07x01 - Blood Wedding

Marie Winter has a dirt file here in prison.

Once I get a hold of it, we won't just nail her protector, we'll have her entire network.

Well, good, 'cos that's your job.

Taylah, what the f*ck did you do with that gear?

I told Kaz where I stashed it, she said she'd get rid of it for me.

Marie? Marie?!

You need to stay away from Kaz.

Come on, I'm not afraid of her.

- She's already tried once.
- That gear?

She poisoned me?

Or you'll what, Kaz?

- Slip them some gear laced with rat poison?
- The f*ck?

- Still reckon she wouldn't dog ya.
- You crossed Kaz.

Kaz is your best friend, and you picked Marie over her.

Kaz tried to kill Marie.

- I can't trust you.
- What?

We're done.

Chamberlain, the doctor you assaulted, he dropped dead.

What are my chances of being convicted?

You're f*cked.

You're pregnant.

- I wanna be a proper dad...
- There's no "we", Jake.

I'm having this baby on my own.

I've got the money.

You are not getting anything...

That's not Ferguson!


Channing has shot her right in front of me.

Murphy was the blackmailer.

- There might be a way out of this.
- How?

(NEWSCASTER) Derek Channing, formerly a correctional services manager, will be remanded over the murder of former Wentworth Corrections Officer Brenda Murphy and ex-governor Joan Ferguson.

Ruby's out... you're fighting me.


- Your sister's a coward.

- Finish her!

She killed Dragovic.

Where's Winter's file?

You never f*cking had it, did ya?

You strung us along, you murdered an inmate.

We're calling it, the undercover op is finished.

We're cutting you loose.


♪ You don't know me ♪

♪ When I don't know you ♪

♪ You don't know me ♪

♪ When I don't know you ♪

♪ You're calling me in ♪

♪ You're catching me out ♪

♪ You're calling me in ♪

♪ You're catching me out ♪

- ♪ You're calling me in ♪
- ♪ You don't know me ♪

- ♪ You're catching me out ♪
- ♪ When I don't know you ♪

♪ You don't know me ♪

♪ When I don't know you... ♪

You're being released back into general.


Thanks for getting me out of that hole.

- How'd you go?
- No record as an undercover.

All I found was Rita Mitchell, a uniformed member NWA.

That was over a decade ago.

Have you heard about Marie's sentence, Governor?

Not yet, Novak.

Clearly some level of corruption has been involved, but I'll have a hard time proving it, if they disappeared your file.

You're saying, as far as the cops go, I don't exist?

She got years.


f*cking years.

If you plead self-defence I may be out to get the charges knocked down to manslaughter.

- But you're still looking at...
- f*cking years.

sh1t lawyers, "Don't do anything to aggravate your sentence."

"Keep your head down."
Well, where did that get me?


Now people are gonna pay.

What are you in for?


Hey, anything you need, just... come see me, yeah?


Through here.

- What's going on?
- Governor wants to see you.

Thank you, Mr Jackson.

I heard about your sentence.

I know it's more than you were expecting.

I just want to get back to my unit.

It is never easy, particularly at first.

But I want a guarantee there won't be any trouble as a result.

- Is that clear?
- Perfectly.

There'll be no trouble from me, I can promise you that.

Take Winter back to her unit.

She's making all the right noises, I'm not sure I can trust her.

Well, she's been a model prisoner the past few months.

Yeah, she had every reason to be, now she's an unknown quantity.

- Keep a close eye on her.
- OK.

- What happened?
- All went to sh1t.


You've got visitors.

Bit of overkill, isn't it?

We heard about your sentence.

Ah, so you're here to console me?

Nothing short of what you deserve.

Least I'm not a cold-blooded killer.

Hey, I know you've been laying low, hoping for release.

But if you think this is a game-changer, think again.

I think you're a touch paranoid, Kaz.

I've got no power in here.

So, I'd be stupid to take on you and your army, wouldn't I?

I'm not talking about me, talking about Rita.

Not interested, I just want to get outta here.


Enjoying the new digs.

You know what they say,

- you lay down with dogs...

- Oh what? You get loyalty!
- Good luck with that.


- What happened?
- I don't know.

I was told the strings that people...

God, I'm as shocked as you are.

So, what now?

Well I'm gonna appeal, I'm not accepting this.


... at least we'll be together.


Ooh... don't pull.

Hey, Ms Bennett!

You've really popped!

- Oh...

Yeah, can you still work like that?

Yeah, pregnancy's not an illness, Jenkins.

I can still do everything perfectly well.

- You ever gonna tell us who the father is?
- Yeah.

Finally let you out. Welcome back.

- What happened with Marie?
- years.

I'm f*cked as well.

Can we just have a minute?

You watch your back, OK?

- Why? What did she say?
- Just sh1t she thinks I want to hear, but I don't buy it for a second.

She's coming.

For both of us.


- You heard about Marie?
- Yeah.

Yeah? Well, you've got to get out of here.

- Your lawyer's find anything?
- Nah.

Dodgy bastards erased my entire history from the unit.


- Everyone knows who you are.
- Rue, the whole point being an undercover cop is no-one knows you're a cop, not even other cops.

Yeah, but you were in uniform.

NWA over ten years ago.

Still, it's not like you're gonna turn into a biker.

Plenty of former cops turn bad, Rue.

- Oh, sh1t.
- I know.

- That's the fucked-button.
- Fucked-button?

I'm scared for you, Rite.

You know Marie'll want payback for Drago.

- She's got no crew.
- Yeah, but she's got some weird pals.

- She's like the Boogie Man, or something!
- Don't talk like that.


Hey, I can handle myself.

What's that?

These came for you.

This fella?

- He called it quits.

Yeah, well, he must've changed his mind.

He's been writing twice a week since you've been in the slot.

He's a persistent follower, reckon he still wants to marry ya! Eh?

I reckon I'm gonna have to knock that on the head.

Why don't you just sit down, show me what you've got?

Yeah, look, I'll show you what I've got.

So, we go left into this corridor,

- and then, right into the heart.
- Yeah... you don't need to write all that sh1t down, all right?

Just... keep sticking with me, OK?

- Wh... what if you're not here?

Hello? I'm in prison, where am I going?

Oh, just... give me that, I'll draw you a f*cking map.

Listen I'm gonna need you as extra muscle.

- Why?
- Marie got years.

She's got nothing to lose now.

Do you think she might try and shiv you again?

She'll do something.

Oh, my God, love, that's not good.

Who's Marie, again?

Well, this changes everything.

How do you mean?

We can't keep hiding this for the next years.

I... guess I never thought about it.

I thought you were getting out.

- Yeah, me, too.
- Which is the reason I wanted to continue this.

Look, sooner or later, we'd get sprung, and...

Yes, I'd get fired and never see you again.

We should be realistic, I think.

What, you want to cut it off?

Are you OK with that?

It's probably a good idea.

So, we agree, then?


The lawyer reckons I could be in here for a very long time, even if I plead self-defence.

Yeah... I'm sticking by you, Rite.

Ray, you're not listening to me.

I want you to get on with your life, not waste it pining on someone you can't be with.


The last three months killed me.

I thought I'd f*cked it when you didn't answer any more, but it gave me some thinking time, and...

I can't live without you.

Well, you're gonna have to.




So, we are... right here?

- Yep, this is the hub.
- Yeah, and we're heading there.

- Oh, the showers?
- Showers.

- The showers...
- Lucas? It's Marie,

I need you to visit as soon as possible, all right?

Jenkins? Governor wants to see you.

- What for? I haven't done nothing.
- Don't argue, just move.


Not you, Birdsworth, go back to your unit.

Tell your shadow to go.

Stay! Just use the map, the map!

You lost?

- You're Marie.
- Yeah, that's right.

Well, don't worry, I'll look after you.

All right.

- I've... I've got a map.
- Ah... salud.

Well, don't give me that look, Jenkins, it's good news.

A date's been set for your parole hearing in two months' time.

f*cking hell! That's the best fricking news ever, isn't it?!

Yeah, now I do need to remind you that just because you are eligible for parole doesn't automatically mean you'll be granted it.

No... no, I've got to pass my parole hearing first.

Yeah. And in meantime, you have to be a model prisoner.

- So, no fighting...
- f*ck no.


No swearing.


- Sorry.

OK, all right, and you have to fulfil any required programme.

- Yep, whatever you say.

OK, let's go through the details.

Hey! I've got to talk to ya.

- I... I can't be your muscle no more.
- Why? What's up?

It's me parole hearing, it's coming up in, like, two months.


- Congratulations!
- Yeah!

(SHE CHUCKLES) Oh... sorry.

'Cos I know you're worried about Marie and everything.

But you know, maybe she won't even try nothing?

The f*ck are you doing with Liz?

Oh, she was lost, the poor thing.

Her friends just abandoned her.

There you are! I was worried where you'd get to.

- You all right, Liz?
- Yes...

I think so. Why wouldn't I be?

f*cking told you not to leave Liz alone.

Well, I couldn't help it, could I?!

What did she want to see you about, love?

- Oh...
- Boom?


What are you lard-asses doing here? Come on, we've got a game on.



- Move, move, move!

Oi, hot stuff! No rough play, or you're out.

- Come on, I didn't f*cking do anything!
- So!

Ahem the f*ck up, Lizzy!

Channing's trial date's been set.

There's nothing to worry about, he's ganged-up for Murphy's murder.

Over here, Booms!

What if he starts mouthing off about his blackmail story?

No-one will believe him, they all think he's a cokehead.

Plus, they've shut down the investigation to the senior staff.

- I hope you're right.
- sh1t, look out!


- Are you OK?
- I f*cking warned you, Costa!

Get off the court now.

- What the f*ck?!
- You could've hurt Vera!

Vera? Did you knock her up, Mr Stewart!


All right, that's it, everyone off the court now.

- I'm shutting this down, give it here.
- That's not fair!

No, she's the idiot, not us!

If you don't like it, get back to your units.



Are you holding?

f*ck off.

Hey, what's that?

- Oh, wow!
- Hey, Rita!

You seeing this? Look up there!

Oh, he's serious about you!


- "Marry me, Rita!"
- (CROWD) Say yes! Say yes!

That's lovely, Rita!

Ray? What the f*ck do you think you're doing?

If you don't say "yes", I'll have to keep going.

You're gonna blow all your money on plane banners.

- Yeah, until you change your mind.
- It's not gonna happen, Ray.

If you get married, sis, can I be your best man?

I'm not getting f*cking married!

Can you just drop the overprotective stuff, Jake, it is nauseating.

- You don't have the right to tell me what I can...
- The right?

- Give me a break.
- It's bad enough that the staff

- know you're the father...
- Not that you've ever acknowledged it.

I don't need the prisoners finding out, as well!

Vera, I accept we won't be honeymooning in Hawaii.

But whether you like it or not,

I have a right to be part of this child's life.


Governor? Dr Miller's here.

- Ah, send him in.
- Come on through.

What's wrong?

I'm here to deliver the baby.

- Sorry!

It's not true, I'm a psychiatrist.

Er, this is Jake Stewart.

He's one of my senior officers.

- Good to meet you, Jake.
- Likewise.

Dr Miller is joining the team, we are very lucky to have him.

He's highly credentialed.

As what, a stand-up comic?


Yeah, I did try that in Edinburgh once, but uh, medicine got the better of me.

Well, you made the right choice.

Dr Miller's been awarded a prestigious grant.

It's got special interests in Anti-Recidivism.

Well, that will come in handy around here.

Mr Stewart?

Could you do me a favour and give Dr Miller a bit of a tour

- while I finish this report?
- Sure!

Iso would be a good start.

Welcome aboard, Greg.



- Oi, idiot!

Hey, Mr Stewart! Who's the hottie?

- Hey, pretty boy!
- G'day, you want a gobby?


- Oh, f*ck... f*ck!

Actually, sorry, Mr Stewart, I didn't mean that!

- That just came out.
- Don't worry about that,

I got it too when I first arrived.

- Ooh!
- Hope that's the new shrink!

Boomer? We training, or you checking out the talent?

I'm checking out the talent.

- Well, come on here!
- Just c'mon...

(SHE LAUGHS) Hey... I've got to tell you something.

My parole hearing's coming up in two months.

- What?!
- Yeah!

But, erm... don't say nothing to Liz.

'Cos she's, you know, she... Hey!

- Yeah, OK.
- Hey.

- You know, she...
- Hey, come on, Miss Parole!

- Miss Parole?
- (SHE LAUGHS) Hands up, that's it.

- Boomer thinks I don't know.
- What's that, Liz?

Well, Ruby's training Boomer to disguise her own training, 'cos apparently, she wanted to hide it from someone.




- Ey! You heard of knocking?
- I know what you're doing.

- What, taking a piss?!
- Training Boomer?

- I get out in a month, I'm gonna box.
- No, you're not!

- Nothing you'll be able to do about it, eh?
- Listen,

I didn't kill Drago so you could piss your life away with one lousy punch.

Well, best start training me, then,

- so I can protect myself.
- f*ck you.


... I know what you've done for me.

And I know what it's cost you.

I'll never forget that.

But I gave up Allie.

I can't give up on boxing, too.


- What's up?
- Oh, I'm pissed off. For you.

I know it's a lot to process. You thought I was leaving, and now...

... well, everything's changed.

I really love you, Allie, but I need you to be honest with me.

Are we gonna stay together?

Can you commit to me now?

This is the second message I've left you.

I need to speak to you urgently, so you better show up.

Hey. Are you holding?

- What are you after, hon?
- Crank.

Sorry, can't help you with that.


... showing signs of deterioration for some time now.

Perhaps you might recommend relocating her to the psych unit...

... relocating her to the psych unit.

- She could be a danger to herself and us.
- Liz?

There's someone I want to introduce you to.

This is Dr Miller, the new staff psychiatrist.

- Hi, Liz. Greg Miller. Pleased to meet you.
- Why?

I just thought you might like to have a chat sometime.

No. No, I don't think so.

- Kaz!
- There you are. I told you to wait for me!

They want to stick me in the psych unit.

- I know that's what they're planning.
- What are you talking about?

- Who's gonna do what?
- The new shrink.

No, that's not gonna happen, not while I'm here.

And I've got life.

So, what took you so long?

Have you forgotten where the money comes from, Lucas?

Money? That's your problem.

- What?
- Everyone heard you got years.

Other plays are moving in.

You tell those f*cking ingrates they still have a job to do!

- I want my son's killer found.
- No-one is looking for his killer.

No-one gives a sh1t.

They're not dancing to your tune any more.

- Where's your f*cking loyalty?!
- You're not my boss!

Drago was my boss, and loyalty is what she had for you, and look where that got her.

You said she'd be getting out.

You said she'd be taking revenge.

- I know, but I couldn't get to her.
- You've done f*ck all!

I couldn't get to her, man. She was in isolation.

I've got no respect for you, Marie. No-one has.

We're tired of waiting.

You're finished.

Bad news?

- I don't want to talk about it.
- OK.

- Anything I can do?
- I don't want your help or your sympathy.

I'm not a beaten dog.

- Look, I just want...
- No, don't!

Leave me alone.

f*cking prick!

You know, he f*cking bleeds me dry, and now he says that no-one gives a f*ck about Danny?!

You know I'm never gonna find out who killed him.

- You don't know that.
- "No-one gives a sh1t!"

You know what? Well, f*ck them all!

I should've got revenge on Kaz and Rita.

No! You were right to let it go.

- I did not let that go. I put that on hold.
- Marie,

Rita is gonna be punished, OK? She's facing years, too.

You're gonna be stuck with both of them for a long time.

Don't make your life...

... OUR life harder than it needs to be.


OK? I can't commit to that.


You're right.

I don't wanna lose you again, eh?

What's going on between you and Winter?


It's not the first time I've seen you two having private chats.

- Look, she was sad, I just...
- Are you f*cking her?


- You know she's on with Allie.
- Look, I said I'm not, OK?

OK, well, just a heads-up.

You might want to keep your distance, 'cos it looks suss.

So, you finally said yes to a visit, which I'm thinking can only mean one thing.

You've caved.

You won't want to marry me any more, Ray,

- not once you know the truth.
- The truth?

You're, um... you're married to someone else.

- I'm an undercover cop.

I befriended you to infiltrate the Conquerors bikers club and report on their drug trafficking and illegal gambling activities.


Well, I was...

The whole time you've known me, throughout our entire relationship, I've been a cop, dogging a club.

That's why the cops were always one step ahead.

They were picking us off, one by one.

I thought it was bad luck.

What the f*ck?

And why didn't they arrest me?

Because you were my unwitting informant.

- That's what I was to you.
- I'm sorry, Ray, but I have to tell you this for your own sake.

Obviously you can't breathe a word of this to anyone, or your mates will put a bullet through you.

Who are you?

How did Ray take it?

No, I'm sorry, sis.


There's two of us now, eh?

You sure you can trust him?


I'm just saying, it's a risky play.

I'd trust Ray with my life.

Even now.


How you settling in? Anything you need?

Just the person I wanted to see.

Come on in.

I was hoping to identify a select group of prisoners to participate in the anti-recidivism programme.

Yeah, how can I help?

Well, naturally, you know the women well.

I was wondering if you could put together a list of the usual suspects, just as a starting point.

Yeah, I can do that.
Any particular criteria?

Yeah, I'd suggest selection based on risk, need, responsivity to any previous...

Sorry to interrupt. Governor, I need a word before you go home tonight, please.

- Yeah, what is it?
- I want to resign.


Are you worried about Channing's trial,

- what it might dredge up?
- No, it's not that.

Well, then, why?

Uh, it just feels like it's time to put the past behind me, move on from this place.

And I probably should have done it a long time ago.

Is there any way I can talk you out of this?

- Maybe a raise. I could...
- No. My mind's made up.


I don't know how I will survive without you, Will.

At the same time, I don't want to hold you back.

It's entirely your decision to make.

In that case, I'd like to leave in two weeks.


Thank you, Vera.

- Goodnight.
- Goodnight, Will.


What have you got there, Kylee?

f*ck off, it's mine!


You were seen scoring at the visitor's centre.

Piss the f*cking dog.*

Look, maybe you don't know, but I have a zero tolerance policy.

- What?
- You heard.

So you're gonna flush that.

Like f*ck I am!

- This cost me all my f*cking cash!
- It's either that or the steam press, and believe me, this is the far less painful option.

f*ck you, bitch! No! No! No!

No! No!

What have you done?!
I'm gonna kill you! (SHE SCREAMS)

No! No!

No! No! No!


- You're becoming a regular customer.
- I want ice. A lot of it.

Heard you were on the roast, but from H to ice?

- Things are bad!
- You want the money or not?

And I'll need a knife.


- Ahh... !
- This what you're after?

I've got... I've got no money.

It's a gift.

And not only that, I'll keep you supplied.

So you come see me whenever you want it.

What do you want?

Kaz Proctor.

I f*cking hate Proctor.

Me too.

Didn't think you'd see me.

I owe you that much.

You can tell me what a lowlife dog I am.

Hmm... Mm-hmm.

I still wanna marry you.

- What the f*ck, Ray?
- Yeah.

I'm a f*cking cop. I betrayed you for two years.

Oh, yeah, you're good, I'll give you that.

I didn't have a f*cking clue who you were or where you were going when you went off for all that me time, but... but you're not that good.

It wasn't just s*x.

We have...we have a connection unlike anything else.

And you can fake a few things, but...

... but I know you love me.

And you can't fake that.


So, you call me a mug, but you're the girl I'm gonna marry.

What am I gonna do with you?

Well, you can... start by explaining if you're still a cop, what are you doing in here?

I was set in here to do an undercover job on a fellow prisoner.

And that involved killing this Drago bitch?

No, that was self-defence, but my bosses weren't too impressed so the bastards cut me off and deleted my files.

So technically I'm not a cop any more.

Unless I find a way to prove it, I'm stuck in here for years.

Well, so you give me these fuckers' name, I go round and have a chat

- and sort something out.
- Ray...

And if that doesn't work, you go public, expose these corrupt bastards for who they are.

Can't do that.

Conquerors would hunt you down and kill you, and I'd be beaten to death by the prisoners.


There is that.

If you weren't such a dumb f*ck, I'd marry you.

She said yes.

She said yes!

We're gettin' married!



Governor, I've got Connors insisting on seeing you...

- Miss Bennet...
- What is it, Connors?

As prison governor, can you perform a marriage ceremony?


She's still not away.

Do you reckon I should wake her up?

No, Liz'll get up when she gets up.


Yeah, she seemed a bit down, so I thought maybe I should do something with her, you know?

You're a good friend, Booms.

Yeah. Well, you know, she deserves it, eh?

I reckon she's gonna start to get better real soon too, eh?

No, she's not.

What? You can't say that.

Booms, we've just got to hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst.

Steady on!

That's what you say when someone's, like, about to die.

That's the way this rotten disease goes.

(DOOR OPENS) Yoo-hoo!

There she is!

Yeah, I had a lovely nap.

- You're up.
- Yeah?


- It's time for walkies.
- You?

- Exercise?
- Yeah!

- Well, it's good for the brain, eh?
- Is it?

- Yeah!
- Well, in that case...

Come on, it's good for the brain.

- Come on, Rubes.
- All right.

- See you, Kaz.
- I'll meet you later.



What the f*ck?!



Get off me! Get off me!



- Drop the weapon now!
- Get back here!

- Open the door.
- Drop the shiv!

- Open the door.
- Drop the shiv!

Open the f*cking door, or I'm gonna cut this baby out.

Do what she says!

Do what she says.

(THROUGH RADIO) Code blue, this is Sierra .

Prisoner with a shiv has the governor hostage,

- heading to the North Yard.

Get the f*ck away from her!

Clear all the prisoners, seal all the gates.

- Let her go!

Let her go! Let her go now!

Jake, Jake, back off. Watch it.

Everyone out of the f*cking way!

It's not OK, it's not OK!

- It's OK. It's OK.
- No, it's not OK.

- It's OK.
- It's not...

Kylee, why don't you tell me what it is you want?

I want my baby back.

f*ck off!

Kylee, I'm Greg Miller.

- Can I talk to you?
- No, I don't wanna talk to anyone.

You stay away! You keep away from me!

I won't come any closer.
I just want to talk.

I just want to understand what's going on for you right now.

They're all trying to get me.

- They want kill me, they want to hurt me.
- No,

- no
- one wants to hurt you, Kylee.

- Yes, they do.
- I want to keep you safe.

OK? I want to keep everyone safe.

Yeah, but she's not safe. She's never gonna be safe.

I know you don't wanna hurt anybody.

You don't wanna hurt Miss Bennett, or her baby.

It wasn't my fault. It wasn't my fault. I didn't do it.

(SHAKILY) That's OK, that's OK...

'Cos she's dead, isn't she?

(CRIES) No! She's dead, isn't she?

- My little baby girl...
- It's OK...

- That's OK...
- My little girl...

It was an accident, Kylee.

OK, I know you didn't want to hurt your child...

They told me, they told me, the voices told me.

She had the devil in her, she was...

- Listen to my voice.
- ... she was possessed...

- Listen to my voice, Kylee, OK?
- No... No!

(CRIES) I want my baby back.

OK, here's what we're gonna do.

I want to come over and take Miss Bennett by the hand,

- and I want you to let her go.
- It's OK...

Because you don't want to hurt Miss Bennett.

- That's OK. It's OK.
- It's OK.

OK, Kylee...

... I'm just gonna take Miss Bennett's hand.


Where's my baby?

- I know.
- My baby...

I know, Kylee. I'm just gonna take her hand, OK?


I've got her now, Kylee. You can let go.

Make everyone safe, OK?



Hold her still.



- You OK?
- Yeah.

Let's get her into the psych unit until she calms down, yeah?

Yeah, sure.

You OK?

Your pulse is racing, but the foetal heart rate is fine.


I was right to be protective.

- You're not being careful enough.
- No, you need to back off, Jake,

- or I'll have you charged with harassment.
- It's my child too.

I'm not gonna stand by while you jeopardise...

Don't you dare blame me for this!

You need to be on maternity leave, not working.

- I am not an invalid.
- I...

Everything all right?

Yeah, it's fine.

Thank you for what you did out there.

You saved my baby's life.

Is there a problem?

Yes, he's the father.

I see.

Hey, love, where are you going?
There's a seat for you there.

I don't think so.

It's OK, Liz, I'm with Marie.

Are you OK, love?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Why'd that girl attack you?

Because she was off her head on drugs, Liz.

Hey, that new shrink was pretty good today, eh?

Oh, no, no, I don't trust him.

He was a fricking hero.

I reckon he'd have a big cock.

I don't care about his big cock, he threw that girl into the psych unit.

I don't know how much time I've got left, but I don't want to spend it in a psych unit, f*ck that!

I've still got things that I wanna do.

Like what, Liz?

I can't remember.

Well, when you do remember, why don't you write them down?

Yeah, like... like a bucket list.

- Yeah, that's what you need, Lizzy.
- A what?

A bucket list.

- You figure out exactly what you want, right?
- Yeah.

And... and we'll make all your dreams come true.

One way or another.

Oh, well, that sounds lovely!

- Is it a bucket list?
- That's a bucket list, that's what we're gonna do.

- Miss Bennett. Are you OK?
- Miss Bennett's here.

sh1tting ourselves, eh?

I was gonna rugby tackle her, right?

But um... I don't know, the shrink seemed to have it under control.

Thank God nothing happened to you and the bub.


Everyone, everyone, thank you. That's... I...

I really appreciate it.

We're both fine.

- Good.
- Connors, the general manager has approved.

A civil celebrant can perform your wedding.

- Congratulations.
- Thanks so much, Miss Bennett.

Does that mean I get to be the best man?

- Who else am I gonna ask?

Hey, attention, compound!

We're gonna have a f*cking wedding!



Hey. You wanted to see me?

Come in. Shut the door.

Are you OK?

I'm gonna step back from my governor's duties.

- You going on maternity leave?
- No, no, not yet.

I want to reduce my hours and the management stress is just a bit too much.

Fair enough.

Well, I'm sure the GM will have...

I need you to take over as Acting Governor.

- I've resigned.
- Postpone it.

- I can't, Vera.
- I need to know

I'm leaving the women in safe hands.

I just don't think I'm the right person.

Oh, Will, you're exactly the right person.

Nobody knows this prison like you do.

- Sorry, I can't do it.
- But you care so much about the women.

It's only for a few months until I come back, and then you can leave with my blessing, I promise.

- Look, I'd love to. I just don't think...
- Please do this for me.

We've been through so much together.

♪ Nothing is as sweet as you ♪

♪ Oh, nothing is as sweet as you, my friend ♪


♪ You're my owl when evening comes ♪

♪ When darkness falls, on you I can depend ♪

♪ When I'm sad, you cheer me up ♪

♪ When I'm cold... ♪

Hey, don't worry, hon, you're not missing out on anything.

♪ When I fall, you pick me up ♪

♪ Oh, nothing is as sweet as you, my friend ♪

♪ What if I could make you sing? ♪

♪ Oh, would we laugh and cry the whole night through? ♪

♪ And after all the things we've done ♪

♪ Oh, isn't it a bit like me and you? ♪

♪ When I'm mad, you hear me shout ♪

♪ When I'm lost, you find me out ♪

♪ I'm behind you make me run ♪

♪ Oh, nothing is as sweet as you, my friend ♪

♪ You're my Marliya, Marliya, Marliya ♪

♪ You're my Marliya ♪

♪ You're my one ♪

♪ Marliya, Marliya, Marliya ♪

♪ You're my one ♪

♪ When you fall, I'll pick you up ♪

♪ Nothing is as sweet as you ♪

♪ Nothing is as sweet as you ♪

♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ Nothing is as sweet as you ♪

♪ Oh, nothing is as sweet as you, my friend ♪

♪ You're my Marliya, Marliya, Marliya ♪

♪ You're my Marliya ♪

♪ You're my one ♪

♪ Marliya, Marliya, Marliya ♪

♪ You're my Marliya ♪

♪ You're my one ♪

♪ I won't cry when you're here by my side ♪

♪ I won't cry, I won't cry ♪

♪ When you're here by my side ♪

♪ I won't cry, I won't cry... ♪


Let me go!

Let me go! Let me go!


♪ Marliya ♪

♪ Marliya ♪