05x11 - Be The Martyr

Previously on How to Get Away With Murder...

Mr. Lahey, are you aware that D.A. Miller has gone missing?

Someone ordered those guards to kill my pops.

The Governor's gonna come after the both of us even harder now.

No. Because it was the Governor who killed Miller.

You should file a civil suit against the state

on behalf of Nate Lahey Junior.

Why wouldn't you bring this to Annalise?

You need this win more than she does.

EMMETT: This is Annalise's client.

She's too busy to handle a civil suit.

You okay with me suing the state?

We have just received word that Interim District Attorney

Ronald Miller has officially been named a missing person.

- Tell us the truth. Was this Bonnie?
- Nate.

My misconduct wasn't some gross thing in a copy room.

It was me falling in love with a client.

C&G wants me to admit fault under oath.

AGENT TELESCO: This is Agent TELESCO with the FBI.

We have a few questions about a voicemail

you left for D.A. Ronald Miller.

Miller's cellphone battery was busted.

What if that's why he was on the payphone...

because his phone was actually dead?

MILLER: I'm calling to thank you

for handling the Nate Lahey Senior transfer.

His son works for me. He's a good guy.




ANNALISE: Where are you?

Bonnie said that you were at the FBI.


What? Um, I'm coming right now.

You can't come anywhere near this.

And you can't answer any of their questions.


I gotta go.


Mr. Lahey, thank you for waiting.

I am Special Agent Lanford.

This is Special Agent Bayer.

Let's start with where were you

on the night of December th?

I was at a wedding.

Why were you at this wedding?

I was a guest of Annalise Keating.

Is your relationship with Ms. Keating romantic?

Just friends.

Friends after you went to jail

for her husband's murder?

I was falsely accused.


Annalise knew that, to the point

that she took my pops' case to the Supreme Court.

That case didn't end well.

You mean because those guards murdered my pops?

Miller lost the inquest, is what I mean.

Miller didn't want to win that inquest.

What does that mean?

He ordered the inquest to cover his ass.

For what?

Ordering the hit on my pops.

Mr. Lahey, if you believe that's true,

it makes you a suspect in the D.A.'s disappearance.

I'm not your suspect.

So who is?

The Governor.

NATE: Why'd you call the Warden that day?

- Own it!
- What?! Look.

You feel that pain?

This is Sykes.

Jeff, hey. Ron Miller here.

Oh. I didn't recognize the number.

Yeah, my phone died.

Uh, listen, I'm calling to thank you

for handling the Nate Lahey Senior transfer.

It's not a problem.

Well, still, I just wanted to say thanks.

His son works for me, he's a good guy,

so I'd like to make the transfer as easy as possible on his old man.

Yeah, we'll take good care of him.
No problem.

Don't tell me you think this means he's innocent.

We don't know what this means.

Miller knew about the Warden's wiretap.

That call was him covering his ass!

You know I'm right.

Maybe we were wrong.

Fine. Y'all want proof,

- I'll go get it.
- Stop.

- I didn't kill an innocent man!
- No one's saying that.

- What is this? What are you saying?
- Think, all right?

If you can prove that Miller hurt your father,

then you can also prove that you had motive to kill him.

It proves the Governor had motive.

Who do you think the FBI is gonna believe?

The white woman who runs the whole state? Or you?

You're making yourself look like a suspect.

I ain't the bad guy here.

He is.



Call in sick.

The FBI said they might want to question me again today.

Then come back after work.


Hurting yourself is not the answer.

Or that's just what we keep telling ourselves.

No. It's because I need you here.

I'm just going to work.




Oh, fudge.


- AK!
- Are you at the office?


Get there and keep an eye on Bonnie.

Why? What's wrong?

Just take care of her.
You're good at that.

Okay, I thought you were

calling about something else.

What else would I be calling about?


I'm not the only one who knows.

Don't worry. We would never say anything.

Where have I heard that before?

Should we really be talking about this here?

This is the last time we're gonna be talking about it.

- Until the FBI calls us all in.
- That's not gonna happen...

Miller was last seen at our wedding...

- Did you see him?
- No, but...

What about you two?

- I don't think so.
- Not that I can recall.

That's what you're gonna tell the FBI.

Where's Laurel?

I'm not her babysitter...

[QUIETLY] Well, find her and shut the hell up.

There are the lovebirds! How was the wedding?

- So great.
- Wonderful, yeah.

I got to go. Emmett's waiting for me.

- Today's the "you-know-what"?
- Yeah.

Come by my office after, I wanted to talk

about the wrongful death suit...

Uh, about that... um...

I don't think that Nate is ready to file anything just yet.

Did you tell him how much money he could get?

He's more interested in justice.

I performed a Christmas miracle

to get Crawford to approve this case.

So get Nate on board, or I'll call him myself.


What are you doing? Nate can't go in a war

against the state right now.

- I'm not calling Nate.

LAUREL: It's Laurel. Leave a message,

but I'll probably never listen.



- Hey.

What did Christopher see?

- What?
- You said you were changing him.

Was that a lie?


Oh, no. No.

I don't know what you mean.

Asher told us everything.

What did he see?

- Laurel?
- Tell me.

We shouldn't be talking about this here.

Because he was there when Nate did it?

- No.
- Don't lie to me about my own son.

- Laurel.
- Do you know what happens

to infants when they see trauma?

- Laurel, we cannot do this here.
- Their brains don't develop right.

He could have PTSD for the rest of his life, Bonnie.

I don't think he saw anything.

- You don't think?!
- Enough, okay?!

Stop! Look, she lost her boyfriend.

She is in pain, too.

[VOICE BREAKING] Good. 'Cause that's the only thing

that's keeping me from killing her right now.

You okay?

You promised Nate you wouldn't tell them.

Mr. Sakai.

In the matter of Nathaniel Lahey Senior's death,

we, the jury, find no evidence of criminal acts

or negligence by anyone involved.

The judge said we're not supposed to talk to you.

[SIGHS] I just have a few questions.

We had to make that ruling based on the evidence.

The only evidence was those guards' testimonies.

- That's not true.
- They lied on the stand

because they were ordered to do so.

Your father's DNA was on the gun.

I was at the inquest.

No one ever presented any DNA evidence.

It was in the evidence packet we got during deliberations.

Packet? You got from who?

I think the Bailiff brought it.




Texting how you keep your head in the game?

My head is always in the game.

Reception just called. The Brits are on their way up.


- "The Brits."
- Please try not to be combative.

Why? You nervous?

To see Nora, no,

but Pierce Jensen, on the other hand...

Well, you steer him my way.

I enjoy smacking down uppity white men.

Well, he's your boss, too, Annalise.

- Well, so are you.
- It never stopped me.


- Hmm?
- Game face on.

Mm. It's on.

Ah, Crawford, good to see you.

- Thank you for making the trip over.
- Mm.

- Nora.
- Hi.

- Who are you?
- Annalise Keating.

Ah, of course.

We must have a drink while I'm in town.

Right now, we all have a meeting to go to.

I know. I'm in it.

I thought the more brain power on this, the better.

Shall we?

This is the board-approved script we drew up

for tomorrow's deposition with the FTC.

Crawford will go first. You'll testify that,

while representing Nora's DNA-testing company,

you engaged in an intimate relationship with her.

[ENGLISH ACCENT] They know it was consensual, right?

Yes. The only violation they're investigating

is the sale of your customers' genetic info

to Beck Pharmaceuticals...

a sale you'll say you agreed to

because Crawford failed to advise you

of the legal consequences.

Everyone sticks to the script tomorrow,

C&G covers the fines, no one goes bankrupt.

What if we wanted to do another script?

Ms. Keating brought up the idea that we move liability

from C&G and Nora to Beck Pharmaceutical.

- Ah.
- Beck was fined

for buying genetic information two years prior.

That means they understood the consequences,

and yet ignored FTC rules.

Nora was played.

Emmett, if you're having second thoughts...

JENSEN: No one's having second thoughts.

If we point the finger at Beck, if they go public,

Nora's stock plummets.

But if Emmett doesn't want to do this...

But C&G wants Emmett to do this.

So unless you want to lose your company

and you two want to avoid C&G going down

and losing both your jobs, we proceed as planned.

Everyone happy?




Where's Gabriel?

Who cares? Where the hell have you been?

[QUIETLY] Threatening Bonnie.

None of you are parents, okay?

- You don't get it.
- Look at him.

He seems happy.

He might seem happy, but I read that kids who witness violence

are more likely to struggle with mental health issues later.

- Why would you tell her that?
- See?

I'm just saying that Laurel has a right to be upset.

- No, you just made her upset.
- I agree.

- Christopher's gonna be fine.
- Well, I'm not.

Tell Annalise I'm taking a sick day.

Wait, wait, wait.

She knows we know.

- Asher?
- Obviously.

So start prepping your interview for the FBI.


AGENT TELESCO: Thank you for finally coming in, Mr. Maddox.

I'm here voluntarily.

Federal law doesn't require me to answer any of your questions.

True. But not answering

will make the voicemail you left for D.A. Miller

more suspicious.


GABRIEL: I screwed up.

They found out who I am.

Can you call me back?


Who are the "they" you're referring to?

- Annalise Keating.
- You said "they."

Yeah, meaning her and some of the people that work for her.

Is one of those people Nate Lahey?


I mean, not that I know of.

Explain what you meant by, "They found out who I am."

I was helping D.A. Miller with an investigation

into Professor Keating.

What kind of investigation?

I'm not sure.

He just said the D.A. before him had suspected Keating

of being involved in a bunch of criminal acts.

How did D.A. Miller think you could help

with this investigation?


I was a new student.

I guess he figured I wouldn't be so loyal to her yet.

Mr. Maddox, when was the last time you saw D.A. Miller?

- In person?

A-A month, maybe two months ago.

So you didn't see him at the wedding?

No, I-I didn't even know he was there.

Did you know Nate Lahey was there?


Yeah, he was... he was there with Professor Keating.


I'm asking the questions here, Mr. Maddox.


- Out.
- No, I-I need you to know

that they figured it out on their own.

Fine. Now go.

BonBon, please.


What can I do to help?

Tell Annalise I'm fine.

- What?
- She told you to watch me?

Did she tell you why?

No. I mean,

I-I know how awful all this is for you.

You were right, Asher.

About what?

Ron's call to the Warden.

He was just checking to see if Senior's transfer went okay.

Look, you...

you can't... you can't take this all on yourself.

Of course I can.

No, y-you did nothing wrong.

It was me, Asher.

He was still breathing when I got there.

Nate was in shock. I could've called .

It was me.


- Hey.

NATE: You find something?

Yeah. I tracked the number

to a payphone on Reed and th.

Check your e-mail.

Why'd you call the Warden that day?

What do you need?

Miller slipped a DNA test to the jury

during my pops' inquest.

I think it was doctored somehow.

I just need a copy of the test.

Since when do you turn down a job?

Since the D.A. went missing.

- What happened that night?
- Hell if I know.

I sent you the photo of the guy on the payphone,

then he disappears.

'Cause the people he was working for

were afraid he was gonna snitch.

Come on. I wouldn't ask if I had another way.

Let's see what I find.



Hey, can we talk?

We have nothing to talk about.

Not here, not anywhere.


TEGAN: What's the verdict, Ms. Pratt?

Have you convinced Lahey to sign on to our wrongful death suit?

Uh, I was just going to come talk to you...

The only appropriate response there was "yes"...

Okay, I was looking over the brief and realized

we can't effectively establish damages

without witnesses testifying

about Nate's relationship with his father.

We'll use the prison guards who monitored their visits.

You mean the guards at the same prison

where Nate Senior was murdered?

Yeah, uh, I looked up the statistics

on these types of cases... most don't succeed

without two or more unbiased witnesses.

What is this? Laziness?

'Cause I can easily hate you at a again.

No, I-I just don't want to get Nate's hopes up

if we're not gonna win.

You don't need witnesses to win.

You just need to establish the basis for punitive damages.


Your L just outsmarted all of you.

I'll knock on Nate's door myself if I have to.


I didn't mean to overstep.

Your middle name is overstep.

It's Nate... I'm just trying to help.

- Well, stop.
- Why?

Is something going on with him?

How the hell would we know?

He was at your wedding. I assumed you guys were tight.

Well, you were at our wedding.

Do you think that means we're "tight"?



I hate our lives.

Maybe I just take the hit.

- No, we can solve this.
- I committed misconduct...

- You slept with someone.
- A client.

Nora made that sale after you told her not to.

- Isn't that true?
- Yes.

Then how is that your fault?

Because she believed she could save lives. Literally.

Breast cancer, Alzheimer's...

she knew that selling that genetic information

could lead to cures...

- You mean money...
- No, money...

that was never her thing.

Money's everybody's thing.

She's a female CEO working in science, Annalise.

I'm just an entitled white guy

who grew up with every advantage this world has to offer.

You know, maybe this is my way to balance the scales a bit.

Y-You think I'm soft.

You're gonna bleed yourself dry

if you keep putting everyone else's needs before your own.

You mean like you do?

You know the times I've gotten into the most trouble?

When I don't put me first.


Someone trying to bleed you dry?

I'll be back in a bit.


It's the DNA test Miller gave to the jury

after the inquest.

Who gave you this?

Just look... it says my pops' DNA

was found on the guard's gun.

Miller never presented that in court.

That's because prosecutors are allowed

to present evidence to the jury in private.

He didn't present it, though.

He had the Bailiff slip it to them when we weren't looking.

That's why we lost...

because Miller messed with this test.


- Even if this test is fake...
- It is.

...there is no evidence that Miller gave it to the jury.

- Who else would it be?
- The Governor.

- Who Miller was working for!
- According to you.

Because, literally, that's the only evidence we have

that Miller actually did this...

your gut, which is not enough to convict a man in court.

I'm sorry. It's not.

After all the times I've gone along with your insane plans...

- I'm not saying that you're wrong.
- Trusted you every step of the way.

Nate, you are literally taking a shovel

and digging your own grave.

- Then that's the risk I got to take.
- No.

You hear me? No!

You want to be right here,

otherwise you feel that the guilt is gonna kill you.

I get it. You're human. You're right.

But you can't force something to be true

just because you want it to be.

Have my back...

or you can get out.




♪ Follow me home ♪

♪ How could I ever leave without you? ♪

I passed! They can call me crazy!

♪ Follow me home ♪

ANNALISE: Your name is on the Supreme Court win,

not to mention you're a likable guy.

When he wants to be.

♪ And tell me which way I can let you go, and you're free ♪

Wish I could've done more.

No, all is forgiven.

- ♪ And you're free ♪
- I wasn't a man at that moment.

I was a bomb fixed to explode.

♪ Just follow me home ♪

NATE: His one shot at doing something good.

- MILLER: You are wrong about this.
- His whole life was pain.

- Look, I would never hurt your father.
- That's all he knew!

Now you're gonna feel that same pain.

- You feel that pain?
- No! No!

- Now do you feel that pain?

How you feel it now?

- ♪ And you're free ♪

♪ Just watch you go out ♪

♪ Holding you ♪


♪ Just watch me go out ♪

MILLER: The real? I already know you.

- ♪ It's all for you ♪
- You take your coffee black.

You hate compliments and talking about yourself.

♪ And you're free ♪

BONNIE: I need you to know I'm complicated.

And that scares me, 'cause this...

- us... I don't want to screw it up.
- ♪ And you're free ♪

Nothing's screwed up.

You're the bravest person I've ever met.

And I love you.




- ♪ Follow me home ♪

♪ How could I ever leave without you? ♪

♪ Follow me home ♪


- FRANK: Hey.

- Where's Bonnie?
- Resting.

What do you need?

A chain of custody report on a gun.

She can't get you that.

What's up? She not okay?

Don't worry about her. Just...

stop with all the digging.

Annalise tell you to say that?

I'm telling you that,

because I'm worried.

The guy who does what I do.

So you should be worried, too.



We've all done horrible things, Laurel, you included!

I'm an adult, okay? I chose to do those things.

Meanwhile, Christopher can't even walk.

Bonnie said he didn't see anything!

She thinks he didn't see anything.

- Can we all just take a breath?
- Look, he's a baby.

- He's gonna be fine.
- He's already not fine.

- How do you know that?
- Because I'm his mother!

- I can tell he's different!
- Why don't I make s'mores?

Okay, you know who else is different?

Bonnie, okay, who lost the love of her life.

I lost the love of my life,

so I will do whatever I need to do

to make sure my son is safe.


I can hear you in my room,

which means Christopher can, too.

Great. So now I'm traumatizing him, too.

No, that's not what I meant.

What good does it do to make Bonnie hate herself

even more than she already does?

- Come here.
- I'm fine.

No, you're not. Bring it in.

MICHAELA: Did he wake up?



Do you think I'm being crazy?

You're his mom.

It's your job to be crazy for him.



Maybe I'm just being paranoid.

Not necessarily.

- Say it.



I am on your side, always,

but it is really unlikely he's gonna remember any of this.

- You don't know that.
- I do.


I was in the same room with my birth mother when she was shot.

I was two.

That's why Social Services took me, and...


...I don't remember any of it.

Honestly, it's like it never happened.

So that's how I know he's gonna be fine.


look how great I turned out.



- I only have a few minutes.
- I know.

I want to admit fault tomorrow.

- Stop.
- This was my bad decision.

- It wasn't yours.
- You had the right intentions.

I know you think you're doing the right thing.

I did, too. It's why I let it come this far.

But now that we're here,

as much as I wish I could be okay with this,

I can't let you do this.

You mean more to me than this company.

You built this company from nothing,

and I'm just some lawyer,

so just... let me do this for you.

At least so I can say

I did something good for the world.



So that's it? All she has to do

is drop a few crocodile tears, and you cave?

- That's not what's happening.
- That's cool. Get yours.

But don't have me busting my ass for nothing.

She told me not to do it, Annalise.

- She was manipulating you.
- No.

It was reverse psychology, or are you that ignorant?


Don't you...

Don't you want to die knowing

you lived for something other than yourself?

Okay, you know what? Do it.

Be the martyr.

See where that gets you.





What's taking so long?

Your badge number's not coming up in my system.

Look, all I need is a chain of custody report on that gun...

not a big deal.

It is if my supervisor finds out

I gave it to you without clearance.

I have clearance.

I know you don't work at the D.A.'s anymore.

So you knew that this whole time?

That why you stalling?

- You making time to bury evidence?
- Sir, calm down.

I was on the force for years.

- You're risking an arrest.
- I know what goes on here.

You're helping cover up an old man's murder... you hear me?!


I have some agents who would like to ask you a few questions.

You called them?

Cuffs are only optional for the next five seconds.




ANNALISE: Where are you?

Bonnie said that you were at the FBI.


What? Um, I'm coming right now.

You can't come anywhere near this.

And you can't answer any of their questions.


I gotta go.


Miss Keating?
Mr. Crawford needs to see you.



TEGAN: Wait up!

I assume you finally got to meet

- our little Miss Conduct?

With all the crap she's giving Crawford,

at least tell me she's hot.

- She's fine.
- Like, fine, or, like, fine?

What? She's not your type?

Do you need something?

It's about Nate's wrongful death suit.

Michaela's been trying to get his signature.

Well, failing at it...


- I'm sorry?
- Nate's not ready to give up

on the possibility of a criminal trial.

If we file a civil suit, we lose,

the opportunity goes away.

That's the real fight he's interested in.


I'll stop.

Thanks for your help, though.

Ms. Pratt? We need to talk.

Uh, great.

Uh, I-I finally spoke to Nate.

- You did?
- Yes.

And although he appreciates all your hard work,

he doesn't want to take on any more fights right now.


He doesn't even want a criminal trial?

Can you blame him? I mean, he'd be an idiot

to still have any faith in the system.

- Why are you all lying?
- No one's lying.

I was with Michaela when she spoke with Nate.

You're all full of it.

I can't believe you'd do this to me again.


You're a Boy Scout or a romantic...

I can't tell which, but, either way,

I can't stand by and let you be this firm's bitch.

So here's a way out.

We make Jensen take the fall.

He's so keen on saving Nora's company and C&G,

so let's take the sword he wants you to fall on

and stab him with it.


No "huh." Yeah.

It's a great idea.

I agree.

I had the same one.

JENSEN: What are you thinking?

The bloody deposition's in five minutes.

The deposition can continue as planned.

It's just gonna be you in the hot seat.

- [SCOFFS] The hell it is.
- Oh, so you're okay

with Nora's company going bankrupt?

Excuse me?

I might have to come clean in there.

Well, I told you I was okay with that.

Yeah, but he's not.

The whole firm could go belly-up,

and that's why they jumped at the chance

of using me as a scapegoat in the first place.

But now we have a new scapegoat.

Now I see why the board didn't want you here.

Your crazy's contagious.

- This was my idea.
- Great,

then I'll be happy to fire you both.

- That would be wrongful termination.
- How?

It's retaliatory to fire Mr. Crawford

on the very day that he's filing

a "hostile work environment" claim against you.

I submitted the paperwork this morning.

- Sir?
- The FTC's ready to begin.

We need a few minutes.

[WHISPERING] I'm not doing this.


But I really did love you.

Pierce gave me the advice.


[CHUCKLES] I asked you if the sale was legal,

and you said it would clear all regulatory agencies,

and I trusted you,

because you have so much experience and power,

and you said, "Yes, do it."

- You're all mad.
- Hmm.

You realize we're sitting ducks at the firm now.

I'm used to it.

How about we celebrate? Dinner on me.

I won't drink.

Isn't your girlfriend in town?


You have to close one door to open a new one, right?

AGENT LANFORD: Why would the Governor be involved

in D.A. Miller's disappearance?

Miller's who arranged for my father's transfer that night.

- You have proof of that?
- It seems like your team

could get better Intel on someone that high up.

You realize how this sounds, Mr. Lahey.

Tell me.

Approaching a juror...

Your father's DNA was on the gun.

...illegally obtaining the D.A.'s inquest file.

Miller slipped a DNA test to the jury

during my pops' inquest.

Unfortunately, those aren't the only erratic behaviors

you've demonstrated this week.

NATE: Hey. Wagner.


That guard was the one who shot my pops.

What about the episode in the police station

earlier today?

You call that stable behavior?

What are you asking me?

Have you had any mental-health episodes in the past?


Mental illness runs in your family, though.

days in the SHU broke my pops.

So you understand how traumatic events

often trigger mental illness.

Get a psychiatrist in here.

I'll prove I'm not making this up.

They asked me every question they could,

and I didn't hold nothing back.

Until they finally let me go.

After you gave them your DNA. Why?

To see if it matches my pops' on the gun.

It won't,

which will prove Miller doctored that test.

And if it wasn't him?

Hey, come on.

We don't know he did this, Nate.

Maybe you're right. Fine.

But you were protecting me.


That's all.

So no matter what... whether I'm wrong about him or right...

we both know this started with me.


- I did it.
- For me.

So don't even think about leaving us.

I couldn't live with that.






♪ I keep finding myself ♪

♪ Painting the wall ♪

- ASHER: Is this about Bonnie?
- It's about us.

- We need to be on the same page.

- Is Bonnie okay, though?
- Yes.

- ♪ Trying to get this right ♪
- Well, I'm not. Did you know?

- Know what?
- About Christopher? How he was there?

Did Bonnie not tell you?

- No.
- Of course she didn't.

Laurel, we can't deal with this right now.

- You have to forgive Bonnie.
- No.

♪ Try it again, try it again, kid ♪

She's on the edge. She'll hurt herself.

Is that what you want? More blood on your hands?

♪ Try it again, try it again, kid ♪

♪ I keep finding myself ♪

♪ Pacing the hall ♪

♪ I contain myself ♪

♪ I feel heavy again ♪

♪ I'll be forgiven in the beginning ♪

MICHAELA: Bonnie's not the only one we need to be worried about.

There's Tegan, too.

Yeah, she told me about the wrongful death suit.

Did she tell you she's all crazy suspicious, too?

Suspicious about what?

♪ Try it again, kid ♪

♪ Try it again, try it again, kid ♪

♪ Try it again, try it again, kid ♪



AGENT TELESCO: This is Special Agent TELESCO.

- Leave a brief message.

Claire, hi. It's Tegan Price.

My immunity deal?

You're listed as Jane Doe in all the paperwork,

so go to work, keep your nose down.

No one will know.

I saw you were back in town.

I wanted to meet up if you have time.

Call me.

I wanted to meet up if you have time.

- Call me.


Mr. Lahey, have a seat.

Not if you're just gonna arrest me.

That's not why we're here.

CONNOR: Can we at least figure out a plan

for when the FBI calls us?

We don't know that they're gonna question us.

Nate killed Miller at our wedding.

Of course they're gonna question us.

And our parents, everyone they invited.

Hey. We don't need a plan...

Why? 'Cause we're finally gonna turn ourselves in?

No, because Nate has a plan.

- And it's a good one. Smart.
- What is it?

The Governor killed Miller.


Say you understand.

We understand.

The rest of you?

- Yes.
- Got it.



Good. Now we're on the same page.


We just got the DNA results back.

We did what you said.

We checked the DNA on Officer Gladden's gun

against your own, which would match your father's.

There was no match.

Which means you were right...

someone manufactured those positive results.



We're not there yet.

But we have someone in custody

who we hope will shed light on Miller's involvement.

BONNIE: You've reached Bonnie Winterbottom.

- Please leave a message.

Bonnie, where the hell are you?

Call me back.


BONNIE: Frank?

I just didn't want to sleep alone.



- Hello?
- CRUZ: Annalise Keating?

I'm Officer Cruz calling from the th Street Precinct.

We have someone in custody who claims you're their lawyer.

Who is it?

- It's Nate.
- Or Simon's finally back.



GABRIEL: Professor Keating?

I think I need a lawyer.

I'm hoping that's you.