbor Butcher.

I've heard that one before.

Look, this may be legit.

The manifesto includes the names of 3 victims we never released.

That is big news.

I'm heading over to the Tribune now for special agent Lundy.

He put me in charge of the team.

Go, Angel.

Yeah, I'm psyched.

Yeah, me too. I'm about to be published.

I sent that manifesto to the Tribune.

Guess I've been taking some cues from Lila lately, and not just in bed.

I'm tired of reacting to the moves of agent Lundy and his super posse.

Time to control their actions for a change.

Betsy Court, 16. Blunt-force beating.

Looks like she was sunning herself and never saw it coming.

Who called in the body?

Craig Wilson, the stepfather. He's right over there.

Wilson told the reporting officer that he came home for lunch and found her that way.

You and Dexter resolve your issues?

As far as I'm concerned. Why? The bitch come crying to you again?

There's blood work to be done, and if you can't control yourself, I need to call in another detective.

I won't say anything to hurt the girl's feelings.

Goddamn it, I'm not joking.

Do I look like I'm laughing?

I wish you would.You used to.

Bullshit. I never laughed.

Yeah, you're probably right.

I'm not gonna try to scare you anymore. Reality is you're out of free passes.

I already stopped Dexter from filing a complaint against you once.

I never asked you to do that.

I did it, out of my own concern over your obsessive behavior.

I'm on the line, so if you bully Dexter in any way, if you even look at him wrong, I won't be responsible for the fallout.

You got it?

I got it.

You're backing the f*cking freaktard.


Where you been, Dexter?

You don't bring me doughnuts.

You don't sing me love songs.

How are you, Camilla?

I've been better.

Well, that doesn't sound good.

Sergeant Doakes dropped by my file room yesterday.

He requested the case files for the 1973 shipping-yard murders.

I gave him the same line I gave you when you came sniffing around, said all that old stuff was boxed up in the basement of city hall.

That made him real angry.

He scared me, Dexter.

That's not right. He shouldn't do that.

I always assumed your father asked me to destroy those files to protect you.


I'm not sure what's going on.


Now, I don't want to know.

I just don't want to get fired.

I'm retiring next year. Did I tell you?

I've been looking forward to staying home with Gene.

You won't lose your retirement. I won't let that happen.

I can stall Sergeant Doakes for a few days, but eventually, he'll figure out the file's missing, just like you did.

And he'll track it back to me, just like you did.

I'll take care of this.

You have my word.

So much for threatening Doakes.

He won't back off till he exposes the twisted branches of my family tree, from my father's indiscretions to my murderous brother to the root of all evil... me.

Why aren't you at the Tribune?

What for?

Our guy's not gonna leave dna evidence on a document.

But the thrill of the hunt.

I've had that particular thrill. I'll leave it to younger men.

Besides, it's easier for me to do my part from here.

Yeah? What part is that?

Operating on favors, political leanings, posturing.

I've been trying to find the right music.


So, I'm off duty today, but here are those marina reports.

And after my workout, I'll swing by and pick up a copy of the manifesto.

Look at that board.

These kills are precise, but there's also a fluidity, even some improvisation.

If I could just find the music...

Want to borrow my Ipod?

Got any Chopin?

No. Fresh out of Chopin.


Chopin's perfect.

Did you just swear?

What can I say? You're rubbing off on me, Morgan.

But Chopin is perfect.

So this is how you do what you do.

The truth speaks to me from a peaceful place.

I got to set the stage to hear it.

You know what I mean?

I thrive on chaos.

But this is good, too.

I didn't kill her.

I was just trying to stop the blood.

No forceful impact spatter, he's telling the truth, I can tell.

Palms up, please.

When I found Betsy, she was still breathing.

I wanted to help her.

You believe me, right?

I'm just the lab guy, Mr. Wilson. Sorry.

Arms down at your sides, please.

Blood misting.

I need to collect his shirt for evidence.

The girl's mother was at work but she isn't really defending her husband.

Wilson and his stepdaughter fought all the time.

The neighbors heard him yelling at her this morning, then he comes home for lunch, motive and opportunity.

What'd the blood say?

The one on his hands could have come from trying to help her, like he claims.

But I did detect blood mist on his shirt.

A blood mist?

The kind that comes from beating on a teenage girl?



You're absolutely sure?

It's too fine for a bludgeoning.

The mist is from a bludgeoning.

Medium-velocity impact spatters, no doubt about it.

Okay, Morgan. Make sure you get me your blood report as soon as possible.

This is my chance to make Doakes go away without spilling a single drop of his blood.

Of course, I have to sell an innocent man down the river.

Sorry, Mr. Wilson, but I won't let you float too far.

I was just thinking about you.

I like the sound of that.

Yeah, I had to do a little creative problem-solving at someone else's expense.


Yeah, I figured you'd like that.

What's up?

Well, you know that art installation I've been working on?

The cannibals.

They're not cannibals. How barbaric!

Their eating is symbolic of the way we consume others to feed our needs.

That's what I meant.

- Well...

it sold.

I didn't even create it to sell, but one of my buyers

fell in love with it, and I named an outrageous price, and she paid me a deposit on the spot.


You in the mood to celebrate?


I'm afraid we can't seat you tonigh twithout a reservation.

As you can see, we are completely at capacity.

No, I'm sorry. You have to help us. I made this reservation 2 months ago.

This is our 10-year anniversary.

This is the place where Dexter proposed to me, on the patio, in front of the fountain.

He told me to make a wish, and when I looked down, there was my diamond ring, sparkling under the water.

That is so romantic.

In case you're wondering, there's nothing sparkling under that water tonight.

I'm sure you'll dazzle me somehow.

You're a creative problem-solver now, right?

A changed man, or at least "changing."

I suppose.

There's no supposing about it, Dexter.

You've taken control of your addiction in a way that few people do.

It's been about a week since we've even discussed your recovery.

I think you're right.

And you haven't felt the need to use?

Incredibly, no. I feel...

You know, like I'm finally in control of things again.

We call that warm fuzzy feeling the pink cloud.

It's when an addict experiences acceptance for the first time.

You're saying it won't last?

I'm saying that you have to work it, that's all.

But I know that you will, because I believe that we've found a true substitute for your addiction.

What's that?


You're making us all look bad.

I'm the manager of il Bistro Vino. Happy anniversary. On the house.

Thank you.

Did you hear that, darling?

I heard it, darling.

Enjoy your evening.

Thank you.

Happy anniversary, my love.

Aren't we in recovery?

This? It's just bubbles.

We're not gonna shoot it up, are we?

You really have a way. You know that?

A way of what?

Of whatever the hell you want.

Well, here's to 10 more glorious years of whatever the hell I want.

Hi, I'm Cody, and I researched Saudi Arabia for my cultural report.

That's good, sweetie.

Now, look at me when you talk, and try and stand up straight.

My board is covered in sand because Saudi Arabia is one big desert.

One great big desert.

One great big desert.

It only rains in a tiny corner of the country, so they save rainwater...

Okay, try and keep your fingers off your face.

You don't want people to think you're picking your nose.

You mean like this?

Cody, you need to take this seriously.

Dexter said it should be fun.

Dexter does drugs. He's wrong.

I finished my homework.

For the week?

Hey, I'm home.


Sorry I'm late.

I'm so happy to see you!


What a greeting.

Okay, why don't you guys go get ready for bed?

Really, mom? I just got home.

They need their rest.

I will be in in just a minute to check on you.

Those two are making great progress.

Progress towards what?

Their full potential!

I know you're good at these things, but now that you're here, have you thought about applying for a teaching job?

No, I'm through with the schools.

Well, I thought teaching was your life.

And your children are going to be the beneficiaries of all that I have to offer.

Our injunction stopped The Tribune

from publishing the manifesto for now.

At the very least, we'll have time to get a jump on things before the news frenzy hits.

So, let's take advantage of this window.

Our goal for the next 48 hours is to wade through this shining piece of social commentary.

I've never seen so many dense and convoluted ideas in my life, but we need to search them all for clues to his identity.

So, first impressions?

I got something.

There are a lot of literary references in this document.

How do you know?

I like to read books.

What kind of books?

All kinds. Who cares?


I see lots of references, like this one. "You can't depend on your eyes "when your imagination is out of focus."

He's a Trekker!

That sh1t's straight from Deep Space Nine.

What? Mark Twain said that.

It's one of his most famous quotes.

Twain was never on Deep Space Nine. He was on Next Generation.

He didn't say it on Star Trek.

So what's it from? "A connecticut yankee in king Arthur's court."

What other literary quotes are in that manifesto?

This guy, he's the best boxing student I have ever had.

After four weeks, he's getting in shots to my head.

Finally he says, "I think I'm ready." I'm like, ready for what?"

And he says: "To kick my mom's ass."

I'm like: "You're learning how to box "because you want to beat up your mom?"

What the f*ck?

Did you hear what I said? I was gonna hit the showers.

I'll meet you back here in 10 minutes.

Okay, yeah, 10 minutes.

Who the f*ck are you?

I'm Lila.

Pardon my tits.

We thought you were crashing at your boyfriend's tonight.

We? We who?

Dexter and I.

Could you... wait here a minute?

Who's the skank?

Did knocking occur to you?

Who is she?

And are you trying to f*ck her or set her on fire?

I didn't do this to you when you were riding square-jaw guy with the handcuffs.

That's different. I wasn't cheating on anyone with Gabriel.

How could you do this to Rita, not to mention her kids?

You're like their father.

Rita broke up with me, okay?

You f*cked up, Dex...

... big-time.

Excuse me.

Don't worry.

She just needs some time to adjust, that's all.

I had officers tear apart the stepfather's house No murder weapon, but he had to hide it somewhere.

Where's Wilson now?

Interview room 2.

We still have him?

Why didn't his lawyer post bond?

Well, he tried, but...

I pulled in a favor at the court and got a bail enhancement, so they had to start the paperwork all over again.

I'll break that cocksucker today.

What evidence you say we got on this guy?

He was dripping in the victim's blood. He was home alone with her.

They fought the morning of the murder.


But the blood spatter on his shirt was a result of a blunt-force beating.

I'd like to see the blood report.

You'll get it as soon as I do.

If you're looking for me, I'll be questioning the suspect.

They're still playing my tune.

It's like I'm conducting a final symphony, "requiem for demonic Dexter," and forming the entire brass section sergeant James Doakes.

When I reach the end, maybe I can lay to rest the monster formerly known as Dexter.

Just hang in there, Mr. Wilson.

I've asked a psycholinguist at M.I.T. to analyze our manifesto.

His computer tabulates punctuation, misspellings and sentence structure to identify a set of key words, which he'll use to create a profile of our killer.


Stay on it.

Okay, we've been at this too long.

It's 1:00.

Let's break for lunch.

Are you alright?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Anything you want to talk about?

No, not really.

If you change your mind.

It's my brother.

He was dating this chick, supersweet, a little doe-eyed.

But, God, for him, f*cking perfect, and he just threw her away.

I'm just pissed at Dexter, not to mention my boyfriend, who did absolutely nothing wrong.

But every time he opened his mouth last night, I wanted to f*cking slap him.

You've been listening to Chopin.

Yeah, I downloaded a Chopin. "Nocturne Number 2

in E flat major."

One of my favorites.

It... can have this effect on people.

It can stir up some dust.

No sh1t.

Listen, you can heal yourself, sir.

You just need to talk to me.

Get it off you, otherwise, it'll haunt you for the rest of your life.

Why don't you just listen to me?

I didn't do this.

You can't say it and make it true.

You have a conscience, and it's really f*cking with you right now.

I wish it were me. I wish I were dead.

- Yeah.

Why are we questioning that guy?

He's a murder suspect.

No, he's not. He's innocent.

What did you say?

My blood report backed his story.

Mr. Wilson found her dead, like I told sergeant Doakes at the crime scene.

You turned in the blood report? When?

I don't know, at some point before I went home last night.

I put it right on the sergeant's desk, just like he asked.

It's a green folder.

According to my findings, the mist on the stepfather's shirt was exhaled from the victim when he tried to revive her.

The autopsy confirmed she had severe internal bleeding, due to the bludgeoning.

But he could have beaten her first.

That's impossible.

The crime-scene photos show blood radiating outward around the victim's body.

Such a bludgeoning would've covered the killer in blood from head to toe.


Mr. Wilson, you're free to go.

Lieutenant, this man is a killer.

This man has been through enough for one day.

There's an officer in the hallway.

He'll see that you get your personal belongings back and take you home.

Thank you, ma'am. Thank you so much.

What are you doing?

Trying to save your career.

Did you even check the blood report?

I didn't get the blood report.

It's on your desk, and it exonerates your suspect.

We should be out there looking for the real killer.

That's not what he told me at...

That m*therf*cker.

He's good.



He planned this whole thing. Maria, that psychopath set me up.

Dexter again? You're blaming Dexter for this?

Do you have any idea how pathetic that sounds?

This is not about Dexter!

This is about the poor judgment you have been displaying in this department for months now!

You want to work out?


I wasn't talking about the gym.

You're sweet, but I'm really not in the mood.

So, what do you want to do?

I think I want to break up.

For real?


Is that okay?

No, it's not okay.

f*ck, what did I do?

Nothing. I swear to God.

You're... smoking hot and... fun and...

... soulful and... age apropriate.

But what?


Sometimes the truth speaks from a peaceful place.

It's taken me a long time to find that place, but I think I have, and it's telling me you're not the right one for me.

I'm so sorry.

You live in a nice neighborhood.

Yeah, I had no idea. I'm usually passing by at 35 miles per hour.

I'm not a real big walker.

Everybody walks in London.

Of course, they're usually walking to the pub.

How far are we going?

You're a bit grumpy tonight.

What's wrong?

Come on.

Don't close up on me now.

No, I honestly don't know.

I mean, thanks to you, things are...

Actually looking up. Some people at work have been...

... after me. I think I have 'em under control.

So, why the grouchiness?

Is it because your sister thinks I'm a trollop?

It's not just...

...Deb. It's the suddenness of all of this.

Losing Rita, the kids.

They've been the only thing keeping me... human... for a long time.

Were they keeping you human, though, or were they the ones making you feel

like the monster that you were talking about?

Keep going.

Your friends and family have to accept you for who you're evolving into now that you're clean.

Is that what I am?

Clean? 'cause I don't feel that way at all.

No, you certainly don't.


I wish I could f*ck you right now.

Whose house is this?

Couldn't tell you.


He's a man of many talents.

Look. I'm some old bitch.

Better not press our luck. We should go.

Hi, Dexter.


Can you come to my school tomorrow?

What's at your school, buddy?

I'm doing my cultural report.

Saudi Arabia.

Can you watch me? I'm kind of scared.

Cody, what are you doing?

Who is this?

Who was that?

Rita's son. He wants me to come see him at school tomorrow.

Poor kid.

He doesn't understand that you've gone.

I think I'll go.

Whatever you think's best.

Hey, guys!

I'm home!


They're in bed.

Why so early?

Cody is being punished for sneaking away to make a phone call without permission.

Astor joined him in a misguided show of support.

Well, who was Cody calling?

He was trying to invite him to his school.

Can you imagine?

Mom, we need to have a talk.

I made a phone call of my own today.

I spoke with Aunt Cecilia.

She told me the school district fired you almost a year ago.

We had philosophical differences.

The educational system is falling apart.

School should be life itself, not a preparation for living.

Do you know that they give trophies to every child now whether they win or lose?

Yeah, I finally get it.

It took me a few decades, but it's not just me.

Nobody can deal with you.

You don't leave room for anybody else to exist.

It's not my fault that so many people are willing to settle for mediocrity.

Just look at you! First paul, then Dexter.

Rita, you lack even common sense, and now you're passing that torch of ordinary character on to your children.

Shut the f*ck up.

Nobody talks about my kids that way.


That's what I've been waiting to see.

Yeah! I'm done with you.

No, you're not.

But you go. You give me hell.

No, I won't do that.

I won't let you turn me into you.

Here's what's gonna happen...

First thing in the morning, you're gonna pack up and go home.

You'll come and visit us for birthdays and holidays, but you're not gonna live with us anymore.


... if that's what I have to sacrifice to get you on your feet... "Kill one man, and you're a murderer. "Kill thousands, a conqueror. Kill them all, and you're a God."

Does it sound to you like our guy has a narcissistic personality disorder, a classic God complex?

I think you're onto something.

To tell you the truth, I don't know what my alter ego had in mind when he wrote that crap.

I just pulled from various blogs on the net, mixed and matched... Presto manifesto.

You finally decided to fight back.

I been waiting.

Hope you don't expect me to comment on that so you can record it on your hidden tape recorder. I wasn't born yesterday.

You might have been, for all I know.

Your past is a bigger mystery than f*cking Jimmy Hoffa.

I tried every avenue, legal and otherwise, but there ain't no paper trail on the early years of Dexter Morgan.

I guess there's no recorder running, after all.

No, man.

Unlike you, I do everything out in the open.

In that case, sergeant, let me put this in the open for you.

No matter what you try, no matter when, no matter how hard you work, I'll always be a step ahead of you for one simple reason.

And what's that?

I own you.


Get him off of me! Get off me!

Why are you doing this?

I want your gun, your badge, and your police ID.

I want your access card, too.


Type a statement that sergeant Doakes is on administrative leave, pending an internal affairs investigation.

You two, get him out of here.


What the hell happened?

I don't know. He... jumped me.

That guy's always had it out for me.

Thanks for meeting with me, Don.

I don't know what the point is.

The district court injunction hearing starts in 3 hours.

Which everyone here knows we're going to lose.

Don't look so shocked. We always lose these things.

You bastards and your free speech.

My boss never lets me say anything.

I'll tell you what, I will agree to dropping the injunction, which will save us days of courtroom arguments and a boatload of legal fees, if we can agree on some simple ground rules on how you publish that document. "Ground rules". We're not gonna have any ground rules.

My only goal here is to avoid compromising an investigation of a mass murderer who could hurt a lot more people.

Give me just a second, will you, Frank?

I can't believe you got those assholes to publish the manifesto without the victims'names and as a page-3 story.

No sense hyping it. It might just inspire the killer to greater heights.


It's quiet here...


It's a good spot.

For what?

It's 1:00.

So it is.

I brought my own sandwich.

I thought you didn't like the quiet, Morgan.

I didn't.

I don't.

When I'm alone and it's quiet, I get scared...

Shitless, like I start hearing what's really going on inside.

I see.

So if it's all the same to you, maybe I can just practice when you're around. 'cause when you're around, I kind of feel like I can deal with anything, you know?

Like what happened to me.

I don't have to run from it.

I don't have to jump into bed with some guy and hide there.

You give me strength.

I'm kind of opening up here.

What do you want me to say?

I don't know.

You're the f*cking Zen master. Figure it out.

I've got plaque in my arteries. I know the lyrics to elevator music.

My hair isn't getting any thicker.

You're gonna do great up there. You just have to remember something.

They're more frightened than you are.

No, they're not.

Are so. You'll be staring at them the whole time.

If one of those unsuspecting moms or dads does something embarrassing while you're on stage...

Like pick their nose?

You're gonna be the one who sees it.


That's power.

Now go have fun.

Dexter, over here. We saved you a seat.

Thanks, guys.

There you go.

$18,000. I'll send a truck for the piece tomorrow.

I am telling you, Lila, this is going to create a critical mass for you.

According to the psycholinguistic analysis of the manifesto, our killer is a white male in his 50s.

What else?

The killer has no girlfriends and considers himself a good catholic.

Hold on.

How can you tell all that by putting words in a computer?

I don't know. It's science.

How about common sense?

I think the guy we're looking for is pissed off at God.

That's why he kills people.

Really? I found him very politically motivated.

Yeah, like a modern-day revolutionary.

Which would suggest that he's killing for social change.

This is what he wants.

What's that?

Confusion, chaos...

It's what the killer wants.

He's always been an intensely private figure, dispatching victims silently.

Now he's suddenly a media whore? It doesn't make sense.

He's creating a clusterfuck.

Very good, officer Morgan.

The killer's making us chase our tails. You know what that means?

He knows how we work. Look how he hits every major theme.

Political, environmental, religious.

In one section, he manages to weave together Julius Caesar, Berlin, Germany, the Pittsburgh steelers, and Gandhi.

It's scattershot.

He knew that this would send us scurrying like squirrels for nuts.

Yeah, but to suggest that he might be one of us...

How can you be sure?

Hi, I'm Cody, and I researched Saudi Arabia for my cultural report.

My board is covered in sand because Saudi Arabia is one big desert.

As you can see, I used coffee beans to write "Saudi Arabia."

Arabic coffee is very famous.

I'm a little confused.

Lila is the one showing me how to take control, stop killing, get my life clean.

But it's the 1st time since I went into recovery that I actually feel clean.

The children in Saudi Arabia are just like us, because they...

This is the Saudi Arabian flag.

The Arabic letters mean "There is no God except Allah."

Do you know how tough it is for a woman in Saudi Arabia?

They can't drive or have powerful jobs.

Or get this. They can't even go to the movies without men's permission.

After they turn 12, they have to wear long black sleeves, and they can't hardly even talk to men until they get married.

The new king, Abdullah, is trying to change some old bad rules, so women can do more things...

Thank you very much for listening. Or, as they say in Arabic, "shokran."

I can't believe how calm you were up there.

Yeah, you were like a professional talker.

You were pretty good.

Can Dexter come for ice cream with us?

Can he, mom, please?

Sure, Dexter can join us.

I wouldn't miss it.

Maybe they'll have some delicious Saudi flavors, like sand or oil.

Hang on a sec, guys.

Are you hurt?

Okay. I'm coming now.

I know. Me too.

Come on, kids. Dexter won't be joining us.

Rita, it's an emergency. Look, I'm so sorry, you guys.

I'll make it up to you, but I gotta help a friend who's in trouble.

There was a fire at her place. I'm so sorry.

Hey, let's go.

What happened?

I was working on my piece with the blowtorch, and it just caught fire. I was so scared.

I guess so.

Promise me that you won't leave me, that you won't go anywhere.

I'm not going anywhere.

Hey, you got your light fixed.