01x05 - El Toro

Engines are running at full capacity, sir.

Lieutenant Chung did a whale of a job while I was down.

Indeed he did. Should be in Costa Rica by tomorrow morning.

Attention on deck!

How far inland are we going, sir?

Carry on.

Dr. Scott said the jungle there is relatively close to the shoreline.

Should give us easy access in and out.

Sounds good, sir.

These gonna work for you, sir?

Yeah. Good work.

Well done, men.

Don't exactly love the idea of experimenting on monkeys.

Better than humans, sir.


Hey, Max.

What's up?

Hey. Fancy meeting you here.

It's been a month since I've had any spare time to exercise.

Other than sprinting away from the Russians in the Arctic.


Yeah, heard about that.

Pretty ballsy...

If I do say so myself.

Survival instinct. Nothing more.

[Machine beeps, powers down] [Exhales]

[Weights clank]


[Chuckles] No.

I think I'm done, thanks.

How come I never see you up in the wardroom?

For meals?

Well... you might not have heard, but I'm not particularly well-liked on this ship.

Ha! I find that hard to believe.

[Sniffs] I had to... lie to them all for four months.

While we were up in the Arctic, the world was crumbling.

Their families were dying.

I knew it, and I wasn't allowed to breathe a word of it.

I think you underestimate people's capacity for forgiveness.

Maybe you just find it too hard to forgive yourself.

It's not all on you, you know.

Isn't it?



I'll see you later.


I'll save a spot for you.


Chandler: Wednesday, November 5th.

We're headed to Costa Rica to try to find Dr. Scott some monkeys.

I don't know why I keep making these recordings or who might ever find them and how they'd even get 'em to you.

[Chuckles] I keep trying to picture you all in my father's cabin.

You could barely spend a holiday weekend with the man, so you're probably just about ready to tear his head off by now.

It's hard here...

Not knowing what's going on in the outside world, wondering if...


When we come home...

What we'll be coming back to.

[Knock on door]


Sorry to disturb you.

We're picking up all kinds of distress signals coming out of Costa Rica, especially outside Limón.

What kind of distress?

Lot of sickness. Civil unrest.

Doesn't look like we're gonna get any kind of safe passage into that jungle.

Civil unrest?

Nothing we can do anything about, not unless you wanna get sidetracked for weeks and get into the nation-building business.

Better get Dr. Scott up here.

I already spoke to her.

She said our next best option's Nicaragua.

There's a monkey reserve about 30 miles up that long, narrow river.

We'll never get the ship in there, but we could send a few teams on the R.H.I.Bs.

30 miles.

Yeah. Outside radar range.

Comms is unsure whether the frequency signals in that area will be strong enough for us to keep in radio contact, too.

Just keeps getting better.

Oh, you haven't heard the best part.

Dr. Scott insists that she comes along for the ride.

Unless any of us can tell the difference between a capuchin tufted and a...

[Imitates British accent] Geoffroy's spider monkey.

Is that reserve inhabited?

She said she was there a few years back, but there are only small teams of anthropologists that visit sometimes to observe, so otherwise, not supposed to be.

Gonna need plenty of room on that R.H.I.B.

For those monkeys.

We'll go with small teams.

You'll handle it.

Not just me.

Gonna need all my best men. That includes you.

Been a while since I've been hunting.


[Dire Straits' "Ride Across the River" playing]

♪ I'm a soldier of freedom in the army of the man ♪
♪ We are the chosen, we're the partisan ♪
♪ Well, the cause, it is noble, and the cause, it is just ♪
♪ We are ready to pay with our lives if we must ♪
♪ Gonna ride across the river, deep and wide ♪

Whoo! Man, I love a hunting trip!

♪ Ride across the river to the other side ♪
♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪

Ensign Mason is taking a field radio.

As usual, we will operate at EMCON.

They will report in, but we will not respond.

We do expect the teams will fall out of range.

When they do, we'll go to a flare system.

Green means no radio contact available, but all is okay. Red means no radio, and things are not okay.

We're gonna hope we never see that red flare, but we're prepared in case we do.

I'll need a dedicated lookout on the bridge wing.

Aye, Commander.


[Motor rumbling]

Look familiar?

Well, this is the edge of the reserve.

As I recall, there's a stream in there near a waterfall.

The monkeys would congregate there because of the clean water.

Report our position back to the ship.

Yes, sir.

Tex, Burk, stay here with Mason and Dr. Scott.

The rest of us will scout the area.

Captain Chandler, we...

You're staying here.

Got it. They just disembarked at the Western edge of the reserve, Southern bank, still in radio range.

[Birds chirping]

[Animal chittering]

Hey, uh, Doc, you got a... fella?

Last I heard, he was in Beijing, but that was months ago now.

He's a journalist. Travels a lot.

And you?

Oh, I'm a bit of a rolling stone, as you might imagine.

A man your age, never married?

A man my age? [Laughs]

Hit a soft spot, did I?

Oh, I'm 2% body fat, honey. Ain't no soft spot to hit.

[Under breath] Except for that 2%.


She is a smart one, isn't she?


[Animal calling in distance]

[Water rushing]

[Gasps] Hear that? Water.


[Monkey screeching in distance]

[Crying and speaking in Spanish]

Masks! Now! Masks!

[Continues crying]

Man: ¡El Toro! ¡El Toro, por favor!

Fall back! Fall back!

[Indistinct shouting]

There's nothing we can do for you. I'm sorry!

To the boat now!

[Shouting continues]

I'm sorry. We cannot help you.

[Shouting in Spanish]

Where are they all coming from?

Get away! Get off me!

[Indistinct shouting]

Man: El Toro, señor.

Get out of here.

Get back to the boats now!

¡El Toro!

I'm sorry. We can't help you.

Stay back! Move, move, move!

¡El Toro!

Hey, Burky.


Perks of Gitmo, my man.

I'll wait.

All right.

We've got trouble.

Start your engines!

[Click, engine starts]

You are out of here!

Now! Back to the James!

I cannot risk you going upriver! It is not open for debate!

We'll get you an assortment of monkeys!

You're just gonna have to make do!

Now, Burk!

[Engine rumbling]

[Woman yelling indistinctly]

[Radio chatter, pinging]

Garnett: They're splitting up. That was not the plan.

According to this chart, the nearest town is 20 miles inland on that side of the river.

So they made it all the way here through the jungle on foot?

What about the other side of the river?

Nothing, sir, at least not here.

They must have been congregating by the waterfall.

There's gotta be other places in this region to find monkeys.

We already know Costa Rica's no good.

According to Dr. Scott, most of central America's a hot zone with not many choices.


[Engine rumbling]


Ma'am, Tex and lieutenant Burk just landed with Dr. Scott.

She's in decon now.

I'll debrief her in the wardroom, ASAP.

Yes, ma'am.

[Pinging, radio chatter]

Nathan James, this is vulture team. Over.

Nathan James, this is vulture team. Over.

We're out of range, sir.

All right, send up the green flare.

Yes, sir.



What the...


"El Toro"?

That's what all the sick people were saying.

Board it, sir?

Absolutely not. We keep moving.

So the most concentrated area for the primates is on the northern bank, deep upriver, and the captain knows as much.

I suspect they're headed that way.

And you have no reason to believe there's any human population there?

No, but I didn't think there'd be any on the Southern side either.

So once they are out of radio range, they can't come back in, correct?

It'll be flares from here on out.

We just have to hope the weather's clear enough that we can even see them.

Perhaps you should send a backup team out there on the other R.H.I.B.

Captain would've specified that.

Protocol was 48 hours, unless we get that red flare.


[Whispers] Damn it.

[Birds calling and chirping]

[Whack] Aah!

Oh, sh1t!

Oh, God!

Set a perimeter! I got you, I got you.

[Mason panting] Oh!

Listen, I'm not gonna lie to you. This is gonna hurt.


Aah! Oh, God!

It stings! [Panting]

[All shouting indistinctly]

Ambush! Ambush! Ambush! U.S. Navy! Stand down!

Hold your fire! Hold your fire!

[Indistinct shouting]

[Man speaks Spanish]

Let's go. [Speaks Spanish]

[Spanish continues]

Dale. Dale.

[Baby crying]

[Men speaking Spanish]

¡Camine! ¡Vamos!

[Baby crying]

[Speaks Spanish]

Straight! Walk straight!

¡Vengan! El Toro.


[Speaks Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaks Spanish]

Ya apúrate.

[Baby crying]

[Conversations in Spanish]

[Speaks Spanish]


[Men continue speaking Spanish]

[Spanish continues]

[Indistinct conversations, rooster crows]

[Chickens clucking]

Man: El Toro, Los americanos.

[Rooster crows]

[Speaks Spanish]


Welcome to my jungle.

I'm guessing you must be El Toro.

I am, indeed.

And who do I have the pleasure of talking to?

Tom Chandler, U.S. Navy.

Your men took our weapons, C.B.R., suits, and equipment.

We're gonna need 'em back.

You won't need your suits.

There is no virus here.

As for your weapons, I cannot have your men walking around with machine guns.

That would frighten my people.

Well, I'm afraid that's not acceptable.

With respect, I don't have time to debate it.

The remainder of my crew, some 200-odd U.S. Navy sailors, await our return aboard our destroyer, U.S.S. Nathan James, currently in the bay at the mouth of the river.

We don't return by 2300 hours, they'll come looking.

And rest assured, they will find us.

So... why are you here, Commander?

We're just passing through.


Looking for food, supplies.

Our man stepped on one of your traps.

Yes, your man does not look so good.

So the sooner we can get him back to the ship...

He is not gonna make it back to the ship, at least not alive.

The poison in his veins is gonna kill him soon, and I am the only one with the antidote.

So... you can let us give your man the help he needs, or you can continue with your, uh...

Impotent threats.

You decide.

You give my man the antidote right now, and you better hope for your sake it's not too late.

John Wayne!

Clint Eastwood.

American macho.

[Under breath] I don't suppose this guy's familiar with what a Tomahawk missile can do.

You feel better?

You think your power and not my generosity is gonna help your man, huh?

[Birds chirping]


I'm sure you are hungry.

So we will dine...


Hey! There you are.

I was hoping you'd show up. A little late for the party.

What's mine is yours.

Fish is pretty good.

Freshly caught this morning, so I'm told.

Team's not back yet.

Heard as much.


No flares either. It'll be dark soon.

Yeah, they're probably all sitting around a cozy campfire, telling ghost stories, roasting marshmallows.

What you saw in Guantanamo Bay...

Some of the worst of human nature.


And yet somehow you still managed to find the humor.

Secret source of humor is not joy but sorrow.

Ain't no humor in heaven.

Guy named Twain said that, more or less.

You ever read "Huck Finn," "Tom Sawyer"?

American classics.

"Everyone is a moon who has a dark side, which he never shows to anybody."

Yes, I know Twain.

Well, then...

We have something in common.

Marshmallows, huh?

No doubt.

You must wonder how I managed to achieve such opulence out here in the wilderness.

We saw your yacht on our way up the river.

Mm. [Chuckles] My captain said the waters would be much deeper.

It turns out he was wrong, yeah. It's impressive, no?

It took my men one week to take everything off of the sinking ship.

Please. Delgado, come join us. Sit, sit.

This is Mayor Ervin Delgado, former Mayor of former town, Bocana Caoba.

He and his people... they stumbled upon us, trying to escape the virus.

Lucky for them, they found me.

Lucky for you, they had tents.

Can't imagine you thought of that, since you were expecting to be living off your boat.

[Liquid pouring]


That's very perceptive. Bravo.

And they sleep out there, on those filthy blankets with no shelter from the elements while you live like this?

I don't expect you to understand my methods, so, Bas.

Explain to them.

Society is based on the ancient Inca system of labor exchange known as mita.

Our people provide the labor.

El Toro provides the infrastructure and protection.


Yes, sir.

Where we're from, we call that slavery.

These people are alive while millions around the world are not, because of me.

These guards of mine, that trap that your man stepped on...

These are the things that keep the people on the other side of the river that are sick away from here.

This is what keeps Delgado's people alive.

Is that not right, Bas?

Yes, El Toro.


Now please, eat, eat, eat, eat.

The ladies have prepared the local delicacy for you to enjoy, so...

[Silverware clinking]

[Man speaks Spanish]

I think his fever is going down.

Whatever he gave him seems to be working.

You think they're really gonna let us leave here?

[Man shouts in Spanish]

So how is it that you made all your money?

I'm guessing it wasn't ladies' handbags.


I'm thinking cocaine. Heroin, maybe.

Mm. Now you judge.

I'm just trying to get a sense for who we're dealing with.



Mm-hmm. Hmm.

Ah, no, no, this... this is, uh...

This is Karina. This is, uh, the mayor's daughter.

Mayor Delgado. Big man. Big family.

All daughters, you know. All very, very beautiful.

And this one, Karina... She is in her prime.

Well, almost.

Her younger sister... she's the real prize.

No, no. ¿Qué eso? ¿Qué eso? Mi Amor, ven.

He is a pig.


My father won't say it, but I will.

No. Please, El Toro, she... She means no disrespect.

Bas. She called me "pig."

She... she... she means no disrespect.

You say you have a ship with guns and men.

Then do something!

Karina, ¡Ya, ya!

Disculpa, El Toro, disculpa.

She's young. There is nothing to be done here.

She does not understand.

We are safe from the plague, and we are grateful to El Toro.

Please tell him she has not provoked you.


Our only interest is getting out of here with our man healthy.

[Speaks Spanish]

Sí, señor. Vámonos.

[Speaks Spanish]

I think maybe it's time we checked on our man.

No, I don't think so. You have not finished your meal, and there are several things that we need to discuss.

[Shouts in Spanish]

Several of these were found on your boat.

You want to explain to me what they're for?

Like I told you, we need food.

No fishing gear?

You hunt with tranquilizer guns?

I don't like being lied to, Captain, not after the hospitality that I have extended to you.

We're investigating the virus, trying to find the cause.

We think it may come from the monkeys.

That's why we were wearing the suits.

You think the monkeys cause the virus?

It's a theory.


We have been living amongst them for months.

In fact, you just dined on them.

If you needed monkeys, all you had to do was ask.

It's the secrets and dishonesty that lead to dangerous misunderstandings.

So how many do you need?


[Men shouting in Spanish]

Well, got what we came for.

[Man shouts in Spanish]

Man: ¡Ya! ¡Ya, ya!

Man: No. Vámonos.


Thank you, no.

[Glass clatters]

You know, besides finding those cages, my men also found your radio.

Apparently, it does not get a signal out here in the jungle.

Depends on which frequency you try.

Our comms man is the one who stepped on your spike.

Yet you also brought flares.

They provide our position.

As a matter of fact, we fired one just before we got off our boats outside your compound.

So why the different colors?

We use red during the day and green at night.

I believe something different.

I believe green communicates "all is good," and red means "danger."

That's a universal language, no?

[Indistinct conversations]


The lookout just saw a new flare.

Very low on the horizon, southwest of our current position.

Green or red?

Green, ma'am.

Very well.

[Men speaking Spanish]





Four of them. Two of us. I like our odds.

Working on a diplomatic solution here.

And what about all these people?

Not our mission.



Karina: [Sobbing] Please! Help me, please!

Delgado: ¡Por favor, no hagan esto!

[Shouting in Spanish]

Hey! What is this?

They're taking her across the river!

They're gonna leave her with the infected people!

No, no, no, no.



[All shouting at once]


[Karina sobbing]

Help me, please!

[Shouting in Spanish]

Papa! Please!

[All shouting at once]

[Radio chatter]

Old leadbottom wants me back to help him interrogate a spy

he caught on our island.

It never gets old.


On our island?!


Must be some mistake.

If there were any Japanese on our island, we'd know about it.

You're not getting much sleep, are you?

[Tv continues playing indistinctly]


Whoa. It's okay.

[Breathing heavily]

It's okay. Just me. Everything's okay.

[Breathing heavily]

Something's happened.


No, I know it.

We saw the flare a couple of hours ago. It was green.

Green's good.

Trust me. It's just a dream.

[Man speaks Spanish]


[Man shouts in Spanish]

[Speaks Spanish]

They killed her.

Sons of bitches sent her across the other side, let her die like that.

I'm only gonna say this once.

[Man speaking Spanish]

Release my men immediately.

[Laughs] You Americans always in charge, right?

Bas. The jefe.

You could've left today with your belly full of mangoes and a boat full of monkeys, but no, no, no.

You just could not keep your nose out of other people's business!

I don't know what happened here or what you're planning, but let me remind you...

Pfft. Your X.O. has already briefed me that you're gonna rain down holy hellfire on the whole jungle. I heard the threats.

But you lost radio contact, and your ship does not know where you are. [Laughs]

So what are you gonna do?

You gonna send us to the other side of the river?

You think I can maintain a society without rules?

Without consequences?

It's the only reason why we are still here and the rest of the world dies around us.

Come on. You call this a society?


We're gonna keep your weapons, your suits, and the rest of your equipment. You can have your men and your lives and your monkeys.

That is the only offer that I give you.

Is that clear?

I understand.


One more thing.

If you're thinking of, uh, sending drones or missiles, just wanna remind you that the children will be sleeping in the tents with me.

Starting here.


No, no. Bas.

No. Bas.

No. [Crying]


No! [Sobbing]

[Speaking Spanish]

No! [Sobbing]


[Woman sobbing]

What happened? We got the monkeys?

Yeah. We got the monkeys.

Stop the boat.

Stop the boat, Master Chief.

[Engine shuts off]

This cannot stand.

Sir, with all due respect...

I know it's not our mission, and I don't care.

We cannot leave those people like that.

I counted 13 guards...

Seven in the tent compound, four in the village.

Two on the perimeter. At night, they might up the ante, especially if they think we might be turning around.

Gentlemen, let's keep our heads cool.

This is not the mission at hand.

We're supposed to be saving the world.

Shouldn't it be worth saving?

If we had Burk and Tex and weapons, maybe, but this?

What if we don't make it back? What happens to him, hmm?

What's Dr. Scott gonna do without the monkeys?

What's our crew gonna do without its leader?

I have daughters. You have a daughter.


We came to hunt.

[Engine starts]


[Speaks Spanish]

[Speaks Spanish]

[Indistinct conversation in Spanish]

[Grunts] Aah!




[Gun clicks]

No te preocupes.

[Speaking Spanish]

Tome poquito.

[Speaks Spanish]


Sí. [Whispers in Spanish]

[Breathing heavily]

[Whispering in Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]


[Grunting continues]




[Gunfire continues, man shouts in Spanish]

[Speaks Spanish]

[Gunfire and shouting in Spanish in distance]

You can go help them.

[Shouting continues]

I can make it back myself if I have to.

[Shouting continues]

[Door creaks]

[Chickens clucking]

Aah! Aah!




[Bullets ricocheting]





[Both grunting and yelling]

Go to sleep! Go to sleep. [Grunts]




¿Dónde está El jefe?

¡Rio, Rio!

[Continues sobbing]

[Shouts in spanish]


[Shouting in Spanish]


Aah! [Sobbing]



¡Por favor!

You're finished, Bas.

It's over.

Drop the knife.

[Breathing heavily]





I surrender.

Come on. Show me that American justice.

[Chuckles] I'm sure I'll be fine on your ship.

I've lived in considerably worse places.

So arrest me! Come on! Huh?!



[Stabbing sound]


[Blade zings, thud]


[Panting and yelling]

[Man speaks Spanish]

This place is yours now.

[Knife thuds]

Not mine.

[Speaking in Spanish]



Mi hija. [Crying]


[Delgado speaking Spanish]

Just got word. They're on their way back.

All of them?

Mm-hmm. All of 'em.

Uh, plus a boatload of monkeys.



Told you there's nothing to worry about.

Why not?




[Motor rumbling]

[Distant shouting in Spanish]

[Motor rumbling]