02x05 - Twist the Knife

I'm off the grog, mate.

Four weeks tomorrow.

Nice one. It's part of the new stress management thing I'm doing.

I found a journal - Fletch's.

There was some stuff about him and a previous governor - Meg Jackson.

You haven't said anything to him about Meg and I? Of course not.

Cos if he knew, he'd f*cking kill me!

This is for Debbie.

Vinnie's not gonna let this slide.

So you keep your head down.

Someone's coming for her.

Useful having friends, isn't it?

None of these people are my friends.

I'm simply stating there is strength in numbers.

You're vulnerable when you're alone.

Catch it!

Bea, Bea, Bea!

Bea, I'm free! Here!

Dors, get over there!


Shoot! Shoot!

Get it in! Get it in!

What was that?

f*cking bitch plays dirty. Wouldn't be playing if you'd done what I said.

They are winning because they're playing as a team.

They're winning because of Maxine and Simmo.

OK, so you know what you need to do.

We can take 'em out. We can f*cking take 'em all out!

OK, let's f*cking do it. Stop talking about it.


Let's go, girls.

Someone get on her, please!


Rose, get up there!


Nice try.

Are you all right?

Yeah, didn't hurt at all.

f*cking tranny.

I'm all right!

Good play, Maxine!



There's nothing to say, Governor.

It's sorted.

What is? Personal issue that we had to sort out.

Which was?


So there'll be no ongoing issues?

No, Governor.

Don't disappoint me again.

Go back to work.

Thank you for not saying anything.

I'm on your side, Vera.

Governor, I...

I-I don't know how to say this.

You didn't say anything...

Stop... struggling, Vera.

I know what you're asking, and the answer is no.

Course not.

I gave you my word.

I'm sorry I asked.

Vera, avoid letting others' personal issues interfere with your work.

Don't make that mistake.

If you want me to resign, I will.

But you need to let me explain first.

You knew the whole time.

No, not while it was happening.

In future, don't roster me with him, or I might just kill him.

I'm so sorry.

I'm done with the pair of you.

Hey, Mr Fletcher! We won basketball.

Did you see us?

Is everything OK?

Yeah, fine.

I'm doing one of those guided trips.

And then I'm heading over to Cozumel Reef for the scuba diving.

I hope there are no sharks over there! I'll be fine.

And please be careful in those hostels. There are all sorts of weirdos in those places.

I'm not staying in the hostels.

Vinnie's lined up some proper hotels!



The Holts are paying for my flights and everything.

Hey, honey, can you grab us a drink, please? Sure. Get me one too. OK.

Why are the Holts paying for our daughter's holiday?

I don't know. It's a reward, I guess.

She's been doing a bit of work for Brayden. What kind of work?

Well, he looks after Vinnie's clients and Carly's been helping.

Why are you freaking out?

Because I don't want Carly in debt to the Holts!

What's she supposed to do? Say no?

They'd love that!

Anyway, it's doing YOU a favour too.

They're getting you out.

For saving Brayden.

When? Soon.

They're gonna gag a witness.

What are they gonna do about Bea?

Nothing yet.

Vinnie's just dragged them by a turf war.

They gave Kat's brother a housewarming. What happened?

They torched the place while he was asleep.

He's one crispy critter now.

There you go. Thanks, honey.

Hey, I want lots of photos and I expect a visit as soon as you get back.

With a bit of luck, you'll be out by then. Yeah.

Hey, er, how's Mum?

Yeah, she's all right.

Yeah? Still hasn't come to visit, eh?

Yeah, her leg's been playing up again.

Anyway, he said she's send photos of the puppies.

They're not pups any more.

All they do is crap all over the place.

What's got up your arse?


No. Something's got...

Is that... Is that my necklace?

I didn't say you could wear that.

Daz said my stuff's still in his shed.

Yeah, it's not like you can use it.

It was only going to waste.

And he reckons it suits me.

What the f*ck were you doing at Daz's place?

Oh, no.

No, no, no. Why were you at Daz's?

Boomer! You do that again and you're out.

You tell me, Trina. Why?

We're together.

He dumped Michelle and now he's with me.

And we're like a proper couple.

You skinny bitch!

Right, Jenkins, you're gone.

Let's go.

You stop it or I'll slot you!

You tell him from me...

Let's go.

..why I... Crabs!

Come on. Come on.


There's some kind of turf war brewing.

So Vinnie's gonna be busy for a while.

But the Holts don't forget.

You still have to watch your back.

Is that your daughter?

Yeah. Can I?

She's really pretty.

Pretty dumb.

She's got herself tied up with the Holts.

Doing what?

Hosting clients or something.

But now they're paying for her to go to Thailand. That's generous.

No, that's what they do. They suck you in by flashing the cash around, then when the money dries up, you owe 'em.

I want better for Carly.

She's smart.

She's at uni.

She can be whatever she wanted to be.

I don't want her ending up like me.

Wasting her life.

She has been getting quite abusive lately.

Yeah, I'll be home as soon as I can.

I'm so sorry about that.

OK, bye.

Where's Will?

He's changed his shift. He's probably at the gym.

You told him about the journal, didn't you?


Don't play f*cking dumb with me.

You told him about it. Now he's stolen it!

I didn't tell him anything!

Fine. I'll find him myself.

Fletch! Fletch!

You need to calm down.

If you go after him, you're gonna make things worse. You...

You were the one in the wrong here.

Not Will.

Just leave it, please.

Where's all this eye candy I keep hearing about? Hm, good luck.

Ms Miles, where are the blokes?

I don't think they'll be here today.

Why, what's happened? Walford's in lockdown over some ODs last night.

Oh, God, here we go.

Who overdosed?

I dunno. I'm not psychic.

Don't worry, love. It won't be Nash.

Is he a user? No.

Then you got nothing to worry about.

Hey, Ms Miles, how long are we looking at?

Dunno. Up to the Governor.

Can I please get a hand with these bags?

I'll do it.

I can't move them on my own.

I thought you'd lost your voice.

I was enjoying the peace and quiet.

I need to, er... talk to you for some advice and stuff.

Yeah, what about?

It's about Daz and my sister, but erm, it's private.

We need someone like Maxine.

You don't need her, you got me!

Yeah? Yeah.

Anyway, er, Trina came to see me.

Hey, hold that.

And she told me...

I'll help you. No, no, put it down.

Right, are you ready? Yeah.

One two three...

OK. You don't need two people to hold one bloody bag!


Just drop it in the doorway.

Get off.

Are you all right?


Are you sure?

I'm sweet.

It's hard being away from them, yeah?

Leaving them out there all on their own. Carly's all right.

She can take care of herself.

Brayden's dangerous. You know that.

If Carly's working with him, God knows what she's getting into.

Who said anything about Brayden?

Anyway, she's too smart to do anything stupid.

But she might not even know it till it's too late.

If you could do something to guarantee her safety, to protect her, would you?

What are you talking about?

Get me a name. Someone on the outside I can use to get to Brayden.

Are you f*cking kidding me?

No. A name and a number.

And I'll sort it out.

I thought you were smarter than this.


'Did he find you?'

Who? Fletch.

He knows you took the journal.

What the hell are you t...



'Will, what happened?'

Someone's broken in to my place.


Jesus Christ.


Vera, I've gotta go.

I've gotta call the cops.

No, don't do that.

'Someone's broken in.'

I think it was Fletch.

Do you wanna tell me what the f*ck is going on?

Stay there. Do not call the police.

I am coming straight over.

Since when did Fletch keep a f*cking diary?

His psychologist made him do it.

Yeah. And I can guess what's in it.

So you didn't take it? I don't want to read his bullshit, OK?

Was anything stolen?

No. He didn't want my f*cking Blu-ray, that's for sure.

I can't believe he'd do this.

You know what, I've had it with him.

I swear to God I should call the cops and have him locked up.

Look, don't do that!

Give me one good reason why not, Vera.

Because you'll blow this thing wide open.

Do you really wanna discuss your personal life to the police?

Or a court?

I know Fletch did the wrong thing, but it wasn't just him./

It was Meg too.


Get out.

At least sleep on it.


'Attention, compound. H block are now called to dinner.'

Hey, Maxine. Hey.

Wanna come sit with us?

No. I'm fine here.

Back trouble? Nah. Piss off, Simmo, OK? I'm fine.

Give me my fork back.

OK, then.


Jenkins, pick the fork up.

Can't help myself.

The bitch nearly kneecapped me.

Lucky I was there to stop her.

I've got some cash coming from the sale on the house.

I can pay someone.

Anything they want.

You can take a cut too. Yeah?

Carly will be safe.

Carly's safe now.

What? Really? You really think that?

Do you even know what job she's doing?

I told you. Waitressing.

Oh, come on.

I thought you were smarter than this.

Maybe it's like voodoo pain, you know, from Trina stabbing me in the back.

Does it hurt when I press here?

You expect it from your girlfriends, don't you?

Especially if your ex is really hot, but you don't expect your sister to be blowing him.

What about here?

Oh, yeah!

OK, all right. Just stay there.

Hey, Franky?


I will haven't heard from Nash.

What do you want ME to do about it?

I thought maybe you could get a note to him for me. Oh, yeah, sure.

Then we can play hopscotch and braid each other's hair.

Please, Franky! Come on, help me out.

You're such a little sop, aren't you?

I just wanna know Nash is OK.

All right, go write your love letter. Thanks, Franky!

I owe you one!

You better believe it.

What about a lap dance?

What are you doing?

Just take a seat, please.

I was just checking.

I'm gonna get the doctor to prescribe you some anti-inflammatories.

Hey, you won't tell anyone, will you?

I have to file a report.

Oh, yeah, but don't tell any of the women.

I don't want them thinking I'm a wuss.

No, it's all right. Your secret's safe with me.

'Zero Three to the medical centre.'

Thanks, mate.

Right, let's get down to business.

And you are?

Ben Fisher.

You took your time.

Yeah, I got held up. Office drinks.

Max, isn't it?

It's Maxine.

I did request a female lawyer.

Why request a Beyonce and a Lamborghini?

It's legal aid, mate.

You get what you're given.

One sec. Just need a refresher...

The paperwork says you wanna plead not guilty.

Yes. But you admitted in your police statement that you stabbed him with scissors.

That's right, yes.

Well, that's a problem.

No, it was unintentional.

I made a mistake.

I still love him.

So it was a crime of passion?

I'm not a danger to society.

Unless you've got scissors.

I'm just joking, mate.

Listen, I'm not your mate. OK?

And I would appreciate it if you did your job and helped me get out of here.

You want the truth?

Basically you haven't got a hope in hell.

You signed a confession.

You might as well change your plea to guilty.

Thank you for your careful, considered advice.

You can go back to your office drinks.

'This is personal and we need to talk about it.'

'You think it's going to disappear? You f*cking, f*cking...'

You can sit with me, if you like.

Why? Cos you're the queen?

It's uncanny!

Who was your visitor?

The legal aid lawyer.

Bad news?

Well, he's 12. He's useless.


And he's transphobic.

Well, you know, if there's genuine discrimination, you can get rid of him.



You stabbed your fella, right? Yeah?

That's 20 years on the top.

You wanna be sure you get a suit who knows what they're doing.

What's your defence?

That it... that it's a crime of passion.

Nah. Nah.

You wanna claim diminished capacity.

I don't... I don't know what diminished capacity is.

It means the hormones you're on affected your judgment.

And then there's the family violence defence.

How... how do you know all this?

Gonna be a shit-hot lawyer one day.

Hey, Franks.

You got a minute?

No, I'm busy, Booms.

You know what? I could use someone like you on my crew.

What does that mean?

Well... someone, you know... strong.

I'm not gonna be your henchwoman.

There was no henching implied.

Oh, there was hench.

Was there, now? Yes, there was.

Look at you, picking up on things.

You must have had a feeling about that. I did, yes.



Fletch, are you there?

You said there wasn't a problem.

It's all there in writing.

I'd hoped we'd be able to work together, but I don't think I can do that.

I'm resigning before I do something I regret.

Don't make life-changing decisions when you're emotional.

It's not emotion.

It leads to mistakes.

Like this one.

You two have been friends for a very long time. I'm sure you can... undo whatever's been done.

I doubt it.

A resignation goes on your record.

It'll raise questions with future employers. You don't want that.

Have a couple of days to reconsider, then we can have this conversation again.

You're a good officer, Mr Jackson.

I need you.

And so do the women.


Ah! You want my help.

I said beans, you retard!

This is beans.

Hey! Hey, hey, hey!

sh1t! You all right?

Grow up!

I'm all right. I'm all right!


Hang on, hang on.

I'll get your chair.

Yep. Ta.

What are you looking at?!

Why do you keep doing that?

Might as well make the most of it while she's out of action.

What's wrong with her?

Who cares?

You look shattered.

Didn't sleep well.

I'd be worried too, if I was you.

Don't start that again.

Brayden will use Carly, if he's not already.

I mean it. Shut up.

What if he's seducing her, like he did Deb? Hm?

Or getting her hooked on something.

How do you know he's not in Thailand with her, using her as a drug mule?

If she gets caught... she's in a Thai prison for life - or dead.

Carly's not stupid like Deb was.


You keep telling yourself that.

Why... why didn't you tell me, Mum?

Is that why you haven't come to visit?

Nah, it's just cos... cos you'd promised you'd visit, that's all.

Let me in for some smokes.

Don't you wanna see me?

Hey, hurry up.

f*ck off!

Not you, Mum.

Mum? Mum!

You stupid f*cking bitch!

I need to call my husband!

I don't give a sh1t!

This way, girls. Simmo's not using the phone any more. Oh, f*ck!

Jenkins, what's going on? Nothing.

Nothing. Simmo's just finished. That's all.

All right. Back to your unit, then.

You'll regret this!

Yeah, I doubt it.

Jenkins, you too.

That's a promise.

Yeah, I'm going.

Hey. Yeah, stick it on the bed.

I'll get it to Nash.

I've worded up, Smalls.

Cool. Thanks.

Don't read it. Don't worry.

I don't wanna throw up!

Faye? Yeah?

Did you get what I wanted?

Oh, yeah.

Booms! Oh, she's not in her cell.

Come on. We've gotta go.

You done?

All good.

Have you seen Booms?


Hey, Lizzie.

Liz. Yeah?

Have you seen Booms?

No, not since brekkie. Why?

Maybe she's in Medical with her back?

What's wrong with her back?

Oh, I don't know. She's, like, pulled it out or something.

Dumb waiter's on the blink again.

Yeah! Less work for us ladies.

Busier we are, the quicker the day goes.

Nah, you just need better drugs.

The days fly by.


Anyone know where Jenkins is? Nah.


"Zero three to zero six."

"She's not in her unit or in Medical." Copy that.

Zero six to all officers. Sue Jenkins failed to report to the work unit.

"Roger, zero six. Searching compound.

This is a lockdown."

"All women to remain in their units until further notice."

OK. Everyone back to work. We'll return you to your cells shortly.

What have you done to her? Hm?

Don't look at me! Nah! You went off at her in the phone queue.

You said you were gonna get her.

What would you know?

You're off your face all the time!

I know what I heard.

Desperate to call your old man, weren't you? Huh?

What's she talking about?

Oh, look. Don't listen to her!

She's a junkie!

What have you done to her?

Nothing, I swear!

If you've done anything to hurt her, you'll leave here in a body bag.

She didn't do anything.

Hands off, Doyle.

We're good.

Get back to work.

I want a thorough search before we contact police.

Do the building then get the prisoners back in their cells.

Workmen were fixing the security gate. They could've been breached.

Check it out. Vera, you'll handle locks A through D.

Yes, Governor.

Come with me.

Go ahead.

I'll catch up with you later.

I was calling you last night.

I went to your house. Where were you?

Why the lockdown? What's...

Jenkins is missing.

What the hell were you thinking, breaking into Will's house?

He almost called the police.

I didn't break into Will's house.

He knows it was you.

You told me to leave it, so I did.

What's the holdup?

I'm on my way, Governor.

Stay away from him.

You're late.

Yeah, sorry, Governor.

Traffic was a bitch.

You have trouble dressing this morning?

Jenkins is missing.

Workers were fixing the gate in the boiler room.

You'd better check it out, see if there's been a breach.

So you tried calling Spitz.


Look, I'm sorry if I freaked you out.


What's this? Reverse psychology?

No. Listen. When Deb was younger, I promised her that she would live a really long... and happy life.

Brayden Holt took her before her time.

And that... is why I want him dead.

I understand. I really do.

But Carly wouldn't get involved with Brayden. Not like that.


Miss Miles?

Got something for you.

Stick with me.

I can get you anything.

I already told you.

I'm not joining anyone's crew.

Well, you saw it.

I look after my girls.

Yeah. I saw it.

If that were true, you'd be worried about Boomer right now, not yourself.

Thank you, but... they're not my colours. Excuse me.

"Zero one to zero six. H4 is clear."

"You can return the women to their unit." Roger that.

OK. H4, you can come with me.

I'll be back for H2 when we get the all clear.

Come on.

Come on, Jenkins. Game's over.

Let's go.

Come on. Out you come.

She's not here.


Vera told me about your house.

I had nothing to do with it. OK?

Just like you didn't send those texts or slash my tyres!

I know nothing about that.

What texts?

Get out of my way.

No, mate. You're gonna hear me out.

OK? You're gonna hear me out.

What? Does your shrink want a few more pages for your journal?

So you read it. I didn't read your f*cking journal! I didn't rob your f*cking house! Bullshit!

It wasn't Meg that made the first move, OK? OK?

It was me. It was all me.

I wouldn't take no for an answer.

Why are you doing this, Fletch? Eh?

Do you wanna be punished? Is that it?

Will that make your guilt go away?

Will it? Maybe. Maybe.


Maybe? You wanna talk?

Let's f*cking hear details, then, eh?

Let's hear details, Fletch, eh?

How many times did you f*ck her, Fletch? Eh?

How many times did you f*ck her?

Where did you do it?

My place, your place?

Did you blow on her? Did she f*cking like it? You wanna talk?

f*cking talk!

Half a dozen times!

OK? At my place, mostly.

A few times in the car and once in an alleyway.

You're telling me... you and my wife in a f*cking alleyway, eh?! Yeah!

It was great.

I really got off on it.

Go on! Hit me!

Come on.

Come on!

You know what?

You're not f*cking worth it!

You know the baby Meg got rid of?

I reckon that was my baby.

Your daughter looked well yesterday.

Yeah, she's excited. She's going to Thailand on the weekend.

I'd kill for a bit of romance in the sun.

Oh, it's not that sort of holiday.

She hasn't got a boyfriend.

Really? She was all over him in the car park!

No, Carly was here with her dad.

Yeah. But she left with someone else.

Pretty sure it was Brayden Holt.

f*ck you!

What's wrong with her?

Leave us.

I just need to finish -

It wasn't a suggestion.

You lied to me.

You said this was over.

This cannot go on. If you find it impossible to control your behaviour, you should resign.

I beg your pardon?

You have an attitude problem, Mr Fletcher.

Now, I don't care if it's because you missed out - If Will wants me to leave... then I'll leave.

But I'm not leaving because you want me to.

All right.

Then we'll do it the hard way.

You fire me... and I'll go straight to Channing, straight to the board.

I'm the one sitting here with the cuts and bruises!

How's that gonna look, Governor? Huh?

You should be very careful how you speak to me, Mr Fletcher.

Very careful indeed.

The compound's still being searched, so you'll be confined to your unit.

How long's it gonna take?

Dunno. Cos I've got plans.

I've gotta fit in some shopping and a Brazilian wax before five!

What's that?


Please! Get back.

It's her!



Holy crap!

G'day, Miss Miles.

How's it going?

Sierra six to sierra three.

I've found Jenkins.

Copy that, sierra six.

Miss Miles has got Jenkins.

Vera, I heard.

Bring her up straight away.

Yes, Governor.

And call off the search. Will do.

Shut the door.

I guess you can accept my resignation now.

You are not the problem.

Mr Fletcher is.

But your actions today have complicated things.

He now looks like the victim.

I can't work with him any more.

You won't have to. I will... sort something out.

I'm sorry.

I'm better than this.


I am better than this.

That's why I'm giving you one last chance.

I need you to do me a favour and burn that journal.

Get this through your thick head.

I don't have your journal.

You come near my place again and I will call the cops.

Think about it.

I would've used the key.


The spare. It's in the pot plant.

If I was breaking in, I'd've used that.

I was down there... trying to fix the thing.

And... and the door just shut on me.

What, all by itself?


Well, the officers searched that area. Why didn't you call out before?

Because I didn't wanna get busted, did I?

Who locked you in there?

No-one. I told you!

The laundry chute has been playing up a bit lately.


I bet all the women are laughing at me, aren't they?

It must be terrible being the brunt of other people's jokes.

I bet Franky only keeps you around cos...

Well, you're useful.

She never even came forward to express her concern. Did she, Vera?

No, none of them did. None.


You don't owe them anything, Jenkins.

It's time you started looking out for yourself.

Now, you tell me... how Franky is bringing the contraband in here and I will move you to Protection with maximum privileges.

What sort of privileges?

Extra visits... extra spend... bigger TV.

Maybe even a games console.

Sonic the Hedgehog?

Cos I like Sonic the Hedgehog.

You tell me what you know, Boomer... you can have whatever you want.

Can you give us a minute?

Make it quick.


You OK?

Seen Ferguson?

Don't worry. I didn't say nothing.

She's sending me to the slop.

I missed you.

You locked yourself in there, didn't you?

Didn't know I'd get stuck in there, did I? You doofus!

Right, Jenkins. Let's go.

I know you've been busy, but when you get out we'll chat about your dumb-arse sister.

Oh. Oh.


I'll get you the name.

Someone who can take care of Brayden.

What you do with it after that is up to you.


Hey, darls.

Is Carly seeing Brayden?

What? You heard me.

Is she seeing Brayden?

She's a teenager.

I don't know what she does.


You got that name?

Tell your mate to call her Uncle Morgan.

And tell her to be careful.

What's Vinnie doing about getting me out?

It's happening.


But he wants something in return.

Bea Smith.

I don't understand.

The hit's still on.

Vinnie wants her dead.

And you're doing it.