01x22 - Hunted

Boy: Here comes another one!

See, I knew it!

Look at those turbojet engines, the upswept winglets.


I totally schooled you!

Kill the smug mug, Amelia ass-heart.

I got three right without the extra pair of eyes.

Must be private. No markings.

Maybe it's somebody famous.

Looks like a gulfstream.

You sure?

You can tell by the passenger windows on the side.

Dude looks like a bodyguard..

And there's another one.


Those are cops, man.

The other guy's got cuffs on!


(Car alarm blaring) Oh, man, whoa!

Are you seeing this?

Oh, my God, oh, my God!

Maybe they're shooting a movie.

Dude, that's no movie.

NCIS:La 1x22

Original air date on may 11, 2010

Eat your breakfast.

(Machine gun fires, man groans)


You okay?

I'm not comfortable with authority figures.

It's why I do what I do.

Computers don't talk back.

Well, I mean, technically, they can.

But even then I can manipulate the voice to make it soothing if I want.

Sexy, even.

Too much information.


What did he ask you?

Same thing I'm gonna ask you, Agent Callen.

Finish your report?

Have you started your report?

We just buried Agent Vail two days ago, Director.

Does this charade really need to be perpetuated any longer?


Hetty, you know as well as I do procedure has to be verified, reports have to be filed.

Yes, I see.

And by the Director of the entire agency, too.

Don't get me wrong.

Your presence here is always valued, even welcomed.

And I much prefer to converse with you face-to-face, but let's drop the pretense, shall we?

The only thing your presence is not going to do is this: change... my... mind.



(Phone rings)

This is Vance.


How many?


I need everybody upstairs right now.

An hour ago, there was a shootout; private jetport, Van Nuys.

A couple of amateur plane spotters recorded the incident with a video camera and a pair of digital binoculars.

Callen: It's a prisoner transfer.

One of ours?

Military police.

One dead, two wounded.

Military police? (Scoffs)

In plainclothes on a private airstrip?

Must have been a high-value prisoner.

Who has now vanished.

Army CID will be all over this.

And so will we.

The prisoner they were transporting was the leader of Talib Al Jihadiya.


The army has had Ala A Din Keshwar all this time?


Dom was abducted to exchange for this guy, and they didn't tell us they had him?

There was a breakdown in the system somewhere.

If we'd known about this, we would've...

It would have made no difference. Isn't that right, Miss Lange?

We don't negotiate with terrorists.

I'll get on the phone, I'll cut through the bureaucracy.

Agent Callen, you do do what you need to do and find Keshwar.

(Jet engine idling, indistinct chatter)

Thanks. Okay.

Agents Callen and Hanna, NCIS.

Major Rick Medina, Army CID out of Washington.

I just got an earful from my boss who got an earful from your boss, meaning, I'm already prone not to like you guys.

I'm not feeling a lot of love for you right now either.

Where was Keshwar picked up?

Intel caught up with him as he was leaving the Philippines.

We grabbed him at Honolulu international.

And then decided not to share that information with any other agency?

You can bitch that one up the flagpole.

It's above my pay grade, and I don't play politics.

I deal in reality.

One agent dead, two others wounded, one critical.

All to free up some bin laden wannabe to kill even more.

Our case.

My men.

Our city.

We pool what we know, then.

Anything on the shooters?

One of them was a ground crew supervisor, longtime airport employee.

The other two were newbies.

Their paperwork checks out.

What was the supervisor's name?


First name?


Who's in charge here?

Brosnan, first name Susan.

So what have you got for me?

(Scoffs): Nothing.

Knock yourselves out.

Know who I'd like to knock out?

Like to talk to you about Mike Pierce.

You're his boss?

And operations manager.

How well did you know him?

I guess not as well as I thought.

Last few days he seemed a little distant, but...

Now this...

Hard to believe this is real.

What about the other two?

They were new employees, but I can assure you, I had background checks done on both of them.

Then how did Pierce know about this flight?

Well, everybody knew about the flight.

I mean, just like they know about every other flight they need to clean and refuel... it's their job.

The passenger list is kept confidential.

So who told Pierce?

Why, judging by the glaring looks you're giving me, I assume you suspect that person is me.

Was I glaring?

Thought I was squinting.

This is one passenger list I did not see.

I didn't even know it was a military flight.

Was there any paperwork that Pierce might have seen that could have tipped him off?

Not that I can think of.

People who use this facility pay a premium for our discretion.

Guess the army will be getting a refund, then.

Is there anything else I can help you with?

Is Pierce married?


Then I need a home address.

Not sure who I disliked the most, her or him.

That's funny.

I got the impression you disliked them both equally.



(Loud crash)

(Loud crash)


(Callen) Sam!

Eric, I need an ambulance...

2724 Rushmore... now.

Female GSW.

It's okay.

It's okay. They're on their way.

Save my...

Save my husband. (Wheezing)

What'd she say?

"Save my husband."

Okay, thanks, Eric.

(Indistinct chatter)

Vance just released Keshwar's photo to the media.

Said she should be dead.

Well, probably thought she was.

Who are "they"?

Keshwar's people, tying up loose ends.

LAPD's got the perimeter.

Forensic team can't get here for at least three hours.

I don't have three hours.

Good thing you've got me, then.

You think Pierce's wife was in on it?

Maybe she was held captive in her own house.

Bound, gagged and fed nothing but yogurt, Turkey sandwich and some sort of green tea.

That was, uh... specific.

And true.

She was their insurance policy; make sure that Pierce followed through with his end of the bargain.

Mm. Which he does, dying in the process.

Don't need her anymore.

And they're gone.

Question is: where?

The answer is: anywhere.

Or maybe not.

Not if you've lost your driver.

Mike Pierce was a pilot.

Keep looking.

If they're not here in three hours, I'm leaving.

Hooray for Hollywood.

Hope that means you've found something, Eric.

They slip up.

They always slip up.

No matter how good they think they are, they can't escape the all-seeing eye in the sky.

Or in this case, the kids with the cams.


The van.

Someone watching.

And no license plate.

The shootout happened at 9:47.

And this taken from a security camera at the nearest exit exactly two minutes later.

No rear license plate either.

And he picked up a passenger.


So how are we going to find the van?

Hooray for Hollywood.

Who needs a license plate when you've got kaleidoscope?

It's trawling through traffic cameras as we speak.

If they're on the road, we'll find them.

Meanwhile, Keshwar's photo is running on news channels and Internet feeds all over the city.

And security at every airport, train station and bus depot is on high alert.

He's a rat in a trap.

He's a needle in a haystack.

Yeah, but it's a very distinctive needle.

The problem is, we don't have a warm body with known ties to Keshwar or Talib Al Jihadiya.

(Sam) Yes, we do.


Moe has not been seen since Dom was killed.

(Eric) Well, it ain't for lack of trying.

I've been running facial recognition for the past five days, cross-referencing his photo with feeds from every camera I can tap into.

What are your search parameters?

I started where you last saw him downtown, been expanding the radius block by block.

Teenaged kid, all alone, needs to hide out, where do you go?

The streets.

You figure out pretty quickly where the other kids go.

Hollywood, Santa Monica, Venice.

Moe always said the beach made him feel small.

Might think it's a good place to get lost.

Change your search parameter.

Start in Venice, work your way east.

What are you thinking?

Two needles in the haystack.

Man: Do you want me to get this clear?


I have to get...

Well, I don't care if you have...

It's over my head...

Fine. Sooner than later, I hope.

I'll do the best I can.

Thank you.

Damn it.

Ah, the proverbial sound of someone tightrope walking across red tape.

And falling.

I want to know why we were left in the dark on this Keshwar business.

That would be beneficial.

We seem to be doing all the quid without any benefit of the pro quo.

I'll keep you apprised.

You seem to be afraid to speak with me privately, knowing damn well that I won't do this in front of my coworkers.


But ultimately ineffective.

I've suffered a lot of losses over the years, Leon. We all have.


But the loss of one of my agents, I cannot withstand.

Agent Sullivan was my first, and, I swore, my last.

But swearing seems to have proven a hollow gesture.

And I'm left with no choice.

I thought I'd save uncle Sam the postage.

My letter of resignation.

This isn't over, Hetty.

Oh, I'm afraid for me, it is, Leon.

You're being way too quiet, amigo.

If you don't do or say something worthy of my sarcastic ridicule in the next ten seconds, I'm going to play nothing but show tunes in the car from now on.

And don't think I won't do it.

Maybe you should talk to Nate.

Or you could talk to me.

What is there to say?

Oh, I don't know.

That you feel responsible for Dom's death.

Maybe if you'd trained him better, he might not have been abducted.

Maybe if you'd just gotten there a few seconds earlier, he might still be alive.


What's there to say?

And then I could say that...

You need to stop thinking that way.

That you did all that you could do.

And that Dom's death particularly sucks, 'cause he was so young and didn't deserve it.

You'd probably say something about losing people before, and I think we'd both agree that it never gets any easier.


You might also say that you're sad.

You know what?

I am, too.

You had to play the show tunes card, huh?

(Electronic chime)

(Eric) Guys, I found a needle.

Which one?


(Tires squealing)

(Sam) Moe! Wait! Moe!

Wait! Moe!


(Tires squealing, horn honks)


Moe, put the knife down.

Stay away!

We know you're tired, Moe.

And a little scared.

We also know you tried to help our Agent.

You gave him a key, didn't you?

So he could get away.

He make it?

(Sam) Come on, Moe.

Come on.

Hands behind your head.


You're into some pretty serious stuff here.

You know that, Moe?

Is he going to roll over?

If he is, Sam's our best shot.

(Sam) Is your head clear?

'Cause I need you in the game, man.

I'm sorry about your friend.

They told me no one would be hurt.

And you believed them?

I believed a lot.

But now...

I believe in nothing.

Sam (Over monitor): We know you want a chance...

So, did you do it?

Do what?

Verify procedure?

File reports?

You know that there was never any suggestion of any wrongdoing regarding Agent Vail on anyone's part.

So why are you here, Director?

I'm here to see how you guys are doing.


We're doing okay.

(Sam) You were a part of Ala A Din's group.

And Hetty?

(Sam) Maybe you overheard...

You know Hetty.


She doesn't just keep things close to the vest.

She actually sews them in the vest and covers it with Kevlar.

I actually thought she'd take it worse.

Especially considering what happened in '99 with Agent Sullivan.

(Moe) I don't know who to trust anymore.

(Sam) You can still trust...

Maybe this time's different.

(Moe) Can I?

(Sam) Your foster parents are worried about you.

I hope so.

(Moe) Do they know...?

This place would fall apart without Hetty.

(Sam) Not yet, and I'll try to keep it that way.

That it would.

(Moe) Why should I help you?

(Sam) You did the right thing helping my friend.

Turning your back on them.

It took courage.

Did it take courage for you to kill my father?


Taking any life takes courage, Moe.

You just have to know in your heart there's no other choice.

Was there no other choice?

Your father was pointing a gun at me.

Now you have to make a choice.

You can help me find Ala A Din Keshwar.

So you can kill him, too?


So I can stop him killing other innocent people.

Will you help me, Moe?


Will you help me?


Okay, Pierce, let's see what you're hiding.

(Key turning in lock)


Whoa! Whoa! Oh, it's...

It's just me. It's just me.

Nate, you want to get yourself shot?

Sorry. Sorry. Should have called out.

Maybe we should have, like, a password or something.

You know, like, I say flash, you say thunder.

Something like that.

We don't have to, it's not really a good idea, you know?

What are you doing here?

Thought you could use some company.

You know, checking out Pierce's garage.

Extra set of eyes.

It's cool.

Yeah. Proverbial man cave.

Such a cliché.

"I need space."

Is it bad that mine consists of a bean bag chair, cases of otter pops, and Steven Seagal's entire oeuvre on DVD?

Men. They always find a way to leave you.

Thinking about Dom?

Dom, my father, my ex-boyfriend, my old partner.

That's quite a body count, huh?

We all lose people we care about.

I know. I'm a textbook example, right?

Girl who can't commit, because every man in her life dies.

No. You're just human, Kensi.

It's only natural to be struck by...

(Kensi) This a world war ii fighter plane.

The P-38 lightning.


This side of the wall is devoted to cars.

The other side to planes.

This, my friend, is on the wrong side.

This is the biggest photo here.

Maybe he just wanted to feature it prominently?

Or maybe...

He wanted to hide something.


Whoa, whoa, whoa, careful.

It might be a stash of por...


Must be at least $50,000 here.


It's a flight plan.

Fuel burn rates, heights.

Low and fast into Mexico.

Pierce was in on it.

I was right.

Keshwar lost his driver.

(Quiet chuckle)

(Vance) You got a moment?

I thought that was pretty self-explanatory.

Well, the words are clear, yeah.

The sentiment is valid.

It's as clear and valid as it was in 1999 when it was written.

This is the exact same letter of resignation you turned in when Agent Sullivan was killed.

You just changed the date.

Penciled in a new one.

Hetty, this is unacceptable.



No, Leon.

But you want to know what is?

I choose these people, and I assess them, I train them.

I put time and stock and heart in them, and they die, proving one thing I always suspected: (Sighs)

That I am not cut out for this job.

Hetty, you're more cut out for this job than anybody I've ever worked with.

No. I was never, ever, cut out for this.

I just happened to have the capacity for it.

(Phone ringing)


(Eric)- Hey, Hetty, is Director Vance still there?- He is.

(Eric) We found the van.

Eric found the van.

Man: Okay, go ahead and shut 'em down.

(Brakes screeching)

(Medina) You in the van, this is Major Medina, Army CID!

How the hell did they beat us here?

(Sam) They get too aggressive, they can blow everything.

(Kensi) Callen! Sam!

Nate! Stay with the car.

(Medina) Throw your weapons out the window, get out of the vehicle and down on the ground!

Keshwar could be in there.

On my signal, we go in hot and heavy.

Final warning: hands where I can see them!

Get out of the vehicle and get down on the ground now!

Medina, pull your men back.

You don't know these guys.

But they don't know us.

They do not kill my men and get away with it.


Oh, boy.

You want to sit this one out, fine.

But we'll take them.

Nate: Callen, they're praying.

My men, my op.

Sam, they're praying.

(Medina) Get ready. We're going hot. Pull back!

(Sam) Pull back now!

Get away from the van!

Everyone get way from the van!

Pull back! Pull back! Let's go! Let's go!

They're martyrs.

G, got to go!

Got to go! Pull back!

Come on!



(Medina) Allah Akbah.

I almost lost three men.


I'm not sure mine's worth counting.

We'll post up the bodies, see what we can turn up.

Well, at least Keshwar's out of the picture, and Taj's back is broken.

I wouldn't jump to that conclusion.

You just let me know when I can close the book on this guy.

You think he's in there?

Maybe they want us to think that, so we give up the hunt.



Keshwar wasn't in the van.

We all have to believe in something, Moe.

But first we have to have the courage to believe in ourselves.

A van blew up this afternoon.

Will you help me?

(Callen) Okay, what do we know?

We know Mike Pierce was working for Ala A Din Keshwar.

Yeah, which means, Keshwar's men paid off Pierce, but they held his wife captive.

Maybe Pierce was getting cold feet.

Realized he was about to help a terrorist.

They wanted to make sure he went through with it.

But it all went south when Mike Pierce was killed at the airport.

Which means, if he hasn't got a backup plan, Keshwar's probably gone to ground.

Showed Moe the photos.

All three of the men in the van were from the youth center.

He knew them all. Moe said one of them had a brother here in Los Angeles.

His name is Tarik Hassan.


(Eric) On it.

All right.

He's on a terrorist watch list.

Last known whereabouts, Sudan.

That's one of the shooters from the airport.

Operations Manager Susan Brosnan.

She told us she performed background checks on both men.

There is no way this guy would have been cleared to work at an airport anywhere.

So she rubber-stamped him in.

Looked the other way.

(Brosnan) So, you think I helped that man?

Do I look like a terrorist to you?

Terrorist? No.

An opportunist? Yes.

Bet you got a nice paycheck, too, huh?

Look, I swear, I don't know what you're talking about.

You can swear all you want, but right now, our agency is turning your life upside down.

(Sam) It doesn't matter how they paid you.

We'll find out.

(Callen) Or...

You can make it easier on yourself.


Okay, wait! Wait.

Look, I work for very wealthy clients, and...

I'm often given cash in return for favors.

What kind of favors?

You know, like stocking the plane with a... a certain food, or drink, or... party girls looking for a good time.

You name it, I've done it.

Someone asked me to give those men a job.

Supplied me with their paperwork.

Who asked you?

I-I never saw anyone face-to-face.

It was a... it was a voice on the phone or an envelope waiting for me.

I... I don't know.

You mean, you didn't want to know.

It was a lot of money.

It's too bad you won't be able to spend it.

You spring cleaning?

(Dry laugh)

Call it what you will, Mr. Callen.

That's your diary.

Certainly is.

You don't spring-clean your diary.

Are we moving?


Are you moving?

You didn't get fired, did you?

Certainly not.

You're not...


Resigning. It's different.

Not from where I'm standing.

(Slams books down)

Oh, Mr. Callen, I've been through a lot, decades of a lot.

And at some point, you realize there are remote islands you'd like to visit.

Novels to lose yourself to.

Culinary delights to fatten up on.


Never thought I'd hear you rationalize.


If you feel the need to take the blame for Dom's death, Hetty, you're going to have to stand in line.

You are gravely mistaken if you think I would let the death of one Agent influence my occupational choices.

But you are.

And that's one of the things I love about you.


Don't do this.

I'm afraid my decision is final, Mr. Callen.

(Inhales deeply)

(Exhales forcefully)

So Keshwar loses his ride to Mexico, and he can't risk public transport.

Steal a car, cross at the border.

It's too risky.

Pay to be smuggled across, then.

Takes time and contacts.

But he's obviously well-funded.

So... who else could he pay off to get him out of the country?

Hmm. Same people you pay off to get you into the country.

(Sam) When you left the country and hooked up with Talib Al Jihadiya, how did you get back in?

On a ship.

I traveled from Sudan, boarded in Egypt.

What kind of ship?

A cargo ship.

You remember the name?

Was it flying a flag?

Yes. The flag.

It was... red.

Had a moon on it and a star.

Turkish flag.

Maybe Keshwar's trying to get out the same way he got Moe in.

(Speed-dial tone) Eric.


Port of Los Angeles.

Cargo ships that arrived ten days ago flying the Turkish flag.

I need it now.

(Eric) You got it.

Okay, six Turkish registered ships on the current harbor commission list.

Three arrived in the past four days.

Two arrived more than two weeks ago.

Got it.

The Hmideh. Arrived ten days ago.

Uh-oh. It's scheduled to depart within the hour.

(Sam) Where, Eric?

Berth 403. You want backup?

(Callen) No time.

Put Army CID in the loop.


(Callen) There she is.

There's a guard on the gangway.

Probably more on each deck.

I'll take Kensi.

Right behind you.


What are we supposed to be?


Don't judge me.

I wouldn't think of it. (Laughs)


(Both laughing)

Hey-hey. Where do you think you're going?

Just going to our stateroom, thank you.

(Both laughing)

You've got the wrong place.

Hey, I paid good money for this cruise, okay?

I paid pretty good money for her, too.



Huh? Save that for the stateroom.


Oh. Oh.

This is not your cruise ship.

Yes, it is.

(Grunts) (Choking)


Worth every penny.

(Groaning and grunting)

Keshwar. We know he's here.

Take us to him.

You'll have to kill me.

Oh, I won't kill you.

I'll just blind you and paralyze you.

Make you wish you were dead.

Let me ask again. (Man straining)

Where is he?

The bow.

(Sharp groan)

(Gasps, body slumps to ground)

The bow.

(Sam) G, the upper deck! (Rapid gunfire)

(Sam) Federal agents. Stop!

(Shell casing clinking)

(Two gunshots)

Who else is shooting?

Maybe we got backup?

(Medina) Hands behind your back now!

Federal agents!

Medina. CID. We got him.

(Keshwar grunting)

Thanks for the diversion.

(Sam) The diversion?

(Medina) Keshwar.

Men dying all around him, and he slinks away like a rat.

Not this time.

(Sam) This is our guy, Medina.

No way.

We caught him. We deliver him.

I got a backup team on the way.

Who told you he was here?

Your boss. Thank him for me.


Come on.

This way.

(Speed-dial tone)

Eric, let me talk to Vance.


Has Army CID been briefed on this op?

In the interests of joint operational intelligence, yes, they have.

I told Major Medina that Keshwar was being held on a Turkish ship.

Well, he beat us to it. Medina just took Keshwar into custody.

Callen, I didn't say which ship.

Medina never gave me the chance.

He hung up before I could tell him.


Just want to know what it felt like.

What did what feel like?

That moment when you went from protecting your country to betraying it.

I'm not sure I know what you're saying, Callen.

Why you didn't want us on the case.

Why you were so determined to storm that van.

You wanted them dead so they couldn't identify you.

You were helping Keshwar all along.

Tell me it was just for the money.

It was.

It is.

Shoot him.

You know I can't go with you, Callen.

You can't shoot all three of us.

I can try.

(Sharp groan)


It is over.


What happens now?

You're going to be placed under arrest.

You made a choice to join Taj.

There are consequences.

But you tried to help Dom.

You helped us find Keshwar.

That counts for something.

I brought you here, Moe.

When you were seven years old.

You remember what I told you?

I am your brother.

You are my brother.

That's right.

I'm still your brother.

And I yours.


Director Vance. Sorry.

It's okay.

I'm headed back to D. C.

I'm setting up interviews for Hetty's replacement if you'd like to be considered for the position.

No. Thank you.

I'm very happy where I am.

Then I'll be in touch.

Take care.

A toast?

To your, uh, pending retirement?

A symbolic libation.

So, you're not mad at me?


Because I realized something.

I'm actually jealous of you.

Now, you get to relax, sleep in late, have long lunches with your friends, play canasta until your fingers bleed.

Now you're toying with me.

Save your whiskey and your breath.

Vance already has my letter of resignation.

You mean this one?

(Gasps) Where did you get that?

Did Vance give that to you?

No, not exactly.

You know, you can take the...

The kid off the-the street, but, uh...

Did I mention the canasta?