08x11 - Ships in the Night

Getting late, huh?

If this goes any further, we're going to have to go back to your place.

At least, when my mom passes, I inherit the house.

Good to know.

Becky told me that you don't say much.

Don't worry.

That's a quality I value in a woman.

Would you excuse me? I'm gonna freshen up.


I'll be right here.


You got it.

Rough night?

Blind date.

On a boat.

Nowhere to go.


Should I call the coast guard?

No need.

I am the coast guard.

CGIS Special Agent Abigail Borin.

First Lieutenant Jeremy Nolan.

Agent Borin, if your date continues to get worse, will I see you back here?

Safe bet.


There you are.

Thought I lost ya.

No chance of that.

What was that?!

Get down!

NCIS Season 8 Episode 11 Ships in the Night

2:00 a.m. on a Friday night.

In a parallel universe, the DiNozzo that didn't become a cop is walking out of a bar with a beautiful lady he doesn't know the name of...


How romantic.

As romantic as your...

Cuban Casanova?

He's not Cuban.

Must be tough.

Make time for each other.

You're stuck here, finishing case reports, and he's frolicking in the Miami sun.

He travels... a lot.

Which is why I'm using comp time to take three days off next week to go see him.

You can't do that.

Why not? We're adults.

No, not that. You can't use comp time for days off.

According to the OPM guidelines, I can.

How long have you been a senior field agent?

I just never thought there was anything very useful in those things.

"Even though NCIS employees are salaried,

"any scheduled overtime hours

"must be compensated monetarily or with...

"time off."

I was actually told that they prefer us to take the time off.

No one told me!

They just send me the money.

Then what are you complaining about?

I don't need more money.

I need more time.

Just think of all the women I could've dated.

I would rather not.

Respectfully dated.

But it's never too late.

What are you doing?!

Tallying up my overtime.

You got more coming, Skippy.

Grab your gear.

Got another all-nighter?

You can sleep when you're dead.

I need this area kept clear of passengers, even if they claim to be my date.

Agent Gibbs.

Agent Borin.

We gotta stop meeting like this.

You mean when NCIS takes over one of my cases.

My call was a courtesy, not an invitation.

Body trumps boat.

That's a nice dress.

Are you cold?

Tried to give him CPR. And no.

The gift shop was all out of pantsuits.

Unless you'd rather just go home.

And let you have all the fun?

Don't think you're getting rid of me that easily, Gibbs.

I didn't.

Not only was I on the boat at the time of the murder, I was the last person to see the victim alive, so I'm here for the long haul.

Glad to have you onboard.

Our victim is Marine Lieutenant Jeremy Nolan.

He was having dinner with his sister and uncle.

Metro PD's got them up on the deck, along with the rest of the passengers.

You got a murder weapon?

It's likely at the bottom of the river.

But none of the passengers have been allowed to disembark.

Which means that our killer could still be onboard.

Navy looks good on you, Borin.

Ladies and gentlemen, excuse me. If I could have your attention.

Thank you.

I know it's been a long night.

Consider it your murder mystery dinner theater on the Potomac.

It was dinner. Now it's breakfast.

Looks like Colonel Mustard was killed on the deck with a lead pipe, maybe lead bullets, and...

"only by interrogating

"each and every one of you individually...

"can we hope to see the light."

It's Albert Finney, doing Hercule Poirot...

1974's Murder on the Orient Express.

The murderer very well could be with us now, so, excuse me... can I please have you all take your seats, we will get to you one by one.

Thank you.

Jeremy just got back from Afghanistan.

This was meant to be a celebration to welcome him home.

Kimberly and I are Jeremy's only family.

You're Lieutenant Nolan's uncle.

Yes. Wayne Grossman.

We already told all this to Metro Police.

It's just Jeremy survived 18 months overseas, only to be gunned down four days after he came home.

Kimberly, were you with your brother the entire night?

Until he went to get a drink from the bar.

The paparazzi already know about Jeremy.

They're outside the marina now.


For a Marine lieutenant?

And me.

You didn't recognize our last name?

You're the Kimberly Nolan.

The Kimberly Nolan.

Looks like he tried to crawl out of the line of fire.

It's too little, too late.

Damage was already done.

He seemed like a nice guy.

Guess it's true what they say... all the good ones are taken.

Or dead.

That's what I meant, you know... taken.

He's not really my type, anyway.

What, rich and famous?

That never hurts. Why?

Because the lieutenant was both.

Jeremy Nolan is the only son of the late Jack Nolan.

Didn't know he was one of those Nolans.

The family's worth millions.

And yet, our victim walked away from the family business to become a Marine.

Guess he was one of the good ones.

McGee. You awake?

I'm sorry. Yes.

Never quite get used to these extra hours.

I don't know how you and Agent Borin stay so...



It's just that... you two have a lot in common.

Like what?


Did you bring cream and sugar?


Stopped off at the office. Got some info on our dead Marine.

Now, Boss, victim is Lieutenant Jeremy Nolan.

He was commissioned three years ago.

Nolan was being groomed to take over the family business.

Kid chose the battlefield over the boardroom.

It's a choice his father took personally.

Apparently, the two never spoke again.

His father cut him out of the will and his family fortune.

Hell of a way to thank him for serving his country.

Jack Nolan died six months ago, from a heart attack.

He started the company in his backyard.

Now Nolan Radar Systems is one of the country's biggest aviation suppliers, which makes them a very wealthy, very well-known family.

Yeah, then the sister went viral.

What'd she have?

Not "sick" viral, Internet viral.

Leaked s*x tape spread across the Internet.

Do you want to see it?




Nolan outworked every lieutenant in his battalion, guy stacked up citations like it was cordwood.

Probably trying to prove that he deserved to be there.

Somebody wanted him dead.

Dinner boat.

Yes, boss.

Ran backgrounds on all of the passengers.

No connections to our victim or this family.

Nice work, McGee.

Tony and Ziva are interviewing the last of them now.

It's Steve.

Steve Mehlman.

She hasn't mentioned me?

We were really hitting it off.

You and Agent Borin?


Is it all right if I hit the head now?

Agent Borin's a lucky lady.

Don't worry, Ziva, you'll find your Mehlman.

If you do, run.

I've been avoiding him since last night.

Anything from the interviews?

There was no sign of the murder weapon anywhere onboard, and no positive GSR tests.

So our shooter wore gloves and changed clothes.


No one saw what happened on deck.

Any good news?


A couple remembers seeing a man in a Marine uniform get into an argument with a member of the boat's waitstaff.

And that happened about 10 minutes before the gunshots.

Just before I met Nolan at the bar.

We're on our way to I.D. the crewmember, using the couple's description.

In the meantime, what about the other passengers?

Long as you know where to find them, let them go.


Want me to drive you home?

Celebrities have always existed... from promiscuous monarchs to Roman gladiators.

In fact, when the Olympians returned home victorious, they used to take out a section of the city walls, so that the athletes wouldn't have to... pass through the same gate as mere mortals.

These days, however, fame is more easily obtained.

Anyone with enough money and a lack of self-respect can become famous just by being famous.

We've gone from Socrates to Snooki.

You know, I can understand you wanting to distance yourself from such a frivolous lifestyle.

Marines are as far as it gets, Duck. Bullets?

Both are nine-millimeters.

And judging by these trajectories, both were fired from an unusually low angle.

The shooter must have positioned himself below his victim.

Possibly crouched.

Lying in wait.

Lack of gunshot residue on his skin or clothing indicates that the shots were fired from at least 20 feet away.

No exit wounds?

Which suggests low-powder, low-velocity rounds were used.

Which makes putting two in his chest at that distance quite a feat.

I'm impressed.

Military training.


Did you know that apart from being one of the greatest marksmen in history, Herb Parsons was also a champion duck-caller.


I didn't know that, Duck, 'cause I don't know who that is.

But if you get anything else...

Duck, call.

What the hell am I doing here? I told you I didn't kill anyone.

You are a waiter on the boat, Doug.

We got witnesses saying that... you guys almost came to blows.

You take away his plate prematurely?

Maybe he was planning on finishing that salmon pâté.

Don't talk down to me, man.

An ex-Marine should be used to that.

No such thing as an ex-Marine.

I beg to differ, Doug.

'Cause you got served the big chicken dinner, didn't ya?

Bad-conduct discharge.

That's not good.

What did you do?

Striking a superior officer?

That's a numbskull move, Doug.

What was he like? I bet he talked down to you a lot.

Doesn't mean I killed anyone.

I guess not.

But you do own a nine-millimeter, don't ya?

And you got a bad temper.

Nine-millimeter... that's the same caliber as the murder weapon.

Marines who actually complete a tour of duty, Doug, they get awfully thirsty... the desert and stuff.

What happened, did you forget to refill Lieutenant Nolan's water glass?

Stop talking to me like that!

Stop lying to me like that.

So I recognized the rich son of a bitch, and I called him out on being a glory hound. That a crime?

He gave up a pretty cushy life to go and join the Marines, you know that?

We all give something up.

Thousands of Marines deploy every year and put their lives on the line.

The hell makes him any different?

So you killed Lieutenant Nolan to prove what?

I told him his joining up was a stunt.

But I walked away.

Out on deck.

I was on the opposite side of the boat.

I heard shots... but I didn't see anything.

Say, you don't mind if I run ballistics on your nine-millimeter, do you?

I didn't kill Nolan!

Somebody on the boat did.

You're our prime suspect. Congratulations, Doug!

I hope he left you a big tip.

Agent Abby! Welcome back.

Here... my condolences.

Sympathy card.

My condolences on the loss of Sonny Lee, the mascot for the Coast Guard station at Norfolk?

The cocker spaniel that died two weeks ago?


Thanks. How did you even hear about that?

I'm on an e-mail list for military service animals.

Gibbs, did you know that the Coast Guard has a long tradition of having an animal mascot on the ship with them?

And the mascots are so beloved that they're enlisted.

They have their own service and medical records, sometimes even their own bunk.

It's cool, huh?

How come NCIS doesn't have a mascot?

We do, Ab.



I have been trying to recreate the shooting on the boat deck.

Using the information from Ducky, I built a 3-D model of our victim, with corresponding bullet trajectories.


It makes no sense.

I can't figure out where the shooter was standing.

The angle of the bullets is too severe to allow the shots to come from more than 20 feet away.

There wasn't enough room on the boat deck.


No matter how I line this up, there's no place on that boat that can explain the angle and the distance of the bullets' trajectory.

Killer wasn't on the boat.

But using this trajectory, the shots would've had to come from the water itself.

The surface of the water.

Our shooter wasn't on the dinner boat.

He was on a second boat.

You need something, Agent Borin?

Coffee? Nutter Butter?


There's only one thing giving me a headache, McGee.

And I deserve it.

What's that?

The fact that I can't remember seeing a second boat last night.

I'm a trained CGIS investigator.

You were attending to a dying Marine.

"Never make excuses" is rule number one.

You should write that down.

I would, but rule number one's already been taken. Twice.

So who are these people?


I don't think he has any friends.

Maybe Mike Franks or Fornell, but...

Butt out, McGee.

Butt off my desk, Borin.

Talked to the captain of the dinner boat.

He doesn't remember seeing any other craft in the area at the time of the shooting.

So, if our shooter was on a second boat, how would they know that Nolan was going to be on deck at that exact time?

The wrong place at the wrong time?

You think maybe Nolan wasn't the target?

Let's find the other boat and find out.

Got something here.

Not about our mystery boat, but about our victim.

Lieutenant Jeremy Nolan just showed up in the Metro Police system on an assault charge.

Who assaulted him?

No one.

The charge was against Jeremy Nolan. It was filed three days ago.

So, just after he got back from Afghanistan.

According to the report, charges were dropped the next day.

That's fast.

Who was the attorney?

The uncle... Wayne Grossman, lead counsel for Nolan Radar Systems.

I guess our Marine hadn't completed severed all ties with his family business or their influence.

Send Tony. Send Ziva.

Wonder how the private sector's benefit package compares to ours?

Can we discuss your package another time, Tony?

Mr. Adams.

Special Agents DiNozzo, David, NCIS.

Please, sit down.

Pretty fancy.

Looks like business is booming.

It is.

It's hard to believe a company this big is... still owned and operated by the Nolan family.

So, you're not a part of the family?

No, but... you might say adopted.

I started out in the warehouse when I was 15.

Mr. Nolan sort of took me under his wing.

And now you're the president?


I run the business side for the family.

Kimberly, Jeremy's sister, is on the board, but it's... more of a ceremonial position.

And Jeremy?

Jeremy wanted to serve his country.

Joined the Marines a few years ago.

Good kid... I'd do anything for him.

Including dealing with his assault charge?

No. That would be my purview.

Hello, Mr. Grossman.

Sorry I'm late.

So what happened?

While Jeremy was in Afghanistan, a Devin Lodge started dating Kimberly.

Lodge is a spoiled little punk.

Devin Lodge and Jeremy attended Princeton together.

They never liked each other very much. Not even back then.

Why is that?

Because the guy's a bully and Jeremy's the only one who ever s...

Lodge slapped Kimberly around.

Tabloid published some photos.

When Jeremy got home last week...

Jeremy had a little... chat with Devin.

A chat?

He threw a single punch.

The charges have been dropped.

Do you think Lodge retaliated by killing Jeremy?

You'd have to talk to him about that.

Agent Borin and I are going through all the photos that were taken with the confiscated cameras from the dinner boat cruise.

People take a lot of pictures of their food.

Hoping to catch something on film.

And we did.

There was an engagement party right next to a row of windows.

Since everybody's got a camera-phone now, we got a photo taken right before Nolan was shot.

We can see out the window.


That's how we found our mystery boat.

Or part of it.

Enough to identify the make and model.

She didn't even have to use a computer, Gibbs.

It was the fishing tower of a 20-foot TidalNav... a very fast sports fishing boat.

And popular.

I already have my office pulling all TidalNav registrations in the DC area.

Abs-es... that is good work.

Hold on. How did you two get in here?

We used these.

We're looking for Devin Lodge.

And don't say he's not here, or we'll have to card everybody.

Back table. By the restroom.

Thank you, sir.

I don't want to talk about it.

I do, okay?

Let go of me! It hurts!

Stop being a bitch.


That is not a nice word.

Who the hell are you?

Kimberly, want someone to help you out of here?

No, thank you. I'm fine.

Ladies, could you give us a second?

I need a moment alone. With you.

Do you have any idea who I am?

That is a penetrating philosophical question, Devin.

Didn't take you for a thinker.

Yeah, well, is that your job here... the Thinker?

Do you own a boat like this one?

Like that?

But a fabulously wealthy guy like you could get his hands on pretty much anything, right?

Where were you last night at 12:30?

Wait. Is this about Jeremy's murder?

Hey, come on.

He did punch that pretty little puss of yours.

Yeah, the jarhead had a bad temper, all right?

Heard the same thing about you.

I guess you heard that we hated each other.

And that he hated the fact that I was dating his sister even more.

I didn't kill the guy, all right?

So why don't you two leave, before I get my very expensive lawyers involved?

You get anyone you want involved. I'm going to ask you one more time:

Where were you last night at 12:30?

Buddy, I'm Devin Lodge.

You want an alibi for last night?

Do your jobs.

Go outside, find out from one of the camera monkeys where I was.

They follow me 24/7.

Coast Guard sent over all the registrations for the TidalNav boats in the area, all 394 of them.

Start running 'em, Tim.

Checking into the paparazzi, Boss.

For being everywhere, they're surprisingly difficult to track down.

Kind of like termites or roaches.

Find one with film on Devin Lodge.

I found something!

You okay?



Are you bleeding?


There's a blood anomaly from the crime scene. Blood results.

On the left, this is from our victim, Lieutenant Nolan.

And the second one? No idea.

Turns out the swab used at the crime scene, it mixed two blood samples, contaminating them.

I didn't know, at first, until I started getting too many restrictive fragment length polymorphisms...

English, Abs.

There was a second person wounded on the deck when Nolan was shot.

A second victim?


How long until you I.D. the second?

It's tricky.

The traces were small, and the blood samples were commingled.

Go, get started.

I knew you were gonna say that.



Coast Guard patrol boat just pulled another body out of the Potomac.

I hope it's the body we're looking for.

Swabbing for gunshot residue, Dr. Mallard?

And the other Abby will let me have the result.

How long do you think he was in the water?

It's difficult to determine.

The tarp in which he was wrapped was nearly watertight.

The water was about 40 degrees. He was basically refrigerated.

But if I had to approximate, I'd say this man was killed shortly after our lieutenant was shot on the dinner boat.

Cause of death?

The bullet that I took from his brain is a good candidate.

That looks like a .22.

Bullet, back of the head, close range.


After he was shot, the killer wrapped his body in a plastic tarp and then weighed it down with barbell plates.

It didn't sink.

Yeah, the wrapping was nicely done, but the bow slipped.

Body popped up, drifted downstream before it was fished out.

You got anything else, Duck?

When I was removing his clothing, I found these in one of his pockets.

Nine mills.

I believe the expression is "policing one's brass".

That's the same caliber used to kill Lieutenant Nolan.

But tarp man here was shot with a .22.

You thinking what I'm thinking?

I think tarp man was a pro, hired to kill Nolan, and that he got a bullet instead of a bonus.

That's crazy.

Did you catch that in your sleep?

Do you use sonar?

That is why it's called a "bat nap".


Completely refreshed.

I wish I could say the same.

Cheer up, McDrowsy.

Think of all the sweet overtime we're accruing.

At this rate, we might get to retire early.

I can arrange that, DiNozzo.

Got an I.D. on the floater, Boss.

Kyle Dansby, 34, hails from Wheeling, West Virginia.

Dansby has a rap sheet dating back to 2000, assault and battery, and the FBI has investigated him twice for possible murder-for-hire jobs.

He was their prime suspect.

I guess they don't have to worry about that now.

Potomac. Body.

Based on where Dansby's body was found, we should be able to...

Trace it back to where he was dumped.

I got this one, McGee.

A patrol boat recovered Dansby's body here...

The inlet at Potomac River Waterfront Park.

The river runs towards the Chesapeake at a rate of two miles an hour, would have hit incoming tidal flow...

McGee, can you zoom in, please?

Now, the body would have stayed along the bank, means it had to have been dumped here...

National Harbor.

McGee, you're up.

Cross-referencing National Harbor with our list of TidalNavs.

We have three in that vicinity.

You're not gonna believe who one of them's registered to.

Make me believe, McGee.

It's a holding company which is owned by Devin Lodge's family.

Go back there. Get him.

According to his latest Twitter update, he is "still crunk at da club".

May be code for something.


Knock, knock.


Are we gonna have a problem?

Looks like it, Gossip Guy.

You look cute, doll.

The paparazzi's gonna love this.

How do I look, Ziva?

Ask your dumb questions... while you two still have a job.

We can't ask you any questions until you sober up.

I'm waiving my rights.

Ask me anything you want.

I got nothing to hide, but I would... love to see what you are hiding under that jacket, princess.

What is this, like, reverse Darwinism?

You rich guys, 'cause you don't have to hunt or gather, your brain atrophies?

Out of my way, jackass.

You're blocking my view.

Excuse me.

What are you doing next week?

Testifying at your preliminary hearing.

That doesn't sound fun.

True or false: you hired this guy to kill Nolan and then you shot him so that, he couldn't talk.

Gross. False.

Come on, you guys can't be serious.

We didn't find anyone to confirm your alibi.

In fact... you seem to have slipped under the paparazzi's radar for four hours during the night of the murder.

Where'd you go?

Me? I, you know, I don't know.

I don't remember.

Got a bit of a problem.

There's a reason we couldn't find paparazzi footage of Devin Lodge from the night of the murder.

It's because the one guy that had it just sold it for $50, 000 to ZMZ Celebrity News.

She looks familiar.

That's 'cause she's Senator Baxley's 17-year-old daughter.

What does this prove?

The paparazzi guy that took this footage followed Lodge, then waited for them outside... for four hours.

He's got an alibi for both murders.

I thought you just said I had an alibi. Why are you arresting me?

For having s*x with a minor.

She told me she was 18?

That's what Fatty Arbuckle said.


No time like now. What do we got?

Time-stamp on Devin Lodge's paparazzi footage is too legit to quit, boss.

He did not shoot our dead hit man.

And we checked his phone, text and banking records... doesn't look like he hired Dansby either.

It is unfortunate, but... we got nada.

Somebody get something!

I got something.

My guys never do that.

Get yourself some new guys.

Probate closed at midnight on Jack Nolan's estate.

Guess who just became the world's wealthiest Marine.


Lieutenant Jeremy Nolan.

According to court records, the father changed his will prior to his death.

Guess Dad had a change of heart.

So now a dead guy owns the entire company.

Not exactly.

According to filings with the Registry of Commerce, Jeremy Nolan was about to convert the company from a private corporation into a charitable foundation.

Wonder who stood to lose if that happened.

Is this a record?

We don't talk about the record.

It got ugly.

Here we go.

Nolan Radar Systems' in-house counsel, Wayne Grossman.

Guess who he once defended?

Anyone? Anyone?

Hit the key.

Drum roll.

Family lawyer defended our hit man?

When he was just out of law school, and Dansby had just started getting into trouble.

That's thin.

I agree.

But as his former lawyer, Grossman would have intimate knowledge about Dansby.

And who better to call if you want someone whacked, than a whacker?


What else you got, Ab?

I have a print lifted off the boat Tarp Man used to shoot Nolan.

You can put Adams on the exact boat that was used for the murder?

Him and a slew of other friends and business associates.

Adams had been on that boat before?

Many times.

Those rich families... they all socialize together.

So Adams' prints on the boat means...

Absolutely nothing.

But wait. There's more. And by more, I mean less.

Lieutenant Nolan's sister, Kimberly...

She's out of a $300, 000-a-year job as a board member.

You're right. That's nothing.

What about the blood?

I'm running the last possible test I can to get a pure result, but Gibbs, if the blood is compromised, I won't get a reliable I.D. from the sample.

With no evidence, we're gonna need a confession.

The killer's not gonna confess.


So, what are we gonna do?

We're gonna break rule number one.

Never make excuses?

Never put suspects together.

You think you can get your hands on a key to a TidalNav, Agent Borin?

I do.

It's very late, Agent Gibbs.

I hope this has something to do with catching Jeremy's killer.

Yeah. Me, too.

What is that?

I'm glad you asked, Mr. Adams.

You should take a look.

Pick it up.

It's a key.

To the boat that Dansby used to kill Lieutenant Nolan.

Fingerprint belongs to you, blood belongs to Dansby.

That's impossible. I didn't kill him.

Key says you did.

Where did you find it?

Where did you leave it?

Don't say another word.

Give me the key.

I'm legal counsel for these people.

You talk to me. You don't talk to them.

Let's start with how you knew Dansby before Jeremy's murder.

How much did he charge you to kill Lieutenant Nolan?

This is absurd. We're leaving.

Not yet.

How about you, Kimberly? You're being very quiet over there.

And we just accused these two men of killing your brother.

You have anything... you want to say?

Want to have a look?

Aren't you warm?

I'm fine.


That fire makes this room all toasty, and you still got your fur coat on.

I said I'm fine.

Pick it up.


All right, that's Enough.

What's the matter, Kimberly?

You afraid of a little water?

I just lost my brother.

His killer is out there.

You're right.

I said, stop!

You're lucky the bullet only nicked you.

Do something.

Jeremy was standing right next to you when he was shot.

You saw the bullet tear into his body.

Must have been hard to watch your brother die.

I didn't want to do it.

They threatened me.

If I didn't get Jeremy out onto the deck, they were gonna kill me.


She's lying. It was all her idea.

But he's the one who arranged the hit man.

You put a bullet in Dansby's head.

Prove it.



I can't believe this.

We can't let him get away with it. I don't care if we have to kill him.

He's giving it all away!

I agree, but...

We'll have to do it before he converts the company.

You really think I was dumb enough not to record every conversation we had in this room?

I want to talk to the prosecutor right now.

Go ahead.

Cut your deal.

You know I'm the only one in Jeremy's will.

You're under arrest, all of you.

Get up.

What's wrong?

It's 8:00 in the morning, boss.

Yeah, man. Starting time.

Boss, we haven't been to sleep yet.

Hell, go home.

Sleep... it's way, way overrated.

Don't you think, Gibbs?

I think you're right.

Slow down, Omagi.


Call Choi, and tell her to prep the lab.

I'll meet you there in 30.

Dead body on a yacht in Baltimore.

So, same time next year, Gibbs?

We'll see.

Can I help you?

I'm looking for the person in charge of Lt Nolan's murder investigation.

That'd be me...

Might want to know about this.

Could be pertinent to your case.

Jeremy Nolan's will?

Revised will.

He had me redraft it while we were serving together over in Kandahar.

You're a lawyer?

Still have a successful firm in Chicago, sir.

That doesn't mean I can't still serve my country as a reservist.

No, it doesn't.

Jeremy and I had a lot in common.

Got to be good friends.

A good man.

Good Marine.

He took his sister out of the will?

And he had me draw up articles of corporate conversion turning the company into a nonprofit foundation.

Left everything to charity?

I heard about what happened, I thought it might be... motive?

Hope you catch his killer.

We did get him.

Captain's sacrifice inspire you to give up your comp time, Tony?

I just realized I have three weeks of comp time coming to me.

I can't take that much time off.

Why not?

Because someone else would get temporarily assigned to my desk.

Afraid your replacement will outshine you?

But, you know, Bledsoe goes down, and all of a sudden, there's Tom Brady, and he's got Gisele Bündchen.

DiNozzo, the game's never over.

Go on.

All of you.

Get out of here.