02x02 - Fight the Ship

[Rapid heartbeat]


Hand me the syringe.

If they manage to get the cure from Kara's unborn baby, they will absolutely kill her and everyone aboard the Nathan James.

Can they really get that from a baby?

Yes, they can.

We're almost there, boss.



Sun's been down for 30 minutes.

It's dark enough.

Let's turn out the lights.

Pass word on to Green.

Roger that.

[Rapid heartbeat]


Was that a scheduled shutdown?

I'm not sure, ma'am.


Avocet Power, come in.

Avocet Power, what's going on?

Baltimore Water and Power.

How can I help you this evening?

The current hold tie is forever.

If you need immediate assistance, please place your lips firmly on my ass cheeks and press the pound sign.

Yeah. That ought to get a rise out of her.

Secure this building.

Yes, ma'am.

And send as many troopers as you can to the power plant.

Take reinforcements from the ship, if you have to.

I want the power back on immediately.

Copy that.


Go and get her.

Man: There's been an attack on the power plant.

We need troops outside.

Outside right now! All right, everybody. To your positions.

Got it! Stay here.

Grab a lamp. We're gonna finish this.


Wait here.

[Engines turn over]

[Tires squeal]

Man: The Avocet vans are leaving.

All right, Detective, you're on.

All right, men, come on!

Let's move! Let's move!

Fire in the hole.

Hamada: Okay, okay.


Get away from the girl!

Don't shoot her!

Hands on your head! Get down on your knees, now!


I'm so sorry.

Okay, we're gonna get you out of here. Okay.

Let's get you out of these.

Let's get moving.

Startin' to leave a lot of bodies behind.

All right. I've got her.

Go, go, go, go, go.


I'm sending a helo and two boats back to town.

I say again... the power plant has been hit.

I want all available assets off the ship and headed back.

Copy that.

On Granderson's orders.


[Radio chatter]


[Indistinct conversation]

What's going on?


Man: Get over to the power plant, now!

Copy that. Let's go.

They're leaving the armory. No more guards.


I don't know. I don't care.

Now's our chance.

All right, that's enough stretching.

Sit down.

I said sit down!

Get 'em in their seats.


You said there'll come a time.

I think it's about that time.

Move. Move.


Right. Left.

Right there.


Granderson's command center's on the top floor.

You take the east wing, we'll take the west, Work our way up.

Be safe.

I didn't come all this way to die in Baltimore.


My boys.

All right, take five guys. Cover the east wing.

Secure the lab. I'll see you up top.

Roger that. Let's go.

Ma'am, we have a security breach.

Shots fired inside the building.

Hamada is dead.

The pregnant sailor and Dr. Scott are missing.

And my daughter?

No sign of her yet.

Seal all exits!

No one gets in or out of the building!

Find my daughter.

Yes, ma'am.

All right, we got to move.

Fire escape's across the roof behind the A/C unit.

Are you doing all right?

I'm fine. I'm fine.

Wait there.

You two, understood? I want eyes on them.


Change of plans.

What is it?

Down, down, down, down, down, down, down.

Go, go.

Don't know how many there are.

No sign of them from overhead.

Get the power back up.

Fan out. Get to the main unit.

How many are there?

I counted three.

[Indistinct shouting]

Up there.

Somebody's watching us.

Cruz: Damn. We got comms.

Mess decks, night vision.

[Snaps fingers]




Everyone okay? Anyone hit?

Any more where you came from, sailor?

Ma'am, there's someone in comms.

Don't know who, but he's looking out for us.

Got some goodies for you. Everyone, take one.

All right, listen up. You all know the drill.

We flush them up, out, and back aft.

Let's go, sailors.

Everyone to your battle stations.

Time to fight!


Okay, boys, let's take back our ship.

[Dog barking in distance]

I grabbed some antibiotics, in case we need 'em.

You use them for your arm, Master Chief.

Your wound's opened up again.

I'm fine.

Looks like the power's out all over the street.

That's my son's doing.

I'm sure of it.

[Tires squeal]


That's an Avocet van. Someone's coming.

Blow out the candles. Keep an eye out.

[Radio chatter]

Get down, Ash.

Kids, come over here.

Get down.

Is that the place?

You gonna pay me?

I got twice as many rations last time.

Can I at least get some water?

Come on, man. I'm giving you good leads.

This whole neighborhood would be full of sickies without me.

Get lost.

Call for backup.

[Banging on door]

Man: Is anyone in there?!

We're here to help you!

[Doorknob rattling]


Ashley: AAH!

There are gonna be more where these guys came from.

We can't stay here.

Let's go.

Hey, Commodore.

What's Lieutenant Foster doing with you?

Crazy witch doctor tried to get the cure from Kara.

I killed him, sir.

You okay?

I'm fine. Quincy's dead.

Can your men help get them out of here?

Take them.

On me.

Go right! Go right!

Move in!

Go! Go! Cover me.


The Navy's in the building with Thorwald's men.

They came in through the basement.

Ma'am, I think we should call back the chopper and get you out of here.

Do you think we're giving up?

No, ma'am.

Get me the power plant. I want to know what's going on.



You're a cop.

You don't belong here.

You really don't get it.

[Gunfire in distance]


Wait. Take it.

Go on. I'll catch up.


That's an order. Get safe.


"That's an order." Jesus.

All right, let's go this way.

Man: What's your count?

I got 67 of them in the cafeteria.

Copy that.

Find another way to Granderson.

I got to get these people out of here.

[Radio chatter]

Copy that.


United States Navy! We're gettin' ya out of here!

Everyone, come on!

In here! Come on!

Come on! Go!

Come on! Come on!

Lab is secure.

Say again, lab is secure.

We've got Dr. Scott in pocket.

Lieutenant Green, what is your sitrep?

Sir, I can't hold them off much longer.

All right. Get out of there.

I'm running out of ammo!

Get out of there! That is a direct order!

Move, now!

Roger that!




Don't move.


Wh-where are we going?

We still have the primary rally point.

We can wait there.

Vulture team, I'm on foot. I'm being pursued.

I say again, I have at least six troopers on my tail.

And I don't want to bring them your way.

I'm gonna swing back around at Saratoga And... where am I?... Fremont.

Saratoga and Fremont!

Master Chief, we have two vans now.

You take one. I'll take the other.

I promised the captain I'd look after you.

And you did.

I got it from here.

We'll meet you at the rally point.

I still know how to hide and I still know how to fight.

Go. Help your shipmates.

Lieutenant Green, Cobra Team. I've got wheels and can have eyes on you in less than five minutes.

Hang tight.

Good luck.

All right, kids, get in the van.

Come on, quick!

Come on. Let's go.

Go. They're gone.

Nicely intercepted.

Get the main unit up. All right, check it out.

I'm trying. Give me a second.

All right, good.

Okay, go. Check it.

Power up in 5, 4, 3...

Power up.

Good. It's on.

Gloria, get to the other post.

Attention people of Avocet, we are under attack...

Keep coming. Try to stay together.

From rogue elements of the military.

We are under attack!

If you see a Navy uniform, don't be fooled.

Keep coming.

Try to stay in this room.

They've sabotaged our water supply.

There. That's one of 'em.

No. I am a member of the U.S. Navy.

I'm here to help you.

We are all warriors now.

I repeat, this is Amy Granderson.

Get her!


Get her. Get her!

We are under attack.

I repeat, we are under attack.

Stop right there!

Don't be fooled.

Listen to me.

There are hundreds of innocent people in the building.

They are in danger.

We have to help them, get them out of here.

We are under attack.

They've infiltrated our power plant.


We must fight to take what's ours.

We must fight to defend everything we've built.

Radios down.

We'll link up on the lower level.

Thanks, Master Chief.

Anytime, sir.

[Indistinct shouting]

They're not fighting.

They're running away!

Ma'am, people are just trying to get out of the cross fire.

I don't want them out of the cross fire.

We're not making this easy for Captain Chandler.

Nobody leaves the building. See to it.


Yes, ma'am.

Chandler: Got it. Got it. Clear. Clear.

Just hang in there.

You'll be okay.

Green, that you?

She's lost a lot of blood, sir.

[Gasping] Captain.

I had no idea.

You have to believe me.

I know, Lieutenant. I know.


We got to move her.

She's not gonna make it, not till we close this wound up.

You got people in the tunnels. Can they help?

Follow me.

All right. Get her out of here.

Come on. Let's go. Let's go. Up.

I got you. I got you. Here we go.

You're gonna be okay.

[People screaming]

Get back! Get back, now!

Let us go!

Everybody, stay back!

They're gonna kill us!

Nobody leaves!

Get your asses out of here. Come on, come on, come on.




[Indistinct shouting]

Cover me!

Come on, boys.

[Helicopter blades whirring]


Cover me.


Smokin' and sinkin'!

[Indistinct conversations]

I found Dr. Scott at the tunnel entrance.

She's secure. She was with Lieutenant Foster.


[Alisha winces]

Just hang on, baby girl. We're getting you back to the ship.

No, I can't go back. I can't go back.

I got it from here. You're clear. Go. Go!

No. I can't. I can't go back.

Not to the ship.




Gonna read me my rights?

No, and I forgot to bring my handcuffs.

Hoping I'd go without a fight?

Not your style. Why change now?

The things we could've done for this city.

We didn't have to be enemies.

Yeah, we did.

Oh, well.

Ma'am, time to go.

Man: Sailors are out and fighting on the ship!

Someone took control of their cameras!


The hell if I know.

We're getting hit from all sides!

Son of a bitch!


She's headed for the roof.

Slattery: Attention, people of Baltimore.

U.S.S. Nathan James is back under the control of her crew.

Let's go.

This ship is now engaged in the fight to free Baltimore and spread the cure of the red flu to all of its citizens.

This message goes out to Amy Granderson and all those loyal to her.

Nathan James has been liberated and has joined the fight against you.

We demand your immediate surrender.

Lay down your arms... or be subject to the full force of the United States Navy.

How far out is the helicopter?

Two minutes away, ma'am.

Secure the plant.

Head back to base. And where is Norris?

Norris is dead by now.

You want to be the last to die for a lost cause?

What are you doing? Shoot him!

There are 200 more where I came from.

You heard my X.O.

We've taken back our ship, this building is ours, and we're telling the people of Baltimore that your killing zone at Olympia is out of business.

You have two choices... a trial... or a funeral.

I gave you a direct order.


[Scoffs] I am not going anywhere with you.

I found your daughter lying in a pool of her own blood, Shot by your guards, under your order!

My children were lined up to be murdered and sent to the ovens, along with thousands of desperate people... all so you can keep the lights on for your select few.

You don't know!

The virus was spreading!

So you get to decide who lives and who dies?!

There was panic, Captain, and I remained calm.

Everybody was fleeing underground, but I stood firm!

There was no plan and I built this.

I'm the reason these people have survived this long.

Except when you had the cure in hand, you wouldn't stop!

You continued killing.

It's over.

Your grand social experiment is history.

I'm offering you the chance.

Surrender with honor.

And who will judge me? You?

Not me. A jury of your peers.

Pick up the radio.

Stand down your troopers.

Shut down Olympia.

Turn away your helo and come peacefully.

It's the only way for you now.

Th-this is Amy...

This is Amy Granderson.

Stand down.

Cease and desist all operations at Olympia.

Repeat... stand down.

We are surrendering.

[Radio clatters]

I am not a monster.

I am not.

Dr. Hamada assured me that the cocktail provided a quick and painless death.

I insisted on it.

Nathan James, arriving.


You saved it?

Not me.

Doc Rios.

And Quincy.

Doc said to get that on ice ASAP.


Thank you, Holland. I got it from here.

Sir. Yes, sir.


You'll stay here until I can find you a stateroom.

I'll use my at-sea cabin for now.

And then what?

We'll sort things out here in Baltimore.

Then we head back home to Norfolk, so the crew can look for their families.

And, from there, we'll figure things out.

["To the river" plays]

♪ I walk to the river ♪
♪ waiting to hear the water sing ♪
♪ I sit down beside her ♪
♪ trying to hear the quiet ring ♪
♪ the leaves break the falling ♪
♪ of the sunlight that covers these banks ♪
♪ I've seen the water running ♪
♪ I've seen the color wash away ♪
♪ I come to the river ♪
♪ heavy and tired to the bone ♪
♪ I lay down beside her ♪
♪ grave as a slowly sinking stone ♪
♪ I see clear to the bottom ♪
♪ I watch how the shadows play ♪
♪ I've seen the water falling ♪
♪ I've seen the colors bleed away ♪
♪ the light turns silver ♪
♪ draining the hours from the day ♪
♪ the weight of the water ♪
♪ pulls at the branches along the banks ♪
♪ and it tears at the fallen and it carries the broken on it's way ♪
♪ I've seen the water rolling ♪
♪ I've seen the colors fade away ♪

So, this is home.