05x10 - Corporal Punishment

Code Red in secure inpatient wing, second level. Code Red.

Floor supervisor report to station immediately.

This is a Code Red.

NCIS Season 5 Episode 10 Corporal Punishment

Come on, Iron Fist, hit me with your best shot.

Could you be careful, please? This is number 14.

It's the first appearance of Sabertooth.

Does that make you want to hit me?

It's really tempting.

But I think I'm gonna pass. Maybe Ziva'll do it.

Maybe Ziva will do what?

Been working on my six-pack.

You know... Abs.

You and Abby have been drinking?

No, abdominals.

No more beer gut for me.

I've been training hard-core, getting the core hard-carved.

Hard as wood.

To match your head.

You know, I think you're afraid that if you hit me as hard as you could, I'd think I was being tickled with a feather.

I will take a swing at your six-pack.


It's more like a four-pack and then there's this one sort of long, stubborn one, never mind.

Do it.

As hard as she can?

As hard as you can.

You know that's how Houdini died.

Ziva, did you kill Houdini?

It is possible. I do not remember all their names.

Okay, hold on.

Okay, do it.

Escaped mental patient.

Exactly what I'm thinking, boss.

Bethesda Naval Hospital.

Attacked an orderly busted up the place. Come on, let's go.

Hey, come on, I don't need the rescue.

Seriously, give me your best shot. Right now.

Oh, yeah!

Not bad.

Not as good as Gibbs, though.

Cramped quarters.

In-patient wing.

It's a secure unit.

Least it's meant to be.

How long's he been here?

Got shipped home from Iraq about two weeks ago.

He's been receiving treatment for post-traumatic stress.

What happened to him?

Beats the hell out of me.

Guy didn't talk much.

That's typical of PTSD.

The shrink's been trying to get him to open up as part of his treatment.

What's the other part?


Combination of antidepressant paroxetine and

mild sedatives that help him sleep.

Might want to consider something a little stronger.

He did this with his bare hands?




You already done in here?

Yeah. Don't need to look the one place we know he's not.

Corporal Damon Werth, Force Recon, part of the Second Marines stationed in Ramadi.

Transferred out 15 days ago, ahead of his unit.

Brief stops at Ramstein Air Base in Germany, then here.

What happened after he went out the window?

He jacked a ride pulling out of the driveway.

Where's the driver?

There was a lot going on, I...

Where's the driver?!

I don't know.

Boss, I could pull up the exterior cameras, might be able to see something.

In fact, I could probably be doing that right now, instead of talking about it.

All right, listen up, people.

Our fugitive has been on the run for 90 minutes.

It has been three hours, Tony.

Average foot speed over uneven ground, barring injuries, is four miles per hour.

He's not on foot. He's in a car.

What I need from each and every one of you is a hard-target search of every gas station, residence, warehouse, farmhouse, henhouse, outhouse and doghouse in the area.

Our fugitive has a name and it is...

Corporal Damon Werth.


The Tommy Lee Jones speech, every time we have a fugitive, really?

He's not just a fugitive.

Werth took a hostage.


Dr. Adrian De La Casa.

BOLO out on his car.

De La Casa's one of the attending psychiatrists on the ward, had the graveyard shift.

Involved in Werth's treatment?

Might help his chances.

He knows who he's dealing with.

At least someone does.

What does De La Casa think of Werth?


Patient exhibits paranoia, delusional fantasies, hyperactivity, tendency towards violent outbursts.

What does Werth think of De La Casa?

Doesn't say.

I think I'm staring at the man in charge right now.

You are?

I'm gonna find out what Corporal Werth's status is.

So are we.

Yes, sir.


Senator Hawkins. Ray Vincent.

Senator's Public Affairs.

You're Gibbs?

You need to work fast.

This could be a potential PR disaster.

It's always my primary concern.

See, the thing is, in three days, the senator is scheduled to give Corporal Werth the Silver Star.

Your missing Marine's a hero.

When you're dealing with a guy on the run, you gotta climb inside his head think his thoughts.

What would he do? Where would he go?

Did a one-armed man murder his wife?

Would he dress up like a clown and join a traveling circus?

Like Jimmy Stewart in The Greatest Show on Earth.

Do any of your ideas come from reality?


Just not your reality.

Could you try to zero in on Werth's reality?

Considering that the dude skipped the loony bin, maybe a little bit of non-linear fuzzy logic is the key to tracking him.

Maybe he was accused of a crime he didn't commit and is trying to promptly escape to the Los Angeles underground.

He's not the A-Team, McGee.

He might be, aside from a single medical incident that delayed his career

Corporal Werth is your poster boy for the Marine Corps.

Performance evals?

Rapid improvement in every facet since he enlisted four years ago.

Strength, speed, stamina, mental acuity, everything.

Steady promotion up the ranks, due to make Sergeant.

The only time Werth has been away from the Marines was to go to England for a joint training exercise

with British SAS.

That was his vacation?

How did he do?

He aced it.

I have to brief the senator and then try to run interference with the media.

You'll update me every half hour, yes?

The clock is ticking on this, people.

Sophie, yeah. Let the senator know that I just met with NCIS and it's under control.

The suit fill you in on what happened in Iraq?

Werth's unit was ambushed and captured.

He was being tortured when he broke loose.

He killed his interrogators and carried all three of his men to safety.

Leathernecks nicknamed him "Corporal Punishment."

What else you got?

Werth's life.

Locations of interest.

Boot camp at Parris Island, stationed at Quantico then LeJeune before shipping out overseas.


Unmarried. No siblings.

His father is retired SAS, mother is a behavioral therapist.

They live in Michigan.

Senator Hawkins' home state.

Friends in the area?

Yeah, I don't think he had any friends outside of the Corps, boss.

Dr. De La Casa?

Navy Captain. Resides in Reston, Virginia.

He works at Bethesda.

So he'd have to take the Dulles Toll Road every day.

So he would have a SmartTag, McGoo.

Scanned on 267 yesterday.

Again this morning, entering Virginia.

Tried to triangulate De La Casa's cell, but it's either switched off or Werth's laying low in the countryside, out of range.

Wait, SmartTag, just entered the District.

Try his cell again.

Hello? - Who is this?

Gibbs. NCIS.

I'm looking for a Dr. Adrian De La Casa.

Well, look harder.

Northwest DC. If he leaves his cell on, I can get an exact location.

Do it on the way.

Just lights.

For what?

Dr. De La Casa?


I thought you were him coming back.

Where'd he go?

I don't know.

He did something with my laptop and disappeared.

What's with the lights?


Now he knows what we look like.

I kept trying to get through to him, but he didn't seem to recognize me.

Well, it's not unusual for PTSD victims to exhibit dissociative behavior.

You're the medical examiner?

I am. But I have also done an extensive study of the science of psychological profiling.

Well, the patient.

Corporal Werth.


He didn't speak for some time after he took the wheel.

He seemed confused by his surroundings.

Well, what gave you that impression?

He kept mumbling something about sand or the lack thereof.

Expected to find himself in the desert.

I believe so.

I tried to talk to him, he stopped the car, and accused me of manipulating the environment.

Of making him see things that weren't there.

Why you?

He may have thought I was a voice in his head.

Obviously, I tried to convince him otherwise.

He subdued me, bound me.

You didn't resist.

I was afraid for my life.

He picked up on that fear.

Made him feel in control.

He could've been riding an adrenaline high following his escape.

Then he asked about PFCs Whitney, Stone and Heatherton.

The other men in his unit.

He wanted to know where they were, where we were keeping them.

Where are you keeping them?

We're not keeping them.

McGee managed to blah, blah, blah computer-geek stuff and he figured out that the video feed was being accessed from a public site a few blocks from the garage.

While he watched us.

Yep, that is exactly true.

Last files accessed on De La Casa's laptop... were Patient logs.


Three names in particular...

Whitney, Stone, and Heatherton.

Well, that's kind of creepy, that you can...

Whitney and Heatherton were treated and released for wounds sustained in combat.

Transferred to LeJeune for redeployment.


His injuries were the most severe.

He's undergoing rehabilitative physical therapy at Walter Reed.

Werth is on his way there.

Is he going to break out of one hospital just to break into another one? I'm going to go warm up the car.

Jethro, Werth's behavior is consistent with post-traumatic stress.

But he didn't harm De La Casa unnecessarily.

He still had the mental capacity to booby trap the car.

It shows that somewhere in his mind, he's operating clearly.

It's his training, Ducky.

As a syndrome, PTSD is in its infancy, even though the symptoms had long been recognized by returning soldiers.

Shell shock.

Yeah. Well, there was a landmark legal case The Buffalo Creek Disaster.

A West Virginia coal mining community was utterly destroyed when a dam gave way during a heavy rainstorm.

Psychologists descended upon the ruined valley to identify the common malady that afflicted the survivors.

Nightmares, insomnia, paranoia, depression, memory loss.

You know the symptoms well.

Now, I'm of the opinion that Werth is replaying a scenario that he's already completed.

He thinks he's still at war?

Well, it's not uncommon for PTSD victims to respond to a trigger of some sort.

I've read accounts of Buffalo Creek survivors where they became hysterical at the mere sound of raindrops on a tin roof.

You think Werth has a trigger, Ducky?

I think you should be careful.

McGee, David...


It's Stone right there.

That's it, Nate.

Don't be afraid to put all your weight on it.

It feels weird.

It'll feel less weird once you get used to it.

PFC Stone?

Yes, sir.

Call me when you're done.

Thanks, Karen.

You heard from Corporal Werth?

Got him in a brig at Bethesda.

They won't even let me in to see him.

He broke out this morning.


He's not a prisoner.

Shouldn't be treated that way in the first place.

He may try to find you.

Hope he does.

He saved my life.

I'd give it right back to him if he need it.

'Cause of him, I might even be able to return to combat.

You do that, Devil Dog.

Corporal Werth doesn't realize that he ever left.

He thinks you're in trouble.

Corporal wouldn't hurt me.

Yeah, but would he hurt someone else if they got in his way?

What do you want from me?

Well, let's see what we've got here.

Cameras on the north and south gates.

Possible point of entry from the fire escape.

That's odd.

Dr. De La Casa. I thought he was headed home.

Why would he come here?

He didn't.

Werth has his badge.

Gibbs, Werth is here.

I know.

Drop your weapons!

Kick 'em away.

You don't want to do this, Corporal.

Nate, come on, we're getting out of here.

I'm okay, Corporal.

I'm safe.

Stop moving.

We're not.

The other two!

PFC Stone, get up now! That's an order!

Your leg.

Left it in the desert.


You carried me out on your back.

Corporal, you're safe now.

You and your men, you rescued them.

We're here to help you.

Trust him, Damon.

He's a grunt.

He's one of us?

We have to take you into custody.

You understand that?

Put it down.

McGee, back off!


Damon, don't do it!


No, don't shoot him! Don't shoot him!

Sit down!


Stay down!

Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

Calm down!

Tony has a broken nose. McGee has a dislocated shoulder.

But we caught the guy.

What is he even doing here? He should be locked up.

He's an animal.

He's not an animal.

He's a man.

Are you defending him?

He attacked for no reason.

The guy's a killing machine.

He's a Marine.

Who was willing to give up everything for his country.

We have a responsibility to him.

Oh, spare me the samurai code of honor.

Noble respect for your combatant, it's admirable but he tried to kill Tony and he tried to kill McGee.

And me, too.

Believe me, we are fine.

Calm down.

Ziva, can't you just let me get it out for a second?

I mean, I'm not like you. I'm not some totally emotionless perfect warrior.


Agent Gibbs, you've met Karen Sutherland.


You okay?

I'm fine.

How are your people?

They're busted up a little, they'll be all right.

Ms. Sutherland is a research and development engineer at Biotech.

Defense contract.

I specialize in next-generation prosthesis designing, fitting, modifications.

Lot of business lately.

Too much, unfortunately.

But we're trying to create something positive out of all the loss.

Have you seen your share of traumatized warriors?

I'm sure, 30 years ago, most of the returning vets you work with would have died in the field.

Well, broken bodies are easier to heal than broken minds.

My company also develops alternative therapies to treat the psychological conditions.

Competition for DARPA funding must be intense.

If I may, what's going to happen to Corporal Werth now that he's in your custody?

Why exactly do you want to know?

Personal curiosity.

It seems a great many people are interested in Werth's well-being.

I've had several calls from Senator Hawkins' office, about a Silver Star presentation.

Werth abducted a Navy medical officer, assaulted Federal agents.

But you don't intend to charge him.

He was not in his right mind.

Then he should probably go back to the shrinks.

For all the good it did the first time around.

What would you have us do with him, Ms. Sutherland?

Well, that's not my place.

I just witnessed his incident. It was frightening.

I'm concerned.

We all are.

What do you intend to do with Corporal Werth, Agent Gibbs?

Talk to him...

Marine to Marine.

Why didn't you have that looked at in the ER?

I am fine.

You shouldn't be embarrassed.

Invincibility is not a human characteristic.

Gibbs is going to interrogate him?

Yes. I'm sure that Gunnery Sergeant Gibbs has a notion of how to get through to Corporal Werth's troubled mind.

You got yourself in a mess, Corporal.

Gonna have to get yourself out.

What seems to be the problem?

What seems to be the problem, Marine?!

I want to kill someone, sir!

Anyone in particular?

Anyone will do, sir.

Does that feel right to you, son?

No, sir.

It does not.

I'm not right, sir.

But it's not my fault.

Tell me what it feels like.

Needles and pills.

Needles and pins?

No, sir. Needles and pills.

They put a cloud in my head.

It's dark behind my eyes. I can't see in there.

Who drugged you?

I don't know.

I can't find it. I can't... remember.

You got to help me.

At ease, son.

I will.

His symptoms are in no way exclusive to post-traumatic stress.

You believe him?

Irritability, delusion, hostility...

All of these could be an adverse reaction to any number of medications.

And in his field evaluation, I find references to anxiety, paranoia, and they all predate his capture.

Too long in Iraq?

I do not get the impression he suffered in the field.

Yes. That does seem to be his natural habitat.

Look, you have established a rapport.

Perhaps you could convince him to part with urine and blood samples.

I made a promise to this Marine.

Plan to keep it.

So, I guess he's a liar, too.

Other than low concentrations of sedatives and anti-depressants, his blood was clean of drugs.

Well, the results of Werth's urinalysis should confirm that then.

I can't just turn off one part of my head right now and turn on the other part.

You know what?

I don't even care.

I need you to draw upon that considerable capacity that you have for empathy, for a moment.

I don't want to help him.

This young man you deem to be a villain may, in fact, be a victim.

What are we looking for?

Probenecid, spironolactone, furosemide and any other uricosurics and diuretics.

Masking agents.

Look at me.

Like Jack Nicholson in Chinatown.

Stupid can!

You know what happened to the kitty cat who got too curious?

Don't make me break out my Jack,

'cause I will.


No, I'm good. I got the one arm.

Thank you.

Maybe it was you, McGee.

The one-armed man?

Thought it was one of those vets we met at the Walter Reed Hospital.

Wrong case, Tony.

We even have a case?

We already got the guy.

What are we doing?

What did we miss?

What's happening?

They gave him painkillers.

My fingers are finging.

You hear that?

Excellent work, Agent Gibbs.

You'll be receiving a commendation...

Where is he?

Orders from SecNav.

Werth is being transferred back to Bethesda.

The doctor will see to him.

Make sure he's presentable for your photo-op?

The man is entitled to his medal.

All you care about is selling the war.

You don't support the war?

I support the men fighting it.

A complex series of masking agents hampered detection, but we've managed to find Oxymetholone stacked with Nandrolone.

In addition, countless other compounds that we have yet to identify.

Anabolic steroids.


Well, testosterone levels far beyond even the most reckless of bodybuilders.

The science at work here is very advanced, with every indication that it's been going on for years.

Werth's behavior is likely the result of steroid-induced psychosis.

Someone is using that Marine as a lab rat.

Abby's mapping Werth's blood work.

Already found a bunch of steroids, well covered.

Would have been masked from standard drug testing.

Drug testing's big bucks, McGiggle.

NFL, NBA, Major League Baseball... They all face the same problem.

Don't forget the Tour de France.

How could I? Those short little shorts.

He could have been injected his entire career. Werth is not just a Marine with post-traumatic stress.

Someone has tried to create a super-soldier.

He's in a hospital bed.


19 years old. He's just been rejected by the Corps.

His dream of becoming a Marine over before it starts.

Because he's Four F, has an anemic blood disorder.

Three years later, he's ripping through boot camp. Attending physician calls the improvement in his blood-cell count miraculous.

It's not a miracle, it's an experiment.

Someone turned Damon Werth into Captain America.

Werth's Swiss cheese brain means he can't name the mad scientist.

Any chance the attending was Dr. De la Casa?

No such luck. As far as I can tell, they didn't

cross paths till a couple weeks ago.

Then who?

Who would benefit from an experiment like this?

Well, there's big money in pharmaceuticals.


Find out what kind of research the Biotech corporation does, and everything on Karen Sutherland.


Yeah, boss.

You're with me.

The pursuit of juicy government contracts spurs a lot of R&D.

Yeah, it runs the gamut from pills that will keep a person awake for days at a time to biomechanical exoskeletons to... nanoparticle technology.

A hell of a company.

I feel like James Bond walking into Q's laboratory.

Well, DARPA's money did pay for night vision, lasers and stealth.

And the Internet.

That's a light-emitting diode.

It speeds the healing process.

Might help the damaged cartilage in your nose, Agent DiNozzo.

Your company builds super-soldiers.

Not a term we use in-house, Agent Gibbs.

Connotes killing power.

Our mission is to increase human effectiveness, durability and longevity.

What point in the development process do you begin field testing on human subjects?

We're subject to government oversight.

That's too bad.

All these cool toys, and someone else tells you how to play with 'em.

Can I ask you a question? You ever jump the gun a bit with the... magic pills? Cut through the red tape?

Work out the kinks?


Corporal Werth.

His condition is pharmaceutically-based.


I appreciate you've taken a special interest in his case.

And you, too.

He's highly decorated.

You're highly decorated.

Silver Star?

That's a lot in common.

You've done your research.

That's the word on my door.

Well, he is a Marine, and you're an... ex-Marine.

No such thing as ex-Marines.

Put our lives in each other's hands.

Accept that you're part of something greater.

That sounds like a religion.

More a faith.

Well, steroids are extremely hazardous.

Carry many health risks.

I wish I could help you, Agent Gibbs, but... our company does not conduct dangerous experiments on human test subjects.

In case you were wondering, he doesn't care about the medals.

I keep his in a drawer.

She's lying.

Of course she is.

They do human testing on power drinks. Why not Biotech?

Abby, I really...

I need my arm to access these financial records.

You have nothing to do?

I created a blueprint of all the compounds that Werth was given. If you can find me an existing experiment, I can match it and prove that he was their guinea pig.

I need to get Biotech to open their ultra-secret books.

If there's anything you can do that could get you off of me...

I'm so glad you... smell like garbage.


I know. I was going through Karen Sutherland's trash.

Find anything?

She recycles and composts.

Who composts?

Those a pretty extreme lengths to go to for this guy.


I understand now.

No true warrior should be felled by invisible forces.

It's dishonorable.

And that other thing I said...

I know that's not really true.

What does that mean?

What she just said.

What other thing?

That I do not have feelings.

I do have feelings, though I do not express myself the way Abby does.

No one expresses themself the way Abby does.




What were you having feelings about? You said you were having feelings?

I said I have feelings.

Not that I am having feelings.

That is a pretty sophisticated grammatical differentiation.

Don't change the subject with your big words, McNerd.

Ziva said she had a feeling.

Tell us about this feeling.

What was this feeling?

I felt... overwhelmed... temporarily.

Which does not often happen to me, when we were wrestling with Werth.


What is this look?


You like him.

I thought he was powerful.

You really like him.

No, I am saying he is stronger than any man I have encountered, but strength should not decide a battle.

There is a weapon for every fight.

You itching for a rematch?

Want to roll around on the ground with him some more?

I am trying to describe something complicated.

It's not complicated, Ziva.

It's Conan.

To her Red Sonja?


It only lasted a moment.

You had a moment.

A moment and a feeling.

And a smack to the head.

Broken nose, dislocated shoulder. It's been a banner day.

Easy on the painkillers, DiNozzo.

Director have any luck, boss?

Public affairs guy is stonewalling.

His main concern is keeping Werth docile for the ceremony.

They don't wanna know how he got that way.

Or they know already.

What do we know?

Looks like Karen Sutherland is the bleeding heart she appears to be.

Volunteer consultant with Doctors Without Borders.

Donates to several charities for the mentally disabled.

If she's got a fault, it's that she cares too much.

Which is something we might be able to exploit, boss.

I told you that information is proprietary.

I can't discuss it with you.

Cutting-edge research.

Financial temptation must be hard to resist.

You're wasting your time if you think I'm selling secrets.


You spent your summer traveling through Africa with a team of doctors.

You've been poking around my life?

Only fair.

This report from the World Health Organization features several children

who received treatment for land mine injuries.

Called their rapid healing "miraculous."

I hear "miracle, "

I look for answers.

Can't just take it on faith, huh?

You didn't sell any secrets.

You gave them away for free.

Your heart's in the right place.

Your LED device is low-cost, highly effective, but it is corporate property.

The super-soldier program.

If anything on this comes back to me, my career is over.

Hope it answers all your questions.

You could've just asked nicely.

This is nicely.

Platelet acceleration, human growth hormone and cybernetic implants.

These people have read way too many sci-fi comics.

Some of these experiments are more "fi" than "sci."

One of 'em makes people glow in the dark.

What do we got?

A couple of surprises.

Good or bad?

Would it surprise you to learn that Karen Sutherland has reviewed every single human research project at her company since you met with her?

Time stamps on the files she downloaded.

Worried her company might be responsible.

Are they?

For a lot of questionable experiments, definitely. But as far as our guy...

This is the map I compiled of all the chemical compounds that are running through Werth's blood.

This is a blueprint of the chemical compounds

the Biotech Corporation is experimenting with.

None of them match.

Werth's not their test subject.

Sutherland'll be relieved. She's not responsible.

Someone else is.

The Director managed to get a list of every super-soldier proposal competing for funding from DARPA.

None involved steroids.

Whatever's been done to Werth was... somebody's pet project, but they didn't leave a trail.

He's the only evidence the experiment ever took place.

The only one who knows who did it.

If he could remember.

So if the experiment went wrong, and Werth's behavior over the past several days would suggest it has, then if he does remember...

He's in danger.

We need to protect him.

All that's standing in our way is a senator and the entire military medical complex.

I'm sure they'll be happy to see us.

Nothing, sir. I'm losing you...

Sunspots, X-rays, tunnel.

Agent Gibbs, you and your team are not welcome here.

You are not to interfere with Corporal Werth's treatment.

I'll have you forcibly removed!

Sorry about that. Clumsy.

Not supposed to use in a hospital.

Especially my hospital.

Corporal Werth is safe here.

Except perhaps from himself.

You'll excuse us if we don't take you at your word.

Look, I'm taking every measure to rectify past mistakes.

I'm ashamed to admit I missed a diagnosis.

You verified Dr. Mallard's findings.

Werth is on a rapid detox program which should flush his system of the steroids in three to five days.

There a reason we had to do all your work for you?

We try our best, but we can't keep up with the numbers.

We don't have the time or the facilities to extend that type of attention to every patient who presents with PTSD.

I want to see him.

He's under heavy sedation. He's fine.

No, she asked to see the patient.

Probably not a good idea to stand in her way.


What, no funny movie reference?

It's not funny.

The IV contains clonazepam while his system clears itself.

Can he speak?

He's somewhat clear when he's awake.

Is his mind returning?

I hope so.

Corporal Werth?


Where am I?


What's all this?

We're getting the steroids out of you.


You remember?

Who did this to you?

Who did this to me?



Hey, Damon?

Like I said, he's very weak.


Wait... this isn't right.

What's happening?

The system's crashing.

It's set too high.

What is that?


Hold him down!

Hold him! Hold him!

Give it to him.

You're gonna be all right, Marine.

She's pulling a Pulp Fiction.

On an Hulk.

What just happened?

I don't understand this.

His machine was cranked up to the wrong level.

The sedative was poisoning him.

So you tried to kill him?

Bury the evidence of your little science experiment?

I don't understand this...

I set the rate, wrote the orders clear as day.

Who carries out your orders?


Going down?

I said going down.

You should probably stay down.

That's a nice watch.

A little ostentatious for my tastes.

Must've been hell to pay for.

Especially on an orderly's salary.

Found a loophole in the system.

Doctors fill out orders. You take the drugs from the pharmacy.

But occasionally, they don't make it to their intended destination.

Yeah, you made quite a little business out of that, haven't you?

What is the street value of...

Nandrolone, and Oxymetholone and Winstrol?

You even know what these things do?

Liver, kidney disease, sterility, roid rage.

This guy here... beat his wife half to death.

At least three others are dead.

They're all patients of yours.

They did that to themselves.

Werth goes off the reservation, the cops are circling the hospital.

And then someone amps his machine up to 11.

I don't know what happened, all right?

These things can be unreliable sometimes.

Didn't want Werth to start talking about who was sticking the needle in him?

Listen, I didn't stick the needle in any of those guys.

Who did?

I'm embarrassed by my behavior.

It doesn't even feel like me in my memory.

We have determined the source of the steroids, but not who did this to you.

You remember?

It hasn't come back yet.


Would have to be someone close to you, someone who has been with you wherever you go.

Perhaps someone in your unit.

We have to investigate them.

Unless... you remember who it is.

Courage doesn't have anything to do with medals.

It's simple.

You run to the gunfire, not away from it.

I don't know what I'd do, Gunny, if I couldn't be a Marine.

It's in my blood.

I can't imagine how it felt.

When your own blood was keeping you out.

The orderly was just your most recent supplier.

You gave yourself the steroids.

And the masking agents, so no one would ever find out.

All so you could become some... super-Marine.

Just a Marine.

That's it. Ceremony's off.

You're canceling it?

Have to.

The senator can't step on stage with that guy.

He won't get the medal?

That's up to the Marine Corps, but I sincerely doubt it.

He'll be lucky to be just discharged.

This is a nightmare.

Ray Vincent.



I'm on my way.