01x11 - Astroburger

Previously on iZombie...


I was at the Lake Washington massacre. People were tearing each other to pieces.

This menu is homeless teenagers who Blaine kills in cold blood for profit!



You're going to get me the brain of Alan York.

The astronaut?

Johnny: I'm a beloved public figure.

Isn't there something we could do to just make this go away?

Major: It was that Candyman guy came at me with a sledgehammer.


When I shot the guy, his eyes turned bright red!

What you're saying happened didn't happen.

And if you believe it did, you got a problem.

You're not checking yourself in to a mental hospital, you're not crazy.

Liv: For a few weeks he's safe.

I've seen guys like your Candyman.

I still have nightmares about those eyes. They're red.

You know what they are?

What are they?

Friggin' zombies.

Orderly: Yo, numbnuts!

What is your malfunction, Major?

Good one. Just waiting for Scott E.

Maybe he's tired of kicking your ass.

(IN A RUSSIAN ACCENT) Comrade! Time to play chess, da?

Come on, dude!

They got the new safety scissors in.

I could be making a serenity collage for my...

Scott! Hey! I need some help in here!

Hey, Scott.

Help! Scott!


Victim's name was Scott Eberhard, aka Scott E.

Twenty-four. Small-time drug dealer.

He checked in seven months ago.

And he used this to check out.

I've seen shivs like this in prison.

But people in prison generally don't use 'em on themselves.

Scott E didn't do this to himself.

See, if his heart had still been beating when his wrists were slit, that tub would be a deeper red.

The rose tint suggests he was dead or nearly dead before his wrists were slit.

Making this murder.

Who discovered the body?

Hey, stranger.

Aren't you a sight for sore eyes.


Why don't you start by telling us what time you found the victim?

It was before morning group. So, maybe 9:30?

He was late for our chess game so I left the day room and went looking for him.

See anyone else near his room?

Just Brie, another client here.

What's her relationship, if any, to the victim?

Friends with benefits.

I believe that's what the kids are calling it.

So potentially a lover's quarrel?

"Lover" would be overstating the nature of the relationship.

Brie has lots of friends.

We talked to one of the orderlies.

He said you'd get pretty frustrated by Scott E beating you at chess.

Yeah, so I murdered him.

You're right, Liv, this guy is good.

It's a mental hospital. Everyone's a suspect.

Scott E and I, we played chess and were in the same group.

That was our relationship.

You know who might've had it in for him?

Uh... The Devil?

The Devil.

He'd tell anyone who listened the Devil was after him.

You'd see him talking to himself, pissed off, but he'd insist he was talking to the Devil.

So, I should call in the APB.

Horns. Pointy tail. Pitchfork?

Anything else you can tell us?

Scott E was one of my favorite patients.

Funny. IQ of 145.

No family history of mental illness, although there was some emotional abuse at home.

We heard he was having conversations with the Devil.

Persecutory delusions, symptomatic of a psychotic disorder like Scott's.

No family history of mental illness, what landed him in here?

His psychotic break was triggered by a particularly traumatic event.

You remember the massacre that happened out on Lake Washington?

Did he know someone who died out there?

Several people. He was there.

He witnessed the entire thing.

I can imagine how an event like that could change a person.

Who would you say he was closest to in here, Dr. Larson?

Oh, he was a bit of a loner.

But recently, he had become quite close to one of the new patients, Major Lilywhite.

Those two were thick as thieves.


Don't open yourself up to the classic Reversed Sicilian Gambit.

That's a chess thing, right?

Sounds more like something a call girl would make you pay extra for.

Listen... (SIGHS) I apologize for Clive going all Joe Friday back there...

Scott E did tell me something else.

But it's just... (SIGHS)

It's so crazy.


Liv... Did you see anything strange at the boat party?


You mean, besides all the bloodshed and the fire and the corpses?

He said... He said he saw zombies.

(CHUCKLES) Zombies? Like... Real, flesh-eating zombies?

Look, I... I know. he said he didn't just see these zombies.

He got them on video. On his phone.

Did he show it to you?


But he, uh... He said he sent it to a friend. Someone in local TV.

Like I said, it's crazy, right?

I told myself that at least Major would be safe if he stopped hunting down the Candyman and checked himself into that hospital.

Turns out it's a great place to get yourself murdered and learn about zombies.

You know, removing the porcelain from that dish isn't gonna help, Liv.

The good news for Scott E, such as it is, the toxicology report shows that he went gently to that warm bath in the sky from an overdose of amitriptyline.

So a doctor? Or a nurse?

Well, patients are notorious for not swallowing their meds, saving them up.

So anyone in Blooming Grove could've gotten their hands on enough amitriptyline to put Scott E under, then slit his wrists and make it look like a suicide.

They just got the dosage a bit too high.

Now, you might want to have some serious pharmaceuticals on hand yourself for when Scott E's brains kick in.

No drugs. I need to stay sharp.

I've got to find that zombie video.

See, I'm worried about what effect this brain's gonna have on you.

Agreed, it would be less than ideal if that video got out, but...

It would be catastrophic.

While we're on the subject of huge problems we'd like to nip in the bud, where do we stand with Blaine?

Well, I need to find him before I can rid the world of him.

Which won't be easy without a last name or address.

Well, in the meantime, I don't want you to do anything crazy, like think you can fly and jump off a building or try and assassinate the President.

Or ruin my date tonight.

You're not gonna go all Single Very White Female on me, are you?

You know, cut your hair like Peyton, try and crawl into bed with me?

Can't say for sure.

Crazy brain. Kind of a crap shoot.

What? I'm just giving you a heads up.

Be on guard.

Mmm, food's here!

Stop laughing at my socks.

I'm not laughing at anything.

Why is he so amused by the fact that I wear socks?

Several pairs. At once.

My feet get cold.

I just think it's funny that you wear these tiny shorts and then 10 pairs of socks because you're cold.

Oh, do you have a problem with my tiny shorts?

Oh, no, none whatsoever.

Your, uh, short-to-sock ratio is bloody brilliant.

They forgot my Szechuan Dan Dan noodles.

Wow, something other than Hellfire Cheezy Puffs and hot sauce.

Hey, I don't have to tell you not to talk during Vertigo, right?

I don't want to hear about how any of the deaths are scientifically inaccurate.

I was just gonna eat in my room.

You have to eat with us. Hey, tell her.

You must stay.



My Dan Dan noodles. The evening is saved!

Hey. Are you okay?

I got a giant Indian to throw a sink through a window and jumped to freedom.

Nah, I'm just kidding. I checked myself out.

So, you're feeling better?



I'm... I'm sorry to just stop by. Is Ravi here?

I couldn't get in my place, I think he changed the locks.


Good to see you out and about, mate.

Hey, get your butt in here and help us eat all this food.

Yeah, I've been eating a lot of stuff that requires spoons for the past week so, um...

Yeah, sure.

Did you know there were two General Tsos, both from the Qing dynasty?

This dish was named for the one that suppressed the Dungan Revolt.

No. But I do now.

Then this chicken did not die in vain.

I can almost taste the crushed dreams of Dungan rebels.

Okay, are you ready to pop this in?

Oh, remember, guys, it's Ravi's first time.

Uh, Vertigo virgin here. Be gentle with me.

Maybe not tonight, Peyton.

"An unhinged man is sucked into a whirlpool of terror and tension."

Perhaps another day.


Well, let's watch something that's new for all of us.

So I'm gonna guess that no one's gonna let me watch Harvey, either?

Some real Jimmy Stewart haters here.

Has anybody been watching Zombie High? I hear Season 2's amazing.

Oh, I...

What? You used to love that show.

Major: She's worried about me.

I knew this guy at the mental hospital who kept trying to convince me that zombies were roaming Seattle.

But I'm okay.

You want to feel better about your mental health?

Spend a couple of days with some clinically insane people.

I do it every Thanksgiving.

I mean, it's not like I believe the guy.

Zombies? Come on.

Hellfire devil: What a load of crap.

(CHUCKLING) That dude totally believes in zombies.

And he's gonna find that video if you don't get to it first!

Are you not hearing him?

Hearing who?

Him, the Devil.

Why are we whispering?

Oh, the Devil's talking to you.

So Scott E's brain's kicking in.

Unless you're hearing him, too.

Happily, no.

What's with the complexion, girly girl? Mime class just get out?


I am concerned.

But I'm also craving salt before sweet. Do you think he'd mind?

Eat me!

He seemed okay with it.

That was fun.

Yeah, definitely.

Do you think we spoiled Ravi and Peyton's date?


I think they're right on track.

Hellfire devil: Ooh, get me in there! I like to watch!

Yeah, I like it rough!

(GASPING) Crush me!

You okay?

Empty calories.

More importantly, are you?

You sure you want to go home?

Last time you were there you got attacked.

You don't need to rush these things, our couch is free.

Yeah, but...

I'm kind of dying to try our sweet new deadbolts.

(SIGHS) Okay then, night.

Good night.


Hellfire devil: Hey, Whitey! Wanna see my O-face?


You know what? I'm kind of dreading going back there.

Were you serious about the couch?

Here's a pack of cutlery in case you can't wait until you get home.

Not exactly finger food, is it?

No. It's brains.

But I can get you fingers if that's your thing.

We haven't talked in a while, Lieutenant.

I was beginning to think that I hurt your feelings.

A lot of tears on the pillow, but I'm past it now.

I should probably tell you who we found cradling the body of your friend Lowell, sobbing her eyes out.

That zombie who works in the morgue.

Yes, you should tell me.

Was she there in a professional capacity?

She was dating the deceased.

Gotta wonder if she was in the loop on his plan to skewer your head with a barbecue fork.


And in your, uh, professional opinion?

She seemed to buy it when we ruled his death a suicide.

In the future, remember that I like my information the same way you like your brains.



What's all this?


Do you have a quarter-million dollars on you?

Then you don't really need to know.

Where's astronaut Alan York?

The fifth man to walk on the moon was a no-show at a Bellevue book signing yesterday.

Houston, we have a problem.


And if you hate chilly weather, you might have a problem the next few days.

Isn't that right, Johnny?

It's not going to be Dark Side of the Moon cold, but, yes, we are definitely in for some sweater weather.

Or, in Aaron's case, ugly sweater weather. (LAUGHING) Am I right?

What the hell are you doing?

Weatherman: ... that's for sure. Anyway, we will have a big storm front coming in from Canada across the border...

Clive, I saw something at Blooming Grove.

The woman Scott E was having s*x with had her legs up in the air, the way you do when you're trying to get pregnant.

He was none too happy about being a father.

Oh, God, sorry.

Geez, Liv, get a nanny cam.

You know, if you walk in on me one more time I'm gonna have to mention it in my Airbnb review.

Meanwhile, you're the perfect guest.

You sleep okay?

Ah, good enough.

But I'm burning daylight, Liv, and I need a job.

I'm the early bird, ready to get that worm.

(YAWNING) So look out, worm, I'm coming at you.

Maybe you should get some more sleep.

Yeah, you could be right.

This couch wasn't exactly built for sleeping.

I'm sorry, innkeep, looks like you're down to four stars...

Feel free to use my bed.

I can't find his phone.

This says he checked in with one.

Well, my partner might have already come by and picked it up.

Detective Babineaux?

He hasn't been in.

But I do have the visitors records he asked us to provide.

This is everyone who visited Scott E during his hospitalization.

Holy crap.

Thanks for talking to us, Brie.

You were seen outside of Scott E's room just before he was found dead.

What were you doing at that time?

Walking down the hall.

You have the same kind eyes my daddy had...before I burned down his car dealership.

Let's talk about Scott E.

I heard you two would, um...consort together.


If by "coort" you mean "screw," then sure, we "consorted" like bunny rabbits.

Hellfire devil: Liv.


Brie: I believe in man's inherent nature.

Ever read The Book of Lucifer?

Just a verse or two before bed each night, curled up with a warm mug of ghost blood.


Don't mock the Devil, Clive Babineaux.

Are you saying you're the Devil?

No, I'm merely one of his minions.

Hellfire devil: Join me, Liv.

Stop it!


(SIGHS) Are you pregnant?

Are you kidding? No.

That's the only pill I always take.

Hellfire devil: Way to take charge, Liv.

I'm sorry, can we take five?

I thought she'd never leave.

Enough, you're embarrassing yourselves.

Hellfire devils: (CHANTING) We know who the killer is. We know who the killer is!

Yeah, well, if you're so smart, why are you in there?


Stupid thing ate my dollar.

Ravi, have you ever had a dozen bags of chips shouting, "Who killed the Kennedys" at you?

Look who dropped by.

Long time, sister.

Hey, there.

Wasn't sure we'd ever see you again.

Nice tan.

Just checking up on the cure progress, and the good doctor here suggested I get a little check-up of my own.

I was just telling him we were hoping Max Rager may unlock some clues to the pathology of your shared condition.

Seeing as how it played a role in the initial outbreak.


So I'd like to get your vitals immediately after you consume some, see if that triggers anything.

You're the doctor.

Uh, there should be a few Max Ragers in the fridge, Liv.

Would you mind grabbing us some?

Liv: Now that I found him this is my chance.

Here you go.


I normally take this in the can.

It seems like we should both see where we're at together.

Right, Liv?

After you.

Live to the max.


So what happens next?

Am I still alive?

Sometimes I can't tell.

I'm seeing a slightly elevated BP. But no cause for concern.

I'm up five points systolic, two points diastolic.


I miss it, don't you?

An occasional rush of adrenaline?

The kind we could get before we were half-dead.

I need you two focused on a cure.

All our free time is devoted to it.

If the people of Seattle would just quit murdering each other.

Did Ravi tell you about our latest delivery?

From Blooming Grove?

Scott Eberhard.

Scott E. What happened?

That's what we're trying to determine.

Utopium dealer.

Went off the deep end after everything he saw out on Lake Washington.

I thought you might know him.

Old running buddy.

I swung by a few times and played chess with him.

Did he ever tell you he shot a boat party video?

He said it featured some very ecial guests.


Uh-huh. A zombie video.

Never came up. I wish it had.

It was good to see you, Liv.

Let me know if you want the name of someone who can do something about that skin tone.

Like one of those self-hating zombies.

As if.


Botulinum toxin.

I'm sure you considered all the options we had on hand to end Blaine's life.

I thought about it.

A bullet in the heart won't kill a zombie.

I couldn't be sure what poison would do.

And if it were lethal, I'd have had two dead zombies and a very guilty conscience.

Yeah, I wouldn't want to put you out.

We spoke to Scott E's psychiatrist.

She said you and he were actually pretty tight.

I wanted to drill down on that without Liv rushing to your rescue.

We played chess. We didn't exchange friendship bracelets.

But I'll tell you anything I know.

All right, did Scott E talk about anything else other than chess and the Devil?

Yeah. Getting out, I guess.

What did he want to do?

Meet a nice girl, settle down, start a family?

Hardly. He went off on a whole rant about it one day about how he'd screw up a kid if he had one.

Any idea what motivated that rant?

Not a clue.

The world being such a kid-friendly place and all.

Sir, can I help you with something?

I remember you.

Johnny Frost.

TV weatherman and solicitor of prostitutes.

Yes, well, I'm just as God made me.

Really? Those teeth are God-given?

I'm here to identify the body of Scott Eberhard.

You're his friend?

The one who worked in local TV? He's over here.

(SIGHS) Poor kid.

First time he was busted his parents disowned him.

Well, he's in a better place now.

One that's always 75 and sunny.

How did you know him?

He was my pot dealer.


I became something of an uncle-figure to Scott E.

This might be a strange question, but did he ever give you a video?

He could have e-mailed it to you or handed you a memory stick or DVD.

A video of what?

The Lake Washington massacre.

He was never the same after that night.

It's still an open case.

We heard that he took camera phone video that evening that could shed some light.

Well, he never gave me anything like that, but, I know where he stashed his valuables. Uh...

I could show you.

Looks like we're in for some rain as we head to our high today of 63 degrees, that's 17 degrees Celsius.

He kept a key in that fake rock.


The place has been burglarized.

TV's here. Stereo, too.

The stash is here.

Right where you said it would be.

Yes, yes, but my head shot used to hang right here.

Hey, you want to slip Harold & Kumar into the DVD player, make some grilled cheeses?

Kill an afternoon the way Scott E and I used to do.

His laptop. Maybe it's on here.

Oh, if this couch could talk.

I used to sneak away at night while my wife lay asleep in her room, like a salmon on ice.

Oh, I'd get super high with Scott E and we'd ponder the big questions.

Beatles or Stones?

Kirk or Picard?

Ren or Stimpy?

He's got, like, hundreds of hours of World Chess Championships but no Lake Washington videos, damn it.

Oh, don't let those storm clouds roll in.

You've got the laptop, you can find the phone, can't you?

You're a genius, Johnny Frost.


Liv: This is the place.

An apartment number would be nice.

You can't exactly search all the units.

(EXHALES) Are you okay?

Your face looks frostbit.

Hang in there.

I'm predicting highs of 63 degrees tomorrow, that's 17 Celsius.

That's what you said it would be today, but it felt a lot colder.

(CHUCKLES) Leave the weather to the professionals, sweetie.

Liv: We need some luck.

We're not gonna be the only people looking for this video.

I can smell the weed in here.

You wanna try to find it?

It's not worth the effort now that the state's gone legal.

The whole neighborhood's about to get a contact high.


Wind must have blown it over.

Let's get this over with.

If that video exists, no one needs to see it.




Hey! Look.

I know that guy from the mental hospital.

That's the orderly who was working the day of the murder.

Check the number on that spot, we'll know which unit is his.

Come on, you got this!

Don't strain yourself.

Sorry, damn rotator cuff.

Your hair is fine.

Oh, my vanity is the issue, not your breaking and entering.


Hey, Liv, the toilet's ringing.


ScotE's phone.

And Oxycodones.

Oxies, roxies, killers, green devils, hillbilly heroin...



Needs an access code.

Yeah, and I need some Johnny time. Sorry.

Merci beaucoup.

Liv: Clive, I've just had a vision.

The orderly we saw at the crime scene, he's stealing patients' personal effects.

He stashed Scott E's cell phone in his toilet along with enough oxies to open a pharmacy.

That's quite the detailed vision.

But it's gonna take more than your crystal ball to get a search warrant.

Okay. Got it. See you later.


Man: 911 operator, what's your emergency?

Hey, my neighbor's having a party.

It is out of control!

That's right!


Hey. You're home.

How'd it go today?

The job search? Not so good.

I should move...to the couch.

In a minute...


What's up.

Clive: Last night, right after we hung up dispatcher got a noise complaint.

Officers arrived to find music blaring and a trail of Schedule II narcotics visible through the front window of guess who.

Liv: Uh...

Clive: Meet me at the station.

When you see who I've brought in don't bother acting surprised.

You're looking at real prison time.

Possession with the intent to distribute.

Ten years.


You coming down with something?

Oh, no, it's just one of the problems of being around sick people all day.

Okay. Listen, I, uh...

I pawned a lot of the clients stuff, the ones who died.

But I would never kill anyone.

Why wasn't Scott's phone with the others?

I could have sworn it was there.

What about the pills? Where'd you get those?

Ten years is a long time, Jeff.

Dr. Larson.

Dr. Larson?


She wrote me a 'scrip so that I'd keep my mouth shut.

A few months ago I walked in on Scott E and Dr. Larson doing the deed.

Hopefully the kid will have his personality.

Dr. Larson's pregnant?

Something like this?

That's it.


That is exactly what I saw in my vision.

What is going on here?

You don't have a warrant.


The duty nurse invited us to wait in the room.

We didn't open any drawers or closets.

But there was plenty right out here in the open.

Pregnancy pops...

What to Expect When You're Expecting.

My pregnancy is no secret.

My husband and I have been trying for a very long time.

Is this your dad? He must be very excited to be a grandfather.

That's my husband.

Hellfire devil: Geezer must be shooting dust.

How's your husband going to feel about raising another man's baby while you're in prison?

This magical thinking you're exhibiting may be an early sign of dementia.

I can recommend somebody if you'd like.

Ooh, she's got a couple of brass ones, doesn't she?

You mind?

Here's Satan!

Oxmoor College?

So you're a Blue Demon.

Maybe you had some idea why Scott E lived in constant fear of the Devil?

I see what you're insinuating.

But you have no proof.

Just an eyewitness who saw the two of you in flagrante.

Hellfire devil: Boom Shakalaka!

And that baby's DNA is gonna tell the definitive story.

You have no proof that I had anything to do with Scott's death.

Clive: We're working on that.

But my guess is you're going to confess to the murder when you realize it'll spare you from a paternity test.

No mom would want the family that emotionally abused and abandoned Scott E raising that child.

Scott told me if I didn't abort the baby, he would tell everyone everything.

It was Scott or the baby.

Dr. Maddy Larson, you have the right to remain silent.

Anything you say can, and will be used against you in a court of law.

Hellfire devil: (STAMMERING) That's all, folks!

I don't know how she lives with herself.

She violated every conceivable moral and ethical code because she thought that life had cheated her out of the happiness she deserves.

You sure I can't help?

And be an even more perfect houseguest?

No way.

I can't imagine what got into her...


What was that?

Tell me why we can't be together.

I know you love me, but my head goes to dark places.

Did... Did you cheat on me or did I start to bore you?

You know how Scott E said there were zombies at the boat party?


He was right.

I saw them.

Don't kid about this.

I just checked myself out of a mental hospital.

I'm not kidding. I wouldn't do that to you.

Zombies really do exist.

They do.

And one of them scratched me.

So... You're... You're one of them?

Your hair, your skin... That's why you called the wedding off.

The people who killed Jerome and Eddie...




How does it feel to finally know the truth?



Careful, man.

This stuff is like moon dust.

Mind-expanding, space-travel moon dust.

My platinum-level clients are very excited.

$200,000. Right here.

Is it worth it? I don't know. How much is 10 trips to the moon worth?

Luta: Boss! Boss!

They're gone. All my orders.

Wait. What are you saying?

I loaded 'em in the car.

I came back in to take a leak, and when I went back out, they were gone.


Yeah... I'm so sorry, boss.

I'll get 'em back, no matter what I'm gonna get it back and it's not gonna happen again...


(SIGHS) Get up.

We've got work to do.

Ravi: And in zombie state, the subject remains aggressive.

Though, with each subsequent dose, I've succeeded in returning vital signs to normal levels.

But I'm running out of materials for experimentation.

If I don't find a cure soon, I won't have enough tainted utopium to use on a human-zombie subject.

Zombie rat is no more.

I have a template for the cure.

More testing required, but I'm close.

So close.

Ten thousand possible combinations on this phone.

I've tried 300 and I feel like my thumb is gonna fall off.

Do you want to do a few?

I can't risk it, hon. Sorry.

These hands have to be camera-ready.

Female anchor on TV: Apollo astronaut Alan York, one of only 12 astronauts to ever walk on the moon, is now officially listed as missing, according to Seattle police.

Two days ago, York failed to show up at an East Side book signing, and later that day also missed scheduled appearances...

How does an American hero just disappear?

On the bright side, a nice day for a manhunt.

Right now it's 63 degrees, that's 17 Celsius.

Why do you keep saying that?

I went for a coffee and I just about froze my ass off.

I think you need a refresher course in temperature.

Johnny on TV: Right, Kathi.

At a time like this, our thoughts and prayers are with Alan York, his family and friends.

And with anyone who forgot to bundle up today, it was chilly out there as predicted. Ooh, I warned you.

Chilly, chilly winds...

Liv: Oh, my God.

Johnny Frost was a delusion.

It was always Scott E's brain leading me around.

Johnny Frost probably doesn't even know Scott E.

If Johnny Frost wasn't the friend in local TV, then who else has the video?

63 degrees, 17 Celsius.

It worked.

Lake Washington.



That's me!



Hey, can I come in?


Um... How's the job search going?

Job search?

You told me mission one was finding a job, didn't you?

No, it must have been someone else.

Liv, I, uh... (SIGHS) I've got to show you something.

Don't freak out, all right?

I wasn't crazy.

No one else is here, right? Peyton?

Just us.

It's the world that's crazy, and I've got proof.

Zombies are real, Liv.

These coolers are full of brains.

Now, it's a lot to absorb, I know, but I will explain everything.

And don't worry, 'cause I'm gonna kill them.

I'm gonna kill them all.