02x09 - The Fixer

You f*ckin' lagged.

What are you talking about?

She'd didn't tell Ferguson!

Franky, it was me!


It was me.

If you ever come back to Wentworth, I will kill you myself.

I want to go into protection.

I could use someone like you on my crew.

Your husband gave me these for you to sign.

He fancies himself.

Fancies you, too.

It's positive.

Do we know who it belongs to?

No. I've organised for testing of all inmates to begin immediately.

Did you hear about the urine test?

Yeah, so? Won't they be able to tell you're pregnant?

Are you pregnant?

What? No!

I'm going to ask you... one more time.

Are... you... pregnant?

Get off me! Get off!

I haven't done anything!

Please! Please! Get off me!

What the f*ck's goin' on?

I haven't done anything! Please!

Help! Get off me! Get off!

The sooner you produce a sample, the sooner you can return to your unit.

I can't. There must be a mistake, Miss Ferguson...

The only mistake, Anderson, was the inmate you chose for your substitute urine.

I didn't, I swear. I just...

The laboratory found an anomaly with your specimen.

We know you're hiding something.

I can stand here all night if I have to, so I suggest you get on with it.

It's positive.

The women hate me.

It's because you're special.

Yeah, only to you.

I'm scared.

I promised you, I'll protect you.

Governor? Governor?

What do you want done with the prisoner?

f*ckin' Darth Vader and her stormies.

I swear that bitch has got sand in her snatch.

All that screaming, I thought someone was gettin' murdered.

Yeah, and I was having a really good dream, too, eh.

It's not funny, Boomer.

What's she gonna do to ya?

Gonna f*ck up his parole if they find out it was Nashy's splooge.

Hey, what's wrong with your piss?


Yeah, I was tested again cos of the piss you gave me.

You told me you were clean.

I am. It's just... It wasn't my wee.

Then whose was it? Maxine's.

Maxine's pregnant?

Moving you back is a calculated risk.

She'll see you as a threat, but it will unsettle her, too.

Create opportunity.

It's in your best interests to strike first.


But when I take her down, I'll do it when I'm ready.

I'm simply telling you, I can put you back into Doyle's orbit, but I cannot be seen to interfere in any other way.

You've made the right decision, Smith.

No f*ckin' way!

Home sweet home, Red.

What's your plan, Red?

There's no plan.

Problem is, I don't f*ckin' believe you.

This about our little misunderstanding?

It wasn't so little.

This stinks of Ferguson.

You can't trust that bitch, Red.

What, you think I trust her when she put me back in here with you?

It comes down to play between us, and it's your guts on the floor.

So, why wait?

Let's smash it right f*ckin' now.

You are so wrong.

I'm no threat to you.

You got that f*ckin' right.

Have you seen Bea?

Over there.

Bea, you've gotta come.

Maxine's going ape sh1t.


Maxine? Hey! Hey, stop it...

Get off me!

You try and keep the screws away.

Stop stop stop stop!

Hey, hey, stop.

It's OK. Shoosh, it's OK.

It's me.

Come on, you're alright.

What happened?

What happened?

They stopped my HRT.

I gave my urine to Jess and she gave it to Doreen.

Did someone lag?

No, the lab picked it up.

It's got a unique drug signature, apparently. It's all the...

It's all the hormones I take.

Do you know what will happen if I stop taking my meds?

Shh, it's OK. It's OK.

Come here. Look at me.

You know Ferguson's not the only one who can source drugs in here.

Franky? No.

But she's gonna want something in return.

Honey, do you want those meds or not?

See, I don't make the rules, Mr Smith.

I'm just underpaid to enforce them.

Yeah, stuff your rules.

I wanna see her.

You should have scheduled a visit.

You've been here enough times, Mr Smith, to know procedure.

You fill this in, we'll see what we can do for you next week.

No no no, look, I'm here now.

Oi, you. I wanna see Bea Smith.

Well, I doubt that Bea would want to see you.

And how would you know what my wife wants? Ex-wife.


But I'm not going anywhere.

You can tell that bitch that I'm gonna dump all her sh1t in the tip.

Yeah, you tell her.

Overweight passengers on airlines pay more for their seats.

Now, for some people, this argument comes down to a very simple matter of maths.

They say...

Hey, I heard about this morning.

Are you alright?

I'm so sorry, Doreen.

I didn't know.

It's not your fault.

You sure you're OK? Yeah, they were going to find out sooner or later, so...

Smith. Outside.

Hey, your ex is here to see you.

What does he want?

Well, he's selling the house, and packed all your stuff.


He said he's going to pay a month's rent on a storage unit, but won't pay any more.

Yeah, well, you tell him to put it in a letter.

So, you're back at H2?

Excuse me.

Anderson? Come with me.

Just be careful.


I can't begin to tell you how disappointed I am.

You're a peer worker. You are meant to be an example to the other women.

I gave you the garden project, and you turn around and do this to me.

I didn't mean to disappoint you, Miss Ferguson...

As Governor, Anderson, every breach of the rules disappoints me.

Who's the father?

Who is responsible?

I am.

Who... is... the father?

You can hit me again, but I ain't saying.

Ms Bennett?

Take her back to her work unit.

Ms Bennett?

Wait there, Anderson.

It's either an officer or a prisoner from Walford.

Find out who.

He's gonna grow up without a dad.

He doesn't need one.

I've got nobody now.

I'm all alone. Don't say that.

You're not.

You don't have to be alone. Ever.

Little bugger kicked.

Can you feel it?

She doesn't want to see you.

She wants you to put all the details in a letter.

No, that's bullshit.

I have every right to see her. I was married to her for 16 bloody years.

And you divorced her.

What would you know about that?

Well, I know that Bea's better off without you.

Do you think I don't know what's going on?

What's going on?

You and my wife, mate...


She was still my wife when you started f*cking her.

Right, get out. Well, he's not bloody denying it, is he?

I'm ordering you off the premises.

I knew last time I was here there was something going on.

Leave now. Don't f*ckin' touch me!

Get out!


You tell her this is where our daughter is.

This isn't f*ckin' over, mate!

Oi! You're a dead man, Smith!

Oh, you alright, Will?

Oh, what was all that for?

The garden project.

What about it?

Did Doreen Anderson have time alone with any of the male prisoners?

If she did, I wouldn't have been doing my job properly.

Well, that's already been established.

Did you allow any inappropriate fraternisation?

I don't know. Define inappropriate.

Jesus, Vera. Lighten up.

Don't patronise me.

This is about me and Fletch, isn't it?

Let me be clear.

If you say nothing now, and I discover there was such contact, whether you were complicit or simply negligent, there will be severe consequences for your career, so I will ask you again.

Officer Miles, were you aware of any incorrect relations between Anderson and a Walford prisoner?


Governor, have you got a minute?

Of course, Mr Jackson.

Um, I want to report an accusation that was made against me by a member of the public.

Go on?

Ah, the prisoner, Bea Smith.

Her ex-husband arrived for an unscheduled visit and, when it was denied, he accused me of having an inappropriate relationship with her.

And you are reporting this to me because?

He made the accusation at the visitors' reception in front of witnesses.

And there's no truth in it?

Of course not, Governor.

You are one of my finest officers.

Put in a full report. I'll lodge it formally with the department.

Anything else?

I think he could be responsible for a campaign of harassment against me.


What sort of harassment?

Threatening texts.

Malicious damage to my bike, and my house was ransacked.

And you have proof of this for the police? No.


Well, as I said, I suggest you file a report. Just to protect yourself.

Thank you, Mr Jackson.

Yes, Vera?

I know who it is.

Nash Taylor.

Did he rape you?


No, we love each other.

Mm, well, that must be very disconcerting.

He's up for parole, with two years of a suspended sentence hanging over him.

Two extra years for two sweaty minutes.

No, please.

Please don't say anything, Miss Ferguson...

But I have to, Doreen. I can't leave a prisoner's pregnancy unexplained.

Of course... you might be lying to me.

To protect someone else?


I mean, who's to say that Mr Taylor's the responsible party?

You know, it's not unknown for a prison officer to seduce someone under their charge.

In fact, I'm currently dealing with just such an accusation, against Mr Jackson.

What, you... you want me to say -

Mr Jackson got me pregnant?

I'd hate to see your young man spend another two years in jail for something he didn't do.

Mr Jackson? Are you sure that's what she was saying?


I mean, she didn't say it outright like I had to, but that's what she was getting at.

Well, what has she got against Will Jackson? I don't know.

Oh, well it must be some sort of political hoo-ha.

You are better off to stay out of it, Dor, and just let them sort it out.

Well, what about Nash?

You've only got to hang on for a couple more weeks. Oh!

That's easier said than done, Liz. Hey, hey, darling, what is the worst she can do to you?

Stick you in the slot, yeah?

How's Bea going?

Yeah, she's good.

She's back in H2, your old cell.

No way!

Yeah, she asked for it.

Why in the bloody hell would she go and do a stupid thing like that?

I don't know, but I'm glad she did, cos with you not there, it gives me someone to talk to.

Ooh, I bet Franky's pissed off, is she?

Yeah. Now I'm worried she'll make a move on her.

No, mate, she won't dare. No, Bea'll be looking out for it now, and she'll be safe, as long as she's got Maxine.

Rose, you want a cuppa?

No, thanks.

Hey, we still on for dinner tomorrow night?

Um, no, I don't think I can.

Oh. OK.

Can I ask why?

Yeah, sorry.

Something's just come up.

I can't do it.

Max, you don't have a choice, if you want those meds.

What if she asks me to hurt people?

Then you've gotta do it.

f*ckin' breath stinks!

Oi, Maxie, pull up a chair!

You might get lucky!

Can I talk to you?

What? Can I talk to you?

Yeah, come on, take a seat.

It's a tradition in here.

Every girl gets a lap dance on her birthday, eh?

It's not my birthday.

I can come back later. Hey, no, I'm busy later. now is good.

The Governor's cut off my meds.

I was hoping you could help me out.

Alright, party's over.

Come on. Party's over, f*ck off.



Sorry about that.

Come sit down. Come on.

Thank you.

What do you need?

I wrote it down.

It's gonna cost you.

You prepared to pay the rent?

Yes, how much?

Nothing in coin.

You want this sh1t on a regular basis?

Then you're my hench.

I've had a think, Miss Ferguson.


The thing is, no-one can prove Nash is the father.

Only one of them DNA tests can do that.

And even then, you'd have to wait for the baby to be born.

And Mr Taylor will long be free by then.

You know, some years ago, at another correctional facility, there was a prisoner, a young woman, similar in age to you.

She entered the prison one month pregnant.

Delivered six weeks premature.

It was an emergency labour.

No time for hospital.

It was a complicated birth.

The child almost died.

A boy...

The prisoner was given permission to keep the baby with her.

Over the next six months, she... naturally formed a very close bond with him.

But unfortunately, for the woman, the Governor saw this child as a distraction to the smooth running of his prison.

Protective Services became involved, and a social worker investigated.

Please, no, no!

He ended up siding with the Governor, ordering the removal of the child.

It was very traumatic for the girl...

To have formed such an intimate bond with something so precious, only to have it ripped away.

I blame the social worker myself for being so easily manipulated, but... governors, you know, they have such influence and power.

These tragedies can happen.

I've got a job for you, Maxie.

Come on, let's get this over with.

Come on!

Now, are you sure there's no dizziness?

Yeah. Or headaches?

No, I'm fine.


Just a sec, I just want to check your abdomen, OK?

Is there any pain when I press here?


What about there? No.

Don't s'pose you're going to tell me who did this?

Ah, do you need any painkillers or something to help you sleep at all?

No, I'm OK. No? Alright, then, ah, when Mr Jackson's finished with you, you can return to your unit.

Thanks. Yeah.

Are we finished?

Go on, then. Get out of here.

It's a waste of time. You know they'd rather cop a beating than lag.

Well, I'm surprised she wouldn't talk to you.

Look, Will, it's...

It's not my place to judge, but...

I heard what her ex-husband said to you.

Is it true?

Have I backed the wrong horse?



She doesn't do her own dirty work.

Then I suggest she needs some encouragement.

Yeah, I'm working on it.

Work harder.


I'm gonna need something from you first.

Miss Bennett, can I have a word?

Why was I shut out of the lab test results?

I deemed that information, "Need to know."

I'm the nurse. If there is a pregnant prisoner, I do need to know.

Is it Bea Smith?

Smith? Why would you think that?

There's been accusations of an affair between her and an officer.

And if she was pregnant to a guard and the other prisoners found out about it, it might explain why she was bashed.

It's not Smith, it's Anderson, and it wasn't an officer, it was a prisoner from Walford.

You're going to drop it, oh!

Oh, look at you, little Maggie!

You're so cute, eh?

It's very tame, isn't it?

To take a wild thing like that and nurture it.

You enjoy mothering, don't you?

You know, I might be in here, but I still have rights.

And no social worker'll be taking my baby away from me.

There are other ways to lose a baby, Doreen.

I've gotta do it.

I've got no choice.

Oh, mate, of course you've got a choice.

You make a false accusation, you open yourself up to a whole world of pain you don't need.

But he's just a screw.

What does it matter?

No, Will Jackson is one of the few decent screws in here.

Why not say it was Mr Fletcher?

I mean, I could half believe that.

Liz, I wouldn't do it with any screw.

Of course you wouldn't, and that's why you've gotta stick to your guns.

She's gonna take my baby or worse, she'll kill it.

Come on, come on, you're being ridiculous.

Darling, she is just trying to intimidate you, Dor.

Well, it's working!

You have got to be strong.

It's easy for you to say.

You don't even have kids, Liz.

I do.


I... I've...

I've got two kids, Dor.


And I stuffed up with both of them.

You never said bloody nothin'!

It's because there's bloody nothin' to say...

Bullshit! I tell you everything!

Dor, don't...


No, I'm not going to do this now.

How can you not...

I can't! Just leave it. Leave it.

I lost my kids because I made a shitty decision, and I don't want you to make the same mistake I did.

Oh, you gotta be strong, Dor.

Hey? Be strong.

Miss Bennett? I've got a message for the Governor. Tell her...

Tell her she can make all the threats she likes, but I won't be saying Mr Jackson's the father of my baby when it's not true.



I... I owe you an apology.

I got my wires pretty badly...

Yeah, you did... crossed.


I f*cked up.

Anyway, I'm sorry.



I haven't got around to cancelling that dinner booking yet.

But Will Jackson.

Why Will Jackson?

I have reason to believe Mr Jackson was involved in an inappropriate relationship with the prisoner, Bea Smith.

I can't prove it but I believe it to be fact.

My efforts to get Anderson to implicate Mr Jackson were an attempt to further mitigate damage to this prison.

To give me grounds for his immediate dismissal.


But what?

Sometimes you have to stir up the waters to catch a fish.

You could have him charged.

What, and put the system through a very public and protracted legal battle?

That kind of spectacle would do no-one within these walls any favours.

I made an executive decision to cut out the rot before it spreads.

Do you understand?

Of course, Governor.

What do we do with Anderson?

Slot her.




You look beautiful, by the way.

Are you on? Yep.



Hello, can you hear me?

No response. Get the gurney.

Look, is she going to be alright?

It's too early to tell, mate.

Can you let her family know where she's going?

Get that line in.

What's her condition?

Hmm... Yes, her details are on file.

Which hospital?

I'll see that her family's informed. Keep me updated.




Rose, you're gonna be OK, alright?

Was there an accident?

It wasn't an accident.


See you soon, OK? Promise.

What do you want?

Open the f*cking door!

I got nothing to say to you.

Oh, we won't be doing much talking, mate. Open the door!

Open the door, Harry.

Open the door!

I'm calling the cops!

7 Cromwell Ave, Vermont.

Open the door, Harry!

I've got a psychopath trying to break into my house.

He's got an axe.

You've gotta send someone now!

You leave that van the f*ck alone!

I've done nothin' to you!

Except you ran me off the f*cking road!

f*ck! Slashed my tyres!

Trashed my f*cking house!

Get off it, you mongrel!

You're gone, mate.

I'm... I'm so sorry, Bea.

How're your hands?

They're... They're fine.

Got something for you.

They're my meds.

These are my hormones.

Yeah, the real deal.

Not that sh1t Franky's been giving you.

And when you run out, I can get you some more.


No need to worry about that.

Just think of it as payment.

Payment for what?

I need you to be my eyes and ears on Franky's crew.

You planned this?

I needed Franky to trust you.

Attention compound.

Final count will commence in two minutes.

I need you to hide this for me.

I can't keep it in H2.

I need you to tell me everything that Franky's planning, right?

I need to know when she's coming for me.


There won't be any charges.

I've seen to that.

No need to thank me, Mr Jackson.

Just lucky for you I have the right friends.

Thank you, Governor.

I don't condone what you did, but I do understand why you did it.

Let's just hope that Harry Smith has learned his lesson.

Yeah, well I doubt that.

Well, I'm sure he won't harass you anymore.

As for running you off the road, just let the police deal with that, yes?

After all, I don't want to lose the best officer I have.