02x10 - High Noon


Previously on Suits...

You looked me in the eye, and told me that your hood was rock solid?

You make it right on your own, or I will.

You want to settle? Let me save you some time.

We pass. You think I don't know this was your doing?

Daniel Hardman doesn't work you. You work him.

What did Hardman find in those files?

I don't know, and I don't care.

I'm entitled to name one new senior partner a year.

I'm naming you.

You think he's valuing you.

He's buying you.

Hardman actually sees me!

You kept me waiting five years.

You can wait another 24 hours.

It's your grandma. She passed away.


Either Jessica will retain her position, or I will resume control of Pearson Hardman.

Well... in a few minutes, we'll know.

Last time we spoke, there was a lot of talk about peeling each other off the walls.

I just want to say--

Stop talking.

As you wish.

[Door opens]

[Clears throat]

What are you doing here?

Rachel, meet the file room.

It's where we store information on the cases that we're working on.

No, I-I just mean, I don't believe that Harvey would make you come and work the day after...

You can say it.


Okay, I'll say it.

The day after my grandmother died. 'Cause, there's a vote going on, and he's got bigger things on his mind.

Mike, he'd want to know.

Oh, really, you know that?

You and--you and Harvey are best friends now?

Okay, then tell Donna. Just tell somebody that--

I don't want people to know.

If you tell people, they will understand, and then you can go home, and you can really deal with--

Deal with what, Rachel?

The fact that I missed my last-ever chance to see my grandmother because I was too busy at work?

Oh, come on, that's not fair.

You were an amazing grandson.

You--you were buying her an apartment--

I bought her an apartment because I felt guilty for not having seen her for two months.

No, you were buying her an apartment because--

This is not a debate, Rachel.

All right, I came to work because I want to work.

I'm not telling people because I don't want to talk about it.

And now I'm gonna go out and get some fresh air, and when I get back, I really hope you will be done bothering me.

The managing partner... is Daniel Hardman.


Effective immediately.


I want to thank you for trusting me with the future of this firm.

I won't let you down.

Let's get back to work.

Harvey... a word.

I know that we have a rocky history, but I would be a fool not to recognize your value to this firm. Daniel, you won.

You don't need to blow smoke up my ass.

I'm not blowing smoke.

I told you this from the day I came back, that I was us to find a way to work together.

Why say this to me and not Jessica?

I will.

But her name is on the door.

She's not going anywhere.

I want to make sure that you're not going anywhere either.

It's time to go.

I can name 12 partners who will follow you anywhere.

We can have every associate in the place.

Harvey... we're not going anywhere.

We have a non-compete clause.

We quit, we can't practice law in New York for a year.

Contracts were made to be broken.

Not when they're written by me.

Well, maybe we should take a year off.

How would that go?

You could teach.

I could also kill myself.

You could write a book.


What about travel?

You have the means.

See the world.

Teaching, writing, traveling.

You know what you're talking about?


I'm not running.

We can't stay here. Not working for him.

Yes, we can.

We are going to swallow our pride, and we're going to wait until we can make a move from a position of strength.

That's your tactic?

Holding your head down and waiting?

That's what he did.

It took him five years. Do you really think it's gonna take him five years to screw up again?

I bet it'll be more like five minutes.


That's enough.

This happened today. Today.

We just took the hit.

We suffered a loss, and you don't make major life decisions when you're reeling from a loss.

I wanna buy some weed.


Sorry, man, you got it wrong, but, uh, hey, if you want a paper, I'll be--

I'm not a cop, okay?

I know for a fact that you're a dealer.

I've seen you here every single day.

I know the drill.

A guy comes up, he hands you a $100 bill, he walks away with a folded newspaper full of weed.

Well, I have money.

If you don't want it, I'll be happy to take it to the coffee cart down at 50th and Lex who we both know is your competition.

Have a great day.


♪ See the money, wanna stay for your meal ♪
♪ get another piece of pie for your wife ♪
♪ everybody wanna know how it feel ♪
♪ everybody wanna see what it's like ♪
♪ living in a beehive of your mind ♪
♪ me and missus so busy, busy making money ♪
♪ all right

♪ all that time imagine this ♪
♪ the greenback boogie

♪ Suits 2x10 ♪

High Noon

Original Air Date on August 23, 2012

Don't you dare touch his balls.

What the hell?

These bozos walked in here right after the vote.

We're moving to the 46th floor.

You and Paul Porter are switching.


Bowties have no place here!

All that bullshit about working together?

You forgot to mention that it was down on the 46th floor.

It's just four walls, Harvey.

Yeah, so is a prison cell, which is where you send people to be punished.

Paul Porter was loyal to me long before we were Pearson Hardman.

I reward people who are loyal to me.

Show me you are one of those people.

It's one thing to become king of the hill.

It's another to stay there.

Accept this with grace, Harvey.

You want grace?

I'll give you the courtesy you never gave me.

I'll say it to your face.

I'm coming for you.

What were you doing in there? Kissing the ring?

Don't try to weasel your way in with another managing partner.

That job's already taken.

Daniel. You wanted to see me.

Don't mind if I do.

Louis, this firm has been through a divisive fight.

Of which you were victorious.

We were victorious. Unfortunately, it's not a victory unless we're united moving forward.

That is so true.

Jessica's a class act.

She'll take the defeat in stride.

She's not the problem.

What do you need?

You made me senior partner. I always pay my debts.

I'm a Lannister.

The problem is her pitbull.

Well, Harvey can be polarizing.

But I can't just fire him. He's a senior partner.

Uh, I'm sorry, fire him?

Do you have a problem with that?

Louis, he just came in here and announced he's putting a target on my back. You voted for me.

That means there's a target on your back too.

Tell me what to do.


[Grunts] You have to stop doing that.

Well, you weren't at your desk, so I figured you and your small bladder would be here.

These cases, they're a priority.


Do you know what that means?

Yes, I know what the word priority means.

Well, you're gonna get them done before you even consider doing anything for Harvey.

You don't get him a file, you don't bring him a coffee, you don't buy him his hair gel--

That's not what I do for him.

Right, like he buys his own hair gel.

Doesn't matter.

You don't do anything for him now.

You're just like everyone else.

You belong to me.

I don't belong to anyone.

Well, then quit.

Your days are numbered here anyway.

You don't get this sh1t done, I'm gonna fire you myself.

[Clicks tongue]


It's either me or the movers, and at least I know where my hands have been.

[Tape dispensing]

I need more packing tape.

Oh, it's right over there.

I know.

Wow, there's a first for everything.

The mighty Donna, nothing to say.

Trouble in paradise?

Louis, get out.

I'm not afraid of you.

Okay, listen...

I've, uh, been asked to redistribute the workload.

Jessica focused too much on the flash.

These cases won't make The New York Times,

but they'll definitely bankroll our bonuses.

It's an employee retirement income security act case.

You know what that means? I know what ERISA is, Louis.

Oh, good, so you won't mind the detail-oriented nature of the assignment. I won't mind it at all.

[Claps] Great. By the way, Harvey, if you're planning on pawning this off to Mike, well, you can't.

Mike's focus has been too, um... Harvey-centric.

So I assigned our resident wunderkind some cases of his own.

Auf wiedersehen.

You look overwhelmed. Let me help.

Forget that. You're gonna do this instead.

Louis said I'm not allowed to prioritize your work anymore.

You think I'm taking orders from Louis now?

Consider things status quo.

Yeah, well, they aren't.

They are as far as you and I are concerned.

I give you work, and you're gonna do it.

Oh, right, I forgot.

That's how it works with us.

Don't pout. You're gonna love this case.

It's very detail-oriented. And what are you doing?

Operation "Right the ship."


Maybe it's time that you just accept that it's over.

You lost. Deal with it.

Excuse me?


You seem to live in this deluded world where you think that you can always win.

But sometimes you can't.

Bad things happen. You have to face the fact that life is gonna be this case or this case or this case!

Jessica lost! You lost!

And there isn't anything that any of us, including the great and powerful Harvey Specter, can do about it.

Go home.


[Rock music]


[Knocking at door]



[Bottle rolls]




Okay, you're clearly not ready to go.

What? Come on, the funeral doesn't start for another... oh, sh1t!

It's okay.

It's okay. Uh, can I wear this?

Here, drink this.


You're gonna get in the shower, and I'm gonna find you something to wear, okay? Mmhmm. Okay.




Is this a great idea?

Rachel, it's one night, okay?

Please, take it easy on me.

It looks like more than one night.


You're right.

[Toilet flushing]

Thanks, Rachel. I'll be out in five, okay?




[Office chatter]


[Buzz, buzz]

[Office chatter]


I'm sorry, but apparently Paul Porter doesn't believe in technology.

Look, I need the employment survey.

Yeah, I'm working on it.

It's not done?

It's a survey of all 50 states.

You gotta get on this.

Mike could have done it in his sleep.

I'm sorry I don't have a photographic memory, but my brain is already too busy being awesome.

Well, what about one of the other associates?

Which one?

You know.

Do I?

The blonde one.

Oh, of course.

Then the brunette.

Male? Female?


You don't know a single one of their names, do you?

Mike Ross.

Ha-ha. [Snaps]

Do I need to remind you that you're the one who sent him home yesterday?

I thought he would come back.

You know, you could call him, Harvey.

Just get me anyone.


No one's available.

Why not?

No one's available...to you.


He's trying to bait me.

What are you gonna do about it?


Today is not the day he's gonna see me sweat.

Mike, I'm sorry, but... It's time.

I can't. I just...

Look, I know it's hard, but if you don't go up there and say something, there...

There's just no one else.

There's no... none of these people even know her.

You're not speaking for them.

You're speaking for you.

Everyone is gone.

Not everyone.



How did you--

My mom.

I'm so sorry.

What's going on?

He doesn't want to speak.

I can't.

You can.

What's your name?


Mike, Rachel and I are gonna be right here.

You can do this.

I promise, you're gonna feel so much better after.

Or you'll feel a hundred times worse.


Either way, you gotta do it.


I, uh...remember things.

I remember the night that my parents were taken away from me.

I remember my grandmother taking me in.

She came to check on me.

It was, uh...

It was the middle of the night, and...

I had wet the bed.

And she cleaned the sheets,!

And she--she cleaned me all up, and she put me in her bed, and, uh... you know, I...started to cry.

Really hard, and, uh... and she said, "It's okay, Michael. "It's okay. "I've been crying too. "But don't you wet this bed, because I have to sleep here too."

And, uh...

You know, we laughed, you know? [Sniffles]

In spite of everything, we laughed, and... and we kept laughing.

We kept laughing until I fell asleep.

When I woke up the next morning, she wasn't just my grandmother anymore.

She was... she was my whole family.

[Sniffles] Well, I'm not 11 years old anymore.

I'm not gonna wet the bed tonight.

But I will remember... that night and everything she has ever done for me.

For the rest of my life.

You were great.

Thank you.

She's right.

I'm Tess, by the way. Oh, it's good to meet you, Tess. Good to meet you, Rachel.

Are you two...



[Both laughing]

No, no. We work together.

I assume you knew Edith?

Grammy was the best part about being friends with this guy. Oh, you called her grammy too?

Oh, everybody did.

So you guys must go way back.

Short story is, we've known each other since we were seven.

Long story is, you dated each other.

Mm, I don't think we need to get into the long story.

We shared a few milestones together.

First beer, prom, s*x...

And there's the long story.

Well, I don't know about you two, but I think we should get drunk.

I wish, but I have to go pack up her room.

I have to get back to the office, and I do not want to see you there later today, okay?

Thanks, Rachel.

Yeah, of course.

Let me know if you need anything, just call me.


Really good to meet you.

You too.

Doth my eyes deceive me?

It appears that you're actually doing the task that you've been assigned.

Doth you want to kiss my ass?

I sense frustration.

Case too much?

Can't handle all those numbers? Louis, just because financial cases bore me doesn't mean I can't do them in my sleep.

Well, did you remember to do this?

I didn't have to, because I did that.

Well, that means that you have to--

Replace the custodian, have an alternate, show precedence, generate cash flow projections, and have everything audited by an experienced fiduciary?


Well, I'll review these for court, 4:00 p.m. today, where you will be my second chair.

Did I forget to mention that?

My bad.

Oh, and if you want to pick up some coffee, I take mine with cream and stevia.


Would you like me to put that in your calendar?


I will take that as a "no."

She loved you, you know?

Pretty sure she never got over our breakup.

Well, that's because she knew you would never do better.


What's going on?

I cancelled on her the night before she died.

[Sighs] You must feel awful.

I was working.

I don't even remember what for.

And we're talking about me here.

I just know it seemed so important at the time, and now...

I didn't even get to say good-bye to her.

But... never really get to say good-bye to anyone, do I?

The, uh... the night before I went to college, I was supposed to see you, and I couldn't.

Yeah. Yeah, you were having dinner with your family.

Yeah. "Dinner with my family" was me sobbing in my bed.


We had said we'd break up at the end of the summer, but...

I knew if I showed up, I never would have been able to do it.


I'm sorry. I just...

I didn't have the guts to say good-bye.

It's okay.


I'm married.

You are you kidding me?



Get out.



All right.

[Knocking at door]

When I sent you home, I didn't mean for you to never come back.

My grandmother died.

I know.

Look, you obviously weren't ready to deal with it, so I respected that by keeping you busy.

Was I wrong?


Are you stoned?


And I'm not interested in a lecture, so--

Good, 'cause I'm not interested in giving one.

Yeah, help yourself.

Don't mind if I do.


Is this the coffee cart guy?

[Distant traffic sounds]

Look, Donna, for the record, I am sorry that you got caught in this crossfire.

And no matter what happens with... there will always be a place here for you.

With you?

Yeah. Yes.

It would be my honor.

You really don't get it, do you?

Harvey and I are like this.

You think I would leave him for anybody, let alone somebody who did what you did?

You betrayed your team.

Harvey and Jessica were not my team.

Yes, they were.

And I was. But no one is anymore.

And I might not like moving, but the one thing that I love about it is that it is further away from your smug face.

[Hiphop music]

The whole bag?

How do you even do that, man?

It's like--I've got, like, crazy cotton mouth right now.

Harvey Specter doesn't get cotton "mouff."

Cotton "mouff"?


[Laughs] I guess Harvey Specter does get cotton "mouff."

I can't help it, these pretzels...

Both: Are making me thirsty!


Here, drink this, rookie.

Oh, my God, I--



Did you ever hear of a hanger? Oh, God, wow!


I just got an image of you as a dad.

[Laughs] With, like, a little Harvey Specter, you know, all hair-gelled, and, like, pinstripe Oshkosh B'gosh. "Dad, don't play the odds, play the man.

It's--it's a win-win." You being like, "go to your goddamn room." Oh, look at this.

You bought an apartment in Manhattan.

I got it for her.


I always hated the word "orphan."

I mean, I just... I never felt like one.

Until now.

I ever tell you about my dad?

I think you know the answer to that question.

He was a saxophone player.

He sat in with everybody because everybody loved him.

He believed in love at first sight, and unfortunately... his first sight was a groupie.

Your mother.

I was 16

when I caught her cheating.

I knew if I told my dad he'd... next two years went by, I didn't say a thing, and she went right on just... making him a fool.

Look, this is all to say that, I lived in a house surrounded by family, but I know what it's like to be totally alone.


Your stoned is depressing.

You should never share your feelings ever again.

I mean, not with me.

I gotta say, it's been a tough week for both of us.


Oh, what I wouldn't give to piss in that b*st*rd's office.


That was pretty quick off the tongue.

Well, I've done it before.

To Louis. No way.



[Both laughing]

Wait a minute.

If you've done that before--

Why not do it again?



Okay. Let's go.

No, no, no, no, no.


It's not right.

It's not right?

I drank three Gatorades on the way here.

I'm gonna pee orange. It's right.



If we're gonna do something, it needs to be original.

[Whispers] Orange.

No you know what?

I know what we're gonna do.

I'm gonna get the can opener.

Are you serious right now? You're not messing with me?

You're finally gonna tell me what you do with that can opener?

Do I look serious?

You look stoned.

I am, but I never joke about the can opener.

Come on. Mmm.

Let's go, let's go.

All right, go.

All right...

What we do is--

Okay, if you were a narcissist with great hair, what would your password be?

Pssh, Harvey.



No, that's just way too easy.

One of his favorite basketball players.

Shaquille O'Bryant?


I still don't understand the thumbtack thing.

Surprising, isn't it?


Hey, say what you will about this floor, I'm pretty sure the cubicles are bigger.

[Clears throat]

Hey, what's going on? How you guys doing?

I was just, uh, helping box a little bit, 'cause, uh, Donna was feeling a little blue about moving.

What the hell are you doing?

Harvey. Harvey!

You looking for another way to make my life miserable?

Harvey! Harvey, no!

Come on. You hit him, they win.


You should of let me hit him.

Oh, I don't know about that, but maybe we shouldn't have let him leave.


Eh, uh, maybe he wasn't snooping.

Maybe he was, I don't know, trying to plant something, like-- like drugs. In my record collection?

[Jamaican accent]

What better place to stash the weed than with the Bob Marley, man?

Louis doesn't even know where to buy drugs, let alone plant them.

I know where to buy drugs.


No, I'm serious. What if instead of peeing, we planted something in Hardman's office.

Unh, genius!

It's a crime.

Mm, maybe.

But he wouldn't hesitate for one second to do the same thing to get rid of you.


He wouldn't hesitate to plant something to get rid of me.

What, Louis?

No, Hardman.

[Sighs] I just said that.


What if Hardman planted the CM memo in the first place?


Donna never saw the memo.

Donna never makes mistakes.

What if she never saw it four years ago because it wasn't there?

And then it was.

You really think he had the balls to walk into that file room, open a box, and plant a document?

There's no security cameras and no locks on the doors.

Fine, but how did he get the document in the first place?

Hardman brought Coastal Motors into the firm.

Yeah, but he wasn't here when the case went to trial.

No, not the trial, the defect.

What's the date Sarah Layton left CM?


Hardman was still here.

Makes sense.

Sarah Layton confronts Kemp.

He panics. Who's the first person he calls?

His lawyer.

Hardman tells him to bury it.

That's a crime.

You said yourself he wouldn't hesitate to commit a crime.

He knew the cars were bad from the beginning.



When Hardman came back, the first thing he did was ask Louis for a report on every case at the firm.

Yeah, he was looking for weaknesses.

He knew the CM win was based on a lie, made it look like it was my lie. Which brings us to?


Hardman couldn't bring the suit himself.

He needed an executioner.

And he picked Tanner.

So when I suspected something was fishy, I'd focus on Tanner, not him.

They were in on it together.

I went through every box that Hardman looked at, to find dirt on Tanner.

There was no dirt.

You need to call a partner meeting.

I'll call for it... five minutes after you get me some proof.


[Door slams closed]


Sorry, Harvey. Pilates is on Wednesdays.

You and I are gonna go.

And when we're done, you're gonna admit to me what you did.

Oh, I've done a lot of things, Harvey.

Well, I want to know why you settled.

You know damn well why I settled.

No, I don't.

I want to know about you and Hardman, and you're gonna answer my questions, or I'm gonna kick your ass.

I'm not doing the one, and you can't do the other.

I can, and you will.

All right, let's go.

As long as it takes.

I win, you talk?

You lose, I don't.


[Grunts] Unh.


[Grunts, smack]


Why'd you settle?

Unh! I decline to answer.

Ohh! Why'd you settle?

I decline to answer.





[Both panting]

You get one question.

Well, let's see.

How about, why'd you settle?

Because that memo was a fraud.

What? You need to come forward--

No, no, no, no, no. I said one question, Harvey.

One question.

Oh, my God.

We were right.

Right about what?

[Sighs] I found it. [Laughs]

You found what?

I found it!




No, no.

It can't be... it can't be like this.


Because your grandmother just died.

You think not kissing is going to make that any better?

No, no, I think that's exactly what it's gonna do, and that's why it's a problem.

Rachel, in the middle of the worst week ever, I have found a moment of something good.

Now, ple... I know.

But when something like that happens, people don't make smart choices.


No, you're right.

But being smart... hasn't made either one of us very happy.




I have something that may be of interest.


I'm notoriously fast.

I have certain suspicions.

All I need you to do is authorize action.

You really think he does?

I really think he did.

I am impressed.

You'd be surprised what can do now that I have the proper motivation.


You're banned on this floor.

That's funny.

It's pee in a cup time.

Drug tests are for associates, not the partners.

Yeah, well Hardman believes in running a real clean ship.

You know, like "just say no. Crack is whack."

Which is why a new policy went into effect as of this morning.

You know, I don't smell it on you now, but I sure as hell did last night when you manhandled me in your office.

I'm sure you had a lot of fun laughing at that one.

You want to take it, you're gonna have to take it forcibly.

Refusal to take this test gives me grounds to fire you for cause.

I refuse.

You're fired.

Per our bylaws, I'm entitled to a hearing in front of a quorum of our senior partners, and I'm on record.

What the hell is wrong with you?

Just take the test.

I can't.

Why not?

It's just a drug... you've got to be kidding me.

You were the one who told me to take it easy.

And you and I both know what we did that night in this very office.

That was a celebration. This is different, th... when did this happen?

Does it matter when?

I don't believe it.

You were high when you came up with that theory.

Doesn't matter how we got there, we got there.

I bought us some time.

We can use the review to present our case.

Do you have any evidence?

Not only did he plant the document, he wrote the damn thing.

How do you know that?

Tanner...indicated that to me.

Turns out, they weren't in on it together.

Huh. And he's willing to testify to that.

Oh, let me guess. No, he won't.

I've got Mike chasing down another avenue.

Jessica, I don't do this now, I'm gone anyway.

What is it?

Daniel and Louis got their quorum.

Your review convenes in an hour.

Pursuant to New York civil code, a settlement based on fraudulent representation can be voided by the court. Who are you?

My name's Mike Ross. I work for Harvey Specter.

[Alarm beeps]

Get off my car.

As far as we can tell, there were only two people who knew about the problems with the CM hood.

Sarah Layton, and you.

But I think there was a third.


You know, last time I was ambushed in this garage, I gave in. Not this time.

You met with Daniel Hardman the night before Sarah Layton's last day.

We have his calendar.

What do you want?

I want you to sign this affidavit stating you told Daniel Hardman about the problems with the hood, and that he advised you to bury those problems and cut a deal with Sarah Layton.


Harvey came to me, told me to settle, and then we'd be done.

Now you're threatening me, telling me to put it in writing, and then we'll be done.

Sorry, junior.

We are done.

[Car door closes]

[Car starts]

That kid better get here fast.

He'll come through.

Harvey Specter has refused to take a mandatory drug test, leaving me no choice but to terminate his employment.

As is his right, he has requested a hearing to dispute this.

Thank you, Daniel, but I'm not here to dispute anything.

After all, I was high.

I was high because I was being forced to work for you.

A man who, it turns out, knew CM was negligent before I ever even took the case.

Uh, this is not the time--

Shut up, Louis.

Don't do this.

If you go, I go.

Do you deny knowing about the defects?


And you deny writing this memo?

Sending it to Tanner, knowing that he would come after this entire firm?

That's why he settled.

Because you told him it wouldn't hold up.

That's wild conjecture, and it's bullshit.

Why'd he settle?

He settled because I did what I do.

That is not an answer.

Yes. It is.

This ends here.

The two of you have now slandered me, which violates the morality clause of the partners' agreement.

It's not slander if it's the truth.

Unfortunately, you don't have a shred of evidence, because the evidence doesn't exist.

Well, actually, it does.

This is a partners-only meeting.

So have Tanner sue me.

But in the meantime, I think the rest of the partners are gonna want to see this.

It's a signed affidavit from Lawrence Kemp, stating that he told Daniel Hardman about the defects in the CM hood six years ago.

May 7th was the date of that meeting, per your calendar, to be exact.

You just denied knowing anything about that, unequivocally.

I guess you were just lying to cover up the fact that you were behind this entire suit in the first place.

Is that the basis of this?

A coerced lie from a man trying to say, "my lawyer made me do it."

No way that holds up in court. It doesn't have to.

It just has to make these Harvard-educated lawyers understand that you made each and every one of them spend $100,000

of their own money to buy you control of my firm.

I think we've heard all we needed to hear.

Harvey has admitted to violating the drug policy.

All those in favor of his dismissal?

Looks like you lost.

I'm glad you brought up the bylaws.

Fraudulently suing your own firm is grounds for firing.

You have no proof of that.

All those in favor of Daniel Hardman's dismissal?

Hey, Harvey, I know I'm not a partner, but do you mind?

Go ahead.


Daniel, that $3 million of our money you spent on yourself.

Consider your partnership bought out.

What was really on that affidavit, anyway?

What I said was on it.

You realize it's a felony to sign someone else's name to a sworn document.

I didn't sign someone else's name.

I signed my own name.


I mean, seriously, how often do you really look at a man's shoes?

To the firm of Pearson and kiss my ass.

[Laughing] I told you we'd be peeling him off the wall.

You go, I go.

He goes.

I already went and came back.


[Knocking at door]

You're married.

I am.

You called me anyway.

I did.

So we're clear...

I don't consider anything bought out.

Too bad. 'Cause the only way you're getting another penny is through litigation.

We may not have proof now, but we will.

If this comes out at trial, you'll never practice again.

Sign this confidentiality agreement.

I'll waive my claim.

One time offer. Take it or leave it.

For the record, I wasn't the one who made the first move.

Harvey was.

Yeah, you made your first move five years ago.

Maybe. But someday...

He'll make the first move on you.

Goodbye, Daniel.

Are you gonna throw something at me?

I'll go.

But don't kid yourself that this is the last page of the story.

Give me your toes.

[Giggles] No.

[Both laughing]

Oh, just like riding a bike.

Oh, okay.

I should be more upset that you just compared me to a bike, but I love bikes.


[Knocking at door]

Mmm, mwah.



Unh. Oh!



[Sighs] Is this a bad time to tell you that I'm a vegan?

Um, no.

More pizza for me.




You were right.

I don't care about being smart.