02x04 - Wendy's Story

Ash? You don't need drugs. You just need to let me in. Give me a chance.

I'm a knight, leader of the Raintown Superheroes.

'Jenna, it's me. Did you get my letter? About my release? I need to talk to you.'

I won't. I won't do that. I'd never hurt her.

This programme contains some strong language.

Music: Should I Stay Or Should I Go? by The Clash

♪ Should I stay or should I go now? ♪
♪ Should I stay or should I go now? ♪
♪ If I go there will be trouble... ♪


♪ If I stay it will be double. ♪


Back it up. Back. And again. And again. Yeah. That's it.

How was your date?

Oh, don't ask. Got this thing about ex-military.

Said she was into scars and skin grafts.

You got any? No, not really.

But I managed to pass off a footie injury as a blast wound.

She seemed happy about that. I couldn't be out there, not now.

Yeah, it's all freaks and desperadoes. You down the pub later?

No, it's match night.

Well, come after - there's a physic on.


'Bing bong. Reminder: Staff meeting two o'clock. Everyone to attend... on pain of death.'

We have a winner of the coveted chocolate sock of sales award.

And the winner is... Can we have a drumroll, please...

Mr Ray Finch!

What happened to your eye?

Nothing - it's fine.

♪ They're tasty and they're chewy, they're healthy and they're gooey. ♪

Oh, you tell anybody and you're dead.

Now, this is all Ally and Caz's idea, so don't blame me.

They've been pecking at my head so I've agreed to dip into the coffers and pay for a few rounds of drinks and the hire of a room, but, and it's a big but...

Like Wendy's.

Cheeky get!

Least I haven't got a slug on my face!

Slug, is it? Slug, Wend?

When have you seen a mollusc that thin?

All right, children, children, children, children, children, enter into the spirit - singers, jugglers, secret magicians - whatever your talent is, bring it forth.

I can arm fart the national anthem, if you're interested.

Come on, then - let's have a listen.



Yeah, yeah. Come on.

'I'm outside your house - that bitch is inside on her own. I'm going to kill her. You won't be happy. I'll make sure you're never happy.'

You all right? I've got to go.

'Hi, this is Katya - leave a message.'





(She sobs)

Oh, my God!



I'm so sorry.

She's my ex-girlfriend. Well, that makes it sound casual - we were together eight years.

The relationship's been over a long time, but she just can't accept it.

When did it end?

We haven't lived together for over three years.

Has she done anything like this since it ended?

Yes, but things have escalated since Katya moved in.

She can't stand the thought that we're serious.

She's followed me.

Threatened me.

Told me I've stolen her girl.

We have reported her, but...

Are you aware if a harassment notice was given?

Have you thought about taking out a civil injunction?

Look. She's unstable, she's... A lunatic. She was banging on the windows, yelling through the letterbox, then over the back fence picking up bricks, screaming how she's going to kill me, and not just kill me - slash my tits off! I mean...

We can't live like this.

Wendy has a kid.

Is there anything that'll verify the events of today?

She called me, while she was outside the house. There'll be a record.

Thanks. We'll certainly go and speak to her.

Speak to her! She needs locking away.

Leave it with us.

After dinner we're going to go through your book, Oké?

Oké. How much do you have to read?

Ten pages.


Oh, my, all the colours of the rainbow - healthy!

I thought we were having chips?




All right?

'I can't do this.'

I'm so scared.

I'm thinking about her coming back, in the night, breaking in, stabbing me, setting fire to the house.

What are you doing?

Look, it's me she's after.

Just for tonight I should go to Anya's.

No, no! Please... don't do that.

Katya, this is what she wants.

Katya, she's trying to break us. Don't let her do this, please!

I'm tired, Wendy.

It makes me want to go back home - run away, a long way from here.

No, no, no, no, no. Don't think like that.

Katya, please.


Right, Lenny, what's next?

Top one.

Hang on.


Yeah, yeah.

Nina claims she was never at the house. What?!

She claims she was at home all day, and her sister corroborates her story.

And you believe that?

Her version is she's being persecuted.

She's told us that yourself and your new partner have forced her from her home, caused her severe mental distress and refused her access to her own child.

Her child? I carried her!

I gave birth to her! She never legally...

Look, seriously, that's crap.

She's dangerous and she won't leave me alone.

She can't stand that I'm happy with someone else. She's...

Look, she's had problems, anger problems.

Check her record. She's on medication.

I'm not making this stuff up. She's going to hurt somebody.

It's very difficult in situations such as this.

We could issue a harassment warning, but she could make a counter allegation.

It'd be best if you could get supporting evidence to prove her unreasonable behaviour.

Yeah, I've been here before.

Two women - hard for you to believe, isn't it?

Not like having some big horrible man after you.

That's not what we're...

And let's face it, I'm the hard-looking one, I should be able to handle myself.

I assure you, we take what you're saying very seriously.

Yeah, I'm sure you do.

All right, look, I don't know what this is, but you're not doing this alone, Oké? Oké?

Come here.

I hate her.

I hate her.

I've finally found someone.

I finally realise what it is to love someone...

...but she's scared...

...and I'm going to come home one day and she's going to have gone.

She'll have packed and gone.

Or worse, there'll be a knock on the door from the police, and I can see their faces - "Can we come in..."

...and they'll tell me... they'll tell me...

You've got to get her out of your life.

I don't know how, but you can't go on like this.

Oh, my rolls - thank you.

What homework are you doing now?


Good. I'll see you later.


Please don't go tonight.

She won't come again, not if the police have been round.

Come with me.

To cook burgers?

Everything's going to be Oké.

You think?

Lenny, I'm only going to mention this once and then I'll never say it again, all right?

And as far as the rest of the world's concerned, this conversation never happened.


I know you know people.

Ex-army, you've told me.

I'm having some problems.

With my ex...

Big problems.

Is that why the police came?

So what would you like to happen?

I want her hurt. Warned off.

I want her out of my life.


I've thought about it, Lenny, long and hard, and the truth is... some problems never go away...

When you say hurt...


Or even...


It's not that expensive. Few grand.

They'd make it look like an accident.

Lenny, hurt.


I'll make some calls.

So, this talent show... can I put you down as a yes? Definitely.

What you going to be doing?

One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful.

Don't take the piss. I'm not!

One Direction? There's only one of you, for starters.

It's spoken word.

I read the lyrics for an appreciation of the subtextual meaning.


And you I know all about.


What you doing?

Fire eater.

I went to a fire eater's wedding once - he married an old flame.

He seems fine. Happy.

And he's taking his meds?

Every day. I watch him do it.

Good. Thanks, Ally.

That's all right.

Now - what talent can I put you down for?

Do you want another drink?

No, thanks.

Well, I'll get one, for appearances.

Bloke goes to the doctor, says wherever he goes, women throw their knickers at him.

Doctor says it must be Tom Jones disease, bloke says, "Oh, is that common?"

Doctor says, "Well, It's Not Unusual."

Relax. As far as everybody else is concerned, we're just an ordinary couple having a drink.

I understand you want something... accomplished.

I'm not sure... I mean, I do... but, now you're here sitting in front of me, I'm sh1tting myself. Listen... if you don't want this thing done, don't have it done.

Nobody's forcing you into anything, because once it's set in motion, there's no turning back.

I'm concerned for my daughter.

Do you have kids?

My life isn't relevant. This is all about you.

And no offence, I'm sure you are wonderful company, but I didn't come to hear your life story.

I think I want to go ahead.

Think isn't good enough. I need a yes or a no.

It's not just me involved.

I'm sorry.

Don't apologise.

If I go ahead, how does it work?

Well, have you been told how much it's going to cost?

Lenny said about five thousand.

Exactly five thousand. Half up front, half after. Cash.

No cheques or anything stupid like that.

I can do that. What else do you need?

I can get you a photo of her, if that helps?

Photo's good.

But we'll need movements, workplace, home address... and then you'll need to tell us how you want it done.

What do you mean? I get to choose?

Well, to a degree.

I don't care, as long as she's dealt with.

And what are you wanting?

How far do you want them to go?

I want it so that for a long, long time... she can't come anywhere near us.

This is crazy.

I used to love her.

We were happy once.

Pull yourself together. We don't need people remembering this!

God, sorry.

I still need a yes or no.

You have to give the word - I can't go ahead until I get an absolute.


What was... Did you...


Was there a noise?

I didn't hear any noise.

I-I need the loo. I'm sorry.

I'm just going to the toilet...

Come on!

'Wendy.' I think he's a cop.

Could he be a cop? I think they've sent a cop, Lenny!

'Whoa, whoa, whoa... What's happened?'

He keeps pushing me for an answer, a definite answer!

'And? That's what they do.'

I heard a beep, from his body - like an electronic blip.

A recorder... from like inside his coat, high up, Iike he had something strapped to his body, and when I asked him what the sound was, he said he hadn't heard anything!

'Calm down, calm down...'

What if he's a cop?

'Just let me think.'


Look, it can't be a...

Right, here's what you do.

'I'm going to check, with my mate, but I can't straight away, so get out of there. Oké? Get yourself out of there and don't agree to anything - just... just tell him you've changed your mind.'

Changed my mind? What if he arrests me?

I don't know, just get yourself out of there, right? Do it!

I've changed my mind.

That thing we were discussing.

I've decided against, Oké?

It's a no.


Hey! I've got to go!

What the hell...

I've made a mistake. I'm sorry... I'm sorry to waste your time.

I'm sorry! If you need some more time...

No, I've made a mistake.

Oh, work's not the problem. It's...

It's the tedious routine everyone has. Hm.

Work, home, tea with the kids, bit of telly, bed.

Repeat. The only reward being a couple of weeks getting pissed and baking themselves bright red in Marbella.

In my experience, people are far more interesting than you'd ever imagine.

People have passions, stuff they live for out of work - you know Terry in accounts?

Oh, yeah.

Guitarist in a covers band. Ooh!

Um... Tommo - fell running.

Vicky - fully nude poledancing.

Oh! I've made one of those up.



Hey. Saw your sign about the burger van. How much you asking?

Well, I might have changed my mind.

Oh, right.

Why - you interested?

Might be, for the right price - always fancied myself as a burger man.

"Would you like some sauce with that, love?"

The sauce is at the front. People help themselves.

Well, whatever... How much?

Well, it's a going concern...

I'd be looking for at least four and a half, five grand for it.

Sorry. Can we talk about this later?

'Hi, this is Lenny, please leave a message...'

Here she is.

The police have said that you called them an hour ago, Kim.

Regarding your son.

Yeah, that's right.

So what's the problem? He's missing.


Yeah. He left Ally's house, some time in the middle of the night, or this morning, and we haven't seen him since.

How old is he?


I know what you're thinking - she's wasting our time - teenager goes out, doesn't come home, he could be anywhere.

Nobody's thinking that.

He left his medication. We're worried about him.

He's vulnerable. He's had a lot of problems.

When you say vulnerable...


Suicidal thoughts.

One of the reasons I wanted him to have this job was to bring some stability to his life, give him a sense of purpose, you know?

Oké, we don't usually report an adult as missing this quickly, but as you say he's vulnerable, we'll get him on the system.


Thanks, Kim. All right. Is there anything else you need from us?

Crimes against caffeine, is it, Kim?

Doing your coffee under the trade descriptions act...

Why don't you shut your face, Karl, yeah? Try that.

Told her those crisps were out of date.

Is that the guy you met?

He's not a cop.

My mate knows him personally and he's pissed off you did a runner.

I'm sorry, I freaked.

Oké, he's prepared to meet you again. Thursday night. But then that's it - decision time.

Maybe this is life's way of giving you a chance to back out.

Wendy, if you're not sure, you walk away...

This isn't playing around.

Oh, aye? I'm not here for trouble, Laura.

Nina's not here.

Where is she?

Pub, working. Which one?

Gardener's Arms.

Right, thanks.

She's off her meds.

If I were you, Wendy, I'd shift away, start again somewhere new.


I'm worried about some of the things she's saying.

Like what?

Like WHAT?

You don't want to know.

I want you to stay away from me.

I want you to stay away from Florence and I definitely want you to stay away from Katya.

If this doesn't stop...

I'm telling you now, I want my life back.

I'm tired of being scared of you...

...so I'm telling you how it is.

It stops, or...

...I'll make it stop.

I can do that, Nina.

So please...



If that's what you want.

I don't believe you.

So what was the point of coming?


Toke, it's half five! 'Sorry to wake you.'

Well, what is it? 'You should check your e-mails. Sorry.'


'You know what I want you to do. I want to see those tits. You love it, you know you do. So sexy.'

Look at it. She'll send it to everyone.

You don't know that.

All the people I know - everyone'll watch it... they'll watch it, see me doing that.

We can get it taken down.

sh1t! sh1t. Everyone at work, my family...

Send a message to all your friends, tell them what's happened, ask them to not open it.

It's too late. It's out there.

It's in their bloody inbox!

I hate her so much!

Why can't she just drop dead?

Har, me matey!

I humbly accept this treasure as my reward for my villainous life, I do.

It's a scratched cornea - it's to protect the eye, tossers.


Oh, my God - have you seen it?

I told YOU about it.

I know, but have you SEEN it?

No, I'm not watching that!

Me and Rhys used to film everything. I mean, everything.

If any of that ends up online, I'd literally have to leave the country.

Here's Wendy. Poor girl...

You should check she's all right.

Why me?

You're good at that kind of thing. It's what you do.

Console people who've had their privates posted online - yeah, I'm a real expert.

Jenna wants to see you.

(She sighs)

Do you want me to come with?


I don't know anyone that's watched it.

Everyone I spoke to deleted it - honest.

Sit yourself down.

You probably hate me for dragging you in here, but whilst this online thing isn't really anything to do with work, I don't want you feeling that you need to hide, and if anyone, ANYONE, says anything degrading, you come straight to me, yeah?

You know whoever's done this has committed a crime, don't you?

Nobody should have to endure this, Wendy.


I know.

I'm on it.

It's going to be dealt with.

Did you watch the porno?

It didn't come to me.

Didn't come to me either, but I made it my business to see it.

It was quite beautiful.

I'll tell you what...

If that was me, I'd post something right back, fight fire with fire.

That's what my dad always used to say.

Unfortunately, he was a fireman.


It's a yes.

Hello? 'It's tonight. Be with people. Be seen. Don't call me.'

Music: Disco 2000 by Pulp

♪ We were born within an hour of each other... ♪

Who are you doing?

Me? I'm being the guy sat in the audience drinking lager.

♪ Never suited you Suited you. ♪

That was absolutely awesome! You're wasted in a call centre.

I thought you were amazing.

I didn't think you were amazing.


All right. I thought you were... absolutely outstanding.

One million per cent yes. Well done! Well done!


Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.

My dear friend Oliver and I would like to tell you a story.

No, we don't. Excuse me a moment, this is very embarrassing.

Come on! Where's me agent?

It's all part of the...

♪ Where are those happy days ♪
♪ They seem so hard to find ♪
♪ I tried to reach for you ♪
♪ But you have closed your mind ♪
♪ Whatever happened to our love ♪
♪ I wish I understood ♪
♪ It used to be so nice ♪
♪ It used to be so good ♪
♪ So when you're near me ♪
♪ Darling can't you hear me ♪
♪ SOS... ♪

(Music slows down)

♪ The love you gave me ♪
♪ Nothing else can save me ♪
♪ SOS ♪
♪ When you're gone ♪
♪ How can I even try to go on? ♪
♪ When you're gone ♪
♪ Though I try how can... ♪

Mate, will you wait? Wait!

Wait! Wait! Hang on!

Gardener's Arms, all right?

Wait there. I'll tell you where to go.


We've stopped serving, love.

Is Nina still here?

She left about ten minutes ago.

Drive, that way. I'll tell you where to go.

It's down there, left at the end of the road.

Hang on.

No, no, don't worry - carry on.

There - on the right. Pull alongside that woman there.


Hi. Get in.

I'll drop you at home.

Howsdon Street, please, mate.

All dressed up.

Where've you been?

Work do.

Work do, in town?

Yeah, some talent night thing.


So you went out in town, got a cab home and that took you this way?

Yeah, he went the wrong way.

I don't think that's the truth, is it?

I think... you wanted to see me. Is that the truth?

It's just a coincidence.

Did she ask you to come this way?

Did she come looking for me?

I'm not at liberty to comment.

Oké, take me home.

You look nice.




Come inside, for a drink.

I've got to get home.

To her?

Look, can we meet, maybe tomorrow or soon and we'll talk?

Talk? What do you want to talk about?

You and that bitch? You never letting me see my little girl?

Nina, please.

Come inside, Wendy.

I can't.

Come inside.


I'll shag you every which way like we used to.

Not tonight.

I just want you to go inside, go to bed, and then tomorrow I'll call you, Oké?

I'll call you and we'll talk and who knows what will happen?


Call me tomorrow.

Hold on.

Oké, drive.


'Have you seen the time?'

Lenny, I want to put a stop to it.

I can't do it. They can keep what I've paid.

I can't do it. I'm not that person.

Please, can you tell them....

Please, Lenny.



'Oh, for God's sake, Wendy! I'm not supposed to be involved!'


We'll find a way.

Right, come on, I've got a treat for you.

You've got to see this!

Hey, Toke! Wend, come!

Pirate Bar Kid.

You found out, did you?

I can't believe you kept it secret!

Is this you? Did you tell them?

No! I promise...

You were sooooo cute!

♪ They're tasty and they're chewy ♪
♪ They're healthy and they're gooey. ♪

Ah har! I love my Pirate Bar!

Yeah, laugh it up, arseholes.

Go on, then, play it. I haven't seen it in 20 years.

(Sings song)

(All chatter)

♪ They're tasty and they're chewy... ♪

Hi, Laura.

What happened?

Oh, my God.



Hit and run. That's all they know.

And will she be...

She's on life support. It's touch-and-go.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.


This is what we wanted.

We said if only she could drop dead, be out of our lives...

It's not our doing.

Oh, God. I'm a bad person... but I'm glad.

I'm glad.

It was too late, Oké? I'm sorry, it couldn't be stopped.

They practically killed her! I said hurt.

I said badly injured! They almost put her in a box!

It's an inexact science.

And by the way, they want the rest of their money.

Look, it's what you wanted.

You got cold feet.

No-one thinks it's anything to do with you.

There's nothing links you to it.

As far as the cops are concerned, some woman who came off her meds just got hit by a car.

Everything's better already.

It's like all that fear has evaporated... but I keep thinking, "Is that how it works?"

Do something terrible and life improves...


Enjoy it.

Still no sign of him?

No word, nothing.

Then you see stuff like this.

God, Kim must be out of her mind.

She is.

I don't get it, I don't get where he could have gone, why he wouldn't let us know he was Oké.

I've left, like, 100 messages...

You've just got to hope it isn't him.


Thank you.

Whose chips are better?


You have more than me.

You have more, though!

I'm going to go and see her.

In the hospital.

I think there's a chance she might not make it, and I'd like to see her... just once.

I'll come with you. No!

Wendy. Really, you don't...

I want to be there.

Why don't you say goodbye?

Just in case.

I'll leave you.

You hurt me so much...

..and now I've hurt you back.

Come on. Let's go.

Let's go.


Hello, again.

The other night, at the pub.

Night she was hit.

Did you manage to find her?

No, I never saw her again.


They're saying she went to a club, got hammered.

I'm wondering if she fell in front of a car or something.

Yeah, possibly.

You'd think the bastards would have stopped.

Yeah, it's terrible.

Anyway, it's in God's hands now.

She Oké?

Upset. I've got to... Katya. Kat...

Why did you go to see her?

Just to... talk about the stuff she put online.

You think I'm stupid?

I know you too well.

Why are you lying?

Keep your voice down.

I don't care! Let's just go home.

We'll go home and I promise I'll explain everything.

Tell me now! Tell me what this is, Wendy.

Let's just go to the car.

You've done something.

I knew before. I had this... this feeling.

I had her hurt.

I arranged it.

It wasn't meant to be as bad as it is.

Oh, my God!

It was to stop her.

The police were doing nothing, but you have to believe me, I didn't expect her to end up like...

You said you were glad when it happened, you said...

They were just words! Words, Wendy!

She was going to break us!

I would never have left you!

We would have got through it!

How can I touch you, knowing?

You have to tell the police.

Tell the truth, or it will chase you.

It's done. It's dealt with.

I'm not going to prison.

I'm not leaving my little girl!

They won't catch me.

It's over.

It's over.

She was a bitch. She was a violent, hateful bitch.

I got used to her hurting me, but then she hurt you, and every time she hurt you, it killed me.

I had to do it. I had to stop her! I did it for us!

I know. I know that, Wendy.

Then why are you going? I can't live without you.

You're my whole world, you and Florence.

I can't live without you.

Wendy, I love you too, but I can't do this.

It would always be there! It's too much, it's too big...

We won't get past it.

We will, we will!

We can be happy.

We can be so happy, without her, without all that fear.

We're free. We're free!

I'm still leaving you.

(Wendy sobs)

If it goes wrong...

..if I get caught...

..will you have Florence for me?

Please tell me you'll do that.

I'm so sorry.

I love you.

I love you, too.

Where've you been?

Here, there.

Your mum's been worried sick. So have I!

Can we go in? No, we can't.

You can't just go in, Ash, like nothing's bleedin' happened.

Where have you been? Why haven't you answered your phone?

Your poor mum, she can't sleep, she looks...

(He screams)

You're on her side now, are you?


She been giving it all that, has she?

About what a prick I am?

No! Well, f*ck this.

Ash! Ash, no...

Get off me. Ally, I said get off me!


(She grunts)

(She cries out)

You need help.

(She cries)

I've found your father.

Why did I marry you, Caz? Why did we move back to Wales?

Why do we live in this house?

Here we are. Shall we hug or firm handshake?

Where are you going?