01x05 - Flight of the Living Dead

My name is Liv Moore, and I died, sort of I had a promising career and a great fiance. Then I went to the world's worst boat party and got turned into a zombie. Now I work at the morgue for access to brains, but brain eating has side effects. I take on the victim's personality traits And have visions which I use to help solve their murders. I work with a detective who thinks I'm a psychic and my boss, the medical examiner, the only person who knows my secret. I'm a crime-fighting zombie.

Previously on iZombie...

Liv: Major is a counselor at Helton Shelter, a halfway house for teen runaways.

Jerome's roommate, Eddie Cisco, disappeared four days ago.

All right. I'm gonna walk this over to Missing Persons right now.

Nice kicks.

Have you seen my friend?

Blaine: We'll have you to him in no time.

You a size 12?

Be my guest.


What are we drinking?

This is a Mezcal made in some remote village in South America.

Mexico. Oaxaca.

It's really hard to find. I mean, there's only, like, 200 bottles made a year.

His agent got it for him.

May we never go to hell, but always be on our way.


Red light, people.



Live to the max!




Even if I laid out here long enough, I still wouldn't get a tan.

I used to have freckles.

I miss my freckles.

Two hours. Two hours going back and forth on extraction.

Meanwhile, we're in the middle of the sticks.

And I forgot my phone.

And I'm hungry.

Of everyone here, who would you eat first?

I think first I'd ask if someone could spare an apple.

Or half a sandwich.

I was watching TV on Saturday and I saw an egg salad sandwich.

And I was like, “I loved egg salad when I was alive.”

There's gotta be an equivalent I can make.

Vegans can pull it off with tofu, so why can't I do it with brains?

So I went down to the artisanal spice shop on Pike, you know, Seasons For All Seasons, and I picked up some stuff.

In the end, the sandwich wasn't so bad.

It didn't quite hit the mark, but kind of close.

So, work in progress.

Hashtag, YOLO.

Okay, amuse yourself then.

I think you might be having shish kebab for lunch. (CHUCKLES)

I get it. Food on a stick.

You're so juvenile.

Chicken satay.


Cocktail wieners.

Lollipops. Popsicles.

Cake pops.


Corn dogs!

Hey, what's up?

Peyton: (SOFTLY) Liv?

Peyton? What's wrong?

Are you okay?

(SNIFFLES) No, it's not me.

Uh, Holly was in an accident.

Holly Driscoll?

No, uh, Holly White, from Mu Theta Zeta.

Oh, my God. What happened?

I just started seeing these “RIP Holly” messages on my feed.

Someone said it was a skydiving accident.


Holly and I went to college together.

We were in the same sorority for a while.

Well, you can sit this one out.

I'm fine.

Man, I thought the insides of my thighs were pale.

Anyway, uh...

Nothing out of the ordinary here.

Her chute deployed, equipment looks good.

The sport chutes they were using were dangerous to begin with, and this drop zone is not for the faint of heart.

Just your run-of-the-mill Darwin Award. Bunch of dumbasses.


I know you'll chalk this up to human error, but that's crap.

Holly's jumped a hundred times.

Something went wrong up in the plane.

She was supposed to go last. Instead, that guy...

Went last. And late. Both of them.

He was nowhere to be fnd after we landed.

We keep asking what happened, but he's not talking.

Hi, Detective Babineaux?

Do you remember me?

Of course. Major. Liv's friend.

Please, call me Clive. Have a seat.

Did, uh, Eddie turn up?

No. That's, uh, actually why I'm here.

Eddie never came home. And now Jerome's missing.

He hasn't been by Helton Shelter in more than week.

And I haven't heard from him in a few days.

I tried calling his phone this morning, but the number's been disconnected.

Have you called the hospitals?

Checked with friends, relatives?

I... I did all of that.

You should talk to Missing Persons.

Major: Yeah, I did that, too.

Look, you're my last resort.

Man, I am buried right now.

I've got two open investigations, my lieutenant's being a hard-ass lately...

I'm homicide. I go to work when there's a body.

This really is a Missing Persons case.

They're useless!

The moment they hear “Helton Shelter,” they stop listening.

They don't return my calls.


I get that you're frustrated.

They're stretched thin over there, but I can put a call in to my guy and get Jerome moved up the priority list.

When'd you last see him?

Uh, it was last Thursday. (SIGHS)

He was headed to the skate park, to go look for Eddie.

He was wearing a gray and blue hoodie, blue T-shirt, jeans and sneakers.

They were American flag high tops.

Do you remember the skate park guy that Jerome was talking about?

He called him the Candyman. Said he was scary, and that he was giving drugs to kids?

Can... Can we not go down there and just check him out or something?

I'll let my guy at MPU know.



Major, don't do anything stupid.

Liv: Holly was the opposite of me.

She was adventurous and free, I was disciplined and safe.

She was unlike anyone I'd ever met.

There wasn't a Mu Theta rule she didn't violate.

I guess that's why we kicked her out.

Even though I didn't understand her, part of me wished I could be her.

You know, you don't have to, um... Eat her.

We're not lacking for options.

We have the crossing guard, the lady who stroked out in the park...

It's fine.

I mean...

It is a little weird, like I'll be reading her diary or something, but...

I do this for strangers all the time.

If there's someone I owe it to, it's Holly.

That friend of hers seemed so sure this wasn't an accident.

I have to know if someone did this to her.

Kilimanjaro, the cenotes in Belize...

All these profile pictures look like a National Geographic.

God, what a dumb way to die. Ugh.

Don't jump out of planes. Like nature intended.

You know, if she'd spent more time reading than flipping the bird to gravity, she'd know that you're going down when you fly too close to the sun.

Lots of people skydive. That doesn't make you Icarus.

True, but Holly went skydiving, spelunking, base jumping, mountain climbing...

All the dangerous “ings.”

So statistically, she had an even greater chance of self-destructing than Icarus.

Oh, I'm not being insensitive.

It's true.

And yes, it's also true that she was funny and smart, and beautiful, and...

Always had your back when you needed it.

That's why I'm so pissed off. 'Cause she threw it away.

I don't know, I think she'd disagree.

I think she was a dying- as-a-consequence-of-life kind of girl.

That's a nice thought.

But people who say that, say that from the comfort of their aliveness.

I remember one time she found me wandering in a fugue after I got an 89 on my organic chem lab, and I was like, “So much for medical school.”

Okay, insane. But I get it. Go on.

And she was like, “Liv, the grades and crap don't matter in the long run.

“You gotta start sucking the marrow out of life.”

And on the way back to Mu Theta, we hopped a fence and swam in someone's pool.

Now that I think about it, that was one of the best times I ever had in college.

You didn't tell me that! I feel so cheated on.

And yet we both voted to kick her out of Mu Theta.


Not our finest moment.

Okay, but you're forgetting how, like, over the top she was.

Remember when she'd come crashing home at, like, 4:00 a.m.?

Then she'd leave her naked strays on the couch for us to find in the morning. Ugh.

She was just being a college student.

Didn't you ever worry she had something figured out that we didn't?

Oh, wow.

This post is from last night.

Holly: Look what I found! The life of the party.

Lowell, control yourself.

I haven't heard that beautiful voice in so long.

It'll be fine!

You've done this a thousand...


Peyton: Doesn't it freak you out that Facebook somehow knows that you were thinking of buying boots and reducing belly fat?

I need you to look into Holly White.

She's the skydiver from yesterday.

Do you see her name in red up there?

It's not a homicide.

The FAA ruled it an accident.

That ruling's not official until my office weighs in.

We're still waiting on toxicology.

In the meantime...

In the meantime you want me to invent a case.

I've got two open, Liv. My lieutenant is a moody dude.

We can keep things quiet till we have something.

I had a vision. This guy that Holly jumped with, his name's Lowell Tracey.

I saw him freak out on her. He scared her.

And one of her friends is sure he had something to do with her death.

Please, we have to do something.

She was a friend from college.

All right. I've got your back until it hits the fan.

If you haven't noticed, I'm not winning any popularity contest around here.

Against my better judgment, I'll bring in...

Lowell Tracey. Thank you.

Oh, and they were wearing helmet cams. We're gonna need that footage.

Got it. Anything else?



Why am I here?

It's just an exploratory interview.

Fact-finding for the investigation.

Establishing a timeline. That sort of thing.

“Investigation”? So you're suggesting that Holly was...


Sorry I'm late.

This is Olivia Moore.

She's the ME on Holly's case.

“Liv Moore,” huh?


Do you?

Are we ready?

Mr. Tracey, tell me about this Max Rager skydiving group.

Why's an energy drink company footing the bill for you to jump out of a plane?

If you're under Max Rager's thumb, you are contractually obligated to look good doing pointless and or dangerous crap on camera.

How are you under their thumb?

They put out my last album. I'm signed to their label.

You sound real happy about that.

What happened up in that plane?

Why did you jump last? And why couldn't they find you when you landed?

Thank you, Detective Moore.

So why didn't Holly jump last?

Why ask when you can just watch the helmet cam footage?

Tell us what we're gonna see when it comes in.

Holly jumped first because I got nervous.

I almost backed down. Been a while since I last jumped.

I asked her to go before me.

“Asked” implies nicely.

It doesn't cover why you went missing for 30 minutes on the ground.

I landed away from the drop zone.

I had no idea where I was, wandered around until I found everybody. Riveting stuff!

All of which you can watch on the helmet cam footage.

You know what I think I'm gonna do?

Check on the footage.

Why were you miserable at Carson's party the night before the jump?

Were you and Holly sleeping together?

Let's talk about you.


Nah, how about this.

You answer my question.

I'll answer a question if you answer a question.

Whatever. Fine.

I was serable because Carson's parties blow, and no, I was not sleeping with Holly.

She was just my favorite person to hang with at Max Rager events.

She was...


And smart...

Unlike the rest of those guys.

Now, it's my turn.

Do you have a boyfriend?


Clive: Got some bad news for you, rock star.

Max Rager, in their infinite wisdom, destroyed all the footage from the jump.

Now what reason would they have, other than protecting you, to do that?

Any theories?

Have you mou that guy before?

Lowell? No.

Huh... Seems like he knew you.

What did you think of him?

Well, he's a smart ass, withholding, evasive.

When you've got nothing to hide, you tend to be open.

Let's bring his friends in, find out more about him.

Just a few basic questions.

You can start with your full name, what you do, and your affiliation with Max Rager.

Ren Smith.

I'm kind of an all around action sports guy.

Mainly motocross. Some stunt stuff. X Games.

Uh... Max Rager sponsors me.

It's a dream job.

I get paid to hang out with my friends.

They're not all my friends, I guess.

Eliza Marquette, Brand Marketing, Director of Advertising at Max Rager.

Care to shed some light on why the dive footage was destroyed?

Of course.

We wanted to protect Holly's family from seeing images of her plummeting to her death.

Oh, so it was for their good?

Ours, too.

Who would her family sue if that footage leaked out?

Is it typical for Max Rager executives to skydive with their athletes?

Not really. But Carson's my boyfriend, so...

Carson McComb. I'm essentially in advertising.

You know, I get paid stupid money to put my face on things.

On occasion, I snowboard in the Olympics and the X Games, but my face is my passion.

Training's intense, you know, lots of moisturizing and...

Pro snowboarder.

It's been suggested that Lowell Tracey was acting strangely leading up to the jump. Is that accurate?

The past couple months, he's been withdrawn, has canceled a couple events, but he's really a great artist overall.

Lowell was weird at Carson's party the night before.

I don't know if he's on drugs or off them.

You know musicians. Either way, he was acting like a bitch and Holly made it her business to try and find out what was up.

Were Lowell and Holly invoined romantically?

No. No. I mean, she invited him to everything.

She was really into his music, which...

(SNORTS) Whatever.

But he just shut her down.

You know, he was like the one guy who could resist her.

He was the one guy who could resist her?

You're a guy.

I know everything about Carson's past fling with Holly.

But that's exactly what it was, a past fling.

It was long over.

Carson and Holly were not over.

See, Eliza lived in fear of Holly snapping her fingers and getting Carson back.

I... I wasn't sleeping with Holly.


The last time was, like, forever ago.

Six weeks ago.

Ms. Marquette's under the impression you've been her one and only for the better part of a year.

Please don't tell Eliza.


Please, Holly, don't make me do this.

It'll ruin everything if it gets out.

Let's just keep this between us.

You don't know how important this is to me.

Carson: This is like Vegas, right?

What happens in the interrogation, stays in the interrogation? Right?

All I did was look at him.

Carson's hiding something. I had a vision.

He was freaking out about Holly making him tell people something.

And Ren was in bed behind him.

If I had to guess, I'd say Carson and Ren were lovers.

That's a secret he was desperate to keep.

Who isn't this dude sleeping with?

The pilot who flew the plane?

Was Holly scared in your vision?

Did Carson seem threatening?

No. He was a wuss.

It was his wussiness that triggered my vision.

Look, we've got a sketchy musician, a serial cheater, and some destroyed eyewitness footage.

That last bit bugs me the most.

Still, it's not enough to call this a murder.

Liv: By all appearances, Clive's right. I've got nothing. Just a gut feeling that I need to keep pulling this thread.


Maybe it was just a senseless tragedy.

If you live each day like it's your last, someday you'll be right.

Maybe I should just try to enjoy the last few days I have with Holly.

Ah, finally, you're here!

I've got something to show you.

Babineaux, every morning I start with a little quiet time.

Sip my coffee. Check Instagram.

I'm on this new diet, so I look at pictures of food I can't have.

Some people hate on food pictures, not me.

Bowls of spaghetti are my p0rn.

I didn't get to enjoy my little routine this morning.

Instead, I was on the phone with lawyers from Max Rager, answering questions about a case I didn't know existed.

Sir, I'm sorry, I know I... I should've...

I'm gonna say this once.

If it's not on the board in red, it's somebody else's problem.

And I don't care if come Sunday you find your own mother dead in her kitchen with an ax in her head.

If Mama Babineaux ain't on the board in red, she's what?

Somebody else's problem.

Liv: Clive!

Holly had sodium oxybate in her system.


Five, ten minutes after she ingested it, she'd be useless.

I can't believe she even opened her chute.

Who are you?

Liv Moore, ME's office.

You been here long?

Yeah, a few months.


Congratulations, Babineaux, you managed to get it on the board.

Don't screw it up.

I'm sorry I got you into trouble.

It's not your fault. It's my MO.

Tomorrow we'll bring in the skydiving crew again.

Given the timing, they're the only ones who could've dosed Holly.

I'll be at Carson's tonight for Holly's memorial.

Whoever killed her will probably be there, too, eating deli meat off a toothpick and talking about the good times.

That's perfect. You can take a look around.

During my friend's memorial?

We'll never have another invitation to Carson's house without a warrant.

Just keep that third eye open Oh, there's Major.

Can we go over? How are you two?

In the throes of awkward friendship.



Hey you.


You're the only one here who looks like someone just died.

Sorry, my mind's somewhere else.

No word from Jerome?

See anyone we know here?

Yeah, it's like a UDub reunion.

Everyone's rising to the occasion, which Holly would've wanted.

What, think we'll find a keg in the bathtub?

No, but I heard rumors that there'd be streaking. In Holly's honor.


Smart phones have cameras. Is no one here planning a career in politics?


Look at these.

Holly, why?

It's so out of character for you to be dead.

Vodka. Where?

Follow me.


I'll catch up.


Um... Hi.

Can't say I expected Seattle PD to be here.

Just came to pay my respects. Like you.

Somehow, a strange cop at Holly's memorial doesn't feel respectful.

Yeah, uh... Bordering on sleazy, actually.

Sorry, I don't mean to be rude, but I think you should probably leave.

We set this up for Holly's friends and family.

I am Holly's friend, actually.

And considering one of you drugged her before the jump, I may be the best friend she had in this 10-foot radius.

Eliza: Drugged her?

What'd she say?

Are you kidding me?


Liv: Valacyclovir.

Funny, I saw everything but a herpes ad around here.

Ah, addy for the exec.

Ooh! Uppers for the downer.



Man on TV: Where do we begin?


Liv: Hey, I just found Carson's personal stash of blank prescription sheets.

They're pre-signed by a... Dr. Dean McComb?

I'm guessing Daddy.

But any of the jump crew could have gotten the GHB.

They all had access to the prescription papers.

Can you check local pharmacies for Sodium Oxybate scripts written by Dr. McComb?

On it.


See ya later.

Well, well, well.

I, uh... I was...


It's down there somewhere. Have another look.

Join me for a drink.

I heard that Holly was drugged before the jump.

I also heard...

You were friends in college.

We were in the same sorority.

The chicks who banished her for not being a model sorority girl.

You know, I feel someone should inform the Mu Thetas, that streaking and sleeping around is model behavior according to every American college movie ever.

So how'd you vote? Yay or nay?

I didn't think of it as banishing. I just...

It's... My room was above the living room and she'd play music in the middle of the night and...

There were nights before exams when I got maybe two hours sleep.

I wish I hadn't voted the way I did.

They're stupid reasons now.

Couldn't have been easy for you, doing an autopsy on her.

I'm sorry you had to see her like that.

Me, too.

Were you good friends?

Getting better.

You know, we'd always do a shot before a jump.

Take turns bringing a bottle of hard-to-find whatever.

It was tradition.

That's when she could've been dosed.

Whose turn was it?


Brought Mezcal.

Did he pour the shots?

I, uh, don't remember. I was a little bit preoccupied.

So Carson and Ren are in a secret relationship.

I wouldn't call it a relationship.

But, uh, whatever it was, it was a not-so-secret secret.

Something that, uh, friends know about, but the world can't.

Well, until just now.

I am reckless in pursuit of brownie points.

You think telling me all this will make you look less guilty?

I think telling you all this gets me a better shot at a date.

Why did Ren think you were to blame?

They all said that you'd been acting weird, that you'd changed.

Well, I have changed.

Quite dramatically, as a matter of fact.

Had to completely reassess my life.

You know what it's like.

This is hot.

Perks of dating a zombie.

The Thrks of Dating a Zombie.

That's that movie with the About a Boy kid, right?

That's Warm Bodies.

Oh, yeah.

A for effort though.

But the white blonde hair, pale skin, obsessively trimmed nails.

I knew the moment I saw you.

Your hair's dark.

I dye it.

Yeah, I'd look freaky as a blonde.

You can see my skunk stripe coming through.

So we're both zombies?

That doesn't make you innocent though.

I saw you yelling at Holly in the plane.

You ate Holly's...

I had to know what happened.

Fair enough.

Okay, so have you had one of those...

Psychotic zombie moments yet?

Eyes go red, brain turns off?

Full-on zombie mode.


Is that the preferred nomenclature?

I started to go into zombie mode on the plane.

My adrenaline was going, I could feel myself changing.

I wanted Holly to jump so she could get away from me.

Then I didn't want to be near the pilot, so I jumped.

Went full-on, frothing-at-the-mouth zombie on the way down.

On the ground, I waited to find the others until I was safe to be around.

Unfortunately, when they wanted to know where the hell I was, I couldn't say, “Sorry guys, zombie problems.”

Oh, there you are.

I'm gonna take off.

I just wanted to say goodbye.

I'll walk you out.

You're leaving awfully early.

Yeah, I'm really bringing down this wake.

I can't stop thinking about Jerome.

It's been over a week.

He's stopped texting.

I think something happened to him.

He'll turn up.

I'm sorry if I interrupted something back there.

What? No, that was work-related.

It's bound to happen someday.


Darius Wilson.

Get your butt over here.

Why aren't you home, D?

C'mon, man. What do you want?

(SIGHS) Do you know Jerome?

You seen him?

Nah, he ain't been around lately.

And no, I don't know where he went.

Just like everybody else.

What do you mean, everybody else?

We got lots of people gone. Even Willy the Wino's gone.

What's Willy's last name?

“The Wino”?

Man, the hell I don't know!

He's just a drunk dude that's always yelling at us.

He says, “Are we having fun yet?”

Come on, D, I need names. Who else?

Get anywhere in the pharmacy search?


I didn't find anything in Seattle, but I expanded my search and got a match for a compounding pharmacy in Tacoma.

They're gonna fax the name on the prescription and then we have our killer.

You're welcome.


I met another zombie.



Brilliant! Bring him in. Expand our data pool.

Did he have the same pallor?

White blonde hair, depressive affect?

He had really blue eyes.


We've yet to encounter a brown-eyed zombie.

Might be an empirical regularity.

How did he sustain himself? What's his food source?

I didn't ask, I...

Guess I wasn't thinking about that.

What were you thinking about?

I don't know, I...

Well, he's just, um...


Was the zombie subject in question hot?

He asked me out.

You led it!

No! Yes.

I don't know.

I kind of thought my love life was over.

What if our hot zombie boy's name's on our fax and he's our murderer?

I don't think it will be. I have a good feeling about him.

Mmm. And where exactly is this feeling originating from?

I'm never telling you anything again.

What, so all zombies are killers now?



Here's our Keyser Soze now!


Stop that.

Carson McComb.

Clive: I had a chance to check out some of your snowboarding videos.

You're damn good.

Uh, thanks.

How long have you been handing out prescriptions like Christmas presents?

(STUTTERING) I don't know what you're talking about.

Two-time gold medalist.

Got dough rolling in from fancy watch companies, luxury cars.

What a waste of money and talent.

What do you mean?

I mean, you were scared your sponsors were gonna pull out if they heard you and Ren Smith were, um...

Romantically involved.

Holly was going to spill your secret, so you shut her up.

You gave her a shot of Mezcal dosed with GHB right before she jumped.

Oh, dude, none of that is true.

That's the prescription for GHB you picked up two days before the jump.

Oh, but that's not my handwriting. This isn't mine.

That piece of paper alone gets you prescription fraud, illegal distribution of prescription drugs, forgery...

Liv: And that's not all.

Daddy McComb is out of a job.

There's no way he's keeping his medical license after you went all Oprah with his prescription pad.

If you thought getting rid of Holly would protect your endorsements, try protecting them now.

Well, I didn't write a prescription for GHB!

Wait a minute. Eliza must have.

Why would Eliza wanna kill Holly?

Because you were still hooking up with her?

No, no. It's her stupid job.

It... It is like a cult over there at Max Rager.

It's not just a company, it is a lifestyle.

What does that have to do with Holly?

A few weeks ago, I was accidentally copied on a Max Rager email chain.

It's this secret report about Max Rager making one in a thousand people go psychotic.

One guy even died, or tried to kill someone.

I was with Holly when I got the email, so I let her read it.

She started freaking out, saying that Max Rager was gonna cover the whole thing up, and that I needed to forward the email to some journalist.

And if I didn't do it, she would!

But that's insane, right?

Ratting out the company that pays my bills?

So I told Eliza about Holly.

I thought she could talk Holly out of it.

Eliza said she would take care of it.

I did not know she meant “take care of it” Tony-Soprano style!

I'm gonna go pick up Miss Marquette.

Stay with him. I'll send a uniform.

We'll hold him as long as we can.

That's weird, shower curtain is gone.

Still wet.



I don't think she was planning on leaving.

We have security footage of Eliza picking up the GHB prescription in Tacoma.

She's our killer.

Turned up nothing at her place. Clothes gone, no IDs, no computer.

I'll put out an APB on her.

She's on the run. We'll get her.

I'm not so sure we will.


Congrats, Babineaux. Job well done.

Thank you, sir.


There's something else I'd like to talk to you about.

I've been looking into this missing kid on my own time.

Jerome Elliot.

He was last seen downtown at the skate park.

There's something shady going on down there.

I've never seen anything like it.

There's over 60 outstanding missing persons reports in the past six months.

That's three times the number reported in the preceding six months.

Now, I know it's a transient community, but...

I don't remember signing off on your transfer to Missing Persons.

I've been looking into it on my own time, sir.

Well, here in homicide, we go to work when there's a body.

Only when there's a body.

Shut the door on your way out.




Where'd you get those shoes?



How much did you pay for 'em?

I'm looking to get a pair like that.

Too bad, I got the last pair.


You wanna try touching me again, you little bitch?

You didn't buy those shoes.

Come to think of it...



Get up.



Get up bitch!

Uh, I think you've got company.

(WHISPERS) It's him!


Shut up or I'll eat you.




Nothing like a guy seeing you with a handful of spleen.


Uh, I hope you don't mind, I wanted to bring you something.

“Beelzebub's Burn.”

Made with the world's hottest chili pepper, the Jolokia.

The salesman promised me that it would burn my face off, uh, make me cry, and turn my organs into jelly.


So that's something to look forward to.

Thank you.

Okay, um...

So here's the speech.

The zombie thing is a bitch.

Your world shrivels down to a dot. You know this, and...

All you think about is how to get your next meal, and keeping your secret.


No one can really...

Know you.


Kissing, touching, s*x, love, yelling at someone for stealing the blankets.

Um, out of the question.


But then one day I see this...

Beautiful woman.

She's the only thing in color.

Odd 'cause she's so pale.


And then suddenly there's hope again.

That's all I'm saying.

Who knows if we'll even like each other.

But I like everything I've seen so far, and, um...

What have we got to lose?


Here ya go.

New customer. Duty calls.

I am free this weekend and I have your number.

I'll only hover by the phone for the next 72 hours or so.

After that I'm on to the next zombie girl, so...


Liv: Lowell could turn out to be nothing. Or everything. He may even break my heart. But any of that sounds good to me. I'm ready to feel again. Anything, good or bad. I want to be alive, now more than ever.