01x04 - Liv and Let Clive

My name is Liv Moore, and I died, sort of. I had a promising career and a great fiance. Then I went to the world's worst boat party and got turned into a zombie. Now I work at the morgue for access to brains, but brain eating has side effects. I take on the victim's personality traits and have visions which I use to help solve their murders. I work with a detective who thinks I'm a psychic and my boss, the medical examiner, the only person who knows my secret. I'm a crime-fighting zombie.

Previously on iZombie...

Liv: Major is a counselor at Helton Shelter, a halfway house for teen runaways.

Jerome's roommate, Eddie Cisco, disappeared four days ago.

All right. I'm gonna walk this over to Missing Persons right now.

Nice kicks.

Have you seen my friend?

Brother, I just saw him.

Blaine: We'll have you to him in no time.

What the hell?

You need to go.

For a mere 25K a month, I've got the brains you need to keep all your pistons firing.

Time to look alive, baby.

So, last night, is that a service you provide all your clients?

What do you think?

I think I'm paying you 25 grand a month to keep me in brains.

So, answering your booty call should get me a rebate.

Oh, Jackie. I made you a zombie.

But I would never make you a whore.

Liv: Finding that special someone is never easy.

Someone who really gets you, not just someone who gets you through the night.


And love in the time of zombie-ism, well, that's even harder.



Hey. I thought Jesse locked himself out again.

Is this a bad time?

I just got out of the shower. You know, getting ready for the day.

Well, I won't keep you. I just came to say hi.

And apologize for all the weirdness lately.

And, fancy coffee?

Oh. (STUTTERS) That's for me?

I usually wait a couple of hours till I drink my second giant cup.

Oh, thanks.

That's whack, yo.

I take it Jesse didn't work out.

Not so much. That's the last time I ever find a roommate on Craigslist.

I can't live with someone who starts every sentence with, "Hey, yo, trip," and always thinks I'm frontin'.


Jesse: Weak, man.


Jesse really insists on a lot of bass.

I'm so sorry, Major.

The only reason you even need a roommate is because I was supposed to be paying half the rent by now.

Liv, it's fine.

You know, I'll find another roommate.

And, uh... Thank you very much for the coffee.

Hey, did that Eddie kid turn back up at the shelter?

No, uh, he's still missing.

And now Jerome hasn't been around for a couple days, so, I'm kind of freaked out about that.

I mean, he's returned my texts but I don't think he's coming back until he finds...


You're up.

(NERVOUSLY) You should meet Liv.

Oh, right. Hi.

Uh, Liv, this is Corinne.

Hey, hi. So nice to meet you.

Yeah, likewise.

Oh. You went to UDub, too?

No, I went to Stanford.

Stanford's great.

Nice, good school.

Okay, well, I'm just gonna take off but it's so nice to see you both.

Liv: Actually, it wasn't that bad.

In the sense that it could have been much worse.

Right. I might have cried, for instance. Or thrown up.

Or grabbed that mug, which happened to be my very favorite morning coffee mug when Major and I were together and shattered it in a million pieces like my heart.

And then forced her to walk barefoot across the shards.

Exactly, but, I didn't do any of that.

If Major and I are to be friends, I have to be able to handle these things, be mature. And I was.

Well, I'm glad you survived.

Sadly, our latest John Doe here won't be, uh, handling much of anything.

The lack of bleeding indicates they were removed post-mortem?

Hmm. As were the molars.

Suggesting both were done to make the body more difficult to ID.

I've seen this before.

Typically with Asian gangland murders.

Which would also be consistent with his gang tat.

He's been a member of the Blue Cobras for five to seven years, based on the sub-dermal dispersion of the ink.

"Cause of death, hemorrhagic shock due to excessive internal bleeding, as a result of multiple contusions and severe deep-muscle trauma."

Well, based on the abdominal bruising pattern, I'd say he was kicked to death.

It's a "Boot Party," I believe they call it.

I'm guessing Clive would appreciate your help on this one.

You might want to take a, uh, working lunch.

Liv: Hiding your true self from the entire world gets old fast.

Thank God I have Ravi, someone who's seen mine and seems to be okay with the secret me, and the dietary demands life as a zombie requires.


Holy crap.

My sister's about to saw open a dude's skull.

No, she's not.

This is rad.

I've never seen you do the gnarly stuff.

And you're not about to. (CHUCKLES)

Oh, right, the spare key.

Remember, you got to turn it and jiggle.

Thanks again for letting me crash with you for a few.

Mom's in one of her moods?

You mean the 16-year mood where she rides my ass nonstop?

Four A's and two B's.

I understand that in many homes that's considered a pat-on-the-back, frame-the-report-card achievement.

This is why I convinced her my apartment's in a dead cell zone.

Oh, you picked the perfect time, Peyton's out of town.


Some big DA conference in Spokane.

By the way, she totally knew you'd been in her room last time you came over.

Her stuff had been moved.

She thought you'd even slept in her bed.

All I did was try her personal massager.

I could never work out the kinks in my shoulders, so, maybe I was using it wrong.

Whoa, dude's got no fingers!

Touch her stuff again and neither will you.


Liv: What a pleasant surprise it might've been if Chinese brains or Spanish brains or Italian brains tasted like the cuisines for which their regions were famous.

No such luck.

Besides, my taste buds are as half-dead as the rest of me.

Dr. C, I hear you got a John Doe for me.

Oh, he's right over here, Detective.

Yeah, I'll never how you can eat down here.

That's why I leave my coffee at the bottom step, so it doesn't get that morgue-y smell.


Asian gang, huh?


(SIGHS) Poor Sammy.

So, you two have already met.

It's Sammy Wong. What's left of him, anyway.

How do you know him?

Long story.

Okay then, any theories on who did this?

Might I suggest a disappointed former piano teacher?

Well, stay out of it. I can handle this without your psychic powers.

I'd like to help if...

Stay out of it.

Who you been talking to, Ray! Hmm?


You been chatty, boy?

Sammy: Come on, Clive. Ray's cool.

I told you, Sammy! Stay out of it or you're up next!

What'd you just see?

Nothing. Not a thing.

You're telling me back when Clive worked Vice, he had a mustache?

Facial hair isn't exactly the headline here, Ravi.

I saw Clive giving a Rodney King-quality beat-down to some guy named Ray, accusing him of snitching.

Snitching about what?

No idea.

But he threatened our fingerless friend, too.

Sammy was there. I saw him.

No wonder Clive doesn't want my help on this case. He's a dirty cop.

Whoa, Liv, slow down.

Look, what you saw is a bit unsettling, but let's not jump to conclusions. You know Clive.

But do I? Do I really?

You're right. There's probably another explanation. - Yes.

Just like there is for seeing this chick Corinne in Major's house at 8:00 a.m., wearing his shirt, slobbering all over my cup.

Actually, that doesn't seem to beg for another explanation.

Why didn't I see it? She's angling to move in.

"I'll share the rent with you, Major. I'll share everything."


Major's spare room is barely cold and there she was, hovering.

Major loves a thumping bass.

I'll bet that she was the one with the delicate ears.

Liv, listen to yourself.

They've only been seeing each other for a couple of weeks.

You're sounding a little paranoid.

Oh, you're on her side now?

No. I'm just saying you've had a pretty radical change of heart since you ate lunch.

Or should I say, "change of head."

You are who you eat, right?

You don't just have their visions, you also get some of their personality traits.

It's possible Sammy here had an anxious, fearful thought process, with bouts of irrationality and delusion.

You're right. Let's not freak out.

It's too soon for Corinne to move in with Major.

He's too fragile right now.

She's his rebound.



That's why you should move in with him and head her off at the pass.


He needs a house-mate.

I think you two would really hit it off.

Uh, I'm not looking to give up my privacy, which I enjoy.

You'd have your own room. And bathroom.

How much more "privacy" do you need?

What sort of perversions are you into?

I also don't want to lock myself into a lease.

Ever since the CDC sacked me with no notice, week-to-week is how I roll.

So, to sum it up, satisfied with my current living situation, concerned with your paranoia with regards to both Major and Clive.

Duly noted. But remember, just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean there's not some strange stuff going on out there.

Ah, grazie, Bella.

Nice fake bake, Donatella Versace.

How do you get yours to come out so even?

By sleeping with someone who's got her own private aesthetician.

Did my two sides of beef come in?

In the back.

Oh, morning, boss.

I need you two on deliveries today.

Do you think you can handle that this time?

Yeah, from now on we're each typing every address into our phones.

That mix-up won't happen again.

Well, it definitely won't happen a third time.

Here's today's list.

Any questions?


Don't startle them. They're thinking.

Nope. We're good to go.

I think my clients are going to like this latest creation.

Braised cerebellum a la Grenoble.

Ah, that sounds expensive.

It tastes like money.


What are you looking at? Brains are for closers. Go.



Liv: Vice. Clive's old stomping ground.

Why would anyone ever leave?

Hey, doll.

Cross-dresser: Oh! Hey!

Officer: Keep walking.

So, Sammy's dead.

Hey, Marty, did we have a dead pool going on Sammy Wong?

Not on that one, Devore.

Hmm. No pool.

Then my reaction would be... Meh.

I guess there was a Vice case.

Detective Babineaux, he was your partner?

He identified Sammy's body.

We're having a tough time getting any other information out of him.

I appreciate all the hard work you must do down at the ME's office, but I still can't help you with a Vice case.

Not one that's ongoing.

It's ongoing, huh?

Well, is there anything more general that you could tell me?

You know, like, your experience working with Clive or what he was like on a professional level?

I mean, just before I go too far down the road with this guy.

Well, I can tell you that he was always looking out for Number One.

That he was a little too close to his Cls.

That no one was surprised when he got suspended.

And when he left for Homicide, no one was sorry to see him go.

He got suspended? For what?

Let's just say the thin blue line can get a lot thinner when you're working in Vice.

Why didn't Clive ever tell us he'd been suspended?

Well, it's such a wonderful conversation starter.

You'd think he'd lead with it.

Then people would immediately begin assuming the worst.

I haven't been assuming the worst.

I see it in living, if somewhat blurry, color.

And it looks a lot like Clive's a dirty cop.

Throwing around his muscle.

I mean, the guy he was beating up in front of Sammy, that Ray character, his shirt said Hong Kong Video staff on it.

He could shed some light on Clive's involvement in all this.

This is the place.

We need to get a better sense of who and what we're dealing with without raising any red flags.

Follow my lead.

Should I be concerned that whatever you're about to do requires gum?

Hey, there.

I was wondering if you could help me.

I'm looking for this guy Ray?

How do you know Ray?

I met him at a party. It was kind of a while ago but we, like, hooked up, or whatever.

Do I sound so totally slutty right now?

Well, yeah... When don't you sound so totally slutty?


You asked.

Whatever. I was cleaning out my bag and I found this.

And I had this drunken flashback and remembered Ray gave it to me.

So, I thought maybe he worked here.

Her life is, um, like the whorey version of that movie Memento.

What? If you couldn't look back at the sexts from the night before, we'd never know where you'd been or who you've done.

Here's the deal, my friend Melanie here has a thing for men of the, uh, Asian persuasion.

In a big way.

So, uh, if you could point her in the direction of this Ray guy, maybe I can get the hell out of here and get the lunch I thought I was getting.

Because this isn't me eating a tostada, is it?

Wait here.

That's one way to take a shower.

Your desire for privacy in your living arrangements is starting to come into sharper focus.

Oh, look. They actually have the whorey version of Memento.

I swear, A.J. I didn't say a word!

Are you sure? Not even one?


Let's see if some wasabi jogs his memory.

(SCREAMING) Oh, no, no, no!


My man! (LAUGHS)

You're just in time. We found our rat.

How could you think it was Ray?



What is it?

We need to go, now.

I hear you're looking for Ray.

And that you're into Asian dudes.

I'm A.J., and I'm in to white girls.

Really white girls.

You might just be my Moby Dick.

I didn't catch your name.


You sure about that?

Please. It's been Melody, Melanie.

She even tried to get me to start calling her Starfire last year, but I drew a line.

So, how did you say you and my buddy Ray know each other?

I don't really know him. We just met the once.

What do you want to see him about?

We just hit it off, that's all.

Trust me, you don't want to try and understand her thought process.

I'd just give her Ray's number and, uh, say a little prayer for your buddy.

Well, it seems weird to me that a girl like you would have to track down a guy for a date.

And why would he give you the card to the video store and not his cell phone number?

Maybe I should've taken the hint.

This was a bad idea.

Well, no. We're here now, I'm sure A.J. here can hook you up with an e-mail address or a...

Nice ink, by the way. Is that a snake?

It's a cobra.

A blue cobra. Very cool.

Very cool.

Much cooler than if you chose, say, a puff adder.

Or a common krait.

Uh, I think you've embarrassed yourself enough for one day.


Uh, we're gonna go away. Um...

Lovely store, gentlemen.

That's not just a shop renting more Asian p0rn than I could possibly imagine.

It's like the Blue Cobras' clubhouse.

I had a vision when we were in the p0rn room.

That guy, A.J.? He's the main Cobra.

He ordered one of his boys to stick wasabi in some other guy's eye to make him confess to snitching.

Looks like the Cobras are looking to plug a leak.

Clive showed up in the vision.

It sounded like Clive had been helping A.J.

And this Ray we're looking for, the guy Clive beat up?

It looked like he was A.J.'s best bud.

Bloody hell.

Okay, let's not presume too much.

A good cop investigating Sammy's murder would logically come here.

So would a dirty cop reporting to his partners.

Clive is helping them ferret out a snitch.

Let's wait and see where he goes next.

Or not.

Do you realize you have like, zero junk food?

Although, who knows, there could be a bag of Cheesy Puffs buried in Peyton's sports bra drawer.

I imagine she owns enough sports bras to warrant their own drawer.

You don't have to say it's true. Just cough twice.

Evan, come over here now.


Does that guy look suspicious to you?

Now that you mention it, he is spending an awful long time by that bush, waiting for his dog to pee.

I know, right?

Have you by any chance been taking advantage of our state's liberal marijuana laws?

No, why, have you?

Jeez, paranoid much?

Stay out of Peyton's room and off drugs. I'm going to take a shower.

Let me know if you see anything unusual.

Especially with that guy and his so-called dog.


By the time we finish the rest of these deliveries the gym's going to be closed.

Yeah. I guess I could pop out the free-weights at home.

But it's just not the same.

I feed off the on-lookers, you know?

I hate this, man.

I miss my old life. I'm wasting my potential.

Why did Blaine have to go and scratch us? I didn't ask for this.

Neither did I.

Meanwhile, all Blaine has to do is scratch rich dudes and create more customers and charge them out their ass for brains, because he's the only game in town.

He's making money hand over fist with this awesome business model, and we're out here working like a couple of frickin' pizza delivery boys.

Screw that guy.

You thought any more about what I told you?

Go into business for ourselves?

He's not gonna like it.

No one likes losing.

But someone's got to be losing if someone else is winning.

That's just fricking science.

What do I always say?

"You can't flex fat."

"The best way to predict the future is to create it."

Oh. Yeah. That is true.

It is true, Dante.

There are no hand-outs in life.

There are no free rides.

You got to make things happen for yourself.

And when opportunity knocks, you can keep sitting on your futon and watching Real Homemakers of Whoretown like a fatty fat-ass, or you can answer the door.

I'm answering the door.

How would we even get started?

Dude! We already know where to find our first clients.


What's the latest with Mr. My-Dog-Needs-To-Pee At-the-Exact-Same Time-Every-Night?

Evening, Liv.

Evan, this is the detective I work with.

Clive Babineaux.

Yeah, he said already. That's why I let him in.

Give us a minute, will you? You can hang out in my room.

I'll be in Peyton's.

Why the hell were you talking to my old partner?

I was trying to help out with the case.

I thought I was very clear about not needing your help.

You were. I thought you could use someone to watch your back.

I have a feeling Sammy ran with some really bad dudes.

What kind of feeling?

Have you been having one of your little hoodoo film festivals up in there?

No. I haven't had a single vision.

So you know, Sammy Wong was in Federal Witness Protection.

He was?

I guess the Feds didn't do such a good job on the protection part.

No, he was fine for six months in Albuquerque, but his dumb ass had to sneak back here and visit his dying mom.

Look, there are higher forces at work here, Liv.

If you don't stay out of it, you're going to wind up getting hurt.

Hey. Ravi, right?

We, uh, kind of met last week.

Of course. Uh, Liv's ex-fiance.


It's fine.

Is that gonna be weird for you, by the way?

You being Liv's ex-fiance?



Are you sure? It seems like you're a little off about it.

Like that "no" kind of had a question mark at the end.

I'm pretty sure I'm okay with it.

Okay. Good?

So, Liv's not here, she'll be back shortly.

Would you like to wait for her?

I don't... I don't really need to wait.


Uh, I can for a couple of minutes, if you need me to.

Um, is now not a good time?

Do you need to finish up or something?

I'm sorry, this is an incredibly strange conversation.

Are you here to see Liv?

No. I thought I was here to talk to you.



Uh, about the room that I'm renting out?

Of course.

Liv had said that you were looking for a place and you wanted to meet to talk about it.

But maybe... Maybe I had the wrong person.

Are you not looking for a place?

I suppose I'm not "not" looking for a place.

Uh, my current situation isn't ideal.

You know, dodgy neighborhood.

Thin walls. Lots of noise issues.

Oh! I just had some noise issues myself, I get it. Believe me.

What's the point of having 7.1 HD surround sound if you can't use it without neighbors banging on your walls?

Look, I'm sure you've noticed my work situation isn't the liveliest.

When I unwind, I like some feel-it-in-your-bones audio.


I'm assuming at this price, the tip is included.

Talk to your boss if you have any problems with that.

It's kind of insult to injury, huh?

He turns you into a zombie and then charges you an arm and a leg for brains.

Are you trying to be funny?


I'm trying to tell you I have empathy for your cause.

Let me share something with you, Jackie.

You know why Blaine sets his prices so high?

Because he can.

Because he...

Very good. We got a smart lady on our hands here, Dante.

You see, Blaine has what's called a monopoly.

He can sell brains at a sky-high price because he has no competition.

It's not like you're gonna go off on your own.

Start digging up graves or something.

Yeah, I'm not much of a digger.

Of course you're not. You're a classy lady.

And a victim.

And I'm here to tell you, it doesn't have to be that way.

You have options.

Do I?

What if I told you there was an alternative to Blaine's service?

High-quality brains at a fraction of what you're currently paying.

It would be nice to stick it to Blaine and save a little cash.

You understand I'll need some time to think this through.

Of course.

I have to tell you, I admire your chutzpah.

I didn't peg you for the enterprising type.

Ah, that's because we're jacked.

People assume we're dumb.

But we're living proof that it doesn't take body fat to have a phat idea.

There's no way you have that.

Apparently there is, because I do.

How did you get your hands on a Windforce?

Uh, what is that, like, uh, 1.2 attacks per second?


I thought I was so badass with my Exalted Orbit Stones.


This is the most unbelievable kismet.

It's crazy kismet.

Major is a Level 66

Wizard in Diablo III.

Level 70 Demon Hunter. Right there.

Oh, you're going to lose your mind when you see it on a 4K Ultra HDTV.


It's basically like having a Holodeck.

So, this Holodeck, are you thinking it's an "in your bedroom" Holodeck, or more of like a "communal living room" Holodeck?

Bedroom. Unless you're okay with blackout curtains in your living area.

I am not a fan of gaming with glare.

Totally fine with blackout curtains.

So, wait, this is a thing?

You two are moving in together?

He had me at 4K Ultra HDTV.

I'm surprisingly intrigued by the prospect of College Football Saturdays.

Lager. Wings.

Bow down to... Washington?

Yeah! You're getting it.

All right, I'm gonna get going. Um, give me a buzz later, we'll go over the logistics.

Will do.

Cool. See ya.

Clive showed up at my place.

He found out that I talked to his old partner.

He told me if I didn't stay out of the case, I could get hurt.

He threatened you?

Basically, yeah. And he seemed very concerned with me having any case-related visions.

And you didn't tell him you already have?

Are you crazy?

I don't know if he believed me, but I played dumb.


See, before Major showed up, I was going through some Asian gang mug shots and found our Anthony Jin.

A.J.'s father was head of the Blue Cobras until five months ago, when he was put away on conspiracy charges.

Five months.

That's just after Clive claims the FBI moved Sammy to Albuquerque.

Wait? Sammy was in Wit-Sec?

Well, so Clive says.

Even if it's true, that doesn't explain why Clive was beating Ray up or showing up for these torture sessions at Cobra HQ.

If Sammy testified against A.J.'s father, no wonder he was constantly looking over his shoulder.

But in the vision that I had in the video store, A.J.'s cronies were torturing a different guy for that.

That must have been before Sammy turned state's witness.

And then later, when Sammy was dumb enough to leave Albuquerque for a visit, who better than a dirty cop like Clive to give A.J. the heads-up or maybe even to kill Sammy?

I don't want to believe that's true.

Clive seemed surprised to discover Sammy's body in the morgue.


See what that was?

That was me acting surprised. It's not that hard to pull off.

He might kill us if he finds out what we know.

That's why I brought this tracking device.

Clive's shift ends in 10 minutes.

I need you to be my lookout so I can attach this to his car.

Let's not do anything stupid, okay?

If Clive is who you fear he is, we need to think this through.

Let's sleep on it and tomorrow we'll decide the best course of action.


I'm serious, Liv.

I said fine. See you tomorrow.

Liv: Sorry, Ravi, I'm doing this.

Even though I'm not sure I want to know where it might lead.

You are not crazy. You are not delusional.



Woman 1: Are you all right?

Man: Wow, she got hit hard.

Woman 2: Hey, girlie.


Look on the bright side, Sammy!

Your mom's going to outlive you.

Sammy: I got news for you.

You're all going down. Your pal Ray is a cop.


Man 1: Are you okay?

Man 2: Are you hurt?

Woman 1: Do you want us to call somebody?

Man 1: Here, let me help you.


I know kung fu.

I know kung fu.

I know that Ray's an undercover cop, and if he's not already dead, the Cobras are going to kill him!

What the the hell's going on, Liv?

I just saw the moment Sammy was killed.

A.J. and his crew were kicking him to death.

Ravi says they call it a "Boot Party."

Right before they finished the job, he told them that Ray was an undercover cop.

Ray's burned? Damn it!

He was my partner, Liv.

My real partner when I went deep undercover trying to take down the Blue Cobras.

Look, I lied about not having any visions.

I saw you beating up Ray, Clive. I saw you at the DVD store.

You were there when they were torturing some guy for information.

You thought I was dirty? That's what you thought?

I thought that you might have been working for the Blue Cobras.

Your former partner told me you got suspended.

Hey, it's Babineaux. Put me through to Devore.

We'll deal with this later.

We need to find Ray.

The team will meet you at the hangar.

I'm guessing 20 minutes. Do nothing before your backup's there.

Okay, I'll see you there.

Ray's on his way back from five days in Hong Kong with a shipment of Utopium.

The Cobras like to use a private airstrip outside Snohomish to avoid Customs.

It's gonna be close, but I think we can get there before he lands.

Okay, let's go.

Not you-and-me "we."

Me, Detective Devore and a team from the gang unit.

You're going home.

Gnocchi stuffed with medulla oblongata in a fra diavolo sauce.

Fantastic. What is that, cream in there?

Pureed neural tissue. Gives it kind of a... A silky texture.



Ah, they're back!

Look, guys, I know you think carbs are the enemy, I know, but you need to try this.

Oh, man. This is good.

Are you making more of this?

This is definitely what I'm having on my cheat day.




Gonna do some painting in here, huh?

In a manner of speaking.

You come up with a name for your new start-up?

I wouldn't give it another thought.

It's no surprise, really.

Most small businesses fail.


This is why we buy in bulk.

Remember, Julien, I took you out of this freezer, and I can put you back in.

Loyalty, it's job one.

Come on, pick up, pick up...



Liv: You're there.

Sorry about all the calls. I've been going crazy worrying about you and Ray.

I've washed every piece of laundry in my building.

You can relax. The cavalry arrived in time.

You're both okay?

Ah, we're both enjoying the sight of A.J.'s crew spread-eagled on a black and white.

When they rolled up, we found enough heavy artillery in the trunk to put them all away on weapons charges.

We also found three bloody teeth.

I'll bet you chowder at Ivar's at least one of them belongs to Sammy.

I think I owe you more than a bowl of soup.

I really messed up on this one. I should've trusted you.

Three times I told you to stay out of it, Liv.

On two separate occasions.

I just didn't want you to get a look at some of that dark crap in my past.

Your vision did save Ray's life, I'll give you that.

Listen, Clive, I just want to say how much I...

Listen, I can't talk about it right now, all right?

The cars are registered under A.J.'s name but he wasn't in the welcoming party.

We're gonna head over to the video store and arrest him for Sammy's murder.

Okay, well, give him my love.




See, the look on your face tells me that maybe you're not really all that into Asian guys.

What else you been lying about, cop?

One of my boys followed you from my store to the police station.

How long have you and Ray been working together, cop?

You don't need to protect Ray anymore.

He's dead. Right now, it's just you and me.

This just in from Snohomish, Ray is safe, and your boys are cuffed and spread-eagled on the hood of a police cruiser. Here's another shocker.


I learned that from your boy Sammy.




Evan: Hey, sis! Did someone say pizza?



Oh, my God.



I have to say, you're a lot tougher than you look.

Guess I just landed a lucky punch.

What are you, lady?

Just a girl! You got your ass kicked by a girl.

Get over it.

You're a freak.

I don't know how many Take Back the Night self-defense seminars they gave at your sorority house, but I could pretty much take out Batman with a spiral notebook and a student ID card.

How did you even get on A.J.'s radar in the first place?

I went to the video store, asked a bunch of stupid questions.

Right before you showed up, I now realize, to investigate Sammy's murder, not to get instructions from your gang overlord.

(SIGHS) That you'd even think I'd be on the same side as that twisted wannabe ninja...

Clive, I know it's hard to understand, but it's not like I just heard a rumor and believed it.

These visions I get are powerful.

Seeing you that way, seeing you so cold and violent, it...

It scared me.

I lost a year of my life going undercover.

You know what it's like spending all that time pretending to be something you're not?

I can imagine it's pretty rough.

I didn't become a cop because I wanted to be one of the bad guys.

That so-called suspension Devore told you about was supposed to get me on the inside of the Cobras' inner circle.

Which it did.

But I went so deep that when I came back up, no one wanted to work with me.

Not even my partner.

That's why they had to get me out of Vice.

Thought I'd get a fresh start in Homicide.

I'm so sorry, Clive.

I know you're a good cop, I just...

I was being crazy paranoid.

Too bad those visions of yours don't come with footnotes.

So true.

If I ever have ever another and you even show up jaywalking, I'll come to you first.

I'd appreciate that.

You going to be okay here?

I'll be fine. I've got my muscle.

Welcome back, Detective. Care for a slice?

Got quite a choice here.

Pepperoni or double jalapeƱo.

That dude was right. She's a freak.

No, thank you.

If you see anyone suspicious who weighs more than 50 pounds, you call me.

You won't always land that lucky punch.

Top secret, it was a kick to the nards.


Liv: I know it's not a different sun that came up this morning.

But somehow, it looks sunnier.

Ravi is hitting it off with Major, who seems willing to give me another shot at this friends thing.

The "pretending to be something I'm not" isn't over, but at least Sammy's brain is out of my system, finally.

I'm so ready to start looking forward instead of constantly watching my back.

What's that old zombie saying?

Today is the first day of the rest of your half-dead life.

Say nothing.

About what?

I'm glad you got over your nerves about signing a lease.

Oh, no, there's no lease. Major didn't want one.

Really? He's usually a very by-the-book kind of guy.

It's obvious, isn't it?

He saw how eager you were to get me in here to block Corinne.

He thinks you're sending a signal that you're not ready to let him go.

I wasn't sending a signal.

You weren't?


Hey, Jackie, it's me.

Just want to let you know that thanks to your feedback, those two eager-beaver employees are no longer with the company.

I'm sending over a little sample of something special on the house, as a thank you.

It's going to make you feel like a teenager again.

I suggest you have it before I see you tonight.


What about the shoes?

You a size 12?

Be my guest.






Push him forward. Time to earn your keep.