01x06 - Beth's Story

Just don't put too much store on those phone calls.

More to the point, Ally, how are my kids?

It's her?

I wanted to give you some hope!

Does everyone think I was involved?

She's lying.

I'm not.

I've got to say, your story's full of holes.

What about Viv?

I'm afraid she's out of our hands.

Get out of my sight.

Just so you know, the house is up for sale, all your clothes are at a charity shop, You enjoy the country air!

Beth, Beth, take a look at this.

What is it?

Just cute little puppy.

You think that's wrong, cop a load of this.

All: Oh!

What did we do before the internet?

That was a nightmare.

We had to do it from memory!

Kathy, is Mike free? I need some signatures on these SEF forms.

Yeah, go through.




Ha, looks like it.

Oh, subtle.

Do you care?

No, not really.

You're picking them up after, you know that.


Hey, let's go out tonight. Can you get the kids sat?

Bit short notice.

Ask the witch.

No, no chance.

She's persona non grata.

Persona non grata?


You been reading The Guardian again?

Come on, no need to cut your nose off to spite your face.

After what she did?

She's their gran, Beth.

All right, but I'm doing it for the kids, not for her.

I'll get us a table. Get glammed up, we're going to go posh.


Come on, then. No arguing, all right? Be good.

Hiya, girls.

Hi, Gran.

Come on in. In you go.

Hi, Gran.

I'll pick them up tomorrow, at ten, all right?


You look nice, going somewhere special?

Yes, out with a friend.

Well, enjoy it.

I will.


Thanks for letting me have them.

I mean, there's a lot to sort out but the plan is to move out in the next couple of weeks.

That mate I told you about, Bald Bob, the estate agent..

The one who had the hair transplant?

He's already found me a flat less than a mile away from my current place. It's nice, it's big enough for me to have the kids over.

And what about Alison?

She knows, doesn't she? She just can't accept it.

What about your girls?

I've been introducing the idea, subtly, like tonight.

I've told them I'm out with you.

Jazz isn't stupid, she knows what I'm implying.

But Nell, she's going to take a bit of softening.

I'd like it if we did something all together, a day trip or...

That's great.

I mean, they know you, they like you, it's just...

I'm not their dad.



It's a long time since I've been woken with a kiss.

Couldn't sleep.

Snore when you're awake, do you?

What about you? You were chatting away to yourself.

Saying what?

Dunno. Wasn't a language I recognised.

(He speaks gibberish)

You lie, I do not!

You do.

Stop it, I don't.

And you dribble.


I love you.

I love you too.

Music: Chasing The Sun by The Wanted plays on radio Hiya.



Oh, hi - are you Beth Corbin?

Yeah. What...?

Erm... we need to talk to you. It's... Can we go inside?

Of course. But what...?

It's OK, don't worry, we'll tell you everything inside.


Take a seat.


Beth... this might come as a shock, so prepare yourself.

But we've had a call from a police station in Kent.

Near Margate.


Late last night they arrested a man. He was shoplifting, and when the shop owner reprimanded him a fight broke out.

The man that was arrested assaulted the shop owner, not badly, but the police were called and...

When the man was processed, he was checked on the system, and they discovered that he was registered as a missing person.

His name is David Corbin.

Your husband.

With an adult, if he's not flagged as vulnerable, we have no duty to report a missing person.

But we always inform them they've been reported as missing and ask whether they'd like us to tell their family they're safe and well.

The Kent police asked David and he said that yes, he would like his family informed.

Right. Right...

They asked whether he would like to make contact with his family again, and he said that yes, he would.


He's currently being processed at the station, and when that's through...

They'll have to keep him there.

The processing can take a few hours, plus they want a doctor to see him - for the cut on his face.

They can't let him go, they can't just let him walk out -

They'll take an address from him...


Beth, David said he wanted to make contact again, so...

No, no.

We'll ring the station and make sure they have contact details for him.

Don't worry, he won't just disappear again.

How do you know? How do you know?

(She breathes heavily)

Oh, this can't be happening.

(She hyperventilates)

Where are they? The girls?

Out the back, why?

I need to speak to you without them hearing. Where can we go?

They can't hear this, they can't know about this.

Beth, what is it? What's happened?

Hello, love! Aw!

You been having a nice time?


I told you, didn't I? I told you.

This is God's miracle.

I knew he wasn't dead. I knew it, a mother knows.

You also said he hadn't left us.

I know, but we don't know what's happened, don't know the reasons.

He got caught, that's the reason.

God, my boy!

If he hadn't have been arrested, we still wouldn't have a clue where he was. He's got found out.

Well, we need to go down there, see how he is, see what state he's in.

I'm going alone.

I'm his mother.

And I'm his wife.

I'm glad you remember.

What's that supposed to mean?

You know exactly what it means.

I'm coming.


They came to me, right? They told me.

I didn't even have to tell you, except I need you to look after the girls.

I'm coming with you.

You're not.

I'm coming, Beth. You can't keep me from my own flesh and blood.


I'm getting my stuff. we're going right now...

You are not coming!

You're staying here with the girls and you are saying nothing.

Do you understand? Nothing.

Not a bloody hint.

You do not raise their hopes.

You do not utter a single word until we know what we are dealing with here.

He may not even come back with me. I don't know what I'm going to find.

I don't know if he'll even still be there.

Promise me you'll just look after them and say nothing.

Promise me!

(She sighs)

(Mobile phone rings)

MIKE ON VOICEMAIL: 'Hiya, it's me.

'Are you OK?

'You rang and then I tried you back a few times.


'how gorgeous were you this morning?

'The times when we're together like that,

'Oh, it's just...

'Anyway, you know what I'm saying.

'Call me.

'Love you.'

(Siren wails)

Hi, Beth Corbin.

The police came.

You arrested my husband - Dave Corbin. He's a missing person.

(Buzzer sounds)

Mrs Corbin?


I'm afraid you've missed him.

He was released a couple of hours ago.

Did he leave an address?

Yes. Here.

Did he say anything? How did he seem?

Scared. Scared about facing you.

That's not uncommon.

I hope it works out for you.




Sorry to...

I'm slightly confused, I was given this address for my husband, the police gave it to...

The police?

He was arrested...

(She stutters)

He's been gone a while.

He might be one of our pickers.


We're a fruit farm.

We have live-in pickers down the bottom of the hill there.

My sister takes care of it all.


I'll take you down there. Just a sec.

Dave Corbin?

I've checked the list - he's not one of ours.

Doesn't mean he's not here, though.

We get a lot of casuals - people who don't want to go through the books, if you get my drift.

I've got a photo.

If I show you that...

Yeah, yeah.

Yeah, of course. If he's here, I'll tell you.

Trust me, the people we get through here you wouldn't believe.

But mine is not to reason why, mine is to get this fruit picked.


Yeah, he's here.

He looks different, but he's here.

Think he's in one of the caravans.

Still calls himself Dave, but we must have him registered with a different surname.

Breathlessly: Right.

Come across.

If you're ready.


How long has he been gone from home?

16 months.

Wow. Long time.

You could say.

You got kids?



If it's any consolation, it happens all the time.

There's a hidden world, people just drifting about, off the radar.

It doesn't really help, no.

No, sorry, why would it?

Are you sure you're OK?

You ready for this?

Do you want me to go in there first, warn him a bit?

(She knocks on door)

(She knocks on door)



Louder: Dave?


I'm really sorry. He isn't here.

You're lying.

No, he isn't. I just spoken to Phoenix...

He's in there, isn't he?

I don't believe you. Did he tell you to send me away?

I'm really sorry, he's not here.



I wouldn't lie to you, I wouldn't.

He said no-one's seen him since Saturday.

Was it... Beth?

Beth, I feel for you, I really do, but here's a promise I can make to you - if you leave me a telephone number, a mobile, then I'll ring you as soon as he reappears.


All his stuff's still here, so it's unlikely he's gone for good.

Last time he left a house and two daughters.

(Mobile phone buzzes)

FAIRGROUND MUSIC I've told you everything I know.

There's nothing else to tell, I'm just waiting.

Are the girls all right?

Can I talk to them? You haven't mentioned anything, have you?

What do you mean "guessed"?

What have you...?

What have you said?

You promised me!

I made you promise me. What have you said?

(She exhales)

Breathlessly: You stupid bitch.

How dare you! How dare you!

Is everything OK?


Just go away.

(Fairground music continues)

(Mobile phone rings)



Finally. Are you OK?

Yeah, yeah, great.

Why've you not been answering? I've been trying you, like, 15 times.

Oh, uh...

I went to pick the girls up and Jasmine wasn't feeling well, so...

She's fine, she's just been vomiting a bit.

Oh, God, vomiting.

Yeah, I know.

Is that from being with Gina?

Are you sure you're OK?

Yeah, erm... but if she's still ill tomorrow, then I might not be in, is that OK?

Yeah, of course.

Right, well, I'll call you then.


Love you.

Love you too.

(Mobile phone rings)


I'm coming now.

I'm coming now.

(She stutters)

Do not let him leave. Whatever you do, just keep him there.

Where is he?

He's glad you came.

Is he in there?

He wants me to tell you how scared he is, OK?




Beth, I'm sorry.

I know there's nothing that I can...

Tearfully: We've been through hell.

I'm so sorry.

f*ck you.

SHE SHOUTS: f*ck you!



You don't even look like you!

(She sobs)

Would you get that if you sold it privately?

We might, yeah.

You wouldn't.

You'd get two and a quarter I'm giving you two and a half, so you're winning already.

I've come down 500 on the price of the Mini...


..so you're winning again.

Come on, guys.

(Stifled laughter)

What do you want from me?

What else can I do?

The coat off me back?

It's yours.

(Loud laughter)

Am I paying you for this sh1t?

If he loses that sale, it's coming out of your wages.

Oh, Mike, the customers love it, mate.

Your wages personally.

And what's the matter with the hydraulic...

Get your arses off the desks.

What's the matter with the hydraulic?

Do not tell me it's broken, don't tell me it's broken.

It's broken.

(Phone rings)

JS Motors, Kathy speaking.

Oh, hello, this Gina Corbin, Beth's mother-in-law.

Oh, hello.

I'm just ringing to tell you that she won't be in today.

Oh, that's OK, I think we know.

Mike spoke to her last night.

Oh, it's such good news, isn't it?

What is?

Oh, do you not know?

We've found my son.

Beth's husband, Dave, we've found him safe and well.

Beth's gone down there to meet him. Oh, God, she couldn't be happier.

That is good news.

We're all delighted.

Huh! Finally we can start to live our lives again.

You walked out on us.

Your wife, kids.

How do you explain to two young girls that their daddy's just... he's gone?

I'm sorry.

Every day they've asked about you, wanted you back.

16 months, Dave.

I'm sorry.

Just stop saying that!

What else am I supposed to say?

Just say that you thought about us!

Say that you wanted to come back, or tell me something that will help me understand!

What are you doing here?!

I'm picking fruit.

I'm earning money.

(She scoffs)

I have... I've wanted this moment so badly.

I've thought about it, how it would feel and then just... and you're here.

And now it's like...

(She sighs heavily)

I need answers.

Cos none of this makes any...

You just go...

You just go and after a while I'm thinking, "Well, he must be dead.

"You've got to be dead, because otherwise...

"you would find a way."

You would!

It wasn't about being married to you or not loving you or...

Then what? Why?


You know...

You know the pressure I was under at work and every day it was just getting worse and worse and eventually I just couldn't take it any more and I felt...

I don't know, I just...

I felt this need to... get away... from everything.

I wasn't thinking straight.

I must have gone mad.

I did, I went... Beth, I went mad.

You-you let your children think that you were dead.

I mean, I've had to wait while police identified bodies, I've just had days braced for the worst and all the time, you were here picking fruit!

Not the whole time, not the whole...


Have a look at your daughters.


Yeah. ~ No.

Look at them. ~ No.

Look at them. ~ No.

(He whimpers)

(He cries)

Did you even think about us?

Of course!

Then how could you let us suffer?

How could you with all that worry, and all that fear and...?

You know, Nell still wakes in the night, crying.

I blocked it out.

I thought you'd be better off without me.

I thought everybody would be better off without me.

We were happy.

We weren't unhappy, Dave!

I can't explain. I...

But after a while, coming back just seemed like the hardest thing in the world.

You have to believe me - I never stopped loving you.

I never stopped loving you, I didn't.

I want to come home.

I want to come home.

I'm sorry.

I'm sure she would have told you.

She's perhaps just been...

It must be a huge shock.

Yeah, yeah, it must.

It must.

And everything aside... it is good news.

He's alive.

Thanks, Kathy.

(Door opens)

Big news.

Big, big news.

What? What is it?

Erm, you go ahead, I'm just going to make a quick phone call.

I'll only be five minutes.

I can trust you, can't I?

Not to...?

Do you want a coffee?

Have you got money?

Still black, no sugar?

Still the same.

(Mobile phone rings)

I already know.


The witch.


Why did you lie to me?

Why didn't you at least call me, Beth?

Do I actually mean that little to you?


No, Mike, I didn't know what would happen, I didn't know if I'd find him. You've got to understand...

And now you have, how is that? Is he still the love of your life?

Mike, please.

He chooses his bleedin' moments, doesn't he?

I wish he was dead!

(Phone line beeps)


I'm sorry.

So am I.

Mike, I should have told you.

I need you to be strong.

I promise we'll sort this out. I promise... We'll, erm...


We'll talk when I get back, OK?



I'm here if you need me.

Thank you.




Oh, God!






He looks a bit different to how you remember, doesn't he?

Don't worry.

He's still your daddy, he's just... been a bit unwell.




Oh, God.

I'm so sorry.

Mike, the police rang.

They said there's still nothing on the car thefts, but they're keeping the investigation active.

I.e., they're shelving it.

And, um, Mr Stevenson rang again.

That's three times now.


And, well, we can't keep ignoring him.

He is our boss.

And your father-in-law.

I'm your boss.

So you're not ignoring him, I am.

What should I say if he calls again? DOOR SLAMS You OK?

I'm fine.


I'm fine, I'm OK.

Well, it looks like you've been crying.

I'm not.


But it actually does look a lot like you've been crying.

I'm not crying.

Babe, you've got red eyes.

Come on, what is it? What's the matter?

It's nothing.

It's silly, really, it's just...

This Dave business, him coming back, it made me think...

Well, last time I saw him, he was ribbing me about being single, telling me I was going to be a spinster, and here I am, all these months later, still single, still exactly the same as I was.

The only man I've had s*x with pretended his wife was dead.


And I know I shouldn't be thinking of myself, because it's about Dave and Beth, but...

Listen, listen.

After what I've been through this year, I've got a new theory, right?

If you want something to happen in your life, then you have to make it happen yourself.

Didn't you join a dating site?

It's been that long I've forgotten me password.

(They guffaw)

Right, OK, well, get back on it, change your password and when you've done that, find someone who looks nice and meet them.

Come on, this time next year, you could be planning your wedding.

Come on.

From now on, stay out of my life.

I was helping.

Beth, I don't ask your forgiveness.

All we ever wanted was the same thing and that's that man back home.

And when you want something that badly...

Look, we dealt with it in different ways and that is fine, we were coping.

But he's back now and things go back to how they were.

Everything that's happened, we just parcel it away.

He's not coming in my house.

Not yet.

Your house?

It's too soon.

I can't have him there.

He's your husband!

And as you never tire of reminding me, he's your son.

He stays here.

What if he goes away again?

He won't, I promise.

How do you know?

I don't.

But I think your dad missed you and regrets the time he was away.

Why did he go?

What did he say?

Oh, girls... it's complicated.

Your dad's been a bit... poorly.

His mind wasn't working properly for a while, but I really think he wants to try and get things right again.

I want things to be the way they were before.

I know.

We all do.

I don't really know what to say to him.

I don't really know how to feel, is that normal?

Very normal.

He's obviously had some sort of breakdown.

Beth, it's a process.

Your feelings for him have become confused.

Let's be honest, you've hated him for putting you through this.

You've imagined yourself at his funeral.

Maybe started to rebuild a life without him.

Yet you feel you should be happy, because you've got everything you thought you wanted.

Beth, no-one finds it easy.

But we do have success stories.

It's important you remember he's still the man you loved.

SHE WHISPERS: He's like a stranger.

Get to know him again, love.

Get to know him.

Corbin. Table for two.

Just a moment, sir.

Nice place.

Don't worry, Mum gave me pocket money, I'm nine again.

First I went to London.

Hitched with this middle-aged bloke who kept banging on about this Lotus he wanted to buy.

70 grand.

He seemed absurd - all he was about was money and possessions and status.

In London, I walked around for a bit, slept rough a few nights.

I remember thinking that London was wrong.

I need space.

Despite the muddle, that was total clarity, I need space -

I need the sea, the horizon...

To not feel enclosed.

Remember that...? Sorry.

Do you remember that holiday? Last holiday we had before we had kids?



I remember one night sitting on the beach, on my own, you were getting changed or something and I was just sat there watching the waves.

I was just staring out into the nothingness and I remember feeling this intense calm.

Doesn't everybody feel like that?

But it was all-consuming.

Dave, we lived busy lives.

We had two young kids - of course you felt trapped.

Everyone feels trapped sometimes.

Everyone looks back on their younger years and thinks, "If only..."

It was more than that.

Don't you think I felt like that sometimes?

Don't you think I felt like running away...

It was much more than that.

OK, keep talking.

Do you really think that I'd leave you all?

Do you really think I'd just take off without a word if I wasn't in my right mind?

You know how much I love my family.

I thought I did.

Beth, before I left, and I didn't tell you any of this because...

I had thoughts, I had dark thoughts, things that I couldn't tell anybody about because they scared me that much.

Like what?

I didn't like... me, I didn't like... who I'd become.

Every day in work, I felt like I was playing a role and I hated it.

And every day Mike was on my case with sales targets, sales targets and then there was this...

One of the women at work, she started getting feelings for me and she became a bit stalker-ish and...

Yeah. Marianne.

Nothing happened.

But it was more pressure, it was more pressure and it just kept building and building and it was... relentless.

I know that you're angry with me, I'd feel the same way too, but if I'd got cancer or had a stroke or something, even if it had screwed up our lives, you'd have sympathy for me, because you'd know it wasn't my fault, and this wasn't my fault.

It wasn't my choice.

You have to believe me - it wasn't my choice.

I would never choose to leave you.

Where's your wedding ring?

I don't know, I think I... I think I lost it.

You think?

I did, I lost it.


I don't know.

(She exhales)

Was there...

Was there ever anyone?



Hand on heart, there was no-one.

What about you? Was there ever anyone...?


Two kids to look after and a full-time job? No.

No-one else.

Mum says the girls wrote me letters every week or so, saying what they'd been up to.

That's right.

I'd like to see those.

Yeah, yeah. I've kept them all safe.

(He laughs)

You know what I remembered yesterday?

You remember how we used to make up ball of wool jokes with the girls?

Why did we do that?

I can't remember.

I think it was something Jazz invented.

Ball of wool on top of a high building, police are called...

They think it's a potential jumper.

(They chuckle)

I could come home with you... make the girls happy.

I don't... I think...

I'm at my mum's, Beth.

Do you know how that makes me feel?

It's too soon. Sorry.

Kiss me.

I'm the same man, Beth.

Kiss me.

Kiss me...

I'm sorry.


It's OK. It's OK.

(Insistent knocking on door)

Mum, who is it?

I have no idea.

Mum, don't open the door.

I don't intend to.

ALL RIGHT! All right. Just get away from the door or I'm calling the police.

Stay back.

Mum, no.

You bitch.

You husband-stealing bitch.

You've got yours back and you still want mine.

(Jazz screams)

He doesn't love you.

What do you know?

What the hell do you know about my life?

I know enough.

He's having a crisis. A pathetic middle-life crisis - and believe me - that is all you are. Your husband ran away - sh1t happens - but WE will be fine.

We'll be just fine if you just leave us alone.

Alison, just go home.

If you steal him I will ruin your life.

I'll have you gone - sacked.

One phone call to my father - bye-bye, you.

Don't think I won't do that. Bye-bye, you, bitch.

You've got yours back. You have got yours back just leave us alone.

I'm so sorry.

(Mobile phone rings)

Leave me alone.

Here we go, here we go!

Thanks, Dad.


Thank you. Let's go, let's go, let's go.

No, Dad - apples!

Here you go, Jazz.

Go, go, go!

(Knock on door)

Mike, can I have a word?

Yeah, come in.

I need some time off next month.

So, get a form from Kathy.

No, extra to my holiday leave.

Look, I'm happy to take it unpaid.

They've accepted Viv's transfer to a UK prison.


Yeah, I just want to go down there, you know, and just be there for her.

OK, week unpaid.

Thanks, Mike. I really appreciate it.

No problem.

Any excuse to stop working with you lot, isn't it?

Says you - longest sickie in history.

Good to see you've not changed, Tracey.

Dave... Oh, Dave.

What's she trying to do, make him run again?

Hiya, mate.

Hiya, mate. How're you doing?

Welcome back. You look well.




I'm glad you're safe, mate.

You put this one through hell.

Dave just wanted to see the place again, see everyone. Is that all right?

Yeah, course it is. Reacquaint yourself, then come through, we'll have a coffee.

Sorry about Alison, she's losing her mind.

Aren't we all?

We had a massive row - massive. She stormed out, I had no idea...

She threatened my job.

I know. She threatened mine, as well.

Told me that I wasn't going to see the kids again. But it's all lies, she's just... she's just hurt.

This whole thing's a...


I've got to be honest with you, I'm really struggling here.

All I can think about is you and him.

It feels like I'm just waiting for the inevitable.

Waiting for you... waiting for you to tell me that it's over.

You know how I feel about you.

Well, then why's my stomach churning? Why do I constantly feel like something really terrible is happening?

I miss you.


Are you going somewhere nice?

Oh, we're only going the Angel.

Maybe get a bite beforehand - have a girlie natter.

It'll good for her to get out - make up for lost time.

Right, so we ready to rock? Have a good night and be good for your dad.

I will.

And your nan.


Thanks for this, Emma. I owe you.

What are friends for?

Are you going to tell me what's going on?

It's complicated.

He was gone a long time, but I'm going to sort it out.



You look beautiful.

So do you!

So, you wanted to talk.

I love you.

And I'm never going to leave you.


Where's your mum?

She's gone.

What? She's supposed to be staying with you.

Yeah, like I'm a child, aye? Like she's baby-sitting me.

They're my kids.

Dave, you had a breakdown.

This is MY house.

I bought it.

Them pictures on the walls - I chose them.

Clothes upstairs in the wardrobe upstairs - MY clothes.

CDs? Oh, mine. Oh, mine!

Right, Dave. I'm calling Gina and getting her to come back for you...

I'm not going nowhere.

This is MY house. It's mine.

And you can't tell me that I can't be here, Beth.

You can't tell me that I can't stay with my girls. You can't do that.

Dave, you walked out...

I was ill.

You can't expect just to walk back in...

I'm your husband.

.. like nothing happened.

You should be happy.

You should be relieved that I'm not dead - but you're not, are you? No.

No, because me coming back's made a mess of things, hasn't it?

Me coming back's screwed up all your plans.


Don't lie to me.

I'm not.

Don't f*cking lie to me, Beth.

Dave, You're scaring me.

How's Mike?


If I come close enough, will I be able to smell the s*x?


She told you, then?

Mike Hill. Wow.

How long did you give me? Hey?

Six months? A year?

No, don't you dare. DON'T YOU DARE.

You couldn't even ring! You couldn't even let us know you were alive!

No, because you were too busy picking fruit...

Mike Hill, a family man. What does that make you? It makes you a home wrecker.

You can't...

Admit it, you didn't want me back.

Part of you wishes that I'd turned up dead, so that you could be with him.

No. No.

Do you love him?

I... It's... Dave, you were gone.

Simple question, Beth.

Do you love him?

Do you love him? That arrogant prick that drove me into the ground...

You can't blame Mike.

He was trying to run a business. You can't blame him for what happened to you.


Do you love him?

(She sighs)



Where you going?

What do you care?

Please, stop. No, Dave.

Get out of my way.


Dave. Don't, please.

Get out of my way.


Please, don't walk out. Don't walk out.

Dave, please don't storm off. Don't storm off. Where are you going?

Dave, please - for the girls. Don't go away, don't.

They can't handle any more. They're so happy that you're back.

Why are you doing this? Dave, you're going to break their hearts. Why would you do that?

Because I still love you.

Because I still want you.

I look at you and I just want to hold you.

You're my wife.

I still love you. Yeah?

(I still love you.)

You went away.

You went away.

You went away!

His name's Gareth.


He seems really nice.

I'm finally going to meet him in person, tonight.

N'aww. He seems sweet.

Has he always been a man?

No, look. Look, he's got very, very feminine cheekbones. Look.

Oh, yeah.

Mr Stevenson.

Kathy, my son-in-law free?


Sit down. I haven't got long, so I'll be direct.

Enjoying yourself?

Sitting behind that desk - king of all you survey?

Listen, Jack...

Shut it.

You're there because I put you there, as majority owner of this business I can just as easily remove you.

That some kind of threat?

Yeah, it is a bloody threat.

Sort your marriage out.

She's your daughter, I understand that you don't want to see her getting hurt, but I really...

She's the best thing that ever happened to you.

Who were you before, Mike? Who were you?

Flash salesman from the arse end of Manchester... and now you've got all this.

You've got years of love, two great kids - she gave you all that.

You ungrateful little prick.

But you're on wife three, aren't you?

So what happened to the other two, Jack? Why didn't they work out?

We're all going away on the boat in spring, why don't you join us?

Proper break - get away from it all.

Word to the wise...

You can toss it all away, you know go for the new... but when it all shakes out, you won't be any happier than you are now.

You stay loyal to her... and I'll stay loyal to you.