02x03 - Boys in the Yard


Keep it in your pants, ladies.



Doreen, cool.

I'm Nash.

Who's in charge?

You are.

And who runs the place?

You do.

Sky, put it down.

Put the shiv down.

Thanks for dropping me in the sh1t with Ferguson.

Well, you were a bit heavy-handed, Fletch. She was armed with a shiv.

Yeah, well, she was going to drop it. You're a good woman, Simmo.

I'm Brayden. Brayden Holt.

It was a kindness, really, putting her out of her misery.

She was better off dead.

You owe it to Deb to make him pay for what he did.

Police believe that the fire was deliberately lit.

Do you think it was aimed at you?

Why would it be aimed at me?

I'm gonna kill the fucker.


f*ckin' bitch!

What's going on there?

I've never seen it this bad.

Look at them. They've gone crazy.

That's cos Ferguson's halved their methadone.


Where've you been, under a rock?

Yeah, a rock called Nash.

What do you reckon Ferguson's after?


All right, loosen up. Get off, love!

Attention compound, attention compound.

Recreation period is over.

All prisoners must leave the exercise yard.

Prisoners must leave the exercise yard.

She'll get in solitary for that.

Yeah, but she's not a bad artist, for a junkie.

Oh, stop it!

It looks all right.

How old is she? Oh, sh1t.

What do you want?

Oh, I live here now.

Oh, someone's got a warped sense of humour.

Simmo, about Jacs What?

You didn't mean to kill her?

You saved Vinnie Holt a shitload on the divorce settlement.


You stay out of my face and we're OK.

Forgive and forget, right?


Hey. Good to see ya.

What are you doing?

Cell toss.

Oh, what the f*ck!

Stay out till I'm done, yeah?

Sorry, boss.

I didn't give Sky permission to f*ckin' graffiti.

We need permission to fart now, do we?

So where is she now?

I don't know.

Where's Sky?

Probably chasing the dragon, I'll bet.

How's that? We're in the middle of a f*ckin' drought!

Yeah, well, Simmo's back, isn't she?

Simmo's back?



Hey! Simmo, welcome back, mate.

How ya been?

What do you want, Sky?

Oh, nothin'.

Hey, are you holding?

I can pay straight up.

Yeah, you know me, eh?

f*ck me!

You having a party?



What'd I tell you about your stupid drawings?


They're tossing our cells because of your graffiti in the yard.

Oh, sh1t. f*ck.

Yeah, sh1t's right.

So what are you doing in here?

Oh, nothing.'

Just, you know...

No, nothing.'

Sure as sh1t doesn't look like nothing.'

Get out.

f*ckin' nob.


You two keen to hang around?

Didn't think so.

So much for loyalty, eh?

I heard you glassed some bitch your old man was screwing.

sh1t happens.

Just easier to glass your old man than every chick he bangs.

I reckon.

Hope you're not looking to start up a business in here.

No. No, I'm just keeping my head down and doing the time easy.


Cos Sky, she's got a nose for smack like a bloodhound.

And I don't think she was in here for the conversation.

Franky, I got nothing.

So you won't mind me checking, then.

Call it quality control.

Did nothing ' for me.

Well, don't let me catch you dealing and I won't have to do it again.

Wait here, wait here.


Come in.

We've completed the search.

Found the usual, cash, mags, smokes, but no spray can.

Anderson's here to see you, as requested.

Yep. Oh, just a moment.

Just shut the door.

Come closer. Don't make me shout.

You should know that, uh, a written report has been made concerning your breach of conduct the other day.

What breach?

Inappropriate use of capsicum spray.


I'd have preferred to ignore it, but now that it's in writing, it will have to be lodged with the governing body.

It's, uh, it's unfortunate.

So who wrote this report?

You know I'm not at liberty to say, but you're well within your rights to speak to the governing body.

Well, I think I know who.

I'll let you know if I hear anything further on the matter.

Just send in Anderson.

Don't bother sitting.

This'll be brief.

Were you in the exercise yard this morning?

Uh, yeah.


So you saw what happened?

That government property was vandalised.



Good. I need to know who it was.

I don't know. I think we just established that you do.

Yeah, but I didn't see I gave you the garden project as a privilege, with the understanding that good behaviour would be rewarded.

If you're not going to work with me, Anderson, I'm very sorry, I'll be forced to reconsider those garden privileges.

So I'm going to ask you again.

Who was responsible for the graffiti in the yard?

I will give you 24 hours to try and remember just what you saw.

Using his name, then.

No, they're all married.

No, it's good, it's good.

Watch that sh1t.

No, you should watch that.


What's up?

Cos of this idiot, Ferguson's threatened to shut down the garden.

Oh, calm down, princess.

It'll blow over.

Bullshit. She's holding me responsible, Franky.

Yeah, welcome to my world.

Bees around the honey pot.


Cover me.

What's going on?

Hey, Miss Miles?

Check this out.

Look at that. I know. I know.

It's rank.

You miss the cooking in here, Simmo?



Hey, you're not fooling me.

If you're not holding now, you will be.

I got nothing ', Franky.


The Holts think they can replace Jacs with you and it's business as usual.

So who's bringing it in? Hmm?

Keeping it in the family?

Is it Brayden?

No-one, I swear.

I'm not warning you again.

Enjoy your lunch.


Who has just a roll and tomato sauce?

You. Right now. Go.

Hey, are you OK?

What do you think?

I think Franky's out of control.

Her days as top dog are numbered.

What are you gonna do?

Whatever I damn well want.

I got back up on the outside.

Hey, I was thinking about what you said.

Forgiving and forgetting.

I was thinking about Brayden.

About the pain I must have caused by taking his mum from him.

I know what it's like to have someone you love taken from you.

I wanted to apologise to him.

Yeah, good luck with that.

Stop looking at him.


Will, you got a second?

Ladies. You come here often?

What do you reckon, mate?

Did you make an official complaint about what happened with Sky?


Someone did.

Well, no...

Ferguson asked me to write an incident report, but that was it.

So you did write a report, then.

As far as I know, it's internal.

Oh, that's fantastic.


What's going on with those two?

Maybe I gotta get in on this gardening caper.

Reckon there's opportunities to be had.


Move along, ladies.

See ya later.


Bitch is onto me, so we've gotta strike first.

You sure you can get the gear in?


It's all organised. Brayden will be paying me regular visits.

But we've gotta get Franky out of the way first, or she'll keep coming.


She's a hot head. If I get her angry, she'll come after me.

We can use Sky to tell her when I'm alone.

Only I won't be.

All right, I'm in.

Me too.


Hey, Miss B.

I'm just here to get my books.

On the trolley, over there.

Thank you.

Hey, Red, what are you doing here?


I'm sorry, Franky. My cue slipped.

Ah, Slater, you're off the table.

What? It was an accident, Miss Bennett.

I don't care.

Back to your unit, now. Go.

You too, go.

I'm so sorry.


Where's the spray can?


Where's the spray can?

They're gonna...


You're pinned.


I'm just tired, hey.

Bullshit. Where'd you get it?

Did you get it off Simmo?


Was it Simmo?


Oh, f*ck.

Yeah, it was just a little bit.


Booms. Get in here.

Nah, Franky please.

Nah, I won't go to her again.

Close the door.

No, don't hurt me.

Oh, f*ck, please, Franky!

Say cheese, dickhead.

Oi, Simmo.

What happened to you?

Franky pinged me on the bloody gear.

I told you to be careful, ya silly little mole!

Nah, listen.

I know how you can get that bitch, eh.

She always studies in the Ed Centre, after dinner.


No Boomer, huh?



Don't do this. You can't trust Sky.

You know she's with Franky.

She's a junkie. She's anybody's, as long as they've got the gear.

And I'm the only one with access.


What are you doing? Job's not done. There's a whole section here.

I believe this is yours, Miss Jago.

You can come with me now.




You've come to join my study group, have ya?


You set me up.


Get her between the shelves.

You seem to like eight balls, Simmo.


You up for a game now?

Attention compound, attention compound.

All prisoners return to their units.

The count will commence in 15 minutes.

Come on, we gotta go.



I want you to finish the job.


Kneecap her.

They'll put her in protection.

She won't be back.

She won't be a pain in the arse.


No. She... Well, look, she...

She's almost out cold.

It'd be a bit dirty.

I don't care, Boomer.

I'm not f*ckin' around.

I want her out of here permanently.

I want you to use this.

Oh, f*ck.

That's hard core.

Just do it quick.

Get back before the count, hey?

Where's Simmo?

Piss off.

You'd better tell me because I think she's been set up.


Sorry, Mr. Jackson.

Where are you going?

Didn't you hear the call?

Yeah, I was just off to get Simmo.

OK, you stay here.

I'll get her. Where is she?

She's, um, she's in the shower block.

Yeah, it's...

It's a girl thing.


You've got five minutes. Run.

Boomer, Boomer! Don't do it, Boomer!

Oh, f*ck! sh1t!

You scared me.

She's had enough.

Oh, piss off.

She deserves it, all right?


You don't believe that.

You don't have to do everything that Franky tells you, all right?

Yeah, I do.

You just tell her that Mr Jackson came and you had to run.

All right? You just tell her anything.

Just don't do this.

Count commencing in five minutes.

You can still make the call if you go now.


Oh, sh1t.

Simmo. It's me.

Let's get you up.

Sierra Four, call in your count please.

Sierra Four, reporting please.


Is your radio down?

Where the hell is everyone?



Just give me one minute, please.

What the f*ck!

Just give me one minute.

Don't call it in yet.

Have you lost your head?

You've gotta raise the alarm, mate.



Jesus Christ.

What happened?

I just found her like this.

Sierra Five, will you please confirm.

Do you have an eyeball on Sierra Four?

Sierra Five, do you have an eyeball on Sierra Four?

What's going on?

Where are the prisoners from this unit?

Flet... Mr Fletcher?

I don't know.

Sierra Three, we have a code black.

I repeat, a Code Black.

I'm escorting Slater to medical.

This is your last chance to tell me something that vaguely resembles the truth.

I told you, I didn't see who hit me.

You told Mr Jackson that Slater was sick, which leads me to believe that, at the very least, you knew an attack was imminent.

No, no. No, Simmo said she was feeling unwell, so I went to get her from the shower block.

Mr Jackson.

Take Smith back to H4.

You and I will speak later.

What's going on?

Franky is starving me.

She won't let me eat, thanks to you.

Oh, punishment?


Oh, sorry.

Don't tell her you were there.

Don't worry.



I heard you got in the sh1t, Red.

It's not like you to miss a count, ya little straighty.

You know, if I were to somehow find out that you helped Simmo, that'd be very bad for you.

You've got nothing to worry about.

It is simply not acceptable.

I was brought here to stop the cycle of failure.

But I can only do that if everyone steps up and takes responsibility for their actions.

When officers ignore the protocols put in place, when certain inmates expect preferential treatment from guards, the whole system falls Governor, Mr Fletcher -

This is not a Q and A, Mr Jackson.

I will say this just once more to you all.

Join with me in fixing Wentworth, behave with professionalism... or get out.

That is all.

Mr Fletcher?

A moment.

How're you doing?

I'm fine, thanks.

Why do you ask?


How would you rate your performance?

I'm doing my job.

I would have to disagree.

In fact, I am rapidly running out of patience with you.


What for?

Further breaches of conduct could result in your dismissal.

Do you understand?

Consider this a final warning.

Come on, Roz. It's a big dick.

It's gonna take you a long time to cover it up. Come on.

You're off the hook.


Thanks, Franky.

Really appreciate it, Franky.

I'm glad the garden's safe.

But I'm not going to thank you for putting an innocent person in the slot.

An innocent person?


Do we even have any of those?


Not whatever.

I did you a favour and now it's your turn.

I want in on the garden detail today.

I can't. The detail's full.

Then get rid of someone.

All right.

Fletch, look.

I'm sorry about what happened.

I didn't mean to.

Are we talking about reporting me for the capsicum spray incident, or allowing prisoners to leave the muster and letting me taking the blame?

Look, I didn't mean for you to take the blame for that.

Sorry, again I'm confused here.

Which one are we talking about?

Look, Ferguson asked me to write that report.

Oh, so you just did it, like a good little boy?

You didn't question her motivation?

Look, I just wrote down what happened.

She's trying to get rid of me and she's using you to do it.

You know, that sounds really paranoid.

Mate, if you've got a problem with me, why don't you man up and say that to my face, huh?

What're you talking about?

Why would I have a problem with you?

Just forget it.

Oh, those mini cucumbers.

Can't wait for them to turn out.

Yeah, they're gonna be lovely.

They're gonna look great when you put them in.

They're gonna be cool.

When do you want the gear?

Soon as possible.


Yeah, OK.

Hey, we need a drop box.

Somewhere in the shed where I can put the cash and you leave the gear.

I was thinking under one of the floorboards, yeah?

It's gotta be safe.

Yeah, I can fix it.

Who're you talking to?

Just myself, sir.

Ah, Miss Miles, can I go and get the hose?

We're right here, love.

Go on.

Come, Booms.


What are you doing?

I brought some food for the bird.


I thought you would have been over here looking for me.

Not a chance.

Hurry up, Anderson.


Are you OK?

Do you mind?


Here, sit down.

You saved my arse last night.


Don't mention it.

To anyone.

Does Franky know?

She has her suspicions, yeah.

I guess we're both f*cked then.


I owe you. I won't forget it.

Hey, Simmo...

There's something you could do for me.

Can you please give this letter to Brayden?

It's to say how sorry I am.

You can read it. I've left it unsealed.

They won't let me post anything to him and...

Well, then I thought that when he visits, you could maybe...

I don't think you owe him anything.

What do you mean?

I took his mother's You don't need to do this.

You don't need to feel guilty.

You're serving your time.

I, uh...

It would just put my mind at rest.



He's coming in tomorrow.



What brings you here, Red?

Have you got a sec?

I might.

You know the law, right?

Yeah, wish I'd studied it before my trial.


Do you think I have a chance at an appeal? To reduce my sentence?

What'd you get? Twelve years?


Plea bargain?


Probably not.

Sounds about right to me.

But if I wanted to give it a shot, where do I start?

You can start by telling me where you were during the count.

I was in the shower block.

I didn't hear the call.

How come?

Because I was washing my hair.

There's a lot of it.

I hope that's the case.


Wild orchid.

Ooh, that's hot.

You can, uh, ask your lawyer what mitigating factors they can present in appeal.


Mitigating factors.

Yeah, you might be able to squeeze a few months off, maybe.

Is that all?

You did stab someone in the neck with a pen.


OK, thanks.

And whatever you think, I'm not siding with Simmo against you.

Mr Jackson?

I've got a visitor's request form.

Put it there.

It's urgent. It's my lawyer.

I need him to come tomorrow.

Well, that won't happen.

Why not?

Do you see that pile there?

I'm working from the bottom up, Bea.

Well, is there any chance that maybe -

No, there is absolutely no chance.

Cos last time I did you a favour, you shat on me.

I didn't mean to get you into trouble.

But you did lie to me.

Slater wasn't sick.

So why put yourself on the line for her? See, I don't understand.

Well, I didn't know that that's what was going to happen.

You're still lying to me, Bea.

I know there's more to it than that.

I couldn't let another person get hurt, all right?

I'm really sorry.

I'll put it through.

Thank you.

Whatever it is, Bea, I hope you're not playing a dangerous game.


Look at this, ladies.

Hey. Come inside.



You're needed in here for a minute.

Come and show this knucklehead how to get things done.

Mr Faulkner.

He's a guts.

He eats like my kid.

Have you got a kid?



Yeah, I don't see her anymore, but.

What happened?

Her mum, she dumped me when I got busted.

Still think about her every day, but.

I'm sorry.


So, there are going to be rake hooks in this spot here and then all the tools over here, yeah?

No, no, no, it's the other way round. I want 'em here.

And make sure the table legs are raised, otherwise the mice get into the fertilizer.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Come on.

The f*ck?

Piss off.

Both of youse.

Gettin' your end in, Nashy?

f*ck off, Bates.


Half your luck, mate.

Did you put the bet on?

Yeah, ten o'clock at Cranny.

Any minute now.

You've developed a sudden interest in gardening, Doyle.

It's the veggies, Miss Ferguson.

I just love 'em.

You know, home grown, nice and fresh.

I'm telling you this once only.

Any incidents out here and you'll be eating your vegetables in the slot.



Better get back to it.

We good?


Just down there.

You drop the cash in.

The gear will be waiting.

OK, that's a down payment.

Balance'll be paid street to street.

Got a visitor in today.

She'll sort the rest out.

Put it away. It's all there.

No, no, no, this is for the boss man.

I want something a little extra.

What the f*ck are you talking about?

We agreed on a price.

Yeah, just something for my trouble.

Know what I mean?

Oh, f*ck.

You've gotta be f*ckin' kidding me.

Listen, babe, it's either that or it's no deal.

Bea. Your lawyer's here to see you.


I just need to go to the loo.

Can you give me a sec?

Make it quick, eh?

Ah, this way, Mr Dalby.

Thank you.

To be honest, I'm really not quite sure why I'm here.

I guess I really came because it's a favour to you, Bea.

Now, I've been over your old case notes and I'm afraid I think we've exhausted avenues of appeal...

...and that amounted to a reduction of 18 months.

And there was also, of course, a reduction to extenuating circumstances, namely, the death of your daughter and, of course, the deceased's son's relationship with her.



What I guess I'm trying to say is, I think I've pretty much done all I can for you.

If there's anything you'd like to ask me while I'm here, I'm more than happy to answer any questions, Bea.

This is for you.

Who's this from?

Bea Smith.

Ah, Bea?




This is for Debbie!

Let go, Bea.

Oh, f*ck! Let me go!

Let me go!

Calm down, Smith!

Code Black, OT, Code Black.

Code Black, OT, Code Black.

You monster!

Come on.

You f*cking monster!

What the f*ck!