06x11 - Silent Night

I can't. I'm still working.

Hey, this is my big week, man.

I made more tips today than all last month.

Yeah, I got four more deliveries.

Yeah, I'll hook up with you around 7:00.

Yeah, whatever.

NCIS Season06 Episode11 Silent Night

I used to love this game as a kid.

Oh, me, too.

My mother preferred I played with dolls.

My favorite was G.I.Joe.

David, thank you.

My pleasure.

I enjoy shopping-- especially when it's not my money.


That was security.

A Detective Kemp is on his way up.

Anyone know where Gibbs is?

Detective Justin Kemp?

That's the one. Metro Homicide. Why, do you know him?

Um, sort of... you know...

What does that mean?

We have a mutual friend.

I used to date Kemp's wife.

How, uh-- how many dates we talking about here?

Guys, what's it matter? I don't know.

Like two, or three?


Oh, that's...

Not a big deal.

Four months. At least four months.

Oh, that is...

That is a big deal.

So what's Kemp doing here?

Uh, investigating a home invasion robbery.

Double homicide-- it's an older couple.

And how does that involve us?

They don't want to discuss it on the phone.

Close your mouth, Ziva. He's married.



Special Agent Gibbs.

Sorry to ruin your Christmas.

It's December 23. We're not going anywhere.

Found fingerprints at the crime scene.

Ran them through AFIS-- I got a hit-- a Ned Quinn.

A former petty officer. Vietnam vet.

We had a witness-- a delivery boy.

Worked with our sketch artist.

Looks like an older version of... him.

Can't be. Quinn died in a fire in 1991.

That's why I'm here.

According to V.A.records, Quinn's buried at Arlington.

McGee, pull a copy of the death certificate.

Boss, this is not good.

It's a sixpence.

What does it have to do with Christmas?

Everything, Abby. It's a tradition.

That coin has been baked, well, steamed actually, into every Mallard Christmas pudding since the 1850s.

It brings good fortune and luck in the coming year to whoever finds it on their plate.

Assuming they don't choke to death on it.

Sadly, with no extended family here, I've let the tradition lapse.

Next year, Ducky, you and me-- we're going to make Christmas pudding.

I'd like that.

I like everything about Christmas.

Except for that Chipmunk song.

And shopping-- I hate shopping.

I never know what do get anyone-- specially Gibbs.

What do you get for the guy that has nothing and wants nothing?

Some squeaky shoes.

Hi, Gibbs!

Bye, Gibbs.

Something wrong, Jethro?

Fingerprints found at a double homicide yesterday-- belong to a petty officer who's supposed to have been dead 17 years.

His death certificate.

Oh, dear. Someone's in trouble.

I signed it?

Ned Quinn.

Graduated with honors from the University of Virginia.

He was accepted to its medical school, but didn't go.

Enlisted in the Navy.

Became a corpsman instead.

Attached to the First Battalion, Ninth Marines.

The walking dead.

Came home from Vietnam in 1972.

Was treated at V.A.for post traumatic stress disorder.

Quinn became addicted to methamphetamine and was in and out of rehab.

His wife divorced him in 1980, and got full custody of their three-year-old daughter Melissa.

He started living on the streets and supposedly died with seven others in a fire at a halfway house on Canal Street.

There was nothing to hint that Quinn was alive until yesterday's murders.

A lot of years in between.

Where's the ex-wife and the daughter now?

Wife lives in Alexandria and the daughter lives in Clearfield.

McGee, go with her. massive charring.

Pugilistic contractions of the extremities.

Heat fractions.

Evulsion of the brain... large and small intestines.

My voice had a deeper timbre in those days.

You make a mistake, Duck?

The city M.E.was unable to make a positive identification from the charred remains.

So I was called in in the hope that Quinn's military medical and dental records could confirm his identity.

Unfortunately, due to the victim's heavy drug use, he suffered from meth mouth.

Which deteriorated his teeth and made a dental match impossible.


That was not an option back then.

All I had to go by was an examination of the skull and measurement of the bones.

From which I determined only that it was a male, Caucasian, about 40 years old and six-foot, two.

Well, fit Quinn's description then.

And since the remains were found in Quinn's room with all of Quinn's personal effects, we both naturally reached a circumstantial and logical conclusion.

What's more, nobody turned up claiming to be Quinn.

Well, if it wasn't him, then maybe he killed someone and covered it up with the fire.

In Quinn's file, it says that he was treated for his PTSD at Bethesda.

By a psychiatrist-- one Dr..

Dr. Pryor. Yes. As I recall, he's still there.

I need to talk to him.

Thanks for coming over, Mom.

I just have to get a few stocking stuffers.

Go, go, go, go.

As long as I'm home by 6:30 to help your father brine the turkey.

You know how he gets.

Have you seen my car keys?

Jordie, did you take my keys?

I'll get it. Hang on, hang on.

You stay here, my sweet boy.

Afternoon. NCIS.

I'm Special Agent Timothy McGee looking for Melissa Fox.

Who is it, Mom?

Are you Connie Wheeler?


We need to ask you some questions about your former husband, Ned Quinn.

Fingerprints found at a crime scene match his.

Well, that can't be.

He's been dead for 20 years.

If he were alive, do you have any idea where he might be?

I couldn't even offer a clue.

He's been out of our lives since the divorce.

Melissa, have you had any contact with your father?

Her father is my husband Ed.

He raised Melissa since she was four years old.

Ned Quinn has never been a part of her life.

I only have vague memories of him.

If he is still alive, I don't want him to know where we are.

He's already destroyed our lives once.

Mommy, Mommy, I'm done.

I'm sorry, excuse me.

When he came back from Vietnam... he was a drug addict.

I tried, but he didn't want my help.

I moved on.

We both moved on.

I don't remember Quinn.

Apparently we treated him over a three year period-- 1979 to '82.

What were you treating him for?

He suffered from survivor guilt.

Blamed himself for a buddy's death.

Oh, my God.

I heard there was a Santa in the building.


He's great.

Rosy cheeks, wire-rim glasses.

Your beard looks so real...

That's because it is.

Abigail, Dr. Pryor is a psychiatrist.He's here to help me find--

To find out who's naughty and who's nice. Hello?

You think I could get a picture?


Why did Quinn blame himself for his friend's death?

Well, he and another corpsman switched patrols a week before their tour was to end.

The other guy got killed in an ambush.

You last saw him in '82. The fire was in '91.

Have you any idea of anything that happened in the intervening years?

No. Like a lot of those guys, he stopped coming.

They give up.

Did he have any violent tendencies?

I don't remember.

I have to be at the Children's Hospital party in 30 minutes.

Anything that I once knew about the man is in here.

Thank you, Dr. Pryor.

Ho, ho, ho. Merry Christmas.

Thank you, Santa.

I just suffered for hours through the good doctor's rambling notes.

There is nothing to suggest aggressive or impulsive behavior.

Per his service record, Quinn left Vietnam on December 30, 1972.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall listed 58, 000 plus names of the dead and missing in chronological order.

According to its Web site, 17 military personnel died that week.

Of that number, two were in Long Khanh Province where Quinn was stationed.

Only one was a Navy corpsman.

Roger Laurence Grant.


After the Vietnam Memorial was dedicated, Quinn went regularly to the wall to pay tribute to his fallen friend.

If Quinn is still alive, there's a chance he might honor Roger Grant's memory by visiting the Memorial on the anniversary of his death-- December 24.


He does not dress like a cop.


Your Detective Kemp.

You are a little fascinated by him.

He come from money?

Married it.

We're missing the office Christmas party.

That could have been you.

What is her name?

Guy in the blue hoodie.

Could be Quinn.

Go check him out.

Too young, too fat, too female.

Answer my question. She pretty?


She was perfect, okay?

Witty, smart.

That was 12 years ago.

She's had kids; God knows what she looks like now.

So... what happened?

You ever, um, regret... not having a wife and kids?

Especially during this time of year.

Hanukkah is all about family.

Is it not the same with Christmas?

I'm gonna check out the guy in the blue hoodie.

It is a woman!

Hey, Gibbs. The party's starting to wind down up there.

Hollander had to be sent home in a cab-- fourth year in a row.

I brought you and McGee some eggnog.

Right. Two for McGee.

Speaking of McGee... and Ziva... and Tony...

Abs, it's Christmas Eve. Go home.

I can't. I have to go shopping.

Then do it.

I don't know what to get anybody.

What do you think Tony needs?

An attitude adjustment.

Gibbs, you're not helping.

Right this way, please.

Abs. Merry Christmas.

Boss, this is Melissa Fox, Ned Quinn's daughter.

Melissa, this is Special Agent Gibbs.

He's in charge of the case.

Thank you for seeing me, Agent Gibbs.

I just wanted to make it clear that my mother doesn't speak for me.

She wants no part of my father.

I do.

I have all these childhood memories of him.

Maybe they're just fantasies, but...

Don't get me wrong. My stepfather is wonderful.

But I hoped one day to connect with my biological father.

Did you try?

My mother protected me from him.

She didn't even tell me when he died.

How'd you find out?

I did a search when I was 21.

Excuse me. Yeah.

He's here. Should we take him down?

No. I'm on my way. Thanks.

Sorry about that.

I'm still reeling from the possibility that he might be alive.

Unlike my mother, I'd very much like to see him.

It's like a piece of me is missing.

No matter how many times I come here, it still gets to me.

You look at a name, you have to look at a reflection of yourself.

You are among the fallen.


Difference is you can leave... the names don't.


Death is permanent.

Except in your case, Ned Quinn.

It's been a long time since anybody's called me that.

He hasn't said a word since we brought him in here.

Not surprising for a man who spent 17 years hiding.

Skin and eyes clear, good hygiene, no tremors.

Clean and sober.

All he had on him was eight dollars and a key to a long-term downtown hotel room. No ID.

Metro P.D.is on the way to pick you up.

You'll be their problem.

That's your buddy. Petty Officer Grant.


Just like you.

Corpsman saved my life once.

So you're a former Marine, huh?

So what happened at the Taylor house then?

Your fingerprints were all over the place.

I didn't kill them.

You were there.


I was out on the street with my sign, looking for work, and the Taylors picked me up.

They needed help decorating their house for the holidays.

You never met them before?

No, they said it was their traditional way of extending a helping hand to those less fortunate.

Well, if you didn't kill them, who did?

I don't know.

I was in the garage. I was digging decorations out of boxes.

When I got back, I found them.

There was blood everywhere.

The husband was already dead.

The wife was on the couch.

I put her on the floor, I tried to administer CPR.

But it was too late.

I'll be back.

Where you going?

I want to catch the city M.E.before he leaves his office.

Wish me luck.

Why'd you run?

I'd been dead for 17 years.

Who's gonna believe me?

How long has Quinn lived here?


The guy in this room. Rembrandt?

I've been here 12 years.

He's been here longer than that.

Rembrandt ever give you any trouble?

Never. Pays his rent every Saturday, in cash. Keeps to himself.

All right.

We'll say good-bye to you downstairs. Bye. Downstairs. Thanks.

Wow, guy's got some personality.

Check this out.

That's pretty good.

Not what I expected to find.

Not what I expected to be doing on Christmas Eve.

What did you expect to be doing?

Not this.

You had no plans.

I had plans. I had big plans. Big, big plans.

I was ten blocks away when the fire broke out.

So who died in your room?

Another tweaker.

I didn't know him.

He told me where I could cop.

I told him he could crash there till I got back.

When I did, there were fire engines and cop cars all over the place.

Why didn't you just identify yourself?

I realized they thought I was in the room.

And in a rare, lucid moment, it occurred to me that my ex-wife and my daughter might be better off if I was dead and they could receive my military benefits.

That was the only decent thing I ever did for them.

So you disappeared. You hid.

It's not hard if no one's looking for you.

You work for cash, you pay cash for what you buy, you don't need a name.


Did you leave D.C.?

Thought about it, but never did.

Abby, I thought you went home.

Did Gibbs tell him that his daughter was here and she wants to meet him?


He has to. It means everything to her.

Abby, this is not a lost puppy for you to rescue.

You cannot make this better.

This is a murder investigation.

I think Gibbs should tell him.

And I think... you should stay out of this.

Missed the party, don't have to miss the food.

Hey, Ducky, I found these in the conference room. They're pretty de-lish.

You might want to try some of this, Ducky. It's pretty good stuff.

No, thank you.

What'd you find out at his place?

Nothing to tie him to the murders.

Appears to have led a, uh, non-criminal and invisible life.

Actually, uh, he's an artist-- sketches. Pretty good stuff.

You catch the M.E.?


Mr. Taylor died of blunt force trauma to the head from what appears to be several strikes of a hammer.

Mrs. Taylor, heart attack.

Uh, ligature marks on her wrists suggest that she was restrained by handcuffs.

But what is much more interesting: our suspect is telling the truth.

He was trying to save Mrs. Taylor.

How do you know that?

Quinn's bloody fingerprints knew what they were doing.

And compression bruises on her chest suggest he was trying to perform CPR, Jethro.

And he knew to put her on a hard surface, the floor.


Kill the husband, try and save the wife? Doesn't make sense.

Kemp's here to pick up Quinn.

I will go get him.

Keep him here till I get back.

How can he eat those things?


Nice work finding Quinn so fast.

Well, I got a lot of help from Ducky.

Same guy that declared him dead 17 years ago.

Well, Jackie is furious.

I was supposed to be home hours ago.

All right, time to start the Christmas holiday.

You're not here to wish me a merry Christmas, are you?

I can't get a handle on Quinn.

He faked his own death and we can place him at the crime scene.

But you don't think he did it?

I think we may be handing over an innocent man to Metro.

And you're concerned they think they've got a slam-dunk case.

They're not gonna look any further.

This was taken last Christmas.

Is that your wife?

Nobody looks that good in a bikini after two kids.

That hotel is awesome. Is that a Ritz-Carlton?

No, no, that's, uh, that's my father-in-law's villa.

So, uh, where's Gibbs? I need to get Quinn downtown.

We're gonna hold him here, Detective Kemp.

Leon Vance.


The Navy's got unfinished business with former Petty Officer Quinn.

What exactly?

Faked his death.

His family collected death benefits.

With all due respect, Director, I've got him for a double homicide.

Not even close.

You know you won't be able to get Quinn in front of a judge for days.

Relax. Enjoy a little family time.

What am I missing?

Why is NCIS interfering with a Metro case?

Fine. Tomorrow's Christmas.

I've got two bikes and a dollhouse to put together.

We'll be back with a court order day after tomorrow.

Let's go.

You asked for it. You better work fast. You only have a day.

Merry Christmas.

Hey, guys. What's up?

I hope no one has plans.

Keep Quinn in interrogation.

We'll watch him in shifts.

What do I do?

You and Duck go home. It's late. Get some sleep.

Oh, I haven't slept on Christmas Eve since I was, like, four.

Since I started camping out in front of the fireplace trying to catch Santa.

I should have pulled a fingerprint off his milk glass.

I may need you both tomorrow.

Yes, I have to go visit Mother in her new home.

May I walk you to your car?

How is she?

Driving the nurses crazy.

Kemp Is focused on Quinn's fingerprints.

He's not looking at anything else.

Do our own investigation.

Visit the crime scene?

Kemp will go ballistic.

Boss, I Googled the dead couple for background information.

Found something interesting here.

Six months ago, the husband, Avery Taylor, filed a multimillion-dollar patent-infringement lawsuit against Paradigm Industries.

Get out of town.


Paradigm Industries is owned by Gary Vanderlicht.

Metro Detective Justin Kemp's filthy-rich father-in-law?

All right, that's it. I know when I'm beaten.

How are we going to get the game back in the box and make it look like it was never opened?

I am an expert at repacking and rewrapping.

Christmas mornings, I knew what was in each present under the tree.

You peeked?

Is anybody in there?

Agent Gibbs?

When are the police coming to pick me up?

Not for a while.

Because of the holiday, shifts are not fully staffed.

I think you know more than you're telling me.

Are you hungry?

Do you need anything?

A pencil and paper.

I can't sleep.

Sketching relaxes me.

Oh, yeah, I know, sharp object.

I promise I won't stab myself.

Not a happy Christmas morning for the Taylors.

Hey, wanna make this interesting?

I bet you five bucks I can crack the alarm code before you can pick the lock, boss.

I will take that bet.



How did you do that?

The one, the four, theeven and the nine are worn.

The code had to be a combination of those four numbers.

People like to choose numbers that are easy to rember: address, anniversary, birthday, birth year.

Being a Boy Scout, I came prepared.

The Taylors were born in 1947.

Five bucks.

Sore loser.

What do we think the police missed?

If we believe Quinn, he found the wife's body on the couch and moved it on the floor.

They wouldn't have known that.

Got it.

Kemp's investigation focused on the fingerprint evidence and the couple's bodies, which were found here and here.

Let's check out the rest of the house.

That's good.

So were the sketches in your room.

Did you take art classes in college?

No. Rehab.

I guess being pre-med, you don't really have a lot of time to take electives.

You wanted to be a doctor.

'Nam changed things.

Looks like a chair was moved.

Found fibers, hair and... Watch! a button.

Found the chair.

Looks like somebody wanted to get something on the upper shelf.

It's a safe. It's empty.

I'm guessing Metro police got it wrong.

The robbery netted more than just the jewelry the wife was wearing and the husband's cash.

Dust it.

Security patrol.

Uh, who are you guys?


We received an alarm.

I thought you turned it off?

It's our top-of-the-line HS 3000 system.

It's a double-redundant.

If you don't punch in the code twice, it sends a silent alarm.

Double redundancy, how could I know that?

Thought the police, uh, had a suspect.

What are you guys doing here?

They asked for our help.

They didn't tell us.

We got work to do.

NCIS... heard about you guys.

I've been in the private security business for three years.

Doesn't pay very well.

Does NCIS take applications?


Merry Christmas, Tiny Tim!

What are you doing here?

Well, today's Christmas.

I just came from church.

I didn't have anything planned and I wanted to be with my team.

Where is everybody?

In the field.

How's he doin'?

Ah, you know.

Has he, um, mentioned his daughter?


You think he'd like to see her?

I don't know. Why are you asking? because Melissa's in the lobby and she wants to see him.

How did she know that we found him?

Well, she might have figured it out when I called her and told her.

Abby, what, what are you doing? You called her?

Gibbs, Gibbs is gonna kill you!

No, he won't.

Think about it, Tim.

This is the greatest fairy tale ever.

There's a little girl and her dad leaves.

And then he lives on the streets.

And then he dies.

And she's never gonna see him again.

She's never gonna get to say all the things that a daughter wants to say to her father.

And then she grows up and she has a child of her own, and then wonder of all wonders, he comes back from the dead and they get reunited... on Christmas!

Abby, are you finished?

Please, please, please, pretty please?

Do it for me, okay?

Just, just tell him Melissa's here.

You'll understand when you see the sparkle in his eye.

All right.

You have a visitor.


Melissa, your daughter.

She's here?


Wants to talk to you.

I don't want to see her.

And you tell her that she was better off when I was dead.


Here, let me, let me help you with that.

Got it. Thanks.

So how'd you hook up with NCIS?

See if DiNozzo is finished in the garage.

She's cute.

So, maybe I could, uh, you know...

Well, good luck with the case.

Think we just got a Christmas present.

What the hell is going on?

Metro Police Chief just gave me an earful.

Claims you broke into their crime scene and corrupted the chain of evidence.

Tell me you didn't do that.

How'd he find out?

Metro got a call from the home-security firm.

Come on, Daddy!

This how you spend your Christmas, Gibbs?

Most people are home opening presents.

Yeah, most people.

Cops are on their way to pick up Quinn.

Leon, we're late.

Get him ready.

Hey, Gibbs.

Looks like we got the murder weapon.

Blood on the hammer matches the victim's type.

You're not gonna like this, Gibbs.

The prints on the handle belong to the victim.

And to Ned Quinn.

It looks like mine.

Your prints are on it.

Look, the Taylors hired me to help them decorate their house.

I brought my toolbox.

When I left, I was in a hurry.

I didn't stop to see if I brought my hammer.

You said you were in their garage.

That's where the hammer was found.

I don't know how it got-- What do you want me to tell you?

You know, you're getting harder and harder to believe.

Right, Sherlock.

Vietnam Vet, stoner, a man with no name.

It's got to be me.

Metro police are here.

I will have McGee bring you down.

You make it a habit, keeping people waiting?

What's the rush, Kemp?

It's Christmas.

Maybe if you had a family, DiNozzo, you'd understand.

How did your daughter like the dollhouse?

Oh, she loved it.

Yeah, she took it with her when she left this morning.

Where did she go?

A family tradition.

Yeah, we spend the week between Christmas and New Year's at the villa.

Yeah, right now they're on my father-in-law's G5.

Thanks to you guys, the Chief's on my ass, wouldn't let me leave.

And if I'm lucky I'm getting out of here late tonight.

Well, I really feel for you, Kemp. Life's tough.

Where's Quinn?

On the way.

You gonna explain to me why you broke into the crime scene?

Are you gonna explain to me why you didn't remove yourself from this case?

Why would I do that?

Avery Taylor was suing your father-in-law.

You have no business investigating Taylor's murder.

What are you talking about?

Paradigm Industries? A little case of patent-infringement?

All right, let me tell you a couple things.

Okay, one: My father-in-law is the CEO of a holding company that owns over a dozen multimillion-dollar companies.

And two: He never discusses business with me.

I don't like what you're insinuating.

He's all yours.

Are you going to tell him we found the murder weapon?

He never asked.

Ah, thanks, I was running on empty.

Oh, yuck!

They put nutmeg in it for the holidays.

What do you got, Abs?

Um, the hair on the couch belonged to Mrs. Taylor.

I'm still working on the fibers.

As for the button Ziva found, it was made exclusively for a clothing manufacturer in Scranton, Pennsylvania, who specializes exclusively in military and police uniforms.

Dusting the safe produced an unknown print.




I didn't say it was a fingerprint.

Well, what was it, Abby?

It was a fabric print.

Most likely made from a glove. Should've worn latex.

Leather and fabric gloves have a distinct weave, grain, wear and stitching pattern.

In this case, an old leather one with U-shaped scuff and a frayed seam.

You bring me a glove, and I'll tell you if it left a print on the safe.

You might've redeemed yourself, Abs.

What'd I do?

Called Quinn's daughter. McGee!

Got it, Boss.

Taylors' home-security system interfaces with the company's central dispatch via the internet.

Your hunch was right.

The alarm was deactivated at 2:17 AM this morning. between the time Kemp sealed the house and you...

Broke in.

Well, I was gonna say gained unauthorized access.

Alarm was reactivated four and a half minutes later.

DiNozzo, call your ex-girlfriend's husband.

Have him meet us at the Taylors'.

Ziva, get the car.

How about Ziva makes the call and I get the car?

Or not. I'll do it.

You guys really don't have lives, do you?

What are we doing here?

Arresting the murder.

He's in a holding cell, downtown, Gibbs.

What is it with you people?

First you declare him dead and now you're trying to help him beat a double-homicide rap?

This was a home invasion.

But not for the wife's jewelry or pocket change.

It was all about the safe.

DiNozzo, break in.

With great pleasure, sir.

What safe?

I guess you missed this.

Okay. So, what? It was Quinn.

His bloody prints were all over the place.

Yeah, because he was trying to save the couple's lives.

He was in the garage at the time of the murders.

Last night, while Quinn was in our custody, somebody deactivated the alarm and planted the murder weapon.

A hammer. in the garage.

Trying to seal the case against Quinn.

Wait, you had a murder weapon and didn't tell me?

Who knew about the alarm code other than the Taylors?

We have company.

Hi, Harvey.

Hey, what's going on?

Lose a button?

Looks just like the ones on your shirt.

Found it on the couch.

Where you handcuffed Mrs. Taylor.

Other thing you left behind was a print on the safe.

You didn't know that gloves could leave prints, did you, Harvey?

Are those yours right there?

Look at that. Frayed seams.

That's a TASER, Harvey.

You only have one shot.


There's five of us.

Don't move!

Just breathe through it.


He confessed?

He knew they kept cash and jewelry in their safe.

Didn't know that Quinn was in the garage.

When the wife panicked, She went into cardiac arrest.

Hmm, the husband freaked, attacked the security guard with the only weapon he could find.

Quinn's hammer.

The guard overpowered and killed him.

Oh, Abby, ****

Hmm, a cotton-ball bouquet.

See what I got.

Cufflinks, made out of-- - Spent nine-millimeter slugs.

Friction makes us static Would you stop that?I'm still humming from the TASER.

Ladies and gentlemen, tonight you're all going to share in a DiNozzo family tradition.

Caramel popcorn, hot mulled cider and the greatest, greatest Christmas movie of all time.

It's a Wonderful Life!



We can't start until Gibbs gets here.

Oh, he said not to wait for him.

Where is he?

Where are we?

Melissa's house.

No, Gibbs. You don't know me.

I ruin lives; I am poison.

Give yourself some credit.

You're not the same person that dropped out of her life when she was three years old.

You've changed.

I don't need this. I don't.

She does.

There's too much time that's passed.

If I had one wish for Christmas, it would be to hug my daughter.

That can never be. You have that chance.

Thank you.


Merry Christmas, Dad.

Merry Christmas, Son.