05x18 - Judgment Day (Part I)

I am in love.

Dude! That's the mailman.

Mail woman. All woman.

Are you going to shoot something or just keep staring?

Come on, dude. Hurry up!

Hold up. I'm coming! h! Shh!

SPORTSCASTER That's 95 pitches so f for Dryer...

You seeing this?

My shot.


Come on.

He steps in.

Dryer... He makes the sign.

There's the windup... and the pitch...

Oh! And there it is! A shot up the middle!

Singleterry puts one in the gap to left center field!

One run's gonna score!

Two runs are gonna score!

Singleterry flies in head-firs.. and he is safe!

I was proud to call SpeciaAgent Decker my friend.

Even after his retirement, I knew that he was never more than a phone call away.

My heart goes out to his family and his beloved girlfriend Sasha.

I know that William loved her very much.

I'm sure he did.

We're at funeral, and she's 22.

Yeah. Is that why we're here?

So you can google the girls?

"Ogle. " And no, we're here to accompany the director.

I, for one, am glad she's back from vacation.

Decker died of a heart attack, not in the line of duty.

I hardly think her presence is necessary.

NCIS Code of Conduct, Paragraph One, Sub-section B.

"Any interstate travel made by the NCIS director, must be accompanied by... " Shh!

You're ming this up.

Yes. But... she always is accompanied by two senior agents for security purposes.

And if it's not a rule, it really should be.

Sorry. What was that name again?

Mr. Oshimaida.

First name?

There are more than one?

No, sir, in fact, there's nobody here byhat name.

Check again.

Sorry, sir. I've checked the registry twice.

There is no Mr. Oshimaida.

But if you'd like to leave your name, perhaps, I can...

Director, are you ready to go?

No, actually, I'm not.

No rush. You know, uh, we'll just hang out.

No need to wait for me.

In fact, we are not due to fly out until tomorrow.

So why don't the two of you...

Yes, sure.

...take the rest of the trip off.

Right, sure.

Soou want us to call you a taxi, or...?

You want the car. Of course.

'Cause, we'll-we'll figure something out.


All right, drive safe.

That I.A. traffic's a little weird.

L.A., baby!

Sorry, Ziva. I'm going to have to cut you loose.

Hey! Wait up!

Good morning.



Haircut, McGee?


I believe it was a suggestion, not an observation.

Is there something going on downstairs?

Is something wrong, McGee?

Yeah, what are you guys... Doing upstairs?

Random bug sweep.

Off-limits to all nonsecurity personnel.

Didn't Jethro tell you?

Or perhaps his cranium trauma is acting...

He's behind me, isn't he?

Good morning, Jethro!



Got something for me?

Just arrived fr Major Fornell.


Yeah. s. Well, the security boys should be finished by now.

Thanks for the hospitality... probie.

Cuently, it's 78 degrees in Hollywood, 82 degrees in the Vaey and 73 at the beach.

All in all, a great looking couplef days in I.A.

Warm days, cool nights, and very low humidity...

Take it the Ritz was booked.


Better be a damn good reason you had meump on the earliest flight out of Mexico.

You ever work with Special Agent Willm Decker?

He hired on the year I retired.

Why? He in some kind of trouble?

He's dead.

And I'm next.

I need your help.

My help?

You are the director of an armed federal agency.

This has to be outside the agency, and I need someone I can trust, and you're on the short list.

I didn't know you were a fan.

Gibbs' short list.

He trusts you with his life and that's good enough for me.

Let's hear it.

Ten years ago, I spent time in Europe with another agent.

I take it you two weren't sightseein We were... but the sights we were looking for weren't on any tourist map.

The op?


Nice chatting with you.

Enjoy the free cable.

We were trying to infiltrate a Russian spy ring.

Special Agent Decker was our contact agent.

He got us our identities, handled communications...

I know the dri.

The name Oshimaida was a code word we were to use in the event our cover was coromised.

And was it?

We thought we got out clean.

But today at Decker's funeral, a man asked for Mr. Oshimaida.

Hmm. Coincidence.

Only three of us knew that name.

Whoever he was, he heard that name from Decker.

And Decker only would have used it if he thought he was about to be killed.

You said he died of a hrt attack.

The coroner said he died of a heart attack.

Deckeras trying to get me a message.

You're next?

My partner's in danger too.

Whoever he is, he believes one of us is Oshimaida.

Who's the other agent?

The next time I head for that door, it won't be for show.


Where do I sign up?

Five shots of the back of his head, none of his face, and one of the woman driver.

She's a great director; Annie Leibovitz she's not.

Any ideas?

No, I know. But I can't ask McGee because the director specifically said to keep this on the DL.

Keep what on the DL?


You told them.

McGee... they're not real.

They're just keeping me company while Tony and Ziva are in I.A.


Guess you don't need my help.

Uh, wait.

I do need your help.

But you have to keep it a secret.

My lips are sealed.

Okay. The director sent me these pictures.

She needs an ID on the John Doe.

Does Gibbs know about this?

I asked her; she said no.

She didn't say any more.

I didn't push.

Did you try blowing up the photos?

Okay, how about, uh...

The reflections on the side of the car?

That's a great idea, McGee. I had it like two hours ago.

Did you have any luck with the driver?

A woman. Could be blonde, brunette. I don't know.

The EX-IF data, on the cell phone.

It should tell us the exact time the director took the picture.

McGee, tell me something that cardboard Tony doesn't know.

No, Abby, look.

He's making a call.

If we know what time the call was placed, wean ping all the cell towers in the area...

And we can lift his cell phone number.

That's genius, McGee.

You're googling. again.

A ok. How McGee-ish of you.

You're in my sun.

You'll thank me later. Come on. Let's go.

If you value at hand, I suggest you back away slowly.

I'm not going anywhere.

The director gave us the day off.

Yes, and she can just as easily change her mind.

We need to stay close to home base, just in case.

We have cell phones, Ziva.

If she needs to get in touch with us, she'll call us.

What do you have in mind?

A cruise down Sunset Boulevard

Against All Odds, Jeff Bridges, Jimmy Woods.

You do not have a car, Tony.


Zero to 60 in 5.2 seconds.

First movie quote I hear, I'm driving.

Pay the guy.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Gibbs teach you that?

Gibbs doesn't teach.

You watch, you learn.

You learn.

I taught.

We're talking a risk coming here.

Local LEOs may have missed something.

I doubt Decker's killer left behind a callg card.

If he was here, he left something behind.

Or Decker did.

He was a pro. Yeah.

Got little careless in his retirement.


Sasha, we're not going to hurt you.

How do you know my name?

You were at the funeral.

That's right.

I was an old friend of William's.

We're here to help.

Help with what? Sasha... we don't think William's death was... natural.

And I'm guessing you don't either.

If there's somethinyou need to tell me...

William never said anything specific.

Just that if anything was to ever happen to him, that I was to deliver a message.

To who?

"Jenny Shepard, Direor, NCIS."

You know her? Unfortunately.

We'll deliver the message.

William want me to tell her that he had some sort of... insurance policy.

I think he called it.

Where? In his place out in the desert.

An old diner.

He was going to start fing it up next month.

He said Jenny would know where to look.

This the address?


Sasha. Hmm?

Do you have family?

Not in I.A.

In Nevada. Good.

Go there. Now.

I- I don't have a car.

Take my rental.

You should do what the lady says Okay.

Forget your name?

It's better she doesn't know.

Better for who?

So when we find who did this.

It'll be just the way you like it.

No paperwork.

You wanted the authentic I.A. experience.

I'm giving it to you.

I wanted to read my book.

They have books in D.

They have traffic as well.

I do not like this. mething feels off.

Yeah, it's the transmission.

No, it's about the director.

Tony, we are her escorts.

We're supposed to be escorting.

Maybe she found a new escort.

The director is a flesh-and-blood woman with flesh-and-blood needs.

If you want to call and ruin her private party, be my guest.

You couldn't have gotten a car with SatNav?

Sat what?

Never mind.

SHEPHARD Yes, Agent DiNozzo?

Um, hi, Director.

How's everything going? How's the paperwor Slow. Too many interruptions.

Well, it's a beautiful day to be stuck inside.

You need something, Agent DiNozzo?

No, justhecking in with our fearless leader.

Got it.

What'd I tell you, Tony?

Not to call you our fearless leader.

And? To take the day off.

Enjoy your time in I.A., because, believe me, I can always find something for you to do.

Paperwork had a deep voice.

She is with a man.

Does not mean she is sleeping with him.

You're right. I'm sure there tag-teaming the paperwork.

She's hiding something from us.

Yes, it's called a s*x life.

Maybe if you had one, you'd be a little more understanding.

Ooh, I could tell you stories.

Tell. Slowly.

All righ But first, you have to do me one small... favo Name it.

Call the Los Angeles Police Department, tell them you are conducting a local investigation, and ask th to track down the GPS coordinates of the dirtor's rental.

That's all?

It will make me very happy to know where she is.

It'll be like Chinatown.

I will even let you do your Jack.

Well, hodo you like them apples?

McGee, what are you doing?!

Pinging all the cell towers nearhe Hollywood Forever Cemetery, scanning for the director's mystery man.

No, what are you doing to my Tony?

I'm improving him.


I do like a man with a little scruff.

Got a hit.

Ten calls were in progress when the directo snapped that photo.

Triangulating with the nearest cell tower for locations.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery is here.

"Viggo Drantyev. "

Running his background.

Noing in the domestic database.

Checking international.

Got him.

McGee, are you seeing this?

What exactly did the director say this was for again?

She didn't.

It's the director.

Good luck with that.

No, you wanted in, McGee.

You're in.

Just... juste quiet.

Forensics Spialist extraordinaire, Abby Sciuto.

How can I help you?

Got a name?

Hey, Director, how's...

Name, Abby.


Drantyev. Viggo as in Mortensen.

And Drantyev as in...



Um, he flew in from Moscow ree days ago, solo.

Rented a car, checked in to the Excelsior Hotel, and then he checked out early this morning.

That's not background.

That's all I have.

Viggo Drantyev didn't exist until three days ago. d he doesn't anymore. burn alias.

Yeah, d a damn good one.

Totally untraceable, which is impressive these days.

Whoever this guy is, he must have friends in high places.

Like, nosebleed.

Anything else?


You want McGee to put out a BOLO?


Erase e search.

What seah?

So, Drantyev hits wn, and before sundown, your boy Decker is dead. not enough for a conviction.

Enough for me.

Who is he?

You don't know.

I know who sent him.

And I know who he's after.

One, two, three.

Breathe, damn it! Breathe! I don't recall shouting being one of the instrucons, Mr. Palmer.

Sorry, Doctor, I guess I got a little carried away.

Hello, Jethro.

New girlfriend?

No, CPR recertifications.

Work has been sufficiently slow lately for me to be able to update them.

Oh, uh, when can I put your name on the lis Not today.

Uh, give us a minute please, Mr. Palmer. Ye.

Annie can stay.

I know that look, Jethro.

I'm afraid I'm all out of secrets.

You read the autopsy report on the Grenouille murder.

Yes, what about it?

Anything bug you? rmally, I am very bugged when a person is shot at point-blank range in the head.

But in this case, despite the man's charm, I'm wiing to make an exception.

That a "no"? Well, pathologically, there was nothing out of the ordinary.

A single bullet entered Rene's frontal lobe, causing castrophic cerebral hemorrhaging that resulted in almost instantaneous death.

Yeah. Yeah, I read that.

Then you know as much as I do.


I had the impression this case was closed.

It is.

Then why all the digging?

What are you hoping to find?

Answers, Duck.

There's a reason why sleeping dogs are left to lie, Jethro.


There it is, the director's rental.

Well, what can I tell you, kid?

When you're right, you're right.

The car seems fine.

Yes, it does.

Now, can we get the hell out of here?

No, that's a good idea. We should stay here, wa for the director to catch us snooping.

What is she doing here?

You mean, who is she doing?

You heard that guy on the phone.

She's probably at his hotel.

Now you're making some sense.

Where to, miss? Rodeo Drive? nice Beach?

Our hotel or I file kidnapping charges.

This is not good.

Let me handle this, ok?

Hey, you can't come up in here.

NCIS. What's going on?


Looks like she fel

??? kind of place m not much' of a people person.

I noced.

Not that I don't like 'em.

They nevereem to like me.

Decker didn'have that problem.

Then why's he dead?

Better save that for the guy that killed Decker.

You might need it. First we have to find him.

If he knows about Decker's insurance policy he'll find us.

There's no obvious signs of foul play. Depes on what you mean by obvus.

She is dead.

You said she just buried her boyfriend.

Well, she obviously, you know, been hitting the bottle.

She could have fallen.

Or jumped. Or was pushed.

You know something I don't?

No. She-she's just... it's, you kno Give us a second.

Excuse me.

What are you doing?

Leave the director out of this.

The director's car is right there. Yeah, there are 50 cars right there.

Well, I'm not providing security detail for those 50 others.

Sasha's been dead for two hours.

We talked to the director 20 minutes ago.

She said everything was fine.

Probably just a coincidence.

You don't really believe that, do you?


Uh... this is not what it looks like, Gibbs.



So, I guess it's exactly what it looks like.

Ducky wanted us... I know.


So... what brings the Almighty Gibbs to my humble lab?

The frog. Sorry I asked.

I thought that case was closed.

Shell casings contain variety of useful data points.

The first one... is this indentation caused by the firing pin.

Its position narrows down the list of possible firearms.

Can you tie it to a specific gun?

Yep, in 2010.

That's when the manufacturers will be required by law to microstamp a serial number onto the firing pin.

Today, Abs. Well, it depends on who you ask.

I'm asking you.

Okay, the second data point is this.

It's breechblock patter around the back of the shell casing.

It comes from thconcussive force of the gun firing.

It won't let you say definitively if a particular gun was used, but it can rule a gun out.

This is interesting.

That scratch, it could be an ejector impression from when the spent case was ejected ort could have come from a slight defect in the gun clip.

I couldn't really say for sure without inspecting the clip, but, either way, I doubt it's defitive enough to be admissible in court.

I know.

I have a rlly bad feeling, too. y didn't you stop me?

Thought you knew where this insurance policy was.

I never said I knew.

Decker said I did.

And stop looking at my ass.

Not much else to look at.

Of course, it might help if you were to tell me what I was looking for.

Deer knew that someone was after him.

And he knew why.

Your mystery op.

Any useful insurance policy would contain names.

"Viggo. "

Real names. Targets.


Plus operational blueprints, photos.

We got plenty of those.

These dates are wrong.

Do you have a pen?

This is Decker's retirement party in 2007.

Crime Analysts conference,


September 18, 2004.

Hopkins-De La Hoya.

This is some kind of code.

Bank routing number?

Too long for a cash account.

Safe deposit box.



You don't answer it, they're gonna call in the SWAT team.

This better be World War III Officer David.

Sasha Gordon is dead.

What happened?

LAPD's still investigating.

It appears that she broke her neck in a fall.

Director, shwas found less than a hundred meters from your vehicle.

Where are you? When?

Three hours ago.

Director, we are assigned to protect you.

This is not just a coincidence. Where are you?

I don't preciate your tone, Officer David.

And despite what Special Agent Gibbs may have told you, coincidences do exist.

And that is what we have here.

Okay, but... I'm fine.

The's nothing to worry about.

I'll meet you later to take the red-eye flight home.

Good news?

Not for Sasha.

That went well.

The direor's lying. She's not fine.

Why wod she lie?

Maybe she was forced.

Did she use the duress word?


Well, there you go.

If someone had a gun to her head, she would use the duress word.

Tony, there is something going on here.

How can you not...

Yodo see it.

You just don't want to get involved.

She doesn't want us involved.

If there's one thing I've learned about the director's private wars, it's that it's best to stay away.

For her and for us.

She's a big girl. She can take care of herself.

Besides, probably is a coincidence, anyway.

And she's behind one of those expensive windows munching on overpriced cashews courtesy of Mr. Outtatown.

I told Sasha to leave town.

Probably went back to her apartment to grab a few things.

If Viggo got to her, we have to assume she talked.

Knows about us.

And this place. And Decker's insurae policy.

Guess he's gonna be on his way.

If we leave now...

You can go.

I'm staying.

This es here.

You're gonna need a clean one.

Gibbs. We should call him.

But we're not going to.

He would wanus to.

Would he?

Of course. They were partners.

If the director was in trouble, he would...

We do not know that she is in trouble.

Okay, I'll give you that one.


But... you want to be the one to tell Gibbs that we let the director out of our sight?

Good point.

But it's a risk we have to take.

Or we compromise. ent McGee.

What took you so Ig?

Were you sitting at my desk?

You're lying. No.

Tony, what do you want?

Your advice.

You lost the director, didn't you?


Now, you're lying.

You were sitting at my desk.

We did not lose the director.

We just... we just don't know where she is.

Gibbs is gonna kill you guys.

All right, calm down, McGee.

Don't get your panties in a twist.

We just talked to her.

She said she's fine.

She st said she needed... a little alone time.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

I'm just worried she might be under duress.

Did she use the duress word?



Then she probably is fine.

Thank you.

The Great McOz has spoken.

I need you to trace her cell.

Wait, you want me to trace the director's cell? Forget it.

Gibbs is not gonna like that.

I thought you said you weren't gonna call him.

We won't.

If you trace her cell.

Do it, McGee.

If we figure out she's at the Farmer's Daughter Motel with some guy, then we'll just call it a day.

All right.

Pulling up the director's ESN number.

Pinging all towers in the I.A. area.

No hits.

Expand the seah.

Still no hits.

Must have her phone turned off.

I can, however, tell you where she made her last call from.

Just off the 14, about 35 miles into the Mojave Desert.

50 miles away from her car.

You got an exact location?

I'll work on it.

Let us know.

This is not a gooddea.

Humor me.

You always clean your gun before a fight?

It's not my gun.

You always sit your ass before one?

What should I be doing?

Assessing our situation.

You read thatin the manual?

Deadbolt: Schlage.

Same lock as the front. Wood-frame, stucco exterior, lath-and-plaster walls.

Stone in the rear.

If they don't come too heavy, should provide adequate cover.

Situation assessed.

I never said thanks.

Thank me later.

When I first heard that Decker died of a heart attack, I was relieved.

Gibbs did say you were complicated.

Relieved because I always knew that there was a chance this could come back to haunt us.

And it's my fault.

I made some choices I'm not particularly proud of.

We all have.

Even Gibbs?

He let you go.


He didn't.

He didn't fit into my five-point plan.

Back to choices.

You made your bed.

What if I don't want to sleep in?

Gibbs know?

Would it make a difference?

He came back, didn't he?

Came back for the job.

Well, that would explain all the conversations we had on my boat.

You know, about e job. u're still young.

You got plenty of time make right.

We could have made it.

The needles below "E."

"E" stands for empty.

We have less than empty.

And we don't even know where it is.

We could have made it.

What?! What?!

Try to make yourself useful.


I said, whdon't you make yourself useful?

Wh do you want me to do?

Hold your nozzle?

Get us a map.

Some white powdered donuts.

And some Blue Ice Gatorade.

You better have my coordinates.

Ev better. I got an address.

Did me checking. Turns out Decker has a little diner in the desert, and I can place Jenny's call to within...

What's the address?

Just sent it to your PDA.

You deserve a probie snack.

Get yourself one, but not from my desk drawer.

Use the vending machine.

Might be hard to believe, but I was inove once.

Her name was Maggie.

She had it all.

Quick as a fox, great curves.

Trusted her with my life.

What happened?

Traded her for a Harley when the transmission blew.

You know, when I asked you if Gibbs knew, I wasn't talking about your feelings for him.

I was asking if he knew you were sick.

Gonna lie to me now?

What makes you think I'm sick?

Person gets a look in their eye when time's nning out.

You're not that good.

Found your pills.

You went through my purse?

Your purse and your cell phone and your glove box.

Just being thoroug You blame me?

Gibbs doesn't know.

What are you waiting f?

Good question.


Turn at the giant cactus, right?

That is what he said.

Found some tea.

What kind?

Does it matter?

Only drink lemongrass.

You just don't strike me a tea-drinking kind of guy.

And people say I don't open up.

Well, no water, so, so much for the tea.

I spotted a water tank out back.

I'll go.

Uh, let me.

I've got to hithe head again anyway.

You're up.

The weapon wasoaded, and I wasn't here, would you have pulled the trigger?

Thought you might want this back.

There it is.


I have seen that SUV before.

Gas station.

You still believe the director's on one of your booty calls?

Well, if there's a sock on the doorknob, you're knocking.

You're in.




Jenny, you there?

Wait there.

I'll come to you. I said to wait.

And I said not to.

This is my crime scene.


You called SECNAV; he called me.

I'm sorry, Jethro.

Bodies were picked up last night.

They're going to DC.


He'll be handling the autopsies.

First two shooters came through the front door; the other two came from over there.

She stood here.

She got off the first shots.

Shooter number one never even fired his weapon.

She took heavy fire after that.

One in the shoulder, one in the arm.

She started moving this way, The other two entered through e side door.

Second shooter went down there.

She dropped to her knee.

She fired three more times.

Which leaves the fourth shooter.

We know how that ended.

She put up a hell of a fight.

Not good enough.

She was outnumbered, five to one.

I think you got to check your math.

We found four.45 caliber shell casings and no.45.

Somebody walked out of here alive.

There was a second car here.

It was the director's ride.

The fifth gunman must'veaken it.

No blood?

Nothing but a tire track.

We'll put out a BOLO as soon as we can I.D. the car.

I'm sure you want to get this b*st*rd as bad as I do.


Bodies are on their way to DC.

I chartered a private transport, should be arriving shortly.

What do you got?

I'm sorry, Gibbs.

We are sorry.

What do you got?

Not a lot.

Tire tracks are from a second vehicle.

Yes, Agent Gibbs has arrived, and I've briefed...

We're working on it.

We should've tailed her.


Ziva wanted to tail her.

Yeah. Ye. Why didn't you?

We were given an order.

Uh-huh, and you followed it.

And now Jenny's dead.

We keep a lid on this.

No pss, no public statements. Understood?

It's a coveup. Understood.

I'm heading back to DC with the bodies.

Agent Gibbs, you will remain here and oversee my investigation.

I'll expect a call when yo're finished.


Yeah, boss.

Oversee his investigation.

And then call me.

You're late.

The least of my problems.

Well, I got another one for you.

Vance knows there was someone else at the diner.

My tire tracks?

I'm not the ly one with a problem.

Jenny died protecting someone.

Who? you!

Call him again.

I've already left Tony five messages.

Call Ziva.

Eight messages.

Why'd you call Ziva more than you called Tony?

Right, not important. at is important is that we remain calm.

I am calm.

Well, don't you care about your friends?

You just said... Nevermind.

We haven't heard anything from Tony and Ziva, and then Gibbs gets on an airplane without a word.

Something is wrong! I can feel it.

Abby, if something bad happened, I'm sure we would've...

...heard by now.

What is it?

E- mail from Tony.

Let me see. I n't look.

Photos... tire prints.

Tony wants me to find out what car it came from A.S.A.P.

That's it?!

Are they working a case?

Am I interrupting something?

Ju Abby's nervous breakdown.

Oh, 'm sure everyone is fine.

Do you have any reas to believe otherwise?

Well, Tony just e-mailed me. looks like they've started working some kind of case.

So there's your answer, Abby.

They're working on a case.

Common courtesy is the first casuality in a Jethro war.

Who is it?


It's for me.



I know I typically dominate the conversation, but nce you called me...

Jenny's dead.


Oh, dear.

I... I... can't believe that it happened so... She was murdered.


Tony and Ziva?


What can I do?

Five bodies... on their way.

I assume one of them is...


Tell McGee, tell Abby I'm gonna need them.



I know, Duck.




She called me o days ago.

Said she needed some help from someone outside the agency.

Another one of her ops.

One of yours.


Well, I spent a lot of time in Europe, Mike.

She wasn't specific.

What'd I tell you about leaving them loose ends?

Not to.

We didn't.

Well, you screwed the pooch somewhere.

Decker's cover was blown.

They found him.

Made it look like a heart attack.


Decker's funeral... there was a guy named Viggo came looking for a man.


Relax, probie.

Classified went out the window two days ago.

I knowshimaida was the code you used if your cover was compromised.

In Paris, nine years ago.


Decker resurrected it.

When they found him, instead of giving you up, he sent you a warning.

Bought you guys some time.

Not enough.

She kn what she was getting into.

Her last stand was to protect you.

Who protected her? Mike?


I was out back.

I saw 'em going in the side door.

Too late.

I did what I could.


You always do.

If you're looking for an apology...

I know better.

I'm sorry, Gunny.

Abby, I'm almost done here.

Where's that next batch?


It's okay.

Abby, it's okay.

No, it's not.

We have work to do.

Abby, slow down.

I can't.

Let me.

How could this happen?

I don't know.

Where were Tony and Ziva?!

I don't know.

And don't ask me what I do know, because I don't know that, either.

I need more time.

How long does it take to track a tire print, McGee?

We're going as fast as we can.

Tony, what happened?

Nothe time, McGee- I need that ID now.

Got it. It's a P-235, all-season radial.

It's a custom mold.

McGEE: Sold exclusively to the Western Rental chain for their MercurGrand Marquis.

Okay, check their Los Angeles Airport office.

All Grand Marquis rented the last 48 hours.

Got it. Calling you back.

Do it now, or have Abby do it.

She seems to be having better luck.

All right, we're opening a port into Western Rental Servers.

I'm checking all the customer records for the last 48 hours.

Ten Grand Marquis at the LAX office.

Three rented this week.

Only one in the past two days.

It hasn't been returned.

Joe Hill out of New Mexico.

No listing at the DMV.

Must have used a fake ID.

That's our guy. Get it!

I want that photo.

Well, it's not on the server, but I-I should be able to find it on the...


It is not McGee's fault.

No. It's not.

We left Paris clean.


Jenny told me.

And I might have bought, except there were three agents on that op.

Two are dead.

The op?

How many?

One each.

You verify the kill?

Her kill.

Jen was a pro.

I noticed.

What about Decker?

I hear he had a thing for the ladies.

What is your point?

Maybe he was compromised.

We got out clean.

Jenny knew something you didn't, probie.

And so did Decker.

He knew this might not be over.

Left an insurance policy.

The numbers were...

Coded inhotos.

The way we did it back then.

We burned the original.

That's the only copy.

I'll let you know.

You need me on ts one, probie.

Viggo was st a hired gun.

There's someone else outhere.

It's not ur fight, Mike.

Vance looking for you.

So go back to Mexico.

Give my goddaughter a hug for me.

McGEE: Joe Hill.

H- I-L-L.

Yeah. Got it. Great. Send the photo.



Hey, you got a pen?

Bo, I'm-I'm, sorry...

You got a n?

I got a keyboard.

Seven-one-three-nine-nine, dash, two-one-eight-one, dash, five-three-seven-eight.

What is it?

I n't know.

But I'm going to find out.


When are you back?

On my way.

What about Tony and...


Boss, we got a problem here.

Just one?

The I.D. on the tire tracks from Decker's diner came in.

Car was rented to...

Mike Franks.

Yeah. How did you...?

Erase it.

Agent Vance wanted...

McGee, erase it!




Makes me miss California already.

Assistant Director Vance.

Didn't know that you were...

Just got in.

Late night?

Still logging crime scene photos, yeah.

Anything on the shooters?

Yeah. Um...

Three of them had a list of prior felonies in the LA area.

$5, 000 cash on them.

Hmm. Local hires.

The fourth shooter used a burn-alias to fly from Moscow into DC, finally into LA.

Viggo Drantyev.

Abby and I ran the name for the Direct...

The, uh, director took a photo of him at William Decker's funeral.

Asked us to get an ID.



There wasn't one.

Have Washington-Dulles TSA pull every piece of security footage on Mr. Drantyev.

The gate, customs, baggage claim.

On it, boss.

Any lead on the fifth shooter?

Uh, nothing yet.

All right, give it another hour.

Then go home, get some rest.



I've never had to, uh, autopsy a colleague.

I assure you, Mr. Palmer, the next one won't be any easier.

You, my dear, were a woman who always knew what she wanted.

A trait which some may have seen as mere careerism, rather than the true sense of duty I know carried you.

That's why I can't help wondering if your death, too, was on your terms.

Mr. Palmer.

Oh, I am sorry.


I must have...

She was dying, Jethro.

She knew e deterioration would have been rapid.

Debilitating pain, loss of motoskills.

As difficult as it is to say, this may have been more merciful.


Naval Criminal...

Right, right.

Look, I spoke with you earlier.

You were supposed to send me four security tapes.

You only sent me three.

Thank you.

I hate airport security.

Makes two of us.

Rough flight?


I saw you two went swimming.

What are you saying, McGee?

No, I was... saying saw that picture of Ziva at the pool.


Say it.

Say what?

I screwed up. You can say it, Probie.

It was not your fault.

Thank you.


Abby's lab.

Sure, be right down, boss.

Abby's lab.

I've barely had a chance to finish unpacking this stuff, Gibbs. let alone processing it.

I don't have anything for you.

You will.

I will.

And it'll be my best work.

Always is, Abs.

It's different this time.

This time it's for the director.

This'll be my very best work.

Oh, Gibbs.

I tried not to sad.

It's okay.

She was always such a snappy dresser, you know?

Like classy.

I never told her that.

Why didn't I tell her that?

She would have liked that.

She would have smiled.

I mean, you can't wait with stuff like that,

'cause you never know what's going to happen.

I like the way you dress, Gibbs.

It's masculine and spruce.

Always with a jacket.

See, even you smiled.

And Tony... you're business but after-hours.

It's nice.

Ziva, you kick ass, and you look so good doing it.


Oh, McGee.

Boss, I...

It's not your fault.

Only one thing to be concerned about.

Finding the Director's killer.

Should I call Vance?

Unanimous no.

Was this a hit?

Well, it was personal, has to be.

Why else would she have brought along Franks?

She died trying to end something.

Does that mean the "something" is still happening?

It's a good question, David.

Don't ask.


Team lost a member, Leon.

Hardly a party.

Did I miss anything?


Then I guess you were on your way up to brief me on the only guy that walked out of that diner alive.

We'll take the stairs.

Tire tracks led to a car rental company at LAX.

Mercury Marquis rented to a Joe Hill.

We're still waiting on the I.D.

San Diego team working on this?

Nobody knows anything about Jenny.

And don't worry, I'm sure your people would eventually have put together the missing pieces.

Or have you already?

You think you can protect them forever, Gibbs, you're mistaken.

There's already been one casualty.

There will be more.

We got something, boss.

Rest of the airport footage from TSA.

Why are you whispering, McGee?

You know, I didn't, I didn't want...

...to yell.

Didn't want to yell.

You were across the room the and...


The, uh, footage you requested just came in.

Let's see it.

Now, the first three clips show Viggo Drantyev walking through the terminal, passing baggage claim.

Pros usually travel light.

Then exits.

And the last piece they just sent in is from outside.

That is Viggo coming through the door right there.

Cab number and plate, McGee?

On it.



Professionals do not share cabs.

Viggo wasn't traveling alone.

Run it back.

You know what?

Let me pull up the photos from the funeral.

That could be the same woman.

Either of you recognize her?


Agent Gibbs, you...

McGee, get him back here. Now.

Where is he?

Who, Gibbs?


I am sorry, but I do not have the slightest clue where...


Photo pops up, Gibbs runs off the reservation, and nobody knows a damn thing.

Sounds like a Wednesday.

And her?

Your director's dead.

The director you were assigned to protect is dead.

We'll get to that.

But right now, I need to know what Gibbs knows.


Decker left a code behind, some kind of insurance policy.

It's a string of 13 numbers.

Don't know what they mean yet.

Find out.

I will.

And when I do, you'll be the first to know.

The second, but for now, I'll take what I can get.

The mystery woman.




Hey, guys.

McGee sent you an e-mail.

No, I didn' get any...


Who is she?

We wouldn't be down here if we knew, would we?

Facial recognition?

Start with Interpol.

Eastern Europe.

What country?

All of them.

Well, that...

Just do it!


Abby, Abby.


All right, come on, baby.

Come on!

Have you tried latitude and longitude?

Leads to an asparas field in Chile.

It's too many digits for a pin number.

It's too few for a bank account.

Encrypted code, then?

I've tried letter substitution.

I've tried frequency analysis.

Affine shift ciphers.

Affine shift ciphers?

It's kind of hard to explain.

No offense.

You mean it's hard to explain why you'd waste time on an affine shift without even knowing the multiplicative inverse?

Well, I thought.

Have you tried a transposition cipher?

Not yet.

Vigenère encryption?

Well, I was going to.

So you haven't done anything?

You call me when you have.

Surprised it took you so long.

Thank God for Ducky.

You have not listened to anything I have said.

Well, it's only been three years; I'm a slow learner.

And a slow healer.

You're crying over spilled... milk.

It's not milk that I spilled.

Do not do this, Tony.

Don't do what?

Blow my prection detail?

Blow my undercover assignment?

Those sound like apologies.

She died alone.

We are all alone.


Thanks for that.

I just mean that she never got married.

Never had any children.

Never even heard her talk about it.


That's when it must have happened The two of them alone in another world.

Putting their lives in each others' hands every day.

Not to mention the long nights.

It was inevitable.

Nothing is inevitable.

I got it!

Got what?

I think I figured out the code.

John Anthony Walker.

He was a Navy warrant officer.

He was busted in '85 for selling encryption ciphers to the Russians.

I know that.

But since I hit a dead end, I thought I'd look into his NIS case file for inspiration.

And that is when I saw it.

Ciphers that Walker used are over 20 years old.

Not the ciphers I saw, it was this.

US NAVAL INVESTIGATIVE SERVICE CASE NUMBER 42311-5563-3285 The code that Decker used was not a code.

It's an old NIS case file number.

Yeah, I didn't make the connection, because in the NIS days, we used shorter file numbers.

So Decker hid his insurance policy in plain sight: one of his old files. Pull it up.

I can't.

Nothing prior to '84 in the system; it's in storage.


Across the street.

You two, with me.

Nice work, Agent McGee.

McGee! Nice work.


Here you go.

Knock yourself out.

Who was the last person to look in this?

Uh, it'll be on the log, uh...

It was last signed out in 2001.

Wasn't the question.

An old friend asked me to do a favor.

That favor involve you leaving to take a leak?



About an hour ago.


Hey, it was just look, okay?

Let me guess.

Special Agent Gibbs?


Mike Franks.

Go take a leak.

Sure thing.

Did you know Mike Franks who was involved in this?



You want to take a moment and get your stories straight?



That explains how Director Shepard got out to the diner.

Franks was the fifth shooter.

On Jenny's side.

Whose side are you on?



Well, you finally got your stories straight.

So where's franks?

Maybe... on his way to Mexico.



He fulfills his debt to Director Shepard.

He disappears with the file.

It ends.

BOLO, stop him at the border.


Found her.

We're on the way.

Her name is Natasha Leov, citizen of Uzbekistan.

Came out of nowhere in 1999.

Built up a very successful import-export business.

And before '99?

Didn't exist.

No earlier records.

Completely blank.

Not a thing.

Whoever our mystery woman was back then, she is now Natasha Lenkov.

Gibbs saw the photo, recognized her, and he's gone to find her.

Tying up a loose end maybe.

But how would he know how to find her?

Maybe he's going to call her.

Maybe Gibbs has an old number.

No, he's not going to call her; he doesn't have to.

She's going to call him.

Viggo's cell phone.


Photogphed, tagged, logged and...

...and missing.


Think of a reason why I shouldn't personally throw the book at you for hinding a federal inquiry?

Because you want this to go away.

Where the hell are you?

Not far.

Franks with you?

Should he be?

If he's not, thehe's on his way to Mexico with Decker's insurance policy.

Don't smile.

Natasha Lenkov, real name?

Svetlana Chernitskaya.


I'm going to have to put you on hold.

The hell you d..

What are you hearing?


Russian Polka.


Who is this?

Does it matter?

I've got what you want.

Where's viggo?


I need you to come see me.

Who is this?!

Mr. Oshimaida.

Trace it.

Got a hit on Svetlana Chernitskaya.

"Hit" being the erative word.

She was the handler for Anatoly kov, a KGB hit man who started selling his services to the highest bidder after the Cold War ended.

Anaty disappeared in 1999.


Uh, sir.

Got a trace on that cell phone.

It's the South Side, narrowing it down.

All right, we got the street name and... number.

Delete it.

You want us to...


Status, McGee.

Gibbs out there. Vance out ere.

Natasha out there. Us here.

What are we doing?

Waiting for the fireworks.

Hello, Natasha.

Or do you prefer Svetlana?

Not business, this is personal.

It was you who kild Anatoly.

What was he to you?


Why now?

Because it took me until now to find you.

The night he died, a woman came to kill you.

What happened?

She couldn't do it.

Can you?

You were going to go for that, weren't you, probie?

So Jenny couldn't do it?

Girl was an artist with the ???.

Not back then.

What changed?


She made her own choices.

I taught her how to accept.

None of that came natal to her.

Girl cared for you.

Had a lot of regrets.

We all do.

They're going to have your ass when they find her body.

They're not going to find her body.

Hey, Mike.


Little late for a stroll.

Is that what I think it is?

It was sanctned.

Nine years ago.

Your point?

Decker's insurance policy, what's in it?

You can read it for yourself.

I'll leave it for you in my will.

This has been one big screw-up from start to finish.

What do I tell SecNav?

Whatever you want.

These pictures are coming live to us from our ZNN team here in Georgetown.

Now, the fire is believed to be at the home of the director of a federal agency here in Washington.

The alarm was raised by a passerby who heard an explosion and saw smoke billowing from a downstairs window...

By the time the fire trucks arrived, the townhouse was fully engulfed in flames.

There has been no word yet if anyone was inside the house at the time the fire started.

Fire officials are confident...

...the memorial of the head of a federal agency was held today...

What's the story circulating on Natasha?

Heard she pulled a Roman Holiday.

Ran off with her lover.

Viggo Drantyev.

Shotgun wedding.

Thfuneral was held this morning for NCIS Director Jenny Shepard, who died when her Georgetown home was destroyed by fire...

I find this whole business utterly distasteful.

...when leaking gas was ignited by a pilot Iht.

The official autsy report found Director Shepard died of smoke inhalation.

At today's private memorial service, one mourner, who declined to give his name, said Director Shepard had dedicated her life to serving her country, and would be remembered for her courage, determination and loyalty.

Assistant Director Leon Vance has been named to succeed her.

Could you have Gibbs, DiNozzo, McGee and David come up, please?

Right away, Director.

Bad few days.

Officer David.

The liaison position with NCIS is being terminated.

You' going home.


I'm moving you across to the Cyber Crimes Unit.

You'll be working with Officer Hollsworth, starting tomorrow.



You've been reassigned.

Agent Afloat, USS Ronald Reagan.

Pack your bags; you fly out tomorrow.

Agent Gibbs.

Meet your new team.