01x11 - The Confession

"The Confession" episode #1.11

(Continuing from last week...)

HASSAN: Aim the gun at this woman if you are who you say you are, and kill her.

(He raises the gun, blinking rapidly. Sydney watches and waits. Hassan watches. The guards all point their guns at him. Jack keeps his gun on Sydney, blinking.)

JACK: Shooting this agent proves nothing.

HASSAN: To me, it proves everything. You come to me and you make me an offer. You tell me you are willing to work against SD-6 and that you are working alone. And then she shows up.

JACK: Obviously, SD-6 sent her here without my knowledge.

HASSAN: Well then, you should have no problem whatsoever proving your loyalty to me. Kill this agent and I'll believe you. And accept your offer. And if you choose not to, then I'll just have to say good-bye to both of you.

(Jack shoots one of the guards. The guard shoots at Jack. Sydney takes out the guard next to her. Hassan reaches for a gun, but Jack is quicker. He's up on his feet and pointing a gun at him.)

JACK: Don't do it! Hands in the air! Now!

SYDNEY: It took me a second to realize what you were doing.

JACK: I was blinking as fast as I could.

SYDNEY: I know. I was like, "Hard on your light"?

JACK: Guard on your right.

SYDNEY: Well, I figured it out. I was just never very good at morse code.

(She sees he has a wound on his upper arm.)

SYDNEY: Dad, you were shot.

JACK: It's nothing. (to Hassan) Call you guards. Have them meet you out back. We're going out the front. We're fluent in Arabic, so just do as I say.

HASSAN: (speaks Arabic)

JACK: (speaks Arabic right back)

(Hassan takes a walkie talkie and talks to the guards in Arabic. They all run towards the back exit. Jack snatches the walkie talkie away and pushes him out. Jack and Sydney put him in a car. Jack drives out of there with Sydney in the backseat, keeping a gun on Hassan. Along the countryside, they drive along.)

HASSAN: So, now what? Take me to the mountains and kill me?

JACK: The plan doesn't change. You're still going to give me your client list and I'm still going to make sure SD-6 thinks you're dead.

HASSAN: (laughs) I don't care who you work for as long as you let me go.

(C.I.A. safehouse in Havana. Hassan poses in a pool of blood. Jack takes pictures.)

JACK: Okay, get up.

(He does and has a look at his bloody shirt and suit jacket.)

HASSAN: Do you know how much this suit cost me? It's not cheap, you know.

JACK: Give me your client list.

(He brings it up on a Palm Pilot sort of thing.)

HASSAN: There you are. You said you had a way for me to get out of Cuba.

JACK: Oh, yes, I do.

(He elbows him in the face. Hassan falls to the floor, knocked out. Jack starts tying up his hands.)

JACK: (to Sydney) Two years ago, of course I knew you were working for SD-6, I heard you'd been sent to Memphis, Egypt to meet with this jackass. It turned my stomach that you were in this business.

SYDNEY: Come here.

(When Hassan is tied, Jack sits at the table where Sydney has a first aid kit out. She tears his shirt and begins dressing his arm wound.)

SYDNEY: I think you've got a lacerated blood vessel.

JACK: I'm all right.

SYDNEY: Dad, can I ask you something? When you started with SD-6, you knew that they were a mercenary group and that they had no connection with the C.I.A. But I didn't. When I joined, I thought I was going to be saving the world and not making it more dangerous.

JACK: What's the question?

SYDNEY: Why didn't you say something? I mean, you could have told me what I was really doing - damage instead of good - but you kept quiet.

JACK: (sighs) Revealing the truth about what you were doing would have required revealing the truth about what I was doing.

(Outside in the middle of nowhere, a helicopter whirs and lands. Their car pulls up. Sydney and Jack tug Hassan out of the car, his hands still tied, and lead him to the chopper. Sydney gets in with Hassan and the other C.I.A. operatives.)

JACK: I'll see you.


(He backs up and watches them leave. He's left alone by his car.)

(Self-storage. Sydney meets with Vaughn.)

SYDNEY: As Hassan and I were heading to the mainland, my dad contacted SD-6 and told them that Hassan was dead and his mission was successful. So it all wored. SD-6 has no idea I was gone, the C.I.A. has Hassan, and my dad's okay. So, thank you.

VAUGHN: I didn't do anything.

SYDNEY: You got me into Cuba.

(Vaughn looks down.)

SYDNEY: And you know what? You were right.

VAUGHN: What about?

SYDNEY: What hapepens when someone you care about is in trouble. What you said, that nothing else matters. It all just goes away. Last week when I learned what my father did for me, sacrificing Rusik, it made me sick. But now, I know I would hav eodne the exact same thing. You should have seen him.

VAUGHN: Your father?

SYDNEY: Yeah, he was like... he was like a pro. He was good. I mean, the way you talked about him once, what his reputation was, I could see it in action. He was... impressive.

VAUGHN: I got those codes deciphered. Those books your father used to buy for your mother. The ones she had imported twenty-five years ago, those cyrillic codes you found and gave to me. I had N.S.A. look at them.



(He gets up and opens a briefcase. He pulls out some files and gives them to her.)

SYDNEY: What is this?

VAUGHN: Directives. Confirmed KGB orders.

SYDNEY: What kind of orders? What do they mean?

VAUGHN: It's a list of aliases, of handles... people.


VAUGHN: Those are official code names given by the C.I.A. to over a dozen of our officers. All of whom were killed.


VAUGHN: Twenty-five years ago, all killed by an unknown foreign agent. The C.I.A. suspected was KGB. Your suspicions about your father havine once worked for the KGB... they're accurate.

SYDNEY: We don't know that for sure.

VAUGHN: We know your father was being tracked by an FBI counterintelligence--

SYDNEY: You said that it was routine.

VAUGHN: There's nothing routine about that list. There's something very specific about it. It's been a mystery within the agency for over two decades. Who murdered those C.I.A. officers? I'm sorry, but we have our answer now. It was your father. And I'm going to report him.

(Jack, who is bandaged and bruised, speaks to Sloane in Sloane's office.)

SLOANE: I'm glad you're back safely. To tell you the truth, I was a little nervous.

JACK: You know I've been through far worse than Havana. We both have.

SLOANE: Yeah, when I didn't hear from you I thought maybe Hassan had gotten a lead. Maybe he knew you were coming.

JACK: I was unsure of that myself. But it all worked out.

SLOANE: Not for all of us.

JACK: No, not for him.

SLOANE: Thank you.

JACK: It's my job.

(Conference room. Jack, Sloane, Dixon, Marshall, Sydney. A picture of Hassan's "murder" that Jack took is up on the screen.)

SLOANE: A viscious murder. Anini Hassan has been executed. We may never know who's responsible for this killing, but what we do know is that after word of his death spread, this man was unusually busy. This is Minos Sakulos. He worked very closely with Hassan. Some considered him to be Hassan's second. For the past two days, Sakulos has been scrambling to make contact with Hassan's old clients. Seems he's looking to take over Hassan's work.

DIXON: You think Sakulos had Hassan killed?

SLOANE: Perhaps. Or maybe he's just taking advantage of an opportunity. We intercepted this call last night.

SAKULOS: I know that before his death, you were interested in speaking with Mr. Hassan.

MAN: Yes, it was a discussion of a certain... package.

SAKULOS: I'm in possession of this package myself. I'm taking bids right now.

SYDNEY: The package?

SLOANE: Yes, a package. For months we've been hearing rumors about a new device that Hassan had commissioned. We don't know what it is but Hassan was an arms dealer with access to nuclear weapons. We need to know. This is Club Panthera. It's Sakulos's cover. He keeps an office there. Sakulos has set up a meeting with potential clients Thursday night at this club. Your job is to go to Greece, break into Sakulos's office, and retrieve the specs on this mysterious package. Marshall?

MARSHALL: Thank you. Um... actually, did anyone see that documentary on-on monkeys last night? Oh, it was great. They did this... sign... I guess... no one saw that. Okay. What we've learned so far is that Sakulos has a biometric scan on his office door which requires a retinal scan in order to open. So, you have the high-resolution retina scanner.

(He takes out a pair of funky rose colored glasses.)

MARSHALL: They work from up to about thirty feet. Now, Miss Bristow, you'll put these on like so...

(He puts them on and once again, looks quite silly.)

MARSHALL: And you find the person whose retinas you want. In this case, Sakulos. And you want to make direct, you know, solid eye contact. Look him right--and then uh, Mr. Dixon, you will lock on and hit the scan key. Now, it should take about ten seconds, which I know is kind of a long time but check this out.

(From the briefcase that Dixon must use to hit the scan key, a small box is opened to reveal contacts.)

MARSHALL: This is a silicone and fluoropolymer compound, creates a set of contact lenses that the retina reader will accept. And... you guys really, you got to check out that documentary on monkeys. It's... I got a copy at home if...

(C.I.A. safehouse in L.A. Agents watch Anini Hassan behind the mirror in the room. Vaughn enters.)

VAUGHN: It's not so bad here, is it?

HASSAN: This is not the deal I agreed to.

VAUGHN: So, what can you tell me about the package?

(Hassan looks smug and looks away.)

VAUGHN: Oh, come on. You're going to have to help me out because under the Patriot Act of 2001, you're not going anywhere. So what I recommend is that you and I work together and I'll make sure you stay comfortable. You wouldn't believe, but there are some nice prisons in this country. Either that, or you don't cooperate, in which case, let's just say you're not going to like your cellmates so much. Now, you don't have to trust me but it might save you some misery. What's the package?

HASSAN: Listen, I have a wife and a son. They are a target. Not just SD-6. I've made many enemies in the past. Now, you bring them to the United States, give them protection. You do that for me, and I'll tell you whatever you want to know. Everything.

VAUGHN: Let me make one thing very clear, Mr. Hassan. The extent to which I am willing to service you is when I offer you a soda. There is no room for negotations. There are no perks coming your way. You have nothing to gain here!

HASSAN: And neither do you!

VAUGHN: Think about that!

HASSAN: I don't have to!

VAUGHN: I'll give you some time to think about that.

(In SD-6, Jack walks up to Sydney.)

JACK: Sydney...

(He takes out his pen descrambler and switches it on.)

JACK: In Cuba... I should have said that, uh... I wanted to say thank you for coming. I know that was something that you... that you certainly didn't have to do.

SYDNEY: It's okay, Dad.

(She starts to walk away.)

JACK: Wait. There's something else. There are... um... there are so many things that... that I should probably do. I mean, as a father. Things I should ask... and say.

SYDNEY: Dad... it's all right. Really.

(She walks away. Jack puts the pen away.)

(In the middle of nowhere, Vaughn and Sydney meet. They lean against their respective vehicles.)

VAUGHN: Whatever the package is, Hassan's not talking so here's the plan. You'll put on the contact lenses, get into Sakulos' office and record the specs. You, not Dixon.

(He gives her a make-up case.)

VAUGHN: The compact's a camera, the lipstick's a voice recorder, the lighter's a USB flash RAM drive. Whatever intel you can get, get it for us. (gives her a file) There are some designs for various weapons. You'll photograph these with whatever camera SD-6 gives you. That's what you'll give them when you get back.

SYDNEY: Thanks.

VAUGHN: Listen, about your father. I know you're reluctant to do anything.

SYDNEY: I've been thinking a lot about that...

VAUGHN: You know what we have to do. We have to report him to Langley. Now, I could do it myself but those are your books. They'll need your testimony to make a case against him.

SYDNEY: He might have been a part of the KGB, but we don't know what role he played in those murders.

VAUGHN: You're kidding yourself and you know that.

SYDNEY: Let's just say he was guilty. Those directives are twenty-five years old.

VAUGHN: There's no statute of limitations against murder.

SYDNEY: We need him right now. We will never destroy SD-6 without my father.

(Vaughn looks away. He gets something from his car -- files and files of agents.)

VAUGHN: Those code names in your father's book... they were people. And they risked their lives - all of them - for this country. And yes, it might have been twenty-five years ago but for each of those lives lost, others were destroyed.

SYDNEY: I know.

VAUGHN: No, you don't know because you're not thinking about them, you're only thinking about yourself! You made a connection with your father for the first time in your life and turning him in would mean sacrificing that. I understand. But Sydney, we have proof. We know who the victims are. You're holding them in your hands and we know who the killer was and we both know the right thing to do.

SYDNEY: Yes, my father probably got those orders from the books and yes, it looks like my father was responsible for those deaths but what youre asking me to do... I just need some time. Not a lot of time. Not forever. Just... please. You wont do anything about this without me?

(Vaughn nods a little. She gets in her car and drives away. Vaughn watches her leave and when she's out of sight, he takes out a tape recorder from his jacket pocket and rewinds it. He presses play.)

SYDNEY'S VOICE: Yes, my father probably got those orders from the books and yes, it looks like my father was responsible for those deaths--

(He shuts the tape off.)

(Athens. At the club, dance music plays and half-naked dancers prance around. Sydney walks in, in disguise, wearing the Marshall glasses.)

SYDNEY: I'm going to need another set of eyes.

(Dixon is in the building, walking to control room.)

DIXON: I'm working on it.

(He walks down the stairs and knocks, speaking Greek. A guy answers the door. Dixon presses a cloth to his mouth and the guy goes down.)

DIXON: I'm in. Give me a second to locate Sakulos.

(He sits behind the desk and looks at all the monitors.)

DIXON: Okay, found him. He's through the glass door to your left.

(Sydney smiles at the bouncer by the door to her left. She squeezes her way through and gives him a look in thanks. She sees a half-naked girl dancing on the glass ceiling above her head. Inside the private room, she sees Sakulos sitting at a booth with a bunch of women. He sees her and blatantly checks her out. Pure sleaze. She smiles seductively.)

SYDNEY: (mutters) He's looking right at me. You got anything yet?

DIXON: I'm not getting a lock on the retinas. The lights in the club - they must be disrupting the signal. You'll have to get closer.

SYDNEY: (mutters) How much closer?

DIXON: In this lighting? How's two inches?

SYDNEY: Greeeeeeat.

(She waggles her finger at him. Like a drooling puppy, Sakulos gets up and walks to her, inching closer.)

SYDNEY: I understand you're the owner of the club.

SAKULOS: Well, you are American.

SYDNEY: That's right. God bless America.

DIXON: I'm getting it Sydney, hold for ten seconds.

(She puts an arm around his neck.)

SYDNEY: Your dancers... suck.

SAKULOS: (imitating her) Suck? (laughs) You think you could do a better job?

BODYGUARD: Sir, your eleven o'clock just arrived. He's waiting by the poolside bar.

DIXON: No good, we didn't get a read yet.

SAKULOS: I have a very important meeting with a client but, um, follow me.

(He leads her into a separate room with a bodgyard. When he's about to leave, Sydney grabs him by the arm, inching up to him.)

SAKULOS: I'll be back in ten minutes.

SYDNEY: I can't wait.

(They are so close, they could kiss.)

DIXON: Got it!

(Sakulos leaves and speaks Greek to the bodyguard. He locks the door.)

DIXON: Okay, the contacts are ready. Syd, meet me by the restrooms.

(He gets the contacts out.)

SYDNEY: Excuse me, I have to go.

BODYGUARD: Mr. Sakulos has invited you to stay.

SYDNEY: I need a drink.

BODYGUARD: We will be happy to ahve whatever you like, brought here.

SYDNEY: I'd rather get it myself.

BODYGUARD: I think you'd be much more comfortable if you stayed here.

SYDNEY: Oh, really? You do?

(She kicks his ass, kicking him several times. He's conked out. Sydney steals his keys and scrambles for the lock, trying all the keys.)

DIXON: You okay?

SYDNEY: Yeah, except that I'm locked in this pervert's room.

DIXON: I'm closer to Sakulos' room and I have the contacts.

SYDNEY: No, Dixon, really, I want to do this myself.

DIXON: I'll download the blueprints of the package off of Sakulos' computer!

(Sydney scrambles to unlock the door.)

SYDNEY: No, Dixon!

DIXON: Just get out of there in one piece! I'll meet you outside when I'm done!

SYDNEY: Damn it!

(Dixon has the contacts in and runs to the office door. He passes the scan and goes inside. Sydney, meanwhile, finally unlocks the door. She sees a guard and runs the other way. Dixon starts downloading the contents of the computer. Sydney, running away from the pervert's room, comes in to another room where half-naked women with sleazy men are everywhere in the private lounge. Suddenly, a guy grabs her from behind. Sakulos comes closer, cackling.)

SAKULOS: Are you auditioning to be a dancer, eh? Or a bouncer, eh?

(The download is complete. Dixon starts to leave. Sakulos inches closer to Sydney.)

SAKULOS: Hmm. I can't quite decide if you are... my taste.

(He licks her face from the chin up to her eye. Sydney closes her eyes, seething. Dixon bursts in.)

DIXON: Sydney!

(Sydney head bunts Sakulos and kicks him in the stomach. He flies backwards. Dixon takes out the guard who was holding Sydney back.)

DIXON: Syd, let's go!

(They run out.)

(Back in Los Angeles at the C.I.A. safehouse, Hassan has a plate of food in front of him. He stares at a green been, disgusted. Vaughn enters.)

VAUGHN: How's the food? So, Mr. Hassan, you've had some time to think about it. You want to help me out?

HASSAN: Screw you.

VAUGHN: Screw me?

HASSAN: Screw you. I don't talk to you until you show me some respect.

VAUGHN: Let's be honest here. In twenty minutes, you're going to be shipped off to a maximum-security prison outside Los Angeles. By five pm, you're going to be someone's after-dinner mint. So unless you start cooperating with me real fast, respect is going to be the least of your problems.

(Hassan doesn't comply. Vaughn shrugs and starts to walk out.)

HASSAN: Wait. You still refuse to help get my family out of Argentina?

VAUGHN: I told you, that's not part of the deal. But if you help me out, I'll make sure you stay comfortable.

HASSAN: Okay. I have a stockpile of weapons. Not in Egypt; I knew that's where my enemies would look. The package, and other weapons, are in a silo in Greece, on the island of Crete.

(Blood donor van on campus.)

SYDNEY: He licked my face.

VAUGHN: I understand.

SYDNEY: You don't really. He licked my face. You want to know the worst part? Because of him, I didn't succeed. Because of him, Dixon accessed the information, the C.I.A. got nothing, and SD-6 ended up with what they wanted. I want to go to Crete myself. I want to find the stockpile Hassan told you about, get the package, and bring it back.

VAUGHN: I just don't feel it's the right time for the C.I.A. to send you anywhere without SD-6's knowledge. We just did that with Cuba. I think it's too dangerous.

SYDNEY: Then we can use my father.

(Vaughn gets uncomfortable.)

SYDNEY: He can give Sloane the intel and we'll make it an SD-6 mission.

VAUGHN: Okay. (looks down) That's not why I called you.

SYDNEY: I know. Listen, if we turn in my father, that'll jeopordize what you and I are doing here. It might even--

SYDNEY'S VOICE: Yes, my father probably got those orders from the books and yes, it looks like my father was responsible for those deaths--

(Sydney turns around and stares at Vaughn. He shuts off the tape.)

VAUGHN: (sighs) I figured turning in your father would be too difficult for you so I mde this tape the last time we were together. I was going to play it for Devlin. Maybe use it in court someday. But I couldn't bring myself to do that.

(He pops out the tape and gives it to her.)

VAUGHN: I'm only telling you this because I thought I owed you that much. For some reason. I know this is a personal thing for you. The idea of reporting your father is a horrible position to be in. But it's a personal thing for me too, Sydney. Those files I showed you of the C.I.A. officers who were killed...

(He turns around and gets a file out.)

VAUGHN: I left one out.

(Vaughn gives her the hseet. She looks. A picture of a man is shown and his name is William C. Vaughn. Michael's father.)

VAUGHN: I made an appointment to meet with Devlin on Monday to report your father. Are you with me?

(Staring at the profile on Michael's dead father, she slightly nods.)

(Will's house. Sydney pulls up and climbs out of her vehicle. She climbs the steps, slowly, and knocks. Will peers at her through his blinds and sees her tear-streaked face. He opens the door right away.)

WILL: Hi. What's the matter?

SYDNEY: Is Jenny here?

WILL: What? Oh. No. No. Come on in, come in.

(Inside his house, Sydney sits down on his couch. He sits on the coffee table across from her.)

WILL: (quietly) What's wrong?

(She cries. He rubs her shoulder.)

WILL: Hey, hey...

(He sits next to her, rubbing her shoulder softly.)

WILL: Hey, come here.

(She rests her head on his shoulder. He keeps rubbing her shoulder. She gingerly takes his hand in hers, crying softly. Will puts his arm around her. Sydney lays back on the couch and takes Will down with her, never leaving go of his hand. He spoons behind her on the couch while she continues to cry.)

WILL: Can you tell me what's wrong?

SYDNEY: I just want to stay here for a while, if that's okay.

WILL: Of course.

(He watches her close her eyes with his arm still around her, Sydney still holding his hand.)

(Sydney walks into SD-6. She drops a note in front of Jack. He looks up.)

SYDNEY: (voice over) Dad, I know you've made mistakes. We both have. I know, given the chance, you'd go back and take a different path. And that you'd right the things you did wrong. My point is, something went wrong last week and I have a chance to correct it. But I need your help. Please. You have to make Sloane believe that you've recieved intenl about Hassan's weapons stockpile.

(Sydney looks back and nods at him.)

(Jack walks in Sloane's office.)

JACK: Arvin, we just recieved some intel. I think we have the location of Hassan's weapons stockpile.

(Conference room with Sloane, Sydney and Jack.)

SLOANE: You're looking at an E.M. refractor used to cloak missiles. It's being stored on the island of Crete. Thanks to your father's middle eastern contacts, we know where to go.

SYDNEY: Good work.

SLOANE: You go to Marshall, he'll review the op tech. You'll leave in the morning.


(Crete. Sydney looks through a pair of binoculars as Sakulos closes the silo doors and walks to his vehicle. He turns over the engine and drives away.)

SYDNEY: Sakulos is leaving the bunker.

(Back in Los Angeles at the C.I.A., Agent Weiss and Vaughn are sitting in a control room watching.)

VAUGHN: We've got him on satellite relay, Syd.

SYDNEY: See any guards?

VAUGHN: Hassan says there won't be any. The bunker was designed to look abandoned. The E.M. refractor is in a secure department underground.

SYDNEY: Copy that.

(She goes in. Climbing a fence, she drops the ground and runs to the silo. She opens the door and goes in. Back at the C.I.A...)

VAUGHN: Go infrared.

(Weiss does so.)

WEISS: It's clear.

VAUGHN: Syd, you're clear.

(She looks around and starts going down the sairs.)

SYDNEY: Okay. I'm in. Where to?

VAUGHN: There's a stairwell on the left. Go down to the lower level.

(With a flashlight, she goes down.)

SYDNEY: It's a dead end.

(At the C.I.A., we pan over to reveal Hassan sitting next to Vaughn.)

HASSAN: There is a valve halfway up on the left. She needs to turn it clockwise.

VAUGHN: Syd, turn to your left. There's a valve. Turn it clockwise.


HASSAN: A panel will open. She'll find a keypad behind it.

VAUGHN: You should find a keypad.

(Sydney does.)

SYDNEY: What's the code?

VAUGHN: The code.

HASSAN: Pi to six digits.

VAUGHN: The code is 314159.

(Sydney punches it in. The doors slide open. She goes inside and looks around. The silo is more like a warehouse; it's huge.)

SYDNEY: Where do I look?

VAUGHN: Hassan says to look for black shipping cases.

(She sees them and starts pulling them open and throwing them aside until she gets it.)

SYDNEY: I found the refractor.

(Suddenly, the doors start to close. Sydney tries running to it with the refractor in hand, but doesn't get there in time.)

SYDNEY: Vaughn, I think this is a set-up!

(The lights go out and then emergency lights come on.)

SYDNEY: Vaughn, what's going on? The room just went into lockdown!

(Back at the C.I.A...)

VAUGHN: What the hell did you just do?

HASSAN: I gave you the wrong code. Your agent has activated an anti-intruder device.

(Sakulos is driving in his Jeep along the road when he listens to the radio and hears the message about the intruder back at the silo.)

(Back at the C.I.A...)

HASSAN: In a few seconds, the room will be filled with gasoline. Exactly one minute afte rthat, a flame will ignite.

(In the silo, nozzles start coming down from the ceiling. Sydney looks up.)

SYDNEY: Vaughn, talk to me...

(At the C.I.A., Vaughn takes out his gun and points it at Hassan.)

VAUGHN: Give me the deactivation code.

(In the silo, gas starts spraying on Sydney. She covers her face.)

SYDNEY: Vaughn...

(At the C.I.A., Vaughn still has his gun pointed at Hassan.)

HASSAN: Not until I have an agreement, in writing, signed by your superiors, guaranteeing that my family will be allowed entry in your witness protection program.

VAUGHN: Give me the code, you son of a bitch, or I'll pull the trigger!

HASSAN: I have no doubt that's true.

(Hassan sits back smugly. Vaughn, not taking his gun or his eyes off Hassan, pulls off his headset with which he was communicating with Sydney.)

VAUGHN: (to Weiss) Start typing.


(Vaughn runs out.)

(In the silo, Sydney runs for cover, trying to get out of the way of the gasoline spray. In the C.I.A. building, Vaughn starts climbing the stairs two at a time, going floor to floor. Sydney coughs, covering her mouth with her hand, getting soaked with gasoline. Vaughn keeps climbing the stairs. Sydney coughs.)

(In the control room, Weiss quickly types on a computer.)

HASSAN: You misspelled "Enali."

WEISS: Shut up!

(Vaughn bursts through Director Devlin's office, panting.)

VAUGHN: Sorry, Mr. Devlin--

DEVLIN: What are you doing?!

VAUGHN: If I don't get your signature on a protection order for Anini Hassan's family in the next forty seconds, Sydney Bristow will die.

(Sydney coughs, completely covered in gasoline. Devlin and Vaughn walk into the control room just as Weiss prints off the agreement.)

WEISS: Here.

(Devlin takes a pen from his shirt pocket and starts to sign it.)

DEVLIN: My pen.

(It ran out of ink. Vaughn gives him one from his shirt pocket. He signs it.)

VAUGHN: Give me the code!

(Hassan looks over the agreement.)

HASSAN: 766153.

(Vaughn gets back on the headset.)

VAUGHN: The code is 766153!

(Sydney punches it in on a keypad on the wall. The gasoline stops. She coughs, gasping for breath, covering her mouth.)

SYDNEY: Vaughn... thank you...

(Everyone in the C.I.A. room takes a deep breath. In the silo, Sakulos walks in with a gun raised.)

SYDNEY: Don't shoot! Don't shoot! The room is full of gasoline!

SAKULOS: What the hell are you doing here?

(He takes out a knife instead of a gun and tries attacking her. He makes a move to stab her, but she kicks him. They fight. He has the knife raised and is about to stab her when Sydney moves out of the way and the knife drives into the security keypad on the wall. Sydney runs out. He sees the panel spark from his knife that went into it.)


(Sydney flops down on the ground outside the silo, refractor in her arms, as the silo explodes beneath her.)

(Los Angeles. Vaughn and Sydney meet on a sidewalk, both of them looking in a store window.)

VAUGHN: You're amazing.

SYDNEY: I am not amazing.

VAUGHN: You did a great job. (pause) You sure you're ready to meet with Devlin?


(You can tell she's not really sure.)

VAUGHN: Okay. A taxi will pick you up at three o'clock. Northwest corner of Westwood and Wilshire. They'll get you into the agency through the underground garage.


(She leaves.)

(C.I.A. Vaughn and Sydney sit at a long table. Sydney's books are in front of her. They both look nervous.)

VAUGHN: You sure you're all right?

(The doors open and various agents begin to filter in.)

SYDNEY: It's a big meeting.

VAUGHN: I know, I don't get it...

(Devlin is the last one to walk in... with Jack. Sydney looks at him, confused, and watches as he comes to the head of the table and sits down next to Devlin.)

JACK: This is C.I.A. director Devlin, deputy director Tucker, executive director Gerstner, and these are senior officers Haleys, Stafford and Collum. I knew weeks ago that my file had been pulled and that you were suspicious of my activities twenty-five years ago regarding the KGB. When I learned that you had scheduled a meeting with Mr. Devlin regarding my... history, I knew that it was time. Let me say that, in advance, I'm sorry to make this such a public display but I felt it was important to do this in front of these people because they already know the truth and because I didn't think that you would believe me otherwise. Those cyrillic codes you found in those books - yes, they were orders from the KGB and yes, they were orders to kill. An agent recieved those orders and carried them out, murdering officers of the C.I.A., including your father, Mr. Vaughn. All this is true. But, Sydney, I was not that agent. Your mother was.