03x11 - Full Disclosure

Fade in on a shot of the cube from above. The camera pulls out as a pair of black tongs snap secure around the vial inside and pluck it out. Marshall's corner is cluttered with a team of people, two in white jackets that identity them as lab scientists, the rest in suits. One white-jacketed man is taking photographs while a suited man looks on. The camera pans on to see various other activities of investigation transpire in slow motion. The camera secures on a short haired woman, who closes the cube back up and crosses the room, snuggling the artifact inside a small black case.

Cut to Marshall. He's sitting at his desk, bored, building a pyramid out of playing cards. He balances one on top as he continues to build.

Sydney: (voice over) Marshall, have you analyzed the cube?

Marshall looks up as Sydney approaches with a look that shows he's less than thrilled with this recent development.

Marshall: I wish. (beat) The jerks are here.

Sydney: What?

Marshall: Pretentious classified division of intelligence. You know the type, conspiracy theorist's wet dream.

Sydney: I don't understand.

Marshall: Oh but that's the point. Who they are exactly is on a need to know basis. Suffice to say their jurisdiction on this supersedes ours so… well they have a convoy here. (lowers voice to a whisper) They're taking the cube away.

Cut to Sydney. She's not too happy with this, either.

Sydney: Wait, wait, taking it where?

Marshall: If I knew, I'd go there. You know, I should probably put a tracer on the cube and track it back to their lab. Imagine how cool that place would be.

Cut to Sydney. She wants answers, and she wants them now. Eyeing the departing convoy, she turns away to leave.

Marshall: (waving) I'm just kidding, you know.

Cut to hallway. The convoy from the DSR is walking down the hall, all business. Sydney comes in from a side and falls in step with the apparent leader of the group.

Sydney: Excuse me, I'm Sydney Bristow, I'm the one who recovered that cube. May I ask what you're doing?

Leader: We've been sent to retrieve the artifact for analysis.

Sydney: Sent by whom?

We follow the group through the hallway into an open area.

Leader: The Department for Special Research.

Sydney: You're DSR.

Leader: We're a division, yes.

Sydney: May I ask where you're taking it?

The leader of the group brushes past Sydney, obviously finished with this conversation.

Leader: No, you may not.

He leaves Sydney in his tracks looking a bit angry and annoyed at his lack of cooperation.

Sydney: (voice over) This is unacceptable.

Cut to Sydney and Jack in an empty office, talking. Sydney's upset, angry at what's happened, her father's council something she needed after being blindsided by the DSR team. We move up close on her as she speaks.

Sydney: Every time we get close to my missing two years, the door gets slammed in my face.

Cut to Jack as Sydney leans up against the desk.

Jack: I know.

We switch back to Sydney.

Sydney: Lazary knew what happened to me. He led me to that cube. And before we just handed it off, I at least wanted Marshall to finish his review. He could have found some clues.

Cut to Jack.

Jack: Sydney, listen to me. We've broken at least a dozen federal laws in pursuit of what happened to you. If necessary, we'll break a dozen more. But for now, there's nothing we can do.

Sydney: We can bring Dixon into the loop…

She's reaching, and they both know it.

Jack: This wasn't his call. The order to remove the cube came from Langley.

Sydney: There has to be something we can do.

Jack: We need to revaluate every piece of information we've collected. Start from the beginning. Assume nothing. Do that, and we may find a lead.

Cut to nighttime aerial shot of LA. A siren sounds in the background.

Cut to Sydney's bedroom. She's sitting on her bed, files splayed out in front of her as she goes over what information they have. She pauses, picks up a file, and hears a crash somewhere in the house. A dog barks. She gets up, reaches into her drawer, and grabs a gun. With it held up in front of her, she walks around the house, investigating, looking in every corner. A shadow moves across the wall. She checks the backyard and comes back inside. Suddenly, she's hit with a tranquilizer dart and goes down. As she falls, we see the yellow dart in her back, then a masked man in black still holding his tranquilizer gun, standing just inside the front door to her home.

The sound of a jet flying fades in as we cut to a shot of a jet taking off.

Cut to a shot of Sydney sleeping. Her eyelids flutter as she starts to awaken. Swiftly alert, she gingerly sits up and runs a hand over her hair, smoothing it down. Looking around the jet, trying to figure out where she is, her eyes widen as they take in Kendall sitting in a seat across the plane, obviously having been waiting for her to wake up. She takes in a breath.

Kendall: Good to see you.

Cut back to Sydney. She's surprised.

Sydney: Kendall.

She slowly stands. Cut back to Kendall.

Kendall: I'm sorry we had to do it this way.

Back to Sydney, who's trying to work through everything in her head.

Sydney: You're part of this?

Kendall: Well, that all depends on which part you're referring to.

Sydney: You're Covenant.

Kendall: No, no no, that wouldn't go over too well at home.

Quick cut to Sydney, who doesn't appear to be buying any of this.

Kendall: I'm with Special Research. (beat) I had a team transporting the Rambaldi cube to our facility, and they were ambushed in transit.

He's upset, but not showing that much. Sydney nods, slightly.

Sydney: The Covenant got the cube.

She sits, dejected as the both of them reflect on this. She thinks a moment longer, then:

Sydney: What does any of this have to do with me?

Kendall gets up from his seat and crosses the distance between them, taking a seat near her.

Kendall: (as he moves) It has everything to do with you. (beat, he sits) We need to talk about the past two years.

Sydney's surprised he's asking her about it, and cocks her head to the side.

Sydney: (harshly) As you may be aware, Mr. Kendall, I have no recollection of that time.

Kendall: But I do.

There's a long moment as his words sink in, and she lets him continue.

Kendall: I know what happened to you Sydney. I know the whole story. (beat, offhand) Or most of it.

Sydney: (accusatory) You've known all this time…

Kendall: (interjecting, a whisper) Yep.

Sydney: Then…why haven't you said anything?

He knows what he's going to say, but waits a moment as if purposely trying to drive her mad.

Kendall: Because you asked me not to.

It's a bombshell to Sydney, and we move off her shocked expression as we –

Cut to opening

End Teaser

Here's the next act!


We fade in on the plane in the sky. Cut to a palm scanner.

Kendall: (VO) Put your hand on the scanner.

Cut to Sydney's hand being placed on a palm scanner. She speaks as it scans her hand.

Sydney: I need clearance to hear about my own life?

Pull back to face Sydney from Kendall's POV. He rattles off the next line dryly, trying to get it out of the way so he can start talking.

Kendall: You understand the information you're about to hear is top secret, and any unauthorized disclosure is a violation of section 23, paragraph 5 of the patriot act?

Sydney: Yes.

Kendall: Before we get started, I'm curious about how you found the cube. What led you to it?

Sydney shakes her head and speaks lightly.

Sydney: You've got to be kidding me. (beat) Start at the beginning and do it all, I'm all out of patience.

Cut to Kendall. He sighs. During his next line, we switch from Kendall to Sydney several times as the weight of his words hit their emotions.

Kendall: You died. (long pause) Or at least we believed you did. We found a body in your apartment. The existing DNA matched your own. And I went to your memorial service myself. Watched Vaughn spread your ashes in the sea. Nine months went by. One day, I got a phone call.

Flashback. Kendall walking slow-mo in the JTF answering the phone.

Kendall: (VO) It was your voice.

Cut to exterior shot of Rome.

Kendall: (VO) You were calling from Rome.

Cut to Sydney, with long bleached blond hair speaking into a pay phone.

Kendall: (VO) You said you had just escaped from the Covenant and you wanted to come in.

Alternating shots of Sydney speaking animatedly into the phone, then Kendall in the JTF listening to what she's telling him. We then cut back to the plane and come in on Kendall's face.

Kendall: We met in a safe house in Tuscany.

Flashback. Cut to Sydney in the safe house. She's shooting questions at Kendall.

Sydney: Does my father know I'm alive? Does Vaughn?

Kendall: You father and Mr. Vaughn will be informed at the earliest possible opportunity.

Sydney is pacing back and forth on the offensive while Kendall, surprised and equally offensive stands across from her. We watch her as she shoots more inquires at him.

Sydney: So they don't know. What about Will? Did he make it?

Kendall: What you've been through may have national security implications.

Sydney stops her pacing, her hand coming down from her face as she looks at him like he just sprouted an extra head.

Sydney: I need to talk to them. I need you to get them on the phone…

She's coming at him now, and they speak over each other in the next few lines.

Kendall: All your questions will be answered –

Sydney: (yelling) Right now!

Kendall: - in time, first, we need to know what happened to you!

She's sobered at bit as we cut back to the present and the plane, watching the pair from across the cabin.

Kendall: You looked different. It was an alias of yours I hadn't seen before. I … I had a lot of questions, too. We didn't know much about the Covenant at the time.

Cut closer, to Kendall.

Kendall: So, you took me back to the beginning. You told me the first thing you remembered after your fight with Allison. So this is what happened to you, in your own words…

Flashback. Fade to black, then swing over to come back to Sydney in the safe house. Their both sitting now, and she looks away as she starts to recount what happened to her.

Sydney: I shot her…

Flashback to season finale and Sydney shooting Allison/Francie, then falling against the wall.

Sydney: (VO) …three times. Then I passed out. Dead to the world.

Cut to Sydney in the safe house.

Sydney: When I woke up, it was days later, and I was in the back of a van, strapped down.

Cut to Sydney, still in her outfit from the Telling. We start at her feet and pan up to her face, where her eyes are closed and a strip of duct tape is secured over her mouth. She comes too, breath rushing from her nose as she starts to move. Cut up to the doctor from Succession (referred to as Oleg from hereon out). She wakes up and sees him, shocked, confused.

Oleg: You and I are going to work together. You and I are going to spend lots of time together. But we will get the results that my employers have requested. I always do.

During this, he runs his hand over her head, trying to be reassuring. When he finishes, she straightens, looking up at the ceiling of the van. He sticks a needle into her arm.

Sydney: (VO) He injected me with a neurotoxin. Temporary paralysis. I couldn't move or speak.

Cut to safe house and Sydney.

Sydney: All I could do was watch.

She's upset about this, and we cut back to her in the van as the doctor pushes her gurney upright so she can look out the back windows. It snaps into place.

Oleg: Your roommate was easy. We unearthed her. We left her in your apartment before we burned it.

Cut to a view of a cold, overcast beach. Figures in black are gathered near the edge of the water.

Oleg: (VO) But you -- that was more difficult. When a body is burned badly enough, the DNA they test for is in the teeth.

Cut to a side view of Jack and Dixon, the van Sydney and the doctor are in is seen past them. Both look saddened yet cold.

Oleg: (VO) We extracted pulp from your teeth.

Cut to a full view. It's Jack, Dixon, Kendall, Marshall, Weiss, and Vaughn on the beach, a minister in front of them. Marshall is crying, and Vaughn holds an urn at his side.

Oleg: (VO) And we injected it into the teeth of the corpse that was to be your replacement.

Cut to Jack, Dixon, then Vaughn. Cut to Vaughn standing at the edge of the water tossing the ashes into the sea. We then cut to Jack, who's actually showing a degree of sorrow.

Oleg: (VO) Of course, they tested the body they found. To them, it was you.

Weiss and Vaughn are walking back up the beach, followed by the others. We cut to Sydney watching them, and he turns her head to look at Vaughn. He goes to unlock his car door, then pauses and turns around, hugging Weiss who was standing behind him, eyes closed in apparent agony.

Oleg: (VO) He will mourn and move on.

Cut to tinted van windows over their shoulders, then Sydney watching them. Then them from the van.

Oleg: (VO) Find someone else, perhaps.

Cut to van interior. The doctor puts a hand on Sydney's chin and turns her face away from Vaughn and Weiss outside to face himself.

Oleg: The sooner you accept that you are no longer who you were, the easier this will be. (whisper) Sydney Bristow…is gone.

We close up on her face as tears stream from her eyes. Cut back to the present; Sydney in the plane. She's taking this all in.

Sydney: I don't remember any of this.

Kendall: I'll get to that. (beat) From your funeral, you were taken to a Covenant facility in St. Petersburg.

As he's talking, Kendall pulls out a black folder and opens it on the table. Sydney sits across from him, arms crossed on top of the table. Inside is a picture of the doctor.

Kendall: This was the man who took you there. The man from the van. Oleg Matrijik.

Sydney: (re: the picture) I killed this man.

Flashback. Sydney, from Sucession. She shoots Oleg twice in the chest and he falls. Cut back to the plane.

Sydney: It was only a week after I woke up in Hong Kong. He had all the answers. (beat) He died right in front of me.

Flashback. Oleg is on the ground.

Oleg: You kept your promise. That you would kill me. (pause) You were my favorite.

Sydney rushes up to him, hands on the lapels of his lab coat, and she's pulling on them as she frantically asks questions.

Sydney: Who the hell are you? What are you talking about? Why did the Covenant take two years of my life?

He's dead. Cut to the plane.

Sydney: What did he do to me?

Kendall: The Covenant believed you were crucial to their operation. They needed your cooperation which you wouldn't offer. So Oleg began a brainwash protocol.

Cut to dark room. It's really dark but we slowly move up what looks like a leg, then up to Sydney's head.

Kendall: (VO) He spent months breaking you down.

A little window opens, bright light waking her up. She flinches, and we turn to see Oleg looking through the small window down at her.

Kendall: (VO) He used sensory deprivation.

The window closes. Cut to Sydney in a chair with spider-like electrode attached to her head. We pull out to see a hand on a switch.

Kendall: (VO) Electroshock.

The hand flips the switch and she starts to shudder. Cut to Sydney strapped to a chair, head bowed and chin almost hitting her chest. There's an IV to her left.

Kendall: (VO) He would put to you to sleep by running an IV in one arm with a barbiturate into one arm. And shock you awake with an amphetamine into the other arm

She's suddenly awake and pulls against the restraints, shouting.

Sydney: I will kill you, you son of a b****! I promise you!

Cut to Oleg, watching her with a content look on his face. Cut back to the plane.

Kendall: (VO) Once Oleg believed you'd been broken, he began a conditioning process. (beat) He stated with hypnosis.

Cut to Oleg standing in front of Sydney.

Oleg: Your name is Julia Thorne. You were born in London on August 2, 1973.

We spin around from him to face Sydney.

Sydney: (deadpan) My name is Sydney Bristow, you ugly b*st*rd.

Cut to Sydney's arm. Oleg is injecting something into it.

Kendall: (VO) He disoriented you with narcotics.

Oleg: Your name is Julia Thorne.

We turn around to see her. She's just as defiant as before.

Sydney: Really? Then why is my name Sydney Bristow?

She turns and spit into Oleg's face. We cut to her lying on the floor.

Kendall: (VO) He withheld food for weeks at a time.

She flinches when light hits her face. Cut to the shelf under the window in the door. Oleg pushes a plate of warm meat and mashed potatoes complete with gravy into it. Sydney gets up and scurries on her hands and knees to grab it, but Oleg pulls it back just as she's about to reach it and shoves a bowl of what looks like grub or old stew to her. She grabs the bowl as the window slides shut and examines it before eating the food quickly with her hands. She starts to cry.

Cut to Sydney sitting in a chair, light from images flashed before her reflecting on her face.

Kendall: (VO) He bombarded you with images, information - classic techniques; tried and true.

We turn to see the images out of focus, then pull back as Oleg walks in front of it, speaking.

Oleg: Julia, your father's name was Kenneth Thorne. Julia is who you are…

Cut to another session, where he's speaking again. The words he's saying are flowing over each other in a montage. The images are several things: a girl at her birthday party, a family laughing, all flashing in front of her as the sessions blend into each other.

Oleg: Your brothers, Daniel and Tom. (beat) The Latin school… (beat) Your were the only survivor… (beat) Confirmation at the Old Souls Church…

We round to Sydney, the images still flashing on her face, eyes wide open as she appears to be in a trance.

Oleg: You lost your family in a fire… (beat) You were the only survivor… (beat) After that, you became a contract killer… (beat) You showed no pity. You first targets were the men who destroyed your family…

Close up on Sydney's face as Oleg continues to speak.

Oleg: You became a contract killer… You showed no pity… You first targets were the men who destroyed your family … Julia will eat well… live well…

She's wearing headphones now, which is where his voice is coming from. We've been tightening in on her left eye, and by the time the next line is delivered, we can see her pupils.

Oleg: Julia is who you are.

With the echo of Oleg's voice fading, we cut to the plane.

Kendall: This went on over six months. It was about that time that Oleg felt he had a breakthrough; that his therapy was starting to work.

We cut to Sydney sitting behind a table. She's cleaned up, hair pulled back into a pony tail, and she's wearing a clean grey sweater. She's writing in a notebook.

Oleg: (off-screen) Julia.

She looks up and closes the book, shoving it to the side. All her actions are done with measured, precise movements. Oleg appears on screen, carrying a tray.

Sydney: Yes?

Oleg: Lunch.

He places the tray down in front of her and lifts the cover off to reveal a full, nice meal. Off her bemused expression, we cut back to the present day in the plane.

Kendall: Once Oleg believed that you were ready, they gave you a test.

We cut from the plane to a table with several ash trays, a hand flicking the ashes off the end of a cigarette into one.

Kendall: (VO) To prove to them that you were a believer. That you were, in fact, another woman.

We move up from the table to Oleg, who stands before the panel of unseen men.

Oleg: May I present to you…Julia Thorne.

Sydney enters from a side door, now with the blond hair we saw her with in the first flashback to the safe house in Tuscany, wearing a tight yet fashionable grey suit. She slides up to stand at Oleg's side.

Cole (quentin tarantino) : Welcome, Miss Thorne. The work you'll be doing for us requires a certain commitment.

A man in wheeled in the room, dressed in denim. He's in a wheelchair, tied down with duct tape over his mouth. He speaks, but his words are muffled.

Sydney: (coldly, as Julia) Of course.

Cole (quentin tarantino): Who this man is, is not important. What is important is the knife on the table. Use it. Kill this unimportant man.

Sydney swoops in and plucks the knife from the table, then turns to the man in the wheelchair.

Man in Wheelchair: (as she's walking) No. NO! No no. Please! Listen! No! Please don't!

She plunges the knife into his chest, his cries as voice over as we switch to the unknown men. Cut to Oleg, then to Sydney, who twists the knife and pulls it out with no reaction. She turns to the table of men, finished, awaiting their response. We fade off her face as we –

Sydney : Who was he?

Kendall : I don't know.

Sydney :So I was programmed?

Kendall : Not by the Covenant.

Sydney :Wait, Kendall, I don't understand. I murdered that man. What do you mean I wasn't programmed by the Covenant.

Kendall : When you were young, your father subjected you to the CIA's experimental program to train and prepare children for intelligence work.

Sydney :Project Christmas.

Kendall : Among other things, that program contained a fail-safe to prevent its subjects from being turned. Jack hard-wired you to stand up to some pretty intense efforts at brainwashing.

Sydney :I traded his life for mine.

Kendall : That man. Whoever he was, he was taken, brought into a Covenant facility. He was dead no matter what you did, and you must have known that.

Sydney :That doesn't lessen what I did.

Kendall : But if you hadn't gone through with it, convinced them you'd been programmed, you would have both been killed. You could never have contacted me.

Here, Sydney is talking to Kendall after her escape (9 months after the Freplica fight).

Sydney : I want to go home. I want to see my dad.

Kendall : Your father can't be contacted. He's under deep cover. And as it is, you have no home to return to. Agent Bristow, let me be clear. You return home, you're putting in jeopardy the lives of the people you claim to love.

Sydney : You're just trying to scare me.

Kendall : Look at Your friend Will. The Covenant left the son of a b**** for dead. Listen to me. If what little intel we have on the Covenant is anywhere near accurate, they have the potential to be far more deadly than the Alliance ever was. Which is why it is imperative that you continue as Julia Thorne. The Covenant believes they have you programmed.

Sydney : If you think I'm going back to them, you're insane.

Kendall : If you don't, they're going to come after you, after your friends, your family, after Vaughn.

Sydney : I have to see him.

Kendall : Sydney, you've been gone nine months.


Sydney : He loves me. Nine months is nothing.

Kendall : So I let you go, and you went home.

Sydney sees Vaughn and Lauren together.

Kendall : As hard as it was to see them together, you couldn't confront Vaughn. You realized your presence was a danger to him, so you did the only thing you could.

Syd sees a lincoln surveilling Vaughn and Lauren as they go inside. The passenger looks like the bartender in 2x15 - A Free Agent. The Lincoln's license plate is 4XDU238 (CA).

phone conversation:

Kendall : This is Kendall.

Sydney : I'll do whatever you want.

Kendall : That's how we started working together.

Sydney : So I became Julia.

Kendall : Yes, you did.

In what could be an advertisement if there were a clothing label visible, Syd's walking somewhere in a tan leather coat, turning heads. Then she's sipping latte in the same tan leather coat (this shot is reversed... the coat is obviously reversed, and Syd is sipping something left-handed, but in reality she's right-handed. She's also wearing her watch on her right hand.) All to the tune of No Doubt's cover of "It's My Life".

Kendall : They sent you to Algeria, where you met this man.

Sydney : Simon Walker.

Kendall : He was a thief. You were introduced as a contract killer. The two of you started working together for the Covenant. The mission was simple. They wanted you to find the cube. During your time with Simon, you pursued a variety of leads, all the while keeping me informed by passing on the intel to one of our operatives. You informed me that Simon had found Andrian Lazarey, a Russian diplomat, member of the Romanov family. Who, like Sloane, was devoted to studying Rambaldi. You believed that Lazarey would know where to find the cube. It was a crucial acquisition because it contained the DNA of Rambaldi himself. You told me that the Covenant wanted you to get the information from him, and then kill him. It turns out you saved his life. You went to Lazarey the night before you were supposed to kill him. He's a reasonable man. The two of you struck a deal.

Lazarey: (Russian w/ subtitles) How did you get into my house?

Sydney : I'll make this as simple as possible, Mr. Lazarey. Unless you do exactly as I say, by this time tomorrow you will be dead.

Sydney : So that's why I faked Lazarey's death. So the videotape...

Kendall : We presumed there'd be surveillance cameras. The murder had to look real. Paramedics were CIA operatives working under my orders. The Kremlin carried out a thorough investigation, and they believed, as did the Covenant, that Andrian Lazarey was assassinated.

Sydney : Assuming everything you're telling me is true, Mr. Kendall, what am I doing here? Why are you telling me all of this now, and where are we going?

Kendall : We're going to my facility in Nevada, Project Blackhole. Four years ago when I was called in to question you, I was never FBI. I was Special Research, overseeing the project.

Sydney : I've never heard of Project Blackhole.

Kendall : Thank you. This is everything the government has collected on or about Milo Rambaldi since the 1940's. A quarter of the artifacts we have were collected by you. You're actually something of a celebrity in-house. Which is also why the Covenant needed you. They believe Rambaldi's prophecies. They believe a lot of things, including the idea that you are... the Chosen One.

Sydney : My mother said that. The night I disappeared

(This is a brief flashback to episode 2x22, The Telling.)

Sydney :: Get off the ledge!

Irina : I'll tell you what you need to know.

Sydney : Get off the ledge right now.

Irina : It's you in the prophecy, Sydney, not me.

Kendall : Four months ago you asked me not to tell you any of this. I honored that request as long as possible. Trust me, when I finish the story you will understand. The Covenant had you; if they could get the cube, they'd have everything they needed to fulfill Rambaldi's prophecy. You continued to feed the Covenant false leads. In truth, you and Lazarey were working for the CIA trying to find that cube. And it took you nine months, but you found it.

Sydney : Where was it?

Kendall : Nothing's ever easy, is it? It was in the Fish River Gorge in Namibia. For five hundred years, the key to Rambaldi's prophecy lay buried in the depths of this cave. To Rambaldi's followers, this was the holy grail. A mile long trek brought you to an elaborate vault that housed the cube. Lazarey had devoted thirty years of his life to acquiring the twelve keys to the vault, the last of which he found only two weeks before your journey. Each one had a name on it that corresponded to a keyhole in the wall.

Lazarey : This lock won't stay open. I need to hold the key in place.

Kendall : Lazarey was trapped, and the cave began to collapse around you.

Sydney : Here, bite down on this.

Kendall : There was only one way you could both get out alive. So you got the cube, and you got Lazarey out alive.

Sydney : Come on, you've got to run. Let's go.

Kendall : Our agreement with Lazarey was that after he helped track down the cube, we would let him disappear, untraced. After you let him go, you were supposed to deliver me the cube.

Sydney : But I didn't show up.

Kendall : No, you didn't. Instead, I got this. You want to know what happened to your memory? You might want to sit down for this.


Syadeny : (tape) Kendall. I'm sorry. I know you're expecting the cube with the DNA, and instead you get this. (tape) You've been great to me. You've been a real friend, and I'm grateful for that. But I can't go along with it, the plan we had. (tape) You know what this is about, and I'm hoping you can understand. What am I talking about? (tape) So I'm taking care of it myself, the DNA. I mean, even if it's with the CIA, it'll never be safe, not really. I've seen too much. Everything gets stolen. Everything. So I've got a plan. I've found someone, someone who can help me, a man who has done advanced research on how the brain stores short and long-term memory. I'm not going to tell you the specifics of what I'm doing with the DNA. In fact, I don't want to know them myself. Which is why I'm going to try and have my memories erased, to keep the Covenant from ever doing what they want with Rambaldi's DNA, I'm going to have everything that's happened in the past two years removed. (tape) If this doesn't work, I mean if this kills me, better I did it than the Covenant. But if this works, if I come back and I don't remember, do me a favor. Don't ever tell me about what I've been through. Why are you doing this, telling me all this.

Kendall : In his prophecy, Rambaldi spoke of a second coming.

Sydney : Those freaks want to clone him, don't they. No. What the Covenant believes is that Rambaldi's work was destined to continue beyond his time. That he was due a second coming by way of a child. (quoting) This woman here depicted will possess unseen marks, signs that she will be the one to bring forth my works... she will render the greatest power unto utter desolation.

Kendall : The fanatical point of view believes that Rambaldi's DNA can be transformed, used to fertilize the egg of a surrogate mother, someone referred to in his prophecy as the Chosen One.

Sydney : That's why they cut me open.

Kendall : Yes.

Sydney : So they could extract my eggs.

Kendall : And that's why you went to such extraordinary lengths, because his child would also be yours. Sydney, that's why I came to you, not because of protocol. There was no official order. Sydney, a couple years ago I got to know you a little bit and what I believed was that despite your protests you would want to know about this. The Covenant has it all now. I got this video two days before you turned up in Hong Kong. And despite my being pissed off, I respected your choice, I opted to let it go, but here we are four months later. And you went straight for the cube. Why, when you nearly killed yourself trying to find it?

Sydney : Three weeks ago Arvin Sloane gave me a package that I had sent to him in the mail. It was addressed in my handwriting. Inside was a key and an address to an apartment in Rome that I had rented as Julia Thorne. I found a code there, coordinates that led me to a box buried in the sand. It was a hand, it was Lazarey's hand. Which led me to Lazarey, to the cube. When the Covenant learned I'd hidden the cube, they didn't give up. They kept looking. Eventually they found it, they found the cave, Lazarey's hand. They forged my handwriting. They planted the code. They wanted me to find the hand in the desert. They planted it there. They wanted me to ask these questions to smoke out Lazarey. They tricked me into leading them back to the cube.

Kendall : And why didn't you destroy it?

Sydney : I don't know. Why did I just leave it at the hotel? Maybe there was another step. Maybe there was someone else involved.

Kendall : When we get back to the base, I want you to look at all the artifacts, see if anything jogs your memory.

Sydney : I need a phone. I need a phone right now.


Marshall : This is Marshall.

Sydney : Marshall, I need you to listen to me very carefully. You said that the jerks were taking it away, that you wanted to see their lab, that you wanted to put a tracer on it and track it to their lab because you can imagine how cool it must be.

Sydney : Marshall, I need you to tell me the truth. Did you put a tracer on that cube? Marshall, please. If you did, and if you're afraid that you're going to get disciplined, I swear to God you're going to be okay.

Marshall : I didn't, Syd, I'm sorry. I didn't put a tracer on it.

Sydney : I know you. No one is more curious about technology than you. I need to find that cube.

Marshall : Listen, I didn't put a tracer on it. I swear to you, I didn't, okay?

Sydney : Okay.

Marshall : Okay, I put a tracer on it, but you cannot tell anyone because if they find out, they will fire me from this job. And I cannot be fired because I'm about to have a baby soon.

Sydney : Marshall, I love you.

I love you too. Syd. Serious, you can't tell anyone, okay? Please?

Sydney : Can you locate the cube?

Marshall : No, not exactly. But I can narrow it down to a ten yard radius.

Sydney : Marshall, that's called locating it. Where is it?

Covenant scientists and Sark are messing with the DNA and Sydney's eggs.

Briefing at the Rotunda...

Kendall : Here's the big picture. At 2100 hours, you'll be dropped from ten thousand feet over Patagonia. You'll hit the ground a quarter mile from the target building. We have minimal intelligence on this facility, but we believe the fertilization will happen tonight. The chopper will be here in two minutes to take us to the airport. We'll review the operation en route. (phone) This is Kendall. Where is he?

Vaughn and Sydney glance at each other, Vaughn looks away.

Weiss : What's going on with you two?

Vaughn : Nothing. Come on, we've go to prep.

Just afterwards, still in the Rotunda...

Sydney : Dixon. What are you doing?

Dixon : The day you showed up in Rome, when you called in, they put you through to Kendall. I was there that day, in the office. When he hung up, he told me that it was you. Syd, I've known the truth about what was happened to you and I was ordered to say nothing.

Sydney : Dixon, we've been working together for months.

Dixon : It's not easy, is it? Keeping the truth from someone you love. Now I have an idea of what it was like for you at SD-6.

Sydney : You're coming with us.

Dixon : Of course I am. It's personal for me, too.



GOON: Let's do it.

They parachute out of the plane.

At the facility, they shoot an exterior guard.

Dixon tosses a flash-bang. There's a lot of fighting.

Notable weapons:

various people with AR-15s

various people with MP5s

Sark is shooting John Woo style with either a USP or P99 and something else, maybe a stainless Beretta.


The fighting's over.

Dixon : Kendall wants all this brought back for analysis. Do your thing.

Sydney torches the setup with a flamethrower she brought along.

A few other operatives are carrying Andrian Lazarey


Sark is in a car.

Sark : (on phone) They have my father. Take care of it.


Sydney and Lazarey are in an ambulance.

Sydney : Mr. Lazarey, you're going to be okay.

Lazarey: You know about the passenger?

Sydney : Excuse me?

Lazarey: The passenger.

Sydney : We'll have time to talk at the hospital.

Lazarey is taken out of the ambulance and rolled towards the hospital.

Someone shoots Lazarey three times.

Sydney : Dixon, it's me. I'm at the Naval Hospital. There's a sniper. Lazarey's been shot; he's dead. Get me a team out here now.


A gloved figure partially disassembles a rifle. It's revealed to be Lauren. She calls someone on a cell phone.

Lauren: The matter's taken care of. Yes sir, I will.