01x03 - Kathy's Story

You can't do this to me, I'm English!

I don't know anything, all right? I didn't smuggle drugs.

There's just something about her, something I don't trust, you know?

She's got a shifty face.

According to records, the number was registered to a Marianne Morton.

Just tell me, Marianne.

Do you know where he is?


Well, then, what?

Marianne, please.

I can't do this!

Wait, don't go! Marianne, don't go!

Marianne, please!

Marianne, please, please, don't do this to me.

Just tell me!

(Tyres screech)

Is everything OK?

Does it look like it?

What's going on with you two? I've seen you ignoring each other.

It's none of your business.

It's very much my business.
I'm Mike's eyes and ears.

Disharmony does not sell motor cars.

(Door slams)

Any big plans for the weekend, Kathy?

No, let me guess, s*x party.

You don't half talk some rubbish, Rick.

So Strictly and the slow slide towards death, then, is it, yeah?

It's called contentment.

Not that you'd know about it, bad mouthing that poor wife all the time.

Don't blame me, it's not my fault she's a bitch.

(He laughs)

(She sings to car radio)

♪ We can rule the world ♪
♪ Hey, you and me... ♪

(She chuckles)

Bouncy, sinking ship, come on, get up here!

Right, come on, Isaac, mate, give us a test drive for us.

Brand-new, this, kids - HMS Titanic, maiden voyage.

Hey! Women and children first.

And if any of you lot are proles, get out of the lifeboats!

You know 1,500 people died in that disaster?

Aye, tragedy plus time equals a bouncy castle for every occasion!

(He laughs)

The kids seem to like it.

Yeah, it's fast, that's why. Hey, come on, get up and have a go.

I'm not going on that thing!

Oh, come on!


Have a go, have a go!

I'm not!

Have a go, have a go!
Have a go, have a go!

(He cheers)

Oh, the things you have me doing, you daft bugger!

(She screams)



Three, two, one...

(They scream)

(They laugh)

Hey, about this 40th party.

I don't want a 40th party.

Yeah, I know you don't, but I do.

I want a great big piss-up with all our mates here.

Well, fine, you have a party, I'll go to Marbella on my own.

So what's your day tomorrow?
You definitely walking?

Yeah, unless it's hammering down.
Sid won't go if it's torrential.

Is it forecast to be?

I don't know, haven't looked. I'll see when I open the curtains.

How about you?

Into town, with Eleanor.

(Dog barks)

Wakey, wakey, rise and shine.

There you are, love. Sid's coming at half eight, so I'm doing full English and fresh coffee.

Just follow your nose.

(Piano music plays)



Great to meet you... finally.

You look terrific.

Oh, thank you...

So do you.

Do I look like my photo?

Definitely. Better.

That's a relief!

I thought about getting it airbrushed, getting rid of the lines and wrinkles.

Oh, would you like a drink?

Oh, erm...

I think we should have a drink... first.

Talk a bit.


Um, it's just I don't normally drink in the day.


What are you having?


When in Rome...

G&T would be great.

You sure?

I'm sure.

Great, G&T it is, then!

Have a seat and I'll bring it over.



Um, Niall, before anything happens it's vital that we go through a few things, is that OK?

I'm not an axe murderer if that's what you're worried about!

(He laughs)

Sorry, um...

Of course, ask me whatever you like.


I want to make absolutely sure that you want the same as I want, that we both've got as much to lose.

Because this is an arrangement, yeah?

I'm not looking for love, I'm not looking for a new partner, I'm not looking for complications.

I need to know that you love your family and have no desire to leave them.

Because I'm not interested in home-wrecking, Niall.

That's not what we're here for.

(Door slams)

This is...

Shall we get undressed or...


Kiss me.

Take off your shirt.

Not yet.

It's been a long time since I've been naked... with anyone.

I'm sure you're beautiful.

(She whimpers)

I'd like to... turn around.

(She breathes nervously)

What kind of work do you do?

I thought we weren't going to discuss our lives.

Just for conversation.

No, I think we should keep it simple. No work, no home life...

OK, absolutely.

What do you think of United's home form this season?

If you don't mind my asking, how long have you been managing without... intimacy?

A long time.

I've done three years.

Since her hysterectomy, my wife's.

Niall, the rules.

Sorry, sorry, I'm just curious, that's all.

At first you think it's just you.

Seems like the whole bloody world's at it, several times a night.

Then you go online and discover there's a whole army of us.

Thousands of people wanting something more, but not knowing how to find it.

Six years.

Wow. That's...

He's a good man. He's a wonderful man.

It's just...

I think I best be getting back.

Will we meet again, or...?

Next week.


Oh, Kathy, sorry to badger you, but so I've got an idea of numbers for the evening do, do you think your husband will be coming? Only I'm ordering sandwiches and dips.

Well, he's in a pub quiz league and it's the semifinal, so I'd put him down as very doubtful.

I sort of need a yes or no.

Extremely doubtful?


Hey, Jase, I thought I saw your name on a loaf of bread this morning, but when I looked closely it said "thick cut".

Yeah, I saw yours, but it said "loud-mouth knobhead"

(She laughs)

Are you wearing foundation?

What you on about?

Your face.

You are, aren't you?

You're wearing make-up, he's wearing make-up.

Oh, thank you, God, for this sweet gift!

It's a bruise. I can't sell cars with a shiner, can I?

First the make-up, then the lippy. next it'll be sussies and bra.

It's a rugby injury.

Rugby? With that gut?

The press have been round my house, asking me questions about Viv, and asking me if I was involved.

Um, they might come here.

Well, if they come here they'll be told where to go.

They're offering money, so someone might talk to them.

Kath, memo to all staff - "Nobody speaks to the press - or else".

I don't think that's legally enforceable.

I mean, I'll write it...

Yeah, if you could.


Does everyone think I was involved?

Well, weren't you? I've got to say, Tracy, your story's full of holes.

We'll look after you, OK?

Marianne's not in today, any idea why?

She rang in sick. Well, her sister did. She's got the flu.

Her sister? Has she been to the doctor's?

I think someone can tell if they've got flu or not, Beth.

Did you know she'd moved house?

I'll tell you nothing until you tell me what this is all about.

If her sister rings again, can you tell her I want to speak to her?

And if I don't?

Just do your job.

So he opens the box and inside he reveals this little mini pianist.

The barman is amazed, he says, "Bloody hell, "how does he fit in there?"

He said, "Well, I've got this tiny ring and when I rub it, "whatever I wish for appears in the box."

The barman's amazed. He says, "Can I have a little go?"

He says, "Go on, then."

So, the barman's rubbing the tiny ring.

Next thing, a thousand hounds come dashing into the bar.

He says, "Bloody hell, what's this?! I asked for £1,000!"

He said, "Did you think I asked for a 12 inch pianist?!"

(They laugh)

(She whimpers)

Where do you say you're going when you come here?

Do you have to make a lot of excuses?

I've got a friend, Eleanor... who doesn't actually exist.

I invented her six months ago.

"Eleanor from work".

So for the last six months I've been going out with her.

Cinema, shopping, girls' nights.

Because I knew I'd need a story when I eventually got round to doing this.

(He laughs)


That takes a lot of forward planning, I'm impressed!

Well, I've thought about this for a long time, a LONG time.

Before I even opened up a website.

I thought how it would work and how I could protect my family from ever finding out.

You have kids?

Don't you?

Boy and a girl. 11 and 9.

Mine are all grown-up.

They don't live at home, but even so, if they ever found out... and as for my husband...

Well, it'd kill him.

So, yes, I have done my groundwork, and I hope you have too.

Because this is great, Niall.

But it has to stay this way.

This is your final message, Marianne.

If you're genuinely ill, then I'll need a doctor's note.

It seems to me like you're avoiding coming into work.

Thank you.

Don't worry, we'll get to the bottom of this.

You OK?

I'm lonely.

I'm just... I'm tired of thinking the same thoughts over and over.

I need to move on.

(Mobile rings)


'Kathy, it's Niall.'

How did you get my number?

'I called my phone from your phone, when you were in the toilet.'

Why would you do that?

'So I had it.'

You're not supposed to have it, that's the rule!

We do everything by e-mail. that's how we keep things safe.

'All right, calm down.'

I will not calm down. This is totally unacceptable!

(Mobile rings)

Do you understand English?

Look, I'm sorry, I just thought it would be nice if we could talk now and again.

We talk when we meet.

'I know, I know,' but I was just thinking about that last time we were together.

'It was so great, Kathy. Wasn't it?'

It was.

'Oh, boy, you've really done something to me, 'brought me alive.'

I'm walking round with a smile on my face.

Me too.

'I want to see you again.
Meet me tonight.'


No, no, that's totally out of the question.

Oh, please, Kathy, I'm desperate for you.

'It's all I can think about.'

No, Niall. I'm sorry.

And... don't call me on this again.

(Phone beeps)

I was thinking.

These hotels aren't cheap.

I'm a little worried in case my wife sees bank statements.

Bank statements?

I took out 150 quid today, how am I supposed to justify that?

Oh, we should have agreed to it. Let me pay half.

No, no, no, I won't hear of it. But I've got an idea.

I know we aren't supposed to talk jobs, etc, but I'm an estate agent, Clacy Hughes, we sell all over.

I've got the keys to houses and I know when they're going to be empty...

Oh, I'm not sure about that, Niall.

People's houses? It doesn't feel right.

They'll never know. No-one comes when you're doing a viewing.

The occupants stay well away.

I'd sooner stay in hotels.

Then we'll have to find somewhere cheaper.

OK, I'll look into it.

OK. But I thought it might be kind of sexy... somewhere we're not supposed to be.

A stranger's bedroom.

I'll think about it.

No, not yet.

Right, now.

(They sing the wedding march)


Kiss the bride!

Snog him!

Piss off!


Shag him!


I never knew what true happiness was till I got married.

Then it was too late.

(He laughs)

Ralph, what are you doing?

Is everything OK?

No, it's not bloody OK.
It's not bloody OK at all.

How the hell did this cute little girl become 40?!

(She laughs nervously)

Party invitations. We're having one whether you like it or not.

I knew if I gave them to you they'd end up in the bin so I thought I'd enlist your friend Eleanor, where is she?

Um, I'll tell you what, give them to me. I'll hand them out, I promise.

Ah, no, I don't trust you.

But, look, I've written "free booze" in big letters so even if they don't like you they might still come.

For God's sake, Ralph, you can't just barge in like this.

We're in the middle of a work thing.

Which one is she?

She's not in. She's sick.

Give them to me...

No chance!

Give them to me!

No, you're not having 'em.

I'll hand the bloody things out.

I was having a bit of a laugh, Kathy.

That's fine, go on, you give them out.


It's Kathy.



Mrs Kavanagh? Niall Davis.

Let me show you into the property.

(She laughs)

Ever get the feeling you're being watched?!

They've certainly a penchant for face masks!

That one looks like my mother-in-law.

(He laughs)

Shall we start upstairs?

Oh, I don't think I can do this.


Ah! This bloody bed!

(They laugh)

Why can't your husband make love...?

He just can't.

(She sighs)

He had an illness. That was the start of it.

For a long time just he couldn't... but we always thought once he got better...

Do you mind if we don't talk about this? It just feels like betrayal.

(She sighs)


Niall, there's someone's here.


What the hell?!

(Rasied voices from outside)

It's next door, they're kicking the bloody door in!

Get out 'ere!

Jesus, no.


Stop them!

Are you insane?! Look at us.

Oh, my God, then do something!

Call the police! Call the police!

Kathy, wait.

They're killing him!

We can't! They'll want statements, they'll want to know who we are. This is my job.

We'll call anonymously.

They'll trace it. Think about it.

We've got to do something.

What are you doing?!

What does it look like?

What happened?

I think they saw me.

Oh, no. sh1t, you idiot.

Why did you do that?!

For evidence!

What if they come here?

What do we do?

I don't know. This is my job, I can't be here.

This can't be happening.

Jesus, stop, don't!

We can't stay here forever.

They've gone.

But he's just lying there, Niall.

The man...

He's just lying there.

Um, we'll get out of here and find a payphone, give them the address.

There's nothing we can do for him, Kathy.

There's nothing we can do for him!

We could have stopped them.

No, we couldn't.

If they'd seen us, if we'd shouted down...

They'd have turned on us.

WE could be lying beaten to a pulp.
Would that be a better scenario?

The photos you took, delete them.


Delete them.

No, the police could use them, use technology, zoom in.

Delete the photos.


Delete the photos!

No, I need to think...
I need to think about it!

OK, I'll...I'll delete them.

There, done.

Thank you.

We weren't there.

(Engine starts)

Excuse me, I'm looking for the ceremony, Jez and Emma.

.. and before we reach the sharing of vows, Jeremy and Emma would like to introduce their good friend Grace Wells to share some words from a song that meant a lot to them.


This is from a song called Trouble Me, by 10,000 Maniacs.

Trouble me.

Disturb me, with all your cares and your worries.

Trouble me.

On the days when you feel spent.

Why let your shoulders bend underneath this burden, when my back is sturdy and strong?

Trouble me.

Speak to me. Let me have a look inside your eyes.

Please don't hide them, just because of tears.

Let me send you off to sleep with a "There, there."

Now stop your turnin' and tossin'.

Let me know where the hurt is and how to heal.

Trouble me, disturb me with all your cares and your worries.

Speak to me. And let our words build a shelter from the storm.

And lastly, let me know what I can mend.

There's more, honestly, than, my sweet friend, you can see.

Trust is what I am offering.

If you trouble me.

Thank you. Oh, thank you so much.


It was beautiful, really wonderful, congratulations.

All the best to both of you, and always love each other, won't you?

No matter what happens... always stick together.

She was evening-only.

She can eat Marianne's meal.


Are we all having a good time?

All: Yes!

Right, don't worry about this speech.

I read somewhere that a good best man's speech shouldn't take any longer than it takes the groom to make love, so without any further ado, Jez and Emma!

(Laughter and applause)

Right, I think many a man and some of the ladies -

I'm looking at you, Grace - are devastated that Emma is no longer on the market, but I'm not here to talk about that.

I'm here to talk about my good pal Jez.

Now, I have known Jez for quite a few years and we started working around the same time.

On Jez's first day I was told to take him on a tour, show him the ropes, and at the end of the tour, I said, "Jez, have you got any questions?"

He said, "Yes, where's the pub, and who sorts out five-a-side?"


Now, marriage is all about the s*x, ladies and gentlemen.

And... Emma... I want you to remember this, men are like wood floors. Lay them right and you can spend years walking all over them.

If you don't believe me, just take a look at Jez's new mother- and father-in-law!

Right, um, seriously, though...

I spent the last month worrying about this speech and the point of it only came to me yesterday, and it is this...

(Phone beeps)

'Hello, this is Niall Davies. I'm sorry I can't take your call at the 'moment, please leave a message...'

(Phone beeps)

'I can't take your call at the moment.'

'Hello, this is Ni...'

'Please leave a message and I'll get back to you.'

'Leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.'

(Glass smashes)

All right, Kathy?

Yeah, sure, um, just...

You must be Jason's partner.


Hannah, nice to meet you.

Oh, rugby?

Oh, um... Hannah's nephew head-butted me, the little pillock.

Right, I need lubricating.

Music: Fire by Kasabian

(She retches)

(Phone rings)


Oh, Kathy, have you seen Mike?

I think he's by the other bar.


Music: Fire by Kasabian Good night?

Yeah, fantastic.


Pub quiz finalists.

Both: Yay.

You'd better come in.

Thank you.

For diverting Alison.

My marriage is over.

It's none of my business.

My marriage is over and I want to leave her.

But I can't. Because I love my kids.

And because her dad owns 51% of this business.

It's a mess.

Beth's situation's even more complicated than mine.

We can't all be like you, Kath.

Some of us screw things up.

If it makes you feel any better...

I love her.

Given the chance I'd spend the rest of my life with her.

Like I say, it's none of my business.

Monthly sales figures and targets.
Quite clearly, you can see the star of the show is Marty Mclean.

(Applause and cheering)

44 sales, exemplary.

If this is what killing off your wife does, I want you all arranging funerals.

(He laughs)

Too soon.

Jason, 21. I know you're going through a bit of a stage, but...

(Vocals quieten)

We'll all club together and get you a s*x change!


Kathy, everything OK?
Are we boring you?

'The number you have dialled is no longer available.'


Thank you.

There you go, excuse me one moment.

Can I help you?

(What the hell are you doing?!)

(You disconnected your phone.)

(You can't be here, you've got to go. NOW.)

I'd like a second viewing on that property, please.

Shall we say tonight, about six o'clock?

I'm afraid that's not possible.

Oh, well, I'll come back tomorrow, then.

And the day after and the day after that until you bloody well speak to me.

He's in intensive care.

Six o'clock?

Are you out of your mind? 43 times you've called me, Kathy!

43 times!

You're the only person I can talk to, you're the only person who knows what happened.

So you come to my work?!

I needed to talk about it.

I am a good person.

I have spent my whole life doing the right thing.

And now I barely recognise myself.

What happened wasn't our fault.

But don't you see? It was a sign, from somewhere higher, telling us what we were doing was wrong.

You're being crazy.

WE are being punished.

There's no other explanation.

We were lying, and we were deceiving, and that behaviour always ends up hurting someone.

We just wanted s*x.

I can't do this. I have to go home.

And I suggest, Kathy, you do the same.

I have to put this right.

Then you're going to ruin our lives.


Hi, I'm looking for Marianne Morton.

And you are?

Beth Corbin. I work with her.

She's not here at the moment.

Do you know where she is?


Hospital? I thought she had flu.

It got worse.

Well, I hope she gets better soon. Sorry to bother you.

Open the door!

How many times? She's at the hospital...

I just saw her. Marianne! Marianne!

Do you know where he is?! Why are you lying to me about my husband?!

What could be so bad that you can't tell me?!

Why don't you talk to me?!


'Who are you here to see?'

Martin Pye.

'And you are?'

I'm his stepsister.

(Machines beep)

Hi. I just need to change his drip.

His wife has just arrived, actually. Sally, is it?

She's just taken one of the kids to the loo.

She'll be back in a minute.



I'll just go and buy us all a drink, I'll be back in a sec.

We've got drinks here.
Save you bothering.

Thanks, but, um... I'll get me and Sally a coffee.

The cabbie pulls over and, sure enough, the nun goes down on him.

But after she's finished, the cabbie starts crying.

She says, "My child, my child, whatever's the matter with you?"

He says, "Oh, Sister, I've lied to you. I'm married and I'm Jewish."

(Voice distorts)

And the nun goes, "That's OK.

"My name's Jeff and I'm on my way to a fancy dress party!"

Do you want to talk?


Is this about turning 40?


Come here, let's have a cuddle.

I don't want a cuddle.

I don't WANT a cuddle, Ralph.

OK, well, get a good night's sleep, everything always looks better in the morning.

About your 40th.


What about me 40th?

We'd like to get you a present.

But we'd rather get you something you actually want.

So I know it's a bit lame but can you give us some ideas?

Vouchers, I love a voucher.

Right, yeah.

Food, shops, clothes shops.
Anything you like, really.

About what you saw...
It's not what you...

Well, obviously, it was a bit...

Infidelity ruins marriages.
It ruins people's lives.

Kathy Kavanagh, Victim Support.

I hope you got my letter.

No, I don't think so.

Oh. We send a letter, saying we'll make a house call. Sorry about that.

Lovely dog. Bichon Frise.
Very intelligent.

Good with children.

Not much of a guard dog, though, unfortunately.

Come in.

He borrowed money off people he shouldn't have.

He'd lost his job and we were struggling.

And then, when he couldn't pay, they'd add 40% just like that.

So he ended up lying to them, avoiding them, and messing them around. and... eventually they'd had enough.

So they beat him senseless?

I can't sleep at night... scared they're going to come back.

What if they do the same to me?

But it isn't your fault, you didn't take the loan.

They don't care about that, they just want their money.

Do you mind me asking how much you owe them?

A lot.

What, hundreds, thousands?

6,000. He only borrowed 800.

Oh, Sally. That's terrible.

And do you know who they are?

No. Martin dealt with it all.

And the attack was at the back of the house. No-one saw anything.

Someone out the front saw people leaving next door soon after but the people who live there say they were out.

It's for sale and they had viewings all morning.


The police said they were going to look into that but I don't know if they ever did.

Right, no.

(Phone rings)

Hello. Beth Corbin.

It's Marianne. I'm outside.
I'm in my car.

I loved him.

I loved Dave.

You were lovers.

No. But I wanted to be.

I hate myself for this, Beth, you have to believe me.

I fell in love with him.
We worked together, side by side, every day.

I didn't mean to, but I couldn't help myself.

Did anything happen?

No. Never.

I swear.

So why the lies?


I went too far. I got...

He was all I could think about.

I used to follow him just so I could watch him.

You followed him.

I know it sounds crazy.

He didn't look happy. I thought it was you, I thought, "She's got him and she doesn't love him, she doesn't make him happy."

I'm sorry.

And the night he disappeared, the last time I saw him... I did a silly thing.

I made a move on him.

Told him how I felt.

He rejected me... because he loves you.

And I feel so guilty because I was the last person to see him.

You bitch. This is my life.

I'm sorry.

You should have told me this as soon as he went.

I'm sorry.

15 months ago you should have told me this, cos it might have changed things.

I know, I know, but how could I?

I didn't think it would help.

I was lonely, Beth.

My husband left me, I was living in that crappy flat. I was a mess.

I looked through your phone.

You're got three Daves in there.

Dave Work, Dave Ireland, Dave Smiley Face. What's that?

They're old.

Work speaks for itself, Smiley Face was his personal mobile.

And Ireland?

The Irish office, from when we did buying trips.

The trips you went on together.

Nothing ever happened.


Stay away from me.


The irony. It's got a bloody big hole in the bottom, had to give a full day's refund.

It's not funny.

It is quite funny.

You look happier today.

Yeah, I am.

You were right. I'm just worried about hitting 40.

Shall I make us both a brew?

Brilliant, then you can help me patch up the iceberg damage.

What you doing?


You been a while.

Just a wee.


For my birthday princess.

Aw. Thank you.


Thank you.

.. pressie.


Happy 39 plus one.

(They laugh)

Music: Shine by Take That

♪ Hey, hey ♪
♪ So come on, see the light ♪
♪ On your face ♪

(She sings along)

♪ Let it shine Just let it shine ♪
♪ Let it shine. ♪

(She laughs)

Cheeky buggers.

Happy birthday, Kathy!

Feeling better, Marianne?


I'm still waiting on that doctor's note.

Hey, Kathy. What's the difference between a 40-year-old and a clown? At least the clown knows he's wearing stupid clothes.


It's not going to be all ancients at this bash tonight?

I can't stand the smell of Germolene.

There might be one or two this side of decrepit.

(Phone rings)


Hi Kathy, it's Niall.

Hang on.

I thought you didn't want to speak to me again?

I'm on my way to the police station.

The police station?

They know I was there.

I've already told them I was showing a potential buyer around.

But they want to know who, they want to speak to them.

You have to back me up. You have to pretend to be the buyer for me.

You want me to lie to the police.

They know I was in there, if I can't back it up then we're sunk.

The whole thing unravels.

OK, but on one condition. you do what I've done and give the man's wife some money.


The people who beat him were loan sharks.

They're in debt up to their eyes.
I gave them 1,500, secretly.

I want you to do the same.

Are you out of your mind? I haven't got that kind of money.

Then I don't make a statement.

Yes or no, Niall.

Fine, fine. I'll do it.

You did really well. Thank you.

And now you need to uphold your end of the bargain.

Kathy, on that, you have to give me some time.

I'm coming with you to the bank and I'm going to watch you withdraw the money.

How am I going to explain that?
We have joint accounts.

Not my problem, Niall.
A deal's a deal.

Kathy, Kathy. I'll do it - I promise.
I just can't straight away.

I need to move things around, try and cover my tracks a bit.

I haven't got money just sitting...


Kathy, hi.


Good news, some evidence has appeared.

Great, great news.

Anyway, better get inside.

Thank you for calling round the other day.

No problem.


Who was that? What the hell was that all about?

Kathy, who is that? What's going on?

Just go home.

(Muffled voices)

Here she is. The birthday girl.

Hi, Mum.

Hi, Kathy.

Hi. How was the drive up?

Great. We set off early for once. Missed all the traffic.

Get yourself a drink.

We've started early, I'm afraid.

Beep-beep. Hiya, love.

So what do you think of your birthday cake?

That is you and our Titch, crafted out of marzipan.

That is fantastic, truly.

I want to hear all your news, sweetheart, and you, Mitch, it's just I need a quick word with your dad about something.

Fire away.

In private.

Surely you've no secrets from us, Kathy?

She even told us about her colonoscopy.

Give us five minutes.

What the hell's going on?

In the garage.

The garage.

I need to talk to you.

So talk.

Not here.

What's wrong?

Please, Ralph.

Fine, let's talk in the garage. After you.

We need to cancel the party.

Cancel the party?

Is that what this is about?

Come on, after all the trouble I've gone to.

The police are going to turn up.

The police...?

The police are going to come to the house and want to speak to me.

Kathy, you're scaring me. What's happened. What have you done?

I don't want to tell you this.

Kathy, whatever it is, you're going to have to tell me...

I saw a man get beaten.
Badly, badly beaten.

When was this?

Last week, in a house.

I was in a house I shouldn't have been.

What house?

A house that was for sale.
I was in it, inside the house, in the bedroom, upstairs, and downstairs, outside, a man got beaten, there were two men, they beat him next door and I saw it, and I didn't do anything.
I know I should have done...

You're not making any sense.
What house? Why were you looking round a house? Why are the police coming? What have you done?

I wanted to put it right. I wanted to do the right thing.

Why were you in this house...?

Why didn't you tell me about this before?


God, no.


I'm so, so sorry.



You said you wouldn't do that.

I know.

You said it didn't matter.

I know.

You said you could live with it.

I needed some intimacy.

We're intimate... in our way.

It was just s*x...

Ralph, I did it to keep us together.

It was meaningless.

We met online. He's married too.

Ralph, you've got to believe me, it was not an affair.

Did you find yourself a real man?

It wasn't like that.

Do all the things I can't do.

No, no.

Was he good? Did he get you there?

Ralph, don't do this.

We talked, we talked, we talked.

That was years ago.
After your illness...

I thought it would be OK but I needed it, Ralph, and you didn't give it to me.

You've got to believe me, Ralph.

I did it for us.

I set the rules, and I told him from day one that nothing must ever impact our marriage.

Why are the police coming?

I'm a good person, all I've ever wanted is a nice house and a happy family.

Why are the police coming?

This is the first time in 20 years...

Why are the police coming?

I tried to put things right.

You took your time. Everything OK?




Dad, what is it? What's happened?

(They argue)

(She sobs)

(Door rattles)

Did the police come?


I want every detail.

Especially the ones you don't want to tell me.

And after you've told me every detail... I want to talk about where we go from here.

Because... I may never be able to give you what you need.

But I don't want to lose you.

I'm living with the boss.

This is Rick. He's going to be staying with us for a few days.

He's one of the grease monkeys from work.

Where were you? You didn't answer your phone - I tried seven times!

You don't lack confidence, do you, Ruby?

No, I don't.

It's you, isn't it?

You're 15 years old.

What's that got to do with anything?

You're my boss's daughter, I'm staying in your house.

Well, I know it's you, so even don't bother lying.

Fancy a spliff?

If he ever found out...

He won't.

But what if he does?