01x10 - Checkmate

I've got a screw we can use.

You get it and I'll bring it in.

Give it to me.

I asked you to start a small fight that I could handle.

How easily a fight turns into a riot.

Mick? Oh, no, no, no.

When they buried her, they gave me her wedding ring but no bracelet.

Whoever killed Mick took that bracelet.

You're stronger with her than without and a smart girl like you should know that.

Can you please go now?

You think you could let me make it up to you?

Can I have a bit of time?

Last night, your husband found Debbie in her bedroom unconscious.

I'm sorry, Bea, they were too late.

Debbie was making up notes from me and then I find out that she was lying about staying at Natilla's.

She was staying at some boyfriend's place.

She had a boyfriend? Yeah, Braden.

I just wish she'd told me what was going on.

I wish she'd just talked to me.

I should have asked more questions.

But teenagers keep secrets.

She had a boyfriend.

I just keep wondering if he was the one that got her into the drugs.

You're never gonna know what she was up to.

Kids are into all sorts of stuff now.

Yeah but heroin?

Harry had no idea. He'd never even heard of this Braden kid.


Jacs's son.

His name's Braden.

Yeah, well that could be a coincidence.

You reckon?

Bea! Get off me!

What are you doing?

Let's take this outside. Bea, now.

What are you doing?

Come on.

Look, I know things are difficult at the moment but you don't just go around attacking other women.

I didn't. Oh, come on! I didn't.

OK, whatever happened, if it happens again, you're both in the slot.

01 calling 03. Over.

No, no, no don't. She ended this.

She did this.

You do not know that for sure.

You have to find out the truth and there is only one way to do it.

Hey? You know that.

Mr Jackson, I need to speak to the Governor now.


Bea Smith, Governor.

Bea. Jacs killed Debbie.

It was Jacs. It had to be.

We need to talk to the police.

OK, calm down. I don't understand.

Jacs's son Braden.

Debbie was seeing him.

It wasn't an accident, Jacs is responsible for this.

Right, can you just take a seat.

We'll be fine. Thank you Mr Jackson.

Debbie was going to nightclubs, she was taking drugs, it wasn't like her.

She started seeing this kid, Braden.

Jacs had Debbie killed.

We have to talk to the police.

Why do you think it was Jacs?

She knew where we lived.

She'd threatened Debbie before.

She told me she'd have her run down outside her school.

She knew Debbie's routine.

Now I know how. It was Braden.

And why would she hurt Debbie?

She thinks I'm a threat.

Will you talk to the police?

Look, I understand that you want answers -

Are you gonna talk to the police or should I?

I will speak to them.

Thank you.

I should put you into protection.


Just you here, talking to me, it puts you at risk.

No, I'm fine.

What about when you run into Jacs?

How will you deal with that?

I just want to do this right.

You should have stopped her going to the Governor.

We don't know that that's where she's gone.

You were there.

No, Bea'd know better than to lag.

She wouldn't do it.

The Governor's gonna talk to the police.

Will she?

You know what they do to laggers, Red?

You don't have a say in this.

The only way this works is if you follow my lead.

This isn't about you. You're right.

This could hurt all of us.

So if you wanna deal with Jacs, you deal with her.

The police will handle it.

This is an extraordinary situation.

A mother has lost a child.

I'd call that tragic.

Were you aware that your son was seeing Debbie?


Did you encourage him to see her?

The two of them met the first time Debbie visited Bea.

Braden told me he was seeing someone.

I didn't realise till recently who it was.

I heard how Debbie died.

Braden dabbled in things too that worried me.

What? Drugs?

It could have just as easily been him and thank God it wasn't.

What Bea's going through, no mother should.


Bea has a lot of support in here now.

And you don't.

The women are aware of what's happened with your husband.

You don't have the same backing on the outside as you used to.

So, regardless of the outcome of the police investigation into Debbie's death, you are vulnerable.

My offer of moving you into protection still stands.

You should take it.

I'm not responsible for this.

You all right?

You not hungry?


My son wanted me to pass on his condolences.

Now's your chance.

No, no, Bea! Let her go.

How's your arthritis?

Can't be easy with that cast on.


Fancy a cup of tea?

I know how you like it.

I don't feel like one today.

Well, let me help you with this tray then.

Grief can make you see a lot of things that aren't there, Bea.

Oh, I can see perfectly what's going on.

Just like everybody else here.

Bea? What were you thinking provoking Jacs like that?

What was I thinking?

Yeah, cos it was bloody stupid -

I was thinking about my little girl.

Did she suffer? Was she scared?

Did she know what was happening to her?

I was thinking, where was I when she needed me?

That's what I was thinking.

Please, just don't give me sh1t today.



Get out.

Now's not a good time.

You lagged.

I said get the f*ck out! Bea.

But I understand as a mother driven by grief you're not thinking right.

You're gonna pay for what you've done.

And as a mother, you'll understand me wanting to defend my boy for being accused of something he didn't do.

You threaten my daughter and then she dies and you're telling me it's a coincidence?

You just say these things to keep the women in line.

Look, whatever it is, my boy didn't do this.

You're a liar.

Braden had girlfriends before but he never spoke of any of them like he did your girl.

So, you knew that he was seeing her?

I knew she was different.

His face used to light up, he couldn't stop talking about her.

Braden loved Debbie.

He could never harm her.

She was obviously a very special kid.

And so is Braden.

I mean as mothers, we f*cked up.

We just weren't there for them when they needed us.

Though we must have done something right.

Hey. It's understandable you need someone to blame but you're looking in the wrong place.

My boy didn't do this.

He couldn't.

Get out.

Go on, get out.

Hi. Hi.

Um, you don't have a pen on you, do you?

Yep. Right, thanks.

They just disappear in here.

Bloody criminals.


You keep it.

I've got a stash at home.

Um, Fletch?

You know the um, the other night -

Vera, it wasn't your fault.

No, I mean, I'm inexperienced.

What happened, that's all on me.

And I need you to know that.

Um, Vera.

Let me cook you dinner at my place.

I'd like that.

How is it?

It's lovely, thanks.

Ah, have I got...

No, no.

It's just you.

Which is good.

It's really nice having you here.

It's nice being here.


Have you got to get going?

I don't want to go home.

Well, you don't have to.

I mean, I can sleep on the couch.

No. No, no.

I don't want you to sleep on the couch.

Look, I'm sorry Bea but police have found there's no grounds for an investigation.

Did you tell them what I said?

Yes. Yes, of course I did.

Maybe you didn't explain it properly.

I should talk to them.

Harry gave them Debbie's phone.

On it there are a lot of text messages to a girl called Natilla.

They were about Braden and they were about how they were using drugs.

So, there's the proof.

Well, she talked about how much she liked it.

They'd experimented for a while.

Yeah, smoking dope, not heroin.

Police found evidence in her bedside drawer.

She'd been smoking heroin as well.

There was also bruising on her arm.

I'm sorry, it wasn't the first time she'd tried it.

What about...

What about Jacs?

What about the threats?

I've got no proof to give them.

She's in here for murder. You're charged with attempted murder.

If the police could find information on Jacs and the Holt family and they could prosecute, they would.

Yeah, Braden's her son.

Braden and Debbie both visited their mothers in the same prison.

Chances are their paths would cross.

No, it's too much of a coincidence.

It's circumstantial.

As far as the police are concerned, Debbie was a 16-year-old experimenting with drugs and it just went terribly wrong.

I know in my gut that's not what happened.

Well, I'm sorry.

You're wrong.

You OK?

You're still here?

If there's anything else you need, just ask.

Don't start.

Governor told you cops won't do anything.

It was an accident.

That's what they say. It was.

Yeah, so you're a crim, daughter's a junkie -

My daughter is not a junkie.

Which is why you know it wasn't an accident.

Will you stop messing with my head?

Stop ignoring it.

I thought that my daughter was killed because of me.

I see this place and it puts things in your mind, it twists them around until you go crazy and you don't know what to believe.

You know what the truth is.

Yeah, I do.

And that's what makes me different from you.

See, you're all lying about something.

You think that's the only way you can survive in here.

But I'm not like that. I'm not going to leave this place any more screwed up than what I came in.



Are you hungry? Yep.

Listen, I was thinking, why don't we go out and grab some brekkie before you head to work?

I'm gonna call in sick.

That's a first.

I, um...

I just really don't want to go in there today and I -

Do you mind if we just hang around here a bit?

Course not.

Hey, so what do you feel like?


I could whip up some pancakes?

You know, I make a mean omelette.

Omelette sounds good.

Great, omelette it is.

I've got to grab some more eggs.

Oh, no, no. Don't go to any trouble.

I'll be back soon.


I knew what she was doing.

I'd be bloody stupid not to.

Changing shifts and putting me on the slot.

And there was nothing I could do about it.

And she knew that.

She wanted to make me feel like sh1t so I'd stop hassling her.

Sometimes I think I just want to hurt her the same f*cking way she hurt me.

Like that dream I keep having.

I'm back in Timor.

I raise my gun, fire but it's Meg with a bullet in her head.

But I don't feel anything.

I should never have started f*cking that bitch.


I have to go.

What are you doing going through my stuff?

Sorry. I...

Look, I won't tell anyone, I promise.


I know you were angry with Meg.

I won't tell a soul, I promise.

I've got to go.

What, so you think I killed Meg?

Are you bloody crazy?

I mean, I only wrote that because a bloody counsellor told me to.

I'm sorry... I thought -

Get the f*ck out!


I've informed Bea that there will be no police investigation into her daughter's death.

Because it was an accident.

No, I lied.

With you refusing to go into protection, it's the only way I can control the situation.

I told you, I had nothing to do with Debbie's death.

It's out of my hands.

The police are investigating Braden and your family.

So, until they've completed their investigation, all your phone calls, visits and mail privileges will be suspended.

I have to speak to my son.

Put him back on my contact list.

Not possible.

He'll be devastated about Debbie.

I need to know he's OK.

Well, I'm sure he has his father's support.

I'll be fully cooperating with the police.

If you did have anything to do with it, they will find out.

They're not gonna let this go.

So, we're lying to Jacs about the investigation?

Yes. There isn't one.

Putting pressure on her, cutting off her privileges, it's dangerous.

Sure but we need to keep her contained.

While she's contained, we need to find something the police can't ignore.

Well, maybe if Channing got involved, the cops will listen?

No, I'm not taking this any further until I can find solid proof.

So, I need all CCTV footage from the last three months reviewed.

I need you to focus on the visitor centre.

All phone calls Jacs and her crew have made that have been recorded, I want it reviewed.

Check the mail logs.

Keep up with the spotchecks.

We need to find anything, something, that can link Jacs with Debbie Smith's death. Chance of finding anything's pretty slim.

So, what are you saying Linda?

We should just ignore this.

We should wait until it explodes.

What if Bea's wrong? We could be stirring things up for nothing.

You call it staring and I call it taking control of the situation.

Keep me updated.

Spot check.

I hope you're giving the other units the same attention as mine.

The women will talk.

YOUR unit?

Not any more, Jacs.

What's going on with this investigation?

You worried what they'll discover?

Find out for me.

I don't see the point, Jacs.

I'm only gonna tell you what we both already know.

You had something to do with Debbie's death.

I know who killed your wife.

No, you don't.

You're desperate.

So are you.

Been a long time with no information.

Cops couldn't find anything.

No-one's talked.

Why do you think that is?

Because I don't want it to get out.

That's bullshit. You've worked here long enough to know how I operate, and what that sort of information's worth.

Maybe it's time to cash it in.

What do you think, Mr Jackson?

'She doesn't want to come in. Her mum told her to stay away.'

And how does she feel about that?

'She gets freaked. She wants to see her mum, but doesn't want to go against her.'

'Yeah, of course. But Bea needs to see Debbie to be reminded of just how much she loves her daughter, and how much she'll do for her.'

'Make sure she comes in next time.'

'Yeah, I'll try.'

'No, son, you do it.'


'Good boy.'

I've just listened to an interesting conversation between you and your son.

You pushed Braden to be with Debbie.

You made him bring her in here to keep her in Bea's face.

You tell me who killed my wife, and I'll erase the recording.

Who did it?

I'll tell you.

Once you've erased the recording and had the investigation shut down.

Not before.



Er... not yet.

There's a lot to get through.

Just find me something conclusive.


Yeah, OK.


I need proof that Jacs has a vendetta against Bea.

Now you want to talk to me?

You want to help Bea?

Please, this is your chance.

Why am I here?

Because I wanna make this prison a better place for the women?

No. Why am I really here?

If you don't wanna help me, just leave.

You don't care about the women.

It's all bullshit.

You're hiding in here with us.

You get off on being here.

Get out.

And the thing that scares you the most... is that when you're f*cking him, you're thinking of me.

Get out!


The funeral people called. They want to know what we want to do with her.

The ashes.

Let's bring her home.

Keep her safe.

You know, I never should have done what I did to you.

I never should have let things go on for as long as they did either.

Did you ever think about how it affected Deb?

I never touched her.

Yeah, but she knew what was going on.

She blamed herself for everything that happened between us.

That's ridiculous. She thought I stayed with you because of her.

So, staying with me was the problem.

You're blaming me.


That would be too easy.

And unfair on her.

No, this is my fault.

And I'm gonna do what I should have done in the first place.

I'm gonna plead guilty and tell them about what really happened?

About what you did to me.

You can't.

I can.

We agreed. We promised debs.

You can't keep using Deb like that any more.

If this gets out, they will do me for lying. Everyone will know.

We stuffed up, Harry. Big time.

But not any more.

I'm gonna accept responsibility for what I've done.

What did the governor want?

I reckon she's a little confused about that.

Did she say anything about Bea?

Bea can take care of herself.

I know what you're doing, Franky.

What's that?

You're push Bea at Jacs all the time, and you hope they'll cancel each other out.

Ooh! You've been here too long.

Yeah, maybe.

But Bea is a good person.

And what you're doing is wrong.

And I want you to stop.

Someone will get hurt.

You keep sticking your nose in, maybe it'll be you.

It's your choice.


I'm so sorry.

I need you to do something for me.

Never mention this to Will.

I don't want him to find out about me and Meg.

No, I won't.


Can we talk about us?


f*ck off, Vera.


Liz Birdsworth to see you, Governor.

OK, thank you.


Liz, how can I help you?

You said you wanted me to keep you updated on how the women are doing.

Yes, how are they doing?

You know something?

Liz. Liz, if you've heard something, it's your responsibility to tell me.

About a week ago, Bea found a mobile phone in a cell.

The person who called said they were with Debbie, and he said some awful stuff.

You think Jacs was behind it. She's had it in for Bea since arriving.

Thank you.



I'm gonna kill her.


I'm gonna kill you!

Get off me!

It's Meg's.

I know, mate.

I know.

Meg Jackson's bracelet has been found in your possession.

Can you explain why?


Someone put it there.

I put it to you that the governor slotted you for dealing drugs.

When you were released you were angry.

You wanted payback, so you organised a riot as a distraction.

You were armed and waited for a chance to get Meg Jackson alone.

Then you killed her.

I'm gonna take you down to the police station and charge you with the murder of Meg Jackson.

Do you have anything you'd like to say?

I know nothing about it.

Let's go.

Thank you all for coming.

I have an announcement in relation to the death of the former governor of the Wentworth Correctional Centre.

Just a short time ago, Mrs Jacqueline Holt was charged with the murder of Meg Jackson.

'I'm very proud in saying my staff were instrumental in uncovering key evidence that led to Mrs Holt's arrest.'

'It is now up to the justice system to determine Mrs Holt's fate.'

'I am grateful that, after a gruelling five months, I can confidently reassure my staff of their safety, and deliver on my promise to you to rehabilitate 'not only our prisoners, but the way that we work here at Wentworth.'

Thank you.

Where is she off to?

Rounding them up, is she?

I see missus is in a bit of trouble, is she?

So, are you sick of her sh1t yet, or what?

Is anybody with me?

Yeah, right.

I know you're with me. Let her know what you think, all right?

She's got no power on the outside.

She's a f*cking cripple.

She killed your kid.

You might not want to believe it, but she did.

Hey, hey.

Hey, f*ck you! Move your f*cking...

You f*cking kid killer!


I'll rip your f*cking hair out!

You're a f*cking liar!

Hey, Jacs, you're nothing now.

Tell the governor I'm going into protection.

You are aware it could take some time before a bed becomes available.

Weeks, maybe longer.

You'll find me a bed now.

Or I'll go to the governor and tell them all about you.

The pain killers, the riot.

Showing you kindness hasn't really worked for me, has it, Jacs?

That's the way the world works.

Now, you'll go and see her or I'll tell her what I know.

And you really think she'll believe you now.

You murdered Meg Jackson.

That little display by the women out there?

That's nothing to what the officers will do every chance they get.

And I won't stop them.

That'll be the way my world works.

I told you to drop it.

It's a good book.

Cut the crap, Franky.

Jacs is finished.

She's gonna end up in protection or dead.

So you don't need to use Bea to do your dirty work any more.

What's it to you?

Leave her alone.

I'll make that decision, eh?

I was watching you when we found out about Jacs.

You didn't see that coming, did you?

Or where it came from.

So, what are you saying?

You remember the riot.

Oh... Oh, f*ck!


You planted the bracelet.


You wanted to get rid of Jacs.

I fixed it.

Well, I appreciate it.

I didn't do it for you.

I did it for Bea.

I told you stay out of it.


Now, you make a choice.

And I have.

I want to know the truth about my daughter.

I knew the first time we met you were a player.

What happened to her?

They say, "Same recognises same."

I'm not a murderer.

You tried, with your husband.

Yeah, but I didn't go through with it. A technicality.

You just can't accept who you really are.

Someone who's capable of taking another life.

It wasn't like that.

I know what it's like.

You crossed that line, but you're still in denial.

Me? I'm at peace with my actions.

So, who's the more dangerous?

I couldn't give a f*ck.

I want you to tell me what you did to my daughter.

Don't you think it's a little late?

You're responsible for her death.

I'm sure you wondered how she'd turn out.

After all those years of her knowing what you let your husband do to you?

Would she let a man do that to her too?

Would she just sit back and take it?

Debbie made it easy for Braden.

She was so desperate for attention that when he gave it to her she let him do anything.



God, you... I knew it.

All the signs were there, but you ignored them.

You convinced yourself that everything was fine. you didn't want to see that Debbie was just like you. You know nothing!

And I almost felt sorry for her.

And then I saw what she'd got to look forward to.

A life just like her mother's.

It was a kindness, really, putting her out of her misery.

She was better off dead.

'Attention, compound! Attention, compound! This is a code red. All prisoners, return to your cells.'

Against the walls, ladies! Let's go.