01x12 - Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Rat

Liv: Previously on iZombie...

You're going to get me the brain of Alan York.

The astronaut?

Boss! They're gone. All my orders.

I wasn't crazy. These coolers are full of brains.

Zombies are real, Liv. Until...

I'm gonna kill them all.

It is like a cult over there at Max Rager.

It's this secret report that Max Rager had these seriously dangerous side effects.

Your product kills people and you know it.

The memo does exist.

It'll bring Max Rager to its knees.

Well, look who takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'.



Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God...

What the hell? He came out of nowhere!

Everything comes out of nowhere when your headlights are off, dumbass!

Hey, man, you okay?

Does he look frickin' okay, Nate?


I kind of learned CPR at Seeds of Faith camp.

Somebody needs to do chest compressions to the beat of All For the Best from Godspell.

Go check his pulse.

Yeah. Let me just rub my DNA all over him. I think not.




Dude... Mmm-mmm.

Son of a bitch...

This isn't happening.

(SOBBING) Oh, my God. We totally killed him. He's dead.

No, it was an accident.


An accident in which someone died, Cameron, while we were stoned out of our minds and driving a stolen car.

I'm not going to prison. Have you seen Orange is the New Black?

I'm not taking a shower wearing tampon sandals.

What the hell are we gonna do?

We can never tell anyone about this.


Not your therapist.

Not your priest.

And not your future NA sponsor.

No one.

Tonight never happened.

Say it.

All: Tonight never happened.


Shouldn't we put something on the grave? Like a little...

Cross made out of twigs or something?

How about a neon sign that says, "Buried dead body."

We could leave our drivers licenses on it, idiot.

I'm not like you. I'm a good person.

(SOBBING) And the only reason why I'm actually agreeing to this is because my dad jut got his gallbladder removed and there's no way he could handle the stress right now.

Nate, I don't care if she's the bang of the century. This chick has to go.









Come here, Roof.




The late Olivia Moore.

Sorry. I got hung up.

So, multiple victims or victim in multiple pieces?

(SIGHS) The latter. We've already identified her as Kimber Cooper.

She was a cheerleader from Doc Maynard High School.

She went missing a couple of weeks ago.

She was supposed to attend a church lock-in, but never showed.

I heard about this missing girl.

She went to my old high school. My brother Evan's a junior there.

Did he know her?

Only in the way that every boy knows the prettiest girl in high school.

So, from afar, yet intimately.

The first officers at the scene noticed a shallow grave nearby.

We were thinking an animal dug up her remains.

I wouldn't be so sure, look at that arm.

We'll know more when we get her back to the morgue.

All right, call me as soon as you've got something.

Her arm was severed perimortem.

And there's no dirt in her nose or mouth.

And you didn't feel like sharing that with Clive because...

Not only was Kimber's body ripped apart, her skull was cracked open.

It's missing a good deal of brain matter.

You think she was killed by a zombie?

It's a possibility.

I don't think I can take this anymore. This is way out of control.

We don't know for sure.

Let's do a thorough examination before we panic.

Major showed up at my apartment this morning with five yellow coolers filled with brains.

He stole them out of the back of this car that was parked behind some place called Meat Cute.

It's like a butcher shop or something.

He thinks it's a zombie headquarters.

And he's more convinced than ever that zombies exist.

He basically pledged to me that he would kill every last one of them.

Well, I'm guessing you didn't tell him.

That he could start with me?

No. I toed the line between supportive and surprised, and I offered to help him.

I told him that I would test the brains. Make sure they weren't from an animal.

He swore that he wouldn't do anything until the results came back, so that bought some time.

And with that time...

I can try to come up with a plan.

I have to figure out how to kill Blaine before anyone else gets hurt.

Before Major puts himself in any more danger.


Why are you here and not carrying astronaut brains?


I'm having a little trouble understanding you.

(HOARSELY) I've been looking all night.

(SIGHS) I don't care.

I didn't kill a national hero for nothing.

Find those brains.

This is an incredibly bizarre thing to say out loud, but if you're watching this, I'm already dead.

I can see that Kimber's shoulder was torn off while she was still alive, but the rest of the torso...

It's hard to tell if her skin was ripped by a zombie or if it's just slipping off due to decomposition.

Poor girl.

This is weird, but I can't help thinking about Alexa Bechenbauer.

Prettiest girl in high school.

I took four years of German just so I could sit behind her and smell her hair.


Can we not talk about high school right now?

It's hard not to feel like you've peaked, when you're doing shots of two-week old liquefied prom queen brains in cold Mexican hot chocolate.

I can only imagine how awful this must be.

Hopefully, you get an incredibly helpful vision.

We need to know if Kimber's death was zombie-related.

I'm just worried that drinking cheerleader brains isn't the best course of action, when I have to try to figure out how to rid Seattle of Blaine.

Unless I plan on cartwheeling him to death.

You're being judgmental.

Kimber could have been a very serious girl.


Hope's exercise wheel is here.

You named the cured zombie rat Hope?

And bought her a toy.

Now that she's cured, I think it's important that we monitor how she goes about her day-to-day activities.

And perhaps I was concerned she was bored.

Okay, but no rat SoulCycle.

If you start lighting candles and blasting Work Bitch, I'm intervening.


Hope's dead.

How on the nose.

Liv, I'm so sorry.

It's not over.

Our supply of tainted Utopium might be severely limited, but there's enough for another attempt.

Then that's what we'll do.

If you want victory, do you know what the best thing to do is?

Try. Like, your hardest.

Okay. I mean, I was trying very hard.

The worse that things get, the more amazing it will be when we turn this around.

We can totally turn this around.

That's a very peppy perspective.

I'm a peppy person.

I think maybe cheer brain has kicked in already.

I'm fairly certain you've got spirit.

Yes. I do.

Hey, Kimber's best friend, Tate, is on her way in for questioning.

Feel like sitting in?



Be aggressive. B-E aggressive.

Kimber was basically, like, a big ball of awesome.

I'm not even kidding. Like, she was the best.

The night Kimber went missing, she was supposed to be at a youth ministry lock-in, but she never showed.

Would you happen to know where she was?



You totally know. You were her best friend.

Plus, you're like one of those girls everyone wants to spill their guts to.

I have known you for three seconds and I already want to tell you everything.



I just had this, like, weird thing with an ex, and I kinda wanna get Froyo with you and tell you all about it.

I can cut next period.

Look, I know that you want to protect Kimber, but you can't.

She is dead.

But what you can do is help find her killer, and that is what best friends are for.


Okay. But you have to promise you won't judge.

I so won't.

The night Kimber went missing, she left me a voicemail.

And I didn't play it for anyone because it made her sound bad.

If I play this for you, you have to promise me that you will not tell anyone, okay?

Okay, but we kind of might tell people.

But only if we like really, really, really have to.

Whatever, but you cannot tell her dad.

Oh, I personally am not gonna tell her dad, but he may find out.

I just want you to have all the information, because you so deserve it.

I, like, so appreciate that.


Kimber: Oh, sorry. It's loud here.

Taters. OMG. I bailed on youth ministry.

You've gotta cover for me. I'm seeing Hottie McBody, and I'm thinking I may take that oral exam. I know. Cray. Okay. Love you muchly.

Who is Hottie McBody?

That's this guy she started seeing.

She wouldn't even tell me his name. It was almost like a friendship-ender.

I'm not even lying.

What's that song in the background?

Slumber chunder.

It's like when you get really, really, really drunk and you puke in your sleep.

You know, that music sounded live.

Is there a bar she used to sneak into?

Kimber? There's no way she'd be at a bar.

If she had a fake ID I would've totally seen the picture.

(SCOFFS) She probably would've had me curl her hair for it.

Aw. You are being so strong.


I feel really bad for her.

I kinda have a contact sad.

What's with you? Why are you acting so weird?

I was just trying to get inside the head of a teenager.

Don't be so method.

Uh, help yourself.

Oh, I'm searching. Relax. If they sing Slumber Chunder a thousand times, I'm guessing that's the name of the song.

Here you go. The band is called...

The Ass Hats. I wonder if they go to...

Hey, Taters! Do you know a band called The Ass Hats?

Oh, my God, they're so totally gross.

They're these burn-out losers from my high school.

Do you know where we can find them?


Hello, Cleveland!


I take it you're The Ass Hats.

I've got a couple of questions for you.


What was your relationship with Kimber Cooper?

Well, sometimes at cheer camp, we braid each other's hair and talk about how many calories we ate.

What our drummer is trying to say is that we didn't exactly hang out in the same social circles.

Yeah, I'm not the type who falls into the splits every time some jock gets a ball in the right place.

Um, cheerleading is a sport. FYI.



So, you didn't hang out with Kimber, but you knew her?

Everyone knew her.

Whether they wanted to or not.

Where were you the night she went missing?

We were here all night, rehearsing.

We were rehearsing all night.

Here, all night rehearsing.

And what night was that?

The night Kimber Cooper went missing.

The date?

It was definitely a Friday. Right?

So, you know you were rehearsing all night, but you don't remember the exact night it was?

No. Look, sorry I can't account for the whereabouts of every cheerleader we went to school with.

'Cause being snarky helps.

Stop screwing around. Turn the headlights back on.

That seat belt really makes your boobs pop, babe.


Will you chill out?

I didn't want to say this in front of all three of them, but I had a vision of Kimber in a car with the band.

Not only was she friendly with them, but she was fooling around with Nate.


High school girls make weird choices.

I'm gonna try to get a look at the security footage.


I hate to interrupt a lovely lady while she replenishes the meats but, uh, it's that time again.

Health inspection.

Are you expecting me to applaud?

Ooh! Safe by a whisker.

Can I ask how many employees are on site any particular day?

That's an odd question.

Not if I'm checking to make sure you have enough hand-washing stations.

Are you the proprietor?

It's a pop inspection. You know the drill.

I do. One inspection per year. And we just had ours, um, two months ago.

Oh, it's twice per year now.

New policy.


And taking photographs of exit signs? More new policy?

If uh...

If you've got a problem with me thoroughly documenting my inspection, then I suggest you call Tina at district.

You know how much she likes that.

After you.

Oh, my curling iron died. I'm using yours.

No problem whatsoever.

Your hair looks really cute. Want me to do the back?

Uh, okay.


Today was so weird.

I helped interview this witness who goes to my old high school and it totally sent me into a time warp.

Ugh, were you flooded with memories of Barrett?

Your high school boyfriend who wrote you a three-page note on why you should lose your virginity together? Hmm?

I love that you remember my stories about Barrett.

I remember everything. I would so win the Olivia Moore game show in a second.

Please. I would crush Peyton Charles trivia.

Okay. Who was my best friend in middle school?

Joanne Potts, until she moved to Colorado, and then you hung out with the next door neighbor boy until puberty made things weird.

And his name was?

Larry something...



Very good. You know, it's kind of weird, but Ravi reminds me of him a little.

They're both geeks, but confident. It's a nice mix.

How are things going?

With Ravi? Should we talk about this?

Maybe just don't tell me about s*x.

Oh, cause that's like all we do.


No, it is.

Like all the time.


Banging and banging.

No, don't!


Okay, what the hell is going on here?

We're like pre-pillow fight.

And we're talking about boys.

I know, right?

You know, we haven't been blatantly girlie in a really long time.

(SIGHS) It's nice.

We should go to spin class this week.

Yeah, we should.

Oh, good. You're here.

So, I reviewed the security footage from the storage facility.

The night Kimber went missing, Nate's car was parked at the storage facility from 6:00 that night to 7:00 the next morning.

So, The Ass Hats weren't lying?

Not so fast.

Five other cars came in that night.

And this one was reported stolen.

It was only there for a few minutes.

What if Nate and the girls showed up in his car first, then Cameron picked them up and they all left in the stolen vehicle?

You are so awesome at this.

Yeah, well, it's a working theory.

We'll take it back to the kids, lean on them, see if anyone slips up.

There's no music, thankfully.



Nate was in the car with Kimber the night that she was killed.

Possibly by a zombie, and now Nate is dead.

But apparently not by a zombie. His skull was caved in, but from what I could tell, none of his brains were removed.

Why would a zombie leave behind perfectly edible brains?

Maybe he got interrupted?

Or she.

Girls can do anything.

Yes, please, let's be politically correct when speaking of zombies.

I'm just saying... Full-on zombie mode, I could've pulled this skull apart like a pistachio.

We're not sure the first murderer was a zombie, but it looks like it.

The second murder appears to be related, but doesn't speak to zombie.

There seems to be one way to find out.

Liv: I'm going in again.


I need more hot seeds.

Well, if you're having more...


Hey, Ravi!

You made another zombie rat.

It's not alive. Not alive!

(LAUGHING) Sorry. I am feeling pretty good about myself.

Step one complete. Now, to cure her.

Only this go around, I'll decrease the potency.

It was a little too strong the last time.

Clive: Hello?


What did I tell you about having a pizza party without me?

Liv: Wait.

Are there mushrooms on this?

Not a big fan of mushrooms.

The texture...

Don't worry. I'll finish it.

See, I like that. People are so weird about sharing food.

I'm glad you're not squeamish.

So, look what we found on Nate's cell phone.

A text from Kimber.

"Need to talk." Dollar sign. Dollar sign. Dollar sign.

And then she gives a phone number.

You say, "she," but look at the timestamp.

Oh, my God.

This came in a week after Kimber died. The killer sent this.

Nate called the number the day he got the message and had a three-minute conversation.

Of course, I called the number today, and it's a dead line.

Maybe Nate owed the killer money?

And failed to pay up, so...


Maybe. I was wondering if you had a time of death for Nate?

Yes. Time of death approximately 8:30 p.m.


I just finished watching last night's security footage from the storage unit.

Cameron's car was caught on camera, high-tailing it out of there at 8:37.

Cameron just became our number one suspect.

Well, what I got here is a shotgun. This is 12-gauge pump action with a pistol grip.

This boy will take a zombie's head...


Clean off...

Just checking in. Seeing how you're doing.

I'm great. Just, uh, doing great.

I wanted to run something by you.

Uh, it's a bit personal.

Feeling a bit weird about it, but here goes.

I'm a little scared right now.


I don't know, but I'm afraid this ends with me feeling for lumps in a place I don't want to be feeling.

I mean, I'll do it if it's necessary, but...

No. Nothing lump related. It's more of a romantic nature.

Oh. Okay. Got it. Go.

Going away for the weekend with Peyton.

Was contemplating...

Gonna stop you.

s*x related questions might get weird.

And Peyton's kind of like a sister to me, so just, uh...

Look, just don't get specific, you know?

General areas are okay, but I don't want to know any details.

What the hell kind of questions do people usually ask you?

Look, I'm going to San Francisco with Peyton.

She's a Vertigo freak, so we're doing a tour of all the places where they filmed Vertigo.

Oh, all right. Well played.

Thank you.

I was entertaining the idea of wearing a retro Jimmy Stewart-esque suit, but was worried it seemed less...


And more...

Trying way too hard.


Oh, Okay. How good do you look in the suit?

Pretty damn good.

Do it.



Thank you.

Now, if you wouldn't mind feeling around the cobblers for a bit...

Get the hell out of here.

See, why is that the first place your mind goes to?

Be sure to get yourself something with plenty of stopping power.

Don't go less than a .40 caliber. That's what this is here.

You look like an orphan about to ask me for more gruel.

(HOARSELY) Look, boss...

Please, sir...

I've looked everywhere...

Can you monetize your excuses and sell them for a million dollars?

No? Great, then keep them to yourself and get back out there and find me my astronaut brains.


I don't need this right now, you guys.

I'm under enough stress as it is.

Especially with the Health Inspector showing up twice in as many months.

The Health Inspector came back around?

Yeah, you should've seen this guy.

Came in here looking like a catalog model. Was trying to flirt with me.

Thinks I'm going to melt because he's got blue eyes and broad shoulders.

Did he have good hair?

What is this bizarre segue that's happening right now?

Can we maybe stay on point?

I want my brains. I want my million dollars.

Make it happen.

I knew you'd pick that one.

I'll need a handgun, too.

Something with real stopping power.


I'll take both of them.

And however many bullets you've got.

Any need for a grenade?

Hey. Ready for spin?

Um, is that a bong?

Are you high?

Are you kidding me?

You must be. You must be high if you want to go to the cops with this.

Do you realize how much money this is?

Nate: They're gonna catch us, man!

You are never going to the cops with this. Do you understand?

It's not happening, Nate.


Whoa, Earth to Liv.

Sorry for bogarting your apple...

You've got some weed, don't you?

Not since 2009, um...

I mean I think I have a couple edible lollipops from a white elephant gift like a year ago.



Unless you want them?

No. I'm... I'm good.

So, I take it, uh, spin class is not happening?

Yeah. Sorry. Something just came up.


It was like so much of everything at once, you know?

Like emotion and drama. Pointing of fingers.

And people needing to just chill.

I think you need to be a bit more clear.

What exactly did you see in the vision?

Nate was smoking a bong, doing his deal and he was all,

"The stress is too much." And Cameron was all, "What's your damage?"

Or something.

And Nate was saying that he wanted to go to the police and tell them what had happened and stuff, and Cameron wigged. He was like, "That wasn't the deal. You're not going to the police. Think about the money." Blah-blah-blah. It was super intense.

The money?

Girl: I need to talk to you.

Miss Giovanni. Please, have a seat.


She's totally still standing.

Kimber's dead.

Nate is dead.

And I think I'm gonna be next.

So, you're telling me you and your friends stole a car, ran a man over, buried him, and then he climbed out of the grave, killed Kimber, and then drove away in the stolen car?


And if there's anything I learned from I Know What You Did Last Summer, one and two, it's that me and Cameron are next on the killer's revenge list.

You saw I Know What You Did Last Summer 2?

There should be a third one called,

"Seriously, I'm So Not Ever Forgetting What You Did Last Summer."


I'm kinda right.

I'm not dicking around.

Look, someone out there is waiting to murder me.

You guys have to do something.

I'm going to make arrangements to send an officer home with you.

In the meantime, I'd like you to work with a sketch artist.

See if we can identify this alleged killer.

Oh. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No.

I know you.

Do you? Do you know me?

Do you recognize the slope of my alpine-snow-drift nose?

Kind of.

I'm sorry. I can't work with her.

She is bossy and relentless, and has an overly-developed sense of self-importance.


I am a graduate of the Federal School of Applied Cartooning.

I am not here to be critiqued by you.


We were just leaving.


Come on.


So, did you get anything?


Oh, no. Like a vision?

Yes, like a vision.

I thought that's why you were spacing in and out like that.

No. Sorry.

You know, Teresa could be lying to protect Cameron, but why come up with such a crazy story?

A dead man rising from the grave, tearing people apart?

Dead man rising from the grave, tearing people apart.

Pretty ridiculous.


Man on radio: Feel the fear and do it anyway. "Truth number one, fear will never go away as long as I continue to grow. Truth number two, the only way to get rid of the fear, if you want something, is to go out and do it."

Oh, great.


(SIGHS) Good night. You were extremely easy.

To work with.




Dude, the mouse on this show is such a ball-buster.

That poor cat, man.

(CHUCKLING) There's just this thing with, like, cheese and, there's dynamite.

I mean, how do mouse get dynamite?

Excuse me, Cheech. I'm afraid I've got some bad news.

Is there a way that you can not tell me?

This can't wait.


This is Edna Timmons, 91. Brutally murdered.

Not a single bit of brain left in her skull.

No way.


The police think there might be a serial killer.

They've given the case to Detective Flynn.

Okay. All right. I need to get it together.

I can't stay on these brains.

I mean, you're telling me that we have another zombie murder and...

I'm just thinking about bacon.

I need to drink some more cheerleader.

Put some pep in my step.

I'm resisting the urge to yell, "Chug. Chug. Chug. Chug."


That wasn't really resisting.

You almost made Mexican Hot Cheerleader Chocolate come out of my nose.



What? What is it?

Kimber was killed by a zombie.


The Max Rager enforcer who tried to kill me.

I must've infected him when we were fighting on the boat.

I did this. I made another zombie.


Mmm. Whatever you're cooking, it smells good.

What time do you and Ravi leave...

Oh, my God!


Chili stir-fry medulla with a little thyme au jus.

What do you think?

I think you're a dead man.


Thank you, Captain Obvious.

Four different kinds of chili pepper on hand.

I really came to the right place.

I'm normally not that much of a cook, but...

I seemed to have picked up a few things from my Aunt Edna.

Guess what I had for lunch yesterday?

I'm thinking Aunt Edna.

That woman practically raised me!

(SNICKERING) She thought I had potential!

So, yesterday, she slices her head open on the freezer door and asks me to bandage it.

And I'm there, with the bandage...

And there's blood...

And I'm just so hungry.

I couldn't stop myself.


I've never eaten anyone I didn't want to eat.

You did this to me!






Peyton: Liv.



What are you?


You're barely bleeding. How are you not dead?

I'm not gonna hurt you.

I would never hurt you.

(STAMMERING) You killed him.

You stabbed him through the head. And your eyes. What...

What happened to your eyes?

I'm just going to tell you.

I'm just...

I'm going to tell you and trust that you know that I am still me.

The night of the boat party, I got scratched.

And that's why I broke up with Major and it's...

Why I got a job at the morgue, so that I could get brains.

Because that is what I have to eat to stay me.

Or this version of me.

There are zombies in the world, Peyton.

And I'm one of them.

I'm gonna to get you some peroxide.



He matches Teresa's sketch.

He killed Kimber and Nate. His aunt.

He tried to kill you twice.

You did the right thing.

Do not feel any remorse.

If that was your body we were zipping up, that would be the tragedy.

I'll go call Teresa's detail.

Let them know we got our guy.


You okay?

Peyton was here.


I told her everything.

She saw me go full-on zombie.

She saw me kill Sebastian.

She looked at me like I was...

She got out of here as fast as she could.

We're supposed to leave for San Francisco tonight.

I'll call when I find her.

Everything is going to work itself out.

She loves you.


I got something to show you, boss.

It better be the recovered brains of Alan York.

Next best thing.

Well, what do we have here?

This is the guy that broke into my car and was asking around about brains.

The guy that was snooping around the skate park.

The guy who knows too much.

I guarantee this is the guy who took our astronaut brains.

So far, he isn't talking.

So far.

If you'll excuse me for a moment, Inspector.

Hey, uh, my mom picked this application up for me a couple weeks ago.

Wondering if you guys were still hiring.

Now's not a good time.

Okay. Can I just leave this here with you then, so I can tell my mom that I did?

(SIGHS) Why not?


Your emergency contact.

Olivia Moore.

Is that the same Olivia Moore that works at the morgue?

Yeah. Yeah, she's my sister.

You know her?

Not well.

You know what? Now that I think of it, I have a position open that you'd be just perfect for.

How soon would you be able to start?




Operator: 9-1-1, what's your emergency?