01x03 - Predator

Man (over radio): Stingray six, this is hawkeye.

Live-fire exercise green to go.

Requesting permission to fire.

Man 2: Permission to fire granted.

That's a roger, stingray six.

Bft has you cleared.

Man 3: Target is confirmed; you have authorization to fire.

Falling back.

Hawkeye is firing...

In five...

Four... Three... Two... One.

Man 3: Hawkeye, this is stingray six.

Confirm missile fired.


Stand by.

Man 4: Hawkeye, we are getting a misfire alert.

Man 5: Hawkeye, your drone is veering off course.

Return to previous sector.

Man 6: Briggs, what the hell's happening?

Target coordinates are shifting.

Mike, get out of there.

I've now lost control of the drone.

Man 4: Hawkeye, we have radar confirmation of missile fire.

Please advise.

Mike, the missile's live!

Get out of there!




I want to know.

You want to gossip at my expense.

Sam: Come on, how'd it go last night?

Date number two.

It didn't.


He canceled?

I canceled.

It wouldn't have ended well.

It's pretty much over.

I thought the first date went great.

Look, you guys, I am the best first date girl in town.

I mean, I bring my "a" game-- funny, Flirty, charming, spontaneous, tasteful.

Like me.

Callen: And the second?

Second date-- antsy, bored, Distant, impatient, Irritable.

Like g.

I decided to save everybody some trouble, End it early, and, uh, embrace my skill set.

The first date's the last date.


Few men know How to deal with a smart, strong, Independent woman.

They say they want a soul mate To share their dreams And their hopes with, But all they really want is a substitute mommy.

As a professional psychologist, I have to completely--

Nate, sit down.

Okay, well, I'm going to sit.

(clears throat)

Mission briefing?

Sexual harassment guidelines.

There's a seminar next week And it is mandatory, Even for you, mr. Callen.

George hamilton once told me That what men really love is a woman who plays hard to get.

Or was it sinatra?


(eric whistles)

Saved by the whistle.


All right, footage from camp pendleton, Tagged "classified."

How old is this?

Approximately 24 hours.

What are we looking at, exactly?

The battlefield through the eyes Of an unmanned aerial vehicle, Commonly referred to as a uav.

Future of warfare.

Field operatives in pakistan call in a target To a pilot sitting behind a joystick in california.

Pilot hits a button, Rains missiles down on the bad guys.

Like a video game but real.

This feed is from a live-fire training exercise at pendleton.

A marine unit was working in tandem with the drone.

This one happened to be armed with two hellfire missiles.

Who changed the target coordinates?

Still trying to figure that out.

Here comes the feed from the missile's warhead camera.

The marine was killed.

Run it back.


Dominic: Sergeant michael hazlett.

Specialized in coordinating uavs with the ground teams.

Married, three kids.

Who was flying the drone?

Air force captain mark holden briggs.

Says he didn't misfire.

Drone fired itself.

I think we need to take a look at that drone.

Good luck with that.

It disappeared from radar.


They can't find it.

Callen: So what killed sergeant hazlett?

Sam: Theory one-- pilot error.

Theory two-- system malfunction.

Theory three-- sabotage.

It was a joint op Between the marine corps and the air force.

Someone with security clearance Could narrow those choices.

Air force doesn't want us Going through their dirty laundry.

Logging that request means 50 pages of fine print and a day's wait.

And we're sitting on our hands while the trail runs cold.


It's all about who you know.

We know anyone?

We know people.

The kind of people who know people.

Hetty and frank sinatra?

Don't go there.

He told her men like women who play hard to get.


Which suggests that hetty was playing hard to get With frank sinatra.

I told you not to go there.

Yeah, you did.

Ol' blue eyes and hetty.

I guess hetty did it her way.

Here he comes.

What agency is this guy with?


Some say he's a black ops handler for all three.

But he's our guy.

He's not our guy, he's hetty's guy.

(door closes)


This conversation never happened.

You have 60 seconds.

How secure are these uavs?

Hackers are chasing the usaf security protocols constantly.

Over the past month, We had four experimental uavs breached domestically.

This has happened before?

No, every other time it happened, The drones crashed within ten seconds.

Practice runs.

Hackers are trying to see if they can get the hang of it.

Your time is up.

Tell hetty I haven't forgotten about nepal.

As far as I'm concerned, we're even now.

(door opens, shuts)

Didn't seem like 60 seconds to me.

Bad cologne.

A copy of the uav's video feed Just popped up on sphereguide.Com.

Which is?

Like youtube for hackers.

Can you trace the ip address?

The poster's signal was bounced off six different servers.

He doesn't want to be found, but I'll get him.

Callen: Rewind it.

This is the feed from the drone's camera.

Looks like it landed in the desert somewhere.

Sam: Based on its last coordinates, It's gotta be local.

So there was no crash.

How many hellfire missiles were on the drone?


It fired one.

And here comes our man.

Sam: What are you up to?

He powered it down.

Must've loaded the drone in the back of the truck.

Who is this guy?

Proud new owner of a hellfire missile.

And he's somewhere in l. A.

I started a facial recognition search on the driver.

Well, there's no plates on the truck; how we gonna trace him?


The r&d guys over at china lake developed the algorithm.

What is it?

It's the naval weapons center's Brand-new visual query system.

You feed it the description of a person, place, or thing--

It scans live feeds from traffic cams, Atm cams, and satellite images for a result.

You got to be kidding me.

Eric: I kid you not.

All right, search terms: Blue 18-wheel semi And... Middle eastern man in his 20s Behind the wheel.

Well, what if he isn't mobile anymore?

Well, then we wait; he'll have to move the drone eventually.

What's to stop him from flying it out of the country?

The uav's transponder.

It automatically activates on takeoff.

Once it's online, we can track it, so he's not gonna risk it.

My guess is, if we see it airborne again, It'll probably be in targeting mode.

Every government and terrorist group in the middle east wants A piece of that technology.

He'll have no problem finding a buyer.

Eric, alert homeland security.

We can't let this guy get it out of the country.

How fast can we get that footage off the web?

With or without the cooperation Of sphereguide.Com's legal department?

Okay, cutting through legal tape.

I just crashed their entire server.

Hetty: Idiot hackers.


Sam, I think we're due in the boathouse.


Eric did it.

Sam: Hey, hetty.

I was watching that viral video With the cats and the trampoline, And the site just froze up and crashed on me.

Did you have anything to do with that?

Gentlemen, our tale of the tape.

Captain mark holden briggs, 32 years old, Earned valedictorian honors from the air force academy And graduated at the top one percent Of his class at usaf weapons school.

Smart guy.

Also has a narcissist- egocentric disorder.

Type of person who believes the world revolves around him.

If he's guilty, he'll have what he believes To be perfectly good reasons for his actions.

Joystick jockey with an attitude.

Antagonizing him is not a way to break through.

Do I look like an antagonist, nate?

This is by no means an admission of guilt, But I want my jag lawyer present.

Maybe he'll get here eventually, But traffic's a bitch today.

Mike hazlett...

Mike hazlett was a good man.

A friend.

I knew his wife and his kids.

Friends don't always get along.

Check the paperwork.

We ran a full diagnostic.

There was no system failure.

I did not misfire.

It's all documented.

Then what happened?

A hacker got into the system.

It's experimental.

It's flawed.

And I knew it.

And mike knew it.

Maybe you made a mistake.

Maybe that mistake Let a hacker in the system.

I don't program them, I fly them.

And I don't make mistakes.

Maybe you got paid to fly it somewhere off the grid.


Think I sold out?

I should be flying f-22's over afghanistan right now But I'm stuck in riverside, Rotting away in a steel box Next to joystick jockeys Raised on energy drinks and video games.

What happened yesterday was inevitable.

Drones can get hacked.

Fighter pilots can't.

And now america's about to find that out the hard way.

Nate: Everything that came out of briggs' mouth Could be considered motive.

But his body language Is indicating something else entirely.

Which is?

Well, he's frustrated and angry, But briggs is not our guy.

(video monitor beeping)

What do you got, eric?

A hit.


Uh, no, that's still looking.

We got a lead on our hacker.

He posted the uav attack footage from the rathmor tech campus.

More specifically, the science auditorium At 10:23 a. M. Today.

You got a name?

Hah... We got 67 names.

That's how many students were logged on To the wireless hub at the time.

All of them taking A day-long class in advanced computer science.

They are on lunch break now.

They reconvene in about 90 minutes.

They're scheduled to have a guest speaker.

A reformed hacker who now works for the fbi.

What is the good news?

Well, the only people that can put an actual face To the hacker's name work for the bureau.

So we can improvise.

Eric, find out who posted that video Of the drone landing.

Ho, brah!

Excuse me?

It's, um, it's a surfer thing.

It's a surfer thing?

Yeah, as in a spontaneous expression of ecstasy That could accompany the perfect swell, You know the kind that just, Eric?

Just crests like that...

You can hang up now.

... Just riding that...

Yeah, no, wait, uh, facial recognition Just id'd our semi driver.

Uh, dmv database.

Yousef kaleem.

No criminal record; home address in venice, california.

You went soft on him.


Man, I know you're not gonna go here with me right now.

We're in the middle of chasing Our only lead on our only suspect...

You know your ears wiggle When you try to avoid a conversation?

It's kind of adorable.



For years I dreamed of being a seal.

I gave up everything else to get there.


If I saw the finish line and found out that the navy Was gonna bump me somewhere else, I'd be angry, too.

And my ears don't wiggle.

So, what are we this time?

Couple of salesmen who got lost?

Maybe some guys looking for an old college friend?

How about we're two armed federal agents Trying to apprehend a terrorist?

Oh, yeah.

(knocking on door)

Do it.



"... And allah will rain the fire of the just "down on zion and america, the two satans, Crushing the infidels."

Just needs a little reggae beat.

Islamic discussion boards 24/7.

(door opening)

(gun clicks)


Get your hand out of the bag.

This is not the way of allah.

What do you know about allah?


(speaking arabic)

You quote the koran in arabic, But you still do the work of infidels.

We just want to talk.

Nobody ever wanted to talk to me!

We do, all right?!

We just want to talk, I promise you!

Put the satchel down.


Go! Run!

(timer beeping)

Whoa, what happened?

Kaleem's dead.



Blown up.

You guys are thorough.

Yeah, uh, what are we doing now?

We focus on the hacker who posted the uav footage.

Hetty: Is that blood, mr. Hanna?



Other guy's.

Can we bill him?

Not anymore.

You wouldn't happen to have a fresh pair of pants I can borrow, would you?


What happened in nepal?

Excuse me.

I told you to never mention nepal, g.

You crazy?

I bet you it involved sherpas.



Razor mantis?

As in the sexually carnivorous insect?

As in the one that has a mating ritual which begins With the female biting off the male's...

... Head?

Come on, nate, this is what I get For opening up to you about my dating life?

The real razor mantis was supposed to speak At the rathmor tech class, and we're improvising.

All right, fine, so, uh, what's my background?

Fbi arrested you for stealing files From the department of defense.

And you cut a deal to avoid jail time In exchange for teaching classes about the perils of cyber crime.

Mm. And what if one of the students checks up on my story?

Consider yourself backstopped.

As far as the legal system Is concerned, you are The razor mantis.

Now, many of the students are hackers themselves.

Now, they've heard of you, But they don't know what you look like.

Hackers are feisty.

So, they might try to challenge your authority.

Which is what we want.

That's right.

You want to elicit a response.

And I suspect hubris will be his downfall.

In terms of your computer skills, you might be a little Out of your league with these rathmor tech kids.

Oh, please, I have proficiencies in ipsec architecture, kerberos, And plutoplus with the fbi.

These kids, uh, invented that stuff, so...

These guys have spent more time With their world of warcraft Avatars than real women who aren't called "mom."


Ah, just in case.

Great, because there's nothing I love more Than falling back on my sexuality To get the job done.

Oh, and those shoes are crocodile stilettos.

You scuff them, tear them, lose them...

... And I'll end you, tootsie.

Checked out kaleem's house.

Found a weapon stash.

Two handguns, A semi-automatic rifle and three grenades.

Nate says he's more of a follower than a leader.

What else?

He used to work for a tech company.

Aj concept solutions.

It was started up just over a year ago By a man named arthur janson.

I'm gonna need to meet him.

I'll track him down for you.

Oh, geez, these jeans are too tight.

Told you not to mention nepal.

Okay, everyone, take your seats, please.

As you might have heard from dr. Knorr, I'm going to be your guest lecturer For this afternoon's session.

When I was arrested by the fbi, I was known as the razor mantis.

For eight years...

Once they've logged on, you can scan their hard drives?

Yeah, I'll just be throwing up Additional data on the touch screen.

You'll be picking out anyone suspicious.

That'll be most of them.

And we're off.

Predictably, each student Just ran a search for the razor mantis.

And check this out...

Today, we'll be discussing the overlap of our domestic Cyber crime community with terrorism abroad.


Do you think The slave-generated data bots Out of silicon valley are vulnerable To sigma seven overrides?

That is an excellent question.

Dom: Kensi, there could be two answers.

Hold on, hold on, there could be two answers to that question.

I just said that!

There could be two answers to that question.

Uh, yeah, no kidding.

That's why I asked you Your opinion.

Eric: What he's asking makes no sense.

Dom: That's because it's a trick question.

Sigma seven overrides are incompatible With slave-generated data bots Because those bots can't exist On single-tuned harmonic filters.

Those data bots can't exist on a single-tuned harmonic filter.

Anyone else want to try and stump me with a trick question?

(sighs) all right, 50 hard drives scanned and downloaded.

We're almost there.

What's the difference between string system code And mvo-6 languages?

Oh, really?

You want to go there?

Kensi, ignore him.

Just look down at your laptop and hit some keys.

Now tell him that you'll answer once the guy To his left stops messaging him about your bra size.

I will consider answering your question Once the guy to your left Stops im'ing you about my bra size.

(students laughing)

Okay, okay, this is what we want.

A few guys are getting paranoid and logging off the network.

That's what you call eliciting a reaction.

I'm sending you their names and search results.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, okay, we've got an outlier.

Joel hardy.

On financial aid.

Low-income family but he's made some big purchases recently.

A 2009 ducati.

I see a trip to vegas, And $20, 000 in computer hardware.

This could be our hacker.

To your left, seventh row up, end seat.

Nate: He's fidgeting.

Doesn't want to make eye contact.

Nate: Yeah, he's hiding something.

Trying to play it cool.

Eric: All right, kensi, Here comes your excuse to follow him.

(phone ringing)

Excuse me, I have to take this call.

Let's take a ten-minute break.

Someone higher up financed his spending spree.

He can lead us there.

Eric, tell me about this guy.

Old parking tickets, bad habits, friends, Taste in music, anything.

He shut down his laptop Before I could mine anything relevant.

Gotta go in cold.

Just act like it's the first date.



Uh, do you have a minute?


And shouldn't you be finishing up your lecture?

Shouldn't you be staying to hear it?

I've got a thing.

A thing?


Somewhere to be.

Oh, I see.


Well, I'm sorry I bothered you.

Have fun at your "thing."

Wait! Wait!

What's she doing?

She's playing hard to get.



What'd you want to ask me?

I'm, uh, stuck in town for the night.


Do you know where I could get a drink... Or five?


You want company?

I go.

Arthur janson?

Ah, you must be the gentlemen my secretary mentioned.

What can I do for you?

Yousef kaleem is dead.

Sam: He was your employee.

You mind telling us about him?

I'm afraid I don't know that much.


He-he worked here for over a year.

Kaleem was a business associate.

You in a rush, mr. Janson?

I don't get close to people on the job.

(car remote chirps)

No, trust me.

You open that door up, You're asking for a needy, whiny, slacker of a colleague.

I know exactly what you mean.

Any details will help.

I hired kaleem Because he was skilled at writing computer code.

You know, come to think of it, Lately he's been spouting off about politics And religion on the job.

Real crazy, venomous anti- american stuff.

Why didn't you just fire him?

The equal opportunity act makes it illegal For me to fire him based on his religious views.

I was amused that he hated the country That kept him gainfully employed.

That's one of my big complaints With mujahadeen.

No sense of irony.

Unfortunately, the same could be said for my clients.

If you'll excuse me.

I don't whine, I'm not needy, And I don't slack.

Two out of three ain't bad.

Any luck with the semi?

And finding the drone?

Kaleidoscope's still looking.

I bet you're the kind of guy that thinks That pressing the elevator button over and over again Makes it get there more quickly, aren't you?


I like the way you party.

(clears throat)

It's only money, right?



And you very clearly know how to spend it.


Well, let's just say I know the right people, And leave it at that.

The right people, I know all about them.

I've done favors for half of silicon valley.

The other half pays me for protection.

Joel: You dig that?

Running network protection schemes On yuppies chasing stock options?

Well, it beats working for a living, doesn't it?

Call it money.

Don't call it living.

And what's living to a guy like you?

Bypassing military-grade quantum cryptography.

Kensi: And?

A guy's gotta save something for a second date, right?


I'll be back.

All right.

Dom, keep an eye on him.


You look like a man on a mission.


(nervous chuckle)

Uh, maybe later.


(water running)

(turns off faucet)

Callen: Dom, everything okay in there?


Callen: This is security cam footage eric pulled from the bar.

Kensi: Joel hardy walked in that bathroom less than 30 seconds ago.

Rewind it.

Now hold on that guy that comes out just before dom goes in.

I walked right past him.

Don't let it bother you, dom.

There's no way you could've known who he was.

Well, the bad news is, our only lead in this case is dead.

Good news is, you're off the hook for date number two.

Sure, hop on the kensi abuse train While there's still room on board.

Kensi: There. That's him.

Run him through the facial recognition.

You're not responsible for this, dom.

You did your job.

And when doing my job isn't enough?

You come and see me, And we talk about it.


I'm ready to go back to work now.

Callen: Thanks, rose. Okay.

Let me know if anyone does.

Oh, I will.

I'll tell nate you say hi.

Yeah, he has a thing about coroners.



No one has claimed kaleem's body yet.

Or... What's left of it.

Extremist views tend to estrange one From one's friends and family.

I hope the 72 virgins were worth it.

How's the team holding up?

Two bodies in one day.

It's a lot for anyone to handle.

That's to be expected.

It's when they stop being affected That I begin to worry.

Well, they've got a ways to go before they get to that point.

That's good to know.

Wake up, sweetheart.

Found this in joel hardy's apartment.

Good enough to fly a uav, dom?

With the right software and uplinks, yeah.

It needs to be hooked up to a computer, though.

It's with eric-- he's trying to crack the encryption.

Let's look at connections.

Starting with yousef kaleem.


Kaleem was the perfect fall guy.

Anti-american views, strong religious beliefs, And weak enough for someone to convince him To take on the high-risk work Of snatching the uav from its landing site.

Joel hardy.

A whiz kid who could beat the air force At their own game.

But he was immature.

Spent his money carelessly, He did drugs, and was reckless Enough to post the uav footage online.

Which is probably what got him killed.

Which means he's not the ringleader.

Captain briggs, our pilot.

The wild card in the deck.

Well, he's got an axe to grind With the drone program and the brain To pull off a conspiracy like this, but...

He's not acting like a guilty man.

Eric: Ho, brah! Score!

What was that?

It's eric.

He caught a break.

I just breached joel hardy's laptop.

Level seven nokvault software with a triple encryption code.

I found a program That would enable the user to penetrate The kind of quantum encryption used By the air force.

Joel sent it to aj concept solutions.

Kensi: We got a hit.

Hamzi khan, an afghani.

Former beat cop in kabul.

Retired in '03.

Not the first guy I'd hire for a hit in l. A.

Kensi: His wife died in afghanistan in 2007.

Rifqua khan.

She was the victim of a uav attack.

A missile blew up the school where she was a teacher.

She and eight children were killed.

Pulling up her photo now.

Callen: Huh.

Well, she's not an ethnic afghani.

Rifqua is arabic for rebecca.

Janson has a sister named rebecca.

Callen: So, a predator killed janson's sister, Who happens to be married to khan.

And now they want to give America a taste of drone warfare.

(phone ringing)

Yeah, eric?


Kaleidoscope just picked up our 18-wheeler.

Pulled out of a warehouse downtown.

He's headed south.

His route lines up with the port of l. A.

(tires squealing)

Show your hands!

Over your head!

Show your hands!

Put 'em up!

Get out of the truck!

Sam: Get out!

Please. I-I...

Look, I was just doing my job.

Face down.

Down on the ground!

Face down!

Spread 'em out.

I got him.

Some guys just need this truck dropped off at the port.

Don't move.

This guy?

Yeah... Yeah, that's him.

Face down.

(phone ringing)

We've been had.


Eric: Callen, we've got a situation here.

Janson wasn't trying to move the drone out of the country.

He wanted it airborne.

Transponder just went online.

Where's it headed?

It's circling los angeles.

I tapped into the lax air traffic control system, And it shows an unidentified aircraft Circling marina del rey at 10, 000 feet.

What are our options?

We could crash the air force's satellite drone server.

Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.

Every uav around the world would go haywire.

Dozens of surveillance missions would be compromised.

None of which is as important As preventing a terrorist attack on american soil.

It's not gonna work.

Janson installed his own server overrides.

He knows what he's doing.

Bypassing them will take hours.

And how long would it take to scramble an f-22 out of edwards?

Including flying time--

20 minutes, tops.

Ah, it's too long.

Eric, find janson.

I told you guys everything I know.

Your uav is airborne.


Up there...

Somewhere circling.

We think the guy who hijacked it is gonna use it.

Nobody listened to me.

You see?

You see what happens When you replace men with computer systems?

Eric triangulated the uav's signal to this location.

Janson's got to be around here somewhere.



This was used To get control of your uav.

We're going to hack into the system...

... And get it back.

I watched a friend die.

I... I couldn't help him.

I can't do that again.

Last night...

... I watched a kid bleed out on the floor of a bathroom...

... Because I couldn't get there in time to save him.

There's nothing I can do to fix that.

I don't get a second chance.

But you do.

Sometimes our best isn't good enough.


But that's no reason to give anything less.

(sighs heavily)

All right, I've gotten to janson's network firewall.

I just need to bypass...


Sam, I'm in.

I've got his targeting information.

Holy crap.

William f. Cooley high school.

Eric, get that school evacuated now!

Calling lapd.

Not fast enough!

Got it. Now commencing with fast enough.

(fire alarm blaring)

I need specifics, eric.

Anything that might give janson away.

All right, if he's controlling the drone, he's going to need A satellite dish or-or antenna array.

Callen: Sam, I found it.


Janson is on a yacht called rebecca.

Let's go.

It's docked in slip number 15.


Wow! How you doing?


Is this a lungelli?

This is a private vessel.

What do you think this is, 35 meters, maybe 40?

You know, I bet you this is actually 40.

Composite hull.

This is unbelievable!

Get back.

It's beautiful.

Callen: Kensi, hostile down.

Slip 15.

Kensi: I'm on the way.

Briggs: This is a long shot; this gear has all sorts of bugs.

Isn't working.

It's not responding.

I'm out of time.

I can't hack the drone.

If you can't hack the drone, Can you hack the missile instead?

Sam: Don't do it.

Don't do it.

Janson: You're too late.

(computer beeping rapidly)

Briggs: Come on! Come on!

I got it...

(students shouting)


You guys got a place you want to ditch this missile?

I believe we do.



(sam sighs wearily)

Good night, hetty.

That nepal story was crazy.

You told sam?


She didn't really tell you, did she?

Sorry, g.

It's classified.

(kensi groans)

Chinese take-out and a glass of red wine never looked so good.

I thought you had a date

(phone ringing)

with that guy tonight, the one who, uh...

Canceled on him.



Nate: Hey, kensi, is dom there?

Yeah, he's here.

It's nate.

You still want to talk to him?

I'm good.

He's good.