01x11 - Blood Hungry

This is my father's world and to my listening ears all nature sings and round me rings the music of the spheres This is my father's world I rest me in the thought of rocks and trees, of skies and seas his hand the wonders wrought.

Wally, that was just amazing.

Charlie, did you hear that?

Yes, mom, I heard it.

I'm gonna sing at Mrs.

Hatten's Christmas party and she said she's gonna give me $5.00 for it.

$5.00? Do you know what that means?


Why, you're a professional.

Charlie, will you walk Wally home, please?

I was gonna go over to Tommy's and shoot some pool.

Come on, Elvis. Let's get going.

Wally... your backpack.

Hope everyone had a restful weekend.

That sounds ominous.

Harringtonville, Tennessee, population 5,000.

64 years since they had a homicide.

They've had 2 in the past 48 hours.

First victim, 57-year-old widower and grandfather Paul Thompson.

Ambushed in his yard, 18 stab wounds to his chest and his neck.

No forced entry into the house and the only item taken was a shotgun.

Last night, Annie Stuart, 39, was also ambushed and it appears bludgeoned to death in her home with Thompson's stolen shotgun.

In this case, the unsub apparently stole CDs DVDs, and a little jewelry.

This is a little extreme for a burglary.

That's an understatement.

As you can see, Annie's throat was eviscerated.

Yet the first victim wasn't eviscerated and the unsub seems to have used a different weapon at each crime scene.

2 different m. o. s.

2 different killers?

Or one very psychotic individual.

What happened to you?

I got a list of things I want to try before it's too late.

And orthopedic surgery's one of them?

No, skydiving.

Apparently it's all about the landing.

How long on the crutches?

Just a couple days.

So you can't go out in the field?

Not on crutches, no.

Don't worry. I'll find a way to be helpful here.

Got a blitz attack.

No effort to remove the body, clean up evidence.

With organized killers, we see a pattern we're able to predict their behavior but with psychotic killers, they're guided by a given delusion.

Ok, until we understand the nature of the delusion we can't predict his next move.

That's nearly impossible to do.

Actually, I think we might have a clue.

These rings at that crime scene might be some kind of signature?

I can work this angle.

I'll see if there's any significance to the patterns.

Psychotic killers are normally not that difficult to catch because they don't try to hide.

Does that make your job easier?

Oh, no. 'cause until we do locate him he'll keep doing that.

They are here?

Some of 'em. One of 'em went over to the Thompson house.


He said he wanna get a feel for the neighborhood.

All of the items stolen were taken from the upstairs bedroom.

Why didn't he take her purse or cell phone or the jewelry off her body?

It just doesn't make any sense.

Didn't make sense to us, either.

This guy didn't come any closer to her than he had to.

What do you mean?

There's a discrepancy in the profile.

Sheriff Hall, it's quite possible there were 2 people in the house.

So I have 2 monsters out there?

Someone went through the medicine cabinet looking for drugs.

Excessive methamphetamine abuse can cause psychotic violent episodes.

So you think these guys were junkies?

I think we're dealing with 2 different profiles.

The killer, yeah, he's a psychotic.

The other guy, though, he's just a thief.

I mean, the fact that he didn't take the victim's jewelry suggests that he identified with her.

Meaning what?

He probably knew her.

CSU found a soda can by the fence in the grass.

It's marked by that cone.

That's right.

We figure the suspect 'the suspects, was lying in wait there.'

You spoke to the kid who was having a singing lesson?

That's right. Why?

I'm just wondering why he didn't tell you that he saw the suspect.


Well, CSU found 4 of Wally Brisbane's fingerprints right here on the music stand in this position.

Now, from where I'm standing, my height I got tree branches blocking my way.

But Wally's 7, so that would put his eye-line right about...



I'm Elle Greenaway from the behavioral analysis unit of the FBI.

I don't know what sheriff Hall was thinking asking me to bring him over here.

I need to talk to your son.

Listen, I think he's been through enough.

Mrs. Brisbane, we're really just here to help.

Ask him whatever you want, but I'm staying right here.

Wally, I hear...

That you're the only person in this whole town who might have seen the man who did this to your music teacher.

He didn't see a thing, now, did you, buddy?


What did he look like?


He was real tall, real skinny and his lip was bleeding and when I saw him through the window, he did this...

The guy the kid described definitely sounds like a tweaker.

Pull the files of all the methamphetamine arrests in the past 6 months.

Will do.

We should narrow the suspect list down according to the guy's residence.

Crimes like these are always crimes of opportunity.

So the first guy on our suspect list will live in the closest proximity to the victim.

Do have a place where we can set up?

You can use Simpson's desk. He's out.

You got a phone there and a computer.

Meantime, I'm gonna narrow down that list.

Working from the assumption the rings are a signature...

Sir, I could help you get some of these books back to your...

Exploring their symbolic significance?

Just exploring... I have nothing.

Well, if... if I may, if you were in your office you'd have more room to spread out, and you'd get a fresh perspective.

Do you think?



I need to focus on the manner in which Annie Stuart was killed.

Anything that might have been done to her postmortem.

Get this stuff out of here. Sorry.

Where are the, uh, blueprints of the house?

Oh, they're right here on the screen.

I don't want the blueprints on the screen.

I want something I can hold onto.

Here you go.

It's hot in here. Can you fix it?

How do you breathe in here?

Can you try to make it a little cooler in here?

Yeah, it's pretty cold, but...

Do you have the autopsy reports?

I'm gonna have the sheriff from Harringtonville fax it over as soon as they come in.

Can I have another a cup of coffee, if you would?

They're right here. Got it.

I'll get the coffee.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Hey, you guys find anything?


Elle found an eyewitness, little boy who saw someone in the driveway.

That's more than we got at Thompson's.

We got 2 suspects. Judd Franklin and Domino Thacker.

I know Domino. He's bad news.

Serious tweaker. Cooks his own stuff.

He live near the crime scenes?

Almost directly between them.

Robbery, armed robbery, possession, possession with intent.

This guy's been hospitalized for overdoses and attempted suicide.

What do you think?

I think we need to find Domino.

Domino Thacker, FBI! Stay. Don't move.

No, no, no, don't run. I just want to talk to you. Domino!

I just want to talk. Stop!

Stay down!

I didn't do nothin'.

You can't arrest me.

Domino Thacker, FBI.

You're under arrest.

I'm freezin'.

We want to know what you were doing at Annie Stuart's house.

I didn't do nothin'.

I got the flu. I'm sick is what I am.

We know you were there, boy.

In the driveway.

I was lookin' at that car, but I never stoled it.

I was thinkin' about it, but I left.

I seen that kid.

The blood found on the bottom of your boot is Annie Stuart's.

The tread from the bottom of your boot is the same as the tread found all over the crime scene.


I didn't do nothin'.

Come on now, Domino.

How do you think that's gonna hold up in court, huh?

Tweaker with a record, blood of the victim all over.

Think about that.

I... I...came back.

I came back to her house.

But he was leavin'.

Who was?

Some dude, man. I don't know.

What was he wearing?

He had a hood.

What color was it?

Black. Black hood.


Coming out.

Hey, Domino.

Come here. It's ok. I just want to talk to you. Come here.

Look at me.

You didn't do this, did you?

Ok. Hey, if that's true you gotta help us out here.

Talk to me. You left. You saw him leave.

And then what?

Went in and...

And she's lying there.

You know, um, I needed money real bad so... she was already like that.

She was like what?

You know. She was all cut up.

She was all butchered up and you robbed her anyway?

It ain't right! It ain't right! I'm sorry!

It ain't right. Oh, god, forgive me.

Oh, god... It ain't right! I'm sorry!

He didn't do it, sheriff.

What makes you so sure?

He was pretty freaked out just thinking about what was done to Annie Stuart.

People pretend.

Anybody delusional enough to eviscerate Annie Stuart would not be lucid enough to recount it the way he did.

All right. I'll have him taken to detox and then I'm gonna arrest him for robbery.

In the meantime, I'd have your men canvass the neighborhood again see if they saw a guy in a hooded sweatshirt.

Will do. Long.

Chicken broccoli?

It's not that I don't want to, it's just...

What's that?

Oh, it's autopsy reports.

Annie Stuart's body was, um... I can't say it.

Missing her liver and stomach.

I know that this may seem like a small, dark hole but it's my office, and I like to keep it sort of cleanish.

Why are you doing that again?

He's taking the blood and organs from the bodies and putting them in cylindrical containers.

It's anthropophagy.

Anthro what what?

You don't want to know. Give me that.

I'm a big girl. I can take it.

Literal greek translation is "man eating. "

The guy's a cannibal.

We are looking for a 20- 30-year-old male.

The unsub engages in anthropophagy.

It's a psychotic conviction that he must drink human blood and possibly eat human flesh.

For Richard Rrenton Chase, the vampire killer he drank his victims'

blood because he believed that aliens had invaded his body and were slowly drinking his blood.

And if he didn't get the blood he needed...

He'd die.

Anthropophagy suggests such an extreme level of psychosis and disorganization that he couldn't have ventured very far from home to commit these crimes.

This guy lives or has lived in this town.

He knows the territory.

You've all seen him.

Maybe at the ballpark.

Or riding his bike home from the grocery store.

He wasn't always a threat.

He could have been your neighbor.

He might have been your friend.

We think something about his delusion is keeping him here in town.

So we're gonna start at Annie Stuart's house and we're gonna spread out there in quadrants.

We're gonna eliminate all of his hiding places.

Paul Thompson's funeral is this afternoon.

A lot of his neighbors are gonna be there.

So, we got some names of unsubs.

Farrell Belvedere, 23.

He, uh, took a little too much isd and flipped out in a winn dixie tore up a cheese counter.

Show Mark Ward.

He's 21. 5 counts of petty larceny.

Attempted suicide, committed for a year but now he's living back with his parents.

And the last one is Oley Maynor.

25. he was institutionalized for severe manic-depression.

He has violent mood swings.

When he was 18, he got arrested for, um biting the heads off chickens.

Like a circus geek?

Well, sure, I knew Oley Maynor.

He was the best defensive lineman Harringtonville high's ever had.

But he was institutionalized years ago.

He was released a few weeks ago.

I saw him just the other day.

You saw him where?

He was with his brother. And, in fact I think it looked like they didn't want to be seen.

Because he took Oley out of the car and went straight into his house.

When was this, Mrs. Mays?

3 days ago.


What's goin' on, Don?

Uh, do me a favor, Jess.

Uh, put that cleaver down, will you?

FBI. We're looking for your brother Oley.

What for?

Where is he, Jess?

You know damn well.

Where he's been for the past 8 years.

We talked to the hospital.

We know he's been released.

What was that?

Stay out of there.

You got him back there?

Hang on there, Jessie.

Uh-uh. Don't do it.


Don't even think about it.

Listen to him.

Oley Maynor?



Put that down.



Don't you touch him.

Please, Don.

I said put it down. Now.

Oley, think.

I got a bullet that travels 1, 500 feet a second.

How fast you think you can get to us with that thing?

Let's go.

Put it down.

Oley, these people will do whatever it takes to solve this thing.

They need a confession.

Then they'll pin it on you.

No. We need to prevent another killing.

And we know that Oley was released from an institution in Richmond 3 weeks ago.

You should've just told everyone I was home.

Just shut up, Oley.

Let me tell you something.

People have poked fun at my brother his whole life.

Our dad, kids, even teachers at school. Well...

They aren't gonna do it anymore.

You don't believe I'm better?

Yes, I do.

That's why I didn't want to come back home anyway.

Why did you come back, Oley?

To say goodbye.

You're living with me.

I don't know what the hell you're talking about.

It's always the same old thing.

Good old Oley...

He's a hell of a ballplayer, but he's crazy as a loon.


There are special homes I can go to. I don't need to stay here.

I don't want you to go. I want to help you.

I'm tired of hiding.


You been taking your meds?

Every day.

Test me.

Of rocks and trees, of skies and seas his hands the wonders wrought What's wrong?


Do it again, please.

Granny, I just want to watch TV.

Watch it?

With a voice like that, you're gonna have your own show someday.

All right. Ha ha!

TV and cookies it is.

Now, I'll be back in a minute.

I just have to get the cookies and tend to the laundry.

It's up too loud, buddy. Turn it down.

The neighbor across the street heard a car screech out of the driveway about 25 minutes ago.

Well, whose car was it?

The grandmother's, Annette Giles. It's a gold '72 buick.

I already put the APB out on it.

The parents just got home from work.

I wish to god I'd never spoken to you!

I told you I didn't want him involved!

I assure you we're doing everything to find your little boy.

I want my baby back!

Helen, now, look, I won't sleep until we find little Wally. Now come on.

I know. I know.

The little boy was at both crime scenes.

The unsub might have been after him all along.

I'm sure that's what Mrs. Brisbane thinks.

I want you to talk to her when she calms down see if she can come up with any leads.

She's not gonna want to talk to me.

Persuade her.

You found the body, right, deputy?

Yes, sir. If you don't mind, I'll wait out here.

That's fine.

Do you think this lunatic was after Wally?

Psychotic mind...

It's hard to predict.

Maybe the kid being at both murder scenes was just a coincidence.

He's only 7 years old.

Another evisceration.

Her throat was slashed.

That's why nobody heard her scream.

He split her rib cage open?

With these.

Looks like this time his target was the heart.

Did he take it?


He took the heart? Hotch?


The heart has always had incredible symbolic significance.

I mean, aside from just banal romantic associations.

The egyptians left the heart in mummies because they believed the organ ensured eternal life.

Something I read...

Oh, there it is... oh!

Sorry. I'm sorry.

It's ok. Give me the book.

The big one, right there.


Get the book, please, penelope.

Here you are. Thank you.

Where's the crime scene photos?

Crime scene photos are right here, sir.

Does the body look like an angel?

Not to me.

Scan this in and send it to them.

There was...there was an article by a cambridge professor.

It seems that, uh all the organs the unsub's taken...

Stomach, liver, now the heart...

Were thought to be the seat of the soul at one time or another.

Then he drinks their blood?

So when this man drinks his victims' blood...

He believes he's encountering the divine.

Wait a minute. None of this explains why he took the kid.

Well, the, uh unsub made the victim into an angel.

Maybe the kid's a messianic figure.

Let's just hope he doesn't feel the need to sacrifice him.

You stay here, Charlie. I won't be long.

Hi. You've reached the home of Annie, David, and Charlie Stuart.

Please leave a message after the tone and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

David, it's Maggie, I'm so sorry about your wife.

Could you give us a call let us know what time are services?

He must have come by between patrols.

Now, Jackie, it's not your fault.

Well, what the hell is it?

It's a human stomach.

Oh, my god. You mean Dave's wife?

We can only assume.

Now, none of the neighbors saw anything?

Well, we talked to Miss Wade across the road. Nothing.

And the Maynards aren't even home.

All right.

We need a 24-hour watch here and at the other crime scenes, too. Go on.

Now, agent Hotchner, I need to be very clear here.

Right now all we got is some theory about a religious delusion.

I mean, how the hell do you explain that?

Sometimes disorganized killers return body parts to the grave sites.

It might be nothing. It might just be a way for him to manipulate the body even after death.

But it may also be an act of remorse.

Even in the most extreme psychotic episodes there are variations in lucidity, degrees of insightfulness.

If I'm coming out of a delusion...

Just killed someone and drank their blood...

And I'm starting to feel bad about it...

Where do I go?

Sheriff, how many churches are in this town?

Gentlemen, this is the bible belt. Maybe 15.

I would post an officer at every single one.

Call in auxiliary cops if you have them.

All right. You got it.

Long, get on the phone with me.

4 churches in 4 blocks.

Ever feel like we just stepped into Mayberry?

Mayberry with a psychotic killer running around.

There's that.

Hey, Derek.

Does that look like a '72 Buick to you?

Yes, it does.

Hold it right there! FBI! Don't move!

Don't move! Get down! Get on your knees!

Get on your knees! Get down!

Hands on your head! Let's go!

Hands on your head!

Don't move!

Derek. I think we got our guy.

His name's Eddy Mays, 21 years old. Do you know him?

Yeah. I just can't believe a boy like Eddy would do something like this.

He was the nicest kid you ever saw.

He's mentally ill, sheriff.

A boy like Eddy Mays could truly use an insanity plea in a court of law.

You know, the ironic thing about psychotic illness is generally they're less violent than the rest of the population.

By the nature of psychotic delusions, when they do get violent...

We're never gonna get anywhere with him.

Not like this.

Look at the guy.

You can't read him is rights.

You can't even process him.

I better call his mother.

It's a damn shame. His daddy died just a couple years ago.

This is gonna fall awful hard on her.

What's the family like?

Dad was a doctor and Mary Gwathmey Mays comes from one of the oldest families in Tennessee.

I'd like to meet her.

We already have.

I can't believe it.

It's just... it's...

So horrible.

I... I... if there was anything I could have done to stop him.

I didn't even know he was in town.

Are you aware of how sick your son is?

He had some trouble, uh, adjusting to school.

There was an incident last year. We got him some help.

Mrs. Mays, actually there is a way that you can help us.


We believe your son has kidnapped a 7-year-old boy Wally Brisbane.

Oh, lord god.

And he doesn't remember what he did with him but if we were able to give him some anti-psychotic medication he may become more lucid.

That's child's parents must be devastated.

Right now Eddy is non compos mentis but if you were to sign a medical consent form we could give him the injection.

Of course.

I just pray that child is all right.

Hey, Garcia. Talk to me.

Ok. So I got a hold of Eddy's roommate in college who describes Eddy as having an overprotective mom.

How overprotective?

She called him, like, 3 times a day.

And get this... one time she went up to Boston to break him up with a girlfriend she didn't like.


Yeah. Yeah.

It seems like Eddy's entire college experience was some sort of post-adolescent rebellion.

He partied like an eighties clubber.

He suffered a delusional break due to methamphetamine and rock cocaine consumption.

Wow, that is partying like an eighties clubber.

Right. So then, uh, he was admitted to a mental health facility in Boston.

Checked himself out a week ago and then found his way home.

What was his major?

Comparative religion.

Thanks. Um, how is it having Gideon around?

Uh, you can have him back whenever you'd like.




Ok, you're way too tense.

No, I'm not.

Yes, you are.

You got anything?

Yeah. Mrs. Mays definitely has obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Her house looks like a home decorating catalog.


I checked every nook and cranny, all 8 bedrooms, fireplaces. Nothing.

No evidence of murder, no sign of the boy.

If Eddy Mays did come here, he was very careful not to leave anything behind.

Do you smell that?

Yeah. It smells like bleach.

A lot of bleach.


Okay, it's just way too clean.


Looks like somebody missed a spot.


I've administered the haloperidol to Mr. Mays.

How long until it takes effect?

It's coming on now. Full effect in about 15 minutes or so.

You have to realize that while the drug will make him appear to be asymptomatic it will not necessarily remove his delusional state.

Will it make him more lucid?

Possibly. But let me make this clear.

I gave him the shot because he needed to be medicated not so you could agitate him by putting him through an interrogation.

That boy needs to be hospitalized.

Well, a jury might agree with you but right now he needs to answer some questions 'cause there's a little boy we need to find. Thank you.

Hey, Eddy.

Do you know where you are?


That's right.

Do you know why?

I was very bad.

Before, I was very bad.

But I'm... I'm much better now, much...

Much better.

Eddy, do you remember hurting anyone?

Where did you go to college, Eddy?

Mm. Boston.

Did you like Boston?

Mm-mmm. No. I don't know.

What was your favorite thing about Boston, Eddy?

Harvard time square, I had cappuccino.


Eddy, do you remember Wally?

Wally Brisbanes.

I know the Brisbanes.

You took this little boy.


No. I did not... I did not do that.

Eddy, I understand you're uncomfortable.

Your... your hands are cut up.

Your arms are bruised. Is...

Do you know why?


You killed 3 people, Eddy.

You killed 3 people, Eddy.

You killed 3 people, Eddy.

Paul Thompson.

Annie Stuart.

Lynette Giles.

No! No! Stop it!

You will... you will be punished. God is punishing you.

No, no, no. I brought you an angel. See?

No, I do not see. I do not see.

Please. Please. Please!

I brought you an angel.

Please. Take it.

I just want to know.

When will you leave me alone?!

We need him to tell us where that boy is.

Sheriff, we're not gonna get anything out of him until he gets this latest episode under control.

Agent Hotchner, it's getting cold and dark.

If that Brisbane boy's anywhere outside, he won't stand a chance in hell.

You all! Hurry up down here!

Come on!

Why weren't you straight with us, Mrs. Mays?

Straight with you?

You never told us your son was in a mental hospital.

I spoke with a doctor at a facility in Boston.

He said Eddy was released a week ago and that he called you to pick him up and that you never came.

You asked me if I knew if he'd come home, and I didn't.

I... I thought he was in Boston.

There was also blood on the floor of your utility room.

Do you have any explanation for that?

Well, sometimes I cut my legs when I prune the roses.

You prune your roses in winter?

As a matter of fact, I do.

When do you prune yours?

Mrs. Mays, I understand that you may want to do everything you can to protect your son but that little boy may be dying right now.

I would like to help you. I really would.

But right now, I've got to see about my son.

I think it's better if you stay here.

She's definitely lying.

I don't know exactly what she's lying about, but she's lying.

You don't think she'd let that boy die to save her son, do you?

I don't know.

She drives a cadillac, right?


They got GPSs in them.


So let's go see where she's been.

It's got every stop she's made and how long she spent there.

You know, these things could cause more divorces than internet p0rn.

Hey, look at that. That's interesting.

She stopped at the same place on route 3 like 6 times.

Hell, let's get Mary and take her to her spot on route 3.

We can tell her that we're going to visit Eddy in the hospital.


How long have you lived in Harringtonville?

All my life.

My ancestors have been there since the late 18th century.

Plus I went to school in Virginia.

But aside from that, I've lived right here.

This is not the way to the hospital.

I've got to make a quick stop first. Where did you go to school?

High school, St. Catherine's hall. College, Sweet Briar.

You were a Sweet Briar vixen?

You know Sweet Briar?

My mother went to Mary Baldwin.

She's from Virginia?


I've visited both Staunton and Manassas, and I know where your mother's from.

Are we driving out of town?

Mary Gwathmey Mays. Gwathmey's an old tidewater family, isn't it?

Where are we going?

Old south. Old money. A lot of tradition there.

A lot of reputation to protect.

Excuse me?

Mary, I don't think that you were protecting your son.

I think you were protecting yourself.

From the shame, the humiliation of people finding out that he was mentally ill.

You didn't visit him in the hospital in 6 months. Not once.

What are we doing here?

We checked the GPS device in your car.

You stopped here 6 times in less than 2 hours.

There are a dozen officers on their way over here with a pack of dogs and we will find that little boy.

It would be in your best interest to help us.

We're coming for you, Wally!

Hang on, Wally!

Come here. Come here. It's ok.

Come on, boy. Come on.

Oh, baby! Ohh!

Let's get you home. Come on.

Mr. Hotchner.

Do you have children?

Yes, I do.

Is there anything you wouldn't do for them?

I wouldn't clean the blood of heir victims off the floor.

I didn't know my son was killing those people until he brought home that boy.

You know, Mary, sometimes what we don't do...

Is every bit as powerful as what we do.

You don't understand.

I understand that your son was drowning and you made no effort to save him.

You don't know what I did.

I know what you didn't do.

You didn't call the police.

And every day of your life you're gonna have to ask yourself what would have happened if you'd gone to Boston to help him.

Eddy told me he was bringing me an angel.

I... I wanted to protect my son.

What else was I supposed to do?

Almost anything would have been better.

Mrs. Mays.

Harriet Beecher Stowe once said "the bitterest tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid and deeds left undone. "

Good job.

Nice work, everybody, by the way.

Thank you. Now I get to go back to the 15 folders on my desk.

Wait a minute. 15? I have 24.

That's 'cause I slipped you 4 of mine.

What? - On Friday. Yeah. Mm-hmm.

Hey, sweetheart.

Do not sweetheart me.

I may not be a supervisory special agent, but that does not make me a maid.

What do you mean?

What do I mean?

This is the third box of crap that Gideon left in my office there's at least 2 more, and everything smells like soy sauce.

I'll take care of it.

Thank you.

Hey. I believe... these are yours.

I knew the crutches wouldn't last long.

Oh, I'd rather limp.

I'll be fine.

Well, you managed to get on Garcia's nerves pretty thoroughly.

Who's Garcia?

Penelope? The tech? With the glasses.

In the room with the screens?


She's great.

Yeah. You might want to...

Send her a basket or something.


Is that your list?


25 things I want to do before I die.

Where are you?

Well, seeing the White Sox win the series and...


That's 23 and 24, so I guess I need a new list.

Not till you do 'em all.

He doesn't want to hear from me.

You don't know till you try.

Hey. Uh... Stephen?


It's your dad.

I was just thinking, uh...

That we could get together sometime.