03x01 - The Governor's Pleasure

Bea Smith?


I need you to come with me.


Go back inside!

I'll be back, I promise!

All right, ladies!

Back to your cells!

You don't want to be the odd one out, do you?


I do run this prison, And nobody challenges me and gets away with it.

Please, don't do this.

You know it's not right.

Get on with it.

This one's for Bea.

I'm Brayden.

Brayden Holt.

My mum's here, too.


Where's my little girl?

You're a loner.

But it doesn't pay to be alone in here.

Do you feel helpless, Smith?

You're vulnerable when you're alone.

That's why people form alliances.

I'm so disappointed.

I had high hopes for us.

There'll be others.

So, who's got the guts to step up, huh?

You've missed this, have you?

I want payback for Debbie.

Brayden Holt?

You're not who you think you are.

Your true nature will eventually come out.

This is for Debbie!

I hope you're not playing a dangerous game.

Look, I've got something coming to you this afternoon.

It's Bea's!

She won.

Are you with Smith?

No, I'm just outside the ward.

Get back to her, now!

Those injuries were self-inflicted.

Where is she?

I'm pregnant!



How could you drag me into this?

I'm on parole!

I'm going straight to the department with this.

I'm gonna bring you down.

Don't... move!

Shout me a drink first?

Gun! Gun!


This is Queen Bea.

She's the top dog now.

Bea Smith was today sentenced for the murder of Brayden Holt. Absent, of course is crime patriarch, Vinnie Holt, Who collapsed and died after the funeral of his son Brayden. Mother, and convicted murderer, Bea Smith faced to the Supreme Court today for sentencing.

She remained unrepentant to the end.

Do you have anything to say before I pass sentence?

Brayden Holt took my daughter's life.

So I took his.

And I'd do it all again.

Smith's story has generated massive public sympathy, She took on and destroyed on of Melbourne's most-feared crime families, In revenge for the death of her daughter, Debbie.

Justice Nichols remained unmoved, Sentencing Smith to life without parole, She will spend the rest of her days behind bars.

You're so courageous, Bea!

I would've done the same thing!

How do you feel about your sentencing, Bea?


We believe in you!

How do you feel about your sentencing, Bea?

Do you have anything to say, Bea?

Governor Ferguson, for the last four months, she's--

She's taken away all the inmates' privileges she's been punishing the women for what I've done, and it's gotta stop!

You're our hero, Bea!

You're our hero!

The Chairman of the Board of Correctional Services - Victoria, Maintains that Governor Ferguson has their full support.

Have you read this report?

I compiled it, Mr. Chairman.

"Prisoner organized a distraction to steal a security card."

"Prisoner accessed mail room with stolen card in order to steal a box cutter."

"Prisoner slashed own wrists in order to avoid cuffing--

"Prisoner escaped from hospital while undergoing treat for injuries."

And all of this on your watch!

I believe the hospital is, actually, outside my sphere of influence.

It was one of your officers who was meant to be on guard. Do I need to go on?

Since Smith's escape, I have instituted punitive measures.

Too late!

You've lost control of your prison!

If it wasn't for your loyal support of Mr. Channing, here you wouldn't have a job.

Now, you are on notice, Governor.

One more stuff up, And you'll be stripped of your appointment.

Do I make myself clear?

However with the ground swell of support in and out of the prison for Bea Smith, the question remains--


--how will Governor Ferguson keep control?

She's back.

[Theme music]

G'day, Di.

What's she doing in here?


Like to watch, do you?

Now, Smith.

That's the last time you'll be wearing those clothes.

Might as well donate them to someone who can use them.


Getting off yet?


Whatever little acts of defiance you care to try, I'd think very carefully before you do anything without my permission.

When are you going to reinstate the privileges?


Taking it out on everyone isn't fair.

Before you get completely carried away playing Jesus, Just spare a thought for Liz Birdsworth?

She's rotting away in protection because of you.

Do you think that's fair?


You step out of line there will be consequences.

You are the property of Wentworth.

And this is my prison.

Bend over.

Look, here. Here.

Oh, that is lovely, that is!

Oh, look!

See? That's the head there--

Is he sucking his thumb?


I don't know if it's a boy or a girl, though.

I don't wanna know.

Oh, no, it's good to have a surprise.

How ya feeling?

Yeah, I'm good, actually.

I'm nervous.

You are gonna be fine.

I'm supposed to nominate an alternate carer for the baby.

I wish you were still in general.

Me too, love.

Have you heard how Bea went today?

No, no idea.

No telly, no radio...

It's been months.

Everyone's right pissed off at Ferguson. Look, I reckon it's gonna get ugly.

It's probably a good thing you're in here.


Coz in here, I've just got the weirdos and kiddie killers, and out there, people want to kill me.

Look, At least you're safe, eh?


How's Franky?


Enjoying, you perv?

Why don't you take a picture, mate. It lasts longer.


Check out the delivery.

Yeah, cool.

Um, we've got...pumpkin...


Cauliflower, and...

What are they, carrots?

Yeah, carrots.



Yeah, chickens, yeah.

A bunch of 'em.


What are you doing?

What is she doing?

C'mon, stick your finger in there.

Right up there.

It's disgusting.

Can you feel anything?

Well, yeah, but...

Ah, settle down.

I don't know. Just the giblets and sh1t, why?

Grab them.

What the f*ck?


You're a f*cking dead set genius.

No sh1t.

The screws will never think of looking in there.

Well, you know...

Not unless they're into fist f*cking dead chooks.

And how was it for you?

Well, that's what I love about you.

You introduce me to all these new experiences.


Governor wants a word.



Bit obvious, aren't you?

Where's your cape?


Is she back?

What'd she get?


-Without parole.


No wonder you look stressed.

She'll have made plans. Do you know anything about them?

No, nothing.

We're not besties. It's not like she shares.

Well, you'll just have to make sure she does, hmm?

We had a deal.

We still do.



Coz everything you've given me--

Is either information I already know--

Or would've undoubtedly found out--

Or was just plain--


And what about your end of the deal?

You said you'd get rid of my competitors.

And I have.

Except for Queen Bea.

Have you forgotten about that fat ass elephant that just walked back in the room?

Well then it would help your cause--

If you could give me something on her.

Yeah, and yours, too.



If I hear anything, I'll let you know.

But I'd watch my back, if I were you.

She seems to like this power thing.

Are you playing me, Doyle?

Hey, we're all playing each other.

We finished?


Yes, we are.

I'm putting an end to our little agreement.

You're on your own, Franky.


How'd it go?

How's everything here?

It's all good. It's good.

'Cept the girls are still testy about their privileges.

Cindy Lou isn't happy.

Cindy Lou's never happy. What is it this time?

You say we get time in the kitchen.

But then as soon as you go to court, Franky pulled a knife.

Franky said, "f*ck off!"

Franky called Cindy Lou a skank.

Cindy Lou is a skank.

Franky runs the kitchen.

If Cindy Lou wants to prepare her own food, She has to do it outside regular meal times. You know that's the deal.

But Franky told us to piss off.

Okay, well, you tell Cindy Lou that I'll deal with Franky.


[Maxine translates]

Or is it his tummy?

Oh, hey!

Do you wanna see my ultrasound?



Isn't it gorgeous?


I sent Nash a copy He's gonna be so rapt!

Hey, do you want a cuppa?

Oh, no. I'm just gonna take a moment.

Okay, well let me know if you change your mind.

Thanks. Oh, hey...

Can you tell Franky I want to see her?

And just--

Keep an eye on Cindy Lou and Tina, yeah?

Make sure there's no touble?

Of course.

Hey Bea?


How'd you go this morning?

I got off!

Oh Doreen, I'm so excited!

I know...

I'm so excited, too!

Bea Smith is a serious offender.

And how we deal with her will be highly scrutinized by the public.

And a nervous government intent on proving they are tough on crime.

If she shows the slightest signs of resistance, you will come down hard on her.


Yes, Governor.

She is also highly manipulative.

And the moment you feel sorry for her is the moment you know she is using you.

Isn't that right, Mr. Jackson?

Mr. Jackson has just returned from four months suspension courtesy of Bea Smith.

Welcome back, Mr. Jackson.


One more thing...

The state government has instituted a ban on smoking in all prisons, To be phased in over the next twelve months.

We will not be phasing it in.

Wentworth starts today.

Is there a problem?

The women are already on edge.

We've taken away their telly...

Restricted their visits...

We take away their fags...

This is government policy.

Are you suggesting we ignore it?

Smith's actions have thrown a spotlight on everything you do.

You can tell that to the women as you confiscate their cigarettes.

Yes, Governor.

That'll be all, everyone. Thank you.

Look, she's asking for trouble is all I'm saying.

Yeah, and it's our job to make sure that there isn't any.

This is, uh, Bridget Westfall.

Will Jackson.


Nice to meet you.

Ms. Westfall is a forensic psychologist.

She's joined the staff on a full-time basis, to run some anti-recidivism programs with the women.

Well, there's one you won't have to worry about.

Bea Smith. Life, no parole.

When did this happen?

This morning.

We've just returned from the Governor's briefing.


May I have a word, please?

How can I help you, Ms. Westnull?


Apparently there was a staff briefing this morning.

Why was I excluded?

You are not my staff.

You were a board appointment.

Technically, yes.

But if I'm to function as part of a team, I really feel...

Fine, as you wish.

I will include you in the future.

Anything else?

I should meet with Smith today.

If that's alright with you?

I wasn't aware she'd requested to see a psych.

It is usual procedure after a tough sentencing.

I determine procedure here, Ms. Westfall.

Of course...

But I think you might be overlooking something.

What would that be?

The board gave me pretty clear KPIs on the prisoners' mental health.

I hope you don't intend to obstruct that brief.

You can't have it both ways, Ms. Westfall.

If you wish to be a member of my team, you'll be reporting to me.


So, may I proceed?

Be very cautious with Smith.

She is a manipulator.

Oh, don't worry, Governor.

It's at the forefront of my mind.

I'm trained to deal with all types.

Even those who appear to have their sh1t together.

No, I don't wanna see your f*cking ultrasound.

Where's Red?

You wanted a word?


Have a seat.

Everything good in the kitchen?

All good.



Had a totally hilarious tea towel fight with Booms.

Gave her an epic bruise.

Still actually f*cking hurts...

Oh, suck it up, princess.

Yeah, but Cindy Lou, though. She's not very happy.

Is she?

Well, tell her she can come back.

I promise not to use the boning knife on her.

Great, thanks.

No problem.

Anything else?


Oh, yeah.

You're still one short on the roster?

Since Kimmie got paroled, yeah.

Okay, well, maybe you can give Maxine that detail.


We're all good, aren't we?

Yeah, we're so f*cking good.

No, it's no hassle. I'm sure she'd love to help out.



And Franky?


It'd be a real problem for me if the drugs coming in here are traced back to you.

And why would they?

I'm just saying.

Mr. Jackson!

You're back!

Smith, you're wanted.


Hey, Mr. Jackson.

So, how you been, Mr. Jackson?

Didn't think they'd ever let you escort me anywhere ever again.

Come in.

I didn't ask to see a psych.

Well you should.

You bloody need it.

I'm Bridget Westfall, forensic psychologist.

Yeah, I know who you are.

I asked to see you in the wake of today's sentencing.

How are you feeling?

How do you think I'm feeling?

Well, I'd like to hear that from you.

[Bea laughs]

Take a seat.

You can say whatever you like.

Nothing goes out of this room.

I know you're probably still processing everything.

For the last four months, this...

Prison hasn't had TV, radio...

They're bringing the cheapest food into the kitchen.

And their education unit time's been halved.

The Governor...she's doing this.

She's punishing everyone in here because of what I did, And it's time she stopped it.

You know, the Governor's under her own pressures.

What pressures? What pressures?

I'm not here to talk about the Governor.

Is that why these measures are still in place?

Because she needs to be seen to be doing something by the board?

Is that it? Is it?

We're here to talk about you.

Is this session compulsory?

No, it's not.

Don't get me wrong.

I'm really glad you're here. I am.

There's plenty of women out there that need your help.

I'm just not one of them.

That might be true, but you've been through a hell of a lot lately.

You may need some coping strategies, And it's my job to help you with that.

It was good to meet you, Ms Westfall.

No way! This is bullshit!

Oh, shut it, Jenkins!

She's gonna take away my smokes.

Hey what's going on?

Stay out of it, Smith.

You've got half an hour to smoke your last cigarettes, then you hand in what's left.

Have I missed something?

They've banned smoking.

I've gotta go to work soon, don't I?

Then you've got five minutes.

You can thank this one for that.

[Attention compound. Work detail's to commence in five minutes.]

You sure about this?

Not really.

You know what Ferguson said to you...

You need to be careful.

Yeah, too late to worry about being careful.

You all good?

Yeah, all loaded up.

Work detail's starting. Get back to your jobs.

All right, ladies. Light up.

I said...

Get back to work.

Oh, sorry Ms. Bennett, but we've been ordered to... hand in all our smokes.

You don't smoke, Smith.

I'm a social smoker. [coughs]

See, if you spring this on us without any warning, Then work stops until the girls have finished all their smokes.

Return to work, now.

You've been warned, Smith.

I've just been given life without parole, Governor.

What more can you do to me?

Crowd: Whoa!

Did you see the look on Ferguson's face?

Yeah, like she was gonna spit up a fur ball.


Keep moving.

Hey, what's going on?

They're putting me back into general.

You can't do that.

Out of the way, Smith.

No, you know what they'll do to her.

I told you.

Out of the way.

No, no...

They'll tear her apart. You know you that can't do this.

Insubordination. Slot her.


You can't. No you can't do that!

Hey Ferguson!


You freak!


Stay with her! Stay with her!

What the f*ck?

Hey Lucy.

You're in H Block, eh?

That's your cell, there.

You know where the duress button is if you need it.

Yeah, Miss Bennett.


What are you doing here?

I live here, Governor.

I believe you're required in medical.

I've already...

Drug test.

That's alright, love, I'll be okay.

Now, Conway.

Bea said no one touches her.

I'm sorry about the seven years.

I had to do it.

And I have to do this.

PA: Attention Compound, This is a code black.

All prisoners return to their units.

Medical assistance required in H 4.

I repeat. This is a code black.

Nice big step. That's it.

Little bit bigger with this leg.

Nice big step.

So, how are you?

Pretty good.

Since last week.

How are you?


Busy. You know how it is.

That's an application for the disability support pension.

You're gonna need some kind of income when you get discharged from here.

Don't know...

I'll help you fill it out.


Your name?

You might know that one.


I want to see Will.

Could you tell him?

You sure that's what you want?

I'll talk to him.

Thank you.

[Indistinct PA]

How's Liz doing?

How is she?

What happened to Liz?

She's in medical.

But she'll survive.

What sort of human being puts another person at risk just to prove a point?

You don't run this prison, Smith.

I do.

Bon App├ętit.


Not quite.

Where have you been?

Looking for a clean pair of socks.

Got blood on the other ones.



You shouldn't have done that to Liz.

She's a lagger!

It was against what Bea wanted.

Do you know how she is?

Who cares?

Where you been, Smiles?

Governor must be starving by now.

Miss Miles, I'll take that for you.

Thank you.

Oh, sorry.

It's all right.

Tell the Governor, "enjoy."

Too f*cking easy.



We need to muster up.


Come on, get it out.

Hey what's going on?

Don't ask questions...

Just turn around and...

Build it as high as we can.



Hey, boy!

What's the story, Conway?

There's no story, Mr. Bakula.

Ok, back up over here.

Oh, there's no need, Mr. Bakula, really.

All right, everyone step back!

Step back now!

Maybe you'd like to back off.

I said back right off!

I said back off!


The gate...


On your way.


On your way! I really didn't want to raise my voice.


Yeah, it's not too bad.

Oh, sh1t!

Liz! Liz!

Oh, Dor!

The women have lost it.

You need to lock the door, okay?


You all right?

Yeah, I'm okay.

What's going on?

Don't worry, okay?

You'll be fine.

Dor, what's going on?

Are they after Liz?

What's going on, Dor?

I was ambushed, Mr. Channing.

I did the best I could.

Well, it wasn't enough. Hmm? have you seen the chairman since the meeting?


He hasn't changed his mind Well, then I would try harder.

Because I'm beginning to wonder whether it's even worth Having an ally on the board if he... fails to deliver any benefits.

They think you might have become a liability.

I won't concede.

Tell them that.

It's not looking good.

Well, then it's not looking so good for you, either.

If they move on me, I'd be more than happy to fill them in on that little staffing issue... at your brothels.

I'm sure it won't come to that.


Wait here.

Give me a minute with them.

Ah, stay close!

Hi Mr. Jackson.


Long time, no see!

Okay, Maxine.

Wanna tell me what's going on?

Girls just felt like a bit of a barbie, didn't we?

Beautiful day!

Come on, Max.

What's the problem?

There's no problem, Mr. Jackson.

Well, there's gotta be something...

You come any closer, All right.

And someone's gonna get hurt.




I mean it!

All right.

You tell them to get out of here!

Now! Now!

Back off! Back off now!

Take it easy, Max.

You take it easy!

Okay, okay.

f*ck off!

All of you!

That's right.

Zero four calling zero two.

This is the Governor.

I'm in the exercise yard, Governor.

We have a situation.

PA: All available officers are to report to the exercise yard immediately.

I repeat...

All available officers are to report to the exercise yard immediately.

All prisoners return to their units.

Zero four, this is the Governor.

Zero two, receiving.

Shut that alarm off.

Report, please.

Fire is restricted to the middle of the yard.

Uh, some prisoners are armed.

No injuries at this stage.

We've retreated.

So as not to escalate the situation.

It appears containable at this stage, Governor.

What do they want?

They won't say, Governor.

Are you able to identify who's involved?

It appears to be H block, Governor.

Maxine Conway is the ring leader.

Zero three, this is the Governor.

Zero three, receiving.

What's the status of the lock down?

All units are secure except H block.

Who's left in H block?

No one.

You need to call back up.

If these women want to burn all their personal possessions Then let them.


There is no violence, No one is injured.

I'm not calling in SESG.

You'll have to.

The board will find out anyway.

Then I will know who told them.

What's going on?

Get back to your units.

Get back to your units!




Someone's out there.

This is a really stupid...

They've got a guard. I think it's Miss Bennett.

Is she all right?

The prison's in lock down, the...

Governor will call in SESG!

What the hell are they up to?

Get down.

What are you trying to achieve, anyway?

Whatever you're trying to do, it's gonna end badly.

If you let me go now, I will...

Shut up!

Where are we going?


Where do you think you're going?

We've got a food delivery to bring in.

It'll have to wait. We're in lock down.

Come on, Smiles.

Back off, Doyle. I'm not in the mood.

Well, look...

It's sitting there in the sally port.

Mates gonna go...

Yeah? I don't care.

Place is in lock down. No one goes anywhere.

There's money in it for you.

I still don't care.

If you're so worried about this deliver of yours, Maybe you should've told your mates not to start burning their gear in the yard.

Report to the surveillance room, over.

Roger that.

Keep an eye on this one, will you?

What are you gonna do?


I know, all right? Shut up.

What happened?

Queen Bea, that's what f*cking happened.

Still no demands?

No Governor.

Maintain your presence there.

They'll get bored eventually. When they do, you can move in.

Copy that.

You're taking a hell of a risk.

No, I know it's contained, But if someone gets injured and you haven't called for backup...

Kitchen's secure, Governor.

But there are still prisoners missing from H block.

Joan, listen, you need to call for back up.

I will talk to the board...

What's happened to this feed?

Where is this? They're spraying the cameras.

H block corridor...

Lower level stairway, admissions corridor...

This fire is a diversion. They're after something else.

Radio: Ferguson.

Ferguson you f*cking freak, answer me.

This is the Governor.

[Indistinct]..the slot. Have a look.

Bring that up on there.

What do you want?

We've got Vinegar Tits.

Open the door or we start f*cking with her.

Zoom it up.

To whom am I speaking?

Don't try that sh1t with me.

The management unit is in lock down.

I'm not able to open that door.

You've got a phone, use it.

Tell the screws in there to open the f*cking door, Then f*ck off out of there now.

All right.

I will need some time to speak with the officers inside.

You got two minutes.

Miss Miles?

Round up all available officers.

Send a group to the admissions corridor.

Another one to the kitchen stairs.

You can take the prisoners from two directions.

And be ruthless!

No one gets away.

Yes, Governor.

You know how you can put a stop to this now.

You know you don't have a chance.

The SE is still... [Grunting]

Now what are you gonna tell the board?

The my officers had the situation under control the entire time.

Radio: Ferguson.

The situation is about to be resolved.

A little more patience, please.

Radio: Oh, really?

That is correct.

They've disabled the doors. The officers can't get to them.

Have a look at the monitor.

Oh, Jesus Christ!

Radio: Time's up, freak.

Open the door, or Vinegar Tits gets it.


Radio: Last chance...


Open the f*cking door, or we will inject her.

What the hell are you doing?

I will not give in to these demands.

You listen to me, For God's sake.

You will return to your unit...

This is Derek Channing, general manager of this facility.

Officers in the isolation unit...

Go to emergency channel.

Radio: Yes, sir.

Open the gates, Leave your keys, And go.

Do not make any move That puts Miss Bennet's life at risk.

Am I clear?

Radio: Yes, sir.





I'm here!



We've got ourselves a friend.

Well, lock her in here.

Come on.

I'm overruling you.

Make that call.

I think you're forgetting something, Mr. Channing.

I won't be calling the SESG.

And neither will you.

Radio: Zero two, this is zero four.

This is the Governor.

The women want to speak to you.

What do they want?

They want to speak to you.


Mr. Jackson.


Bea! Bea! Bea!

[Chanting continues]


You haven't called in the squad.

You don't know I haven't.

And let the world know you've lost control of this place?

It was never gonna happen.

I can put a stop to this now.

Tell the women to back off, Put down their weapons, send them back to their units.

Or, we can just stay here, hang out, Unit you're forced to call the squad.

It's up to you.

What do you want?

No repercussions for anyone involved here today.

And anything that affects the women in the future, You run it by me first.

You don't run this prison.

I do.

You go against me in any way, there's gonna be consequences.

Next Tuesday, 8:30...

We've severely underestimated Smith's hold over the women.

This is all your fault.

What's going on?

What is Bea capable of...

Just think of it as a last supper.

When she has nothing to lose.

You went against me, Boomer.

Help me, Franky.

Wentworth. Next Tuesday, 8:30. On SOHO.