03x02 - Rising Sun


Are they coming to help or to finish the job?

In the jeep... now.

We don't know who blew up that plane.


Chandler: There's your answer.


Go, go, go!



In the bag.




Look out!




Kara: Copy.

25 nautical miles off the coast in vicinity of 2.60 north by 106.94 east.

I just got off the phone with the Vietnamese.

Eight of their own security team were gunned down outside a nightclub.

We put the James in Vietnam to send a message.

Peng just sent one right back to us.

Captain Chandler's plane will be in secure airspace in less than four hours.

We'll get a better read on Peng when we talk to him.


The James is safely off the Vietnamese coast.

They're at EMCON, awaiting further instructions from us.

Still no word from any of the missing sailors?

No, sir.

Slattery: Who the hell is in charge here?

Damn it.

My man needs a doctor.

The dressing isn't stopping the bleeding.

At least let me take a look at it. (GRUNTS)

Hey, hey, hey. If we're hostages, you don't want to lose one.


Hey, get your hands off her!


I want to talk to the man in charge!

I want to talk to the man in charge!


Hang in there, Mason.

Hang in there, buddy. We're gonna get you some help.

Does anyone speak English? Our man needs help.


He needs help!

Don't just stand there!

Rios: I can help him if you give me some damn equipment.


Slattery: Hang in there, buddy.

Rios: Just give me some equipment!

Hang in there.

Chandler: I say again, this is Zephyr.

Alpha Team, come in.

Anyone from Alpha Team, this is Zephyr.

Are you sure this is on the right channel?

It's the right channel, and it's been clear all week.

Alpha Team, Zephyr... come in.

We've been operating on EHF.

It's completely secure.

If they're not answering, it's because Peng took them out, that mother f...

Hey! You need me to drive?

I'll be fine, sir.

Let's just get out of this hellhole.


Hey, no comms in the area.

Phones are still down.

Radios are still FUBAR. Nothing I can do.

Let's get out of here.


Thank you. That's very sweet of you.

We have to get back to our ship. Thank you.

We're sticking out like sore thumbs.

We got to get a change of clothes before we get to the pier.

OOD, any contact on radar or visual?

No, sir.


No, and local frequencies are clear.

They all had radios, and not one of them had a chance to contact us.

Must've been a very quick hit.

You were right.

We should've warned them earlier.

It was a tough call.


St. Louis said stay offshore, but they didn't say we had to sit here with our thumbs up our asses.

You want to find those three boats?

They disappeared around that bay one hour before the attack.

If we chase them, we could be out of position for a rescue.

If our people are on those boats, we still have a chance to catch them.

OOD, head 1-8-5 toward Do Son.

Ood: Left full rudder... Steady course 1-8-5.

Damn it. I can't see sh1t without my glasses.

I need clamps.

I need clamps! Clamps!

Rags and gauze are not enough.


Green got away.

M-Maybe Burk did, too.

No doubt.

Probably back on the James right now.

They had EMPs.

That's how they cut off the comms.

I know, son. I know.




What are they doing? Are they taking him?


No, no, no, no!

Stop! Stop! No, no!

This man can't be moved!

This man can't be moved! Put him back!

No! No!


You son of a bitch!

You son of a bitch!



Maybe they've got a doctor for him.


Burk: They're looking for us.

I count eight.

They want us alive, right?

That gives us the advantage.

We need a couple of them alive... if we're gonna find out where our people are.


Shackleton and Hayward are scheduled to dock in Okinawa in less than three hours.

I suggest we refuel them immediately and deploy them to Hai Phong.

Refuel, yes, but we still might need those ships to investigate the mutations in Japan.

Let's not forget why we sent Chandler to Asia in the first place.

I don't think it's prudent to send anybody else into the region till we have a better sense of the situation, sir.

Uh, Mr. President, someone took 13 of our people.

Now, I don't care if it's Peng, the Vietnamese, or pirates.

The James is sitting out there without its X.O., without its C.O.... On its own.

Once the James comes off EMCON, we're going to need to have full communication capability.

Audio noise we can deal with. We're not getting any video.

Val was working on it before she left, but see what you can figure out.


And if you're right, Alex, if it is Peng, this could be a trap to get our only three west-Pac destroyers in one place.

Michener: I agree.

We wait till we hear from Captain Chandler.

Meantime, nothing leaves this room.



Chandler: What makes you think this friend of yours will be willing to help us?

She was a pilot for Doctors Without Borders, one of the best I've ever seen.

When the plague hit, she couldn't get out of China, but she still risked getting infected to run aid to isolated regions.

Before Peng emerged, I used my contacts to help her target the hardest-hit areas.

We smuggled food, fuel, other provisions.

Once Peng took power and you delivered the cure, I slipped into a more diplomatic role.

Jesse did not.


Uh, she's a bit paranoid about new people.

Why don't you hang here? Let me talk to her first.



Sasha: Jesse?




You want to do the honors?

Yes, sir.

We all fall down
Ring around the Rosie
Pocketful of posies
Ashes, ashes ♪

We all fall down
Ring around the Rosie
Pocketful of posies
Ashes, ashes ♪ Jesse?

We all fall down




(GRUNTS) Jesus, Jesse!

Who are these? Your goons?

Come to finish the job for Peng?

What are you talking about?

You don't know?

I don't have a clue.

Guangzhou... That little hellhole no one was supposed to know about.

We show up... It's crawling with PLA.

If you had told me Peng was moving his missiles, we wouldn't have walked into a trap!

I didn't have any idea about Peng moving anything!

Well, it was bad luck for us, or someone told them we were coming.

'Cause Lau Hu was there waiting.

My brother, all my friends... Mowed down.

Jesse, I didn't know anything about that.

You have to believe me.

Believe you?

You already got a deluxe suite in Peng's mansion.

Or have you moved into the master?

Chandler: Hey.

Do you know who I am?

I came here to stop Peng from hoarding the cure.

Now, he just tried to kill me...

All of us, actually.

I think anyone I'm with at this point is fair game.

And his MSS are 10 minutes behind us.

I'm very sorry about your friends.

I've lost too many myself.

And as far as I'm concerned, Peng's been pissing all over their graves, but your cover's blown now.

So we should all probably go.


We need the helo.


God damn it.

Let's go.


Nothing yet, sir.

And we are clear of land.

Woman: We've got something on radar.

Sonar has it, as well.

Is it a ship?

It's broadcasting a commercial radar and identifying it as a fishing vessel on the AIS, but it's not one of the three ships we tracked coming in.

Sonar, give me a set of cans.

Got some engine noise.

That's the same ship that ID'd itself as the Chinese Class B fishing vessel.

Yes, sir. I believe so, sir.

You can change your call sign, but not the way your engine rattles.

Gator, tell the OOD to get us closer.

Gator: Roger.

Any sign of those other two ships?

No, sir.

It's been five hours.

They could be long gone by now.

Who are they?

I don't think they're Vietnamese.

Slattery: Seems like a hodgepodge.

Heard some Thai, some Chinese.

Chinese writing on the side of the freighter.

You all right, kid?

(CHUCKLING) Yeah, just seasick.

This boat's a lot rockier than the James.


Bend your knees, hold them to your chest, close your eyes.

Every 60 seconds, open them again for a 5 count.

Do it again.


Been at sea, what?

Figure three hours?

I got us at 12 to 14 knots, holding steady.


Based on the roll of the ship, if the wind's held east, south, southeast, don't you think?

Away from China.

Away from Vietnam.

Where are they taking us?




All eight are coming.

Let's leave two alive.




Burk: It's on, Danny boy!

I just killed one!


Now I've got two.

That makes four.





I don't speak that language, douchebag.


Damn it. That's seven.


Just tell me that last one is still breathing.


I hold that vessel at 1.3 nautical miles north-northwest of our current position.

OOD, all full ahead.

Bring her around. Intercept that boat.

We're gonna board it, and we're gonna find out where our people are.


Fishing vessel six kilometers southeast of the Do Son peninsula, this is U.S. Navy Warship 1-5-1, two kilometers off your port bow, hailing you on channel 1-6.



Fishing vessel six kilometers southeast of the...

They're on the move and increasing speed.

North-northwest, headed 3-4-0.

OOD, adjust course... 3-4-0.

You stay on his ass.


Hey, can you put out the cigarette?

Are you afraid of lung cancer?

We got bigger problems, right?

MSS 10 minutes behind us?

Could be.

Or not.

I mean, Peng did try to kill us, too, if it's any consolation.

You're quiet.


I know that look.

You're not processing.

You're brooding.

You have to understand, Mr. President, people have been doing things a certain way to survive.

Now you want to change all that.

These ration cards are becoming a very inflammatory issue.

I know it's an adjustment, but if you've learned one thing from all this, it's that the American people are resilient.

Beatty: They are resilient. (SIGHS)

You do realize that his honeymoon period is coming to an end.

The people support him.

People have a very short memory, and you got to know that out there on the street, it's Chandler and Dr. Scott who get the credit.

Castillo: My wife was at the market today. Guy comes into the store, wants to buy six boxes of cereal. He's got enough money, but his rations for the week say he can only have one. Then he looks up on the shelves and sees 300 boxes sitting there. Half that cereal's going to go stale.

These guys. They kept their regions together by their own grit and mettle for almost a year.

From where they sit, if the cure would've landed there instead of here, one of them would be calling the shots right now.

That's preposterous.

Beatty was a senator, and Castillo owned a limousine company.

And Michener was a lowly cabinet Secretary.

Approved by Congress, which makes him the president.

He's unelected.

And let's not forget, he's an immune.

Michener: I know your constituents don't want to hear it, but it's an issue of hoarding versus sharing.

If this guy has more than he needs, he needs to be sending it to places without the resources.

(SIGHS) We're doing what we can, Mr. President, but you're asking people to change their core beliefs about how our society should function.


Rationing is just not in the American DNA.

I hear what you're saying, gentlemen.

Captain Chandler's plane is supposed to be over clear air space, but we cannot reach the plane.

We tried Sasha Cooper and our security team in Hong Kong.

We cannot raise them, either.

When are they due to land in Pearl Harbor?

5 1/2 hours.

Our ships are refueling in Okinawa as we speak.

Let's not go there yet.

Just keep trying the plane.

Yes, ma'am.

Hold your horses, Alex.

You may not want to admit it, but he's got problems here at home.

How he handles this issue abroad...

It's gonna have to be with strength.

I understand your concerns, gentlemen, but you're gonna have to be patient.

The course has been decided.

Cameron: Where's that boat?

Gator: Still 60 miles south-southwest.

I hold that vessel at 30 knots.

Stay on them.

30 knots? That's no fishing vessel.

They're headed for Cat Ba Pass. That's too narrow for us.

If we come around this island here, we might be able to cut them off at daybreak.

OOD, left full rudder.

We'll intercept them on the other side.

Left full rudder!

Peng's got patrols all over these waters.

This is how she keeps it off the radar.

Once we get to Kowloon, I have a van stashed on the other side.

Let's hope for your sake it's still there.

For your sake, too.

Doesn't bother me.

I got nothing to live for.

Well, hey, we've all lost pretty much everything.

And if you really want to hurt Peng, this should be the only thing that matters to you.




Back at the apartment, you asked me to wait in the hall.

You were trying to get to her first to keep her quiet.

It wasn't just food and fuel before Peng.

It was cure.

And it was well after Peng...

While you were working as a diplomat.


I stopped a few weeks ago when I thought it might be getting too hot.

She's been pissed at me ever since.

Does Rivera know? The president?

No, of course not.

I would never jeopardize them like that.

Always got to do things your own way.

Sasha knows best.

They needed deniability, and it's not like I even could've told them anyway.

You know there's no secure comms from Hong Kong to the States.

You do realize that may be why my people got hit.

You think Vietnam was retribution for what I've been doing with Jesse?

My plane, too.

If Peng knew anything about this, he would've strung me out by my balls the second he found out.

Like you said, he plays the long game... and he was gonna kill you as soon as I took off.

I'm sorry about your people, Tom... but I promise you there is something much bigger going on here than me and that girl smuggling cure across the borders.




Are we even sure he's Vietnamese?

This blade's got some other kind of writing on it.

Cameron: We're coming into open water.

Tell me we have eyes on that boat.

I'm picking them up now.

I hold them bearing 2-7-0 at 6,000 yards.

They're threading the islands.

Charted depth here is 14 feet.

Damn it.

Bare steerage, OOD.

All ahead... 1/3 for 3 knots.

Lost them again.

They're gone.


Chandler: So, I hear you're quite a pilot.

How long till we meet this helo of yours?

You're getting a little impatient.

I had other plans for myself today.

Wolf: Whoa, whoa, whoa.

What's this?

Jesse: Welcome to Hong Kong.


I've never seen a checkpoint here.

It's for us.



Eat! Eat!

Filet mignon and apricots?

When they took me to the bathroom before, I could see the rest of their crew.

They were eating beans out of a can.


Sorry, guys.

We got to get him some fluids.

He needs water. Water.

Yeah, a little clean-up wouldn't hurt, either.

Water. Huh?


Jeter: What are you doing?


Hey, hey!


What are you doing?

Leave this kid alone.

He's a kid! He just wants water!

Leave him alone! He's just a kid!

Toshiro: We take your man to get fresh air.

Now... you eat.






Get down!

Jesus, Sasha. I said get down.

And I heard you.



Just a bunch of random stuff.

I can't figure out where they're from.

How are you doing?

I'm fine. It's him I'm worried about.


Get medieval on his ass.

I'll wait.


He's going into shock. Hey! Hey!

Stay with me! Stay with me!

He's... losing... blood.

He said you're losing blood.

What? You speak English?

He won't like that.

Who the hell is he talking about?

Who? Who won't like that?

Who do you work for?! Who sent you, huh?!


Damn it!


Headed south now, I think.

Feels like we're just turning in circles.

They don't want us to know where we are.

Unless they're not taking us anywhere.

Unless they're keeping us here.


Sit tight, kids. Be back in a jiff.


We left a lot of bodies back there.

How long till MSS is on our trail?

Checkpoints send reports every half hour.

When Peng doesn't hear from them, he'll send reinforcements.

This is an irradiated zone.

There's a nuclear power plant six miles inland.

And there was a leak?

More of a meltdown.

Few months back.

No one could sustain the safety protocols.

So this is where she keeps her helo?

Takes nine minutes to get in there.

Gives us 11 minutes to get the bird in the air before the radiation kills us.

11 minutes?

More or less.

Sir, I'm on the phone with Pearl Harbor.

They can't find the plane anywhere on their radar.

It's not answering their radio calls, either.

Mr. President, there's an incoming call from Hong Kong.

It's President Peng.

President Peng.

Mr. President, I understand it is very late there, so I am sorry to add to your troubles in Vietnam.

No. No.

Do you have some news for us?

I'm afraid I do.

It seems that Captain Chandler's plane had some very serious engine trouble as it tried to take off from our airport.

Unfortunately, the plane went down.

Plane went down?

Are there any survivors?

We are searching the waters now... but we are not hopeful.

We walked right into this.

It is certainly suspicious, Mr. President, with what happened in Vietnam.

As I have told you, there are many rogue elements operating in the region.

We suspected pirates at first, but your pilot radioed in with engine trouble.

We are sending the transmission now between your pilot and our air traffic control.

Yes. Obviously, we'd very much like to hear that recording.

I assure you we will conduct a thorough investigation and keep you fully informed.

Well, we appreciate that, President Peng, and we will speak soon.


You're not buying that, are you?

I'm not jumping to any conclusions, and neither should anyone in this room.

Let's hear that transmission.

Wolf: You stole a Chinese army helo?

We're in China. What did you expect?

What's the range on this thing?

About 600 miles.

Just enough to get us to Hai Phong.

Depending on the winds.

You okay? Just a bit nauseous.

Might be a good idea we get out of here.

Jesse: All right, buckle up.

Grenade launchers?

Can't be too careful.


Oh, you're bloody kidding me.

Hot start?

Get the battery and the alligator clips out of the car.

You can't jump a 28-volt battery with 12 volts.

There's an old pickup on the other side of the generator.

We can use that.


MSS is coming.

You need a daisy chain?


I'll buy you some time.


We're clear!


My turbines still aren't spinning fast enough.


Can't hold them off much longer!




Try it now!


Jesse: I've got the generator online.

Pull the pins and get your asses in here.




You all right?

You don't happen to have a Geiger counter on you?

Feels like it was last week we were standing under that arch... spreading the cure.


It's possible Peng's lying.

You heard the transmission from the cockpit.


Our Air Force captain confirmed the voices.


Gator: We're currently 16 miles out of position, sir.

Damn it.

OOD, any visual?

Ood: Negative, sir.


There's no sign of them or our people.

We need to return to position for a rescue.

Never should've gone to that stupid party.

All the senior leadership off ship at the same time.

We were on a diplomatic mission.

Cameron is more than capable.

Burk and Green will find them, and they'll find us.

Flares starboard side... Green, red, green, bearing 3-5-0, but they're at least 10 miles out.

That's our sequence, and they're on the move.

TAO, give me full radar and sonar sweeps of the area.

OOD, make course along that bearing.

Right standard rudder, steady course 3-5-0.

You better be right about that ship, 'cause we're running low on fuel and in the next 10 minutes, we're gonna be in the drink.

SOP says they'll be within a 20-mile radius of Hai Phong.

We got to be within radio range by now.

Don't bother. It's busted.

Suitable extraction points would be here, here, and here, but it's gonna take at least 20 minutes to close the distance.

Hey, Burky, where the hell are they?

They should be closer to shore.

New surface contact bearing 0-4-0 at one nautical mile heading 2-4-5 at 35 knots.

Bridge, TAO.

AIS signals confirmed.

Hostile vessel is back.

All fire stations manned, ready to engage on your mark.

Birds with five inch, sir.

Negative, TAO. We do not fire.

There could be hostages onboard.

Recommend adjusting course to intercept.

Cut them off before they get to our people.

Agreed. OOD, make course 0-2-0.

All engines ahead flank.

Ood: Aye, sir.

Helm, right standard rudder.

They're going towards those islands, closing in on our people.

CCS, override all safeties.

Enable battle short. We'll cut them off.


Time to rethink your travel plans.

Tell me your radar works, at least.

Don't touch that.


Your ship will identify us as Chinese.

They'll think we're trying to attack them.

You don't think I know that?

There has to be another way.

One problem at a time.

Are you two sleeping together?

Turn it on.

Unknown aircraft approaching from 0-8-0.

110 knots.

Sir, we have incoming.

Appears to be a Chinese helo.

We got the James.

She's 10 miles out, due west-southwest.

Sasha: What are you doing?

Saying hello.

Aircraft just changed her squawk.

1-2-0-9. 1-2-0-9?

Does that mean something to you?

Alisha: No, no. That can't be.

What is it?

I-It's the CNO.

That's his birthday... December 9th.

He'd sometimes use that as his ID tag.

CNO? Here? On a Chinese helicopter?

30 seconds before we lose the contact.

Hail our guys on that boat.

Let them know they got trouble.


Danny: Hang in there, buddy!

We're almost home.

Distress warning, 1:00.

I'm guessing red's not good.


Looks like two of our boys down there on a speedboat.

They're being pursued! We need to help. Keep moving.

We're running on fumes. We need to land.

I said keep going!

Oh, heads up!

Heads up!

Get us in closer.

Cover fire!

Burk: They're gaining on us!


Yes! Yes!