01x11 - Ghost In The Machine

Episode transcripts for the TV show "CSI: Cyber". Aired: March 2015 to March 2016.*
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CSI: Cyber is a direct spin–off of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and the fourth series in the CSI franchise. Special agent Avery Ryan works to solve crimes as a CyberPsychologist for the FBI.
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01x11 - Ghost In The Machine

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My name is Avery Ryan. I was a victim of cyber crime. Like you, I posted on social media, checked my bank account balance online, even kept the confidential files of my psychological practice on my computer. Then I was hacked, and as a result, one of my patients was m*rder*d. My investigation into her death led me to the FBI, where I joined a team of cyber experts to wage a w*r against a new breed of criminal hiding on the Deep Web... infiltrating our daily lives in ways we never imagined... faceless... nameless... lurking inside our devices, just a keystroke away.

Are you kidding me? You guys got to back me up.

Young man: Sorry, dude.

Guys, I'm out. I got to go.

GPS voice: In 100 feet, turn right on Ferris Avenue.

You have reached your destination.

♪ ♪

Man: Hey!

What are you doing in my yard?


Man: Oh, no.


(both laughing)

(alarm beeping)


I got it.

(alarm stops)

Is it hot in here to you?

So I was thinking...


...we could go pick up Michelle from your mom's house, we can go to a Nationals game.

The three of us can have dinner.



Is that really a good idea?

You're doing it again.

Instead of telling me how you're feeling, you're pretending to ask me a question.

Elijah... we had such a good night.

Yeah, and we could have an even better day.

Look, if you don't want to go to a baseball game, we could do something else.

I just... I thought we agreed we wouldn't rush.

I'm just... I'm not ready to bring Michelle into this.

This? Meaning us?


Elijah, sometime soon, you and I-- we're gonna have to deal with the real issues that broke us up.

I want to know that we're solid before we tell Michelle.

(scoffs) I... I was ready to talk about moving back in.

(phone chiming)

What? What's wrong?

I'm so sorry. I've got to go.

Oh, all right, well, we'll... we'll talk later?


Ryan: Yesterday 15-year-old Spencer Chapman was accidentally shot to death with a g*n hidden in a hollowed-out 18-volt cordless drill.


Mundo: Let me guess-- the g*n that shot Spencer was a custom-built .22-caliber semiautomatic p*stol with no serial number.

Sifter: The drill case and choice of w*apon-- they're both signatures of one distributor.

Trigger is back in business.

Wait, who's-who's Trigger?

A Deep Web arms dealer we've been chasing for years.

Sells g*ns to anybody willing to pay his price.

He disguises the g*ns so that the postal and mailing services can't detect 'em.

His customers get delivery right to their front door.

Krumitz: Every time we get close, Trigger dumps his site, goes underground, and starts all over.

And that is why he's number seven on the Cyber Most Wanted list.

Nelson: Wait a minute, there's a Cyber Most Wanted list?

Well, what number was I?

Mm. You didn't make the list.

Krumitz: Hey, in my heart, you were always number one.

Guys, if Trigger is active, we got a very small window of opportunity to finally catch this guy.

Crime scene found Spencer's prints on both the drill and the World Send package that was sent to his house a half an hour before he was shot.

Well, did Spencer Chapman think it was a g*n or a drill?

Do we think this kid went on the Deep Web and bought the g*n himself?

Well, that's what you're going to Chicago to find out.

Shall we?

Woman: This can't be real.

He's just a kid.

I don't understand.

You think that-that Spencer got a g*n from... where?

There's a part of the Internet where people can remain anonymous.

It's called the Deep Web.

We think your son had access to it.

Who would sell a g*n to a 15-year-old kid?

A Deep Web arms dealer who doesn't care who he sells to.

Spencer spent his weekly allowance on music and movies and video games.

I'm telling you-- he didn't buy a g*n.

My son is dead and you are making him out to be the criminal.

Look, I know this is difficult, but I have to ask these questions so we can find the person who is responsible.

Did you ever go on to your son's social media accounts?

Did you ever check his history on his computer?

Yes, we do.

We did it all the time.

And Spencer understood the responsibilities of being online.

And we had strict rules about what he could post and what sites he could visit.

Ms. Ryan... our son was not who you're suggesting he might be.

Krumitz: Spencer never accessed the Deep Web, but this kid was hiding a ton of stuff from his parents. Look at this.

Notice anything weird?

Nelson: Yeah, we might be looking at the only 15-year-old with no games, no Kik, no apps.

Kid doesn't even have a FriendAgenda.

Yeah, exactly. But check this out.

This is Spencer's real tablet.

Nelson: Oh, snap. He used a parental guidance app to hide what was on his tablet from his parents.


Spencer gave his parents a passcode that only unlocked part of the tablet.

That way, when they checked...


...all they saw was what he wanted them to see.


That's legit, bro.

If Spencer was hiding his online activity from his parents, what else was he hiding?

You guys find anything?

No evidence of the Deep Web on any of the devices, but this kid's got secrets, man.

Well, Chicago PD recovered his cell phone from the scene.

Let's see if that answers any questions.

Spencer's parents say that they don't know Ramsey Scott, the man who witnessed Spencer's death, and that Spencer has no connection to him either.

Krumitz: Well, let's just see about that.

These coordinates match Ramsey Scott's home.

Spencer wasn't just in the neighborhood.

He went to his house on purpose.

Yeah. It's time to find out what Ramsey Scott knows.

Dispatcher: Dispense all units to the Hoffman Carter Investments building at the 1100 block of Michigan Avenue.

sh*ts fired.

They've confirmed I.D. on the Vic. It's Ramsey Scott.

We found Spencer dead, and now this.

All right, Spencer's death was an accident.

This is m*rder.

Sifter: Chicago PD's turned the homicide investigation over to us.

Without a doubt, it was premeditated m*rder.

Ramsey Scott was shot with a .22-caliber semiautomatic p*stol hidden in the shell of a power drill.

Trigger was providing weapons for someone who clearly wanted Ramsey Scott dead.

If, at first, you don't succeed...

Sifter: Wait a second, are you actually saying that Spencer Chapman went over to Ramsey Scott's house, in order to k*ll him?

This was a 15-year-old boy.

At this point, we can't rule it out.

It looks like someone finished the job that Spencer failed to complete.

If we can figure out the connection between Spencer and Ramsey...

It would help us I.D. Ramsey's k*ller.

I've been checking e-mails for two hours-- nothing.

There's no apparent connection between Ramsey Scott and Spencer Chapman.

I've looked at Spencer's calendar, FriendAgenda, all of his chats-- same thing.

You think he really went to go sh**t this guy?

I mean, if I was 15 years old and somebody told me to go k*ll someone, I couldn't do it.

I'm a grown-ass man, I couldn't even do it now.

Really? You're fully grown?

Best things come in small packages, Krummy.


Ramirez: What did I miss?

No matches in Spencer and Ramsey's text messages.

These two don't even have an app in common.


Scrubbed all these devices and got nothing.

No connection between Spencer and Ramsey Scott, no digital evidence of Spencer purchasing a g*n or a drill.

Or even going on a Deep Web browser.

You checked all the devices?

Yeah, why?

You read your probation document, listing all the devices you can't touch outside of work?

All 162 pages?

Yeah, I skimmed through it.

Well, if you had read the whole thing, you would know that there's one device the FBI left out.

One Spencer could have used to access a Deep Web browser.

Good thing the FBI procedure is to grab everything plugged into the walls, because you guys are only looking into the obvious places.

Game consoles are also computers.

Modern ones even have the exact same capabilities-- messaging, apps... Internet connections.

All of which we can recover data from. Raven, I love you.

Wait a minute. Raven, you play Game Vex?


I crush Game Vex.

Spencer spent most of his time playing first-person sh**t.

Krumitz: Well, according to these logs, Spencer spent about six hours a day playing video games.

Looks like, his favorite game, by far, was Blacklight: Retribution.

Oh. It's an online multiplayer game.

You play an agent working for a black ops organization.

Each map is a different mission fighting t*rrorists.

This is the leaderboard.

Mundo: Whoa. Check out his history.

Spencer was pretty good at this. He's a top 50 player.

Well, what happened?

In December of last year he was doing so well, and suddenly he dropped in rank.

Ramirez: Well, usually that means parents have cut down on game time.

Ryan: Okay. But did any of this activity lead us to Trigger?

Ramirez: Unfortunately, there's no evidence of Spencer using his Game Vex to access the Deep Web.

Nelson: But we found something else.

I recovered Spencer's Game Vex messages.

Basically the in-console e-mail account.

I did find this odd message between Spencer and a gamer with the handle Viper75.

You guys should check this out.

Mundo: "Your mission: go to 42.01665 and -87.45021. Walk four paces north. Four paces east. Drop package. Leave. You will be rewarded."

Longitude and latitude.

Looks like Viper75 was sending Spencer on a real-world mission.

Pull up the coordinates.

Sifter: Right.

That's Ramsey Scott's house.

Let's see the crime scene photos.

Do we have an overall photo of the house?

Great. Raven, highlight Spencer's footsteps from the coordinates to where we found his body.

Four paces north and four paces east.

"Drop package. Leave. You will be rewarded."

The package was the g*n.

That's what Spencer was doing at Ramsey Scott's property.

Viper75 purchased the Deep Web g*n, sent it to Spencer with instructions on where to put it.

Spencer wasn't there to sh**t Ramsey.

He was just delivering the g*n.

Why did Viper75 want Ramsey Scott dead?

Or, for that matter, use a kid to deliver the g*n?

We need to learn more about Viper75 to figure that out.

He's our unknown variable.

When we find him, we find our m*rder*r.

Yeah, and the icing on the cake, we take down Trigger.

♪ CSI Cyber 1x11 ♪
Ghost in the Machine
Original Air Date on May 12, 2015

♪ I know you've deceived me, now here's a surprise ♪
♪ I know that you have, 'cause there's magic in my eyes ♪
♪ I can see for miles and miles ♪
♪ I can see for miles and miles ♪
♪ I can see for miles and miles ♪
♪ And miles... ♪
♪ Oh, yeah. ♪


Oh, my God, it worked.

Avery, Elijah, come in here. Check this out.

Ryan: What do you got?

Okay, most gamers enjoy the thrill of trash-talking the other players in real time via headset, right?


Young man: Dude, you suck.

Get out of the way.

Those dudes were wearing heavy armor.

Can't take them all out by myself.

Young man: You got pwned.

There is a place that stores information unintentionally on a console.

Thousands of bits of data are constantly being sent back and forth from the memory and the hard drive.

It's called the swap space, and this data includes video and snippets of audio.

Audio? Like Viper's voice?

Exactly. So I wrote up a defrag program that will isolate any audio chats in the games between Spencer and Viper75.

Cool. Ready? Here we go.

I'm running a defrag to consolidate the audio data so it makes sense when we play it back.

Spencer: I sent you... invite. Did you get it?

Viper75: Affirmative... for battle.

Next time we play, I'll bring out the tox nade.

Spencer: Market area. Too many sn*pers.

I... pass the level.

Where's your dog?

What's... name?

Spencer: Outside. Sam.

Viper75: When do your parents come home?

Spencer: They work all the time.

Mission Commander, behind you!

Viper75: Thanks, Ghost37.

Well, that got creepy fast.

Did you hear those questions: When are your parents home? What's the dog's name?

Yeah, this was an online casing of Spencer's home.

Viper was profiling his target, establishing pattern of life, trying to figure out when Spencer was the most vulnerable.

Through a game console.

The online gaming world is a haven for predators: pedophiles, sex offenders, and radicalizers.

They hide behind their handles to make friends with these kids, to earn their trust. These kids don't even know they're talking to someone whose goal is to take advantage of them.

It's how Viper manipulated Spencer.

I'm a gamer. I love playing online.

But as a parent, Michelle is gonna hate me.

She's not gonna get to do anything. You can always use the access controls-- just don't let her play online.

I shouldn't have to.

Krumitz, most parents are relieved when their kids are in the safety of their own home, playing video games, 'cause they think it means they don't have to worry about who their kids are hanging out with, are they getting into trouble, are they safe.

Now that's-that's just not true anymore.

No parent would allow their child to go outside and play with a 45-year-old stranger.

(phone rings) With this, it happens every day.

Nelson, what's up?

I'll be right there.

We know why Spencer dropped off the Blacklight leaderboard so quickly.

His avatar was hacked.

Check this out.

Ramirez: This is Spencer's avatar, Ghost37, when he was at the top of the leaderboard months ago.

His inventory was loaded with the best weapons and armor.

And this is our man Ghost37 right after he was hacked.

I mean, dude lost his warzone battle armor, his breakguard legplates, and his volk helmet.

I mean, everything.

The hacker basically reset his character.

That's months of time and effort down the drain.

Not to mention the real-world money for upgrades.

It would be completely devastating as a gamer.

The psychology of loss is just as devastating, whether it's real-world or cyber.

How does this relate to Viper75?

Guess who hacked Spencer.

How do we know it was Viper75?

This is Viper's inventory on the same date Spencer was hacked--

December 26.

Spencer lost his warzone battle armor, his volk helmet, and his breakguard legplates.

So, on that same day, all those items showed up in Viper's inventory?

Ramirez: Then, a few days later, Viper75 sent Spencer a suit of titan armor and a Polaris helmet, which is extremely rare in the game.

And Spencer's been climbing that leaderboard ever since.

So Viper hacks Spencer, then he played the role of savior and gave him a suit of armor.

But it wasn't a gift.

It's a trade for a favor; a task.

I'll scratch your back, you deliver a g*n.

He was using his power as mission commander over his team in the real world.

Search for any gamers in Chicago who rocketed up the leaderboard as quickly as Spencer did.

I'm gonna go search for the identity of Viper75.

So Game Vex refuses to give us access to Viper75's account.

They do realize this is a federal investigation and we already have two dead.

I made them well aware of that.

They would only share two things: Viper75 is using a VPN, and he set up his account with a prepaid credit card.

He's covering his tracks, which means we won't be able to I.D. him from his account.

Well, ever since Snowden went rogue, these little tech firms have become obsessed with privacy.

Tell that to Spencer's parents.

Avery, these tech companies are only concerned with the bottom line.

Now, if customers found out that their private info was being given out, even to law enforcement, they'd just stop playing.

But, look, I haven't given up.

I will see a magistrate, try to get a warrant to let us into Viper's account.

I just wish I were walking in there with a stronger case.

Mundo: Wow.

He didn't look happy.

Neither do you.

Your call.

Just Devon. We're...

I don't know what we're doing.

We seem to have very different definitions of our relationship.

Did you really think it was gonna be easy?

Yeah. I thought the hard part was done.

It's okay to be scared.

Okay, enough of the psychoanalysis.

All right...

Nelson and Raven brought me up to speed.

I guess Viper hacked Spencer so he could groom him?

First, Viper emotionally bonded with Spencer.

He boosted Spencer's confidence.

He invited Spencer to join his team on the b*ttlefield.

(video game g*nf*re)

Then he hacked him. Took everything his online character had. Just ruined him in the game.

And then poor Spencer turned to the last person he should've trusted.

His new online friend Viper, who willingly restocked his weapons and his armor.

Once he proved to Spencer
that he could get him back in the game, he promised him something huge if he could complete a real-world mission.

There are a lot of gamers out there.

How did Viper select Spencer?

The game did it for him.

Viper was choosing the best players in Chicago who were in the top 50 on the leaderboard, and Spencer was one of them.

Ramirez: We're at the tail end of our search for a second gamer who fits Spencer's profile.

A former high-ranking player who had a sudden tumble.

One who spends a lot of time in the game, is invested in his character, and has the most to lose.

We narrowed the field down to players in Chicago by using the leaderboard.

Uh, check out the last 24 hours.


Look at his hours. Almost five a day.

Can we get his address from his Game Vex player account?

No. Sifter's having a hard time getting them to cooperate.

Wait. Hold on.

We might not even need them.

Most gamers are monogamous with their handles, so, let me see something.


This dude's got a ToggleFly account.

We can get his IP address from this.

Ryan: Call the service provider, get a physical address.

It's time for Ace to hit pause.

(rapid g*nf*re)

Male voice: The path is clear, Mission Commander.

Mundo: Tell us what you know about Viper75.

He's my hero.

Your hero?!

Yeah, on the b*ttlefield.

He's my mission commander.

Major skills, always has my back.

See, when I got hacked, I lost my Polaris helmet, submachine g*ns, throwing knives, everything--

I was a noob all over again.

And that's when Viper75 contacted you?

Yeah. He saved me.

Sent me a gunman suit, dataluxe battlevest, warzone battle armor.

I mean, I was like a god after that.

Micah, did you deliver a package to the Hoffman Carter Investments Building last night?

First rule of Viper's missions-- you don't talk about the missions.

Father: Micah, what mission?

What did you do?

Answer his question now!


All right! It's no big deal.

All I did was deliver the package to the coordinates.

There was a g*n in that package, Micah.


A g*n that was used to k*ll a man.

I never looked inside! I didn't know what it was!

Look, I wasn't supposed to look inside.

Viper told me not to.

And you're sure?

You're sure that Micah that delivered the g*n that-that...?

Mundo: Viper75 sent you all sorts of stuff when you were hacked.

What did he send you when you completed your mission?

When you delivered the package?

He gave me a katana sword.

Micah and Spencer didn't know what was in those packages.

They were just delivery men.

Then Viper swooped in, took the g*n and k*lled Ramsey Scott.

Um, we might have a problem.

Micah said that Viper75 gave him a gunman suit, a dataluxe battlevest and warzone battle armor to replace what he lost when he had been hacked.

It was part of VIPER's grooming.

He created a need, and then he filled it.


But where'd he get the game inventory?

See, weapons and armor can't be created by gamers, it can only be acquired.

Now, Spencer didn't have a gunman suit or a dataluxe battlevest.

So, where'd it come from?

This is bigger than we thought.

Another gamer's been hacked.

He's recruiting another soldier, taking items, and awarding them to another.

Yeah... one's gonna be all too happy to do Viper's bidding for an almighty katana sword.

Nelson, I think I might have found what Avery and Elijah are looking for.


Let's see. Shot up the leaderboards and broke into the top 50 just this morning, using that katana sword.

The gift Micah received after he completed his mission.

It means another g*n was just delivered, and someone else is gonna get m*rder*d.

Yeah, if it hasn't happened already.


We're looking for Corey Smith.


Wait here.

Stop! FBI!




Don't come any closer.

Calm down, okay? We just want to talk to you.

Corey, no!

(grunting, car alarm blaring)

(car alarm blaring, Corey panting)

I need an ambulance, 1218 East Superior Road.


Don't move. We're getting you help.

I thought I could make it.

I make the jumps all the time.


Where's the package?

What package?

We know you're Goldenbeast.

I'm AlphaArcher.

Jessica's Goldenbeast.

(siren approaching)



(indistinct radio communication)

Corey told the paramedics he ran because he had dr*gs.

Now, the charge for drug paraphernalia is virtually nothing.

And then he jumps.

He had to have known he wasn't gonna make it.

We just witnessed a prime example of Game Transfer Phenomena, or what we call "GTP under the influence".

GTP? Sounds like something they'll be selling a pill for soon. (laughs)

There's a documented history of videogamers experiencing involuntary impulses to perform gaming actions in the real world.

The more they play the game, the more they are in the game, in real life.

Corey thought that he could jump to that other balcony to escape.

Male voice: You got to jump, man!

...because he'd done it so many times in the game.

That-That's just plain crazy.

The shipping label matches the one on the box in Spencer's trash.

Right here. Message from Viper to Goldenbeast came in this morning.

"Your package will arrive today. When it does, deliver to 41.8774 and -87.6106."

Looks like it's Grant Park.

"Walk eight paces north from between the trees, and four paces east."

Goldenbeast already has her katana sword.

Means she completed her mission.

Viper might be at the park now.

Let's go.

So, Avery and Elijah are hunting down Goldenbeast and Viper.

That leaves us the Deep Web arms dealer Trigger.

Now, we haven't had any physical evidence that could possibly lead us to him until now.

Got three g*n shipping boxes, three postmarks.

Did you find anything?

I plotted those postmarks, and look at this.

Trigger shipped from these three post offices to hide his location.

More than likely, he lives within that triangle.

That's a huge area.

That's almost all of Hillsborough County, Florida.

Yeah, too big to search.

What if he finds us?

Let's slip him a cookie.

What, a supercookie?

Yeah, let's do that.

What is a... what is a supercookie?

It's like tagging a migrating animal.

Once an animal, or in this case, an I.P. address, gets tagged, we can follow it wherever it goes.

Well, how do you attach this supercookie to a criminal in the Deep Web?

Yeah, but we got to get the target to click the link or open an e-mail.

Got to trick 'em.

What if we put out a news article on the Internet about young Spencer being k*lled with a Deep Web g*n hidden in a power drill?

I mean, that would get Trigger's attention, and get him to click on the article.

I mean, like anyone else who follows that link, a supercookie will embed itself in a part of the operating system that he can't see or access.

That article could get thousands of hits.

I mean, how will we know which one is Trigger?

Krumitz: Well, we can't know for sure, but the list of suspects that click that article, and go back into the Deep Web will be way smaller.

Yeah, but, again, why would this guy, who's never been caught...

I mean, why would he click on that article, let alone read it?

Ramirez: I think it has something to do with his narcissistic desire to read about himself.

Oh, snap. Look. It's the next Avery Ryan.

Krumitz: Well, practically speaking, I'd say he'd probably click on the article to find out exactly how much we know about him.

Yeah, all right, this makes sense.

Okay, you write the article, and I will contact the newspapers in the Tampa area.

We will get this posted on their homepages.

Dispatch: All units dispatch to Grant Park.

Possible suspect in the area.

(sirens blaring)

Chicago PD just picked up Goldenbeast.

Viper trains them well. She's not talking.

We don't need her.

Longitude and latitude places her in this area of the park.

All right.

What was it, eight paces north from between the trees, right?

And four paces east.

Avery, I found it.

Same type of drill case.

It's empty. Damn it! We're too late.

Viper75 has the g*n.

Well, we know he likes to kills his victims as close as possible to the drop-off location to minimize his contact with the m*rder w*apon.

He should still be in the park.

There's so many people. Anybody could be the suspect. a victim.

(g*nf*re, screaming)

Came from this direction.

(people screaming)



The g*n.

Yeah, but no body.

You think he made us, fired the g*nsh*t as a distraction so he could escape?

He's done here.

(phone ringing)

This is Raven.

Raven, I need you to do a tower dump.

Give me all the numbers to all the cell phones that connect to the cell towers around Grant Park beginning...

15 minutes ago.

I'm on it. I'm pulling it up now.

Got another one.


All right, I'm tracking it right now.

Sifter: What is that insanity?

That is us tracking the supercookie results to get to Trigger, our g*n dealer.

Just got another Deep Web hit.

Nelson: False alarm.

Just a dude checking out some banned books.

This is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

And all those people clicked on the news article we created?

Yeah. Now we can see whatever Web site they visit. Yeah, and get an alert if they visit the Deep Web. It's pretty sweet, right?

Of those, how many visited the Deep Web?


Anybody doing anything illegal?

Mostly hackers swapping code.

Others just, you know, shopping for stolen comic books, that type of stuff. And of course, the bread and butter of the Internet: Porn.


I'm not sure those words should go together in a sentence, but...


We got another one.

Sweet, all right. These are all the Web sites our supercookie has detected this person made a visit to.

At the top of the list, you can see our article.

See that red one at the bottom-- dot.mist-- that's Deep Web.

We might actually have something here.

Arsenal. Anonymous handguns.

Is this him? Is this Trigger?

There's only one way to find out.

Let's see... that's it!

That's Trigger's Deep Web marketplace.

This is it.

How do we find him?

Well, we've got the IP address, so we have the location: Tampa Public Library.

It's easier for Trigger to stay anonymous when he logs on at a public place.

(whoops) Oh, yeah.

Um... Just... just... all right.

(over radio com): I've spotted Trigger.

Green shirt, southwest work station.

Remember, this whole case is shot if he's able to lock us out.

Separate him from the keyboard immediately.

Don't let him shut the computer down.

Go, go, go!


(people shrieking)


Remain calm and clear the area.

Stay down.

Yeah, we got you, Trigger. You have the right to remain silent.

I suggest you take advantage of that right.

What do we got?

All right, he's logged in to his Deep Web g*n sales site.

Looks like Viper75 paid for three g*ns shipped to addresses matching Spencer Chapman, Micah Gordon and Jessica Pope.

AKA Goldenbeast. Okay.

Wait a minute.

We've got an order for a Walther PPK/S p*stol to be sent to a Chicago address.

The tracking number says it was just delivered.

Means the hit is still on.

Avery, we've got I.D. on two of the occupants of the address where the g*n is being delivered.

One male, one female, each of them has a smartphone.

Krumitz: And we spoke to their cell service providers and we are up on their location. We're sending it to you now.

It's all you two.

Ryan: We got it.

All right, our targets are moving in different directions.

We're gonna have to split up.

One of them's gonna drop off a g*n that's gonna k*ll someone.

We have to stop them before they get to Viper.

Ramirez: Avery, the tower dump got us a match.

Viper's next target is Kim Hawthorne.

I'm sending you her address.

Ryan: Viper75.

You got the wrong guy.

(chuckles) Really?

So you're not here to k*ll Kim Hawthorne?

But this is her building, right?

Who are you?

How do you know that name?

Special Agent Avery Ryan, FBI.

You were smart when you shot the g*n in the park.

You made it pretty tough to determine who your intended victim was, till you came here tonight.

We compared every phone number that pinged a cell tower near Grant Park during your little stunt, and all the cell phones in this area.

And there was one in common: Kim Hawthorne.

We know the connection between Ramsey Scott and Kim Hawthorne.

They were both witnesses at your father's trial.

He was serving 15 years (alarm ringing) for felony bank robbery.


Viper75: They're both lying bastards. My father got locked up and was m*rder*d in prison.

They deserve to die, not him.

Your father was a criminal and so are you.

And now you tried to k*ll a federal agent.

Lucky for me, we got here before you did.

I'll find another way.

I'll get my revenge.

You can't stop me.

(tires screech)

(sirens wailing)


Don't move.

Game over.

(sighs) I think it's time to lay off the gaming for a while.

(laughs) Leave it to the kids.

Just do it in moderation.

Maybe turn off the chat function.

Everybody listen up.

What we do here is one of the hardest jobs there is: chasing nameless, faceless criminals who hide behind computers.

It takes dedication, skills, and patience.

Which is why it's important for us to recognize our victories.

Krumitz, please pull up the list.


You know what to do.

(whooping, applause)

Nice work.

Ah. Yeah.

Way to go. Nice, nice.


Krumitz: Oh, well, that was short-lived.

Still can't believe I wasn't on the list.

I was. Y'all punking me, right?

Like, I know I'm on the list, I...

I'm really not on the list? For real?

Sorry to bother you at work.

No, no, no, it's fine. No, we just, uh, we just solved a case, so... it's a good day.

Just got even better.

Sounds like it.

You know, when I heard your voice mail...

Okay, about the voice mail, listen, I'm-I'm sorry.

I... I should not have given you that ultimatum.

No, you were right.

It has to be all or nothing.

And, uh...

I want it all.

You know, I thought about why we split up in the first place.

We weren't good at saying what we wanted or how we felt.

No, we were...

...we were afraid.

I stayed so we could be together.

All three of us.

Michelle and I will see you at home.


You good?

Better than good.

Ramirez: Who's in?

Nelson: Oh, hell, yeah.

Pass the controller.

I'll show you how it's done, okay?

You talking smack to me?

Come on, you want to play with these guys.

Uh, actually, if it's okay with you, I'm gonna...

I'm gonna go home.


All right, Krumitz, are you in?

No. No way.

Come on, bro.

What? No.

Okay, I'm in, I'm in.

Don't wait All right, Sifter. to see the look on my son's face when you teach me how to "pwn" him.

What? I listen when you guys talk.

All right, you've been warned, I'm gonna smoke you.

That doesn't seem likely.

I think not.

Oh, look at that.

Sifter, you gotta move You're going the wrong way. your player first.

I'm just looking for the "pwn" button here.

There's no "pwn" button.

Ramirez: Oh, I'm right behind you, Avery.

Don't even think about it-- that's mine, that's mine!
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