01x17 - Full Throttle



WOMAN: Yeah!

MAN 1: No, I got you. I got you.

No worries.

All right.

Alvie, we're good.

All bets are in.

Let's go!


Orange car.

Come up. Come up. Come up.

That's good.

Silver car. Come up. Come up.

You're good.

Let's go. Let's go, baby. Let's go.




Let's go, baby. Let's go.

Come on.


ALVAREZ: Let's get out of here!

SAM: Start taking the freeway.

I like taking the streets.

No, you like being late. The freeway would have gotten us here faster.

Oh, that parking lot they call the 10?

It's also known as the Santa Monica Freeway.

They have names as well as numbers.

Mm-hm. Olympic's faster.

You never take Olympic before noon going west.

What if it's a leap year?

Sam here claims to know the name of every freeway in California.

Oh, yeah? What about the 8?

Ocean Beach Freeway.

The 2?

Glendale Freeway.


Got him.

Escondido Freeway. Bam!



KENSl: Oh, my God. Are you kidding?

Nice geek chariot.

Mock away, bipeds, but I've managed to shave 43 minutes of walking time that I can now apply to my work.

Forty three minutes?

Bet he took the streets.

Yeah, right.

ERIC: I'm a firm believer that what you drive reflects who you are.



ERIC: Whatever.

The way you drive.

Naval Yeoman James Rush, home on leave from San Diego Naval Base, died in an illegal street race in a stadium parking lot early this morning.

NATE: In our culture, some consider it a rite of passage.

CALLEN: Boys will be boys.

NATE: Ouch!

SAM: What was Rush's classification?

Well, according to his file, he was working Admin Support for the quartermaster's office.

What's weird is Yeoman Rush's file is heavily encrypted.

What Admin division is encrypted?

SAM: The ones used to cover something confidential.

Eric, find out what he was really working on.

Well, could just be an unfortunate mishap.


But that encrypted personnel file suggests he was working somewhere classified.

The other driver kept going.

Never even tapped the brake.

ERIC: You think he was running?

Tinted windows, no plates, no ID.

NATE: "TokkanOne"?

Tokkan, it's Japanese.

It means a lightning bolt.

We need to find the other driver.

Let's check out the crash site.

Take Kensi.

Yeah, you heard me.

I know you're taking PCH.

I'm not sitting in traffic.

So I'll find out everything I can about Yeoman Rush.

You two suck exhaust for the next two hours.

Well, suit yourself.

Come on, Kens.

Hey, what do you say we, uh, stop for some doughnuts?

I love doughnuts.

You didn't say anything about doughnuts.

There is nothing sexier than an empty sea of pavement.

Given the rain, I'll take a hammock, a sunset, and a secluded cove somewhere.

You kidding me? You know what the sand would do to your brake drums?


Some people find nothing hotter than a racing engine and squealing tyres.

Yeah, if you're dating the Michelin Man.


How are you doing?

Can I help you with something?

ALLISON: Depends. Who are you?

NCIS. Who are you?

Allison Pritchett. Raydex Insurance.

I've been assigned to this claim.

What can you tell me about what happened here?

Nothing yet.

Street racing's a growing problem.

These kids spend more than the car's worth making them go faster.

And for what?

Same reason people spend a mortgage payment on their purse, I guess.

ALLISON: I'd appreciate a copy of the report when it's done.

KENSl: Don't you file your own?

We like to be thorough and professional.

What was that?

I know, right?

I mean you.


She was acting weird, Callen.


I don't trust her.

I'm gonna go talk to L. A. P. D.

About giving us the wreck.

You breathe a little bit.

You're really funny.

There and back in just over an hour on the PCH.


Ah! You got lucky.

Where's my doughnut?

I thought you were watching your figure.


HETTY: Oh, Mr. Callen.

It seems you've been spotted again in a bit of a rush.

KENSl: Ooh, red light camera.


I was chasing a suspect.


Nope. That was our day off.

You were late picking me up for the Kings game.

No doughnut, no love.

Maybe our buddy Bernhart from L. A. P. D. Can help you out with that.

Oh, he most certainly will not.

You're gonna jeopardise this cover?


You'll do what everybody else does and go to traffic school.

Yeah, heh.

It's no big deal.

You can do it online. You'll love it.

You can if you haven't had a conviction in the previous 18 months.

Unfortunately, this is number three for Mr. Callen, which means 16 hours of in-class study.

Hetty, you're joking.

Don't worry. Uh, maybe it'll be fun.

I enrolled you in a comedy traffic school for the next two days.

You didn't.

Hetty, I'm working on a case.

Sam and Kensi are more than capable of covering for you until you're finished.

Mm-hm, yeah.

It starts in one half hour in Culver City, so you best be on your way.

We don't want you breaking the speed limit to get there.

You might wanna take the 90.

Just saying.

Which is the Marina Freeway.



SAM: What do you got, Eric?

A lot of people posted videos and photos of last night's action on their social websites.

I'm just comparing the best of them.

All right, a quick snap.

SAM: Photo on the left.

ERIC: Okay.

Shake, rattle and we are rolling.

Photosynth has stitched together all these random photos from different sources and created one big interactive 3-D image.

SAM: We have a close-up of the explosion?

ERIC: Ask and you shall receive.

I pulled some audio from a video cam.

You can actually hear Rush activate his pressurised NOS, but there's no blinding acceleration.

SAM: Just a blinding flash.

KENSl: Right.

Which suggests the nitrous never made it into the system.

ERIC: Rush ran a wet system which mixes nitrous...

Nitrous and fuel into the intake.


Right, but when the system didn't get what it was expecting...

Engine pressure built, temp spiked, blew the engine.

Lady knows her stuff.

The lady also knows that a blown engine doesn't create this type of damage.

ERIC: To the naked eye, it looks like the Mitsubishi explodes right after the Honda passes.

But if we slow it down, it's actually a chain reaction of two separate explosions.

The first explosion is consistent with a blown engine resulting in a mild flare-up.

What caused the second explosion?

Rush was a master mechanic.

He wouldn't have made a mistake fitting that fuel system.

So are you saying that Rush's car was sabotaged?

Encrypted files, possible sabotage.

I'm thinking this just became a murder investigation.

LOOBERTZ: Good afternoon. I'm Mr. Loobertz.

Welcome to the Fun For All Traffic School.


Now, I know some of you probably aren't real excited to be here, but I guarantee you, it's gonna be a great day.

Because not only are we fun for all, we're all for fun.

We put the cool in school, don't you know.

Wouldn't that be "chool"?

The "H" is silent.


I'm in hell.

SAM: Now, the garage is a family business.

Older brother Keith, younger sister Angela.

Financial records show they're one oil change away from foreclosure.

A link on Rush's Facebook page redirects to a site dedicated to his racing victories.

Heh. Looks like Yeoman Rush was a living legend.

Yup. Now just a legend.

ANGELA: What are we supposed to do?

KEITH: What am I supposed to do?

You don't understand.

We don't have the money.

We gotta let him go.

It's not right.

What do you want?

We don't have a choice.

ALVAREZ: Guys, guys, guys.

Don't worry about it.

It's okay. All right?

I'll be all right.

Good luck.

I'm sorry, we're closed.

No, we're not.

What can I do for you guys?

Keith and Angela Rush?

Yeah, why?

NCIS. We're here to talk about your brother James.

ANGELA: James was an angel.

I remember on my 11th birthday, I wanted a new bike, but my dad couldn't afford it.

So, James built me one from scrap.

He could build anything.

Sounds like a great brother.

The best.

No matter how bad the situation, he was able to see the good in it.

Even with this garage, he somehow made it all worth it.

Now that he's gone, we should just sell it and move on.

That bad?

We're barely staying afloat.

My mom's gone, my father's in jail.

James dies last night and Keith is still acting as if it's business as usual.

This garage, street racing, it's cursed.

KEITH: Rough here lately.

Sounds like your sister's had enough.

Well, this garage has been family-owned for 15 years.

I mean, it's all we have.


If we sell it now, we'll have nothing.

Angela doesn't see that and I'm not ready to tap out yet.

Sometimes you gotta stand and fight for what you love.

I've taken care of James and Angela since my dad got locked up.

You know, it hasn't always been great, but we survived.

Best thing I ever did was get James to enlist in the Navy.

Keep him from winding up like Dad.

But he couldn't stay away.

So, what happened with your father?

He's six years into a dime for vehicular manslaughter.

During a race.

So you disapprove?

Hell, no. I used to race too.

Why'd you give it up?

I was planning on going pro, but one thing led to another and here we are.

You know, I'm fighting to keep this garage alive for Angela, whether she sees it or not, you know?

I'm not gonna let my brother's murder force me into selling.

What makes you think your brother was murdered?

The guy who was dragging, silver Honda?

What about it?


He's been gunning for James for years.

When James enlisted, Tokkan became the guy to beat.


James returns, Tokkan's back to being second best.

Where can we find this guy, Tokkan?

Nobody knows who he is.

He never shows his face.

Never sticks around after he wins.

The guy's a mystery.

Need to see your surveillance tapes, see if anybody got to your brother's car.

James wouldn't even let me near his car.

Sibling rivalry?

Seems stupid now, right?

Gotta admire their spirit.

One tragedy after another and they just keep moving on.

You have to.

Otherwise it eats you alive.

She's funny. Crazy.


Hetty sent me a text.

Hetty doesn't text.

SAM: She may not hit you.

She hits me all the time.

KENSl: About what?

Dirty jokes, mostly. In Latin.

Should hear the one about e pluribus unum.

We're practically BFFs.

BTW, on your left.

This is exactly why Hetty took away your pogo stick and your unicycle.

Do you actually have something for us, Ericus Annoyingus?

ERIC: I ran a check on Tokkan.

SAM: Hmm.

ERIC: The name is well-known in the world of street racing, but the guy has never been caught or arrested.

Then we've got Ratchetheads mechanic, Omar Alvarez, who's just been fired.

He's not a street racer, but he's got a criminal record for his involvement in a chop shop in Inglewood.

Get us a list of his known associates and family members and any guys he may have done time with.

Rush senior's in prison for killing someone in a street race.

Maybe his son's murder was some sort of payback.

Need that file, too, Eric.

Been there, done that.

Check your e-mail.

I told you this thing's making me more efficient. Tsk, tsk.

They dropped off Rush's Mitsubishi at the impound lot, or what's left of it.

You wanna work it?

No, go ahead.

I'll send Callen an e-mail, make sure he's up to speed.

Think he's having fun?

Heh, oh, yeah.

LOOBERTZ: Now, as you can see, the California Driver's Handbook is well over 90 pages.

That's a lot of information for anyone to remember.

You know what isn't hard to remember?


Anyone at all? That's a question.

Need a hint?

All right.

That's right. That's right.

There you go.


Go, music. Go, lyrics.

Yeah, can you feel it? Fun For AII.

Yeah, Fun For All has broken each section down into songs, from rocking registration riffs to insurance requirement raps.


Yeah. So there's something here for everybody.

Someone shoot me, please.

KENSl: Give me a wrench.

Whoa, careful there, cowboy.

This baby's suffered enough.

Sorry, I didn't know you cared so much.

Well, what can I say?

Grease is my favourite perfume.

NATE: So tell me.

How do you know so much about cars?

Used to help my dad tune his Nova on the weekends.

In fact, ugh, I used to spend my afternoons handing him tools and bringing him cold beers.

That sounds like fun.


Every time he turned away, I'd adjust the carburettor on my own, just so he could act surprised when he came back.


This is not gonna work.

Half-inch socket.


My dad and I never really worked on cars.

He was more of a Lego guy.

Hold on.

Oh, I feel something.

Oh, my God.

What is it?

I don't know.

But I'm betting it's not supposed to be in this car.

Maybe Keith Rush can tell us what it is.

Looks like no one's home.

No one friendly.

KENSl: I'll take the back.

Stop. Federal agent.


It's kind of late for an oil change.

You mind telling us what you're doing here?

I'm Commander Garrison Timmons.

James Rush's commanding officer.

James was a good kid.

I was trying to pay my respects to the family.

Yeah, okay.

I wanna know exactly what this is and how it works.

Could not tell you.

You dropped it in the garage when you ran away.

I'm sure there's all kinds of fancy equipment inside there.

It's a garage.

All that other fancy equipment doesn't have your prints all over it.

That does.

Excuse me.

Hey, whoa. What are you doing?

Give him what he came for.

How about this?

You wouldn't know what this is, would you?

As a matter of fact, yes.

Where is the other one?

James was working on an advanced lithium-ion battery system.

Ultra-lightweight, high-powered, never needs to be replaced.

Unstable, but if perfected, worth billions.

Two of the units went missing.

When I heard about the crash, I got worried.

SAM: Why?

GARRISON: James was the kind of R & D guy who liked to get his hands dirty.

It wasn't unusual for him to test stuff out on his own.

The battery system.

It dramatically increases efficiency in the combustion cycle.

In effect, it would have made the car go quicker, okay?

I didn't want the Navy to discover they were missing.

I've come to retrieve them.

And this?

It's a dosimeter.

It picks up the battery's lithium-ion signature.

This technology isn't just worth a fortune.

It would revolutionise our attack vehicles in the field.

It's something we can't afford to have fall into the wrong hands.

Well, well, well.

If it isn't our resident scofflaw.

Hope you had a nice day off.

Don't even start.

If someone did sabotage Yeoman Rush's car, what was the motive?

Could be a rival street racer.

Which puts this TokkanOne character at the top of our list.

What about Rush's CO?

He came clean too quick.

I think he's legit.

The missing hi-tech battery?

On our way to search the garage.

Good morning.

How long does it take a car travelling at 35 miles per hour to stop, Mr. Callen?

Two hundred feet.

Hmm, try 210.

How can someone so small be so...?

It's just traffic school.

How bad can it be?

Remember the Libyans that took us off the trawler?


The Libyans didn't sing.

There's singing?

And puppets.


I'm sorry.

Oh, good morning, Speed Racer.

Did you get my last text?

OMG, Hetty. Hilarious.

Hope you're watching the time.

Uh, last day and all.

Remember, hands at 9 and 3.

Ten and 2.


Hang in there, buddy.


KENSl: It's a battery.

I've never seen this before.

Keith would know more about this sort of thing.

You can ask him when he gets back.

SAM: Mind if I take a look around?


You know where we can find Omar Alvarez?

Uh, South Central, always moving.

This must be a lot for you guys to handle on your own.

I hate street racing.

I begged James to stop, but he wouldn't listen.

Men are idiots.


And after what happened to our father, you'd think he would have...

He just couldn't stop racing.

SAM: Nothing here.

Know where we can find Keith?

He said he was making a parts run.

A parts run for what?

It's not like we've gotten any customers.

Well, where do you think he went?

I'm not sure.

I tried calling his cell, but he didn't answer.

I'm worried he's out there looking for Tokkan.

And if he finds him...

I can't lose another brother.

Your brother needs to contact us the moment he gets back.

LOOBERTZ: And so that is why it is essential that you carry them at all times.

Isn't that right, Mr. Walinski?

Mr. Walinski.

Mr. Walinski!

Essential. I got it.

So insurance...

LOOBERTZ: Mandatory, Mr. Walinski.


What if you modified your car for street racing?

Anyone familiar with the California Insurance Reference Manual knows that street racers cannot be insured.

As a matter of fact, street racing or any other negligent act voids an insurance policy altogether.

Yes, sir.

I hope those are notes, Mr. Walinski.

NATE: Callen was right.

Rush didn't have a policy with Raydex.

In fact, as far as I can tell, he didn't have a policy with anyone outside the Navy.

Well, what about the insurance agent that we met?

Doesn't exist.

Raydex has no one by that name and didn't have an agent in the area yesterday.

So, Alvarez's last-known address was bogus, but his list of acquaintances probably isn't.

Who does Alvarez trust?

Was cellmates with a guy for three years by the name of Dwight Johnson.

Cellmates tend to get close when locked up if they don't kill each other.

Wait, Johnson has a place in Echo Park.

What about the case against James' father?

Uh, let's see. The person Rush senior killed was homeless and nameless.

Body was never identified.

Making the chances of this being payback slim.

I got him. I got him.


Tokkan's car.

He just turned off the 105 into El Segundo.

Kensi, separate cars.

Eric, talk us in. Don't lose him.

SAM [OVER PHONE]: Where is he, Eric? I don't see him.

He's right in front of you.

Turning into the refinery.

He's accelerating, Sam.

I got him, but we've been made.

KENSl: I'll try and get ahead of him.


Federal agents. Out of the vehicle.

Hands where I can see them, now.


"College student, wealthy family, no record.

Allysia Takada, a.k.a. Insurance agent, a.k.a. Tokkan."

Basically you're just a spoiled rich kid from Palos Verdes.

The secret identity was all part of the game, right?

Except this isn't a game.

A man is dead.

Did the frustration of losing to James Rush finally escalate to murder?

You wanted the title.

Top racer on the set.

TokkanOne. Lightning bolt, right?

Except James was faster.

So you or one of your buddies rigged his car and killed him.


No. James and I were competitive, but I didn't kill him.

I was in love with him.

[ON SCREEN] I was so happy when James joined the Navy.

SAM: Hmm.

He ever tell you what he was working on?

Not really.

He liked that it was top-secret stuff.

He told me he had a trick up his sleeve and challenged me to race him.

Was he the only one who knew you were Tokkan?

Tokkan was James' idea.

None of the guys would race a woman.

You know guys and their egos.

If you loved him, why didn't you stop when he crashed?

Because I knew he couldn't survive something like that.

I just kept driving around all night.

I didn't wanna face what had happened.

I didn't go back until the next day.

He have any enemies?

If anyone wanted to make sure James didn't finish a race, it would be Stringer.


Drives a pearl-black Chevelle.

He lost to James earlier and was pretty pissed.

There was a lot of bad blood between them.

He have a first name?

Nick Stringer. Biker, car thief and all-around badass.

Moves around the country, city to city.

Stays long enough to show up on the local law-enforcement radar before moving on.

When he's not racing, he's either betting on races or stealing cars to race.

Warrants read like a Zagat guide to illegal street racing.

There. Pearl-black Chevelle.

SAM: And there's Stringer.

Unfortunately being at a race isn't enough to charge him.

KENSl: Who's he talking to?

Eric, step frame.

Now blow it up.

Right there.

The reflection.

Keith Rush?


Two on one, huh? On the ground.

On the ground.

KEITH: No, no. Don't shoot.

There's gasoline everywhere.

Don't do it. Don't be stupid.

Where's Angela?

KEITH: She said she wouldn't come to the garage anymore.

Well, she is the one with the brains in the family, isn't she?

SAM: So who are they?

They work for a guy named Stringer.

The guy you were with at the race?

Why didn't you tell us you were there the night your brother got killed?

You get jealous of the golden boy while you were stuck at home taking care of the family?

KENSl: Maybe decided to do something about it?

Like maybe mess around with your brother's engine?

No way. I was there because I wanted to bet Stringer that James would beat Tokkan.

And it was a safe bet.

James had the fix in. He had this...

Naval battery?

Yeah. He said it guaranteed him the win.

Well, it didn't. It's what killed him.

That in combination with his NOS system.

I was gonna use the money to help fix this garage up, but now I owe the bank and Stringer and I just don't have it.

How much are you in for?

Seventy K.

Where's the other battery?

I didn't know there was another one.

I swear to God.

SAM: Okay.

Your mechanic.

Where can we find Omar Alvarez?

I don't know.


Omar runs with the Los Locos Lowriders.

You find them, you'll find him.

Eric? I need a list of known hangouts for Los Locos Lowriders.

LOOBERTZ: Mr. Walinski, you're approaching an intersection where the traffic signals are malfunctioning.


What will you do?


ERIC: Callen, Sam and Kensi are going after the Rachetheads' mechanic, Omar Alvarez.

Mr. Walinski!

All right, great. Keep me posted.

LOOBERTZ: For shame, Mr. Walinski. For shame.

Shouldn't he be wearing a seatbelt?


SAM [OVER RADIO]: I hope this works. It's possible we're too late.

Omar Alvarez?

Calm down. Where you going?

Put your hands on the hood.

Federal agents. Stay back.

Don't get cute.

What you got here, huh?

What is this?

SAM: Whoa.

Lot of cash for an unemployed mechanic who hasn't been paid in weeks.

Where's the Naval battery, Omar?

I don't know what you're talking about.

ALVAREZ: Hey, hey, hey.

Stay still.


KENSl: Uh-oh.

What is that thing, huh?

How long do you think he's got?

I'd say no more than three hours.

I'm thinking closer to two.

Yeah, right, man.

Look, I want my lawyer, okay?

Buddy, if I were you, I'd want my doctor.

Yeah. You've got radiation sickness from exposure to an experimental Naval battery, Omar.

You know what radiation sickness does?

Your hair falls out, your skin blisters, you bleed from every orifice.

Every orifice.

Okay. Okay, so you're gonna take me to the hospital, right?

You gonna tell where the battery is and who sabotaged James Rush's car?

I think he's starting to sweat.


SAM: Yeah. It's hyperhidrosis.

What do you mean?

Your heart should be racing by now.

That's tachycardia setting in.

You feel it?

If we don't take him to the hospital fast, his tongue's gonna swell, they'll intubate, he won't able to talk.

My tongue? Look, you gotta take me to the emergency room, man.

That's the law.

Seriously, I don't know anything about sabotaging James' car.

Look, I liked James, man.

Look, I worked for his family for a long time.

Even when they couldn't pay me.

Is that why you stole the battery?

Come on. Don't you think you owe it to James to tell us where it is?

Look, I sold it to this cat named Stringer, okay?

Stringer is probably a ghost by now.

With billions in Naval technology.

What about me, huh?

I got radiation poisoning.

Come on. I need medical attention.

SAM: Hey, hey, hey.

I'm gonna give you two of these, okay?

This will help you.

All right. Better?

Man, these are breath mints.

Never underestimate the importance of good oral hygiene.

Let's go.

ALVAREZ: I got radiation poisoning?

SAM: No. Make a path.

That's it. Time's up.

Pencils down.

All the way down, Mr. Walinski.

You'll be informed of your scores via electronic mail.

And hey, drive safely out there.

Well, that was fun.

Yeah, no kidding.

Would you like to grab a bite to eat?

Maybe a drink to celebrate our graduation?

I could do that. Definitely.


Something just came up.


I'm on the redeye tonight for the Bahamas.

Nice. Vacation?

Swimsuit photo shoot.

Could be a vacation if I had some company.

If he's smart, Stringer's moved on.

Maybe. But he probably doesn't know what that battery technology is worth.

If he does, he'll sell it to the highest bidder.

Stringer's an adrenaline-addicted personality who's got his hands on something that'll give him the edge over anyone he races.

He won't be able to resist.

Trouble is we don't know where the next street race takes place.

We don't, but I believe we know a certain female street racer who can find out.

You're right.

Stringer contacted Tokkan.

He wants to race her tonight.

Very little time to set up.

We're only gonna get one chance at this.

HETTY: Then let's not screw it up.

Having said that, I've made some adjustments to the Challenger.

My Challenger?

It may be your car, Sam, but Uncle Sam pays the gas.

Anyway, it's not state-of-the-art Naval technology, but it'll give it a little extra oomph if you need it.

My car?

From what we've seen, Mr. Callen, you don't seem to need any help.

I figured.



Federal agents. Nick Stringer, get down on the ground now!

I'd do what the lady says.

SAM: Everybody stay cool.

We're only here for Stringer.

Don't do it.

Don't. Stop!


Clearly this guy hasn't read the California Driving Manual.

Failure to use a turn signal.

Running a red light.

At least ten points.

I'm a little busy here, G.

Thought you knew how to drive this.

Maybe I should drop some dead weight.

This guy's good.


He's good.

We're better.


Come on, Hetty.

Show me what you got.


CALLEN: What did she do to this thing?



SAM: Down on the ground.

Don't move.


What the hell you got in that thing, dude?

So above your pay grade, wouldn't recognise the view.

How was your flight?

Turn over. Turn over!

Put your hands behind your back.

Get up.


We got the battery.

There you have it.

Stringer copped to everything except killing James Rush.

No surprises there.

I don't think it's him.

Neither do I.

Well, if it's not him, it's not Keith, it's not Alvarez, who would want Rush dead?

CALLEN: We must have missed an enemy.

Somebody else that didn't want him on that track.

What do you got?

KENSl: Just a hunch.



Thought you weren't coming back here.

I had to get things sorted out for Keith.

As it is, this place is gonna be a disaster by the end of the week.

I have to move on with my life.

Keith told me that you caught Stringer.


Him and Alvarez went after the battery.

They thought they could sell it.

But... that doesn't explain who wanted your brother dead.

And then it hit me.

It wasn't about who wanted your brother dead.

It was about who wanted him to stop racing.

We were looking for an enemy, but we should have been looking for a loved one.

Someone he trusted.

Someone with easy access to his car.


I just wanted it to end.

I wanted him to stop racing.


I disconnected his NOS injector after he ran his pre-race inspection.

It was just supposed to bleed out, no harm done.

He didn't tell me that he swapped out his battery system.

I was just trying to save him.


I was just trying...

Well, the Navy's relieved to get their technology back.

And they're not gonna pursue charges.


That family has suffered enough.

KENSl: Where are you guys going?

SAM & CALLEN: Nowhere.

You're taking out the Challenger, right?

Zero to 60 before you can sneeze.

Take me with you or I'm telling Hetty.

What is this, third grade?

Okay. But you're not driving.


Going somewhere?


We got a lead.

Uh, we have a lead and we are questioning him in the boatshed.

Oh, I hope you guys are better liars out on the street.

Hetty, I'm offended.


I've removed the supercharger from the Challenger.

Why would you do that?

Oh, jeez. I wonder.

You wanna do something constructive?

Take Mr. Callen out to a parking lot and teach him how to drive.

All right, I happen to be a great driver.

Not according to your traffic school.

They just called your alias.

You failed.

How could you fail traffic school?


I was working on a case.

You need a note for your teacher?

CALLEN: I'd settle for a little appreciation.

Okay? I passed up the Bahamas to be here.



HETTY: I gotta get one of these.