01x15 - Dedication


A turtle.

A turtle's taking a walk in Central Park... Oh.

Yeah. late one night. Uh-huh.

And he gets mugged by a gang of snails.

Uh-oh. Now... the investigating detective asks the turtle, "What-what can you recall?" And the turtle thinks, looks confused, and he says, "I don't know. It happened so fast."

Y-you know, Walter, it's great that your jokes are always clean.

Be nice if they were funny, too.

WALTER: What is not funny about that?

Everything. I'd say the set up, the punch line, the delivery: the whole thing.


Walt. It's a turtle!

Give it up, Walter. Was everything satisfactory, gentlemen?

Toughest piece of meat I ever had, Karl.

What did you do, run over it on the way to work?

(laughing) I'm sorry it was not to your liking, Commissioner.

Uh, may I offer another round of Appletinis on the house?

Oh, thank you, Karl.

We'll tip the full five percent.

Wait a minute, Frank. What are you doing, huh? No, I got it.

No, I got this, all right? Frank!

FRANK: Hold on a second. Um... Thank you.

FRANK: Um...

(sighs) The atrium at John Jay College is, uh... being dedicated to the memory of my son. Oh...

It's a pretty big deal.

The ceremony's Thursday.

Oh, I-I wouldn't miss it, Frank.

I'll be there, absolutely. Sure.


Thank you.


I need a little time.

Life is good, Walter.


Where did you get these?

Don't ask.


(car engine revs, tires screech)

10-13! 10-13!

Corner of Beaver and Williams, in Manhattan.

I repeat, 10-13!

This is Car One.

It's Reagan. The PC's been shot.

(siren wails)

DOCTOR: In a word: lucky.

He took some shot to his left arm and chest that impacted the artery but missed the heart.

Is he talking? Is he sedated?

Oh, yeah, he's talking. He's already trying to talk his way out of here.

How long before he gets to go home?

Uh, we'll hold him for two days, minimum.

I want to keep him under observation to make sure there's no pulmonary involvement.

HENRY: But he's going to be okay.

He's in remarkably great shape. And, as I said, very lucky.

Here we are.

Okay. Go ahead, Grandpa.

ERIN: Hi, Dad.


I'm going to be fine. Promise.

You're looking at one grateful bunch, Francis.

What can you tell us, Dad?

They ruined my best blazer.

(wry laugh)

About the shooter.

I know, Danny.

I don't know much.


Dark sedan.

I'm sure my guys got the make.

Shotgun, obviously.

This one was a flyer.

Most likely a sawed-off shotgun because, uh... a blast came from inside the car.

I didn't see the shooter.

Think for a second, Dad.

I am thinking, son.

DANNY: Dad, was he white, black, clean-shaven, beard?

Can you remember anything?

What happened to Walter?

DOCTOR: He's fine.

A sprained wrist from breaking his fall.

FRANK: Good.

I just wouldn't forgive myself if anything happened to Walter.

Maybe, Doctor, you could, uh... check on Walter.

Dad, can you just try to remember anything...

He's still in some shock.

Commissioner, I'm going to take your family downstairs to get some of our wretched coffee and then we'll check back with you in a little while.

We'll be right outside, okay?


(phone buzzes)

(phone beeps)



No. No, no, no. You wait.

I'm coming down.



These guys are toast.

♪ Blue Bloods 1x15 ♪


Original Air Date on February 18, 2011

Okay, listen up!

Intel's flagging the Reynaldo cartel in central Mexico, for the attempt on the life of Commissioner Reagan.

One of their bigs is coming to trial here in a couple of weeks, and they've got a long history of revenge killings in their own country in response to police actions taken against them.

Now, whether that means they're exporting their methods as well as their materials, that's the question. So...

Narcotics, Gang Unit, JTTF... that's the top of your pile.


Detective Reagan.

How's the Commissioner?

Um... he's good.

He-he took some shot to the arm and chest but he's-he's out of the woods now.

That's great to hear. I interviewed him briefly.

He wasn't 100%, but by tomorrow morning, he should be fine.

I'll get a statement... Thank you, Detective.

The thoughts and prayers of every man and woman in this department are with you and your family.

(phones ringing)

Ho. Hey.

They located the car, in, uh, Greenpoint.

Hold on, I'll check it.

I'm sorry. Excuse me.

Excuse me. Sorry. Excuse me.

They found the car where? Commissioner?

What is it, Detective? Sir.

I want in.

Your father's in the hospital.

That's where you're needed the most.

I'm a detective; I'm not a doctor.

I think I could do some good here.

I don't have a spot for you right now, or the time to discuss one.

Does this have something to do with some kind of beef between you and my dad?

I didn't hear what you just said.

Okay, look, I just want to help.

Okay? Please.

It's covered.


DANNY: How's he doing?

Well, we're hoping he's getting some sleep.

Thanks, hon.

What's going on out there?

Well, they found the shooter car over in Greenpoint, but nobody's claimed responsibility yet.

Intel's looking at some, uh, Mexican cartel that's got a habit of taking out public officials when one of their own gets pinched.

The Reynaldos?

Yeah. Special Prosecutor on that is a friend of mine.

I'll lean on him in the morning.

Good. Look, I know this is your father, but take care not to overstep your boundaries here.

I don't even know what the boundaries are in a situation like this.

I'm just saying...

It's Erin, Grandpa. She wrote the book on "by the book."

I just supposed to cruise the beat and hope somebody calls 911

with a guilty conscience?

Is what it is, kid. Get used to it.

Vincenzo squeezed me out, too.

And I bet he'll have his feet up on Frank's desk by the morning.

Yeah, well, I got Jackie trying to find a way in, so maybe we'll get lucky.

You need to watch yourself.

I will.

Our place is right here tonight.


Hmm. Bless you.

Bless you.

(laughing) Figured you'd like that.

Ah. Any takers?

Oh, yeah.


I'll have some of that.



(clears throat)

To dodging bullets.

Hear, hear. Hear, hear.

Hear, hear. To dodging bullets.

LINDA: Whoa!


Pops, you brought a gun?

Yeah. ERIN: Talk about boundaries.

It's a hospital.

And somebody tried to take my son's life tonight.

And I don't know who or where he is.

We're gonna let him sleep till 6:00 or so.

I suggest you all go home and do the same.

We're good here.

Thanks for everything, Doc.

(clears throat)

(woman speaks indistinctly over P.A.)

(phone buzzing)


You're kidding me.

All right, great.

Yeah, I'll meet you outside.

They got a name, Grandpa.

Talk to you later.

Go get 'em.

JACKIE: The shooter's car is an '02 Nissan.

There's no plates, and the VIN number was ground off the engine block and the frame.

Is that it?

No. The techs found a check-cashing receipt in the car.

Is it dated? Yeah, day before last.

Great. How'd you get us in?

Wasn't easy.

It's like there's one case in this city, and every detective is on it.

But it happens to be in Sunset Park, in Little Mexico, and I do speak Spanish. Good job, partner.

You could march elephants past her, and she wouldn't look up from the TV.

Hey, didn't you say the, uh, VIN numbers were rubbed off on the shooter car? Yeah.

If I'm gonna steal a car and dump it, I probably wouldn't take the time to rub off the VIN numbers, right?

On the other hand, if I got it from a chop shop across the street from where I cash my checks, VIN number probably rubbed off already, don't you think?


Let's go take a look.

RENZULLI: Jamie, the, uh... the unit protecting your dad has been fully deployed.

Best of the best.

So you're saying that... I'm saying is, would you want a rookie beat cop on that assignment?

Think before you answer.

I wouldn't be doing either of us a favor by taking this upstairs and putting you where you don't belong.

I got it.

Hey... I'm on the job a lot longer than you.

I outrank you, yet here I am, rolling with you, same tour, same beat.

How you think that makes me feel?

It's not your father that got shot, Sarge.

No, it's not.

But here's the thing: It's a chance to be at the right place at the right time, and that gets me excited every day.

That's what happens out here.

Understand, kid?


DANNY: Hey, numb nuts.

Look, I'm just trying to help you find out who stole your stolen '02 Nissan.

Same car that was used to shoot the police commissioner.

You understand what I'm saying?


Well, I'm pretty sure that car came from this chop shop, so maybe you shot the commissioner.

The car was gone when I opened up yesterday.

But I don't know who took it, I swear to you.

Who's your buyer?

Who's your supplier?!

He doesn't want to talk.

You don't want to talk, huh?

How about... how about we chop up your chop shop?

Hey, Vamanos. They don't have names.

What? What?!

El gringo loco. Darme lo.

Los Niâtes del Diablo.

The crew that rules around here.

Listen, I'm going to call Gang Unit and see if they do any errands for the Reynaldos.


Stay put.

Jackie, keep an eye on him.


(clattering) Hey!

Hey! Reagan! I got him!

Stay with him! Okay.


Come here.


Come here. Come here.

Track star, huh?

(handcuffs rattling, clicking)

(muttering) Come on.

Come on!

(siren whoops)

Welcome home, Francis.

Looks like May Day in Moscow out there.

Ordered directly by the Mayor's Office, believe it or not.

What's all this?

Well, we got pastrami from the Carnegie.

We got cheesecake from Junior's.

We got salamis from Faicco's.

You name it, we got it.

Half the restaurants in New York City trying to kill me, too?

Stuff's been pouring in since dawn.

Welcome home, sir.


Sir... Don't even start, Baker.

It wasn't the detail's fault.

What about intel?

The city's been turned inside out, but nothing solid yet.

Okay. You can go back to the office.

This is our temporary headquarters, sir.


We thought this would be easier for you.

All right. As you were.

What else you got for me?

Check-ins from the White House, both Senators, the governor.

List goes on. We can start rolling the returns soon as you're up to it.

I can handle phone calls.

And we should schedule a statement to the press, get me out front.

Already in the works, sir.

And it would probably be a good idea to reschedule any public appearances until the situation is resolved.

You're talking about Joe's dedication.

Yes, sir.

I'm going.

Let's call the White House back.

Not every day you get to do that.

DANNY: Come on.

So you sold him the car, but you didn't tell your boss?

Yes, Detective Reagan, yes.

But, you know, I don't know his name.

Like, he was, like, a friend of a friend of an uncle, and he gave me, like,

$400. I-I don't know.

Yeah, and what's he look like?

He's Mexican, you know?

He's regular height. He's got, like, a round face like a football.

Hey, Chico... Chico!

You're describing half of Sunset Park to me, all right?

Tell me what the guy was wearing.


Tell me what he was wearing!

He-He had on a-a Knicks jacket.

You know? But I mean, come on.

He's probably changed by now. You know?

Where'd he contact you?

I don't know. What do you mean?

Where he contacted me...

On my... on my cell phone.

Where's your phone?

It's in my jacket.

Mr. Popularity has 13 missed calls.

When's the last time you spoke to your guy, huh?

I gave him a call, uh, right when you guys came into the shop, you know? And, uh, he asked me to listen in on you and, uh, and then, you saw me.

This the number?

I couldn't really s... uh...

Is that the number?

Yeah. That's the number.

Jackie, do me a favor.

Run this number for me.

(Latin jazz ringtone playing)

Look at that.

It's your guy.


You know what?

I think you're gonna answer the phone and talk to him.

Um, Detective Reagan, this is...

No, no. You're gonna answer the phone, and you're gonna talk to him right now.

I wouldn't... I think you're gonna answer the phone and you're gonna speak to him right now, or I'm gonna rip your freakin' head off.

Yeah... Yes. Yeah. All right.

Detective, you got it. Okay? You got it.

Good. All right. So, yeah.

All right. It's not a problem. Good.

Tell him you can't speak now.

You got to go meet him somewhere. You understand me?

(ringtone continues)

Yes, sir. Yes...

Answer the phone and don't do nothing funny.

(stammers) Yo.

Yeah... Um...

He says that he went by the shop, and, uh, he knows that I'm here with you guys.

He, uh, he wants to talk to you.


That's what he said. I don't know.

This is Detective Reagan.

Hello? You there?


Hello? You there?

Yeah, man. Listen to me, man.

I was driving the car, okay?

But I didn't know it was the commissioner, okay?

You got to believe me, man.

He said he just wanted to scare some guy who owed him, okay?

No way I would've driven it, man, if I thought the commissioner was there.

(whispers): This guy says he's the driver.

(quietly): Lock him up.

All right, what's your name?

No, no, no, no, man.

Slow down. Nothing yet.

I'm gonna need some assurances.

Like what?

Like the whole New York police is looking for me, right?

(knocking on door)

MAN: Hey, come on! Hurry it up!

I don't want to die for this, man, you know?

Okay. So you come on in, and I'll take care of everything.

I give you this guy, what are you gonna give me?

See if you can get my sister down here.

Tell me what you want.

What do they call it, man?

You don't get charged? Immunity.

That's what I want.

No. We don't negotiate over the phone here.

So here's what you're gonna do.

You're gonna wait for me to come pick you up.

And you're gonna trust me. And I'm gonna take care of this, all right?

(rattling door)

MAN: You! In there!

Let me in! Hold on!

No, no. I'm not gonna hold on.


I got to call you back.

What? No, no, no!

You stay on the phone!

Hello?! Hello?!

I scheduled a stand-up for the press out front at 10:00 tomorrow morning.

Do you want me to write up a draft?

No, just make sure we have the names of the doctors and nurses I want to thank.

Do you want Vincenzo there?

Just me.

They're calling him Al Haig down at headquarters.

Well, there were a lot of disappointed people when the mayor chose me over him.

Why did you pick your rival to be your second-in-command?

He was the best man for the job.

Just in case it isn't those banditos...

Pop, what's that?

Press clippings from your rookie year on up.

That's 34 years of making enemies... you had some pretty bad actors.

I just thought we might like to take a trip down Memory Lane and, uh, see if anything rings a bell.

DANNY: Okay, but just suppose he's telling the truth.

That's a big if.

Go with me, all right?

He comes in, he gives up the shooter.

What could we offer that we can make good on?

Without talking to my boss?


If his testimony results in a conviction.

(Danny sighs, Latin jazz ringtone plays)

No conviction, no deal?

We need a little quiet in here.


It's-It's Danny, all right? Call me Danny.

Why you want to help me? You don't even know me.

Because you're trying to do the right thing here, okay?

And you're a guy who's trying to be smart.

And I admire that.

Can you bring me in safe?

I'll come get you myself right now, if you tell me where you are.

What about a reward?

It says on the news there's a reward.


You come in right now, I'll look into it, all right?

Maybe I'll even throw in a couple of Knicks courtside seats for you.

But you've got to come in right now.

Why should I trust you?

(sighs) Listen.

Every cop in the city is out there looking for you, okay?

You do not want them to get to you before I do.

Now, just tell me... tell me your name, at least.

It's Diego.

Okay. Diego. Good.

If you want me to help you, you got to tell me where I can find you.

I'm at Casa Florinda.

31st and Ninth.

Okay. Casa Florinda.

31st and Ninth.

Okay. I'm on my way.

Do not move.

Can you wait for me an hour, to get back?

Yeah. All right. Call your boss.



What you doing here, man?

Something the matter?

No, nothing.

Then why you looking everywhere but in my eyes?

I'm just surprised, man.

(Diego grunts)

You're this wasted, buddy? It's not even 5:00.

Hey. Your friend okay?

I'll take care of him.

Sleep it off.

♪ She does me wrong ♪
♪ I know I'm never gonna go... ♪

Who sings that?

♪ Why... ♪

It's The Red Hot Sushi.

Let's keep it that way.

You don't like my singing, huh?


It's not that bad.

DISPATCHER: 12-Sergeant on the air.

Yeah, 12-Sergeant.

Go ahead.

Anonymous call, 10-24, reported stabbing, Casa Florinda, 31st and Ninth.

12-Sergeant, copy that.

Okay, let's go.

(engine starts, siren wails)


Is he alive?

No. You caught this?

Ah, we were coming to scoop him up.

According to him, he was the driver in the attempt on Dad last night.

This was the guy?

That's what he said.

You guys checked his I.D., right?

His name's Diego?

JAMIE: Yeah, Diego, yeah.

DANNY: Damn it.

RENZULLI: I got a cell phone here.

Somebody want to bag it?

JACKIE: Yeah, we'll take that.

DANNY: Hey, hold on.

We're gonna have to get an emergency drop on that phone.

The shooter's number is probably in there.

How do you know whose it is? Hold on.

(phone rings)

The phone's ringing.

It's his; I just dialed it.


WALTER: Can't eat another bite.

Henry, what do we have for dessert?

Don't we have more important things to think about right now?

Pop, there's 35,000

of New York's finest out looking for whoever did this.

I don't think we're going to beat 'em to it by going through this stuff.

Well, but... DANNY: Hey.

Hey, Monsignor.

Uh, Dad, the name Rory Brennan... does it ring any bells?

Blast from the past.

Maybe you did call it, Pop.

HENRY: Rory's father, Whitey Brennan, was head of the Westies gang back in the '70s.

He ran gambling, loan-sharking, and union shakedowns out of Hell's Kitchen.

He was finally indicted on two murders, but then he went underground, and then we got a tip that he was going to attend the baptism of his grandson at a church out in Woodside, where his daughter lived.

Whitey had built them a new rectory and he bought a silver tabernacle for the church, so the pastor returned a favor and held the ceremony at night and kept his mouth shut.

I led the operation.

It was supposed to be pretty straightforward... surround the church and arrest Whitey when he came out.

Every Westie there had a gun.

Somebody gave a shout, all hell broke loose.

Two were wounded on our side, and four of his were killed... including his wife and infant grandson.

HENRY: It was the only time your father asked me for a professional favor.

Well, you mind if I ask what that favor was?

There was a movement for commendations for the men involved.

Your dad asked me to squash it.

Two innocents died.

Wasn't our fault, but it was hardly our finest hour.

What's the connection to Rory Brennan?

Well, the driver... this Diego guy... he spoke to Rory five times on the day of the shooting... three times in the hour before, two times in the hour after.

They in business together?

(phone ringing) They were in prison together, up in Fishkill.

It's been Rory's home away from home since he was 18 years old.

Excuse me.



All right, I'm on my way.

Whitey's other kid Kevin.

He owns a bar up in Washington Heights.

They're giving it a toss, so I got to get up there.

All right, I'll see you guys.

Dad, you didn't happen to speak to Vincenzo on my behalf, did you?

Never have, never would.

We'll get this guy.

Well, be careful.

If he's anything like his old man...

Hey, if I'm anything like my old man, he's the one that better be careful.

Feel better.

See you.

(cash register rings)

Help yourselves to the whiskey, but, uh, leave the cash, okay, guy?

Hurt your knee?

My hip needs replacing.

You said Reagan, right?

Yeah. Any relation to the commissioner?

He's my father.

Sorry for your troubles.

Well, let's talk about your troubles, okay?

Detective Reagan, I haven't had a run-in with the law since a D&D when I was all of 17.

Actually, you were 18.

The good son, huh?

There's one in every Irish family.


The point is, I don't have troubles.

You know how I managed that?

By staying a million miles away from my brother Rory.

And for the millionth time, I don't know where he is.

Well, maybe your old man does.

So I need to know where he is then.

Look, he's an old man dying a painful death.

Who also pulled a compassionate release from Allenwood three weeks ago.

We haven't heard from his parole officer, so I need to speak to him now.

You know the history between our fathers, right?

Of course.

Don't you think mine's paid enough?


I got to find your brother Kevin.

There's a city full of cops who will roust your old man like a teenage douche, if they get to him before I do.

You want to let that happen to him?

MAN: Yeah, I saw that on the news.

Made my week.

Yeah, your son's a lousy shot; that made my week.

You've got nothing on my son or you wouldn't be sniffing around a sick old man, so you get lost. I have enough to drag your ass down to the precinct for questioning as to his whereabouts.

You feel like taking a ride, Grandpa?

What, are you kidding me?


Jackie, why don't you see if they got a wheelchair and a fresh pair of panties for Mr. Brennan here, please?

Yeah, right away.

Play games with me, old man?


I know Rory comes to see you here.

So why don't you just tell me where Rory goes after he leaves?

How the hell should I know?

Sure you want to play games, huh?

W-What are you doing?

This a morphine drip? No, no, don't you touch that. Hey...

Where's Rory?



Where's Rory, old man?


Somebody! Please!

Sweet dreams.



Okay, guy matching Rory's description just registered at a motel down by La Guardia.


I see where your son gets his aim from.


Drop it! Oh!

Hey, drop the gun!

Get back! Drop it!

Get back!

Police! Drop your gun!

(woman screaming)

I got him. Brennan shot her.

Stay down.

We need a doctor!


Hold it, Rory!

Drop it!

JACKIE: Reagan!

It's okay!

Calling it in!





FRANK: Coming.

Can I ask you something?

May I...

(Nicky and Henry chuckle)

When Grandpa arrested Mr. Brennan after the baptism, Mom said a couple of his family were killed.

But was the baby okay?

Yeah, the baby was fine.

Francis, time.

The baby wasn't okay, was he?

Why would you say that?

You always said, "Good cops make lousy liars."

That's not for your little cousins to know.


We're good.


There's my grandsons. Grandpa.

(laughs) Grandpa.

Oh. Oh, easy.

Hey. Hey, sweetheart.

Danny in the car?

No, he's checking on the nurse who was wounded.

He's meeting us there.

Come on, guys, let's go.

Where's your sling?

On my dresser.

That's not what I meant.

Dr. Keller said ten days minimum.

Well, Dr. Keller isn't going to be there, and you're not going to rat on your old man, are you?

Let's go. Looking good, Pop.


You're going to do fine, Dad.


Easter, can you wake up?

Detective Reagan, remember?

From last night, when Rory Brennan shot you?

I need to ask you a few questions about Rory Brennan, okay?

Yes. Why were you after him?

Well, we think Rory tried to kill the police commissioner.

I just wanted to come by and just make sure I didn't miss anything.

We watched that on the news.

Yeah. Yeah, it was on the news.

We watched it on the news together.

What do you mean, "we"?

Rory Brennan and I.

His father was having a really bad day.

They thought it might be the end, so... he was there from late afternoon until early next morning.

You saw Rory Brennan the whole night?

I was on duty on the floor.

He was either in the room or in the hall, talking on the phone.

He didn't leave until his brother came, early next morning.

Wait, his brother Kevin? Yes.


They fought something terrible.

You could hear them all down the floor.

Well, what were they fighting about?

Could you hear them?

When I went down to hush them...

Rory was cursing Kevin.

What'd he keep shouting?

Their "one chance to honor their father."

Left you some flowers.

(phone rings)

I hope you're almost here.

No, Dad. Listen to me.

Both brothers were in on it, all right?

And Kevin's still out there.

I think you should hold off on the ceremony.

Danny, I'm in broad daylight, surrounded by a sea of blue.

I'm safe.

You just get down here, for your brother.

The good son?

No such thing in the Brennan family.

As you were.

MAN: On behalf of the City University of New York, the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, and the grateful citizens of this city for whom he made the ultimate sacrifice, I am especially pleased that Joe's family could join us...

DANNY: Kid, hey, listen to me. What?

I think the shooter's there.

JAMIE: Where? Here?

There at the ceremony. Yeah.

Listen, Kevin Brennan, male, white, six-foot, 170 pounds, brown hair, kind of long.

Hey, and he walks with a limp.

All right? You got it?

All right, I'm a few minutes out.

PRESIDENT: It is my deep honor to hereby dedicate this atrium to the memory of Detective First Grade Joseph Conor Reagan, John Jay College, Class of '96.

Kevin Brennan?

No. Sorry.

I-I have to take this.

This is Dr. Barnard.

Okay. How's she doing?

Thank you for coming to help us honor not just a brave police officer, but a cherished son and grandson; a wise and generous brother, a loving uncle, and to so many of us in this room, a loyal and stalwart comrade in arms.

Joe was something of a... student of the classics, not that he'd ever admit to it.

And I think that his favorite poem reflects on the spirit of service to others that so... informed my son's life.

From John Donne: "No man...

"is an island, "entire of itself.

"Every man

"is a piece of the Continent, "part of the Main;

"if a clod be washed away by the sea, "Europe is the lesser, "as well as if a Promontory were, "as well as if a manor of thy friends

"or of thine own were.

"Any man's death

"diminishes me, "for I am involved in Mankind.

"Therefore... never send to know..."

"Therefore never send to know

"for whom the bell tolls; It tolls for thee."

Thank you.

Get the gun.

(applause continues)

You okay? You okay?

Good job.

(sighs) Hello, Whitey.


I don't know what you came for, but I got nothing left.

I came to offer my condolences.

30 years ago, you lost your wife and a grandson during an arrest that was carried out under my command.

There wasn't a time then to... express regret.

Or if there was, I didn't take it.

You got some nerve.

I've lost my wife.

I've lost a son.

I have some feeling for what you went through.

I'm sorry for your loss.

You came all the way here for that?

I did.

You think that matters to me?


I hope so.

I know it matters to me.

Okay, you can go now.

Do you want to make a confession?


Th-Th-That's rich.

Not to me, Whitey.

No? To who?

Monsignor Doonan, Whitey Brennan.

Good afternoon, Whitey.

(quiet gasps)

Thank you, Monsignor.