02x08 - Season 2, Episode 8

I'm not used to a full-time thing with a chick.

Chris, please just forget it.

Annie! Annie! Just... please, tell me what's going on?

No, I don't want to talk about it.

Annie! Tell me. Please.

OK. I'm pregnant.

Far out!

I'm not keeping it.

Why can't we?

He's Matron's son.

I have rehearsed this moment for decades.

Even when you could have come back, you didn't.

I didn't want to ruin what you had.

I'm not having that woman's grandchild.

It's better if we just call it quits.

The club's all yours.

I know we spoke earlier about funding for Stanton House. Yes.

I'm afraid the board has decided to review that operation altogether.

You mean close.

You've got three weeks.

You're a resourceful woman, Matron.

And if memory serves me correctly, you also promised me some resources.

A deal's a deal.

If you didn't feel responsible for Gail, would you still have married me?

You wouldn't!

Yes, I would have! I would have!

I wanted you to be James's father.

No! You knew nothing about me!

I just want my grandson.

I know.

I can't see that happening.

He wants to give us money, man, for the campaign.

I just put the kid down. Who is he?

Politician from the other side.

I'll get Briony from upstairs to look in.

She's having a party.

♪ Yeah! ♪
♪ I get a feeling that I've never never, never, never had before ♪
♪ No, no ♪
♪ Yeah ♪
♪ I just gotta tell ya... ♪

You right to go on in 15?

Yeah... Yeah.

♪ ..I believe ♪
♪ I really do believe that ♪
♪ Something's got a hold on me, yeah ♪
♪ Oh, it must be love ♪
♪ Something's got a hold on me right now, child ♪
♪ Oh, it must be love ♪
♪ Let me tell you now ♪
♪ I never felt like this before ♪
♪ Something's got a hold of me and won't let go ♪
♪ Step by step I have a brand-new walk ♪
♪ I even sound sweeter when I talk ♪
♪ I said oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪
♪ Oh, baby, oh, it must be... ♪


♪ You know it must be love Let me tell you now... ♪

Do you get a pay rise, now that you're running the place?

Yep, but not as much as a bloke.

Keeps me busy, though.

Stops me thinking too much.

How's the marriage going?

It's rocky.

Do you love him?


What are you doing here, then?

♪ Sure feels strange ♪
♪ And it sure feels good... ♪





Jim! Open the door!

We're full.

No-one else in till others leave.

Sorry, love. We're full.

Mick, hang on. She's alright.



You'll be wanting a brandy.

I'm looking for Chris Vesty.

He's... I'm doing his job now.


Do you have an address for him?

Is Annie singing tonight?

She's up next.

Are you sure I can't get you that brandy?

Nothing. Thank you.

Go on. You always got me a drink when I needed one.

This one's on the house.


Chris came to see me.

I assume you know why.

Because you're a liar and hypocrite.

I'm concerned. He was very upset.

What did you expect?

I need to know that he's alright.

Will you please tell me if you hear from him?

I don't owe you anything.

"Ensure the wound is properly cauterised prior to debridement and suturing. The procedure should take no more than 30 minutes. The patient should then be..."

Sh. Sh, sh, sh.

"..or earlier in the event of infection."

Ah... Wait a minute.

Wait a minute.

Coming. Just a second.


Borrow your stethoscope?

No. Where's yours?

Lost it.

Somewhere from here to maternity.


Go on. Swap you.

What is that?

It's a cassette player/recorder.

A new thing from America.

It records, playback.

Go on, Joan. I've got a night shift.

I'm flying solo.

Wait there.

Oh. Lifesaver.

This thing plays music?

Yep. I've got tapes in my room.

Creedence Clearwater, some classical stuff.

Just help yourself.

Have you pinched another baby from the nursery?

He's mine.

I thought James was living with his dad.

So did I.

Have a seat.

I don't want a seat.

I want to get back to my son.

The baby's fine.

He's with your wife.

My daughter... the mother of your son.

After her mother died, I bought a beach house.

We used to spend every summer there together.

She loved being outdoors.

Do you think she went for you on purpose?

To punish me?

She would have... made sure you found out.

She didn't tell you anything about me.

So maybe she was just in love.

And you?

Were you in love?

I loved her.

You beat her.

What kind of father does that to someone he loves?

I made mistakes.

I was young and angry.

War does terrible things to a man's head.

But I'll do better this time.

You won't.

Give me the boy.

You'll never have to work again.

No matter what you offer me, I am never giving you my son.

Keep him here.

Was he good?

Yeah, beautiful, always.

You'll be needing a bigger space soon.

Oh, it's nice here.

But you need to make it a more professional operation.

You know, I know a place up for lease.

There's even a room there you could live in out the back.

No, I don't think I've got enough money for anything like that.

Oh, we could talk to the bank, see if we could get you a loan.

I'm waiting for you.

It's funny - me waiting for you to get home.

"Where have you been, young lady?"

What's so important?

There is a rumour that Stanton House is closing down.

Don't listen to rumours.

Some of the girls are wondering...

Here she is.


I think you might be having your baby.

Girls, get back to bed.

It's OK.

It's alright. It's alright.

Come on. Just breathe.

Back to bed, I said!

It's OK.

It's too soon. It's too soon.

No, you're close enough.

Feels like a breech.

What's that? What's a breech?

It means your baby isn't positioned head-first.

Don't worry. Everything's fine.

I'm sorry to call so late at night but I was wondering if you'd heard at all from Jim.

Joan! Joan!

When you last spoke to him...

Helen, the Stanton House girl, she's in labour.

..did he mention anything about being threatened or anything like that?

Well, if you do hear from him, please contact me.

Thank you.

I think it's a footling breech.

The baby won't turn.

Have her waters broken yet?


That thing with the bath you do - you know the bath - can you do that?

I really don't want to be involved in a caesarean.


What are you doing?

I just need somewhere to keep James for an hour or so.

It's not a child-minding centre.

I'm asking for an hour or so.

Three babies are due within the next eight hours.

The empty cribs are for them.

It's an emergency.

I need to assist...

You knew very well when you got married what it was to care for a child.

Don't whinge about it now.

I'm not even supposed to be on duty.

I'm sure we can accommodate one more for a few hours.

Thank you.

With respect, sir, the operation of the nursery is not your responsibility.

This time I've made it mine.

Doctor... there are still rumours flying around about the closure of Stanton House.

You've heard those?

But they're not true.

I gave the chairman a cheque, a donation to pay for the running costs.

A cheque from Gregory Mathieson, apparently.


I wonder why he made that donation, when his daughter died here.

He was grateful for the care she received in Stanton House.


Anyway, that cheque bounced.

It was cancelled.

I thought the chairman would have mentioned that to you.

No, he didn't.

It cannot close.

What would they do with the girls?

Send them to somewhere like Parramatta?

That place is a prison.

Young pregnant girls do not belong in a place for juvenile delinquents.

I couldn't agree more.

And the free training for the student doctors and residents?

I know.

Sir, will you get me a hearing with the board, let me put my case?

I know what you did, Frances.

The letter you stole?

I burned it.

Why should I help you?

Those girls have no-one else to fight for them.


That's good. That's good.

Deep breaths.

Now rotate the baby's position a little bit each time between contractions, alright?

Will we need some local anaesthetic?

No, not yet.


We're going to try and turn the baby just a little bit more.

Yeah? OK.

This becomes a caesar, it's yours, Bowditch.

Yes, sir.

Alright, I'm going to pop out.

I'll be back.

You're doing really, really well.

I'm just going to check on James in the nursery.

Just keep doing what you're doing.

It's OK. You're right. You're right.

I've got to get the baby out before the waters break, otherwise the umbilical cord can prolapse and get depressed and that restricts oxygen, and then brain damage...

OK, I got it.

I've just never done a caesarean before.

So what? You're still a doctor.

God knows how, after carrying on like a pork chop.

There's a baby in there.

You've passed how many years of medicine?


There you go.

B average.

Be a man. Do it for the baby.


You're decided?

I can't have this baby.

I can't.

You look tired.

It's been a long night.

Well, there are a few hoops you'll have to jump through before a doctor will do it legally.

How long is that going to take?

Maybe a couple of weeks.

You'll need a referral from a psychiatrist attesting to the fact that having another baby will endanger your mental health.

What? I have to say that I'm mad?

No, just that you're mentally incapable of coping with another baby.

What's the difference?

It's just, it's a legal requirement.


If I say that I'm mad, Welfare are going to come and take Deanna away from me again, for good this time. No, not necessarily.

Yes, they will!

You don't know what you're talking about.

I'm 18 and I'm single and I'm already on a second chance.

Annie, I'm sorry, but that's not how it works.

You need to stop it.

Look, now...

Here's a referral to a psychiatrist in the city.

He's very good.

He's gentle.


You know, you're not very far along.

If you take another two weeks to decide, it won't make a difference.

It's proven to be a much more successful business than I ever could have imagined.

There's a huge demand for child-minding services and it's growing.

I'm turning people away.

Pattie will probably need to employ some other staff soon.

That's true.

And when's your husband coming in?

I'm prepared to guarantee the loan.

Where's your husband?

The rudeness of the man.

Don't take it personally.

The idea of an independent, single young woman scares the hell out of people.

There you go.

You look like you've been to church.

Oh... worse, no.

The bank, for a loan.

How did you go?

They don't lend money to single people if they have breasts.

What did you need the money for?

She's going to start a child-minding business.

A proper one.

I'll kick in.

You know what? So will I.

Maybe we can raise the money ourselves.


As long as you look after Deanna for me this afternoon.

Oh, my goodness.

Transverse cut at the base of the uterine wall.


Hey! I did it!

Yeah, yeah!

It's a boy. Clean cuts and I stitched like a seamstress.

What did I tell you? Easy game.

Hey, I gotta tell you something.


That's an ambulance parking space.

I won't be long. Join me for lunch.

No, thank you.

I have things to do.

I'm sure you're frantic. May I?

It must be difficult -

Jim leaving you to pick up the pieces.

Have you seen him?


Is he at home?

Don't know if he'll make it home.

But there is a message.

You can have him... or you can have the baby... but you can't have both.

And what does he mean by that?

The message isn't from Jim.

It's from me.

You've got two hours.

Call the police.

I can't.

They won't believe me and, even if they did, they're in Mathieson's pockets.

Then I'll talk to him.

And say what?

The obvious - that he's too old to care for a new-born and that you're a good mother to the boy.

Thanks, but I don't think that's going to make a difference.

The man is a thug.

But... capable of murder?

I don't want to find out.

You need to go somewhere safe.


Take the child to my house.

I can't do that.

You'll have the place to yourself.

I'll stay in the city.

Why ask for help if you're not going to take it?


Don't give him the child.

See you later.

Anyone going to get that?

Oasis. Martha speaking.

Martha, it's me.

We found a place I can use as a creche and there's a room I can use as my own.

I have to tell Annie. Is she there?

Hang on.


Annie? Pattie's on the phone.

She wants to show you her new creche.




Annie. Annie!

Annie! Wake up!

Wake up!

I spoke to the chairman, he assured me there'd be no final decision on Stanton House until after you've made your presentation.

When are they meeting?

Half an hour.

Thank you.

I really am very grateful.

I don't want to see the place close either.

What happened?

I think she took these with gin.

Go, get the casualty registrar.

Annie, Annie, what have you taken?

Annie, look at me.

What have you taken?

What are these pills? Annie. Annie.

Is it gone? Is it gone?

Is what gone? Is what gone?

The baby. I can't be pregnant.

She says she's pregnant.

Is she trying to get rid of it?

Come in.

It's OK. Sh.

It's alright.

Can I come up?

Annie needs you.

She's in hospital, pregnant.

I know it's yours.

I'm guessing that's also why she tried to get rid of it.

I'm very sorry for what happened to your daughter.

Yep. I read your letter.

Can I get you something?

No, thanks.

I want to see Jim.

I'll have someone get him.

He doesn't sound too happy.

He's been pushed from pillar to post for the last 15 hours.

He needs to sleep.

You can put him down, if it'd help.

No, thanks.

Well, I'm glad we managed to come to an understanding.

I've always wanted James to have a relationship with both you and his father.

It's only because you refused that we've come to this.

Jim plays to win. So do I.

I'm talking about what's best for the child.

So am I.

Well, I want to stay in contact.

He knows me as his mother.

Is he sleeping?


The drugs were barbiturates.

In combination with the alcohol, they were much more deadly for you than they were for your foetus.

It's still there?

You're still pregnant, if that's what you mean.

You'll need to see the psychiatrist before you're discharged.


It's mandatory after a suicide attempt.

It wasn't.

It had all the hallmarks.

Is he gonna say that I'm mad?

You need to be strong for Deanna.

Hey. Get over there.

Stand there.

What now? Hey!

You really do care for each other.

You can have beautiful children of your own.

Don't. He's sleeping.

You're both free to go.

What have you done?

I've saved your life.


Let's just go.

Has he got the baby?

Come on. Let's just go.

We have to go.

Has he got my son?

Please. We have to leave now.

Why the hell are you here?

He's not yours to give away.

We have to leave now!

"..the wound appears properly cauterised prior to debridement and suturing. The procedure should take no more than 30 minutes."

We have to go. Jim, please!

Come here!

You don't understand!

You lied to me!


Come here!

Jim! Stop!

Jim, stop it!

You're going to kill him!

Get off him!

Get off! Off!

Get off him! Come here! Get off him!

I couldn't find you.

They've closed it.

Everyone's gone.

You've got a couple of stitches down there.

They'll come out in about a week but you'll be sore for a while.

Is he a nice-looking baby?

He's, er... Yeah.

He's very pink.

Here. Hold him. Just for a minute.

Hang on. No, no. It's not allowed.


You are a wonderful doctor.

What's your first name?


If I was keeping him, that's what I'd call him.


Yeah. Yeah.

I don't know why I did it.

I wasn't planning it.

I just want to apologise for taking the liberty.

Thanks. I'll put it in a jar.

I quit.

Not a doctor anymore.

You idiot!

I proved to myself I could do it.

Because of you.

I'll always love you for that.

Eight years of your life.

I never wanted to be a doctor anyway.

I only did it to get my dad off my back.

He's gonna be so upset.

What did you want to be?



Nothing. No. No.

Can I take you out?

Please say yes.

Just keep me posted on his progress.

Thank you.

He had a cardiac arrest, probably due to some underlying condition.

So he's still alive.

Yes, he's still alive.

You should have let him die.

I'm a doctor.

What did you expect me to do?

Stand by and watch while you just strangled him to death?

He attacked you.

Yes, and you just kept on going.

It's not going to stop.

You know that, don't you, Joan?


As soon as he gets out of here, that b*st*rd is going to go again and again until he gets my son!

Where's James?

He's safe.

Safe where?

Safe. I'll go get him.

Go home.

You should sleep.

You look awful.


Well, if your friends can't tell you, who can?

Joan, look, we all do stupid things, things we regret.

Don't be so hard on him.

May I come in?

Are you feeling better?



You don't want to have your baby because of me.

I understand.

But I'll never make any demand to be part of the child's life.

Your word isn't worth very much.

We often don't realise how... the decisions we make when we're young can rebound on us when we're older.

We think we know everything, that there is right and wrong and no in between.

I was the same.

Keep your baby and you'll never see me again.

I promise you.

But I'll always know you're its grandmother.

Did you really organise for me to speak to the board or was that just a ruse?

No, all true.

In fact, I tried to stall them until you got there.

They rearranged the agenda three times.

I had unfinished business to attend to.

I thought this place was more important to you than anything.

I thought so too.

So what will you do?

I've been given a day to make other arrangements.

A day?

What's left of the original three weeks' notice, apparently.

That's ridiculous.

Let me talk to them.

They've got to give you a chance to find somewhere to live.

Don't. I'd rather go.

Where would you like to go?

You asked me out.

It's up to you.

Ah, we could go dancing.



Ah... dinner.


Or we could just stay here.

You need to know something.

When it comes to blokes...

I know.

You've been treated badly.


I've... never... with a man.

But you had a baby.

Not by choice.

None of it was by choice.

It wasn't... fun.

Oh, Martha.

I don't want any sympathy.

I just wanted you to know, that's all.


Well, I've never.

At all.


We don't even need to do anything.

I just want to be with you.

You know you're not up to raising a child?

Is that your business?

It's irrelevant.

He's my blood.

I will have my grandson.

Oh, Matron.

I'm glad I caught you.


The first time I walked in here, I was terrified.

Fear can be useful.

It keeps people on their toes.

I have tried to be sorry for telling Annie the truth... but I can't.

Isn't there just some corner of you that's happy you don't have to carry around that secret anymore?

Yes, there is.

Oh! Alright.


Goodbye, Vivian.

Thank you, Matron.

Deanna and I are going for a walk.

Would you like to come?

No, you're doing a good job.

We need to work out a schedule.

You need to know when I'm working, I need to know when you're working.

You worry things to death.

You know that?

I've never had a family of my own before.

Give me a break.

Alright, let's work out a schedule.

That's a romantic idea.

Hey. Oh. Sh.

It's OK.

It's OK. Sh, sh, sh.

Do you think we'd have beautiful children?

Let's find out.

James Marsh, you're under arrest for the malicious assault and manslaughter of Gregory Mathieson.

Say anything and it will be used against you.

Let him go.

Get off him!


What are you doing?



Stop, please! Stop!