06x09 - Dagger (2)


Code name Domino.

Langer was in possession of Domino when Lee killed him.

We're gonna steal it.

Nobody gets hurt.

It was a trap. There's a mole at NCIS.

You mean, Langer was not alone?

Do you know who it is?


He wasn't part of it.

Who are they?

I don't know!

This is Amanda. She's my daughter.

If I don't deliver what they want, they will kill her.

What am I supposed to do?

Looks like we're working together.

Hey, stop! Come back!

NCIS Season06 Episode09 Dagger

There you go.

All right.

You know what I hate?

Women with discriminating taste?

Coffee shops without restrooms.

You're not actually drinking that, are you? We're on a stakeout.

I was up late last night. I'm tired.


This is Probie 101 stuff. You don't actually drink.

I call it the Gibb-sip.

See that?


Looks like I'm drinking?


Not actually drinking.

And I've been...

You know, come to think of it, it always looks like Gibbs is drinking, but he never has to take a...

DiNozzo, change the subject.

Gonna have to change more than the subject if I don't get a bathroom break soon, boss.

Hold it. Lee's on your ten, DiNozzo.

Got her on my crosshairs. Finger on the trigger.

Show some sympathy, Tony. Her daughter's out there somewhere.

She lied about killing two men, lied about stealing secrets.

How do we know she's not lying about her daughter, who nobody's ever seen?

The pickup man shows, she's not lying.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Either Lee is very a**l, or she's sending someone a signal.

I smell a non-fat soy double-cross latte.

Here we go.

Boss, we got a guy in a scarf, sunglasses and a hat.

That's him. On his tail, DiNozzo.

Got him.

Oh, my God! I am so sorry.

McGee? Lost visual. Get on him.

I know. No.

Get out of my way.

Sorry, sir.

I got him. Where is he?

Parking structure.

Just let me get that. I'm so...

Boss, we lost him.

Lee, what the hell were you thinking?

You were too close. He could have made you.

My show. My call. My car. Now.

Heard you had a little accident.

Wasn't an accident.

Any news about my daughter?

NSA got a hit. They're downloading the footage now.

NSA? Does Gibbs know?

Know about what?

Do they have something?

We had something.

The pickup man in perfect position before you blew it with the brew.

He knows my routine.

I felt I may have been compromised.

Look, I did my part. I made the drop.

But I couldn't risk him seeing anything unusual.

What do you know about him?


I only see him when he's expecting a drop at the cafe.

Always the same guy?

He hides his face. I try not to stare.


Footage coming in.

Okay. On our way.

McGee's ready for us in MTAC, boss.

It's a restricted area. You're not invited.

No. She is invited. We need confirmation.

You got eyes on her, right?

What about this morning?

Her rope got shorter.

Lucky she's not hanging by it.

It's online now, Agent McGee.

Working off what Abby gave us, an NSA satellite came up with this thermal footage early this morning over Hickory Grove, Virginia.

Found unusual activity.

We convinced NSA to give us a look at photos from one of their keyhole imaging satellites.

This is 4:14:46 a.m.

No facial recognition on the man.

He never looked up.

We had better luck with the girl, though.

You recognize her?


Looks like Lee was telling the truth.



It is a little girl being chased into a field.

Maybe that's the plan.

What plan?


All right. Coordinates are done programming.

GPS will take you to the spot where the girl was last seen.

There's a built-in compass in there so you don't get lost.

Don't worry, McScout.

We got our Mossad hunting dog.

Bark once for yes.

I'm going with you.

You're not going anywhere.



You still talking? Why are you still here?

McGee, photos.

Okay. Now, we can't see their...

Sorry, boss.

Can't see their faces, but based on height and build relative to Agent Lee and the little girl, we're looking at two very different guys.

I only get text-message instructions from one person. It could be either one.

Or neither one.

Someone else could be pulling the strings.

Take her to the conference room.

And do what?

Watch her.

Shouldn't I at least take a laptop? At least get an ID?

Let Abby do that.

Your eyes are gonna be on her.

Are we looking for three people?

Don't know.

Well, someone's taken the bait.

Thinks he's gotten away with a sample of Domino that details how our military will respond to an attack on a communications link in Israel.

And he'll test it.

Then wait and see if our response matches his info.

It's the only way to prove to him Lee has access to the complete Domino.

SECNAV doesn't share your enthusiasm.

Lee is the only way to get to the top of the pyramid.

And to get her daughter back.

SECNAV wants the pickup man picked up at the next opportunity.

Oh, that's a bad idea.

Maybe. But it's an order.

Were you able to trace any of the text messages from him?

Because of the level of SMS encryption he was using, along with the fact that he masked the signal by bouncing it halfway around the world, no.

Whoever this guy is, he knows how to hide.

Well, what about the messages I sent him?


You have a sister, don't you, McGee?

You once withheld evidence in a murder investigation to protect her.

She was eventually cleared.

Yeah, but you didn't know that at the time.

You did what you had to do to save someone close to you because you were scared for her.

I know I'm going to have to pay for what I did.

I'm just saying, don't judge me without remembering who I was scared for.

How can you work with somebody for three years and not know they have a kid?

Well, just because you work with somebody every day does not mean you know everything about them.

Really? Then I shouldn't know about that tattoo on the inside of your...

I meant, I can understand someone wanting to keep their personal and professional lives separate.

As should you.

Did not end well when you fell in love while you were undercover, did it?

Thanks for the memory.

Trail starts here, continues off northwest.

North by northwest.

I'm talking about espionage, Judy, Judy, Judy.

Cary Grant, Leo G. Carroll. Sound familiar?

Ready for a hike?

Can't we drive?

If we end up hanging off Lincoln's nose, this is really gonna suck.

How'd it go?

That's an inappropriate question, McGee. Tag. You're it.

She wouldn't say a word to me in there.

She's usually the sympathetic one, right?

Abby has her own code.

Stand here.

In the doorway?

Yeah, in the doorway.

Any hits on the pickup man?

Nothing yet. Like most things, it would go faster if there were two people working on it.

But since you're baby-sitting the P-R-I-S-O-N-E-R...

I can spell, Abby.


Um, okay, how about T-R-U-S-T?

Look, McGee told me you had something to do with the satellites that helped find my daughter, and I just wanted to thank you.

How did you do it?

I analyzed your daughter's hair using the samples the blackmailer sent as proof of life.

As far as a person's diet goes, hair is like a time machine.

The longer the hair, the further back we can travel.

We can find out what she's been eating, drinking, the vitamins and nutrients.

Is she healthy?

Yeah. She is.

Hair grows about a half an inch a month.

I cut a strand into equal sections, and I analyzed each portion.

After she was kidnapped, your daughter's drinking habits changed.

Hydrogen and oxygen isotope ratios-- they vary by region.

But since most water supplies are tested by law, we could pinpoint a general location.

The water she was drinking was from eastern Prince William County.

NSA kept an eye out for her.

It's like a spot in the dark, a hot spot.

Two, as it turned out.

That was then.

Yup. Yesterday's news, Gibbs.

Just got to hop back in the DeLorean and get back to today's problems.

Can I have McGee back, please?

Tony needs me to call him.

Probably got lost.

Yeah, go.

Thank you, Abby. I mean it.

Okay, listen. So what I didn't tell her is, until we get the full DNA test results back, we don't even know if that hair belongs to her daughter.

Define lost, McGee.

I know exactly where we are.

We're between a tree and a bush. Directly underneath the earth's sun.

You're not showing up on the map. Let me restart the scan.

You might want to hurry.

Ziva's turning in circles.

Either the trail's gone cold or she's about to mark her territory.

Got it. Locating.

Tony, you're about six miles from where you started.

Kid must have been scared out of her mind.

McGPS, are we close to anything?

All right, Tony, there's a structure on the other side of those woods.

200 yards northwest.

It's the only building around for miles.

I got it.

That way. 200 yards.

Someone has been coming here regularly.


This is not right.

Yeah, we're gonna have to walk all the way back to the car.

No. This room is smaller than it should be.

Did look bigger from the outside.



She has been moved.

Uh, looks like the help's been fired.

Boss, we found something. It's not good.

Yeah, go.

The dead body. Our kidnapper.

Full rigor. I'd say he was killed shortly after we saw him grab the girl on satellite.

Gunshot to the head. Execution-style.

Should keep Ducky busy.

No, he won't.

He won't?

No.We're not coming.

Boss, this is a crime scene.

Yeah, I know. Document everything. Get the hell out of there.

Whoever's behind this could come back.

Got it.

All right. Wrap it up, shutterbug. We're bailing.

We're leaving?

Yeah, we are leaving. He is staying.

Gibbs doesn't want any lights, cameras, action. In case the guy who shot him comes back.


No refrigerator. No food storage.

He must have brought in supplies.

The little girl realizes the routine. She makes a run for it. He catches her.

And when the boss hears that she got away...

He can't trust him or the safe house. Kills the guy, moves the girl.

Speaking of moving-- let's go.


Hairs from her hairbrush.

Were you able to lift any prints?

Yeah. I got the prints off the dead guy.

The rest of the place is wiped clean.

What is this?

Blood. Come on. Let's go.


She was counting the days with her lunch.

Brave girl.

Forensic evidence requires some evidence.

Of late I have had too many bodies or none at all.

I'm not here about a dead body.

Yes, well, I hope you didn't come down to ask for more patience.

I am not a patient man.

Which led me to realize that our blackmailer is.


He's had the girl for eight months.

He's also methodical, calculating, confident in his ability to plan and execute.

To wit: Everything from tank tops to winter coats.

From summer through winter and back again.

And even when Domino was first compromised and Agent Langer was killed, he didn't alter his plans.

He merely extended his contingencies.


Lee lays low for two months.

Our blackmailer works slowly, deliberately.

And yet, he killed this man and moved the girl within hours of her near-escape.

Fast and slow.

The man is a contradiction.

He only has compassion when it suits him, cruelty when it's called for.

I believe the poker term is a "grinder."

Okay. Go on.

Well, the only way to get at him is to make him believe he has the winning hand.

He needs to feel safe so that he can show all his cards. Otherwise...

He folds.

Goes back to waiting.

What about the girl?

Unfortunately, he no longer will see her as his victim, but more as a witness to be disposed of.

Did you find her?

I'm here to relieve you. Thanks.

Have fun.

Sit down.

No, we didn't find her. Just where she's been held.

Okay, what did you find exactly?

He moved her. That's all we know.


And if he moved her, it means she's alive.

Anything else?

What do you want me to say?

I don't want you to say anything.

Had enough of your lies.

This has never been about me.

They had Amanda. I had no choice.

This is for your drop tomorrow.

Same routine?

Except we're gonna grab your pickup man.

And this time you're not gonna burn us or me with your coffee.

You can't arrest him. He could lead us to my daughter.

We should be following him.

Only person I'm gonna be following is you.

Home. Now. Get your things.

Thank you, sir.

Hi, what can I get you?

Large drip and a paper.

No problem.

Same routine.

I'm having a splashback.

She must be nervous.

You're so naive, McGullible.

Tony, I spent the morning with her. I think I gained a little insight.


Hey, let me get that for you.

What are you doing?

Removing the wool she's pulled over your eyes.

Got a little more.

Hey, come-come on!

I'm not saying I trust her. Okay?

I'm just saying I understand her. A little.

Boss. Lipstick. Off routine. She could be sending a signal.


Who would be low enough to kidnap a little girl?

Good question. Answer?

My gosh.

What's wrong?

Um, nothing, sir.

It's just that you've never been down here. Before. Alone. It's just weird.

I mean, not like kissing-your-brother weird, but more like new weird.

Like the first time you put your feet in Jell-O weird.

What do you got?

Oh, it's Abs. Gibbs calls me Abs. "What do you got, Abs?"

You're doing a Gibbs impression?

No, I'm doing Vance. What do you got, Abs?

See, now that's better. It needs work. Like a little more swagger. A little gravitas.

But you still weren't doing a Gibbs impression.


Extra weird.

Okay, um, I matched six points on the dead man's fingerprints, but there's no data.

There's no banking records, no address, no credit history.

The information's been deleted.

His identity's erased.

A spy?


It's test results found on the hairs in the little girl's bedroom-slash-prison.

Okay, most of them match the little girl.

But there's one different strand here, based on the amount of hair spray around the cortex, I'd say it comes from an unknown female.

Blackmailer is a woman?

Well, women can be criminals, too. Like Agent Lee.

Heard about your techie mojo.

Not that we talk about you behind your back.

Appreciate that.

It's the final DNA analysis of Lee's daughter's hair.


Too soon for the Leon?

Sorry. This is bad.

Heads up. The invisible man is back.

Something's wrong, boss. She's not leaving.


We got a problem.


DNA came back on the little girl's hair.

She is not Lee's daughter.

No relation. Lee's lying.

Tell me where my daughter is.

Put it down.

Tell me where...

Give me the paper.

Drop it! Let go!

Give me the paper!

No, you're screwing everything up! Now what if he's watching?

He'll kill her!

Who, Amanda?

My wife!

Not your damn daughter.

DNA tests, they don't lie.

She's my sister.

I raised her from the time she was six months old.

I'm the only mother she's ever known.

Who is she?

My parents adopted her.

And when then they died, I promised that I would look after her, protect her.

By killing two innocent people?

To save her life.

Every night I went to bed praying for this to be over.

And every morning, I wake up knowing that it wouldn't be.

Don't tell me you don't know what this is.

Thought I'd care more if she was your daughter?

You wouldn't do what I did to saveyourdaughter's life?

This time you tell the truth.

You should have come to me as soon as it happened!

Before you murdered two men.

Ted Bankston.

Former NSA analyst.


Says you left NSA 12 months ago, accused of mishandling classified information.


Did you?


I stole information.

When you lost your security clearance, you need to find a new source.

What? No.

You hired this guy to grab the girl, you blackmailed Lee.

No, I've never seen him.

Where's the girl?

You're getting everything wrong!

I don't have anybody.

He has my wife, and if I don't deliver the rest of Domino... he will kill her.

How do you know he has your wife?

He sends these in little envelopes.

How long?

Almost a year.

I thought when I left the NSA, it would end.

But now he uses me as a drop man for Lee.

I will tell you whatever you want to know, go wherever you want me to go.

Just tell me that you won't let my wife die.

What do you do with the information Lee passes you?

He texts me.

Then he sends me different places to make a drop.

You ever seen him?

No, not in person.

But you've spoken to him?

A few times. Via computer.

He calls himself "The Weather Man."

You know, like he can predict the future, tomorrow's weather, you know?

He wants access to Domino to predict US military responses.

Troop movements. Why?


A pipeline is targeted in Israel.

The Pentagon moves the US Sixth Fleet to the Middle East.

World market flinches.

The price of everything changes right overnight.

Oil, commodities, airlines, real estate, currency.

Buys and sells stocks.

And he makes millions every day simply by knowing one thing: what's going to happen tomorrow.

And I don't know if my wife's even going to be alive tomorrow.

Boss, NSA report you requested.


Back story checks out.

Dates, reason he left the NSA, everything.

Yeah, Gibbs.

My office.

On my way.

What do you got, Abs?

Bam. Okay.

Hair on the left is from the cabin in Virginia.

Hair on the right is from Bankston's wife.

They match.

Bankston's wife was kept there, too?

Oh, um, it gets worse.

Both hairs are missing a cellular protein sheath that's called...

You know, it makes no difference what it's called.

What really matters is that it's missing.

Missing what?

Well, hair and fingernail roots, they can show of decomposition, just like a body.

Proteins break down and moisture is lost.

Things that will only happen...

After death.

Yeah. Bankston's proof of life was actually proof of death.

His wife is already dead, Gibbs.

Communications tower was destroyed this morning...

We've got the world jumping through hoops.

Blackmailer knows that Domino's real, least the part we gave him.

So now what?

Bankston's gonna tell him the truth. Lee's got him.

He refuses to hand over the complete Domino until he hands over the girl.

It's risky.

Oh, you haven't heard the risky part yet, Leon.

Going to need the real Domino.

That's not gonna happen.

He finds out it's a fake, that girl dies.

Paperwork authorizing use of the real Domino.

Needs your signature.

We're not risking our government's military playbook.

You are authorized to use a decoy.

That's it.

Good luck.

He should have contacted me by now. What if he got spooked?

And what about my wife?

Domino's the bait. Girl's the ploy. We're keeping it simple.


That's him.


Tell him Lee has Domino.



She has a gun on him.

Tell him he gets Domino when she gets her girl.



I'm just going to type what you say.


Boss? Deal?



Tell McGee Adam's Tavern is the dead drop.

Unmarked units patrolling a five-block radius around the bar, additional agents on the inside.

Evidence garage, five minutes. You got him.

Do I get one of those?



Me, too.

You've pled your case with everyone else.

Why not me?

I'm done trying to explain. No one understands.

I do.

You would do what I did?

Is that too tight?

It's fine. Thank you.

I'm never going to see my daughter again, am I?

Probably not.

Agent DiNozzo, we're ready for audio check.

Audio check, one, two, three.

Agents at each exit. Nobody gets made.

This guy is going to be watching.

Agent Gibbs.


All right, people, let's move out.

You're going to need this.

The Pentagon let you have the real Domino?

They just arrived at the rendezvous, Director.

Thank you.

Yes, Mr. Sec... When did...

It was downloaded from your office.

I assure you... another element of your plan you opted not to share?

Our plan is...

Do I have to come down there and personally oversee every decision that you make?

I'll deal with it immediately, sir.

Do that.

Something wrong, Director?


Somebody hacked into the Defense Intelligence computer, downloaded Domino, the real Domino.

They traced it back to your computer, McGee.

You and Gibbs have just committed treason.

We're live, Boss.

Look at him. Man's an artist.

Gibbs. Fake stakeout drinking.

Watch the Adam's apple move.

Yet, no actual consumption.

We've got a lot to learn, Ziva.

Okay, I'll be right back with your drinks.


Shut it down.

Well, it's a little late for that.

I know you downloaded the real Domino. Damn it. Shut it down!

Hold on a second, Leon?

I'm here.Put.....

I'm a little busy here. Call you back.

Okay, we're up.


I said I'd call you back.

You did?

What, Abs?

I figured it out, Gibbs.


Our dead kidnapper's identity... er, actually it's his non-identity.

Very busy here, Abby.

Do you want to call me back?

No, I want you to talk faster.

Faster-- okay.

NSA finally returned my call, which is good, because I was starting to think that their cooperation on the satellite thing was just a one-night stand.

And I wouldn't want NCIS to get the reputation of being easy...


Um, our dead kidnapper's real name is Paul Winton, witness in an NSA/FBI joint investigation, put into FBI witness protection. New identity, new location.

Lived in a safe house, which is four blocks from where you are now.


1815 Longview.

I ran the power records. There's some massive juice use.

Take a breath, Abs. You've earned it.

Ziva. FBI safe house, 1815 Longview.

Take the agent from the south exit.

Lee. You stay put.

Boss, I'll go.

Do it.

DiNozzo, David... where are they going?

North, fast.

I want to talk to them.

Already dialing.

They're not answering.


What the hell is this?


I'm glad you're here.

Hey, probie, what am I looking at?

A career in the fast food industry.

Director Vance, how are you, sir?

It looks like sequentially linked network racks.

I'd say he's developed his own Internet hub.

That's how he covered his stock purchases.

Could make it look like 500 different sellers when it was just one: him.

He's using an auto-response program.

Doesn't have to be here to send text messages.


I have to call you back.


Still breathing.

Sleeping pills.

This is not good.

Be careful, Tony.

There's some kind of pressure plate.

A bomb?

Electrical circuit. Hardwired into the grid.

Powers the computers.

She's part of the circuit.

Cut the power?

No, no, no.May cause a surge. Cooks the computers, destroys the evidence. And her.

Backup plan in case he didn't make it.

She wakes up, shifts her weight off the pressure plate.

Same result.

You ever seen Raiders of the Lost Ark?

How much do you think she weighs?

How much does a gallon of water weigh?

Eight pounds.

Cover the exits.

Shut down the alarm. Lock it down.

Search everyone. No one leaves.

I'm gonna say 43 pounds.


Too late-- t to move her.


Everyone, please stay where you are.

Gibbs, you got to let me go, please.

No one leaves.

Listen up, everyone.

It's not here.

This is a federal operation, and we need your cooperation.

It never was.

There's no cause for alarm.

Please, everyone, stay...

Keep everyone inside.

Go, go!

Drive now!

Hey, pal, you can't...

Boss, Tony's got Amanda. She's safe.

Thank you.

Found Bankston's wife.

Buried in back of an old rental property.

He killed her 12 months ago.

He planted her hair in the cabin as insurance in case he got caught.

Thought he was gonna walk out of that bar with Domino in his pocket.

This guy thoughtf everything.

Not everything.

It's probably the best way for it to end.

Treason, double murder.

She was headed for a life sentence. Or worse.

She was never gonna see her sister again.

SECNAV wants Domino back.

It never left the building, Leon.

I needed everyone to think it was real.

Even me.

So, what are you going to tell her?

Lee a hero or a villain?


Red apples.

That's good, Amanda.

Breakfast is served, my lady.

A chocolate chip cookie.

Thank you.

And some hot cocoa.

Your aunt will be here soon to pick you up.

Thank you for helping me with my drawing, Ziva.

You are one brave little girl.

Where's Michy?

What happened to your hand?

Michy would want you to have that.