06x12 - Caged




What was wrong with that?

I'm gonna need a real scream.

Thatwasa scream.

No, no, no, no. An ber-scream, okay?

Think ofHalloween II on steroids, okay?

You want to take a break?


Should have gone with the blonde.

No. You know, this is a favor.

He should be happy I'm even here.

I-I've screamed in threerealmovies.

I mean, if there's one thing I can do, it's...


See, nowthatwas a real scream.


Help. Help.

Help! Help! Gary, get me out of here.

NCIS Season06 Episode12 Caged

She was not smiling at you, Tony.

Ziva, some men can hit a baseball 400 feet, others build rocket ships that sail to the stars.

I can spot a woman's smile at 20 yards.

Her name is Hannah, and she's asked me out to lunch twice.


Did your rocket ship just take a nose dive?

No. It just landed on a different planet.

Look, two days ago, you told me my car would be ready yesterday, and the bill was $270.

Then yesterday, you told me my car would ready today, and the bill was $400.

Now you're telling me my car's gonna be ready tomorrow?

Absolutely. Tomorrow.

How much?

One octave or two?



Okay, I understand, but...

It's got to be replaced.


Yes, sir.

Okay then. Thank you.

My crankshaft is wearing out.

There is no question what's going on involves you and a shaft, McSofty.

Well, Tony, sometimes it's not always the best policy to be too tough.

It can end up costing you more in the long run.

I'm guessing that you got more than your fair share of wedgies as a kid.

I can be tough when I have to be.



I mean, you do have your... strengths.

And weaknesses.

But, rember that people can be loved as much for their weaknesses as they are for their strengths.

Well, then, DiNozzo, you must be one very well-loved man.

Thank you for noticing, boss.

Squid. Long dead. Let's go.

Hey, Ziva?

Did you accept?

Lunch? Hannah?

Coming through.

Take it easy, McCranky.

You never cease to amaze me, Jethro.

You find the most dastardly crimes in the most idyllic of settings.

Lieutenant Neal Poletto.


Get anything?


An offer to be tech advisor on his next film.

It's about a psycho, sex-crazed cop.

Life and times of Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo?

Cuts all around the upper torso.

He's been stabbed multiple times.

And he's missing a middle finger.

It appears to have been sawn off.

The other hand, too, Duck.

Anything else you'd care to tell me about this fellow, Jethro?

Dead 11 years.


And I know who did it.

Celia Roberts.

A looker.

No, a hooker.

Convicted of killing two sailors.

By our very own Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

Before our time.

Both men had multiple stab wounds.

Both men had their middle fingers cut off.

Why the middle finger?

Maybe she was giving them the finger.

Man-hater. - You would know, Ziva.

She was suspected in the disappearance and murder of Lieutenant Neal Poletto.

But since his body was never found, she was only prosecuted for the other two murders.

She was sentenced to 175 years in the Maryland State Prison for Women.

I hear the first hundred years are the hardest.

Well, Abby has confirmed that the knife that killed Lieutenant Poletto is the same one that Celia Roberts used on her first two victims.

Open and shut.

Well, DiNozzo, it'd be easier for everyone if we just get her to admit it.

I will get a confession.

Why you?

Because I am a woman.

And women open up to other women.

You mean, likeHannah... and Her Sisters. Come on.

After 11 years in the joint, all ladies, she might welcome a little change of pace.

You mean a man.

A virile man could be just the thing to loosen her lips.

Oh, you mean Gibbs.

I mean me.

Not that you're not virile. You are, 'cause you're the boss.

Who's the boss?

You don't... Those... Those don't go in there.

McGee. Get her signed confession.

First thing tomorrow morning. Don't come back without it.

You got it, boss.


It's just, you got to have the stuff, be tough, know when to bluff.

So, I have to be a really bad poet?

I call my style tough-bluff.

It's hyphenated.


Blowhard actually seems more appropriate. That is not hyphenated.

You're going to convince a woman to confess to a crime?

Yeah. So?

When's the last time you convinced a woman to do anything, McGee?

Just last week, McGee convinced me to lend him ten dollars.

Ten dollars. Murder one.

My last ten dollars.

When you asked me, I was determined to say no.

But there was something in the way you asked.

Before I knew it, I was opening up my wallet.


There's no doubt in my mind you will get that confession, McGee.

Thank you, Ziva.

He's toast, isn't he?

Oh, yes. Burnt toast.

The following inmates are to report to Facility B...

Deborah Hoffman, Leslie Chadwick.

Jessica Boswell... Kim Baker, Tiffany...

Report to Facility B medical line immediately.

This way, sir.


I put Celia Roberts in our Attorney Room in back to give you guys some more privacy.

Great. Thanks.

Through here.


Brenda Carter.


I have not seen you since, oh, what, graduation night at FLETC?

Yeah. I remember it well.

Oh, those were your shoes that I...

Italian shoes.

Jamaican rum.

Empty stomach.

So, I see you left the federal system.

Yeah. You know, better pay, closer to home, so...

Well, uh, official visit for me. I'm here to see Celia Roberts.

Oh, well, good luck with that.

Celia's a real piece of work.

Most of 'em are.

So, um, where are you stationed?

Navy Yard.

Well, I'm here. Obviously.

Well, we should, uh, you know, get together and catch up, have a drink sometime.

Sounds great. Sounds great. Will you call me? Or I'll call you.

You know, whatever works, right? So, okay?







Vicari, you flash your boyfriend one more time, you lose visiting privileges.


I'm Special Agent Timothy McGee. Thank you for seeing me.

Have a choice?

Two photos. Same guy.

Lieutenant Neal Poletto.

He looks better in this one.

Before and after shots.

This one is after he was stabbed 23 times and had both his middle fingers cut off.

Looks like he's aged a bit, too.

About 11 years.

Guess that's why you're here.

You killed two other men the same way with the same weapon.


It would be nice for the Poletto family to have some closure.

Stop looking at him! Why don't you shut up, Vicari?

Settle down now.

You want to go?

Now! Get in! I'm not gonna tell you again...

You were convicted in Maryland.

Poletto's body was found in Virginia.

You know why that's bad for you?

Death penalty.

Virginia is very big on it.

Confess, and this stays a federal case, meaning no conviction until after you've served your current sentence.

Meaning never.

Otherwise, I hand this to the authorities in Virginia.

Way back. Way back...

I don't like needles.

Your choice.

I don't believe you.

What is that?


Everything okay out there?

Come on.

McGee is out, Abby.

Oh, yeah, I know. He's slumming at the prison.

We were supposed to have lunch.

I'm just returning his computer game.

Uh, frankly, I do not understand the fascination with, uh, electronic games.

It shortens attention span, curbs productivity, and it kills brain cells.

Enough with the long sentences.

Who can follow all that?

Take a look at this.

This is McGee before he tries to break the hooker from hell.

And this is him after she gets into his head.

How about a picture of you actually working, DiNozzo?

Um, I'm working on... on that.

Yeah, Gibbs.Yeah.

Maryland Women's Prison.

Let's go.

Wait. That's where McGee is. Is everything okay?

Everything's not okay. What's happened? Gibbs!

Abby... I'll call you, all right?

They just started whaling on me.

They started it.

What do we do?

But we finished it.

No, we didn't finish anything.

This is bad. They're not organized.

I just defended myself.

What happened?

Trimble came in, bleeding like a stuck pig.

Stay put! You stay back with the others.

Who did it?

I didn't see anything.

By the time I saw him, he was already on the ground.

It could have been anybody.

Somebody must have seen something.

How are you doing?

I think my arm's busted.

What happened?

One minute, everything's fine.

The next, I saw Trimble stumble in bleeding, then he want down.

And they all just cut loose.

We tried to restore order, but...

Anyone see what happened to Trimble?

You may not care about your family, but I do-- we got to get our families out of here.

I say that we give up before it's too late.

That's a good idea.

Who's he?

A cop.

All right, they rush us, you are the first to die.

I'm not a cop; I'm an NCIS agent.

Just as dead.

Look, I got one year left.

I just want to do my time, okay?

They're gonna blame all of us for killing Trimble.

It doesn't matter how much time you got left.

We're all gonna suffer.

Angela's right. We're gonna have to protect ourselves.

There are two points of entry and an air duct.

Now, will an air duct support a man's weight?

Come on, people. We need to know this! Now, get on it.

Who's in charge here?

Gene Halsey, warden.

Gibbs, NCIS. We've got an agent here. Where is he?

Visitor center. Inmates have control of it.

He is alive?

Don't know. The cameras are out.

You plan to retake this by force?

If they don't get out of there real soon.

Till then, I have this entire prison on lockdown.

And the hostages?

This prison has a no-hostage policy, meaning every man, woman and child who comes in those gates gives up their right to be rescued.

But believe me, I'm gonna do everything I can to minimize casualties.

I got men in there, too.

Now, I'm kind of busy.

You have much experience in hostage recovery?

I have an emergency response plan.


Have you ever put it into action?

Take that as a no.

The one on the left... what's she in for?

Angela Lopez.

Armed robbery, kidnapping and murder.

What about the one next to her?

Sharon Bellows-- she killed her boyfriend.

Claims he put her in the hospital a few times.

She called it self-defense. Judge called it manslaughter.

Judy Williams killed her 80-year-old neighbor for her meds.

Kayla Vicari. Manufacturing meth.

They want to send out an ear or a finger to show we're serious.

That's crazy.

She's right.

Shouldn't be a guard. That will really piss them off.

He screams, cut his throat.

I can't watch.

Wait, wait, wait, wait.

You choose.

This is a bad idea.

You got a better one?


I got a bad feeling about Bozo and his three-ring circus.

Can we go over his head?

It's his ball.

Inmate using a confiscated radio says they want to make some demands.

Want to show me they're serious.

Show you?

One of them's coming out.

This is not your jurisdiction, Agent Gibbs.

How often do you do this sort of thing?

Open up.

I do the talking, you got that?

Gonna find out who's calling the shots here.

They let you go?

Not exactly.

I'm the negotiator.

You're the negotiator?

I sort of talked them into it.

All right, what's the situation?

Actually, I've been told I can only deal directly with my boss, Special Agent Gibbs.

They're watching us right now.

Situation, McGee.

Guards handcuffed in the southwest corner.

Inmates spread all over, armed with batons and shards of glass.


There's one dead. A guard, Hayden Trimble.

But he wasn't killed in the riot.

Looks like it's his death that caused it.

Another guard injured, Gordon Lambro.

What happened?

Trimble was stabbed.

The guards tried to restore order. Inmates responded.

What do they want?

Assurance that only Trimble's killer will be punished, and amnesty for injuries to the other guards.

They are gonna hand over Trimble's killer?

Once we find out who did it.

That's where I... you... we come in.

They want NCIS to figure out who Trimble's killer is.

Which brings me to their last condition.

No attempts to retake the visitor center.

If we agree, they'll release Trimble's body, the injured guard and the visitors.

That will leave myself and two other guards as hostages.

Get the doors.

This way. Come on, folks. Come on.

Move, move!

Through the gate-- keep moving.

Move. Get them on the buses.

Right this way.

Move them out. There we go.


Head count. 22 in, 22 out.


For this to work, I'm gonna need everyone's cooperation and trust.

Trust a cop-- that's easier said than done.

Uh, believe me, it's no harder than me trusting a convicted felon.

Now, first thing... we have to find a murder weapon, so I am going to have to frisk you.

Frisk who?

All of you.

Who wants to go first?

So much for cooperation.

First murder, then a riot?

And we have to solve the murder.

Yeah, but it happened in a prison, which we're not allowed into.

Ducky gets here, I'm going in.

If you get the chance.

Agent Gibbs.

Our guys are here.

Inmates are spread throughout, which means we got to move when they're grouped together.

If my team figures this out, everybody walks out of here.

As long as this lasts, my prison population feels empowered.

One way or the other, this ends at sundown.

Means... you have seven hours to end this, or I will.

Trimble have enemies?

You could say that.

Heroin's been pouring in.

Trimble was my lead investigator.

We were trying to turn off the spigot.

Reason enough right there to try to kill him.

Start with Trimble.


McGee is fine, Abby.

Never thought I'd get the chance to do this to you, Mr. Gibbs.

Me, neither, Celia.

Don't do anything stupid.

Same applies to you, Lopez.

I once sewed up the arm of a lion tamer, and he said the worst thing you can do is to let your felines feel cornered, scared, or threatened.

You mean like this, Duck?

Nothing happens to him. You hear me?

Or what?

Or you'll wish you'd been sentenced to death, not life.

Oh, okay, you guys mess with this dude, you mess with Brenda-- good to know.

From what I can tell, this is where he fell.

The body hasn't been moved.

Single stab wound to the chest. He bled out.

And slowly.

Can't find the murder weapon.

Given the circumstances, can't secure the crime scene.

Keep looking.

He has a head wound.

It could have rendered him unconscious.

I followed the blood trail out this way.


In here.

This is the guards' bathroom, off limits to the prisoners.

He was stabbed in here.

That's where his head was slammed against the wall.

Seat's down.

Guess he wasn't here to use it.

Figure he had company.

You think, Sherlock?

Women's prison-- it happens.

Shoot, even happens in men's prisons.

Look, for this to work, we really need to treat everyone as suspects.

So please, just let us do this.

They're coming in before sundown.

Boss, that doesn't give us enough time to...

McGee. S.O.P.for inmates to use the head.

Guard inside the visitor center let them out here into the corridor where Trimble was keeping watch.

Trimble was supposed to notify the other guards if he needs to use the bathroom; he never did.

Probably 'cause he was doing something he shouldn't have.

Cost him his life. Cameras?

Only in the visitor center.

Blood evidence.

Most of the inmates and guards have blood on them; I'm sure some of it's Trimble's, but...

Doesn't single out anybody.

Need to find his killer.

Yeah, in a room full of them.

They haven't hurt McGee, have they?

We have not heard anything.

Got something for you from Trimble's apartment, Abby.

We need to figure this out before sunset.

Define "before sunset."

Before the sun goes down.

Ethan Hawke movie with Julie...

What was that for?

The sun sets at around 5:02.

So does that mean we have until 5:01?

Before sunset.

That could mean now.

Not good enough. I can't take this.

Every day you guys go out and I never know if you're going to make it back.

It's killing me. I can't sleep at night.

I'm developing some sort of weird twitch.

Our work is sometimes dangerous, Abby.

Then get a safer job.

Then you wouldn't see us at all.

True. Still... sucks.


Fingerprints, hard drive... bedsheets.

Evidence of extracurricular activities.

McGee's going to be okay, right?

You kidding? Stuck in a women's prison. It's every guy's fantasy.

Well, maybe not McGee.

Here. What's that?

Check there.

Look, can you... can you please just all just give me some room here?

It's very difficult looking for this murder weapon with everyone in my way here, so...

Come on, y'all.

Thank you.

When's the food's coming?



Yeah, maybe.

Hey, you like pizza?


Pepperoni. You?

Yeah, pepperoni's good.

This sort of thing happen much?

Never in my 15 years here.

You've known Celia since she's been in here?


She ever talk about what she did?

Just to blame the system.

You seem to have taken responsibility for your crimes.

It's a mixed blessing.

First few years here, I was angry at everybody.

Blamed the world for my crappy childhood.

Then I got into a prison program training seeing-eye dogs...

One day I'm training this puppy and it hits me.

I killed an innocent person who didn't do me no harm.

Now I can't wait till the day I die, so I can find that soul and apologize for the terrible thing I did.

Look, I don't know if Celia did the things they say.

And if she did, I don't know what it'll take for her to face up to it.

Yeah, Abs?

How's McGee?

Well, he's fine. What do you got?

Define "fine."

He needs us to do our job before sundown.

Okay, Ducky found calcium oxalate crystals in the dead guard's kidneys.

Well, that's a huge red flag.

So I ran a special tox screen and, sure enough, it turned up.


Ethylene glycol.


Yeah, someone was poisoning him, Gibbs.

He died from the stab wound, but with the levels of ethylene glycol in Trimble's system, he was a dead man walking anyways.

None of the sitors or the injured guard saw Trimble get stabbed, Boss.

The DEA is cross-checking all inmates with links to known drug dealers.

I got a feeling that's going to be a long list.

They're checking prison employees, as well.

Security footage.

Got it right here, boss.


I'll be like your closed captioning.

My what?

I'll talk. You listen.

By my count, six inmates entered the restroom corridor during visiting hours.

Then we get Trimble.

He enters, obviously hurt.

Guard hurries to him. Inmate lookie-loos hover.

Push. Shove.

Out comes the baton.

Then static.



We got the PG version. The Warden Halsey cut.

Maybe he did not want to show how physical his guards got.

Or he has something else to hide.

DiNozzo, give McGee the names of all the women who used the head.

Done, boss.

I checked Trimble's phone records, Gibbs.

One person called him over 150 times last month.

It was another prison guard by the name of... Brenda Carter.

Five calls a day.

I'd give her an eight on the DiNozzo Psycho Chick Meter.

Ten being Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction.

Look at those eyes, crazy eyes.

I'll send her over.

Got it.

Crazy eyes.

I don't know why we couldn't have done this at the prison.

This could go down at any time.

We want to stop it from "going down, " as you say.

Okay, so you need to know about these women, right?

Actually, I'd prefer to know more about Hayden Trimble.


You knew him well?

Yeah, sure. We worked together.

Come on.

It was more than just a working relationship, was it not?

We dated.

When did he break up with you?

We broke up last month. But it was mutual.

And since then, you have called him more than 150 times and he has not called you back even once.

Does not sound very mutual to me.

On our third date, he said he loved me.

I didn't have to say it first.

But you said it last.

Men can be jerks. I know.

You think that I...

No, I was out of the building when he was killed.

Were you?

Did you know that someone was poisoning him?

Okay, look, I-I might've thought about wringing his neck, but I didn't kill him.

Trimble was investigating drug smuggling into the prison.

He was avoiding me the last month.

I thought he was seeing another woman.

I left him a bunch of nasty messages.

Drug investigation?

According to Warden Halsey.


It's probably nothing.

But drug screening is mandatory for all employees.


So I'm friends with the warden's assistant.

She told me that the warden missed his last mandatory drug screening.

And he faked the one before that.


My experience, whenever a cop wants to talk in an interview room, nothing good comes of it.

Look a bit jittery.

Coming down with something. Mind your business.

Right now, my business is investigating this crime.

And we believe that Trimble's murder could be drug-related.

And it looks like you're going through some withdrawal.



I don't like your tone.

Shut it down.

It's my prison, Agent Gibbs.

Not for long.

You pee in a cup lately?

I'm taking medication for a heart condition.

Prison Board might think I can't handle the stress.

Faking a drug test is a firing offense.

You shut it down. Now!

You blackmailing me?

I'm negotiating. You said sundown.

I said before sundown.

Now you have less than two hours.

After that, I'll take my chance with the Prison Board.

Heating. Lights.


What's going on?

What's going on?

That's it. I'm finished. I'm done, all right?

You want to know who killed Trimble, figure it out yourselves.

See what you did?

Maybe you'd think differently if I took your ear.

I've never hit a woman before, but if you come at me with that thing, I will drop you.

I got just one year left. I got three kids to raise, please?

They come in here shooting, you're in the firing line, same as us.

Shoot me up. Slice me up. It doesn't matter, okay?

Because I'm done.

I'm done unless you tell me the name of your supplier.



The guard you let out.

Inmates gave you up.

Women and secrets make a bad combination.

What secrets?

You're a dealer.

You believe them?

Prison guard as an inmate.

I hear they make you prom queen.

And every night is prom night.

You talk now and we'll make sure you're not put in with the general population.

They make some crazy accusations and you believe them?

I believe this.

Found it in your SUV.

Must be a plant.

I got no time for this, Lambro!

Now you've made him angry.

Trimble was onto your operation.

No... no.

First you poisoned him.

Then you stabbed him.

No, you've got this so freaking wrong!

I was dealing, but I didn't kill him.

Trimble wasn't trying to bring down the drug operation. He was the head of it.

Thank you.

DEA says Trimble's stepbrother is a known drug dealer.

Could be Trimble's drug source.

Supports Lambro's story that Trimble headed the operation.

Doesn't get Lambro off the hook.

Well, maybe Lambro wanted to take over the operation.

Maybe he has a different supply source.

Where does that leave us?

With a lot of maybes. Yeah. Gibbs.

Can you come to the lab?

I'll be right there.

What are you doing?

Tapping into Trimble's e-mail account on the prison network.

And they call us criminals.


You are a criminal, Celia.

You don't know me.

What do you got, Abby?

Okay, I might have overstepped my bounds here a little bit.

I-I know I'm not a field agent. - Abs.

I called the prison and I got Lambro's work schedule.

Okay, because?

Because I wanted to compare Lambro's schedule to when the antifreeze showed up in Trimble's system.

I also got the urine from Trimble's last drug test.

He was clean for illegal drugs, but I was able to figure out when he ingested the antifreeze.

24 hours before the test, Lambro was at a conference in Pennsylvania for a whole week, so it couldn't have been him.

Oh, by the way, if they ask you at the prison, I'm your boss.

Wait, Gibbs, there's more.

I analyzed Trimble's bedsheets.

There is no direct match to anyone at the prison.

Direct match?


That's where it gets interesting.

The DNA on Trimble's bedsheets belongs to a relative of a current inmate.

Zoe Bellows. Mother is Sharon Bellows.

Sentenced to ten years for killing her boyfriend.

She claimed he was abusive and had some medical history to back it up.

One year left on her sentence.

The daughter.

She was not at the visitor center when Trimble died.

Sun goes down in 63 minutes, boss.

Bring the girl in.

Find me a paper trail.

How you doing?


You know this man?


We found your DNA on his bed.

Where is he?


First time he saw me, I was visiting my mom.

The way he was looking at me just gave me the creeps.

And then he found out where I went to school.

And then one day he was waiting for me.

He said he would hurt her if I... if I didn't... you know.

He said his friends would kill my mom if I told on him.

The first time he did it, I was so disgusted, I threw up.

Then he started shooting me up.

Between my toes.

You tell your mother?


So you took matters into your own hands?

I just wanted him to stop... and he just wouldn't.

Spiking his drinks with antifreeze?

I killed him.

No, you didn't.

But you, you said he was dead.


The car.Now.

On it. Okay.

Several of the inmates here have identified the girl in that photo as your daughter.

How did you find out that she and Trimble were having a relationship?

You saw that photo. She didn't want to be there.

He was e-mailing it around to the other guards. - What?

Did one of them show you? Or did Trimble?

Sharon, you found out about it and you killed him.

One year-- that's all I have left.

Had left.

I have two other daughters. They're ten and they're 12.

At least I could still be a good mother to them.

Not anymore, honey.

They're my babies.

They're bringing dinner. On carts.

Call 'em back.

It's too late, Agent Gibbs.

I said call 'em back!

Sharon, if they come through that door, people are going to get hurt.

You're going to get us all killed, Bellows.

Come on, Sharon.

Please. Please.

They stopped. They're not bringing in the food.

I really don't think they got any.


Zoe Bellows.

Already on it, boss.

Two minutes, McGee.

Got to go.

Where is she?



Tell the warden he can have Trimble's killer.

Sometimes this job sucks.

Sharon Bellows was in for killing an abusive boyfriend.

And while she's inside, her daughter's being abused. Trimble was scum.

Makes no difference in the eyes of the law.

Hence the word "sucks."


On my way out.


My agent's coming out.

Stand by.

Where is she?

Saying good-bye.

You okay, McGee?


Did any of them hurt you, McGee?

I will kick their ass.

I'm fine, Ziva.

She's coming out.

Door's opening.


That's not who I was expecting to see, boss.

That's your murder weapon.

I killed Trimble.

They're ready to give up.

Move in.

Let's go.

Move. Go.

Don't hurt them.

Trimble was raping Sharon Bellows' daughter.

And smuggling drugs.

Was Sharon in on it?

No, all my own work.

Sharon didn't want a part of it.

Just wants to get out and be a mom again.

That sailor you were asking me about.

Lieutenant Poletto.

I killed him, too.

Sorry I did.

That a confession?

I'll write it all down for you.

Do any of us really believe that Celia killed Trimble?

I don't think anyone is going to lose any sleep over it.

You write it up, Tim.

McGee, you're home.

Good to see you, too, Abs.

We had total confidence in you, McGee.


Well, maybe just a moment of doubt.


You told me my car would be ready today.

One octave or two?

Listen up because this is what you're going to do.

You're going to take the first estimate and you're going to reduce it by ten percent.

Then, you're going to find my part, install the part, and have my car parked out front and ready for me when I walk out of this building in 32 minutes.

Who would guess that McGee would grow a pair in a women's prison?

I put away killers for a living. That's what I do.

Now, you do exactly as I told you and we won't have any problems. Understood?

Good. Clock's ticking.

Wow, McGee.

Your time in the Big House really changed you.

I like it.