01x07 - Old Bones

## [Blues-rock]

## [Man Singing, Indistinct]

Hold it. Hold it. Hold it. Just wait.

Holy sh1t.

## [Continues]

## [Ends]

Appreciate the lift.

No problem.

Where's the Cutlass?

Oh, it's at the hospital.

Still not running right?

It's running okay.

This worry I'm getting here... that have anything to do with that car that's been following us?

The compact parked halfway down the block.


What the hell's going on?

That A.T.F. Agent that's been looking into you guys-

I think he's here for me.

What are you talking about?

I was with him in Chicago.

It got violent. I tried to end it. He started stalking me.

Jax. Don't. He's dangerous.

Go back inside, Tara.

Lock the door.

[Steam Hissing]

Vandalism. Deadly weapon.

That's six months in County, asshole.

Violating a restraining order. You'll be in the cell next to me.

They teach you how to suck a dick in A.T.F. School?

Badass biker.

You guys gave it your best shot.

You got nothing on Sam Crow.

And you harassing Tara, that ends here... or next time it won't be a piece-of-shit car I'm draining fluid from.

You threatening a federal agent?

I'm threatening you.

Go away. It's my last warning.

You better rein in your A.T.F. Boyfriend.

Agent Kohn isn't on my payroll. I don't keep tabs.

Yeah, well, maybe you should.

He's not here for Sam Crow, Hale.

He's here for Tara.

What the hell are you talking about?

This guy was stalking her in Chicago.

Thinks she came back to Charming to be with me.

I'm telling you, this guy is nuts, and he's gonna hurt her.

Jesus Christ. That's who she had a restraining order against.

You knew?

No, but it makes sense now.

Hale! Let's go, hotshot.

Water and Power just dug up some old bones out on 44.

Be there in a minute.

Kohn is my problem.

I will handle it.

You better, man, or I'm gonna.


Half-Sack, boombaye! Get in there, kid!

Hands up, Lowell.

Keep your hands up, Lowell.

Now you're getting cocky.

Anyone can beat up a junkie, prospect. It doesn't mean sh1t.

Where did you learn how to fight like this?

You know, I was junior lightweight champion.

Armed Forces boxing competition.

Ooh, that's so hot.

Things all better with the little missus now?

My balls are still attached.

sh1t, Lowell. Get out of there.

Whose idea was this?



I don't mind it, Clay. I'm just helping the Half-Sack train.

Yeah, well, you killed enough brain cells.

Come on. Come on. Back to work.

Okay. Thanks.

How's he doing?

Well, the latest round of rehab seems to be sticking.

He hasn't missed any work.

If I could get A.A. To kick up a vig, Lowell could make us all rich.

He's always been a freak. Damn good mechanic though. I guess you taught him that.

How's Sugar Ray One Nut looking?

He's working fast. Got a great right hook.

How much money gets thrown around at these bare-fist things?

The purse is okay, but it's the betting that's gone crazy.

I know a couple of guys last year who made six figures each.


The prospect can knock any one of those lightweights out... any day of the week.


What'd we pull together for McKeevy?

A hundred and 20.

You ain't thinking about betting on the prospect.

If Half-Sack takes his first five fights... and looks strong going into the finish... we control how it ends, it could be a huge payday.

What do you think?

I don't know.

But I do know there's no way we're raising 80 grand in the next four days... so it might be our only shot.

I'm in.

I'm in. Done.

All right, I'm in.

Take 50 grand.

I wanna see it triple. You're gonna train him.

No booze. No weed. No pussy.

That include the Nevada sweetbutt?

Till I'm up a hundred-K, that little cherry tart can cool on the counter.

[Chibs] Let's go. Hit that bag.

Hey, Bobby.


Do me a favor.

Push up on that thing, will ya?



Halfy-Sack is all about that now.

Well, I wanna see if she's all about him. And go at it hard.

[Bobby] I ain't mad at that.

Half-Sack's gonna lose his mind.

Well, that kind of anger we can really use.

Hey, and call Unser. See if he wants in on some of this fight action.

Clay, he's out on the job.

Water and Power dug up some old bones this morning.


Out on 44.


I don't know.

[Jax] Wheeling out two bodies.

There should be three.

I'm afraid to ask.

Don't be. There it is.

[Jax] Is this us?


Aw, sh1t.


[Man] #Riding through this world #

♪ All alone ♪
♪ God takes your soul ♪
♪ You're on your own ♪
♪ The crow flies straight ♪
♪ Aperfect line ♪
♪ On the devil's bed ♪
♪ Until you die ♪
♪ Gotta look this life ♪
♪ In the eye ♪♪

And all three of them were Mayans?

[Clay] Yep. Back in '92...

Mexicans tried to expand their Oakland dope base, set up a charter in Lodi.

We couldn't let that happen.

It was a bloody two years. Bodies dropped.

Yeah. I remember.

That was right around the time my old man died.

That's right.

We got to stop the P.D. From I.D.'ing those bodies.

If they flag the Mayans, we're their next stop.

Well, we can pull teeth to stop the I.D., but they can still D.N.A. Test.

Forensic tests on three bodies?


That would blow half of Unser's yearly budget.

But if Hale thought it would hurt us... he'd get his new fed buddies to float the costs.

sh1t, man, that was pre-O.J., right?

We weren't thinking about D.N.A. Back in '93.

What kind of clues we got buried with those Mexicans?

If they don't know they're Mayans, they won't take it any farther.

We stop the identification, we stop the investigation.

So, uh, there's a 15K purse on the line... and a lot of ringside action.

Yeah. I'm ready.

This ain't no army boxing, kid. This is street brawling.

No. It's cool.

Cherry pie.


It's time to go.

What are you talking about? Go where?

What are you doing, Bobby?

Relax, prospect.

She's gonna stay with him till the fight.

No, I'm not.

Oh, yeah, you are.


No booze. No dope.

No pussy.

You'll love my place. It's very cozy.

Get your hands off me.


Back off.


Clay, no s*x before a fight's like an old wives thing.


Did you just insult my old lady again?

No. L-



Why didn't you tell me it was Kohn?

Jax told you?

I did not know that Kohn was the guy that was stalking you.

I could have-

You know, I tried getting help in Chicago.

Complained to his superiors- Made things worse.

I went through three precincts before someone would even give me that restraining order.

I doubted you could do anything.


Kohn's boss doesn't even know that he is here.

This guy is in deep sh1t.

He is done.


He is leaving Charming. I promise.

And I am sorry.

Town's talking about the skulls that rolled out of that hole.

I'm sure they are.

Have you thought about damage control?

Tig's the only one that knows the truth.

Everybody else thinks all those bodies are Mayans.

And how do you stop that truth from spreading?

I've got it covered.

All right? Don't worry.

This sh1t stays in the rearview.

So I talked to Trammel.

The Sanwa County coroner's clearing space... but bones stay local tonight.

Good. Now I have to get into the lower level of the hospital.

You, uh, think the old squeeze might be able to hook a brother up?

I'll see what I can do.

All right.

Sorry. Clay? I, uh- I just asked Gemma.

Wanted to make sure it was cool with you that I have Moby here.

Only during my break. He- He likes to watch me work.

Sure. It's fine.

[Imitating Gunshot]


Hey, Lowell, you're doing good work.

Thanks, man!

All right. Tara's not here.

What do you wanna do?

Lab coat on the chair.

Can you distract the doctors?

Yeah. No problem.

Excuse me, ladies.

Oh. How you doing? Uh, you're doctors, both of you?


Oh, thank God.

Um, a Doberman pinscher took a chunk.

Ah, Jesus.

Hang on. A chunk of my ass. L- Can we-

You need to go to the E.R.

Distract them. I said distract them, not scar 'em for life.

sh1t. I'm serious. I think it's infected.

[Woman On P.A.] Orderly to the nurses'station.

Orderly to the nurses'station.

[Monitor Beeping]


Managed to steal a key card from an intern.

Hopefully it gets us below.

Yeah. Me and Tig'll take care of this.

Why don't you stay here and run interference.


Hey, Doc.


Kid looks strong, huh?


Well, you have a good night, all right?

You too.

Nurse said you wanted to see me.

Yeah. I was just checking in. You okay?

Yeah. I talked to Hale. He assured meJoshua was leaving.

Thanks for handling that.

Ah, you're welcome.

You won't have to worry about that guy anymore.


[Glass Shatters]

[Door Squeaks]

[Bag Hits Floor]



♪♪ ["The Alphabet Song"]


♪ H, I, J, K♪
♪ L, M, N, O, P ♪

[Urine Trickling]

♪ Q, R, S ♪
♪T, U, V♪

#W, X #

[Trickling Continues]

♪Y and Z ♪♪

[Buzzer Buzzes]

I'll find us some gloves.


[Zipper Unzipping]

[Clay] Hey, freako.

We ain't here to find you a date.

I know. I know. It's just-You know.


You ever?

What? Cold pack?


Nah. Not my thing.

I know it's a little bit creepy at first... but then something happens, man, I'm telling you.

This soothing coldness. This stillness.

It's really a beautiful thing.


Please, stop.


Goddamn it. It's all right. Keep looking.

I thought I told you to wait upstairs.

Well, there's no interference to run... and I figured you could use the extra pair of hands.

Is that all right?

I got 'em.

All three.

[Drawers Sliding]

Hold the head. Tight.

Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute.

It's already been I.D.'d.

Lowell Harlan Sr.

This is Lowell's old man.

[TV Playing]

Cookie time.

I made 'em.

Especially for you.

[Laughs] No, thank you.


Stop, please.

Come on, girl.

You ain't no old lady yet.


[Kissing Sounds]

Do this for me-

[Sighs] I'll make sure you get the thumbs-up from Clay.

Stop, 'kay? Please.

Come on.

[Kissing Sounds]

Stop! God.

I'm not a sweetbutt.

Oh, yeah, you are.

No, I'm not.

I came here for Kip. I'm not gonna be passed around anymore. All right?

I'm done with that.

Come on.

Seriously. Ew!


Oh, Jesus.


[Laughing Continues]



I said okay.


Relax. Have a cookie.

Why was Lowell's dad buried with the enemy?

Casualty of war.

Mayans took him out.

He worked at T.M.

He wasn't patched.

Mayans went after everybody.

Family, friends. Didn't matter.

Lowell thinks his dad just split.

Poor b*st*rd's convinced he's still out there.

I know.

So why the same grave?


I know.

It was a crazy two years.

I didn't have time to think a lot of sh1t through.

Is that why you didn't want me in the morgue? Protect that secret?


I got no secrets from you.

You know, with the Mayans I.D.'d too...

I can only imagine the poison Hale's gonna pour in Lowell's ear.

[Elevator Dings]

I'll handle Lowell.

[Elevator Door Opens]

[Elevator Door Closes]


Sounds good.

[Engine Idling]

Is it cool if I work on it before my shift?


Is everything okay, man?

I want you to hear this from me.


Something happen to Moby? I left him with Anita.

No, no, no. Your kid's fine.

Those bodies they, uh, pulled out of the hole on 44- one of'em's your old man.


My dad?

Oh, that- that don't make sense.

I'm sorry, son.

No. He ran off when I was, like, 15.

He just split. Everyone told me that. You told me that.

I know.


Well, the son of a bitch was already dead to me, right?


What, uh-


What happened to him?

Mayan war. Wrong place, wrong time.

The, uh, other bodies they found in the hole- those are the two Mexicans that killed your dad.

Vengeance was meted out.

The cops- they're gonna try to lay all those bodies at Sam Crow's feet.

That's bullshit.

I know. It ain't a matter of true or false.

Hale is gonna try to screw with your compass.

I don't want you losing true north.


[John Teller's Voice] Inside the club there had to be truth.

Our word was our honor.

But outside, it was all about deception.

Lies were our defense, our default.

To survive, you had to master the art of perjury.

The lie and the truth had to feel the same.

But once you learned that skill, nobody knows the truth... in or outside the club.

Especially you.

Oh, my God.


Holy sh1t.


Two bodies were Mayan captains. It had to be SAMCRO.

Well, 15-year-old Mexican bones give us nothing.

Even with D.N.A., there's no murder weapon. So it's ancient history.

The U.S. Attorney's Office won't touch it.

Look at this.

Dead mechanic worked for Teller-Morrow.

History of drug abuse, domestic violence. His kid's on the way in.

Following his old man's footsteps.

Close to SAMCRO.

How close?

I'm not sure.

Any word on Kohn?

Checked out of his hotel.

He turned in his rental car. He may already be gone. Here we go.

You, uh-You wanted to see me?


Have a seat, Lowell.

I'm June Stahl, federal agent.

I'm here helping out the deputy chief.

Oh, yeah? You helping out with what?

We have, uh, some sad news for you about your father.

Yeah, I know. They found him in that hole off of 44.

Well, you don't seem too surprised by that, Lowell.


Well, you live by the sword, you know?

He was a mechanic, not a gangster.

Why was he buried with outlaw bikers?

I don't know.

Your old man worked for Teller-Morrow, right? - Yeah.

So the Sons of Anarchy must've trusted him.

He was a friend.

Did Clay tell you that?

It's true.

He was a friend, and I'm a friend.


Just like your dad.

You're just a chip off the old spoon.

Let's just hope we don't find you in a ditch on a county road somewhere, huh?

Who do you think killed him?

You know, they found three bullet holes in his head.

Now, what could a mechanic do that would incite such a gruesome death?

I don't know.

He was buried with the enemy, Lowell.

He was not a friend.

He did something to piss off Clay.


He was in the same grave because he had the same killers.

Use your head, Lowell.

SAMCRO killed your father.

That is not true.

Yes, it is.

What's going on in here? Who the hell are you?


Just what we need.

You guys wanna rent a goddamn wing?

Aren't you spunky.

You done with him?

For now.

Get out of here, Lowell. Go ahead. Go on.


Bad enough I got to see the other one every time I get a hot shave.

Now I got to deal with Mrs. A.T.F. Chewing on my last nerve?

When did you last see Kohn?

I just left him.

At Floyd's.


Who did this?




That stupid bitch.

How is this her fault?

This guy's dead.

At least.


Yeah. Kohn's still in town.

I know. He's at Floyd's. I'm taking care of it.

## [Radio]

I'm really gonna miss this, Floyd.


You wanna go to war with me, you sick piece of sh1t?

♪ I will keep my promise true ♪


# For you are my guiding light ##

This is bullshit.

He attacked me.

No one backs your version, Kohn.

He put me through a goddamn window.


Apparently after you stabbed him with some scissors.


Don't thinkJax is pressing charges.

Oh. sh1t. Great. Thank you.

But you will be facing charges in Illinois... for violating a restraining order.

I'm not stalking Tara. I'm protecting her.

Come on. We all know what happens if she hooks up with Teller.

You know I'm right. We're all on the same team here.

No, Josh. Not anymore.

You're in breach of about a half a dozen federal statutes.

You've been stripped of your creds, and O.P.R. 's gonna meet you at O'Hare.

I hope that the stalk was a good rush...

'cause, uh, it just killed your career.


She came back here because she was afraid of me.

I pointed her at SAMCRO.

I can't fix that mistake, but you can. Both of you can.


Barber says you came in for a haircut.

Agent Kohn attacked you with a pair of scissors.

So you pushed him through a plate glass window. Self-defense.

That's what Floyd saw, I guess that's what happened.

That's fantastic.

[Clears Throat]

Tell me.

Are they all just afraid of you... or convinced that you are a necessary evil?

You charging me?

No charges.

Why does Kohn have a hard-on for you?


You know why.


You're right. I do.

Tara Knowles.

The charming ingenue.

High school sweethearts, right?


She fears for her life... so she comes back home... to the only man she knows loves her enough to protect her... a guy who would have no problem... putting a fed through a plate glass window.

That's beautiful.

Really, it is.

I wish I had that kind of pull over someone.

You're a lucky man.

You done?


She's done.

[Motorcycle Engine Idling]

[Announcer] First fight of the afternoon. Round one.

[Referee] Let's go!

[Bell Dings]

[Crowd Cheering]

[Shouting, Indistinct]

Come on! Hit him!

[Shouting Continues]

[Bell Dinging]


She's getting under his skin.

I can feel it. It's bad for us.

I'm keeping an eye on it.

I'm not gonna let anything turn Jax away from Sam Crow, especially pussy.

Tara's not pussy. He loved her.

Probably still does.


Hey. Anita just called. Lowell? M.I.A.

She just found Moby in the apartment, crying and locked in the bathroom.


Yeah. He probably went to Lodi looking to score.


It's not your fault, baby.

You've been taking care of Lowell since he was 16. You done everything you could.

Just some sh1t you can't escape.

It's like father, like son.


Looks like it's going that way.

Got to remember what's important.

Big picture.

I'll call the Vista, see if he checked in.

No one blames you if Lowell don't come home.

Come on, Lowell. Open up. I'm taking you home.


It makes no sense.

It's no sense that my dad was buried with them wetbacks!

How long you been taking care of me, Clay? Huh? Why are you here now?

I made a promise to your dad.

What, before you killed him?

You kill him, Clay? Why would you do that?

I lied to you, son.

Don't you call me that. I am not that.

Your father wasn't killed by the enemy.

He was the enemy.


He was a friend.

He was a loathsome piece of sh1t.

Treated you and your mother like dirt.

Cared more about thejunk than he did about his friends... his family.

Sound familiar?


I'm not that.


Then what the hell are you?

You can't stay clean.

You abandon your kid.


I killed your old man.

I killed him 'cause he was a rat.

A weak junkie rat.

I'm not a rat. - Look at you.

Ten minutes with Hale, you turn inside out. You run away.

You don't give a sh1t about your kid!

I'm sorry, Clay.

Next time maybe Moby drowns in that bathtub.

Or maybe you tell Hale and the feds... all those secrets you been hearing at Teller-Morrow.


I can't deal with it anymore, Clay.

My point.

Oh, sh1t. Oh, sh1t.

[Crying, Sniffling]

I'm my old man.

I'm Lowell.

[Sniffles] Oh, God.

I'm sorry, Clay.

I know that you tried to help me. You help Moby.

You save him from me.

Do it, please.

You help my little boy.

[Chattering, Shouting]

[Bell Dinging]

[Announcer Speaking, Indistinct]

This is it, prospect, your final fight.

How you feeling?

I'm good, man.

This asshole looks half dead.

Well, he's had a tougher climb. It's a beautiful thing.

It is a beautiful thing. You're looking like a champ.

Everybody's betting on you, except for us.

What do you mean?

You want me to lose?

[Crowd Whistling, Cheering]

sh1t. No, come on, man. I can beat this guy. I can win this whole thing.

If you win this, we get 15 grand.

You lose, we walk home with 10 times that much. So you lose.

You're gonna take a dive, Kippy, for the club.

Go get him. Sort of.

[Bell Dings]


[Chibs] Come on, son! [Shouting, Indistinct]

Come on! Get 'em in there!

[Door Closes]


Why aren't you at the fight?


I've had my share for the day.

[Kissing Sounds]


Your leg okay?


Where's the doctor?

I don't know.

Where you going with that, Jax?


I don't believe that. I've seen the two of you together.

See how you act around her.

She's still got ties in you.

You know what?

I don't give a sh1t what you think.

What I do, what Tara does- it's not your business.

Cleaning up piss and broken cribs, that's my business?

No one asked you to take this on.

This house, this kid. It's not your burden. It's mine.



[Crowd Cheering]

You deal with that Lowell problem?

Call Anita. Tell her she's gonna be watching Moby for a while.

All right.

Give it one more round, and then he falls.

I understand you, uh... declined Bobby's request for some comfort.

[Clears Throat]

Yeah. I did.

I'm not about that anymore.

If I was to ask for some comfort... would you be about that?

[Punches Landing]

No. I'm sorry.

But your old lady would turn us both into chum.

Yeah, that's a good point.

Lf, uh, Half-Sack patches in- which is a big "if" - it's all right with me if you stick around.

That is, if he wants you as his old lady.

[Kissing Sounds]

Thank you.

Oh, sh1t. sh1t!

Half-Sack, don't!

[Tig] What's he doing?

What's he doing? What the hell's he doing?

Gonna K.O. This guy.

sh1t, I'll kill him. I'll kill him.

No, no, no. My bad. My bad.

Get him out of there before we got to bury another Mexican.

[Bell Dinging]

[Tig] Come on!

Hey, hey, hey! Chill! Relax, you muppet.


Clay, I'm really sorry. You know, I just lost it. I don't-

You owe the club 35K.



At least you got the girl, huh?

Come on. Get out of here before I rape both of you.

Tig. Hey.

It's just an expression. Term of endearment.

We're gonna need the hundred and 15 by Friday.

Gonna be a busy week.

You said it.

[Engine Starts]


He's a good mechanic.

[Gasping Continues]

Jesus. Are you okay?


Hale told me what happened.

Kohn's gone. I watched him leave town.

Thank you.

What is it?

You left Chicago 'cause you were afraid this guy was gonna hurt you.

One of the reasons.

Did you come back here

'cause you knew I'd hurt this guy... do what the cops wouldn't do?

God, no.

I had no idea he would follow me.

L- I didn't know you'd even still be here.

That doesn't sound like you, Jax.

It sounds like your mother.

Well, you're safe now.

[Door Opens]

How'd it go, baby?


Where is he?

Sam Crow rehab.


What'd you tellJax?

About the bodies.

Some of the truth.

And Lowell?

A little more.


The rest stays buried.



And rest in peace.