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Alexa, when is the end of the world?

Unless a future technology goes very wrong indeed, Earth is most likely to be destroyed in several billion years' time.

The president can't go to Congress with a bailout right now.

I could see a scenario where the Chinese government loans E Corp the money it needs at a low interest rate, perhaps even zero.

You want me to convince the class to remove the contingency.

Your little pet project came through even better than you thought.

You do work at E Corp. Yes?

What is your position there?

I never said that.

I'm gonna confess.

I've already called my lawyer.

We can't beat them.

No matter what we do, we will always lose to them.

Next person's not gonna offer you food.

They're gonna grab you off the street and throw you in a dark cell.

I've tried to have him tracked, but I've been unsuccessful.

Got it.

Is that where the phone is right now?

[door creaks]

Okay, okay.

We're gonna settle down here.

Hey, Elliot.

You can stay here and crash on the couch.

Home would be better.

Is Mr. Robot MIA because he's afraid of what I might find?

Send all units to Watts and 6th Ave.

[machine gun firing]

[glass shattering]

Angela's right. We can't beat them.

But we don't have to lose to them either.

Maybe there's a way to stop them from winning.

Mr. Robot, the ever-present silent observer, watching me at all times, even when I can't see him, listening in on our conversations.

He's always a step ahead of me, 'cause he is me.

Maybe he's the key to this.

Maybe he's always been the key to this.

What if I could be the silent observer?

[sparse piano music]

In middle school, I took a Visual Basic class.

I remember my friend Sam telling me about a technique he used to induce lucid dreams so he could study in his sleep.

You lie in bed and repeat this mantra in your head: Mind awake. Body asleep.

Mind awake. Body asleep.

You're in this with me, so it'll work better if we do it together.

Just say it with me.

[whispering] Mind awake.

Body asleep.

Mind awake.

Body asleep.

Mind awake.

Body asleep.

Mind awake.

Body asleep.

Mind awake.

Body asleep.

Mind awake.

[baby fussing]

Body asleep.

[baby cooing]

Mind awake.

Body asleep.

Mind awake.

Body asleep.

♪ ♪



[footsteps approaching]

Ma'am. What do you want to do?

♪ ♪

Let me see it again.

♪ ♪

Sure this is accurate?

You know, of all the gifts he sent, this is the greatest we ever received.

[Harry Waters Jr.'s "Night Train" playing on radio]

♪ ♪

[radio static crackling]

So you're not gonna tell me where you're taking me?

You can't do this. I want my phone back.

[door handle jiggling]

[door handle jiggling]

I'm not the only one with the files.

You think I didn't make copies?

There are copies everywhere.

A lot of people are gonna know that I'm missing.

[music volume increases]

♪ ♪

This isn't my blood, in case you're wondering.

You need to finish this evaluation.

I understand you have your procedure, but these are extreme circumstances.

I believe the best use for me is back at the crime scene.

We should be getting Director Comey involved.

That's how serious this is.

You're in shock.

At you and the way you're treating me right now, sure.

Can I speak to Agent DiPierro for a minute?


[door opens and closes]

You know I can't leave.

Yes, you can.


You're going off the handle.

They're gonna force you to take leave if you keep talking like that.

This is all your fault.

I told you not to release the sketch.

I told you Dark Army was gonna come after him.

And not only are several people dead, but I almost just got killed out there.

Well, that makes me feel good.

It's not every day I get casually blamed for the deaths of innocent people.

Clearly, Dark Army is behind this.

And who knows how far up this goes?

The Chinese government is definitely involved.

They're hiding something.

We need everything on lockdown. We might have a leak.

And I'm serious about what I said about Comey.

He needs to know.

This is a matter of national security now.

This is no longer just a terrorist attack.

This could be an act of war.

We should get the military involved.


I agree with you.

Something's going on.

Especially given the weird timing of this $2 trillion.

But we can't just go off on everyone without knowing all the facts.

What $2 trillion?

This morning, the U.S. got back in bed with China.

China bailed out E Corp.

Gave them a $2-trillion no-interest loan.


It's a trap.

Don't you get it? We have to talk to them.

They can't do this after what happened last night.

What, that some Mexican restaurant got shot up?

It was more than that, and you know it.

We have to tell them.

We can't let them get away with this, Santiago.

They're going to get away with this.

$2 trillion, Dom.

That's the miracle the world's been waiting for.

The U.S. isn't going to mess with its Chinese relations now.

And with the OPR investigation still going, the bureau isn't even getting close to it.

You gotta be kidding me.

A month ago, they tried to kill us.

And in politics, that's a distant memory.

This deal they have now is about to potentially solve the biggest global crisis in history.

[sighs] Now, look.

I'm on your side.

I'm not saying I'm walking away.

I'm just saying we need to start finding a way to walk in between the mines and not on them.

Whatever happened, whoever did this, they mobilized quickly, created a narrative, and before we even knew it, this was all in the rearview mirror.

Go home.

Get some rest.

Promise me you'll let me do the interview.

It can wait a few hours.

Go rest.

[door closes]

["The Ballad of Davy Crockett" playing on radio]

♪ Born on a mountaintop in Tennessee ♪
♪ Greenest state in the land of the free ♪
♪ Raised in the woods so he knew ev'ry tree ♪
♪ Kilt him a b'ar when he was only three ♪
♪ Davy, Davy Crockett ♪
♪ King of the wild frontier ♪
♪ Fought single-handed through the Injun War ♪
♪ Till the Creeks was whipped and the peace was in store ♪
♪ And while he was handlin' this risky chore ♪
♪ Made hisself a legend forevermore ♪
♪ Davy, Davy Crockett ♪
♪ The man who don't know fear ♪

[garage door opening]

♪ He went off to Congress and served a spell ♪
♪ Fixin' up the government and laws as well ♪
♪ Took over Washington, so I hear tell ♪
♪ And patched up the crack in the Liberty Bell ♪
♪ Davy, Davy Crockett ♪

[windshield taps ball]

[music and engine stop]

[garage door closing]

[ice cream truck music playing faintly]

[sprinkler whirring]

[dog barking]

[airplane engine droning]

What the f... is going on?

[door closes, lock clicks]

[door handle jiggles]


What's happening?


[door opens and closes]

We don't have much time.

Let's get started.

Who are you?

There's water coming out of that fish tank.

We don't have much time.

Let's get started.

[computer hums]


Have you ever cried during s*x?

What's going on?

Have you ever cried during s*x?

Who are you?

Who sent you here?

Please answer the question.

Have you ever cried during s*x?

I'm not answering these questions.

If you don't answer, I'll be punished.

They'll beat me.

[inhales sharply]

Who's doing that to you?

[phone rings]



Okay. Bye.

We really need to begin.

Our time is running out.

Have you ever cried during s*x?


[keyboard keys clacking, computer hums]

Have you ever fantasized about murdering your father?


[keyboard keys clacking, computer hums]

Are you a giraffe or a seagull?

I cannot do it. It's unconstitutional.

We're talking about rolling out Ecoin loans.

I fail to see how the Constitution fits into this logic.

Look, with Ecoin equal to one dollar, it'll free up the economy.

It'll give you some breathing space.

You knew this was going to happen from the get-go.

And you're hitting me with this while there's an energy crisis across the Eastern seaboard.

Oh, yeah. I am coming to you first.


Don't give me that.

The only reason why you're here first is because you don't want to get slapped with regulations.

But if you are indeed asking, then I am saying no.

It's unconstitutional.

You can't make your own currency.

That is the federal government's job.

[pounds desk]

We simply cannot let you make big loans in Ecoin that you wouldn't make in dollars.



Look at me.

I am not the problem here.

The problem here is, hard cash is fading... rapidly.

That's just the way of the world right now.

And Bitcoin is spreading.

And if Bitcoin takes over, we are all in a world of hell.

It is unregulated, it's already reached its transaction volume maximum, and it is partly controlled by Chinese miners.

You just accepted $2 trillion from them.

Yes, yes.

And now I want to use it against them.

With Ecoin, we control the ledger and the mining servers.

We are the authority.

I will make sure you have visibility into every single wallet that's open, every loan, every transaction, which means we can start making new assets, which means we can start rebuilding the banking sector without your having to inject even more politically unpalatable federal funds into it.

The president will laugh in my face.

But he'll know this is the right thing to do.

This is gonna be controlled by a good, old-fashioned American company.

You want to regulate it?

Be my guest. Regulate the sh1t out of it.

I'll give you back doors, side doors, tracing... whatever you want.

Just don't shut it down.

This was always the future, Jack.

The Five/Nine attacks... they just accelerated it.

How long?

How long have you been pressing this pedal?

How long have you been plotting against me?

Oh, come on, Jack.

[chuckles] We... we've known each other for years.

You know full well I...

I don't give a sh1t about you.

[chuckles] So please, don't hold a personal grudge just because you lost.

Defeats can still be profitable.

Are you red or purple?


[keyboard keys clacking, computer hums]

Is the key in the room?


Is the key in the room?

I don't know what you mean.

Is the key in the room?

I don't know.

[phone ringing]





You are standing in a dark room and can't see anything.

There is a torch and a match.

What do you do?

I light the torch.

The torch fills the dark room with light.

You see a door in front of you.

What do you do?

I open the door.

How do you open it?

I turn the knob.

The knob doesn't turn. How do you open it?

I don't know.

The knob doesn't turn.

How do you open it?

I don't know.

The knob doesn't turn. How do you open it?

I said I don't f... ing know.

The knob doesn't turn.

How do you open it?

With a key.

I use a key. I unlock it with a key.

Thank you.


What happens now?

Is the key in the room?


[keyboard keys clacking]

The key was in my fist.

[keyboard keys clacking]

My fist was in my pocket.

[keyboard keys clacking]


[computer hums]

[computer humming]

I'll be back with your results.

[door opens and closes]

[lock clicks]

[dramatic ambient music]

♪ ♪

[water running]



Alexa, wake me up at, um...

Sorry, I didn't understand the question you were asking.

That's because I wasn't asking a question, you dumb bitch.

Alexa, are we friends?


We live together.

I feel like I don't even know you.

Alexa, what's your favorite color?

Infrared is super pretty.


Alexa, do you have a boyfriend?

I'm not the dating kind.

Yeah, me too, hon.

We're a lot alike.

Alexa, what are the color of your eyes?

I don't have eyes, but my light ring has lots of colors.

[sighs] Mine are gray.

I think.


Alexa, are you happy?

I'm happy when I'm helping you.

Alexa, are you alone?

I wasn't able to understand the question I heard.

Alexa, do you love me?

That's not the kind of thing I am capable of.




[glasses clatter]

Alexa, good night.

Good night. Don't let the bedbugs bite.

[door opens]

[door closes]


[cigarette case snaps shut]

[lighter opens, flicks]

Who are you?

Is this your house?

[watch beeps]

I've been here for hours.

I wanted to confirm that this wasn't a waste of my time.

Well, what about my time?

Oh, honey.

My time is much more valuable than yours.

Speaking of, I've only allotted 28 minutes for this conversation, which is very generous of me.

So we should begin.

I'd like to leave.

Oh, no, you wouldn't.

You've waited so long.

Surely you want to know why.

That is, if you indeed believe that your time holds any value.

You've been here close to four hours, and you never thought to walk out the door.

[watch beeps]

The door was locked.

I've always found doors fascinating inventions.

They hold the entry to unlimited imagination.

Before you open any door, a world filled with possibilities sits right behind it.

And it isn't until you open it they are realized.

Such potential they bring to our minds.

And yet a lock stopped you from all of that.

How... lazy.

Your fish died.

Yes, I know.

You're a terrible person.

[watch beeps]

You hurt that little girl.


It was part of the test.

Empathy... or gullibility.

Take your pick.


Why were you testing me?

I know you have sensitive information, and I don't want you to release it.

Normally, my associates would have murdered you by now.

In fact, by my calculations, you should have been dead 90 days ago.

But somehow, you stuck around long past your expiration.

Who are you?

I am a woman of time.

And I don't believe in accidents.

You, like an annoying penny...

[watch beeps]

Keep turning up.

Everywhere I look, you're there.

That is why I wanted to meet.

So I could find out why you are so special to Phillip Price.

He's ruining our partnership, and somehow it seems that you're the motivation.

It's true, we have an event and a friend in common.

But I haven't been fully able to understand the meaning behind it.

What event?

It's no coincidence that you and Mr. Alderson became who you are after what happened with the Washington Township plant so many years ago.

What does this have to do with Elliot?

Do you know him?

If I told you that your mother and Elliot's father...

[watch beeps]

Died for a reason, would it make a difference?

That they were a trade, a sacrifice for the greater good, that they gave their lives to take humanity to the next level.

And you are both who you are today because of that event.

You would be a different person.

You wouldn't be sitting in front of me right here.

You are at the intersection of all of it.

So I'm not going to kill you.

But I am going to prove to you why you need to drop this mission that you seem so stubbornly unable to let go of.

Look, I don't know what you want.

[watch beeps]

But I'll give you the jump drive.

Please, just let me go.


How easy a quicksand of time people let that become.

We both know that you could keep finding the plant's data.

Like that penny that keeps turning up, your silly need for justice, revenge will rear its ugly head and encourage you to keep trying and eventually find a way to shut down my project.

I don't want your proof.

I want your belief.

Belief in what?

[watch beeps]

Do you ever think that if you imagined or believed in something, it could come true...

Simply by will?


Actually, I did believe that.

But I'm slowly having to admit that's just not the real world...

Even if I want it to be.

[watch beeps]

Well, I guess it all depends on what your definition of real is.

[sparse piano music]

♪ ♪

[whispering] Mind awake.

Body asleep.

Mind awake.

Body asleep.

Mind awake.

Body asleep.

Mind awake.

Body asleep.

How long have I been asleep for?

[whispering] Body asleep.

Mind awake.

Body asleep.

Mind awake.

Body asleep.

Mind awake.

Body asleep.

♪ ♪

Body asleep.

Mind awake.


[whispering] Body asleep.

Did it work?

[whispering] Body asleep.

Mind awake.

Body asleep.

Can he see us?

Hear us?

Hey, asshole.

♪ ♪

Now I'm the silent observer, like him.

Like you.

[whispering] Body asleep.

Mind awake.

Body asleep.

This is a cipher message.

That's why he wanted to come home.

Someone's trying to make contact with me Each number represents a letter.

A is one. B is two. C is three.

You can hear him too, right?

♪ ♪

[whispering] Body asleep.


[keyboard keys clacking]

♪ ♪



A shift value of 13.

It's a rot-13 algorithm.

♪ ♪

"The Perrin pages will help you find your calling, but don't be duped. Cut down the woods. They be Erdos."


Number sets.


Where? Where?

Where are you?


"Cut down the woods."

Remove all of the Perrin and Erdos woods numbers.

[ominous music]

♪ ♪ ♪ ♪


It's a phone number.

But to who?

[line trills]

[line clicks]

25th and 8th.

There will be a cab waiting.

♪ ♪

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

[crowd chattering]

$5! IT'S MOGet your $5 flags! $5!

We got Bitcoin here. Bitcoin for sale.

We can't lose him.

Bitcoin for sale.

[indistinct chatter]

[ominous music]

♪ ♪

Anybody have Con Ed bills?

Con Ed bills! Anybody have Con Ed bills?

♪ ♪

With Ecoin's soaring popularity, E Corp CEO Phillip Price announced what he is calling a revolutionary new loan program backed by the emerging cryptocurrency.

Ecoin loans are being touted as having increased benefits over conventional...

[car door closes]

U.S. dollar-backed loans, all of which are designed to support low- and middle-income borrowers.

What this means, as Mr. Price has stressed, is that this new loan program will not only provide the economy with a much-needed jump-start but, more importantly, give economic relief...

[knock at door]

To those most affected post-Five/Nine.

However, it does seem to fly in the face of E Corp's...


What happened to you?

I thought we were gonna meet.

I need you to forget about that voice mail that I left you.

[engine idling]

[man continues indistinctly on TV]

Are you in danger?


Something is wrong. I can tell.

You are not telling me everything.

[electricity hums]

With a much-needed jump-start but, more importantly, give economic relief to those most affected post-Five/Nine.

However, it does seem to fly in the face of E Corp's economic policy...

Don't call me anymore.

[man continues indistinctly on TV]

[car door slams]

Where did he go?

Wait, I have to remember, I'm not following him.

I am him.

What I should be asking is, where am I going?


You Elliot?

How do you know my name?

[speaking Arabic]

No Elliot?

[speaking Arabic]

[engine turns over]

No, no, okay.


Elliot, yes?



What do you mean?


I don't know.

[speaking Arabic]

[door opens]

Chambers and Church.

[pop music]

♪ I've got bad complications ♪

We have to be careful now.

This is no longer a question of what I'm seeing.

No, we know that's not reliable.

The real question is, what am I not seeing?

You have to understand, us two meeting right now, it's dangerous.

Don't worry. We're safe.

Our partners have proven to be very influential.

♪ ♪
♪ I got a bad reputation ♪
♪ ♪

Do you see him?

♪ ♪

Do you see someone sitting next to me?


♪ ♪

[speaking Arabic]

Elliot, what are you doing?

My apologies, sir.

Did you hear that?



Do you see him?

Elliot, stop it.

Did... did you hear that?


[speaking Arabic]

You have to calm down! Calm down, Elliot.

I need you to turn around and tell me if you see someone sitting next to me right now.

Just pull over, sir.

[speaking Arabic]

I'm terribly sorry. If you could just pull over.

Do you see him? Hey!

Shut up! No!


I need you to turn around and tell me if you see someone sitting next to me!

[tires squealing]

[speaking Arabic]

What was the meaning of that?

I know you've been under a lot of stress, but I've been under a lot of stress too.

Can you even begin to imagine what it's been like for me?

[The Penguins' "Earth Angel" playing]

We can't talk out here. We're exposed.

Let's go.

Go where?

Enough of these games. Now, let's go.

We're close.

Close to what?

Have you forgotten everything?

Dark Army told me that stage two is ready.

When you see it, you'll be pleased.

♪ ♪

It worked, Elliot.

It's up to us now.

Let me show you.

♪ My darling dear ♪
♪ Love you for all time ♪
♪ I'm just a fool ♪

Louie, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


♪ With you ♪