08x08 - Enemies Foreign (1)

On the ground! NCIS!

Don't move!

Don't shoot!

It's just some clothes and, like, DVDs! I'll return them!

What's NCIS?

I can't believe some people have never heard of us.

You're under arrest for espionage and terrorism.

Wait, what?!

Pretty cool piece of tech.

Takes advantage of the new credit cards designed so you can swipe your whole wallet over the sensor when you make a purchase.

Because that extra four seconds it takes to... remove your credit card is just plain un-American.

This doesn't work.

The point is that you control the card, which in theory reduces fraud risk at point of purchase.

Still won't keep you hacky types from stealing my numbers from the matrix, anyway. Look at it, doesn't work.

That's right.

You should still be terrified of my kind.

And apparently 22-year-old girls.

I refuse to be afraid of 22-year-old girls, no matter what kind of magical pick-pocketing devices they're sporting.

You know who the real victim is? Artistry.

If someone wants something out of your pants, they should have to use their hands.

The thing about all this virtual thievery is it's virtually impossible to virtually police.

How do you keep the DiCaprio out of your head?

Yeah, he is dreamy.

Hillary Lange picked two dozen credit cards in less than an hour, she burned all the accounts onto a blank one, went shopping.

No one would have known if she hadn't picked the absolute wrong pocket.


Card number flagged on the terror watch list.

That's God's justice right there.

You think the pickpocket can lead you to the cardholder?

It'd be easier if you gave me a name.

Name would just be fake, but the account's real.

I'm gonna be tied up at this review conference all week.

There's a good time.

Reviewing old case files.

It may sound dull, but it's a useful educational tool.

Also helps maintain continuity within the agency.

We are responsible for the work performed by our predecessors.

Tom Morrow called me about lunch.

Well... He's not gonna have time. Neither will you.

Three bodies coming in from the Coast Guard.

Suspected smugglers shot off the coast of Florida.

One's a Navy officer.

All the physical evidence is en route to Ms. Sciuto.

I usually like an invite to a crime scene.

It sank in the Gulf of Mexico.

You do plan on talking to that girl, don't you?

She is accused of terrorism.

She'll talk when she's ready to talk.

You okay?

I think it's time.

Okay, I'll give you whatever you want!

Just talk to me!

Do you guys know that when people walk by those signs that say "Beware Pickpocket", they always tap where their wallet is, back pocket, chest, coat.


A would-be artisan went for my wallet once in Rome.

How'd it turn out for the borseggiatore?

You need to get the device closer to their wallets, all right?

You realize a 22-year-old girl had this mastered.

People mature much faster these days, McGee.

Present company excluded.

That's not the guy. Keep going.

We cannot really be sure that, because this girl crossed paths with him here yesterday, we will cross paths with him today.

Also an't be sure that Gibbs will be swilling coffee when we get back to the office or you'll fumble a simple American expression or that McGee will sleep alone tonight, but

people do tend to follow patterns.

Wait, wait, we got a match.

The last person you scanned.

Which one?

Turning right.

Popped collar.

Alley on 17th, McGee.

Pull the van around. That's our terrorist.

Whoever this guy is, he gets around. The card's been used everywhere, from the Middle East to Latin America to the Caribbean.


Ninja senses tingling?

NCIS, drop your weapon!

Hands in the air!

Put it down!

You put down your weapon.


Hello, Ziva.

Oh, good, the Israelis are back.


Liat. It's like music.

In Hebrew, it means "you are the one for me", Tony.

My name roughly translates to "two parts of a leg".

Liat is one of the most common names in Israel.

Where only the grandmothers are named Ziva.

So what brings you to DC?

The cherry blossoms.

That's in the spring, actually.

I'm afraid all we have to offer in November are elections and pardoned turkeys.

I really like those boots, Liat. Not speaking too fast for you, am I?

I understand.

You're very tongue-in-ear.

She means tongue-in-cheek.

Don't put words in the girl's mouth.

We are on vacation.

Tourists have their passports scanned, they don't carry firearms and clearly this is the new Ziva.

In Mossad. Your replacement.

Did you expect we would never move on after you left us?

You left me.

Let's not get hung up on who's left, who's right and who's wrong.

Let's get back to the original question.

What are you doing here?

Hey, Boss.

We were just having a pretty good time lying to each other, and I think that was about to boil off, actually.

If you intend to detain us any longer I'd like a statement of cause.

You're terrorists.

That is absurd.

Not according to our director, who saw you coming from a mile away.

Losing your touch.

You're in the United States illegally.

You're immigration now, Special Agent Gibbs?

Deport us then.

Take them in. Figure out how they got here.

Do not need to wait for me.

Outsiders are not allowed to be unaccompanied in this building.

Congratulation on becoming an insider.

Must be very proud.

I am.

And your family?

How do they feel?

You now? You were personally selected by my father to fill a vacancy in his roster, not his bloodline.

Trust me, the second part is not something you want to covet.

You read up on me.

You spent eight months in paramilitary operations, helping to develop the new Galil assault rifle.

You won the marksmanship ribbon for your outfit four consecutive times.

I have six.

But I'm not done.

Benefit of youth.

See, I would expect you to look into past conduct.

But you seem to only to care about my abilities with a gun.

You have a pet cat.

Named Bill.

I happen to like cats.

Still, I feel this measuring contest would be more at home in the men's room. Don't you think?

Heard you got a shipment in, Duck.

The three bodies we were expecting from the Gulf.

You're fluent in chicken scratch.

Perhaps you can make out this scrawl.

Maybe some sort of acronym?

C. I. W. S.

Close-In Weapons System.

So a Coast Guard cutter opened fire on a pleasure fishing craft?

With a Gatling gun?

Claims these guys fired first.

Who's this?

Captain Caleb Burnett.

He was on leave, helping his brother pay the bills.

Coast Guard approached three miles off the coast of Florida.

Saw crates being thrown overboard, hailed a warning.

Then the fireworks.

Gulf Coast oil spill wreaked havoc on the fishing business.

Turned to smuggling?

Would you believe that human and animal hair has been found to be one of the most effective agents in cleaning up the oil?

From across the country, over half a million pounds of hair has been donated by barber shops, salons and pet stores.

The dark-haired guy was the shooter.

According to the Coast Guard report. But they may have that wrong.

Abby didn't find any gunshot residue on this man's hands.

And I just sent swabs out from the other two, for analysis.

What else did CGIS miss?

I found an anomaly on the back of this man's skull.

Large caliber rounds would inflict this sort of damage, but not... that small hole.

And that is stippling.

I got no clue what they were smuggling.

Port of origin was near Havana.

Maybe they were smuggling cigars.

Drugs. Drugs are always good.

Pirates do like rum.

It's not a guessing game.

Tell me you got something, Abs.

I got a lot, Gibbs.

I mean, with our mystery smugglers and our Mossad operatives in their dark clothing, sticking to the shadows.

Yeah, 'cause that hasn't gotten old.

Black on black never goes out of style, Gibbs, just so you know.

But it would be nice if they would play things, you know, above the board every once in a while. Although, last time Netanyahu was in town, they did everything according to standard protocol and then the airlines lost a bag of his advance team's guns.

Personally, I don't like losing things.

Did I just give you a clue?

It's what you do, Abs.

Then let me give you more.

These are the slugs pulled from the boat.

There's a handful of nine-millimeters mixed in with the Coast Guard's 20-mill big boys.

Was kind of a bad idea to shoot at a cutter with a nine-millimeter.

It's like trying to put out a forest fire with a Super Soaker.

Right? Right. So...

I went through all three of our victims, and there's no corresponding GSR.

Smugglers never fired a shot.

Not these guys.

The nine-millimeter might match the anomaly that Ducky found in the captain's skull at close range.

Captain and crew were executed on the boat.

Shooter fires at the cutter.

Goes into the water with the crates.

Empty, which suggests that whatever was being smuggled has floated away.

Or whoever swam away.

Breathing holes.

Somebody could have gotten caught trying to sneak somebody into the country, and then those somebodies...

Are still unaccounted for.

Crew was killed as a smoke screen.

And they swam to shore the last 3 miles under the cover of night.

That's dark.

Even for black on black.

You know about the 3 bodies downstairs, killed in transit from Cuba to Florida?

Why would we?


Their murder was a distraction to occupy the Coast Guard on the surface while their cargo swam to shore.

You killed Americans to get here?

Your boss did not send you here to kill smugglers.

Who were in the crates?

Who are you tracking?

Three members of a Palestinian terror network.

You followed them from Cuba?

Then why do you search for them in DC?

They're not.

They're a step ahead of the assassins already.

They're an advance team.

You're right.

They are assassins.

And this is where their target will be.

Who is their target?

Your father is coming.

He'll be here in two days.

My father has not left Israeli soil in 12 years.

We are not lying.

We got three killers to find.

You get DiNozzo and McGee caught up. I'm going to stock up.

It's going to be a long night.

Officer Hadar.

You almost made me spill my coffee.

Americans- you can never just say hello.

How about "Shalom"?

Hello and good-bye.

And peace, Agent Gibbs.

Not a lot of that when you're around.

Do you have a minute to sit down with my director?

Please, come with me. He's waiting for you.

Tea and coffee.

There was a time when this conversation would take place over something a bit more exciting.

I'm still on the clock. No one's stopping you.

But, along with several other vices, drinking is now part of my past.

Do you know that they say about a man with no vices?


He has incredibly annoying virtues.

Which one brings you to town?


I was summoned.

Vance's review of the international case files and his request for contributions from every NCIS director.

Not every director.

Not Jenny Shepard.

She was truly responsible for bringing our organizations together.

And for bringing my daughter into your life.

But I am not here for her.

For Ziva.


You're not here for Ziva. She has a name.

I am aware. I gave it to her.

Director Vance has a suite at the Freemont.

He's got a system where he can videoconference any agent who couldn't attend personally.

You didn't have to make the trip.

There is a case.


Then you do know.

No, just bits. Pieces.

For the first time, all parties involved will peel back the veil.

This a witch hunt?

With you wearing the pointy hat?

It may be necessary for me to defend myself.

Need a lot of that.

The assassins...

I am surprised and not unimpressed that they have made it this far. But I am not concerned.

My people will ensure my safety.


Already got three bodies on the slab.

You should have told us you were coming.

But, like it or not, protecting you is my responsibility.

A joint effort, I think.

The three remaining members of the Palestinian Resistance Front, an anti-Zionist group responsible for many Israeli deaths.

We've spent years tracking them.

And still there are three.

No, there are only three.

When they started, there were many more.

Karif Yasin.

Explosives expert.

Ramsi Ashor.

Intel specialist.

Abasi El Masri, their leader.

El Masri is trained in NATO weaponry and has a degree in advanced engineering.

I don't care how many degrees he has.

If he's serious about assassinating Eli, he's going to need something more than a pistol.

It is not about the size of the gun...

It is about the will of the shooter.

We will make sure they do not succeed.

If necessary, we will place ourself in the line of fire.

"All someone needs is the willingness to trade his life for mine. "

In the Line of Fire.

Kennedy said that.

"Why don't you just memorize your lines, don't bump into the furniture,

"McBartlett. "

Spencer Tracy said that.

Why isn't Secret Service or the State Department handling Director David's protection detail?

The director does not want anyone to know he's coming.

A bang-up job, I'd say.

How did they find out?


No big, fat lie ready to go?

You really don't know.

Which case files are we looking at?

Are we talking 1988 or '98?

We finished with '88 an hour ago, Ben.

If you consult your schedule, you'll also notice the upcoming lunch break.

If the rest of us can wait...

Yeah, the rest of you are on the East Coast, Leon.

It's breakfast time in Mazatlan.

It's dinnertime here, and I'm holding off.

Plus, I am dangerously close to missing my dinner reservation.

All right, if we'll open the file code-named Leviathan.

For the record, I was not involved directly in that case, so any observations I have about it are purely impartial...

Damn it. I brought the wrong cane.

Other cane's got the flask.


Where'd they dig you up?

This will keep you sharper.

Please, the coffee here is weaker than a Frenchman's handshake.

You ever heard of Tristan da Cunha?


Neither did the rest of the world, or so I thought.

Archipelago in the South Atlantic.

I was building a mission there.

Haven't installed the phone lines yet.

Former Agent McCallister will take over while I take a short break.

Look at this, I get to play schoolteacher again.

All right, everybody, shut up.

Robinson, put those huevos away.

Feet off the table.

My bad. Forgot you could see me.

How you doing, Roy?

Bodies from the Gulf were all executed at close range.

By whom? Not the Coast Guard.

Three Palestinians they were smuggling into the United States.

Amsterdam on today's docket, Leon?

Not till Friday.

Eli's here already, isn't he?

You knew he'd come.

You dangle the right bait, you can catch any game.

Palestinians are following the same logic.

Chasing Eli.

That was unexpected.

We got to find them first.

Then we need to get on Eli's protection detail.

I know he's going to make it miserable for us.

Got McGee babysitting him in a safe house.

We're running drills to secure the hotel.

Good. How's our own David handling it?

Her father left her to die in a desert.

So it's a problem?

Would be for me.

Won't be for Ziva.

A sniper across the street would have a shot into any room on this side.

Chemical agent could be disseminated through the air ducts.

Take out a whole floor.

Could spiral down from the roof.

Too many access points to cover.

Nobody protects you quite like a trained killer.

They certainly know all the moves.

How long have you and Liat been together as partners?

You must be her first.

Partner, I mean.

She is young.

What she lacks in experience, she makes up for with a passion unlike I have ever seen.

Am I sensing something between the two of you?

Nothing serious.

You haven't slept together then?

Of course we are sleeping together. It's just nothing serious.

Got to get back to Israel.

Next year, Jerusalem, my friend.

Given my father's many enemies, we would have been better served with advance notice.

Do you include yourself?

Among his enemies?

I'm doing a threat assessment.

I wonder if protecting his life is an appropriate assignment for you.

Let us find out.

We will walk the garage approach.

I will play my father, you will try to kill me.

Out front is far too visible.

We are assessing feasibility of a subterranean approach.

The corridor is primary, service entrance, secondary.

It is the best way to predict all possible attack angles, Gibbs.

I will be playing my father, Tony, Malachi and Liat are the assassins.

Your father has a bodyguard.

Follow me, Director David.

We do not like that area because of the vulnerability at the apex.

West side, last car on the left.

Come on!

There are different techniques for protecting a young man and an older man.

I would imagine he would move more slowly than he once did.


One more shooter left.


A three-man team is one thing... but we should not be so naive as to assume that means only three guns.

I'm dead... but so are you.

Home safe from the safe house, I see with sandwiches.

I've had had a very educational morning.

Good, 'cause Liat killed Gibbs and Ziva.


We killed you first, Tony.

I've seen it a million times.

The pretty, popular girl gets jealous when the hot new transfer comes in and steals all the spotlight.

It's pretty much a staple of every high school movie from the '70s and '80s:

Heathers, Fast Times...

Who got jealous in Fast Times?

God, I like Phoebe Cates.

What'd Eli David have to say?

Well, he said that, in Israel, they call backgammon "Shesh Besh".

But I actually did learn something.

Turns out that, before becoming Eli's personal cleaner, and right-hand man, Officer Amit Hadar infiltrated the PRF. Now, he said their intel guy, Ashor, was preoccupied with American transports down the East Coast.

He thinks they're gonna go for firepower before they take their shot.

It's a good theory.

Tim-Amit, palindromic pals.

Now, the Palestinians' last known location is a thousand miles south of DC.

Now every major and minor airport in between has their photos posted.

I've got alerts at the train stations, bus stations, local LEOs up and down the coast as well as any and all hardware shipments, commercial or military.

I have hung a net.

I do not know who "Annette" is or why you are so proud of killing her.

No, what I mean is, if they make a move, we're gonna know about it.

All right.

Send the manifest. We're on the way.

Transport truck just got hijacked near Fort A. P. Hill.

Army contractor.

Well, see?

We know about it.

Take over the investigation of the weapons hijacking.

It's connected to our terrorist pursuit.

El Masri's got his weapons, he just needs a window.

Then let's make sure they're all tightly shut.

You ever consider shifting this conference to the Navy Yard?

These guys are here to kill Eli David.

As tempting as that may be to facilitate...

I don't want to have to explain to the people in this room that my team can't secure a hotel from three terrorists.

Leon, if this is a matter of pride...

It's a matter of principle, Gibbs.

We stand on their shoulders.

These people built the integrity of NCIS.

They did their work honorably, consistently and transparently.

And I'll be damned if that's gonna change on my watch.

There something going on I should know about?

No, Gibbs, everything's just fine.

We'll be covering the first chapters of my career.

I bet you'd just love to have a committee of people who had, wanted, or actively want your job combing through mistakes you made when you were 27.

Yeah? So why do it?

Protect the guy we invited, find the ones we didn't.

You got any more questions, ask Eli.

Ziva, besides the CROW, how many carbines?

Five were still in the truck. That leaves the hijackers with... six Sig Sauers.

Seven assault rifles, an XM-320 grenade launcher, body armor and a SPIKE antitank guided missile.

That's stacking up to be a lot less precision attempt and more Wile E. Coyote.

You know, more and more elaborate, out-of-proportion tactics?

Did you know Wile E. Coyote was based on a character out of a Mark Twain book?

It's true.

Twain described the coyote as a living, breathing "allegory of want".

As fanatical as the three we're looking for.

Did the Director agreed to a change of venue?

The conference stays put.

I guess he'd rather we... do our jobs?

All right, now, Boss, this is the thing that we really, really need to worry about.

It's a lighter, modified version of the Common Remotely Operated Weapon.

It has a thermal-imaging system, state-of-the-art sensor and camera.

CROW can be equipped with multiple machine guns.

Mounted and controlled off location, it can turn one man into...

A one-man army. I got it.

Like Liat demonstrated.

Now, I can bring up the...

Boss! Hi, guys.

Just found a stolen car abandoned in Friendship Heights.

It looks like it might be the one the Palestinians used in the hijacking.

Had it towed in.

What is that smell?

I've got every reason to believe that these guys didn't leave this car from the time they stole it.

Now, that was two days ago, in Florida.

They've racked up a lot of mileage since then.

It's an old model, there's no GPS.

I can't determine their exact route, but I'd wager it wasn't interstates.

Old school... with a twist.

Did any of them have an engineering background?

Yes, the leader.

El Masri.

Looks like he rigged this up on the fly with parts you can get at a truck stop.

It's a refueling system.

They did not stop any more than they absolutely had to.

I've pulled some hair samples. I'm certain they're gonna correspond with the hair samples from the crates. It's the same guys.

Yes. These men are hunters.

And if you've ever spent an entire day in a deer blind, you know that you do not want to open those.

You should see your dad.

How would that help the case?

It wouldn't.

Have you even spoken to him?


What does it matter to you?

Do you think it's just by chance that he came back into your life?

What about...

Gibbs and his father, and Tony?

Just comes a point, you know, in your lifetime where... where they come back into your life because they matter to you.

And because you matter to him.

I suppose that sounds complicated... but believe me... it's not nearly as complicated as... knowing that... they're never ever gonna come back again.

Amit, you're killing me.

Prison guard has come to check up on us.

No one taught you. You let your boss win.

Hiding him does not make him safe.

Al-Masri has been waiting years for the Director to step away from home.

They will find him.

Somewhere on a piece of paper, it has been written.

A schedule, the name Eli David, where and when.

They prey on human error.

You ever make any of those, Eli?

In Israel, I travel with a team of armed guards behind four-inch bulletproof glass, separating me from the world like a sweatbox, even in autumn.

I was looking forward... to the chill of an East Coast winter.

I understand the air here is different.

Open a window.

I even bought gloves for the occasion.

Agent Gibbs... I'm just saying I would like to go for a walk.

I ask for a walk, I get a tour of your city.

I'm not complaining.

Movement gets the blood flowing, stimulates the mind.

It can even create the illusion of freedom.

I'm a magician.

I cannot disagree with that, Agent Gibbs.

You have a way of making my family disappear.

It's all about perspective.


No, thank you.

This is a fool's errand.

First rule of fishing:

Patience is everything.

A fishing expedition.

You saw what they did to the last fishermen they encountered.

All units report.

Position one, all clear.

Position two...

Possible vehicle match at the end of the street.

Liat, you're on it?

On my way.

Running plates. Liat, check it out.

I'm here.

I got to hand it to your father, Ziva.

He has who knows how many guns trained on him right now and he is completely oblivious.

No, he's aware.

He is always aware of what he does.

Not caring about the consequences is what makes him who he is.

Plates are stolen. Liat, you got a visual?

Position three. Car's empty.

Liat, your 6:00.

I have a visual on Ramzi Ashor.

I got no shot.

What about the other two?

Liat's got a bead on one.

Searching for the others.

I see the second one, Yasin.

Gibbs, take cover.

Move! Now!

Out of the way!

Drop your weapon.

Ziva, talk to me.

You tell me, where is he?

Where is the third?

You did good.


So did you.

You consider yourself heroic?

This is a minor interruption.

Eli David will be eliminated.

Interrogation is a waste of time.

I can withstand anything you do. I will not reveal anything.

I know. Where's El Masri?

You could not possibly know the sort David is.

He's an awful son of a bitch, everybody knows that.

I'm not going to let you murder him.

It's not murder.

It's war.

I pity you Americans, because you inherited it.

You tried to reason your way into it.

Economically, politically, theoretically.

But we have seen the blood.

We have heard the cries.

Our war is here.

You two were on patrol.

You left El Masri alone.

No backup, no support.

Nothing but a pile of stolen weapons.

So is that where he is?

He's placing weapons?

Do you know where Eli David is supposed to be today?

The answer to both is the same.

Eli David will be lying dead in the street.

And Abasi El Masri

will be standing over him.



This is incredible.

Pretzel with peanut butter inside.

This is American ingenuity.

I should cancel that conference.

Not on my account.

It's not just your safety I'm concerned about, Eli.

I'm responsible for all the members of that committee.

You really screwed me here.

Did you think I wanted the assassins to follow me?

You told them where to find you.

He is a splinter in my toe, Leon.

He has been for years.

If I do not extract him now, it could become infected.

That's nasty, Eli.

Yet illustrative.

A couple of the former directors are saying that this chaos is the result of bad blood between you and me.

They're saying that once we get to the subject of Amsterdam, it'll be about one of us trying to make the other one look bad.

But you and I know better.

I never wanted to revisit this in the first place.

Leon... Your first mission in Amsterdam was the beginning of your career. We gave you a life, but you should want to know if it was not all just a lie.

They are all here, Leon.

I have delivered you each and every man and woman, everyone who knows everything.


You must be courageous and learn the truth.

El Masri will try and kill you before that happens, you know that.

No matter how many resources we put in his way.

Let him come.

He is one. We are many.

And our people are supposed to be better.

If he manages to get through and to kill me, I wouldn't want to go on, anyway.

I understand you volunteered for this detail.


To protect my director.

Alright. Let's go.

That is all you're going to say to me?

What is the point?

I know this face.

You made the same one when I told my brother he could not buy you a pony.

Ziva, if you want to talk, we will talk.

I'm not going to beg.

Why not?

Confronted with the prospect of your own death, another man...

Lesser man...

A human man! Would want to.

Ziva... You are not dead.

You are living your life, making your choices.

If you choose to let me be part of your life, I would welcome that with open arms.

I am saddled with responsibilities that you cannot possibly fathom.

The safety of the nation.

And every one of our neighbors wants us dead.

I don't have the luxury of allowing my feelings to dictate my actions.

You do not have any feelings.

I have no feelings?

There was a time, Ziva, when I was quite different.

When my house was filled with the sound of children laughing.

You and Ari and Tali.

There was a time, Ziva.


His heart is hidden for a reason.

Anybody got anything?

Nothing yet, boss.

Keep looking.

If El Masri set up any attack positions, we'll find them.

Malachi, you notice that laundry van that's been parked there forever?

Uh, boss... We found El Masri's fixed remote gun position.

This is sloppy.

He had to know we'd make a perimeter sweep.


Ziva, divert your approach to the service entrance.

Copy that, McGee.

Diverting to secondary.

Most fathers teach their daughters how to drive.

I have you to blame for this?

This she learned from her mother.

Is this the only alternative?

It is now.

Get back!


Stay down!

Move back!

Get him to the safe house!



Get in! Let's go!

What the heck's going on out there?

Sounds like World War III.

Okay. Everyone, just calm down.

We are calm. You're yelling.

There was a threat.

It has been assessed, confronted, and dealt with.

In a fashion.

Son, we've all been behind the curtain.

We know how it goes.

Dead bad guy. The end.

Okay, then.

I don't think a round of applause would be too out of line.

It's a joke.

Agent Gibbs, everything secure?

Yeah. Hadar, report.

You okay?


Hadar, come in.

They should be back at the safehouse by now.

Hadar, acknowledge.

Leon! Are you there?



What's happened?