04x20 - Custody Battle

MAN: I'm gonna see my little girl!


MAN: You're not gonna get away with this, Frannie! You're not!

You are not coming in. Christopher! I'm... I'm...

We've got an audience. Better call for backup.

JANKO: 12 David requesting 10-85. No, no, not like this...

No emergency. We have a crowd at this location. I want you to listen to me.

You're not gonna get away with this, Frannie!

You're not coming in! You're not...

Okay, okay. All right, hey, hey! Excuse me.

Excuse me. Calm down. What's going on? What's the problem?

I'm just trying to see my daughter.

He's trying to take her away from me.

No, I'm not! You okay, Mommy? - Oh.

Alex, Alex, come to Daddy. Come to Daddy.

Whoa. Whoa. Come on, man.

Do me a favor. Back up. Okay, tell me your name.

Christopher Collins. I just want to talk to her.

Okay, talk to me. Do-do you live here?

No, but I got rights.

(siren blaring, tires squeal)

Who has legal custody of this child?

I do.

CHRISTOPHER: That doesn't mean you can keep her from me.

She's my kid, too. Okay.

What do we got?

We got a domestic.

Maybe you can get Mr. Collins' side of the story, and we'll talk to her.

Hey, I didn't do anything wrong!

We didn't say you did.

I didn't do anything wrong.

We just want to talk to you.

Okay, how did this all get started?

It's no big deal, okay?

We can work this out ourselves.

Get off me. Hey, hey, hey, hey!

Would you just get off?! Hey, calm down!

Hey, I didn't do anything wrong, man! What the hell are you doing?!

You're going in for disorderly conduct.

I didn't do anything!

You're going in for disorderly conduct.

What the hell are you doing, man?! They're hurting Daddy.

It's okay. There is no need for that. - Alex...

Please. This is a private matter.

You made it a public matter when you brought it out on the street.

(garbled radio transmission)

All you damn cops ever do is make things worse.

(garbled radio transmission)

(siren toots and wails)

We respond, diffuse the situation, and we're the bad guys?

Domestics are like a box of chocolates.

You never know what you're gonna get.

Yeah, I just feel bad for that little girl.

Yeah, she didn't win the lottery in the parent department.

Yeah. Know how that feels.

Just got another letter from my dad yesterday.

He never gives up. Here you go.

Maybe you should think about... writing him back.

Trust me, that letter wouldn't make it past the prison censors.

I need some help back here!

(distant, indistinct shouting)

Call for a bus! Hey, what the hell happened?

He had to take a leak.

I took his cuffs off, next thing I know, he took a swing at me.

Did he bang his head?

I-I don't know.

Maybe he's on something. I finally got him to the ground.

Then I realized he wasn't breathing.

Eddie, give me a time check. Hey, Christopher, stay with me.

Come on, breathe. Christopher, breathe!

Hey, stay with me.

Breathe. Chris, breathe, Chris.

And put a rush on that bus!

Yeah. I got it.

I want the UOR on my desk before end of tour.

I understand, and the M.E.'s cause of death as soon as they can.

I'll expect to hear from you, Dino.



We got a death in custody.

12th precinct.

Christopher Collins, age 34.

We're gonna have to hold a press conference.

I know that, Garrett.

Comes with the job.

GARRETT: That went surprisingly well.

Not my first rodeo.

You should learn to take a compliment.

I'll put that on my bucket list.

Commissioner? As you were.

This press conference is over, folks.

Thanks for your time.

Will Officer Cutter be suspended?

Officer Cutter's been placed on modified assignment while this incident is investigated.

But do you take it personally when a citizen in custody loses his life on your watch?

We stand proudly on this department's record of treating the public with professionalism and respect.

Commissioner? Commissioner? That said, any loss of life is tragic.

Mr. Collins' death will be fully investigated by this department and the district attorney's office.

What's your reaction to the selection of your daughter, Erin Reagan, to lead the D.A.'s investigation of this matter?

(camera shutter clicking)

I have no comment on that.

What would you say to those who will call this a glaring conflict of interest?

My daughter is an accomplished prosecutor.

And you feel she could be objective about this, even when her father's professional reputation is at stake?

That is a question that should be addressed to her.


But since you so ridiculously asked me, of course I think she can be objective.

GARRETT: That's it, Helen.

MAN: One more question. WOMAN: Commissioner?

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Custody Battle

Original Air Date on April 25, 2014

Did you see Mr. Collins resist the officers?

He was upset.

But Christopher wasn't a violent person.

I see that he was arrested for assault three years ago?

That wasn't his fault.

Some drunk jerk went after his brother in a bar, and Chris stepped in.

I see.

Since you're obviously looking to blame the victim here, I'll save you some time.

I've been busted twice for possession.

But I've been clean for over a year.

And you and Mr. Collins have a daughter?


She's seven.

And you never married?

What difference does that make?

I'm not making any judgments.

I'm just trying to get the facts.

The facts are, me and Christopher were having an argument like people do.

Next thing I know, he's getting thrown into a cop car.

Two hours later, I get a phone call that he's dead.

Did Mr. Collins have any... medical conditions-- asthma, heart problems?

You think he had a heart attack?

That crazy cop killed him.


Did anybody see what happened?

I have not interviewed the officers yet, but apparently there were no eyewitnesses to the actual incident.

Well, there's a shock.

A building full of cops, and no one saw a damn thing?

I understand that you're upset.

If you just let the investigation take its course, I assure you that...

I've been in the system before, okay?

You guys work with the cops every day.

We both know what's gonna happen here.

(indistinct chatter)

How you holding up?

Had better days.

Talk to IAB?

Not yet.

Guy came at me, Jamie.

The hell was I supposed to do?

Thing is, I'm getting interviewed, so... can't talk about it.

Yeah. I get it.

You hang in there.

You know, my old man...

...thought I was crazy when I took this job.

Said it was crazy to put your life on the line for peanuts.

Might not be wrong.


(loud, overlapping shouting)

(loud, overlapping shouting)

Looks like this is gonna get ugly.

Yeah, I could use a beer.

Just one?

Doubtful. You in?

Oh, yeah.

Randy Cutter is pretty shaken up.

Yeah. I've only talked to him a couple times, but everybody says he's a really good cop.

Could have happened to any of us in that bathroom.

Don't remind me.

I saw your dad.

His press conference on the news.

He's in a tough spot.

He's used to it.

Crisis management's a family tradition.

It was cool the way he stood up for your sister.

Yeah, that reporter got off easy.

When it comes to sticking up for his kids, my old man doesn't take prisoners.

Must be nice to know you can count on him.

(indistinct, overlapping shouting)

MAN: Murderer!

Erin's here, sir.

Oh. Thank you, Baker. Hey.

Hi. I hope you're ready.

The reservation's at 7:30... Oh, I canceled them.

Oh. Why?

Well, I thought we could have dinner here.

Oh. Okay.

Look, I called an audible.

I don't think it's a good idea for you and me to be out on the town.

You had nothing to do with me being assigned to this case.

I know, but... sometimes the appearance of a conflict can be worse than the real thing.

So, we're just gonna hide out up here?

No. We're having dinner in.

Okay by me.


I... will say that finding out from a couple of reporters was not ideal.

Yeah, I'm sorry about that, but things were moving so fast.

Not like I haven't handled an officer-involved case before.

Death in custody is a whole different deal.

I understand. I don't think you do.

See, the other guy on trial here is me.

That's how this plays out.

With you in the middle...

Are you saying I should have gotten your permission before taking this case?

I'm just saying... that your participation complicates an already difficult situation.

Yeah, and have you thought that it works both ways?

Having you as a PC hasn't made it exactly easy for me.

I know that.

But there are any number of prosecutors who could have handled this case, and there is only one PC.

Yeah, and the fact that he is my father isn't gonna stop me from doing my job!

Thank you for your support with the reporters today.

Excuse me.

Don't think I'm gonna be very good company for dinner tonight.

(door opens)

(door closes)

ERIN: Officer Cutter was on the job in Nassau County for six years.

According to his evaluations, Cutter was a model cop.

Yeah, and he and his partner did volunteer to be interviewed this afternoon.

Nice digs.

Craig, I didn't know they let you out of the M.E.'s office.

(chuckles) Every now and then, we walk among the living.

You got a second for me?

Yeah, sure. Richard.

I got the preliminary findings on Christopher Collins' cause of death.

Well, you could have just e-mailed that to me.

Eh, for you I schlep, especially since the case is all over the front page.

Did the tox screen come back with drugs in Collins' system?

Nope. Clean as a whistle.



They don't have a picture of this from the top of the bridge?

Craig. Cause of death.

Oh, yeah. Anoxic brain injury.

Does that come in English?

Christopher Collins sustained pressure to the carotid artery--

cuts off oxygen to the brain, resulting in respiratory arrest.

Are you saying Collins was choked to death?

Yep. You got an old-fashioned homicide on your hands.


I advised Officer Cutter. He has no obligation to talk to you.

I-I know you got a job to do, and I got nothing to hide.

Can you take me through the incident?

My partner and I brought the suspect into the precinct.

We stopped at the front desk, I secured my weapon.

Then, on the way to the cell area, he says he needs to use the bathroom.

Was Collins handcuffed at this point?

Yes. But once we got inside, I took 'em off so he could relieve himself.

Everything was fine till I tried to put the cuffs back on.

ERIN: What happened?

CUTTER: I got one of the cuffs on, and he complains it's too tight.

He starts resisting. The guy's strong as an ox.

Next thing I know, we're going at it.

Did you call for help?

I tried. He had his hands in my face, on my throat.

Did you have your hands on his throat at any point?

Choke holds are against department policy.

Was that a no?


Uh, when I finally got control of him, I called for my partner.

That's when I... noticed Collins was unconscious.

At first I thought he was faking.

You know?

And... then I realized he wasn't breathing.

Look, I'm... sick about what happened, Ms. Reagan.

But if I didn't defend myself, it would have been me dead in that bathroom.

And where were you when the incident occurred?

I went down the hall to run the prisoner for warrants while Officer Cutter took him to the bathroom.

And when were you aware that there was something wrong?

Uh, a couple minutes after we split, I heard Randy...

Officer Cutter, uh, call for help.

I ran down the hallway. When I entered the bathroom, I saw Cutter on the floor with the perp, who was unconscious.

At any point, did you see Officer Cutter... apply any kind of choke hold on Mr. Collins?


No, I didn't see anything like that.

Sarge is looking for volunteers to take an inmate back to prison after he testifies downtown. Sure.

Thanks, boss. You got it, Reagan.

Uh, which prison?

I think he's from Lincoln Correctional.


(quietly): Would you cut the crap? Hmm?

You know my dad's locked up over there.

Yeah, I remember you told me that.

I know what you're trying to do.

I know you think you're helping.

You're not.

Look, you have to talk to him at some point.

No. I don't think that I need to talk to him at some point.

It's not gonna be a tearful reunion, okay?

Not everyone comes from a perfect family, Reagan.

Hey, trust me, we have our moments.

You ever been betrayed by the person you trust most in the world?

You ever find out that everything you grew up believing was a lie?


You know what?

If I need someone to fix my life, I'm gonna call a shrink, not a cop.

FRANNIE: You're saying that cop strangled Christopher?

His death has been ruled a homicide.

However, it's still unclear if Officer Cutter's use of force was... justified.

Meaning he could still get away with it.


Can I bring Gus?

Of course.

Say hi to Ms. Reagan.


Hi. I like your elephant.

Thank you.

She's beautiful.

Takes after her father.

Chris, uh... was, um... a good person.

He wanted to get married. I...

I could never get my act together.

What were you two arguing about the day he died?

I told him I want to take Alex to live in Chicago.

That's where my family's from.

So he was upset you were leaving?

Alex was everything to him.

I hate to admit it, but he was a... he was a much better parent than me.

So when the police came and tried to take him away, he...

I guess he panicked.

The thought of being far from Alex, it... just... made him crazy.

And Christopher shouldn't have acted up with that cop, but...

...he didn't deserve to die for loving his little girl.

(elevator bell dings)

Look at this welcoming committee.

Thanks for coming in, Norm. Oh. Yeah, anything for my old boss.

How's Long Island treating you? Eh, good.

I get a lot more fishing in than when I worked for you.

How you doing? Hi, Chief, how are you?

Baker, I need a few minutes undisturbed with the chief.

Yes, sir.

Take a load off. Mm-hmm.

You still got that old Boston Whaler?

Yep. Just put a brand-new cooler in.

(chuckles) I like a man who's got his priorities straight.

I wanted to talk to you about Randy Cutter.

I figured that. It's a hell of a situation.

He was under your command for six years. What can you tell me?

Randy had a solid reputation. Evaluations were excellent.

He certainly was on the fast track to detective.

Why'd he leave?

Eh, a lot of guys out there, uh, they think that the NYPD's top of the line.


You guys pay more.

Eh, I guess he wanted to know what it was like to work in the big city.

Well... now he knows.

(indistinct chatter)

Kara, thank you for meeting me.

My lawyer told me not to talk to you again.

And yet here you are.

I met Christopher Collins' daughter today.

How's she doing?

It's tough.

Her father was everything to her.

When you and Officer Cutter had arrived on the scene, Collins had just learned that his... ex was moving their daughter to Chicago.

You have kids?

Yeah. My son's three-and-a-half.

So you can imagine how he was feeling.

That didn't give him the right to resist arrest.

Or attack a cop.


But I don't think he deserved to die for trying to keep his family together.

When you've been a prosecutor for a while, you kind of get a sense when... someone isn't telling you everything they know.

I should go.

Did you see Officer Cutter apply a choke hold to Collins in that bathroom?

I've been riding with Randy for over a year.

He's the best cop I know, and he saved my life on more than one occasion so I can go home to my kid.

So, in other words, you're willing to lie for him.

Because when I call you in front of that grand jury, you will be under oath.

If you lie, it is a felony.

You do what you gotta do, and I'll do the same.

(church bells ringing)

SEAN: This corned beef is amazing, Grandpa.

Old family recipe.

Which your great-grandmother guarded with her life.


Why was it such a big secret?

Grandma always said a family is held together by its secrets.

We're held together by corned beef and cabbage?


Yeah, and tradition.

Things that are passed on from generation to generation.

Sounds like the NYPD.

NICKY: How's that?

Well, the department's like family, and God knows they're good at keeping secrets.

What are we talking about?

Everyone at this table knows about the NYPD's blue wall of silence.


Not me.

It's when cops protect each other, no matter what.

It's more than that.

Yeah, like when a skel tries to slug you in the precinct bathroom, whatever they get in return for that, they deserve.


And if the only witness to that is another cop, then he has nothing to worry about.

(quietly): Oh, come on.

I assume you're referring to Officer Walsh.

Kara's a good cop, and it's possible she didn't see anything.

You're toeing the company line now, too, huh?

What's that supposed to mean?

It means that your sister thinks that all cops lie to cover each other's butts.

Oh, she didn't say that.

Okay, I get that cops need to protect themselves, but there have to be some regulations as to how far they can go, right?

We have guidelines. DANNY: That's right.

To protect cops and the public.

But no matter what the regulations say, a cop should never rat on their partner. Ever.

So then the regulations don't really mean much, right?

Smart kid.

What your father's saying is that sometimes the most important thing is personal loyalty.

So husbands and wives can't be forced to testify against each other or their kids.

That's a relief.

Don't be getting any bright ideas.

That's fine, but Cutter and Walsh are not family.

They're partners.

All right, but when you're out on the street, the only person that can watch your back is your partner.

And your life is in their hands. So I don't know about you, but that makes me feel like it's a family.

But the law... doesn't see it that way.

Maybe it should.

(sighs) Why do we have to leave so early?

I have to work... I just want to leave.

Don't forget the dividends.

Corned beef makes good leftovers?

Well, that's the best thing about it.

You chop it up with some potatoes and some onions, you fry it up in a skillet, and presto: corned beef hash.

I'll take this to the car.

It sounds like you've already made up your mind about asking for an indictment against my officer.

Your officer?

That's the way I see 'em.

I believe Randy Cutter is guilty of criminally negligent homicide.

And you have enough to back that up?

Honestly, no. I wish I had more.

Well, I'm no lawyer, but it looks to me like the case against him's pretty flimsy.

Well, it wouldn't be if his partner would admit to what she saw.

Do you think it's fair to indict a man for what you think is true rather than what you can prove?

The point of the grand jury is not to prove innocence or guilt.

I just want to convince them to let me try the case.

I know the law.

I also know Christopher Collins attacked Officer Cutter, who was unarmed and outweighed by a good 50 pounds.

Christopher Collins was unarmed, too, and "your officer" used deadly force!

If it were me or Danny or Jamie, we might've done the same thing.

I'm supposed to give Cutter the benefit of the doubt?!

The man was defending himself!

Is that what the prosecutor on the case is supposed to do, or the commissioner's daughter?

You chose to make that one and the same, Erin.

Christopher Collins was a father who was facing the loss of his daughter, and he was scared and confused and likely out of line, but he did not deserve to die.


You really trust your gut on this?


Officer Cutter went too far... and he needs to pay for it.

I'm just saying she's got a job to do.

Dad doesn't?

I saw him last night. He is not happy.

Why, what, did he say something?

Didn't have to say anything.

Erin's name came up and he made that face.

Was it the I've-got-the weight-of-the-world on-my-shoulders face or the I-wish- I-never-had-kids face?

Both faces. And you know what? He's right.

She should've never taken the case.

Well, maybe nobody noticed, but Erin's a rising star in the DA's office.

She might become the first female Manhattan DA.

So what? So, if her last name's Reagan, she's gotta prove she's independent of the NYPD and the PC.

All of our last names are Reagan and we all got careers to worry about, but family comes first.

How's it going, Jamie?

Oh, hey, you guys.

Uh, this is my brother, Danny.


Word is your sister's going pretty hard after Cutter.

Can't talk about that.

He's a good cop.

She should cut him some slack.

(bottle thuds)

Hey, how about I buy the next round, okay, and you guys take it back from where you came from?

Cutter was doing his job.

Your sister shouldn't sell him out for a headline.

And you should shut your face.

I think you should take my brother up on that beer.

Or we could just take this outside.

Hey, come on.

Let's go.

Let me get this straight.

You're ready to throw down with those two knuckleheads even though they agree with everything you just said about Erin?

Reagan family rule number one: Reagans can talk smack all night long.

Outsiders talk smack, there's gonna be a fight.

Way to get my back.

Glad to help.

Hey, Frank.

Morning, Norm. I didn't think you'd take me up on that fishing trip so soon.

Yeah, well.

I was thinking about what you told me, about how Randy Cutter always wanted to work for the NYPD.

Yeah, yeah. What about it?

Why did he wait six years to make the move?

You'd have to ask him that.

I'm asking you.

Why would a solid cop like Cutter--

close to making detective--

suddenly turn in his shield, forfeit his seniority and start from scratch with another department?

You know, I always considered us colleagues.

Friends, even, in that "from work" kind of way.


Yeah, sure.

There was an allegation that went away with a quick settlement and a quiet resignation.

How did you know?

I didn't... till now.

What I told you about Cutter's reputation, that was all true.

He was a good cop for us.

But it wasn't the whole truth, was it, Norm?

Cutter and his partner collared a couple of kids; possession of narcotics. No weapons.

One of 'em ran. Cutter took off after him.

When his partner caught up, the kid had a fractured skull.

I wanted him charged, I wanted him tossed off the force, but the county executive, he had other ideas.

It was an election year...

You let me hire a ticking time bomb.

I'm sorry, Frank.

A day late and a dollar short, Norm.

This goes public, I won't cover for you.

You're on your own.

I used to walk this beat back in the day.

As you were.

You mind if I tag along?

No, sir.

Been quite a week.

You doing okay?

Just trying to get through it, I guess.

You do this job on a razor's edge.

You protect people, keep the peace, and try to do it the right way.

Yes, sir. That goes for me... and Randy.

But sometimes, despite your best efforts, things go wrong.

With all due respect, sir, I already gave my statement to IAB.

I read your statement, Officer Walsh.

I'm not here to question it.

Used to be a Polish market on that corner.

The stores change, the faces change, but the job we do here... that stays the same.

Serve and protect.

The citizens and your partner.

Randy always had my back.

He made me a better cop.

Then you owe him for that.

But it does not excuse you of the obligation to enforce the law.

Collins attacked my partner in that bathroom.

Randy had the right to defend himself.

Yes, he did.

But if he went too far, that's for a jury to decide.

My uncle was a sergeant in the 3-8 for 30 years.

And he told me a cop who won't put it all on the line for his partner doesn't deserve to wear the shield.

All due respect to your uncle, it's the cop who breaks the law doesn't deserve to wear the shield.


Hey... this thing with my dad has been chewing at me for a-a long time.

And I've tried everything I can think of to get over it, but I just can't.

I get that.

He did a really bad thing.

He ruined people's lives.

He ruined my family.

And he did a real job on you.

Yeah. When you... when you believe in someone completely and they let you down... it messes with you.

You start to question your own judgment, and it's like you... it's like I can't trust myself.

It's like I can't trust anyone.

That's no way to live, Eddie.

I know.

That's why... that's why today after tour, I'm gonna, um...

I'm gonna go up there, I'm gonna see my dad.

Good for you.

I-I know I don't have the right to ask you this, but I just was wondering if... maybe you'd want to go up there... with me?


I could do that.

(engine starts)

ERIN: We'll start by presenting the timeline, and then I'll go into the medical examiner's report.

I'll have the slides ready to go.

Great. And...

Can I talk to you for a second?


I'll meet you inside.

I owe you an apology.

No. No, you don't owe me anything.

Except the truth.

You were right.

I didn't tell you everything I saw.

I couldn't.

I know it's difficult.

(inhales deeply)

When I heard Cutter call for help, I ran to the bathroom.

I saw Cutter and Collins on the floor.

Cutter had Collins around the neck.

Collins was turning blue.

(echoing): Randy, let him go.


I told Randy to let him go.

Get help.

But he didn't.

I mean, his motor was going pretty good, he was just locked in.

Go for help!

And he told me to go get help.


I should have stayed.

Maybe I could have stopped it.

No. What happened is not your fault.


By the time I came back with help, Randy was giving him CPR, but... by then it was too late.


It takes a lot of courage to tell the truth.

Better late than never, I guess.

He didn't mean to kill him, Ms. Reagan.

He just went too far.



You okay to go inside?

Eddie, you all right?

(gate buzzes)

Starting to think that maybe this wasn't such a hot idea.

Hey, it's gonna be okay.

Yeah, really? Well, maybe you should go in, 'cause I'm gonna go back to the car.

Hey. Hey. Eddie. Eddie.

You're doing the right thing here.

It's just crazy.

He's... You know, he's my father, and I have absolutely no idea what to say to him.

I think he just wants to see you.

No. I think he wants me to forgive him.

And I don't know that I can do that.

You know, when we first started working together, I got to admit, I had my doubts about you.

Say what? Rich girl from the suburbs, fancy car, four feet tall, wiseass attitude.

Oh. Like you're God's gift to the NYPD?

Then we got in a couple tough spots together, and you know what?

You really showed me something.




No matter what goes down, you never take a step back.

You're not afraid, Eddie.

Well, maybe I just do a good job hiding it.

Either way, you, you do what you got to do.

You can do this.

What the hell?

I left my gun back in my locker, so it's not like I'm gonna shoot the guy.

That's the spirit.

Thank you.






Officer Cutter's here.

Let's have him.


(floorboards creak)

Thanks for coming in. Please sit down.



I understand you started a fund for Christopher Collins' daughter.

Thank you.

The least I could do.

If-if I could take back what happened...

I know.


How do you think the grand jury went?

(sighs): Uh... my lawyers advised me not to testify.

I-I wanted to--

wanted to tell them what really happened.

Well, looks like things are working out for you.

I just got a heads up.

The grand jury declined to indict you.

(laughs quietly)

Thank you, sir.

They say a grand jury will indict a ham sandwich, but... when a police officer acts in the line of duty, suddenly they seem to lose their appetite.

Well, I-I'm just... grateful I can get back to work.

Not here.


Oh. I'm sure there are PDs that would consider you an asset.

But not this one.


Not while I'm police commissioner.

Uh-- I don't understand.

I know what happened out on Long Island.

That was an accident, sir.

The guy resisted arrest.

Like Christopher Collins?

You know, at a certain point, it seems like it's your problem, not their problem.

That's not fair.

Well, it is my job to decide whether two bad incidents in an otherwise stellar seven-year career... make you... an unlucky cop... or a dangerous cop.

And I have to err on the side of caution here.

Look, you walked a beat, Commissioner.

You know what it's like when your life's on the line.

We get paid to keep the peace with restraint and good judgment, even...

(tapping on table)

...when our lives are on the line.


Not everyone's built for it.

You are not built for it.

I defended myself.

With a choke hold that is clearly not authorized by this department.

Look, you-you can't do this.

All due respect, sir, I want a hearing.

You're still on probation.

I can terminate you anytime I choose.


(taps table twice)



this job is not about being strong enough to use force.

It's about being strong enough not to.

(taps table twice)


I'm sorry.

(taps table)

You're dismissed.

Didn't mean to barge in.

Well, security didn't call.

You must have some juice.

Most of the guys downstairs used to work for me.

Well, you cops do stick together.

I heard about the grand jury.

Well, I thought I was home free once Officer Walsh came forward.


Thank you for that, by the way.

I don't know what you're talking about.

I also got an anonymous tip that Cutter had cracked someone's skull open in Long Island.

I suppose you don't know anything about that, either.



(sets file down)

(keys jingling, shuffling papers)

Cutter wouldn't take the stand, so I didn't get his violent past on the record.

What about Officer Walsh's testimony?


It wasn't enough.

At the end of the day, the jurors just saw a cop defending himself against a violent criminal.

Started out that way.



I just wish Cutter knew when to stop and I pray he doesn't go out there and do it all over again.

He won't.

(sets down coffee mug)

Not here, anyway.


What happened to, uh, giving him the benefit of the doubt?

In this case, it didn't benefit anybody but him.

(keys jingle)

Look at you, all wised up.


(smacks lips)

When I found out you were handling the case...

I reacted badly.

Well, I could have given you a heads up.

You were doing your job.

I was only thinking of mine.


I'm sorry.

Thank you for that.

I could use a drink.

Join me?

Isn't that some kind of conflict of interest?

Well, we could get separate checks.