03x01 - The Scott Effect

This is President Jeffrey Michener.

As usual, I speak to you from the historic Old Courthouse in St. Louis, Missouri.

On this, the 154th day of my presidency, I'm happy to announce that our American reconstruction plan continues on pace.

In fact, if you're hearing me over an electric radio in the four corner states or seeing me for the first time on television, you already know that the Johnson hydroelectric plant is back online, providing consistent power to much of the Southwest.

And from all over the country, we have more reports of Americans joining forces to fix the broken pieces of our nation.

Yes, the American spirit is alive and well.


Today, many of you will receive your newly printed ration cards to be used for all essential purposes.

A reminder... These are not a replacement for U.S. currency.

We continue to work with the banks to ensure everyone has access to their money and their property, but until our productivity can keep up with demand, these cards will ensure citizens are granted equal access to available goods.

We ask for your continued patience and your help with this implementation.

Dr. Rachel Scott's murder came as a shock to us all, but she died knowing that she brought life back to this great nation.

And her sacrifice will not be forgotten.

This St. Louis radio hub will continue to bring you updates and information, along with your local stations as they come online.

Of course, I'll be back tomorrow to speak with you directly.

Until then, I thank you for your contributions and your courage.

This project will succeed because of you.

May God bless you and the United States of America.







Hello, my little angel.

Try it now.

Hey, Danny?

Danny, can you hear me?

Danny: Kara, can you... Can you...

Danny, are you there?


Nothing. Still nothing.

Kara, it's coming through here.

Can you see me?

Mom, here.

Danny, if you can hear me, I'm here with our son.

Tell him... Tell him Frankie almost rolled over yesterday.

Okay, he didn't almost roll over yesterday.

Yes, he did.

He's so smart, Danny. He's so smart.

We're gonna try to find Daddy, okay?

The problem's not on your end.

The voice comes over okay, but when we try to send video, there's something jamming up the line, like another signal crowding the channel.


Can't tell what it is.


Kara, nothing's coming through here.

Can you see me?

If you can hear me, will you... tell... tell Frankie that Daddy loves him?

And that I can't wait to meet him.

Can you hear us, Danny?

Oh, we were so close.



Yeah, I'll keep trying. Sorry.

Danny: Okay. Frankie.

Daddy's coming home soon, okay?

Frankie, I love you guys.

You just couldn't wait to come out, could you, Frankie?

See you, Frankie.


Diaz, when did you get the booster?

I don't know, sir. About four months ago.


Which means you are no longer contagious.

Take it easy with the boxes.

Precious cargo.

Sorry, sir.

Not good, Seaman Apprentice Diaz.

Not good at all.

Aren't you curious as to how heavy these boxes are?

See this?

E-5, my friend.

I do the pointing now, not the lifting.

Lieutenant, Lincoln's gassed up the helo.

She's carrying the 22-millimeter and hellfires.

Let's hope we won't need them.

The only thing we'll be dropping on Vietnam is a whole lot of the cure.


Amen to that.


Captain's on the bridge.


Master Chief, how we looking?

All squared away, sir.

Wind's light out of the southwest.

Probably an easy 9-iron to the green.

(CHUCKLES) Outstanding.

OOD, bring us around 2-7-0, please.

Helmsman, steady course 2-7-0.

Right standard rudder, steady course 2-7-0.


I want to watch the sunset.



Good morning, sir.

Mrs. Green, how are things?

Actually hit a little traffic coming in today.

That's a good sign.

Took the liberty of picking up your new rations book.


They did a good job.

Yes, sir.

It's a nice way to honor her memory, though hardly enough, considering.


Not enough.

President Peng hoarded the cure, kept it for the Chinese, and is now letting the virus mutate and burn itself across Japan and probably the rest of Asia.

You don't know that, Alex.


I'm sorry, sir.

Did I hear you right?

The virus has mutated?

Shaw: Captain, we're getting word from the southern islands of Japan that suggests the doses were ineffective against the virus.

The death rate is skyrocketing.

Dr. Scott said the virus cannot mutate.

She was very clear about that.

We're gonna need some proof if we plan...

Sir, we have two destroyers returning from Okinawa from Amur Bay.

They can be on the ground right away.

We sent Peng 1 million doses two months ago.

He just never delivered them to Japan.

By the time our ships got there with the cure, it was too late.

You think Peng's making a play for Asia using the cure as leverage?

That's exactly what I think.

Listen, Peng is a thug, plain and simple.

We've already had reports of the Chinese bombing North Vietnam.

Unconfirmed. Before we throw Peng overboard, let's remember that we don't have any alternative partner in the region.

For now, Peng is our best hope.

Unfortunately, Allison's right.


Sir, Nathan James is one day from Vietnam.

They're carrying enough cure to cover the coast to parts of Laos and Cambodia.

It was a good idea to send them, Tom.

China can be their next stop.

One ship can't get that cure across that continent.

We need Peng, which is why I've arranged a summit in Hong Kong.

Peng will be there, along with leaders from what's left of Asia.

I think that's a good idea.

V.P.'s in South America.

Alex is the Secretary of Foreign Affairs.

You sending him?


I'd like you to go.


Without a Secretary of Defense, you're the best choice.

You can speak to the strategic importance of spreading the cure, the risks, the benefits, and, well, it doesn't hurt that you're an international celebrity.

My Chinese isn't what it used to be, and it used to be awful.

We have an asset in-country that can help ease your path.

But you need to make it clear that we mean business.

If the virus has really mutated, we're looking at another pandemic.

And without Dr. Scott, you can let Peng know that if he won't be the kind of partner this world needs, we will find and support a leader inside his own country who will.

Yes, sir.

Sir, you've got an incoming over Navy Red.

This is Nathan James actual. Over.

Captain, this is your Chief of Naval Operations.

How's my ship?

Some would say she's never been better, although I'm still getting used to running the ship from the starboard side of the bridge.

Look to the right and there's nobody there, you know it's all up to you.

Yeah, I'm really beginning to understand that.

About that other project I've been working on, you should know I haven't stopped looking for them.

The second I find anything, you'll be the first to know.

Appreciate that.

Hey, you're not calling from home.

Last-minute trip.

I'm headed to your neck of the woods.

Maybe when I'm done, I'll arrange a formal INSURV, see just how good our ship is looking.

We'll have side boys standing by.

Oh, and, Mike, strange forces at work in your part of the world.


Until I understand them myself, watch your six.

Roger. Nathan James out.

Just so you know, as of five seconds ago, we are now in Chinese airspace.

Any call you make won't be secure and will most likely be intercepted by Peng.

Well, you're gonna change all that, right, Valkyrie?

Cameron: Getting close to Vietnam.

We need to pick up our local pilot to guide us in.

Subsurface, what do you hear?

Mason: Dozens of small vessels in the area, sir.

From the spin of their engines, I'd say nothing larger than a 50-footer.

Small fishing boats, some outboard engines.

A lot of reports about pirates running swarm attacks.

Even on military ships... 10, sometimes 20 on one.

Ain't nothing Cobra Team can't handle, big brother.

Is that right?


You know, just 'cause y'all are American heroes doesn't mean you're bulletproof.

Oh, wait, did I ever tell you about that time I got shot?

Bang. Right in the chest.

Bounced right off me.

Why don't you, uh...

Why don't you go do some push-ups or something?


Let the thinking folks do their jobs.

Get out of here.




Mr. Binh says drop your speed to three knots and adjust your rudder five degrees right.

OOD, drop to three knots.

Turn starboard five degrees.

Slattery: OOD, aye, helm all ahead one-third to three knots, five degrees rudder, steady course 3-3-0.

All ahead, one-third for three knots.

Aye, my rudder is right five degrees.

Water's crowded for people without the cure.

In Vietnam, sailors, fishermen, and pirates always find a way to get the cure first.

Pirate steal everything.

Tell him to make sure we stay clear.

Any of those local tin cans come close to us, we'll cut them in half with the laser.

Got it. Hold on.

Oh. Laser. (CHUCKLES)



Yes, I know. (CHUCKLES)


Oh, Mr. Binh wants to remind you of the big celebration tonight.

The Vietnamese government wishes to thank you and honor you.

Nathan James!

Governor will be there to meet the famous crew of Nathan James.

Well, you tell him thank you.

As soon as we unload the cure, get it where it needs to go, we'll be there with bells on.


With bells on. (CHUCKLES)

I, uh, forget. How do you say your name?



That's a beautiful name.

You going to the party tonight?

With bells on.




What did he say?



Val: Oh, my God!


What the hell?!

Hello, gorgeous!

You were in Sydney.

Just a hop and a skip to Hong Kong from there.

I can't believe it.

Did you know?

I ordered it.



I counted one in the tower, two at every entrance.

And I take it the guys on bikes aren't the only ones watching us.

No, sir.

You can expect eyes on you from now on.




What's he saying?

Oh, let me help.

Okay. Uh-huh.


He says he doesn't like your face.

The hell should I know what he's saying?

Sasha: "Captain Chandler.

Welcome to Asia.

It is such an honor to meet you.

I've been waiting a long time for this moment."

His words.


"Tom Chandler...

Handsome, smart, noble to a fault, and the most stubborn sailor you'll ever meet."

God, this guy really knows you.

Please thank him for me.


And tell him, as I recall, there was one sailor who was even more stubborn.

And could break your heart without breaking a sweat.




They told me our liaison had survived for months on her own in one of the hottest zones in Asia.

I should have figured it was you.

And you... the man who saved the world.

I just drove the ship.

Dr. Scott performed the miracles.

Come. President Peng is waiting.

So, Chief of Naval Operations, and they only made you Captain?

My choice. Captain suits me better.

Humility always did look good on you.

Cooper. Your married name?

Believe it or not, I found love after you.


Took a while.

Your decision, I'm sure.

We were barely back from our honeymoon when I got dispatched to Southeast Asia to investigate the mysterious viral outbreak.

Things fell apart pretty quickly, and when I came up, well... everybody lost someone in the fire.

I was sorry to hear about Darien.




President Peng says it is a great honor to meet you, and he wishes to welcome you to New China.

Thank you for hosting this event.

I look forward to speaking with you.



Wonderful. But first, we eat.


Jeter: Attention on deck.


Slattery: All right, all right.

Listen up. Coastal Vietnam has been delivered the cure and is spreading it as we speak.

Bravo Zulu to each and every one of you.

Now, the good people of this nation wish to thank us.

You lucky b*st*rd.

Hey, someone's got to stand watch, my man.

So, let's remember this is a formal goodwill visit.

They see us as beacons of hope, and we will behave ourselves accordingly.


All: Yes, ma'am.

Slattery: Remember who you're paired with. That is all.

Still the Wild West.

I want the CIC fully manned, all eyes peeled.

Yes, sir. Rally point's set.

If you're not home by 23:30, we'll send the cavalry.

Very well.

Ship's yours, Lieutenant.

Don't lose her.


Be careful out there, baby bro.

Oh. Always.




Wolfman. Got you something.

Codes to this joint's security system.

Because I could.

What I can't figure out is the cause of this noisy channel.

You know, it's a big house.

Once the party's over, two people could get lost, find themselves alone in the dark somewhere.


Espionage and romance in a foreign locale.

A girl could get used to that.


Sasha: All of Asia is here.

Laos, Cambodia, India.

Even Vietnam showed up.

They're on the brink of war with China.

They all came to kiss the ring and bring home the cure.

Chandler: As of nine months ago, Peng was the Minister of State Security.

He's clearly moved up in the world.


Perks of being the only one to survive in the state bunker.

Rumor is he killed all the top leadership and waited out the plague next to their rotting bodies.


That's his new head of State Security.

His name... Lau Hu.

It's Mandarin for "Tiger."

I'm not worried about tigers.

I brought a Wolf.

Japan's a no-show.

Makes me wonder if there was anyone left to sit.

So the rumors are true... about the virus mutation?

You're our man in Havana.

I was hoping you would tell me.

Information is hard to come by in Hong Kong, even for me.

And Peng will talk about everything but the elephant in the room.

Well, let's poke the elephant.

To our host, President Peng.



"And to you, Captain Chandler."


"The man who brought the cure to the world."

I came to China with more.

But I wonder, Mr. President, if I haven't done enough.


"I'm afraid I don't understand."


Are you aware of the Scott Effect?

It's a scientific formula used to determine the critical number of people needed to receive the contagious cure for it to spread effectively.

Not enough people get a dose, cure burns out, and whole populations are left unprotected.

From what I hear, that may be happening here in Asia, which means the cure we've been sending hasn't gotten to the people who need it.

Captain, if you are implying that I'm not doing enough to spread...

I'm a military man, Mr. President.

I don't imply.

As I have told your president several times, we are doing everything we can, but even China cannot deliver the cure so quickly over so large an area.

Due respect, Mr. President, I don't think you're trying hard enough.


Sure, Honk Kong may get the cure.

Shanghai, maybe.

But what about the countries around you?

Doses of the cure languish inside Chinese warehouses as we speak.

While the rest of Asia goes begging, nobody here seems to be complaining.

I don't know if they're afraid of you.

I'm certainly not.

If you won't spread the cure, my president wishes you to know that we will.

Does China really want to be on the wrong side of history?

Excuse me.

I have pressing business.



How'd I do?

The elephant has been poked.





I was expecting a garden party, maybe some iced tea.

This is more like a strip club.

I guess this is their apocalyptic idea of a goodwill visit.

More like a liberty call.

I don't want to insult anybody, but we're out of here in 30 minutes.

Hey, hey, hey!

You're cute!


Lots of pretty girl! (LAUGHS)

Make that 20.

You got a little...






Chu'a. Chu'a.

Chu'a. Does that mean "cure"?

I don't know what you're saying, but I'm very happy to be here.




(CHUCKLES) Not quite the kind we use, but, yeah.

This place is great.

Before the virus, best club in town.

From here, people will rush every direction, spreading the cure.

You bring life back to Vietnam.







Uh, sir?

Cameron: Standard military attack formation.

Gator, you seeing this?

Yes. Their AIS codes are vastly different.

First one's a chemical tanker flying a Liberian flag.

The second's an oiler from Marshall Islands.

Bottom's a-a Chinese Class B fishing boat.

They're headed right for us.

Keep an eye on them.



Just water, skipper.

Lieutenant, we shove off tomorrow, gassing up at Pho Kong.

It's all ahead stupid to Okinawa.

Be a cargo plane bound for St. Louis there with your name on it.


Orders from the CNO.

You're going home.

Be with Kara. Meet your boy.


Thank you, sir.



What? Got to see his boy.

What time is it?

10 more minutes.

Surface, where are those boats?

Still in formation, sir, but they've diverted.


They're heading around the bend here, toward Bach Dang River.

There's no way a tanker's getting up that river.

No, but they could anchor in this inlet.

Why do that when there's a deep water harbor here?

I think they're hiding.

I concur.

We should radio the C.O.

No, not on an open line.

The threat's at sea, not on land.


We'll send the helo to the rally point.

It can be there in 10 minutes.

ASTAC, prep the Romeo.

By not calling the C.O., we're not giving him any warning.

10 minutes.

China is still a great nation.

President Michener hoped that you would be our partner in this endeavor.

And we are.

But there is only so much we can do.

We are under constant attack by warlords, pirates, and our own neighbors.

Vietnam continues to confront us on our southern borders.

And what does America do to help, Captain?

You deliver more cure to my enemies.

I think you got the wrong idea.

Nathan James landed in sovereign Vietnamese territory on a humanitarian mission.

A humanitarian mission.

And yet you deliver the cure using a Guided Missile Destroyer.

So tell me, Captain, do I really have the wrong idea?



Man: Sabrehawk touch down.

I have Sabrehawk touching down at the L.Z.

Lincoln's on his way to the club.


You guys ready? C.O. wants to shove off.



Where's Miller and Diaz?

I haven't seen them.

Mr. Binh has a van pulling up for us out back.

I'll find the others. Meet you there.

Finally, they let us come, have a good time tonight.

You know, when I found...

Where's Diaz?

On the verge of a life-changing experience.

And then I saw you...

Get to the van.

You've got to be kidding me!

I'll come back for you, okay?

All right, don't forget me.

Alisha: The bogies have stopped squawking.

They're trying to hide.

Okay, now we should alert the C.O. and have him meet the helo at the rally point.


Excuse me.





No contact with the C.O.


Lincoln: Captain.

Something's wrong.




Stay down.





Nathan James, do you copy?!




Nathan James. Sabrehawk One.

We have no contact with Lincoln or the landing team.


They got away. I chased them as far as I could.

I circled back to the club.

Lincoln's dead. So's the security detail.

My radio's dead. They must have blasted the place with an EMP.

Mercs got the C.O., X.O., Miller.

I didn't see who else.

They got in a van and headed north, northwest, and I lost them.

These guys are pros, and they wanted hostages.

Burk: We'll call the James from the helo, and then we'll fly over and try to find that van.

Couldn't have gotten too far.


Sir, communications with the helo are down.

What do you mean, down?

She just stopped squawking over IFF.

Not answering my hails.

We've lost contact with everyone on the ground.

Six miles to the pier.

Let's move.

I say again, Sabrehawk One, this is Nathan James.

Do you copy?

Sir, six miles to the rally point.

I can take a few guys in a jeep.


Not when we don't know the situation on the ground.

But, sir...

Our entire senior leadership is radio-silent.

Just give me a minute.

Do you copy?


Gator: Sabrehawk One, this is Nathan James.

Do you copy?

Cameron: That's our translator.

She was at the club.


What do you think?

He's saying all the right things.

I don't believe a word of it.


What is she saying?

Vietnam is not responsible.

She swears it.

For what?

I-I don't know.

Captain, there's been an attack in Vietnam.

The James?

The president just broke radio silence.

He's ordered you back home.

Peng: You see, Captain.

You see now who is the true enemy of peace.




C.O., X.O., Master Chief, Mason, Rios, Diaz, Lincoln, Miller, Riley, Harris, DaCunha, Carlton Burk, and Green officially M.I.A.

Nathan James must sortie into international waters.

We can't do that.

If there is a coordinated attack, you are too vulnerable in the harbor.

Stand down until support can arrive.


We're 8,000 miles from nowhere.

Those are CONPLAN standing orders.

You do understand what you're asking me to do?

(VOICE BREAKING) Sortie 25 nautical miles offshore and check in for further instructions.

Consider this a direct order from the Commander in Chief.

Nathan James copies all.

Roger, out.



OOD, come to emergency full power and get the shafts rolling.

Aye, sir. CCS bridge, come to emergency full power.

Man: Attention all hands.

Station the sea and anchor detail.

So you'll be okay.


I need to stay and talk Peng out of using this as an excuse to invade Vietnam.

Give me a few days, and I'll see you in St. Louis.

Don't do anything stupid.

Roger that.

I'm sorry our reunion was so brief.

And I'm sorry about Nathan James.

We're gonna figure this out.



What are you doing?

They didn't say they were dead.

The message from POTUS...

They didn't say the sailors were killed.

I don't know. I mean, I-I guess not.

We don't know what happened.

Standing orders will have Nathan James sortie for its own security.

It'll take days for any reinforcements to get to Hai Phong.

If our crew was taken somewhere being held hostage, the trail will run cold by then.

I'm going to Vietnam.

But, uh, how?

I'll figure out a way.

Get a message to POTUS.

Let him know we're going to hook up with Nathan James.

I'm going to find Slattery and his crew.


But wait till we're in secure airspace.

You understand?

Yeah, yeah. I get it.

Hey! Stop the plane!

Open it up!


Let's go.


Tom, are you insane?

That's the only plane home for weeks.

I need you to get me to Vietnam.


Holy sh1t.

I have contacts other side of town.

We can't go back into Hong Kong without raising a few eyebrows.

You haven't changed a bit, have you?

Still the cowboy?

And you're no translator.

I saw the Glock tucked into the back of your pants.

You must have friends in the Chinese air force or access to a less conspicuous set of wheels.

I can make a few calls from the road.


Ma'am, you need to stay buckled.

You got to turn the plane around.


You heard me.

If we turn around, we need to call St. Louis.

You cannot call anyone, all right?

It'll be four hours before we're in secure airspace, okay?

You got to just go back.

This is a matter of national security.

It's your ass if CNO's pissed.

I'll take the heat.

HKG, this is Cowboy 3722.

We are declaring an in-flight emergency.

Requesting immediate landing on runway 2-5.


Hang on.

What are they doing?

They've turned around.