01x03 - The Girl Who Waited

Once I've stripped you of your tits, I'll show you the real Franky Doyle.

Stop calling, stop writing. Think about what's best for Debbie.

Your gut says to keep calling her, right? Yeah, but it's not fair on her.

You're her mum. She loves you and you've given up. How do you reckon she feels?

Steven was one of my first appointments and he's made great progress with the women's vocab and reading.

Where did you get it?

The smack fairy.

She deserves a bit of fun, but you're so off your face you don't care.

Toni, you're off your nut, aren't you?

You've got to help me. You supplied her? What if it gets out?

It won't. Now, get your things and leave the prison.


Yeah, it's me.

I've been tutoring Franky for the last 12 months.

Tutoring, dating... same, same.

Very different.

Wentworth's new governor, Erica Davidson.


That's perfect! Perfect!

It's well-seasoned, it's crispy.

You're setting a high benchmark for the rest of the competition.


You think you've nailed it this time?


What do you call that, Francesca?

Tupura vegetables.

Tupura vegetables? That's a new one.

I haven't heard that one before.

Try this one.

It's OK. I've had better.

Maybe you should stop this smartarse attitude of yours and just start trying to be smart, because you keep serving up this sort of slop, I'm going to have to keep spitting it in the bin.

Francesca, I don't know if you have the intelligence to keep going.

At this stage of the competition, I expect it to be better.

Maybe you should stick to something that's not beyond you, like eggs.


You can say eggs, Francesca. Eggs.

Can we cut it? Can we cut it there?

Hey, Francesca, keep up this dumb act and we will make beautiful television.

Hey, Mikey...

Psycho bitch!

Mikey! Mikey!

Oh! This thing's crap! No. It's the operator, Dor, not the machine.

Who's footing your knickers? This whole place is giving me the sh1ts.

Come on. I'll fix it. You fold. No, no, no. You can't just swap jobs.

It's OK. I'll be quick.

No, no, no, Bea... It's all right.

No, you can't just swap jobs.

Come on. Just go. Quick.

I know what I'm doing. I've worked on these machines before.

You seem like the kind of mother that'd make clothes for your daughter. Yeah.

How is Mini Bea? She still hasn't visited, has she?

Yeah. She's coming in tomorrow.

Finally. How nice for you!

Calls for a celebration.

I need the bathroom, so, for the next five minutes, the steam press is all yours. Special treat.

Thanks, but I've never used one before. Now's your chance.

No, it's OK, seriously.

Bea, I decide where everyone's stationed.

If someone else has an opinion, the whole system falls apart. We don't want that, do we?

Systems are important here. They keep everyone in line.

Now, come on, have a go. It's an honour.

You'll be able to tell Debbie all about it.

Just lay out the sheet, smooth it out, and...

Waiting. Listen, I don't mean to upset anything.

You know what you're doing. I don't.

Get over here.


God! Is it always up to me to lighten things up in here?

Got first dibs on towels. Leave the crusty sheets to the expert, Jacqueline.

I was just showing Bea how to use the press.

Oh, you don't want to do that, Red.

All that steam will stuff your hair.

Look how Jacs' turned out.

Hey, if you want someone to take over, I'm ready.

Ronnie, take over.

I'll be back.

Have a good one, Jacs.

Thanks for that.

You just got in the game, Red.

Frankie, the governor wants to see you. Booms, don't let the colours bleed.

Miss Miles.

Oooh... Franky Doyle, Governor.

You made yourself comfortable.

Have a seat, Franky.

Foxy. What, no coffee?

Er... a double espresso, milk on the side.

Thanks, Miss Smiles. Thank you, Miss Miles.

There's that smile.

So... The subject of your father has always been off limits, which I respect, but you have received another letter from Alan Doyle.

We've noticed you haven't replied to the others.

Why would I? That's my question.

Do you think it's an impostor or a potential threat?

I can hand this over to the police and they can warn them off.

Would you like to look at the letter first?


How did you get that?


On your chest. How did you get that?

What, that?


It's Kim. She bites.

Did that happen during the riot?

Or did Jacs do that to you?

I don't want things to escalate the way they did with Mrs Jackson.

If there's any chance of any reprisals, I need to know.

This is the only way I can protect you. You know what?

Next time you want to hang out, don't forget the coffee, eh?

Can I go?

Who the f*ck has been going through my stuff?!

Go, Franky!

In the hole, Franky. You should know where the hole is, love.

Think you could do better, Nana?

I know my strengths, Francesca.

Aren't they failing by now? The last time I wielded something in my hands, I was very happy with the results.

But, if you need some competition...


What's going on? Give me the ball.

Come on.

Playing with yourself?

You heard of any more tension between Jacs and Franky?

There's always going to be tension.

How do we resolve it so it doesn't happen again?

Well, there's three ways it can end: someone gets released, backs down or ends up dead.

Wooh! Go, Franky!

Hey, heads up!

You all right?

You might want to work on your reflexes, Miss Davidson.

It comes in handy when you're the governor.


Ooh, bloody hell, Ronnie! No-one's going to pay to see your gash here.

Miss Davidson?

Um... I want to know if Toni is OK.

No-one's telling me anything.

Yeah. She's being looked after.

You've seen her, have you? I just want to know if she's all right.

The wet cells aren't built for comfort, Doreen. Oh, Miss Davidson, I'm sorry.

The women come out worse than they went in.

You cannot possibly believe that letting someone suffer like that is the best thing for them.


Officer! I need an officer!

Officer! Fletch!

What's happening? She's trying to kill herself. You need to open the door.

Oh, for Christ's sake! Hurry up and open the door. She's choking.

She won't choke. She's fine.

You won't choke. I've seen it before.

You can't kill yourself with a cheese roll, Toni.

Get it out.

She tried to choke herself.

In those conditions, is it any wonder?

Well, the whole purpose of the wet cells is to isolate the women and to prevent self-harm.

What about their human rights? They don't have a proper bed, they can't shower or brush their teeth.

We try and keep them in there for as short a time as possible.

No. Toni has been in there for nearly two weeks.

She's depressed. She hasn't even seen a psych.

That's not something we can control.

There's not enough psychs, and when they do come, the women won't talk to them.

That stinks. I can't wear that.

There has to be a better way to manage this.

There probably is, but we'd need more officers to cover it.

You take someone off one area, you've got to cover that. You're looking at extra shifts.

They're not the ones choking on bread rolls. They'll just have to put up with extra duties.


You know, Erica, when you first took over, you didn't have a lot of support from the officers, so if you start making all these changes when they're stretched enough as it is, you're going to lose their support altogether.

What would you do?

I wouldn't push the officers so hard just yet.

Settle in first, don't give them a reason to give you grief.

If the press get wind of conditions in those cells, it's a public relations nightmare.

OK, but you also have to know the officers have your back. It's not the media you have to worry about.

If you keep serving up this sort of slop, I'm going to have to keep spitting it in the bin.

You know, I could forgive you for getting the name wrong if this was any good.

Hey, Mikey...

What have you done?! Call an ambulance!

Mikey! Mikey! Call an ambulance!


Sorry. I didn't mean to scare you.

What do you... What do you want?

I'm Franky Doyle's dad. Alan.

Finally, the police have traced the person mailing the drugs, and surprise, surprise, it's Lexy Paterson, so we'll be seeing her again very soon.

Is there anything else you'd like to discuss?

Just a reminder about the lawn bowls tournament next Friday.

Players, watchers, drinkers, everyone's welcome.

Show of hands so I can make sure the bar's stocked.

About what I expected.


I've got plans with Adam.

With who?

All right. OK, then, I guess we're done.

OK. Actually, there is... There is something else I'd like to discuss.

Look, I know there's a system in place for the wet cells, but I've been thinking it's time to review it and update it.

Let's introduce a process that makes life easier for you and improves conditions for the women.

What kind of changes?

Let's get the women to a bathroom daily to shower and brush their teeth.

We don't have the time.

Who's going to do that?

There will be changes to the roster.

I'm not working extra.

We're under the pump as it is.

Vera, I need you to get the women to have a psych evaluation within 24 hours of admission.

You've got to be kidding!

Good luck with that.

If the peer worker visits them, that will give them someone to confide in.

So now Liz has the run of the prison? Under supervision.

What about us, our safety? If we're spread thin, it puts us all at risk.

Since when is prisoners' welfare more important than ours?

This will lessen your workload in the long run We have to break this cycle or the women will keep leaving worse than they went in.

These changes come into place this week.

OK, the meeting's over.

Bloody insane. Vera, can you have Franky Doyle report to my office as soon as you can?

Yes, Governor.

First time?


Who is it?


No, mum.


So, what's your name?


I'm Brayden. Brayden Holt.

You're going to be all right.

My mum's here too.

Lippy's not going to make her look like a hooker. Yes, it will! Why?

Will you two shut up? You're more nervous than I am.

That's nice.

Thanks for coming, Franky.

I'm disappointed.

Why? There's no coffee.

If you wanted to pump me for info about the old bag, you could at least pretend you care.

That's not what yesterday was about.

I'm disappointed you think so.

It's hard to know what you're thinking. You've changed.

A new job will do that.

I wish you had your old one.

Alan Doyle approached me yesterday.

He had photos, a copy of your birth certificate, so it's not a reporter or a fan. It is your father.

I told him there's nothing I can do.

If you don't want contact with him, it's up to you.

It's been a long time. You had a rough childhood. You've got a lot to be angry about.

So do most people. Yeah, but most people don't take it out with a saucepan of boiling oil.

Franky, you were angry long before some arrogant celebrity came along.

Come in.

It might not be quite what you ordered.

Reception called.

Your dad's been waiting outside the prison gates all morning.

I don't know what he wants. I don't know your dad or what sort of man he is.

He's the type of guy who walks out on his kid. Maybe he's changed.

He seemed... He seemed genuine.

But this is your choice, Franky. If you want to see him, I'll let him in.

If you don't, I'll send him away.

Now what? You need to put your belongings in a locker and we'll call you when we're ready. OK.

OK, go down the hall and to the left.

Yeah. Yeah, down there.


All done?

Um... I'm not sure.

Just sign there.

All right, eyes to me, please.

You, young lady at the desk, you, mate, sir, this way, please.

Follow me.

What's happening? Sniffer dogs.

Random testing. It's nothing to worry about.

Oh. I love dogs.

Chop-chop. Let's go.

Good luck with your mum.

I'll get Miss Miles for the search.


You OK?

Who are you seeing today?

You'd better be in bed, Francesca!

You hear me?

Hey, look, I er...

I never got a chance to... I just want to say thanks for what you did for me yesterday.

Talk to me again and I'll break your jaw.

OK, if you could all stand on the black line, please? OK.

OK, if everybody else could leave now? Thank you.

Thank you. OK. No, no. Not you.

The dog has detected an illegal substance.

We're going to have to do a strip search if you want to continue your visit. What?

We have to do a strip search. Do we have your consent?

But I haven't got anything.

We still need to do a search.

I just want to see my mum.

Do we have your consent? No. I mean... I don't... I don't know.

I told you, I haven't got anything.

OK, Debbie, if you don't give us your consent, we're going to have to ask you to leave.

The incident will be recorded and it will be considered when requesting future visits.

It's unlikely you'd be able to visit your mother again.

It's up to you, Debbie.

I promise we'll be as quick as we can.

You're awake. Get up.

Why do you think he left?

He doesn't want you.

Thanks for seeing me.

Why have they got us in here?

Why can't we be out there and talk like normal people?

Cos they think I might kill you.

You're not a killer.

The only reason I'm here is so I can look you in the eye and tell you to stay the f*ck away from me.

That's not going to happen.

Did you read my letters?

Can't blame you for that. It's only words on a bit of paper, and there's things have to be said face to face.

What's going on? Why ain't I going through?

Er... there's a problem.

She's not coming.

It's not that.

Why don't we start with your jumper?

I wasn't ready to be a dad.

Me and your mum... just no good.

That's no excuse, I know. It's no excuse, but I...

I walked cos I couldn't be there.

Is that what you want to hear?

No sh1t?

But that's the way it was. I'm not going to come here and try and justify it.

Oh. Well, as long as you feel better.

We good now?

She's just a child. She's... She's 16.

They've got no right to lay a hand on her.

She consented to a strip search after the dogs detected an illegal substance.

I don't care what she said. They're not going to lay a hand on my daughter.

Bea, calm down. She's just 16, for Christ's sake! I'm not going to let them touch her! Bea!

If you want to see Debbie, you'd better calm down before you draw a crowd.

You can't let them do this to her.

OK. Last night, my friend had a joint and I was wearing these jeans.

Maybe that's what the dog can smell.

I swear I haven't got anything.

We still have to conduct the search.

You can't tell her.

We'll have to inform the guardian.

Mr Jackson, please... Her father, he doesn't know that she's here.

Please... Please don't call him.

When I saw you on that TV show, you were so angry.

I knew that was because of me.

You never mentioned your mum in the interviews.

You didn't go there, but I knew.

You knew, did you?

I could guess.

Oh, well, what could you guess?

Your mother was difficult to be around sometimes.

Was that when she was drunk or when she was off her face?

I don't know. I couldn't handle it.

But you thought a ten-year-old kid could? Well, I...

You were her kid. I thought you'd be OK.


You've got no f*cking idea.

She used to burn me with cigarettes where no-one could see.

Eh? I can still remember what it felt like, how it smelt.

Said it was my fault you left. Hmm?

My fault.

I called the TV show.

I told the producers who I was, said I wanted to see you.

They wanted to put it all on camera.

I couldn't do it.

You did what you did. Maybe I could have stopped you.


Maybe it would have been you with third-degree burns.

I love you.

Don't you f*cking dare say that.

Don't you f*cking dare!

I don't even recognise you, and that's what pisses me off the most.

You don't look like him. You don't sound like him.

If my dad walked in here, this glass wouldn't have stopped me.

I would have smashed the f*cking glass and then I would have smashed his f*cking face!

But he didn't walk in.

He sent you, some prick who wants to talk about feelings and issues and bullshit!

Franky, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

You know what?

I waited years for him to come back.

I stood at that bedroom window every night, and every night, he let me down.

Even when social services took me away from that bitch and put me somewhere new, I kept waiting.

I imagined him running in the front door, picking me up and squeezing my hand like he used to, and taking me with him. I'm...

I haven't finished!

But he didn't walk in, did he?

So I started thinking of the day I'd get back at him, hurt him, yeah?

I started thinking about that day.

And then you f*cking walk in!

And you're not even him any more.

You even took that away from me.



Can we...?

Yeah, yeah. Come here.

I er... You look... You look good.

I didn't...

I didn't know if I could bring anything or...

Oh, yeah, yeah, you can. They just have to process it and we get it later.

Do you want anything?

I've got everything I need.

Um... so... er... How's everything at home?

It's fine.

It's OK.

You know, school... school... You get to resit your exams.

Yeah, yeah. Next week.

Oh, look at you.

The officers told me about your search.

It... It was... They made a mistake.

I'm so sorry.

I'm sorry that you have to go through that because I'm in here.

I just wanted to see you, Mum. I miss you.

Oh, darling, I miss you too, so much.

Oh, my baby. It's OK.

Hey, Deb, you know that they have to tell your dad?

No way!

Yeah. It's... procedure.

But they didn't find anything! Can't you do anything?

I know. I'll try to call him first so I can tell him myself.

Mum, he's going to go ballistic!

Shh... I'll handle it.

I promise.

Hey, Ronnie, I need to use the phone.

Well, you should have got here earlier.

Please? Look, I'll make it up to you.

Hang on, Manda.


I don't know. I'll do anything you want. Just... Please, it's urgent.

Just give her your spot, Ronnie.

Look, I'll call you back, Manda. Just get her some choppies and that.

She'll be all right. Love you.

You feeling better?

Yeah. Thanks.

It must be nice to feel human again.

Maybe I can arrange a visit with Kaiya. Would you like that?


I'll see what I can do.

Thank you.

You know, before we can go down that road, I need to be confident you won't fall back into old habits.

I need you to tell me who supplied the drugs.

Look, Toni, if you don't give me a name, I can't get you out of here.

So, who supplied you the drugs?

It was the teacher.

Mr Phelps.

Does anybody else know about this?


You know, falsely accusing a member of staff is a very serious matter.

It was him.

You're lying, Toni.

And if you repeat that story to anyone, you will not get out of here and you will not see your daughter again. Do I make myself clear?


So, who supplied you the drugs?

No-one, miss. I found them.

Right, well, that sounds more likely.

How'd you go? Your emergency.

Yeah, sorted. Thanks.

You seem to be settling in all right, making friends.

OK, I've got to go.

23 Cromwell Avenue.

That's where she lives, doesn't she?

Young Debbie.

I knew this girl once. Mowed down on the pedestrian crossing right outside the school.

Hit and run. Terrible accident.

Now, that'd be a tragedy.

What do you want?

You're going to help me teach Francesca some manners.

Two sugars.

I said you can stay.

sh1t day, huh?

So, I got to call them before...

Right. That's good.

So, will Debbie be allowed to visit again?

Maybe. When Harry calms down.

It must have been nice to see her.

You'll see Kaiya again.

She's not going to forget you.

Booms, you fluff, I'll fold.

I fluffed yesterday.

Well, you're the best fluffer I know. Yeah? Yeah.

Boomer, you were rostered on in the kitchen.

You running the joint now, are you, Jacqueline? Hold that thought, Francesca.

You checked the roster, Sue?

No. I just followed Franky.

Come on. Let's go.


Hey... Peanut butter.

That's it. That's it. That's nice, Dor.

Watch it. Watch your finger.

I am.

Get the f*ck off me!

Hey! Ronnie!

We haven't got much time, so stop struggling and let's get this over with.

You're f*cking twisted, Jacqueline!

Now, Francesca, I do run this prison, and nobody, especially you, challenges me and gets away with it.

All right, Bea.

Do the honours.


Don't make me repeat myself. I hate repeating myself.

If you'd minded your own business, Bea wouldn't have to do this.

Can we try and sort this out? It's just a misunderstanding, isn't it, Franky?

Best just sit this one out, Liz.

Do it.

Don't do it, Red.

Call me selfish.

Go and get Jackson. Quick.

How long have we got to play this game, Francesca, till you realise you're never gonna win?

You'd better be in bed, Francesca!

You hear me?

Who did this to you?

Come on, Franky. You have to let me help you.

I want my dad.

I didn't think you were going to do it, Bea. There you are.

Now, Boomer, stop.

I'll f*cking kill her!

It's not gonna help anyone.

It'll make me feel better.

This is Franky's problem.

Which makes it mine! No! Let her deal with it.

That's what she'd want.

Yeah? Yeah.

It's all right.


You shouldn't have done it. What was I supposed to do? Sit tight and hope that Jacs was bluffing?

I got told it was an accident. Is that true?

Can I get anything for you? Can I um...

Can I do anything?

I'm so glad you asked them to call me.

You've got to get through this, Franky, and to hold on.

I'll help you.

You're not on your own any more.

You can go now.

I don't want to see you again.

And I want you to stop writing.

No, Franky, no.

Miss Miles, can you please take him away?

Sorry, sir. You have to go.

Franky, when you're ready, I'll be here for you.

You're my kid. I haven't been your kid in 15 years!

It's not changing now.



I didn't want to do that, but I had no choice.

Jacs, she was threatening my daughter.

I don't give a sh1t about your family.

If you're stupid enough to keep them in your life, that's your problem.

You cross me again and you're dead.

He's great, isn't he?

Yeah. Oh, look.

What's going on there? He needs a bit of dental work.