01x02 - Episode 2

You're both through to the shortlist for sergeant.

Danny is going to walk it, we all know that!

It's you.


Oh, my God.

That's two Down's girls drowned within six months.

What if this is a hat-trick?

You're chasing a girl who is evidently not Down's.

It's the same girl.

He puts them in the water.

Requesting urgent medical assistance.

Oh, my God.

There's room for you at my house. Do we leave here together?

(All talk at once)

(Talk stops/vacuum cleaners whir)

How long's she going to be staying?

We'll find out.

Well, how long did you say?

Let's see.

See you later, Cathy.

I get home at 3:30. I'll show you around.

Bye, Nana.


Tessa's the mother I never asked for.

I'm starving in here!

And my mum's the kid I never deserved. Come on.

Here. To rinse our hands before breakfast. This one's yours.

We've got cereal, there's scrambled egg, bacon.

Or have both.

I couldn't have both.

Have both.

Have what you want.

She wants both. Have both.

And-And the room's OK? Slept OK?

The room's massive.

I slept like a log, thank you.

Excuse me. What are you doing?

Maclaren's taken over the Cathy Calvert case.

We're not allowed near it anymore.

Is he for real? Why?

Why do you think?

Because you moved Cathy Calvert into your spare room, contaminating any prosecution if they decide we've a tainted witness.

How can he? She wouldn't be alive if it weren't for us. I-I couldn't...

No, I didn't drag her out of the river just to put her in the system.

Two for me, two for you.


So we don't have to use theirs.


That spa your mum got me signed up to.


I-I've tonnes of work piling up.

I've two vouchers. This is work.

Are you determined to sabotage my career?

Cathy Calvert needed protecting.

There are agencies.

Yeah, right.

Answer me this - if you hadn't just lost your job to Joy Freers, would you have taken that child under your wing?

Answer me this - why, once you knew I'd walked away from Mervin Manley's accident...

You chased a man under a bus.

Who we know for a fact had stabbed at least two...

If we'd known it for a fact, then he'd be in jail now not tapioca!

Nobody else knows about that.

Correct. Thanks to me.

Are we sure they don't speak English?

Joy deserves her position.

She still calls it going all the way and she chews her nails.

People do.

Her false nails.

If you got her on the cheap, Viv, thinking I'll spend the rest of my career mopping up after her, you've another think coming.

I love you whingeing about your future when your present's going totally to sh1t.

They've really hurt her, Viv.

People do.


Oh, so that's your game, is it?

For anyone on vouchers you make up your tips by tampering.

Well, here's a big tip for you, Aeroflot, wrong person, wrong place, wrong tree, try it again and I'll have you sex-trafficked by Albanians, you stick thin creep!

Viv, Viv, it was a joke.

A happy finish?

(Sirens wail)

About bloody time.

Morning, sir.

What's up?

Couldn't fasten up your buttons or something?

We're meant to start a tournament at ten and we've got people coming from as far as Chorlton to Bury, haven't we?

Come on, Cartman, let's see who you really are.

Are you OK, mate?

Can you tell me your name?

Tell me your name.


Are you OK?

Requesting urgent medical assistance.

Can you hear me? Tell me your name.

Radio: 'Roger that, Tango Patrol. Ambulance is on its way.'

Oh, God! He's stopped breathing.

Joy, I'm sorry this happened and I'll do anything to put right, but I'm not apologising for Cathy, not to anybody. I'd walk first.

Well, that's not happening on my watch.

How can I work properly if I'm being ignored?

They're not angry with you they're angry...

They're pissed off with Maclaren, the thieving, lanky w*nk*r.

But do you know what saddens me most?

There's not been a Tuesday or a Thursday since I turned 25 that I've not slept round your house, and I can't do that any more, can I?

Not with Cathy as your new housemate and you won't sleep round mine.

Not till you kill the cat.

(Phone rings)


'Maclaren wants one of us to report to him and his team of e-twats and it won't be me for this reason - I'd rather he had a go at YOU to see what he'd say if I'm not in the room, you see?'


'Get your sh1t together and get round there and welcome to management.'

Oh, you stupid cow! What have you done to us all?!

No. No, you're moving.

To be honest, I won't mind having a look myself.

Well, one of us can't... There. There. There.

Don't... move. Don't dare move.

Maclaren was looking at Jocelyn Wade's client list.



Only me, ma'am.


Amber alert from the poisons unit. Ooh, hello.

Erm, Stuart and Tegan accompanied a sudden death down at St Michael's.

There's chemicals on the street that shouldn't be.

Three more on this patch, not dead yet but not far off.

What are we talking?

Some mephedrone-ketamine reboot and something new they can't yet identify, ma'am.

If they've mutated mephedrone we'll be cleaning up middle-aged, middle-class sh1t off the streets till the next Olympics.

Yeah, well, the last one was a 19-year-old economics student at Manchester.

Take the address, take Jonah with you to inform next of kin.


There's a window right at the back of the ladies' toilets.

You'll be able to see much better, although you've got to remove the automatic light bulb.

Is that the dead on arrival that Stuart and Tegan just called in?

Yeah, poor little sod. Nearly all his organs had started liquefying.

Eurgh! Enough! His mother is in reception.

I think she's trying to report him missing.

He'd gone out to score drugs.

The only time he borrowed the car was while I was at the gym, because I was at a drink after with the girls and got taxis home.

He always put it back exactly where and how I'd left it.

Except the cab smelt of fresh weed.

Just weed?

His father died a month ago.

I know what I've needed to get through it, so God help him.

We don't think he was robbed, but we couldn't find his phone.

He left it behind. That's why...

That's why I couldn't find him.

Yeah. Come on. Let's get you home, Suzanne.

I've spoken to your sister and she's with your mum at your house.

How did you get my mum from Worcester?

I called in favours.

Thank you so much. Thank you so much.

DC Kowalska will come with you to take a full statement.

I know it seems indecent but we need the information now, yeah?

God bless you.

Get the intelligence lads off Spotify and onto this.

I need a phone log cross referencing urgently.

So, the Down's killer case. Where's Darren Maclaren leading us?

Back to Jocelyn Wade's client list.

How do you know that?

Well, he thinks that's the most viable lead.

Utter expensive bollocks.

Jocelyn Wade's clients aren't suspects, they're just horny, twisted freaks.

We need to get inside Cathy Calvert's head.

Get her to talk.

The minute she's fit to speak, I'll be the closest one listening. You have my word.

Do keep me posted, meanwhile, there's a guy out there killing Down's syndrome girls who's not quite as patient as you.

(Knock at door)

From intelligence. The dead lad's phone logs led to this guy.

We've got him in custody. His name is Roy Proctor. He's a postman.

Not known to us but recently acknowledged by locals as a casual supplier. Weed only usually, but in this case, he pilfered an unregistered parcel on his round that - Bingo! - contained non-specific capsules.

Going to which address?

He'd burnt the packaging for his own benefit.

Where was his round?

I forget but it's not a toilet.

Erm... Richmond Fall's area.

No way am I looking at Sandy Street.

See, this is where we was asked to help on surveillance last November.

But we were all shouted down once they realised there was no explosives involved.

They were definitely manufacturing.

Yeah, but just hydroponics and sh1t.

Hydroponics don't cause that.

OK, well, if they've upped their game, so will we.

And they've caught me on a full moon so they won't know what's hit them.

Is this you? Couldn't it wait till people had eaten?

It needed to wait until I was ready.


(She laughs)

Ooh, I think I've had an idea that might just get us back in the running on the Down's syndrome case.

Mm, yeah?

It's a bit tricky and it relates to Cathy Calvert.

Given that Cathy's not talking and Dinah wouldn't even let us try we need new ideas to get round the formalities...

How much are you asking for?


Keep your idea to yourself, spend five.

22 and 24 Sandy Street, two semis that have been bought in the last 12 months.

But they're not semis, they're a drugs lab.

We're working on a theory that they've scattered a test batch into the human field.

Five people are already dead or dying because of it.

I want that kitchen closed.


(Slight groaning)

We could have done with a lot more preparation, but big tough titty.

(Phone rings)

Excuse me.

Do we know what it is they're making?

We've just got young Luke Hyatt's toxicology in, and it's looking like a transmutation of good old 4-methylmethcathinone with...

Yeah, but it's souped-up MCat, in other words.

Yeah, which they're a long way off, cos this stuff's only half modified, but still a neurotoxin that shuts down your immunity till... well, you drown in your own blood, basically.

Joseph Raphael, of number 22.

Sounds foreign, but he's English as a muffin and by reputation a very nasty little prick.

People who've messed with him haven't been seen since.

Angelina Costeros, from number 24 Sandy Street.

Two PhDs in industrial chemistry.

Her tax returns say that she's a supply science teacher.

You couldn't get a bra in that joint for less than 200 sods.

This is 4.30pm. Angelina Costeros arrives back at number 24.

Wait for it.

Three minutes later, she's at the upstairs window of number 22 with her baps out.

They're not shagging - at home.

So we know that the two houses are connected, just don't know how.

Yeah, I'd like to introduce you to the sh1t button.

Installed in any drugs lab in the event of you lot bursting in unannounced.

It's ready to flush away at the push of a button - oooohhh - any imprisonable evidence, some of which at least you will need in court, and, trust me, if the button de sh1t is deployed, then for the little evidence you'll get you might as well do a couple of student flats on a Friday night.

Sergeant Freers.

One, volunteers for surveillance.

Those who are already familiar with the new equipment.

Right. Two, tell your families you don't know when you'll be home.

Can I tell Rosie it might be October?

(Freers chuckles)

Er, three...

Permission to show off, ma'am?


OK, Angelina Costeros and Joseph Raphael both work for Pharmadansk at their UK laboratories in Kent.

Now, she was sacked for stealing Class A psychoactive compounds and arrested by Kent Police, but Raphael was the one making the allegations on behalf of the company.

Two months after that he retires early on grounds of mental debility.

A month after that, he drops the charges and moves in with Costeros.

He got her on the hook to get her off it?

She doesn't know he stitched her up.

He gets funding for a lab and her science brains behind it.

Look, if we can isolate Costeros and offer her a deal, we've got a better chance of harvesting the evidence and getting maximum sentences.

Hands up anybody here who think that separating Costeros and Raphael is a dodgy move.

Hands down.

Hands up anybody who thinks that that level of risk...

.. is sexy.

Oh, f*ck off, I gave you two quid not half an hour ago.

Angelina Costeros, I'm arresting you on suspicion of...

Oh, and we know from invoices why you've no small change, because you've paid ten grand a pop for these fellas.

I'm arresting you on suspicion of trafficking drugs to and from British shores.

You have the right to remain silent, et cetera.

Oh, f*ck off.

How is Jonah being up there less conspicuous than me?

We're going to have a patrol car pulling up for indecent exposure. SHE LAUGHS I'm trying to concentrate.

The offences we arrested you for in public bear no relation to the charges you now face.

As of last night you're also accused of the murders of three young souls.

Two with families, one barely old enough to be starting his own.

I can bring his mum back in if you'd like to speak to her personally, Angelina.

That wasn't me.

So, tell us about the stolen chemicals, Angelina.

If you were innocent, you'd have faced the charges, wouldn't you?

That was not me.

We know it wasn't.

How did you meet Joseph Raphael?

He was your line manager at Pharmadansk.

And you know his signature was on the document accusing you of theft?

He framed you.

Flattened your reputation and dried up your income so you were so desperate you'd accept any help on offer.

Am I warm?

What is she on about?

We've talked directly to the CPS and in return for your co-operation in the successful prosecution of Joseph Raphael we'll back up your defence.

Sweetheart, the minute he knows I've turned evidence I'm dead.

All we need is detailed intelligence on how that laboratory's designed to vanish any evidence in the event of a raid.

Can you no' send her out for KitKats or something?

What firearms, if any, are on the premises.

(Costeros laughs)

What the risks are for the officers entering the premises.

Subsequent to which you will be addressed by the system as a victim, Angelina.

Where were you trained? Currys?

You've just given me the reason not to cooperate.

You've declared me a victim.

Why should I lift a finger from here?

(Staff announcement over tannoy)

Thanks for waiting. I've just sectioned three in about an hour.

Do you smoke?

While it's still allowed.

Cathy's not saying anything but Deering's getting impatient.

I deeply admire what you've done for Cathy but I feel compelled to jump right into manipulating your influence on the girl.

So she's refused sedatives or drugs of any description.

I really need you to think about hypnosis.

Just tell her to get on the web, look up young patients' testimonies, especially PTSD, especially rape, and tell her that that is the best form of treatment if she needs to stay in charge.

So she was, was she? Actually raped?

So naturally she'll ask you to chaperone her to her first session.

Which I would. I would in a heartbeat.

No, you won't, you see, because she's never had a comfort blanket. Don't give her one now.

Do you think rape's ambiguous when the girl hasn't uncrossed her legs in 48 hours after the incident?

If you care about that girl, you bring her to me.

Non-talkers don't tend to last very long.

They're successful with hypnosis because looking half their age accelerates their trust.

My mum's a cow, and it's ageing me. So there's a window, Dinah. Please.

Oi! You do realise this entire complex is meant to be non-smoking!

Yeah, and that's a long-stay window, so you should've learned to shut it by now.

Is that true?

No, it's not.

Got a white Audi pulling up right below me.

And it's a corker. Worth more than the house.

Plus brunette, fit, white female, about 40.

(He whistles)

Very fit, actually.

Audi, VRM Victor Alfa India Three, Lima Kilo Echo.

Aye, and she's got her own set of keys for 22.

OK, here we go.

This is Corinne Raphael, it's his ex-wife.

Right. She must be banging him.

OK, listen, get a picture of them together. Do what you need to do.

Jonah, toolkit.

(Dogs bark)

Oh, Vicky!

What've you done!

f*cking kidding me. What've you done?

Look at the state of that! What have you done, you useless prick!

(He laughs)

What did you leave it there for?

I'll have your job away for this, you fat twat.

I'm sorry, mate, it just fell down.

Look at that.

Oh, my...

You can write to head office.

f*cking idiot.

They can try and refund...

(Camera clicks)

Take six to eight weeks.

(Camera continues to click)

How's Cathy, how are you getting on?

(She speaks her native language)

Call you back, then.

Thanks, sir.


What do you expect from us all? Cartwheels?

He's got to let people sleep on it. Yourself included.

Meanwhile, we've landed a little corker.

Just look at the footage, read my notes, we'll present it to Doubtfire together.

Get you some Nectar points back, maybe.

(Voice speaks in native language)

(Cat miaows)

(Ominous music)

(Cat meows and she shrieks)

(She cries in distress)

It's just a cat. There, you're shivering, come here, sweetheart.

(The girl sobs)

Jock is right.

I've just pissed on my own chips. She won't budge.

Ma'am. Check out these fellas.

Belonging to?

His ex-wife.

And, according to previous surveillance footage, the car shows up often.

Almost as often as Angelina goes shopping.

Tuesdays, Thursdays...

Are you going to question next round?

I'll lead with the terms of the offer.

And you'll need to do what we're offering.

No. Dina and Spike.

There'll be none of that. You were shit-hot in there, madam.

It's just that I have every reason to believe that this situation calls for two gobby bitches and a cracking pair of nuts.

f*ck off, I'm demanding a lawyer.

Make your language meaningful, or f*ck off yourself.

It's a bloke thing...

It's a bloke thing.

I can see how he can't resist the real ones, you know what I mean?

What happened there? You've photoshopped that, let me see.

b*st*rd! Whoa, missus!

You know, I want this noting for a claim if it's broken.

He's been banging her since the day they divorced.

Basically, every time you were out shopping.

The Audi pulls up.

You know, they always end up diagonally, in the other house.

Same bedroom you share with him.

She must be laughing all the way to the bank if the price of that motor's anything to go by.

Aw. Had he convinced you it was all about you?

And him? And the money?

It's not your money, sweetheart.

It's hers.


You want your reputation back?

We need to know. Now.

We didn't put a test batch of substances out there.

A snail-mail parcel with a tiny amount of ingredients went missing.

But we didn't circulate this sh1t, why would we, when it's not commercially ready?

(She sighs heavily)

There's an evacuation valve in the basement.

And we need it disabled.

I can't, I couldn't, I wouldn't be anywhere near there.

This two-faced animal's going to kill me when he...

There's an emergency remote at the front door, for obvious reasons.

It triggers a signal to the system to totally self-flush.

It's really, really fast.

But you'll disable it.


Two PhDs and you can't take a battery out?

(She sighs heavily)

Oi! Well done Spike getting you back in the driver's seat earlier.

Now, what Spike exemplified is top-notch teamwork.

You are part of a top-notch team.

That's a lot of love for you, Dinah.

But what we all want most is the Cathy Calvert case back.

So, go home, spend some time with Cathy, help her get ready to talk.




Tonight, your session with Bo Peep.

Dr Peep.

We... You know why I'm not coming into the session with you.

OK, look, erm...

The way Peep said it is way better than anything I can come up with.

If I'm in there, holding your hand, as a copper, you won't be able to get your sleeves rolled up, and... that's kind of what the sessions are for.

I know.

I've been through them myself.

With Dr Peep?

(She scoffs)

I couldn't afford Peep if I took a mortgage out.

Why did you need sessions?

Two a week for three years, to realise all I had to do was thump some b*st*rd back.

Tessa's Dad?


He left us years back and then moved back in once the house was paid off.

He started knocking my mum about, giving Mum liver spots that got too big to fake, so...

I hoofed him down the stairs and out the door.

Never seen him since.

Bet Magda blames you for that.

Very much so.

And I very much don't care.

Bo Peep. Is that what you call her?

(They laugh)

Knock, knock.

Oh, no, it's OK. It's only Spike. Two minutes, mate.

We're just doing the lippy. See you downstairs.


I bought this for Cathy, from me. I know she lost hers.

Joy. You didn't have to do that.

And I know it's too soon to come in.

No-one wants to intrude.


This is what I think it is, isn't it?

How many sets does it connect to?

Four. Including one for you!

Spying on a child, Joy? You're kidding.

Cos that's the opposite of what I've just promised her.

Well, that's all good for you, Dinah, but while McLaren is raking in everything since Ian Brady, you're throwing your arms around Cathy like an aunt!

Whose idea was it?


Nothing is actually moving, and it really badly needs to, Dinah, otherwise, the guy that did that to them is going to walk!

All right?

Well, if she knew about this, she can f*ck off and all.

I'll start teaching.

Shut up, Dinah, give me a sec. Yes, ma'am?

Yes, ma'am.

Yeah, ready for battle. We're on our way. Let's go.

(Car engine starts)

Ah! About time. Is everything sorted? Yeah?

I've worked this out perfectly.

I need tits and teeth up front, so you're going in first.

I'm what?

With Joy.

What?! Her?! But you said it was me!

And learn your lines. I want you word perfect.

Cues, lines, performance.

Shouldn't one of you mention consequences to her?


Yeah, I'm keeping this one.

(They giggle)


(They laugh)

Er, sorry, ladies. I need to fit you with, er...

.. recording equipment.

No. Stuart's already done ours.

With what?


(Dinah chuckles angrily)

Where's Tattoo? I NEED Tattoo.

Girls! I'm guessing one of them wasn't Lapland!


Shooting range for automatics.

You know you're my hand-picked front-line for this.

We were honoured when we saw that on the command sheet, ma'am.

I know baptism of fire's a bit ass about face as a wedding present... but don't let me down, girls.

Both: Ma'am!

OK, listen up.

When Joy and Dinah get to the door, they'll be met by Angelina Costeros.

Costeros takes advantage of the camouflage to slip us the hand-held remote to prevent anybody discharging the evidence.

Then, in we charge, and we don't stop until that basement valve is disabled.

We all clear?


Yes, ma'am.

Yes, ma'am.

I want the best performance you've got.


Taxi driver: You take care in there, girls, eh?

OK. Right.

You all right? Make it 20.


(Car motor rumbles)

(Buzzer rings)

(Dogs bark viciously)

Oh. You're not Jasmine.

Costeros is showing us her ass.

'Stand by for premature positions.'

Party? Jasmine's party?

I wish it was. I'm having the night in with my wife and a movie.


Sorry to bother you.

Oh, shi... I've no signal.

Can we use your landline and get the driver to turn round for us?

Ain't got a landline or a signal.

We have to stand at the end of the garden to get one.

'OK. Plan Z, girls.'

Sorry. Night.

(Joy and dinah scream)

Dah! f*ck me! Oh, my God! Oh, my God, look at my fingers!

You broke my fingers!

f*ck's sake!

Give me two secs, I need to put the dogs away. They'll go berserk.

Oh, my God!

Come in.

'Oh, my God, I'm so sorry...'

Gobby bitch has come through for me. Who'd have believed that?

Roddy, get some towels!

You know where they are.

And clean that up before...

That's my wedding finger!

We're three f*cking weeks away. I think I'm going to faint!

(Dinah yelps in pain)

(Joy and dinah scream)

Oh, God.

Get the remote off him.

How?! What if he catches me?

Just figure it out. Just put it in my hands and leave the rest to us.


(They scream)

'Can you see anything?'

I can't tell.


(Knock on door, they yelp)

(Dinah gasps)

Ma'am, the eggs are in the basket.

Repeat. Eggs are in the basket.




Get your hands where I can where I can see them or we're blowing your brains out!

Get off!





Subject one secure, ma'am.

(She screams, he groans)

No! Let me go! f*ck off!

(She screams)

'Escort the prisoner in the ambulance for his own safety.'

Pleasure, ma'am.


(Police sirens blare)

Orders from High Command. We stay with the patient.

Watch out!


Man: Everybody out now!


(Panicked shouting and coughing)


Guys? GUYS!

(Panicked shouting inside house)

What was that?


Come on!

(Panicked chatter)


Keep her down. Down, down, down.

(Coughing and panicked chatter)

Stuart, give me your comms.

PI Deering to Control.

Request medical back up. Yes. An emergency.

Mind your backs, please! Mind your backs, please!

Detective, there's no more staff to call out.

Have you seen what they're doing to each other in there? Or there?

Or there? It's not medical staff we're short of - it's physical help.

I understand what you're saying. Just give me a minute.

We've turned this place into a total f*cking zoo.

Where's Tatu?

They were the most exposed apart from the prisoner, but he's been ventilated and he's under armed guard, so we'll give him his day in court, ma'am.

The girls did us all proud.


Yeah, I wouldn't go in there if I was you.

They'll be all right, won't they?

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. It's just... whatever this turns out to be, it's got people a bit twisted.

Have you ever seen Two Girls, One Cup, ma'am?


You, you - get in there. Help that nurse...

And watch your feet! It's slippy.

Well... that went well.

Very well.

This way, Inspector.

Thank you.

Forensics are estimating a two million street value.

I'm........ with you, ma'am.

I've got, like, reports and files to ship.

How soon do you think my team can interview Cathy Calvert?

It's not a question I can answer - you took the case away from me.

Well, we're still on the same team, Viv.

And you've secured yourself a good future with all this.

Oh, not me.

(She laughs)

No, it's Tatu who saved all our bacon, sir.

Tactical support team.

They truly deserve a few good words from the top.


Where will I find them?

Second on the left.

If you excuse me, I've got...



(They chatter)



Wanna do that...

I can't get this frigging band off.

No, we'll get some scissors, will get some sci...


(Door slams)


(She clears throat)


They were involved in a raid.

They might have been exposed to substances.

Like what?

Um... it wasn't ket.

Ket's never done this to me before.

Come and look at what we've...


What I'VE made for you.

Oh, sweetheart, it was your session.

I... I'm sorry. That's not for public. I'm sorry.

She's absolutely twatted and won't remember a word. Go on.

Oh, darling. That's amazing.

How was it?

It was absolutely superb.

She says all these tiny things that, you know, says massive stuff, and...

.. and I think she really liked me and all.


What did you say to her?

What happened?

You did.

I offered her the chance of a non-investigative session as an induction into the process of clinical hypnosis and she jabbered like a flightless bird.

I'm going past loads of shelves, with tins and boxes.

And is the cat still leading you?

Taking me.

And does the black cat have a collar?

Massive collar.

Big as its face, nearly.

So you're passing these shelves, with the tins and the boxes, and the mixed-up stuff...

Quietly: Clever girl.

Repeat that, please, Cathy.

Clever girl.

Clever girl for what?

Clever girl!

That sounds quite angry.

Are you in pain at someone at this point, Cathy?

Everywhere hurts.

I thought he'd broken everything.

The cat is probably something her imagination has manufactured to soften the journey.

Vivienne: From what we know about Cathy's family, I can't see pets hanging around, can you?

(Door opening)

May I ask how such intimate material is suitable for open forum?

Well, against my better advice, Cathy Calvert gave consent for all future sessions to be shared as testimony for things she can't repeat in person, on the one condition that Dinah listens to them first.

A talking victim has only brought us to a decent square one.

Well, she does, of course, go on to talk about the rape in detail.

She's allowed.

Right, I want every one of the rest of us to be listening to every word that child so painfully donated.

Not sentimentally.

And don't get bored of it, or I'll kick your arses.

One word in 100 just might mean something to us.

Even if it doesn't her yet.

Bless her.

We can't do it without Dinah.

I'll keep her name off the paperwork, and pray they still like her as much if and when this emerges as a trial.

You get the case back. Just catch this b*st*rd, Viv.

Does anybody know a decent road from the Trafford Centre?

Missed you at the end of all that and I need a wee anyway.


Dinah described you very well.

You're little fighter, aren't you?

And how lucky are we lot, eh?

Knowing this lady?

I know.

We all need to know how to be good at that, don't we - fighting back?


Happy reading.

(Paper tearing)

My dad bought me a first edition of that when I were 12.

Within a week, bloke came up behind me -

I wasn't a good eater in them days - wham! I caught him, straight in the sprouts, with a bunch of keys.

Page 43. I still read that on holiday every year.

And I've signed it for you.

Shall we go and look at these upstairs?

Thank you.

You're something else, you are.

My mam always said it like that when she was struggling for adjectives.

Thanks so much, Vivienne.

Yeah, but... one adjective.


Never... not...

.. surprising.

Bless you for that.

I'll see you in the morn, bonny lass.

He's missed his fix, so he's agitated.

There's a man out there who wants girls like you bobbing up and down in the river like apples.

Won't be easy to yank him out on his own wedding.

Well, if you sort of frighten Asian birds with petrol, we wouldn't have to, would we?

We stumbled across your phone this morning.

Any idea how you might have misplaced it?

Why would we bother going after one paki when there's 15 of them five doors down?

Shut your mouth!