03x13 - After Six

Chamonix [France] - chalet

Sydney and Vaughn are installing a wireless camouflaged camera onto a cliff face.

SYDNEY: Hand me the receiver.

SYDNEY: Check the power.

SYDNEY: Antenna.

SYDNEY: Marshall?

MARSHALL: Go, Mountaineer.

SYDNEY: Camera's in position.

MARSHALL: Camera's online; signal strength is good. Testing infrared. Infrared is five by... You're good to go

Sydney to Vaughn:

SYDNEY: Are you ready?

VAUGHN: Let's do it.

They BASE jump off of the cliff.


L.A. [US] - Rotunda

DIXON: According to our Covenant defector, Mr. Lisenker, the chalet you were sent to surveil is owned by one of his former contacts, an arms dealer.

DIXON: Lisenker visited the chalet a number of times on Covenant business. What the Covenant doesn't know is that when Lisenker decided to defect, he hid a microdisc there. On it is a copy of the Doleac agenda.

SYDNEY: The Doleac agenda?

DIXON: The Covenant playbook. It details operational plans for the six Covenant cells including the names and headquarters of the cell leaders.

JACK: Obviously if we can identify and capture any of their leaders, we can hobble the Covenant, in the best case scenario shut them down completely.

VAUGHN: Can't Lisenker tell us what's on the disc?

JACK: Lisenker had neither the time nor the technology to decrypt it.

SYDNEY: Have we identified a point of entry for the chalet?

MARSHALL: Actually, uh, based on what I could pick up from the infrared cameras you placed, perimeter defenses are way too strong, so you can't go in on the ground. And, uh, parachuting in, that's not an option because they've got these turrets that would make that not a very fun day. And those dots... those are landmines. But what really makes this security system unique is its lethal response system. Now, you trip the alarm, you buy the farm.

SYDNEY: The cameras showed you all that?

JACK: Not directly, but they indicate we're most likely dealing with the work of one person, Toni Cummings. She spent six years at a UK prison for breaking and entering. She turned her talents from cracking security systems to designing them. According to British intelligence, Cummings is paid up to eight figures for her services. And if she designed the system for the chalet, you can bet it contains her signature deterrent: lethal response.

Bio on screen says: Toni Cummings, Female, Age 37, Height 5'8", Weight 125, DOB 1-10-66, ID B3487D

SYDNEY: Where is she?

WEISS: I'm already on that. She goes to where the work is, mostly doing jobs for euro-celebrities and children of royalty... the kind of people you want to drop-kick.

DIXON: Once we get a lock on her location, you'll infiltrate posing as clients and obtain specs on the system.

JACK: In the meantime I'll go see Sloane, see if there's any fallout within the Covenant after Lisenker's defection.

DIXON: Sydney, Vaughn, be prepped to leave as soon as we find Cummings.


Zurich [Switzerland] - OmniFam

Sloane is on his cell phone talking to someone.

SLOANE: Look, OmniFam has enough medicine to treat the malaria epidemic in the entire Nasarawa [Nigeria] region. Well then I suggest you reconsider my offer because I cannot promise you it will be on the table next week.

SLOANE: We're only the third largest non-governmental agency in the world; one might think that would make a difference. Hello, Jack.

JACK: I wanted to speak with you regarding the Lisenker defection. Any word on how the Covenant is taking it?

SLOANE: Tell me, Jack, is that why you came to see me?

JACK: About last week... it was a matter of circumstance, Arvin. Whether I would have gone through with it...

SLOANE: Oh, you would've. I would've.

JACK: Perhaps.

SLOANE: And now you feel guilty. Well don't bother, Jack. Sydney's life was at stake. How can I blame a man for doing whatever he can to save his daughter's life?

They stare briefly.

SLOANE: It occurred to me the other night after you left just how lucky you are. What your life has become, how close you and Sydney are now. And I thought about my wife.

SLOANE: I miss Emily, Jack. The work I do here, the research, feeding those who would otherwise go hungry, I thought that somehow it would bring me peace for all that came before. But there's nothing. Nothing can erase the past. Nothing can fill the void of being alone.

JACK: If that's how it seems, there is something. The agency has someone you can talk to in confidence, if you like. Someone who at least today has no intention of ending your life.

Sloane laughs.

JACK: I can arrange a meeting. You have to stay focused, Arvin. Maintain your cover as a double agent within the Covenant.

SLOANE: You're right, Jack. I do. But I don't think my condition can be helped by a psychiatrist.


CIA - Barnett's Office

SYDNEY: Now that I know what happened to me over the last two years, in theory I should finally be able to move on with my life.

BARNETT: In theory.

SYDNEY: The thing is, when I look ahead all I see is Vaughn.

BARNETT: I understand from reading your brief the two of you were imprisoned in North Korea, almost killed.

SYDNEY: This might seem trivial, but he kissed me. We kissed. I mean, I kissed him back. Is that distinction irrelevant?

BARNETT: Is it irrelevant to you?

SYDNEY: That moment, what happened in North Korea makes it difficult. We're supposed to go on another operation together. It's sort of hard to deal with.

BARNETT: How would you feel if Vaughn left his wife for you?

SYDNEY: I don't know. I don't think he would ever leave his wife because of me. I mean, I think it would be because he and Lauren don't belong together.

BARNETT: Does he belong with you?

SYDNEY: Have you ever felt that someone's your soul mate?


Somewhere in L.A.

Weiss and Vaughn are playing pool.

WEISS: You know what? You're a good guy, you don't want to hurt anybody, but you're pretty much guaranteed you're going to hurt everybody.

VAUGHN: What are you talking about?

WEISS: I really don't know.

VAUGHN: That's helpful advice.

WEISS: Come on, what do you want me to say? If you think I'm going to tell you to stay in a loveless marriage...

VAUGHN: It's not a loveless marriage.

WEISS: Whatever. And if you're waiting for me to tell you to leave your wife for another woman, you can forget about that, too.

VAUGHN: Do you think you can be in love with two people at the same time?

WEISS: No. I don't. However, I did have the same intense feelings for both Sport and Posh Spice.

VAUGHN: Yeah, who didn't?


Some corner, probably in L.A. The St. Tropez women's dress store.

Lauren's in a dressing room trying stuff on.

LAUREN: Come in.

SALESPERSON: I found your size.

LAUREN: Great. Thank you. Do you have something similar in black, maybe with some lace?

The salesperson leaves. Lauren ends up in garters and a bra. There's another knock.

LAUREN: Come in.

It's Sark.

SARK: I must say, you're quite an impressive actress. When I approached you in the parking garage, even I didn't realize you and I were working for the same organization. Would you like to put something on?

LAUREN: No, I'm rather comfortable like this. Would you like me to put something on?

SARK: Hardly. You and I share a similar predicament. The Covenant. We're expected to carry out orders without knowing how or exactly why we're doing so, hence the death of my father... at your hand.

Lauren turns around, worried.

SARK: You were given and carried out orders without question. Not that my father deserved to live; he didn't. It's just that I'm bankrolling this entire operation; you're being treated like a worthless foot soldier.

LAUREN: Why are you coming to me with this?

SARK: Because since I learned of your true affiliation, I've studied up on you. Your history, your skills, your connections.

Sark breaks off, inhaling the scent of her perfume. Lauren turns her head.

SARK: I also like your perfume.

LAUREN: What do you want?

SARK: To stage a coupe. I know of three cell leaders; I believe you know the other three. I propose we eliminate them all.

The salesperson knocks on the door. Sark gets it. The salesperson isn't looking and starts to hand him the dress.

SALESPERSON: Look at this, it must be your lucky... day..

SARK: Actually, I believe it's my lucky day.

The salesperson leaves.

SARK: Once we eliminate all six cell leaders, we'll travel to St. Petersburg to meet with the head of Covenant Operations.

LAUREN: Why? To make it easier for him to kill us?

SARK: On the contrary. Each cell leader wears a watch containing access keys to their respective headquarters. Once we have all six keys, we'll force our ascension within the Covenant. Under threat that if they don't comply, the keys will be handed over to the CIA.

LAUREN: Which color do you think my husband would prefer.

SARK: I prefer the black.

LAUREN: Red is his.

--- Intro ---

L.A. [US] - Sydney's Apartment

Sydney's in her apartment with a microwave dinner. The doorbell rings. Sydney gets the door.


JACK: I thought we might talk business... over dinner.

Over dinner...

JACK: We got a lock on Cummings. She's operating out of a high-end club in Athens. You're going in as South African diamond smugglers. You've heard of her work, wanted her to upgrade your Cape Town facility.

SYDNEY: How about we just tell her we're CIA and want to ask her some questions?

JACK: We believe Cummings designed the security system. We're not 100%.

JACK: We need to confirm her work in Chamonix first, then persuade her to detail the countermeasures she put in place at the chalet.

JACK: They're prepping the mission now. Dixon will be contacting you within the hour. I expect Vaughn will be going with you.

SYDNEY: Yeah, I figured.

JACK: You realize it is your prerogative to ask Dixon to send someone else.

SYDNEY: If Dixon sends me on an operation, I'm going.

JACK: What I mean is someone instead of Vaughn.


L.A. [US] - Rotunda

SYDNEY: I'd be more comfortable going with Weiss. The contacts, the ones you used to locate Cummings, Weiss cultivated them while working a pan-African smuggling operation.

Dixon thinks about it and looks troubled, as if he's figured out why she really wants Weiss on the mission.

DIXON: I'll call him in, have him meet you in tac-ops.

SYDNEY: Thank you.


Berlin [Germany] - parking garage

GATHIRD: But the deficit must remain below 3% of GNP. Yes, Robert. Well of course, you shall see the figures.

Sark's watching from a Porsche, license "S UK8415"

SARK: You're on.

GAITHIRD: Well, absolutely. No, there is now no question.

Lauren walks around the corner by the elevators. Gathird sees Lauren.

GATHIRD: Robert, would you mind terribly if I call you later? Thank you.

Gaitherd gets off the phone.

LAUREN: Mr. Gathird. Lauren Reed. We met before in London.

GATHIRD: Of course, Ms. Reed. What are you doing here?

LAUREN: There is something I was hoping we could discuss. And only a man of your position within the Covenant can help me.

GATHIRD: Still, there are protocols.

LAUREN: You didn't worry about protocols the last time we spoke.

Gathird looks at his guards.

GATHIRD: I'll meet you gentlemen upstairs.

LAUREN: Mr. Gathird. I need your counsel. The CIA is aware there's a mole in their organization, and... I'm feeling vulnerable.

GATHIRD: Why come to me?

LAUREN: Well, you said the last time we spoke that if I ever needed anything... I need your help.

Lauren whispers in his ear:

LAUREN: Do you have a minute?

They start making out. Lauren stabs him at about the liver, acting particularly psychotic in the process. Boo hoo. He dies. Sark gets out of the car. They drag the body behind a pillar, and Lauren removes the bracelet.

SARK: You know, you're unbelievably good.

LAUREN: Come on, our flight to Paris leaves in an hour.

SARK, Yes, yes it does.



Athens [Greece]

SYDNEY: There she is.

BOUNCER: May I help you?

WEISS: Tell Ms. Cummings her clients are here.

Toni motions them over as the bouncer returns.

SYDNEY: You are sweet, darling.

They walk over to Toni.

TONI: Sit down.

Weiss introduces himself and Sydney.

WEISS: John Steadman. This is Rebecca Jacobson.

TONI: Toni Cummings.

SYDNEY: A Pleasure.

Sydney offers her hand.

TONI: I prefer not to shake hands. Sit down. You want to secure a facility in Cape Town?

WEISS: Yes, a diamond processing plant. We've had trouble with break-ins. The political situation there is... unstable.

SYDNEY: They say we're stripping their land of its natural resources, but honestly, do you think God intended this kind of beauty to be wasted in the ground?

While she says this, she flashes a diamond ring. It's terribly swank, perhaps 3 carats?

TONI: Whether we end up working together or not, do me a favor, huh? Don't talk to me about God. What did God intend? Hell if I know. Not a clue. My work is good.

WEISS: Yes, we know. We're very interested in one of your lethal response systems.

TONI: What you're asking me to do is illegal in most countries. So, Mr. Steadman, give me one good reason why I would ever risk my ass for you.

WEISS: I believe we can give you two million reasons.

Sydney dumps a bunch of diamonds from a black pouch onto the table.

TONI: Well... looks like y'all don't need an ATM.


Shortly afterward, as they walk into another room...

TONI: So what did you kids have in mind?

SYDNEY: Something like the system you built in Chamonix.

TONI: And how do two South African rock wranglers hear about Chamonix?

SYDNEY: The owner was a client.

TONI: Yeah, I outdid myself on that one. If you're interested in a job like that, those stones won't even cover the down payment. They barely cover this conversation.

SYDNEY: Well, then I have a counter-offer.

TONI: Really?

Sydney hands her CIA badge to Toni, who looks disgusted.

SYDNEY: Show us the schematics for the system you built in Chamonix. Tell us how to bypass the system. In exchange, we will make sure you're treated well while in custody.

WEISS: You're smart enough to know the CIA has big, wide, comfy cells with hot water, cotton sheets, and TV. We also have cramped, cold, little cells with a bare cot and a hole in the floor. See, either way, you're coming home with us. Where you live is up to you.

TONI: There is no bypassing the system.


L.A. [US] - Rotunda.

Toni Cummings is presumably out of circulation.

MARSHALL: Okay. Cummings told you the chalet is virtually impenetrable. They've got three tiers of tree-mounted security cameras, plus there're military-trained guards that patrol the grounds.

DIXON: Well, we need to find some way in. The Doleac agenda could mean the end of the Covenant.

MARSHALL: I said virtually impenetrable. Now, the lethal response system Toni Cummings built is in a half-mile-long tunnel. And that'll serve as our way into the chalet. According to the schematics she gave us, the lethal response system is comprised of three separate zones. You've got your automated sentry guns, electrified zone, and the big finish, motion-triggered acid spray.

SYDNEY: So how do we get through?

MARSHALL: Well, what I'm thinking is...


Marshall takes a minute to figure this out.

MARSHALL: Sorry, we, she was very helpful in creating the... in fact, she's always very helpful... um...

He pulls out an indestructible ball.

MARSHALL: Inflatable Kevlar. Now, when you hit the first tunnel, you toss it in. The guns will lock onto it and open fire, but the ball will keep moving. Which means the guns are going to keep firing until... oops... they're out of ammunition. Okay?

MARSHALL: Now you're at the electrified zone. Cummings told us she armed the tunnel with 150000 volts which will be a 15 on this meter. You'll want to double check it when you get there, but don't worry because the rubberized neoprene layer you will be wearing will protect you even if this clocks in at 25.

SYDNEY: And the acid bath?

CARRIE: We're working on that. And we need to figure out a way to get around the alarm diagnostics.




CARRIE: God. I'm sorry, the baby's kicking.

MARSHALL: Really? Because he or she is usually pretty inactive at this time. Yeah, doesn't...

CARRIE: You keep track of when the baby kicks?

MARSHALL: Well, yeah. Maybe it's something you ate.

SYDNEY: Carrie, are you okay?

CARRIE: Yeah, I'm good. It's just, the baby's kicking. I'm good.



Unknown location.

Unidentified hands light a lighter. A spoon is held over it, and a green liquid in the spoon is drawn into a syringe. There's a wider view, and there's an open box on a table that looks like a plain black VHS tape case, a vial like the one Cole tried to steal from SD-6 only this one has a green tint. There's a book behind the tape case with the center cut out. Obviously whoever this is keeps the vial hidden in the case, in the book, on a bookshelf. Who could it be?

And the left wrist has a nice watch. Then... it's Sloane. In Zurich.

He injects whatever it is, then calls Jack.

Zurich [Switzerland] - OmniFam

JACK: Hello.

SLOANE: Jack, it's Arvin. When you suggested I see a therapist, perhaps you were right.


Zurich [Switzerland] - OmniFam

Barnett is sitting across from Sloane. Nobody's talking.

SLOANE: I'm supposed to say something important.

BARNETT: You can say anything.

SLOANE: You're far more attractive than I imagined.

Dr. Barnett doesn't miss a beat.

BARNETT: What did you imagine?

SLOANE: I checked up on you. Yale, Columbia, prestigious internship at Mass. General. And then you end up as a GS-18 buried in some cubicle at Langley.

BARNETT: I wanted to serve my country, and I found that people who worked in intelligence had to grapple with some serious issues, living duplicitous lives, compartmentalizing the personal and professional. It's a difficult challenge.

SLOANE: I presume that you treated Sydney and Jack Bristow before.

BARNETT: I can't discuss other patients with you.

SLOANE: Then they were your patients?

BARNETT: I am not here to play games with you, Mr. Sloane.

SLOANE: Dr. Barnett, how can we possibly have an honest conversation if we can't talk about the two most important people in my life?

BARNETT: You... can talk about them.

SLOANE: I'm sorry you came so far, Dr. Barnett.

BARNETT: I can stay as long as it takes. We can just sit here until you feel more comfortable talking.

SLOANE: I'm afraid that day will never come.

BARNETT: Well, I will be staying in Zurich for two more days. I urge you to consider that after I return to the States, you'll still be feeling whatever it is that you were compelled to call me here for in the first place. Here's my number if you change your mind.

She hands him her business card.


L.A. [US] - Rotunda

DIXON: We just received intel that 12 hours ago, Johannes Gathird, the executive director of the Dryden Bank, was murdered in the garage of his Berlin office. Gerhardt Kronish, CFO of ? Telecom, was found dead in Paris 40 minutes ago.

JACK: Unconfirmed intel suggests that both were high-ranking members of the Covenant.

SYDNEY: They must know we're after the Doleac Agenda. They're killing the names off the list before we can get to them.

JACK: Apparently so.

Marshall rushes in.

MARSHALL: Hi. Uh, sorry. Is it true you're moving up the timetable on the mission to the Alps?

DIXON: Yes, we're discussing that now. Sydney and Vaughn, there's a plane waiting to take you back to Chamonix.

MARSHALL: Uh, the override on the building to bypass the lethal response system. Haven't quite cracked it yet.

DIXON: How long do you need?

MARSHALL: Well, assuming I'm a genius... six hours.

DIXON: Can it work remotely?

MARSHALL: Yeah, I don't see why not, but it would require someone to execute an uplink in Chamonix.

DIXON: Jack, you'll go with them and handle the uplink. The three of you, wheels up in 15 minutes.


Sydney and Vaughn are on a plane. Jack's out of sight.

VAUGHN: Comms and encryption synchronized?

SYDNEY: High band protocol, Marshall tweaked them so there's no delay.

VAUGHN: I know you requested Weiss for the last mission. I understand.

SYDNEY: Every day I wish I could go back in time, but I can't. And as much as I... as much as I still have feelings for you, I won't be the other woman, not ever.

VAUGHN: I know.

Jack walks up.

JACK: According to Lisenker, the Doleac Agenda is hidden in the wine cellar. It's encrypted on a microdot that Lisenker injected into the cork of a bottle of Chateau Margaux, vintage 1953.

He doesn't think Sydney's been paying attention...

JACK: Sydney?

SYDNEY: Chateau Margaux, 1953, got it.


Salzburg [Germany] - Unknown hotel room

Lauren's cell phone rings.

Lauren and Sark are killing someone.

LAUREN: Hello?


LAUREN: Michael. Where are you, or can't you say?

VAUGHN: I'll be out of town for a day or so, are you alright?

LAUREN: I just miss you. When you get back I'll make you some dinner. Something delicious.

VAUGHN: It's a date.

LAUREN: Be safe, love.

Lauren walks over to where Sark just finished killing someone in a hotel room. She takes the bracelet off of the corpse, and walks away. Sark ogles her.


Chamonix [France] - chalet

JACK: Watchtower's in position.

SYDNEY: Copy that. How's our position?

JACK: You look clear. Establishing uplink.

JACK: Base Camp, I've established a link to the security server. Are you receiving the signal?

MARSHALL: Uplink is five by five. We're tapped into their security network and I'm accessing now.

SYDNEY: We're in position at the tunnel entrance.

JACK: Copy, Mountaineer. You're patched through to Base Camp.

MARSHALL: Okay, you're going to have to take each kill zone one at a time, but don't sweat it because you could bet your life on that gear I gave you. Well, maybe not your... my life you can bet, that's fine. What I'm going to do is sever the kill zones' diagnostics from the main system so the guards won't know you're there.

SYDNEY: For how long?

MARSHALL: Well, you'll need to get through the lethal response system, into the wine cellar, and back again in five minutes.

SYDNEY: Start the clock, Base Camp.

MARSHALL: And five minute countdown has been activated.

SYDNEY: Initiating phase 1 of lethal response system.

SYDNEY: Inflating decoy.

Sydney throws the decoy. The miniguns fire and run out of ammo.

SYDNEY: We've cleared the guns.

JACK: Copy, Mountaineer.


MARSHALL: Four minutes and ten seconds remaining.

The door opens at the Rotunda.

CARRIE: Marshall.


CARRIE: It's time.

MARSHALL: Time for what?

CARRIE: The baby... I'm having a baby.

MARSHALL: Oh, God. Okay, don't panic. Here, just sit down. We should probably get you some hot water, towel, ginger ale, no hospital, we should get her to a...

WEISS: Ambulance is on its way.

CARRIE: I don't want to go until we're married.

MARSHALL: You want to get married to me now?


Marshall points at Weiss and runs for the computer.

MARSHALL: You can do it.

WEISS: What?

MARSHALL: You can be certified online in minutes.

CARRIE: He can?

WEISS: I can?


SYDNEY: Base Camp, Mountaineer and Boyscout are at the electrified zone.


Marshall grabs a printout, hands it to Weiss.

MARSHALL: Sign here.

SYDNEY: Marshall! Marshall!

Weiss reads the printout...

WEISS: "Exalted minister of the Internet Church of Mammals"?

CARRIE: Oh, just sign it for the love of God.


SYDNEY: Initiating voltage reading.

SYDNEY: The reading said 50.

WEISS: Well then you'll have to abort. Your suits are not equipped to handle that much voltage. You need to get out.

VAUGHN: 500,000 volts? That's got to be a mistake.

Sydney drops a glove and electricity arcs to it. It hits the floor burning.

MARSHALL: You've got three minutes.

They tie a rope to a water pipe so they can climb down the center of the zone.

VAUGHN: Stay away from the sides and the ladder. Only go down the center. Okay. As soon as I hit the ground, go.

MARSHALL: Okay, you have 2 minutes and 30 seconds Mountaineer.

Vaughn gets to the bottom.

MARSHALL: Okay, 2 minutes and 17.

Sydney climbs down.

VAUGHN: Syd, stay to the center.

The pipe partially breaks. Arcs of electricity somehow don't hit her.

VAUGHN: Sydney, are you okay?

SYDNEY: I'm okay.

SYDNEY: We've cleared the second tunnel.

JACK: Copy, Mountaineer.

MARSHALL: Mountaineer, you've got a minute 45.

MARSHALL: Okay, breathe honey. Breathe.

SYDNEY: Approaching the third countermeasure. Acid kill zone. We're firing the sealant.

VAUGHN: Okay, let's go.

SYDNEY: Base Camp, the sealant had better hold.

MARSHALL: You're good, Mountaineer.


WEISS: Marshall, do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?


WEISS: And Carrie, do you, uh, take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?

She hesitates. Or maybe she's having labor pains. Who knows.

Marshall, trying to look as charming as possible, attempts to fixes his hair.

WEISS: Take a second...


WEISS: Then by the power invested in me by the Church of Mammals...

CARRIE: Oh, the, okay... I've got to go to the hospital.

WEISS: I now pronounce you man and wife.

Carrie's going out the door.

MARSHALL: I love you Mrs. Flinkman.

CARRIE: I'm keeping my name.



SYDNEY: We're at the wine cellar.

MARSHALL: Copy that. You only have a minute left until the alarm system is back online. Oh, and by the way I just got married.

In the wine cellar...

VAUGHN: Look for the '53 Chateau Margaux.

MARSHALL: 30 seconds.

SYDNEY: '59...

VAUGHN: '40...

SYDNEY: '58...

SYDNEY: Got it.

MARSHALL: 20 seconds. Mountaineer, report.

A Covenant goon shows up, looking for wine.

MARSHALL: Mountaineer, Boyscout, oh God get out!

The alarm goes off. Security guards arrive and ruin a bunch of wine.

Sydney and Vaughn make it out. The guards get showered with acid.

MARSHALL: All security teams have been alerted to your position, Mountaineer.


(I think this is what the soldier says...)

SOLDIER: Averti!

Jack shoots him. From behind.

JACK: Let's go.

VAUGHN: Boyscout and Mountaineer are clear. Proceeding to the rendezvous point.

MARSHALL: Copy that. Oh, I've got to go. My wife's having a baby.

SYDNEY: Congratulations.

MARSHALL: Thank you.


Zurich [Switzerland] - OmniFam

Sloane pours some water. Barnett walks in.

BARNETT: There's something you should know. I spent three years studying you for my post-doctorate dissertation. The Agency gave me complete access to your files from SD-6. I know the decisions you made, the people you killed, I know what happened to your wife, and to some degree I understand you Arvin, and I can help you if you let me try.


Unknown location

Lauren and Sark have just killed the sixth cell leader.

LAUREN: I'll go to Los Angeles. You go to St. Petersburg and present our offer to the head of Operations. When he agrees to our terms, contact me.

SARK: You're not worried that I might fail to include your role in this, are you?

LAUREN: Not in the least. Especially since I'll be keeping these.

They kiss for awhile.


Zurich [Switzerland] - OmniFam

Sloane and Barnett are sitting at the table again.

SLOANE: I manipulate people. I'm good at that, and I know it. I lie. I keep secrets. I divulge only what I must in order to elicit the reaction I need. That skill, in part, is why I'm still alive. One of those secrets affects the only two people I care about in the world, Sydney and Jack Bristow. There are many secrets I enjoy keeping. There is power in secrets that you keep. But this one, no. This one wears on me. It has for many years. It's central to my very existence. It's who I am.

BARNETT: You were saying?

Sloane nods.

SLOANE: I appreciate you coming back, I really do. I can't do this.

BARNETT: Arvin, it's important.

SLOANE: I think you should leave, right now.


St. Petersburg [Russia] - Covenant meeting

Sark is waiting in a dining room.

COLE: Mr. Sark!

SARK: McKennas Cole.

COLE: Your hair! That's cool!

SARK: You're the man behind the Covenant.

COLE: I'm the man in front of the man.

COLE: When'd you cut your hair?

SARK: It wasn't a matter of choice. I was in U.S. custody, as I thought you were. When were you released?

Cole laughs.

COLE: That's a good story. To your hair.

They toast. Cole had poured champagne while they were talking.

COLE: I'll be the senior-most Covenant representative that you'll be dealing with. Anything that you can say to the big boss, you can say to me. I assume you have something to say.

SARK: I've come to make an offer.

COLE: Wouldn't by chance have anything to do with the cell leaders that you wiped out? It's amazing the stuff I know, isn't it? So what do you suppose we do about that... the fact that you murdered our cell leaders?

Sark looks worried, he's trying to figure out how to weasel his way out of this.

SARK: I presume that you're smart enough to know...

Sark pauses, searching for an excuse...

SARK: That I was acting in the Covenant's best interest.

COLE: Julian, don't do that. I can see right now that you're scared. But you don't need to be scared of me. In fact, I have a present for you. Voila. Look familiar? And also, two more. Two after that. And one, last one.

He's just taken out the six cell leaders' bracelets and put them on a table.

COLE: Did I just blow your mind?

Lauren walks in. Sark looks hurt, betrayed, or maybe confused.

COLE: See, when you first pitched your scheme to Ms. Reed, she gave me a call. The truth of the matter is, you two had my double thumbs-up from the get-go. Why? Because the CIA is after the Doleac Agenda. Assume they get it. They will have the names of the cell leaders. You just made my life so much easier, because now those names are irrelevant.

SARK: A woman after my own heart.

COLE: Glad to hear that, because you two are going to continue working together. You're going to be heading up our new North American cell.

SARK: That sounds just about right.

COLE: You're cockier than I am. I love that about you.

Cole takes Lauren aside.

COLE: Of course, this doesn't absolve you of your responsibilities working overtime as an agent of Uncle Sam.

LAUREN: Of course.

COLE: But in the meantime, may I suggest, and this is just a suggestion, that you put the kibosh on your husband's extracurricular sextivities.

He hands her an envelope, the contents of which are not shown.


L.A. [US] - Rotunda

Sydney walks over to her desk. Lauren arrives.

SYDNEY: Lauren, hey. Did you hear about Carrie? She had her baby.

LAUREN: I see what's going on between you and Michael, so let me be clear. Stay the hell away from my husband.