05x07 - Requiem

Don't do this to me, boss.

Come on, don't do this to me.

Don't make me kiss you, boss.

Come on, boss!

Come on!

Boss, come on.

NCIS Season 5 Episode 7 Requiem


Please, please, please, Gibbs.


Okay, I'll never ask you for anything again, ever.


I promise.

Come on, ever?

Well, okay, maybe not ever, but I won't ask for anything else for at least like... a week.

Sure. Where and when?

Here and now.


There is a young women here waiting to see you.

I sent her to the lounge.


Maddie Tyler?


Twenty-two, twenty-three.

Sorry. Personal.

She wouldn't say.


It's for my cell phone, so when Gibbs calls, his face will appear, and I'll know it's him. See?

Nice... print.


Special Agent Gibbs.

I know.

I- I mean, I remember.

But you... probably don't. I'm...


Maddie Tyler.

It's been a long time.

I used to come over to your house.

I was Kelly's best friend.

Or, I mean, at least I remember myself being her best friend.

I like to think she thought so, too.

You lived on base?

Marine brat.

My dad was an Officer.

I remember.

A good man.

He retired.

Moved back to Oakland.

Died a couple years ago.

I'm finishing my degree at Georgetown.


I guess you're wondering... why I'm here.

This is going to sound so stupid.

I can't believe, I need some help, and you're the only person I know who...


Guy problems.

Crazy guy problems.

I went on a couple dates with him, about 18 months ago.

He's a Marine.

Went to Iraq.

Just got back a week ago.

He came to see me, you know, wanted to get things started again.

But I mean, there was... there was nothing to start because nothing had ever gotten started.

I tried to explain that, but, kept insisting.

He was desperate to move in with me, and, when I said no, it wasn't what he wanted to hear.

He stalking you?

Did you report him to the police?

They said there's nothing they can do.

It's only been a week.

He threaten you?

He hurt you?

I don't think he meant to.

He just kind of grabbed me, but...

He's really freaking me out.

What's this Marine's name?

Rudi Haas.

Where would I find him?

Outside my house.




That's the best yet.


I didn't know you were...

Sorry, Gibbs.

We need to talk about the latest East African threat assessments.

When you've got a moment.

Know her?

Wish I could say I did.

Maddie Tyler.

Who is?

Ask McGee.

Said it was personal.

New girlfriend?

Too young. Not a redhead.


Nice. McGeek called McGoogle, her name.

I can do you one better.


Well, she has an eclectic taste in music.

Everything from Yo-Yo Ma to Metallica.

Lots of friends, college kids mainly.

And one from her childhood.

"My first and still my best friend, Kelly.

Forever in my memory."

Gibbs' daughter was named Kelly.

One and the same.

Mystery solved.

That's his car.

Hey, Madds, I was just looking for you, babe.

Look. Hey...


Who are you?!

This your old man?!

She does not want to see you.

It means you're not going to come back.

You're not going to call her.

You're not going to drive down her street.

Do I need to say it again?


OK. It's around here somewhe.

Do you want some more coffee?

Nope. Fine.

As soon as I graduate, I am moving back to Oakland.

This place is such a pig sty.

There's this really great animal hospital there.

They offered me a job in the lab.

It's just a general practice.

Eventually, I have plan to specialize in horses.

Kelly and I were both crazy about horses.

Here it is.

Can't remember who took that photo.

I did.

I never did find out what was so funny.

She never told you?


I shipped out to Iraq that month.

They followed me all the way to Pendleton.

Last time I saw them.

It was a time capsule.

We've filled this toy suitcase with all of our... treasures.

Kelly's mostly, and... buried it in your backyard.

We were sitting on it.

I never stopped crying.

Still think about her, after all these years.

Wonder what she'd be like.

Like you.

Here, you should.

You should have this.

No. No, that's your memory.

Our memory.

I should be going.

Thanks for the coffee.

That bad?

I really can't thank you enough.

You got my number. He comes back... call me.

And you keep this locked.

I just...

I- I gotta go.

Marine Sergeant Rudi M. Haas.

Works in logistics, currently on a 30-day leave after returning from Iraq eight days ago.

Service record?


Eight years in.

Prior to that, grew up in Chicago.

State and local police. See if he's got a record.

Why do we need to know?

Are we opening an investigation into Sergeant Haas?

Background check.

On what grounds?


The young woman that was in this afternoon?

Did she file a complaint?


Is this personal, Jethro?

If you're asking do I know her, the answer is yes.

Is it personal?


Do it.

She knew.

Reads Gibbs like a book.

Short read, not a lot of dialogue.

Your kind of book.

You suggesting I don't read?

I think she's suggesting you only look at the pictures, Tony.

A picture paints a thousand words, McGee.

And in your case, most are the names of female body parts.

I'll have you know that since 1981, I've been a loyal subscriber to National Geographic magazine.

That's some serious picture-gazing right there.

So how did she know?

Woman's intuition.

Do you have that?

Forget I asked that question.

The Director could see Gibbs was preoccupied with something, and she saw him with the girl.

Sounds more like male logic than woman's intuition.

Either way, I think she's worried about him.

Question is, should we be?

Hush, little baby, don't say a word.

Papa's gonna buy you a mocking bird.


And if that mocking bird don't sing.

Papa's gonna buy you a diamond ring.

If that diamond ring turns brass.

Papa's gonna buy you a looking glass.

Don't go daddy, please don't go.

If that cart and bull break down, you're still the prettiest... little baby in town.

Yeah. Gibbs.

Jethro, he's back!


Get in the car!

Let go of me!

Get in the car!

Shut up and get in!

No! Somebody help!

Help me!


BOLO's out on Haas's car.

His photograph and details are on their way to Metro Police.

Need her photo, too.

Abby's got one.

From when she was trying to take yours, earlier. Ziva, you want to call Abby.

Haas's current address.

Assigned to Quantico as an enlisted trainer, but he hasn't reported in there since he got back from Iraq.

Got to be staying somewhere.

No known relatives in the DC area.

Friends then.

I want the address of every place he's ever lived.

I'm working on it, boss.

Her cell phone?

Switched off.


Also switched off, I'm trying to access his recent calls now.


And I've... well, I've only just started.

You were going to brief me, weren't you?

She called me.

I got there, place was trashed.

Saw her being pushed into Haas's SUV.

You identified him?

I identified his car.

So you didn't actually see Sergeant Haas abducting her?

Maybe it was someone else?

Well, it must have been Haas driving.

Could have been driving.

Best guess.

What else do we know about him?

Haas turned down Uncle Sam's offer to reenlist last month.

In 60 days, he'll be a former Marine.

Last deployment?

Logistics, worked out of the Green Zone in Baghdad.

Everything Marine going to or coming from Iraq channeled through his department.

Desk jockey.

Got his phone records.

Moderate usage.

Recurring numbers?

There's a few.

15 calls in the last eight days to a landline in the name of Maddie Tyler.


Five incoming from a company here in DC.

It's the first call he received when he got back from Iraq, and the last call he got before he switched off his phone.

"Bordais Security Solutions."

BSS, a small sized security firm.

With a contract in Iraq, Marine today, mercenary tomorrow.

Filthy rich the day after.

Looks like Haas was being headhunted.

I need a name, McGee.

CEO is a retired Army Major, Max Bordais.

Ours is a small company, Agent Gibbs. Less than 100 employees, the majority of whom were in Iraq.

Doing what?

Protection details for various VIPs.

Haas doesn't seem like the highly trained soldier your company would hire.

He's a paper pusher.

And from what I've been told, no one pushes paper better.

Signed him up?

Made him a generous offer.


He passed.

He say why?


Evidently a thousand dollars a day wasn't enough.

A lot of money for a clerk.

I guess he didn't need the money.

Look, I did my homework.

Haas is considered one of the best logistics people in Iraq.

You want it, he'll find it.

"You can't get it through channels, you get it through Haas."

That's what they say about him.

A guy like that is worth a dozen of my highly trained soldiers.

Where is he?

I don't know.

You're lying.

I only have his cell phone number.

Am I under arrest?


Where is he?

Agent Gibbs...

I only talked to him on the phone.

He didn't want to meet me.

He made it clear he wasn't looking for a job.

Now, if you're not going to arrest me, I'm walking out of here.

Nicely handled, Jethro.

You're right.

He's holding something back.

Then again, he's not the only one, is he?

You said you knew her.

Family friend.


Long time ago.

How long? Five years, ten years?


Are we done here?

I e-mailed Maddie's photo to state and local police.

I printed you one, too.

Of course, I cropped you out of the one that I e-mailed.

I just thought that maybe you would want a copy of the original.

She was Kelly's friend, wasn't she?

We're going to find her, Gibbs.

I know it.

Boss, you might want to see this.

McGee got something.

I plotted all the cell phone calls Haas received or made in the last eight days.

Most were made from his car as he was driving.

The signal passed from tower to tower, which doesn't help us, but three of the calls were made from the same location, using the same tower each time.

Now given the range and signal strength, they could only have been made from this four-block radius.

A lot of real estate, Until you add what I found.

Only job Haas ever had in DC was in the six months before he joined the Marines.

He worked as a night watchman at a clothing factory, lived on-site.

The factory closed three years ago.

Puts him right in the zone.

Hear that?


Guess we found Haas.

Not quite a stairway to heaven.

Perhaps an elevator to a less compelling place.

This is he, I take it?


Rudi Haas.

Yes, well, when we're confronted with crucifixion, we immediately think of the Romans, but it was used as a form of execution long before them by the Egyptians and the Greeks, and after them, by the Persians, and then, of course, the Japanese.

Duck, I don't got a whole lot of time on this one.

Yes, I understand, Jethro.

Obviously at first blush, the uninitiated would pounce upon the theory that he was involved in some sort of macabre or perhaps demonic ritual, but we are not so quick to draw such an easy conclusion, are we, Timothy?

Numerous cuts and nicks on his torso and face.

Significant bruising of the left arm.

Coloration indicates that this bruise predates these more recent wounds.

Yeah, someone gripped him, vicelike, and squeezed.

Yeah, that would have been me, Duck.

I'll go see how the others are doing.

No, Jethro, I think in this case, there is a totally mundane, though no-less-sickening reason that he was nailed to the floor.

They didn't want him to struggle while they tortured him.

Time of death?

Well, now, that is another problem.

Well, not for me, but for you.

Rigor is fully set.

He's as stiff as the boards to which he is nailed, indicating a time of death at least 12 hours ago.

I'm afraid Sergeant Haas was already long dead when Maddie Tyler was abducted.

Guy comes back from Iraq, starts stalking a girl he barely knows, trashes her apartment, and then abducts her?

Didn't abduct her.

Didn't abduct her?

Already dead.

Tortured first.

He gave them Maddie's address.

They trashed her apartment.

Apparently, they did not find what they were looking for.

So they abducted her.

Whoever they are.

She must know something.

Or have something they want.


It's a GPS locator, boss.

Real time, wired into the radio.

Our stalker was being stalked.

You're always welcome down here, Jethro, but I've barely started.

I'll take whatever you got.

Well... nothing confirmed at this point.

No fatal wounds.

And there was very little blood loss at the scene.

So we can rule out stabbing, bludgeoning and gunshots.

No signs of strangulation.

There does appear to be some petechial hemorrhaging, which suggests asphyxia.

Someone... could have smothered him with a pillow or clamped a hand over his nose and mouth.

She was abducted more than six hours ago.

Your point?

Well, there's a strong possibility that...

Look, if I have to explain it, perhaps you are too close to this.

What else?

Swelling of his face.

And then there are these lumps and bumps.

Could be hives.

Allergic reaction?

Wait a minute.

It could be anaphylactic shock.

Yes, the most severe form of anaphylaxis occurs when an allergic response triggers the release of large quantities of immunological mediators.

This leads to systemic vasodilation.

Yes, my suspicions were correct.

His air passages are all closed up.

Probably dead within minutes.

Allergic to what?


And he wouldn't have to have eaten any of it.

Merely coming into contact with it would have caused his demise.

Jethro, just who are you trying to save?

I look at her, I see Kelly, Duck.

How it should have been.

Jethro, be careful.

Don't let your...

Some things... just can't be undone.

I wasn't there then.

I am now.

I don't want to see you, cause I don't have anything yet.

Working on it as fast as I can, you know how fast that is nobody's faster than me. I am the master of faster, normally, but there's nothing normal about this.

Do you have my things?

Yes, his clothes and the nails.

We're going to find her, Gibbs.

We're going to find her. You believe that, right?

Don't answer that.

Forget I asked.



I need all of you to get out of my lab.

Let me do my thing.

I have all these samples to test and Major Mass Spec is going to blow up in protest if I don't blow up first.


This isn't my lab.

I'm going to go.

A high-end item like a GPS locator I figured the manufacturer would keep a record of who it was sold to.

Cross-checked the serial number against their records.

Look who I found.

Makes Maxie Bordais a big fat liar.

And a suspect.

Bring him in.

Soldier of fortune is about to become soldier of misfortune.

Dogs of war are about to taste the hair of the dogs.

Think she's alive?

After what they did to Haas, maybe it'd be best if she was not.


This your subtle way of sending me a message, Director?

Nothing subtle about it, Mr. Bordais.

You are now officially a suspect in this murder investigation.

Want to explain that?

GPS locator. Real-time tracking of target vehicles.

Bought by your company.

Found in Sergeant Haas's car.


Wait for it.

Wait for it.

I need to make a phone call.

Some of these guys are so predictable.

First sign of pressure, and they cave.

See that coming a mile way.

A lawyer is not going to help you now.

I'm not calling a lawyer.

Calling the Pentagon.

Like I said, hair of the dogs.

I was assigned as a special investigator with SIGIR.

I take it you've heard of us?

Special Inspector General for Iraqi Reconstruction.

As I'm sure you're aware, SIGIR was established to audit funds allocated to the rebuilding of Iraq.

Unfortunately, substantial amounts of that money are unaccounted for.

I heard $8 billion in cash.

$100 notes.

Plane loads of them.

No one denies mistakes were made, Director.

We're doing the best we can to recover the money to return it back to the Iraqi people.

What's that got to do with Haas?

Two of my employees were suspected of stealing $4 million from a vault in Baghdad three years ago.


Danny Coyle, Brian Judd.

Both ex-Army.

- Let go of me!

Get in the car!

Shut up and get in!

Somebody help!

Help me! Help!

While we suspected them, we never found the money.

Until two weeks ago.

It had never left Iraq.

Couldn't move it.

Finally, they approached Sergeant Haas.

He found a way to smuggle the money out of the country.

But it appears he got greedy.

No honor among thieves.

Sergeant Haas is the only one who knows how the money's being shipped.

His tour was up.

He didn't have a lot of time to organize it.

We think just a few days.

You were tracking him via GPS?


And Coyle and Judd?

Until they switched cars 24 hours ago.

We know the money has arrived.

We just have no idea how or where Haas is planning to collect it.

You know where they are?


Said you were tracking them.

We're tracking them.

As I said, we lost them.


We don't believe so.

They're very good at what they do.

Taking counter measures, changing cars, only turning on cell phones to check messages.

They abducted a girl this morning.

We know.

You know?

Our surveillance was breaking down, and we were waiting for more manpower.

You saw it happen.

We couldn't have stopped it, Agent Gibbs, and I resent the suggestion that we placed this operation ahead of the life of that young woman.

Where did you lose them?

I don't have to share that information with you.


In her apartment, in the street?

The next block? The next suburb? Where exactly did you lose them, Colonel?

Enough, Agent Gibbs!

I think we're done here.

The hell we are!

NCIS is conducting an investigation into the murder of a United States Marine, and I can assure you, I will bring down the full weight of this service if you do not give me your utmost cooperation.

Do I make myself understood?

Yes, ma'am.

Now... where exactly did you lose them, Colonel?

Hey, DiNozzo.


Abby gets something, you handle it.

No problem, call you right away.

That what I said, DiNozzo?

I'll handle it.


They think Coyle and Judd might be somewhere down in the old dock district.

Tell DiNozzo.



Any idea where he's going?


Hazard a guess?

Well, he took his badge and his gun. Maybe he's gonna shoot someone.

Oh, boy.

This is Coyle. Leave a message.

You want your money, call me back.

This is ground control to Major McTom.

This is ground control to Major Tom.

Is anybody out there?


I'm just checking.

You've been staring into space for the last hour.

Even on the McGeeko scale that's cause for concern.

It's been five minutes, not an hour, and I'm not staring into space, I'm staring at the plasma.

Calling Gibbs?

He did not pick up.

Worried about him?

Are you?

You be worried about him.

I'll be tentatively troubled.

Privately perturbed.

Fleetingly flustered.

Have you called him?

I would have to be deeply discombobulated to even think of calling him. Okay, McTim, you win. What are we looking at?

What do you see?

It's an iceberg, and we're headed right for it.

More like the $4 million tip of an $8 billion iceberg.

Forget the $4 million, I'd settle for finding Maddie.

I've been trying to figure out where she fits.

She doesn't.

For her to have been abducted, they must think she has the money.

Or can lead them to the money.

If she can, she doesn't know. She would have told Gibbs.

Maybe she doesn't know she knows.

Sergeant Haas comes back from Iraq, the first thing he does is try to move in with a girl he's dated twice.


He's a man.

What does she have that he does not?

A bed.

A room.

A place for Haas to stay.

He had a room at Quantico.

So, what does her apartment have that Quantico doesn't?


No guardhouse.

No car searches.

A street address.

Her apartment has a street address.

Which means mail delivery.

How long takes a letter to get here from Iraq?

A week. Give or take a day or two.

He's from Chicago. No family here.

No delivery address.

He wasn't stalking her. He was hanging out to check the mail.

Get down to her apartment.

Find the mailman.

He figured it out.

And he didn't tell us.

You call him?


He didn't pick up.

If that diamond ring turns brass.

Papa's gonna buy you a looking glass.

Don't go, Daddy.

Please, please don't go.

I still think about her, after all these years.

Wonder what she'd be like.

Like you.

Excuse me.

Got a registered letter for Rudi Haas.

I need to see some ID.

Don't want to know.

There he is.

Excuse me!

NCIS. We're trying to locate a letter addressed to Sergeant Rudi Haas.

Just delivered it.

Okay. Thank you.

How long? - Five minutes.

He signed for a letter. It appears Haas shipped the money out of Iraq as the personal effects of a dead Marine.

Gibbs must have the receipt.

Gone to collect them.

Find him, Ziva.

He beat us to it.

Abby... she's caught a fish.

Atlantic bluefin tuna.

These pallet nails were sticky with it.

The fish oil gets caught in the spiral shank of the nails, it dries, it gets gucky.

The more oil, the more gucky.

So they're just layer after layer after layer of guck.

When they whacked these into his hands, they were like poison darts.

How common is bluefin tuna?

I checked with the fishing authorities.

There's very few places that handle it in DC.

Most are at the Maine Avenue Fish Market.

That's too crowded.

That leaves us with...

Southwestern Marine.

It's down by the old dock.

There was an exporting company there.

It closed down a couple years ago.

Exporting what?


I'll get McGee and Ziva to meet you there.

Has anybody heard from Gibbs?

I called him and he didn't pick up. He always picks up.

Good work, Abby.

All right.

- You got it?

I got it.

- All right, then bring it to us.


Southwestern Marine, main storage building.

And make sure it's just you.

On my way.

You okay?

I'm so sorry.

You're her father?

It make a difference if I am?

Not to me. Arms up.

Spread 'em.

He's clean.

Haas said there were two bags.

Other one is in the trunk of my car.

Yeah, it's good.

You get the keys, I get Maddie.

Where's the car?

Downtown parking lot.

I caught a cab.

Then you better find another cab and go get it.

Get it yourself.


In the car!


It's okay, Daddy.

It's okay.

Go back, Daddy.

Go back.

It's okay.

I love you, Daddy.

Love you.

I love you, Daddy.