02x02 - Holly's Story

Who is he? What's his name?

My son, Ashton.

You shagged me and you don't want anything more to do with me?

Imagine an internal voice shouting, "Jump."

That's how it feels to be me.

Music: We Are Your Friends by Justice Vs Simian

(Camera clicks)

Oh, Holly, Toke's birthday tomorrow. Going to do card and pressie.

Already on it. I'll arrange the drinks.

He says he doesn't want them.

Morning, Jenna! Morning.

I need you to RSVP to this. Oh.

I spoke to Jag this morning. He's saying that a couple of the reps are saying their expenses haven't reached their accounts.

It's like dealing with children. How many times? The fifth, the fifth!

You are the oil in the engine, Holly.

Oh, speaking of which - personal request.

You know I'm going on holiday on Friday?

Whilst I'm away, you wouldn't drop in and feed my cat for me, would you? There's a spa day in it for you.

Of course.

Ah, Holly. Now, I'm hearing worrying rumours.

I'm telling you now, birthday celebrations are for the under-nines.

I don't want a cake, I don't want a comedy oversized card with witty remarks from everyone, and I most definitely do not want a piss-up.

Do I make myself clear?

Is it your birthday? I had no idea.

Hi! All right?

Fancy lunch?


Oh, God, you stink!

It's the smell of hard work.

On your phone again? Makes a change. I should make you some lunch.

Sandwich to go. I've got to get back.

Well, shall we do something later? See a film, or...?

I'm out with the footie lot. I can come after.


I'll text you.


See you back there!

(Door closes)

Your coat!

(Door closes)

(She sniffs)

(Microwave beeps)

(Microwave dings)

(Indistinct chatter)

Can't you find your own man?


I saw you! Holly!

Flirting, fooling around. Are you what he's after?

Christ, what an insult. Holly, I've no idea what...

Stay away from him!

I'm a lesbian!

That's his car. Maserati. Should've felt that thing go.

I thought we were going to take off.

Have you ever been in a really fast car?

Oh, my God!

I can see why men like 'em. You feel amazing.

What's up with you?


Tell your face!

You disapprove!

Holly, I'm having fun!

After all those years with your dad, surely...

It's not about you. Not everything is about you, you know.

So what's up, then?

It's Neil.

I think he's having second thoughts.

How do you mean, second thoughts?

About being in a relationship.

About me. Oh, for heaven's sake, Holly!


Well, it's not the first time, is it? Why can't you hang on to them?

So it's my fault, thanks(!) I'm not blaming you, but...

But what?

But I'm worried! It's a bit of a pattern, isn't it?

Ever since Adam, you've been... Why are you bringing him up?

Yeah, well, it's the last time you were happy.

You've lost your self-confidence.

Men are like babies. They like strong women.

Why are you never on my side?

(She laughs)

Yes, Jag. Yes, they'll be in today. Today!

Oh, and by the way, I know what "entertainment" on a hotel bill means, and it's not a business expense.


(Phones ring in background)

You OK?

I'm so sorry, Jenna, but I have got the most terrible period pain.

Do you mind if I leave early?

Nice to see you. Good to see you. You, too, man.

(Tyres screech)

(She takes calming breaths)

Oh, my God!

Oh, my... Adam!


Wow, that's... Whoa, this is... crazy!

I know! How long's it...?

Oh, years. Seven years. I thought you were living New Forest way?

Yeah, I moved back a few months ago. Long story.

You look good.

So do you.

Wow, God. I never thought I'd, er... This is madness!

Well, give me a hug!

Oh. Oh.

So, do you live round here, or...?

Er, not far. I have an apartment.



Yeah. Er, I bought a place. Nothing special. Cathedral Road?

Nice. Where are you working?

Porter Collins?

For my sins.

Still making a living out of others' misfortune.

Hey, ever since I was a little boy, I said, "When I grow up, I want to be an insurance loss adjuster."





I'm a manager. Online sports place.

Wow! Yeah, 150 staff.

Amazing! I can't complain.

I mean, it's long hours, lot of responsibility, but I like it, I like managing people, you know, making sure I get the best out of my team.

Um... It's amazing bumping into you. We should catch up, or...

That would be great.

If it's not weird for your wife? I mean, you know, ex-girlfriend alert.

I'm sure she'll be fine, especially as we're separated and she lives with a guy called Zane.

Shall we swap numbers?

Great, yeah. Er, punch yours in here.

I'll call you.

I'll just... make sure I've got yours.


A minute.

(Phone rings)

There we go.

Er... It's good to see you again. You, too.

Can we do it?

Come on, let's do it!

♪ Happy birthday to you ♪
♪ Happy birthday to you ♪
♪ Happy birthday, dear Toke ♪
♪ Happy birthday to you! ♪

(They cheer)

(Phone beeps)

Happy birthday!

Drinks tonight, everyone. City Arms. Toke's buying!


Hey! You going straight to the pub?

No, I'm going home.

All right, so... what? Shall I see you down there?

I'm not going. How come?

We're not joined at the hip, Neil.

Go out, have a good time.

You all right, Hols?

Yeah. I'm fine.

I'm being spontaneous.

Hey! Hey! Hey.

Great choice! Ah, it's a Michelin-starred place.

They do the most amazing specials. Great.

Shall we get our table?



Follow me, please.

And why didn't your marriage work out?

If you don't mind talking about it. No, no. Um...

I don't know. We...

We had a good run, but I think...

We just woke up one day and realised we didn't have that much in common any more.


And the real reason?

She cheated on me. Ah.

With a marriage counsellor. Can you believe that?

Not ours, but even so!

Ah, stuff it.

It's history. Move on.

It's certainly worked for you.

I mean, I don't want to drag up old wounds, but... you know, the way it ended between us... and those letters you sent.

I hurt you.

Adam, we're having a nice night. I was immature. The things I said...

You were a prick.


I've often thought about you. Over the years, you know?

Thought... that I'd made a mistake.

We had some good times, didn't we?

Great times.

The best.

I'm going to pop to the loo. Um... See what they recommend for dessert.

(No audio)

'You know one of the daft things that's always stayed with me?

'I've no idea why, but this always sticks in my mind!'

We always used to start every message and every phone call...

Hey, mister. Hey, missy.

And then we'd end, like... "Bye, then, you!" or something.

We were cute. I mean, I see couples like that now and I want to vomit!

So, what now? Are you going to head off, or...?


I've got back-to-back meetings tomorrow. Need to be fresh.

But this was really great. I enjoyed it.

Um... Can I see you again?

I'll call you.

Music: Baby One More Time by Britney Spears


You came! You look amazing.

Get me a drink, then.

♪ ..How was I supposed to know ♪
♪ That something wasn't right, yeah? ♪
♪ Oh, baby, baby... ♪

(Song continues)

Pass this graffiti every morning on my way to work - "Jack Fielding has a tiny dick."

Written in massive letters on a bridge.

Every day, I think, "That is some determined revenge."

To publically denigrate his pen1s size!

I respect it. Hello, boys. Talking about anything interesting?

Jack Fielding's tiny dick! Oh, yeah, I think I've met him!

Did you know Ash used to be a footballer? Did he tell you?

No, but couldn't have been any good or he wouldn't be working in a call centre!

Dick brain! What?

Injury ruined his career. I wanted to work in a deli.

But I couldn't cut the mustard.

Ash! I'm sorry.

My big mouth.

Oh, forget about it.

I love your hair.

OK, thanks.

Look, shall we go on a date?

What? I thought you didn't want...

No, I don't. I don't want a girlfriend. So why the date?

A meal, then. Just us. See what happens.

Yeah. Great.

Come on, let's go in.

This dinner - just realised, it's the day I fly. Shame.

Think it's going to be a good night.

Want me to cancel?

Yeah, could you?

Sure. Or... maybe... could you ask Jag?

See if he'll represent the company?

He's always up for a night in a hotel, isn't he?

Yeah, if you'd like. Yeah. Ask him. If not, just cancel.


(She clears her throat)

Oh! Holly, Holly! My favourite of all Jenna's personal assistants!

Jag, Wendy.

What can I do for you?

Anything sexual will be considered.

Sexual? I'd rather shag a buck-toothed baboon. Ooh!

Not much difference.

Follow me.

What do you think?

Are you out of your mind?

It'll be fun! Until she finds out, then we both get fired!

Oh, she won't find out.

I run her life, OK? She only knows what I tell her.

When do we ever do anything wild, screw the consequences? Hols...


It would be fun, but...

No, let's go for a meal or something. Gig, maybe?

I'll see who's on.

Oh, just forget it. Just trying to liven things up.

I thought you'd have liked that.

(Microwave beeps)

'I wanted a wee catch-up, hear all your news.'

'Well, not much to tell, really, Cathy...'

(Cat meows)

(Cat meows)

(Camera clicks)

Hi. I'm here for Industry Perspectives. Your name, please?

Jenna Moss.

Enjoy your stay. Thank you.

Wow! Me or the hotel?

The hotel.

Joking, obviously.

How was the conference?


Thanks for inviting me.

Shall we get a drink?



(Music plays)

You're lying! I'm not!

OK, what was I wearing, then?

Red dress. Amazing.

And boots - big, chunky, black boots.

Your hair, it was kind of tied up.

Like, a million bracelets on!

Spent the whole evening wondering how many there were and whether you took them off when you went to bed.

Oh, I must have been amazing company, then! You were.

You were. Took you home, didn't I?

It was romantic, actually.

That place you had that was like a den, and that song you played.

Mazzy Star. Still play it.

God, I miss that time.

Me, too.


Yeah, but I need to figure out how the hell I'm going to get home.

Mm, don't worry about it.

Music: Fade Into You by Mazzy Star

(Lift bell dings)



Adam, this is... This is Jag, one of our sales reps.

Jag, Adam. Adam, Jag. Oh, pleased to meet you. All right?

I guess you're heading to the champagne bar.

Don't get too drunk.

Just cos it's free, you haven't got to drink it all!

Well, I'll see you Monday. Have a great night!

Oh, sorry about him.

He's just such a bore, and if we'd have stayed talking, we'd never have got away.

Do you know, actually, seeing him has reminded me, I was supposed to call the chief exec.

Why don't you go up?

I'm going to give you my key card.

Um... It's 202, and if I don't do it, it'll just be on my mind, so, um... yeah, two minutes!

Fix us a drink.

Jag... Oh, this'll be good! I can't wait to hear this one!

What are you doing here?

What am I doing here?

Try again, Holly. How about what are you doing here?

How did you find out?

Jenna texted me.

Except I had no idea what she was on about. And why's that, Holly?

She thinks you forgot. Told me to come anyway, claim the room back.

We thought you were getting sloppy, but all the time... OK!

Fine, I can hardly deny it, but it's not what it seems. Isn't it?

Who is he?

An old friend.

He... He's sick, he's got problems, and we just needed some time.

Do I look stupid?

You can't tell anyone!

Tell anyone? This is going on Twitter! Please, I mean it!

You're off your head. What if this comes out?

Then I'm in the sh1t with you.

They might think we planned it, like we was having an affair or something.

Who's going to think that?

I'm not getting involved.

I'm warning you, Jag. I've got sh1t on you and I will use it.

Blackpool conference, you and Eleanor - might be something your wife is interested in.

(She gasps)

Prague trip. Like that, is it?


Just go back to your drinks, chat sh1t like usual, and have a nice night.

No-one needs to find out.

(Phone rings)


'Where are you?'

Um, my mum's. Why?

'Your mum's on a Friday night?'

Yeah, why?

'Well, I just called round, wanted to see you.'

Right, well, I'm not there, so...

'Yeah. You coming back?'

No, I think I'm going to stay here tonight. Mum's pretty down.

She had this bad thing with a guy online.

He was into some weird stuff.

I'll tell you about it when I see you. Look, I'd better go. 'OK.'

OK, I'll call you tomorrow.


(Lift bell dings)

Hey! Get it done?



I think we might be rushing things.

It's great, and I'm loving reconnecting, but...

You want me to go?

I just want things to be right when it happens again.

I want everything to be... perfect.

Sorry I didn't make it to the restaurant. Bit of an issue.

How do you even know where I live?

Ways, means.

How about we get this party started?

You off your face?



Do you want some?

God, you look amazing.

The make-up suits you.

You have got a beautiful face.



Will do.

Yeah. Bye, then.

You don't have to be interested, madam.

I'm a professional interest-arouser.

Trying to get you to commit to more mid-range sportswear is more like a calling than a job.

This is lovely. You've got it really nice. Yeah. Yeah, it's OK.

What's your place like? You always had an eye for design.

Yeah, it's a dump!

I'm sure it isn't.

OK, well, um, dinner's on. It should be about half an hour.

You still like lamb, right?


Er, make yourself at home, and I'll get you a drink.

White wine OK?


(Phone rings)

Do you want me to get that?

It's nothing. No-one ever uses the landline.

(Ringing continues)

(Ringing stops)

Who's Jenna?

(She gulps)


Inscription in this Neil Gaiman book. "To Jenna."


Jenna. Oh, Jennifer! From work. Yeah, she gave it to me. Wow!

Might be worth a few quid... signed. Doubt it.

You read it?

Yeah. It's really good. It's funny.

I was always trying to get you to read this. You hated fantasy.

People change. You certainly have. You're so together now.

I know it's seven years, but you're like a... Different person?

A bit.

I'm not really, Adam. It's still the same old me. Yeah?

Get in. OK.

Come on!

So, how did it fare, with the old days?

Um... Less stamina, more skill?

I'll take that. You've obviously been practising.

Hey, use it or lose it.

(Phone rings)

Oh, sh1t, is that mine?

Where is it?

It's in my coat. Hang on.

Well, can you leave it?

No, I'd better just...

(Softly) What is it?

Oh, Jesus. When?

Why didn't you tell me?

Yeah, OK, I'll be there. Yeah.

I'll be five minutes.


Hey! Everything OK?

Yeah, no, it's... The guy in the flat above, he's a dickhead.

He's got himself locked out.

I've got his key, so I've got to go and...

Can't he call anyone else?

I'm really sorry.

Not doing very well at spending the night together, are we?

Come back after?

I'll call you. Sorry.

(Door closes)

'Navigation is not...'

(Music blares) Girls And Boys by Blur


(Indistinct voice guidance)


(Engine starts)

(Tyres squeal)

(Doorbell rings)


(Engine revs)

(Engine over-revs)


(She sighs)

Ash... Ash, we have to go. Not doing it.

You have to. No way.

You'll get sacked.

OK. There's the keys.

Look, it's a simple enough question.

I admit the speeding, but can I just pay the fine without a letter being sent out?


No, I understand that. Yes.


Yes, I appreciate the legality, but can the letter not be sent if I just pay the money now?

Hello. Sorry to disturb you. Have you seen Ash this morning?


Have you seen him anywhere round the building or anything?


(Inaudible conversation)

Broke his arm...

Oh, sorry! It was my fault.



Let's go.

What's this, a booty call?

Shame you couldn't come back the other night. Yeah.

Yeah, by the time I was home...

You got your neighbour in... and that's the main thing.


That's all that matters.

Someone called you in an emergency and you shot straight out.

I wouldn't say emergency. Really?

Call at that time, you dash straight there.

That usually only happens when it's someone close.

Someone's sick, or had an accident.

Someone like your wife, or... your child.




What can I say, Holly? You want me to lie, say he's not mine? Mm...

It's just that you've never mentioned him before, Adam.

Maybe you forgot.

Easy thing to forget, you've got a son - easy thing to slip your mind!

All the conversations we've had and you never once mentioned your beautiful seven-year-old boy.

Is it because seven years ago, you were with me?

Look, Holly...

I don't want to hear it!

Everything you said, all the lies after we split up.

I knew there was someone else.

I knew you were going down there for someone else.

Someone else, but not a kid!

A kid, Adam!

You did well to keep that quiet.

Look, I knew it'd kill you. Mm!

So you were being kind.

Thank you.

Thank you so much. That's amazing of you(!) Holly, it was a mistake.

Look, not a mistake. I liked her, the mum, Lisa.

We tried to make it work, but... I don't care.

We split up years ago, but we both agreed to move back so they could be near our family...

I don't f*cking care! You broke my heart and you left me in pieces!

I'm sorry.

I loved you so much. I'm sorry.

I was a wreck after you for months and months and months.

I'm sorry, Holly... Stop saying that! But you're good now.

You got back on your feet, you made a success of your life. Who knows?

I might have held you back.

Would you like to see another photograph?

It's a nice one. You'll like it.

This is a picture of my child.

Or maybe I should say our child.

The one you left me with seven years ago.

The one I got rid of.

Why didn't you tell me?

Because you didn't want me.

You didn't want me.

Oh, Holly. No, no, no, no, no. Get out. Get out of my house!

Wait... Get out of my house! I hate you! Holly!

You b*st*rd! Holly! I'm sorry.

I was a b*st*rd, I was. I'm not that guy any more!


Why didn't you tell me about him?

Why did you have to keep it a secret?

I wanted to, but how could I? How could I?

It's all lies, Adam. Everything you told me! It isn't.

Did you ever feel anything for me when we were together?

Of course!

Holly, I swear, please, just let me back, please! No!

(Cat cries)

(She gasps)

Oh, sh1t, sh1t, sh1t, sh1t, sh1t, sh1t! The cat!

Jesus! Is it all right?

Help me, help me! Get some help! Help me!

Oh, my God! I'm sorry.

What's going on? What's all the noise?

Accident. It's the cat.

I'm trying to find the number for a vet. Jesus!

What happened? Is it dead? She loves that cat!

It was an accident. Oh! Jenna's going to go mental!

Who are you, anyway?

Morning, Holly.

You all right?

Never better.

Neil, I think we should call it a day, don't you?


Hols, why?

Oh, come on, let's not...

I found your note, Neil.


All the things you don't like about me.

All the things that are... wrong with me.

It was in your jacket when I washed it. Right.

And you read this?


And you thought...?

It's there.

What does it say?

"Me and Holly."

It's there. Don't try and...

It's all written down, Neil.

It were about myself.


The list.

"Emotionally needy.

"Plays safe.

"Not successful."

It were about myself.

They're the reasons I'm not good enough for you.

The reasons you'll end it one day.

Are you lying?

No! Holly...

I really like you.

I might even love you, but... I don't think you feel the same.

You act like...

You act like I'm not good enough, like I'm second-best.

I can feel it. I'd been trying to figure out why, but...

No, it's not... That's not true...

You're right.

You deserve someone so much better.

You deserve someone who really loves you.

I'm so sorry.

I'm sorry.

We've got company!

Mr White and Mr Re...




Ash! Ash!

I love your hair.


I'm so, so sorry. I... Can I come in?


How's the cat?

Jenna, if I could just... Holly... try and explain... you've always been a brilliant PA.

Loyal, hard-working. You've looked after me brilliantly.

I'm sure you had your reasons for... this behaviour.

But if there's one thing that I've learnt, when the trust has gone... got nothing.


No, Jenna. Jenna, please! I... I want you to hand in your notice.

I don't want to ever see you again, and I strongly advise you get some help.

Yeah, well, it's all right for you!

With your perfect life, your perfect flat, your perfect boyfriend.

Everywhere I look, online, at work, everyone's living these amazing lives, and I 'm just... I'm stuck.

I'm on the other side of the fence, just watching.

Holly, these lives that you're seeing - it's an illusion.

They aren't real.

(Door opens)

(Door closes)


'Jenna, it's... It's me. Did you get my letter... about my release? I need to talk to you. Call me. Please.'


Music: Fade Into You by Mazzy Star

♪ I wanna hold the hand inside you ♪
♪ I wanna take a breath that's true... ♪

So this is what you do, is it? Like, this is your job?

I'm a warehouse manager. Even Clark Kent had a real job.


So it seems my boyfriend saved you from a horrendous attack.

w*nk*rs! Come on.

Get off him! Stop!

No-one knows. Except you.