01x14 - Truth, Justice and the American Way

Kara: When I was a child, my planet Krypton was dying. I was sent to Earth to protect my cousin. But my pod got knocked off-course and by the time I got here, my cousin had already grown up and become Superman. And so I hid my powers until recently when an accident forced me to reveal myself to the world. To most people I'm an assistant at Catco Worldwide Media. But in secret, I work with my adoptive sister for the DEO to protect my city from alien life and anyone else that means to cause it harm. I am Supergirl.

Kara: Previously on Supergirl...

She's one of Max's deranged science projects.

What the hell is going on?

You're under arrest.

Oh, my God.

My sister needs your help.

What do you need me to do?

Come back to us, Kara.



What happened?

I killed her.




I should probably just go to bed.


I have to see Miss Grant tomorrow.

And between what happened with Adam and missing work, it's...

Oh, it's bad.

It's really bad. (GROANING)

Mmm-mmm. Okay, come here.

No thinking.

Just hugging.


You want to know the really messed up part?


I miss Astra.

I was getting through to her, Alex.

If I had just had a little more time, I could've brought her home.

Brought her back.

If Hank hadn't...

Kara, there's something I need to tell you...




Just jumpy, I guess.


Non: It would be so easy to kill you.

Get out.

I need you to come with me.

Not a chance.

You have no part of this, human.

I come for Astra.

Not myself.

Kara, no.

I'll be all right.

She would have wanted you here.

It is our custom for a surviving female to lead the rites.

Do you remember the Prayer for the Dead?



You have been the sun of our lives.

Our prayers will be the sun that lights your way on the journey home.


We will remember you in every dawn.

(VOICE BREAKING) And await the night we join you in the sky.

Rao's will be done.

(SOFTLY) I shall observe the period of mourning.

And then, Kara Zor-El, the next coffin shall be yours.

Hank Henshaw: How long before Non returns?

Supergirl: Two weeks.

We give up daily toil and lend our hearts to the loved ones making the journey home to Rao, the sun god.

We light their way.

And you think he can be trusted to observe this mourning period?

Do you think he's going to let his wife walk alone in the dark?

I simply...

Thank you for coming in.

We're at war.

We're going to have to do a lot of things we don't want to do.

Vasquez: Ma'am. Sorry to interrupt.

Prisoner 5090 is demanding to see you.

Hmm, day just keeps getting better.

I can't let this go on much longer.

Yes, you can.

She deserves to know the truth. And it's not fair to you.

I can take her hating me.

If you tell her you killed Astra, she'll have lost you, too.

She needs you, Alex.

It's not right.

Maybe. But it's what she needs to keep going.

Maxwell: Back to your old self, I see.

I suppose I owe you a thank you.

(SCOFFS) You owe me more than a thank you.

I assumed my heroic save would earn me early parole.

So you can tell the world who I am?

Put my family in danger? Try to kill me again?

I'm just trying to protect the planet.

From what?

From me?

When the gods walk the Earth, it's us tiny mortals who end up suffering.

So nothing for my largesse then?

I was told you asked for and received Netflix.


You thought I was dangerous before.

You have no idea how dangerous I get when I'm bored.

I recommend Call the Midwife.

Without me, you'd be dead!

Without you, the world is a better place.


Hey, we have a problem.

Yeah, I know. I have two weeks before my uncle launches an actual blood feud on this planet.

(STAMMERING) Yes, that is very bad, granted, but this is up there...

Oh, Winn, I will deal with Miss Grant.

I know she's upset with me, but her and I have been through a lot and what...

Why is there a desk here?

And, uh, how do you pronounce that name?

Uh, good morning, Miss Grant.


Hmm, I see you've met Siobhan.

I'm sorry, who?

Good morning. Siobhan Smythe.

You pronounced that name correctly.

Well, I could see that your job was beginning to strain your abilities, so I took it upon myself to hire another assistant to help you.


Assistant number one, meet assistant number two.

I'm two?

Your coffee, Miss Grant.

I hand-pressed it myself using beans grown in the shade of guava trees on the slope of Mount Baru in Panama.

Uh, your latte, Miss Grant. From Noonan's. Your favorite.

Get Olsen and Lane into my office.

I need someone to take notes.

Uh, I got it.

You cover the phones, assistant number two.

Assistant number one, come with me.

Winn: Oh, uh...

How long do you think Cat's new Mini-Me will last?

Not long.

No, Cat is mad at me so she hired someone else to teach me a lesson.

I mean, the poor girl is a pawn, really.

I kinda feel sorry for her, actually.

Sure, yeah.

I do.

So, I'm gonna give her a chance.

That's Supergirl's line. It's okay for Kara Danvers to be upset.

(CHUCKLES) I'm not upset.

You just broke your phone.


Cat: Eavesdropping!

There is a major glitch in Lord's newest phone that lets your last caller eavesdrop on your next caller.

Now, normally, Max would be out front and center trying to do some damage control, but he's sent his PR hack. So...

What does that even mean?

Maybe he's embarrassed.

No. No, you can't embarrass someone who doesn't feel any shame.

I believe that Max Lord is missing.

I think it may be a little too early to jump to that conclusion.

In the media, "early" only applies to Botox and bananas.

Yeah, but Maxwell Lord has a billion dollars and the entire world at his disposal.

I mean, he could be anywhere doing anything...

(SIGHS) Yes. Well, that's true. You're right.

Okay. Well, he's either having, one, an affair with Jennifer Lawrence at Musha Cay, again, or two, he's developing some revolutionary technology that's going to change the course of human history, or three, he's been kidnapped.

So, it is up to me to save him.

Oh, the burden of power.

You, leave.

You. Questions?

What do you want me to do?

Exploit your connections at the Pentagon. I'm sure they're all over this.

And James, my crack investigative photojournalist, get cracking.

We have to talk.

I can help you, Mr. Olsen.

Miss Grant said I was to handle all matters with department heads.

And on a personal note, it would be an honor to assist an artist of your caliber.


Um, maybe some other time.



Kara, what am I supposed to do?

I know exactly where Max is.

(SIGHS) I'm sorry you have to lie.

It's not just the lying.

It's everything that you and the DEO are doing with Max.

You're holding him against his will, without due process, without a trial. It's just wrong.

He tried to kill me.

Nobody's saying he's a good guy.

Keeping Max behind bars is the only way we can prevent him from hurting more people.

That is what the justice system is for.

His army of lawyers would have him out in two minutes and you know it.

Kara, I know he's dangerous.

Okay, but he still deserves his fundamental human rights and protecting those rights and respecting those rights are what make us who we are.

Kara: James, I hear you, but it's not your job to worry about the DEO's ethics.

It's not the DEO's ethics I'm worried about.

Hank Henshaw: We've got a rogue.

Fort Rozz prisoner number 2444.

He's been hiding out in National City using a human alias, Gabriel Phillips.

Surveillance spotted him yesterday.

Don't be fooled by the pretty face, this thing is nasty.

Feeds off rotting flesh.

He's been spotted coming and going from an abandoned warehouse downtown, where we suspect he's storing his food. Proceed with caution when apprehending him. This one bites.

On my three.

One, two, three. Go.

Man: Help me!

(SOFTLY) Help me.

He's here.


Alex: Weapons free!

Agent Danvers, are you all right?

We were ambushed, sir.

The hostile's gone.

He fled?

No. He was abducted.

Looks like your masked kidnapper was using advanced extra-terrestrial weaponry.

Well, the big question is, where did he take our target?

And why?

Maybe he had some beef he needed to settle.

Since when don't you call me?

I thought it might be a good idea to give you some time off.

When I need time off, I'll fill out a request form with HR.

Until then, if there's a dangerous alien to catch I'd like to be included.


Is he human?

Alex: Couldn't tell under all that armor.

What would he want with an alien who eats rotting flesh?

The vulture he captured could be wanted on a dozen other worlds for crimes he committed long before he wound up in Fort Rozz.

We could be dealing with an interstellar bounty hunter.

You don't think...

No. No.

If he were in town, we'd know.


Alex: I ran all the images of the kidnapper through our database.

Nothing matches up.

Maybe if he's done this before, he's run into local law enforcement.

We could interview NCPD.

See if some of their missing persons are our missing aliens.

Where do you think he took that guy?

As far as we know, he could be anywhere in the galaxy.

Master Jailer: You are Fort Rozz prisoner 2444.

Guilty of armed theft and murder.

Disguising yourself in human skin will not keep you from facing justice.

Show yourself.

I don't know what you're talking about.

By breaking the law, you have forfeited your right to exist.

They is no death penalty on Krypton.

We're not on Krypton.

(PANTING) Is this what you want?

Will you let me go now?

No one escapes the Master Jailer.


I know who you are.

No. No!

Don't kill me!



Agents Danvers and Henshaw. FBI.

I'm Detective Warren. He's Draper.

We're looking into a recent kidnapping in National City.

This is our primary suspect.

Halloween already, huh?


Any help would be much appreciated.

Feds come crawlin'. (CHUCKLES)

You must be embarrassed.

As long as the job gets done, doesn't matter who helps.

I mean, look at you guys.


Crime's gone way down in National City over the last few months, a lot of thanks to Supergirl.

But you don't mind that she helps, do you?

I got an interview with a donut.

Wouldn't want to be late.


Sorry about Warren.

He's a good cop. He's just, uh, not enlightened.

Anything you can tell us.

Not much. We don't know who this guy is.

We know he's been kicking around for months, though.

There's been other kidnappings?

At least five that we know of.

But, he's, uh, he's not just kidnapping them.

We found all the bodies down by the river.

All of them decapitated.

How could we not have heard about this?

The Mayor wants this kept quiet, but all the victims were weird.

Weird, how?

One of them had gills.

Like a fish.


Hope that helps.

Thank you, Detective Draper.

Yeah, thank you.

Got it.

There's an alien serial killer in National City.

We need to find out who's next.


What do you mean?

No. We're just friends.

No benefits.

Except the benefit of friendship.


I can't help what you think.

I'm not obsessed with anyone!

Ker-rah. Inside voice. Please.

More like number one.

She hasn't made a peep.


Alex, what's up?

Alex: We need you at the DEO.

I'm dealing with a problem right now.

We can't wait.

I'm on my way.

Um, Siobhan?


Miss Grant will need you to get her lunch. She wants...

Chef's salad, no ham, no eggs, no cheese, boiled chicken, chopped chili and with Dijon dressing on the side.

Go. I got it covered.


Just doing your job. One of us has to.



(CHUCKLES) Look what I got.

Oh, the FBI at Lord Tech...

Lucy: But it's not the FBI.

I had my father run the plates against the government's black intelligence network.

That car belongs to a secret government agency that tracks aliens.

I bet you they're involved with Max Lord's disappearance.

Well, I don't think that, um, (CLEARS THROAT) anybody should know about that.

Why? It's a solid lead.

If you followed up, you'd probably find out where Max Lord went.

Uh, I just...

I just think it's best if we don't pursue that any further.

That doesn't make any sense. Why would...

We should not be messing with the DEO.

You know about the DEO?

No. You just told me about them.

No, I didn't.

Yeah, you did.

You just said, secret government agency.

But I didn't say it was the DEO.

How do you know...



She... She told you, didn't she?

Lucy, it's complicated...

How close are you two?

Are you as close with her as you are with him?


Fool me once, right?


Come on, Lucy, come on.

Based on the human aliases of our guy's victims, I think they were actually these five alien prisoners from Fort Rozz.

Any connection besides Fort Rozz?

Not that I can see.

All different backgrounds and crimes.

None of them were even cellmates.

Alex: The killer must be picking them for a reason.

Wait a minute.

Look at that.

See what happens when you arrange them in the order that they were killed?

They were all incarcerated in Fort Rozz one after the other.

That's the pattern.

He's killing the escapees in their prisoner number order.

Which would make the next target...

Prisoner 2445.

Master Jailer: Prisoner 2445. Show yourself.

(SOFTLY) No. No!


I thought masks were only big in that other city.

You gonna tell me who you are?

Guess not.





Oh, no, no. Just sit.


Dark night of the soul, huh?


No, no. I'm just, uh...

Enjoying the view.


Is it work?

Is it personal?

Is it both?

It's a bit of both, actually.


Well, unfortunately, in our line of work, we're never doing a good job unless we let it get personal.

I learned that the hard way when I was starting out.

Back when you were doing gossip for the Daily Planet?


I finally was assigned a story to write an article about an up-and-coming actor.

He was charming, he was gorgeous.

He was married to an actress who was also gorgeous.

And I interviewed everyone who knew him and they all told me how great he was.



And then I talked to the wife's makeup artist, and she told me all about the bruises that she had to cover up every morning.

So, you did the right thing.

You reported the story.

No. I didn't.

I caved.

I caved in to the pressure from the studio PR hack.

So I wrote a little puff piece on him.

And, hmm, three months later, he shot his wife in the head.


Do you think if you'd...

If you had published what you knew, do you think that you could have prevented her death?

I think that every day.

See, James, that's why we do what we do.

That's why we're driven to tell the truth.

Not only because we want to be good journalists, but because we also want to be good people.

Hank Henshaw: Black star alloy.

That kind of technology, this guy's definitely not from around here.

So why is he killing other aliens?

These victims aren't just being killed.

They're being executed.

And they're all from Fort Rozz.

That professor he just took seemed harmless enough.

Hank Henshaw: Real name Luzano.

Drug smuggler, until your mother put him away.

Not the week for you to discuss my family.

I'll start questioning our Fort Rozz criminal alumni again.

Anything we get we'll cross-reference with the weapons left at the scene.

Vasquez: Ma'am. Excuse me.

There's someone asking to see you.

Can we tell Max Lord that I'm not at his beck and call?

That's not who wants to see you.

James: When I'm getting a lesson in ethics and morality from Cat Grant, I know we've gone off the deep end.

Okay, James, I hear you and I know this is hard, but it's not about you.

As a journalist, knowing what I know?

What you know is that we've caught the most dangerous man on the planet.

But this is bigger than one man, Kara.

You're helping them run a secret Guantanamo here and it's not just for aliens anymore.

You're holding humans and you are completely unaccountable.

Don't you see this is exactly why Max Lord hates you?

So you think that Max Lord actually has a real reason to hate me?


I'm sorry, no.

What I mean is, he's terrified by you.

Because of your ability to do exactly what you're doing to him right now.

I mean, you could go in there and swat him dead like a fly if you wanted to.

I would never do that!

I know that.

But look, when you have more power than any human army on Earth, you have to be better than this.

Kara, it's never gonna come down to just a battle of strength, or smarts, or even wills with you.

Ultimately, it's going to be a battle of values.

Yours values versus your enemy's.

And if you're willing to abandon those values, what makes you better than Max Lord?

I mean, is this the kind of hero that you want to be?


I'm the kind of hero who believes in doing what needs to be done to keep the world safe.

Well, the Supergirl that I know believes in truth and justice.

Kara, I don't recognize you like this.


That symbol on your chest, that means something to a lot of people.

"Stronger together," you said.

But this is not strength.


I assume Lucy told Miss Grant about this?

No, Siobhan.

Should look out for her.


What's his problem?

Forget it.

What's going on?

We ran diagnostics on the masked man's weapon from the attack.

The metal baton was standard police issue.

Covered in human DNA.

So, when we ran it through our database, we got a match.

Detective Warren.

That cop you interviewed who hates me?

Mmm-hmm, good thing we know where he works.

Ooh, I've wanted to catch a corrupt cop ever since we binge-watched The Wire.

Another alien went missing.

Good. We're better off.

Think we'll hear more from those Feds?

They should stick to their own side of the street.

Leave the real criminals for us.

What the...

You trying to kill somebody?

Detective Warren?

We need to talk.

What the hell?

Detective Draper, I'm going to need you to step away.

What do you think you're doing?

Catching a murderer.

You're out of your mind.

I'm one of the good guys!

He's telling the truth.





You're him.


Hank Henshaw (via radio): Agent Danvers, come in.

I'm here. (GROANING)

We've got an officer down.

Are you all right?

He took Kara.






Luzano: Young lady...


I really wouldn't bother.


If I were to hazard a guess, I'd say that light mimics the red sun of Krypton.

And since you derive your abilities on Earth by exposure to its yellow sun...

As the humans would say, "We are up a creek without a poodle."


(CHUCKLES) Yes, right, paddle.

Why were you in Fort Rozz?

It doesn't matter now.

Walter under the bridge.


Yes, of course.


I was born on Star Haven.

Do you know it?


Yes, my father took me there when I was younger.

It was beautiful.

The air smelled like cinnamon.

It did, didn't it?


After a strong storm season, one of my wives fell ill.

The healing expenses were too much.

And so a simple man entered the complicated world of interplanetary drug smuggling.

Caught on my first run. (CHUCKLES)

And sentenced by Alura Zor-El to 18 years in Fort Rozz.

I suppose you hate my mother, too.

Like all the other escapees.

Luzano: I did.

At first. But over time, I understood.

One tragedy cannot be undone by committing another.

So, when I crashed on Earth, I sought only to lead a good life.

Became a professor.

Taught the one thing I knew better than anyone on this planet.

The stars.

My aunt used to teach me the stars.

I'm going to get us out of here.

Master Jailer: No.

Justice has finally come for your friend.

Pray it hasn't come for you, too.

Why don't you lose your mask?

You're not as scary as you think.

Twelve hours from the exact time the last alien was kidnapped to his time of death.

Which means she doesn't have long.

Your sister wasn't his target.

Well, maybe that doesn't mean anything to him.

We have to find her.

And we will.

When I promised Jeremiah Danvers I'd look after his daughters, I wasn't only talking about you.

We have a face, but we still don't have a match.

Draper's prisoner file could have been corrupted in the crash.



What if Draper wasn't a prisoner?

A guard.

I thought they were all killed by the prisoners when Fort Rozz crashed.

What if one got away?


Hank Henshaw: Draper was a guard.

Originally from the planet Trombus.

Technologically advanced weapons manufacturers, which explains the RoboCop suit.

His father was a guard.

His grandfather before him.

This job is in his blood.

And still is. He's trying to re-create Fort Rozz here on Earth.

With his rules.

Vasquez: Draper's been jamming his GPS signal when he's off duty Did you unscramble it?

He's been spending time at a cabin 80 miles northeast of the city.

I've been watching you, Kara Zor-El.

Your mother would be proud you've chosen to follow in her footsteps.

Delivering punishment against those who sin.

I'm sorry that's what you think I've been doing.

We could be colleagues.

Your mother dealt out true justice against the scum of our galaxy.

She was a great woman.

Fort Rozz was the paradise of Alura's design.

And I'm carrying on her great work.

All you've done is dishonor her memory.

What I have done is protect this city.

This world.

Humans understand little about justice.

Justice must be absolute.

I'd hoped that you'd see justice the same way your mother did.

The way I do.

Prisoner 2445.


Judgment is upon you.

Trap leader, this is Greyhound. Give me a sitrep.

Moving in now.

Please, this isn't necessary. I've never hurt anyone.

Tell that to all the addicts you were going to supply with your smuggled narcotics.




Supergirl: (GRUNTING) No.

Don't do this. Stop! Please.

If you really need to kill someone, you can kill me.

But don't do this.

I just realized...

I'm gonna have to kill you, too.


Alex: Clear the premises.

Deo Agent: Clear.

Deo Agent 2: Clear.

Hank Henshaw (via radio): Alex, what's your status?

Hank, the cabin is empty.

Kara's not here.

Master Jailer: Prisoner 2445.

You stand guilty of drug smuggling.

How do you plead?

I am brave enough to admit that I am very scared to die.

But I ask that you let her go.

Grant a dying man his last request.

"Last request?"

That's a human concept.

There has to be some clue there as to where Draper takes his victims.

There isn't. There's nothing here.

Give me that crowbar.


His ship.

It's underneath the cabin.

How much C4 do we have?

Supergirl: No. (PANTING)

Look at me. Professor, look at me!

Look at me. Look at me right here!

(GRUNTING) Professor!

Master Jailer: Sentence to be carried out.


Alex: Professor, move!



Alex, look out!



Red sunlight?




You wasted your ammo.

No, I didn't.

Here comes the sun.


Supergirl: Alex, run.


It's over.

(SIGHS) Sorry I was late.

(SIGHS) You were right on time.

Luzano: Pardon me.

And now, may I ask what happens to me?

Luzano: Oh.


I'm quite grateful I did not acquire the ability to fly on this planet.

I actually kind of love it.

But I don't understand. You're letting me go. Why?

Well, you've already served your time.

And besides, you have students to teach.

About the stars.

Thank you, Supergirl.

Uh, no.

My name is Kara.

Then, thank you, Miss Kara.

You're free to go.


That's unexpected.


Because it's the right thing to do.

'Cause she's a better person than you are.


I'm relieved, of course, but curious.

How do you know I won't expose you, the DEO and all your shenanigans to the world once I exit this place?

I don't.

All I can hope for is that there's still some part of you that will listen to your better angels.

Still harboring hope? Even for me?

You really are an alien.

If you don't have better angels, and I suspect you don't, you should know that we've amassed a dossier the size of this room documenting your crimes.

Ready for immediate release to law enforcement.

You tell on us, we tell on you.


Mutually assured destruction.

You're making me nostalgic for the Cold War, Alex.

Do svidanya.




Just want you to know, I did all your work for you while you were gone.

I don't think Cat even noticed a difference.

You know what?

I tried giving you the benefit of the doubt.

I tried being nice, but I don't like you.

(CHUCKLES) I'm not here to make friends.

I'm here to be the next Cat Grant.


I say four months at this desk, tops, before I'm a junior reporter.

Get some on-air experience, make a name for myself.

Once everyone knows me, I'll build my brand.


In 10 years, people will be drying themselves using towels from my luxury home collection.

And you? You'll be booking my waxing appointments.

We'll see which one of us gets to stay.





Hey, I just wanna say thank you for pushing me to do the right thing.

No. It was a nudge.

You knew what you had to do.

Well, you make me a better hero.

Well, you make me better, too.


Something else bothering you?

Yeah. Yeah.

Lucy caught me lying.

And I realized that if I'm ever gonna make things work with her, I need your permission to stop lying to her.

I need to tell her the truth.

I need to be able to tell her that you are Supergirl.



Alura: Hello, Kara.

How may I be of assistance?

(SIGHS) Today I met one of the prisoners you sentenced to Fort Rozz.

But he was different.

He didn't hate me or you.

I think both of us helped him, in a weird way.

And that made me feel close to you again.

And I just wanted you to know that.

Anyway, uh, I also have a question about Astra and Non.

He mentioned something the other day.



This construct is not authorized to discuss Myriad.

Uh, I don't understand. What is it?

What is Myriad?



Continued questioning about Myriad will result in this AI's self-destruction...




What could be so terrible that even a hologram won't discuss it?

Seeing that hologram used to remind me of my mom.

And now all I can think of is Astra.

And how you killed her.

I'm sorry. I wish there was another way.

There's always another way.

I need space.

Sure. Take some time off.

Supergirl: (SIGHS) No, that's not what I mean.

I don't know how to work alongside you anymore.

Maybe one day that will be different, but today it's not.