01x01 - Pilot

(birds chirping)


(line ringing)

This is Fauzi Nidal.

Leave a message and I'll call you back.


Fauzi, it's, uh... it's me again. Barry.

Um... Bassam.

Uh, I'm not sure if you're getting my messages, but, um, I'm coming for my nephew's wedding.

Uh, arriving tomorrow.

My US cell number should work, so, uh... so call me.

It would be good to see you.


(indistinct shouting)

(indistinct shouting)

(indistinct shouting)

Jamal, fix your button.

How do you expect people to respect you if you can't dress yourself?

(indistinct shouting)

Jamal. Bassam.

Come on, Jamal. Come out.

Khaled! Khaled! Khaled!

Khaled! Khaled! Khaled! Khaled!

Khaled! Khaled!

Khaled: Wave, Jamal.

Not like a girl. Wave.

Jamal, go stand over there.

Mr. President.

Khaled: My son will cut the ribbon.

It is a great honor... to be standing here with you, the good people of Ma'an.

(cheering and applause)

This ground, once stained with the blood and tears of conflict, has been cleansed by the sweat of your good work.


This bridge is more than just steel and concrete.

It is a symbol that despite our differences...


Get down, Bassam!

(muffled gunfire, shouting)

(phone ringing)


Barry: Hello, Mrs. Shapiro.

Mrs. Shapiro: I'm sorry to call so early, Doctor, but Danny's been coughing all night.

Barry: Uh, well, uh, Dr. Chang is covering my patients this week, so let me give you his service number...

Mrs. Shapiro: I'm sure he's fine, but I really trust you.

Barry: I'm glad you trust me, but he's an excellent doctor and I'm about to leave town, s...

Mrs. Shapiro: I get that you're busy, but what if he has strep?

Barry: No, I, uh, I understand, I do, uh...

I'll be at my office in ten minutes.

Mrs. Shapiro: Thank you, Dr. Al Fayeed.

Barry: Okay. Bye.


I can't believe you're making us go to this wedding when they're burning pictures of Grandpa on the street.

Emma, get off the Internet.

Emma: And they burned down the bakery where the wedding cake was being made.

(boy chuckles)

And you think this is funny? What if they attack us?

No one's attacking us.

And if they do, we'll have armed escorts.

Dad's father's like a king.

Em, we're royalty over there.

You know, you'll be like Kate Middleton. Just fat.

Hey, don't talk to your sister like that.

Come on.

What part of what I said isn't true?


Aw, it's cute.

Seriously, can you just stop with the attitude and try to appreciate what an amazing opportunity this is?


Emma: It's not just me, you know.

Dad doesn't want to go either.

He told you that?

Emma: He didn't have to. Isn't it obvious?

Why do you think he hasn't been back in 20 years?

He doesn't want to go, and I don't want to go either.

So I'm not going.

You're going.

(kettle whistling)

That was a long run.

You missed all the fun.

Barry: Medical emergency.

Danny Shapiro's got strep.

That's why I don't give out my cell number to patients.


Barry: Sammy, clear your plate.

Sammy: Got to finish packing.

Honey, you do realize Emma's manifesting your negativity.

Maybe on the plane ride, you can think of something nice to tell her about your family.

Barry: They're not my family. You're my family.

No, see, this is exactly what I'm talking about.

Of course she's acting out.

All she hears about is how you don't want to go.

Barry (sighs): Just promise me we'll come back.


Very funny. (chuckles)

Sammy: I told you not to take the 405-- I mean, come on, who takes the 405?

All right, let's go, let's move it.

Come on!


Great. You happy now?

We missed our flight.

I'm sure there's another one.

Emma: Or maybe it's a sign from Allah that we should go to Disney World like every other family.

I'll call the airline. See if there's another flight.

Mr. Al Fayeed?

Barry: - Yes.

Are you ready to board?

The plane's still here?

Of course.

Barry: I'm sorry. Has everyone else boarded?

You are the only passengers, sir.

Your father bought all the other seats on the plane.

Good morning.

Sammy: - Good morning.

Oh, wow.

This is what I'm talking about.

(woman laughs)

I think I like this.

A whole plane?

Sammy: Oh, no. No, wait, wait. All right, this one.

Oh, man. Look at this.

Thank you, Grandpa.

Barry: Okay, guys, get up, please.

These aren't our seats.

Sammy (sighs): Y-You're kidding, right?

Barry: No, get up.

We're gonna sit in the seats that we paid for.


Isn't this a little crazy?

Barry: This is what's crazy.

I say no to his private jet, so he does this.

And I'm-I'm not gonna be manipulated like that.

No way.

Honey, your father'll never know.

Barry: Fine.

Sit wherever you want.

Emma: It's okay.

I'll go sit with Dad.

No. Stay here.

I'm in the window seat.

(seatbelt clicks)


Oh. (chuckles)

How long have I been out?

Barry: Couple hours.


So no turning back, huh?

If it makes a difference, I'm really happy we're doing this.

Barry: Well, I'm happy when you're happy.

See, I see a real opportunity here.

To finally sit down with your father.

Tell him everything you've been carrying around in your head all these years.


Barry: Yeah, you don't know my father.

I know you.

I see you're awake.

Yes. (chuckles)

What do you have there?

Dom Pérignon Rosé Oenothèque 1990.

Your brother, Jamal, insisted we have it on board for you.

To your brother, Jamal.

Barry: To my brother.


(woman moaning)



(phone buzzing)



Why you didn't get me? My wife just called.

My brother's landing in ten minutes.

Go inside...

(faucet turns, water running)


(indistinct chatter)

(engine starts)

♪ seesaw swingin' ♪
♪ with the boys in the school and your feet ♪
♪ flyin' up in the air ♪
♪ singin' "Hey, diddle-diddle" with your kitty in the middle ♪
♪ on the swing like you didn't care... ♪

(horn blares)

♪ so I took a big chance ♪
♪ at the high school dance with a missy ♪
♪ who was ready to play ♪
♪ wasn't me she was foolin' ♪
♪ 'cause she... ♪

It's incredible.

Salaam alaikum.

Barry: Wa alaikum as-salaam.

So good to see you, Bassam.

So good you could all come.

We've been looking forward to it.

I trust the flight was satisfactory?

Barry: There was, uh, plenty of legroom.

Your father insisted.

You are still an Al Fayeed.

There are security considerations.

♪ dream on, dream on ♪
♪ dream on, dream on, dream on ♪
♪ oh... ♪

(engine shuts off)

Little brother.

Barry: Jamal.


Jamal: You look pale. What's the matter?

No sun in California? (laughs)

When we went to Disney, there was plenty of sun.


(chuckles): Hey, Jamal.

Miss America.

Molly: Jamal.

Jamal: Beautiful as ever.

Molly: Thank you.

Jamal: Emma.

Come to your uncle.


My little mermaid.


Sammy, my fishing buddy.


Sammy: Hey, Uncle Jamal.

Jamal: So tall.

I just bought a Mikelson Nomad.

Have you heard of this boat?

Sammy: No.

Jamal: Fastest thing you've ever seen.

After the wedding, we'll take her out and catch some tuna.

Sammy: All right.

Jamal: Come. Let's go to the palace.

Molly: Look, Em, there's a Subway.

And I read they just built a great mall downtown.

It's really not that different from home.

Sammy: Except there's no traffic.

Emma: They're holding it, stupid. Because of us.


Check out Grandpa on the billboard.

(Sammy chuckles)

Khaled: You can't kill me!

(high-pitched ringing)

Here I am!

I'm right here!

You can't kill me!

Sammy: Holy sh1t.

You grew up here?

Barry: Yeah.

Sammy: I can't believe you'd ever leave.

Jamal: I was already at the airport when you called.


Hello, Bassam.

Barry: Leila.

Leila: Molly. Welcome.

Molly: Congratulations on the wedding.

You must be so proud.

Leila: We are very proud, yes.

And we're so happy you've come.

All of you.

Your father is waiting.

Molly: We're fine. Go ahead.

Leila: Who wants to jump in the pool?

Sammy: I don't mind. I-I could do that.

Khaled: Bassam.

Barry: Father.

You look well.

Khaled: Been so long.

Too long.

Barry: Well, um... between, uh, between work and the kids' schedules, it's, um...

Khaled: I'm sure.

You're a busy man.

Your father's been so excited to see you, he's barely slept.

Khaled: I need a moment with Jamal.

Then we'll take a walk.

Just you and me.

Jamal. We just heard from our sources in Ma'an.

Terrorists are planning to attack the wedding.

Jamal: I don't understand.

I told Yussef to pay Walid to keep them quiet.

Khaled: Did I ask you for excuses?

Jamal: I'll have Ziad round up the troublemakers.

Khaled: And tomorrow, 10,000 people will be protesting in the square.

Don't be a fool, Jamal.

Talk to Walid yourself.

Make sure he understands there will be consequences if he can't control his own people.

And bring your brother.

Jamal: Why?

Khaled: Because I told you to.

I wish you'd reconsider.

You're... You're here for such a short time.

It seems silly for you to be staying in a hotel.

Barry: Well, we, uh, we already made the... the reservations, so...

Cancel them.

Barry: Mother, please, you... You asked me to come here and I'm here.

He's changed, Bassam.

As hard as that may be for you to accept, it's true.

Khaled: How does it feel, being, uh, home after all these years?

Barry: Coming through the city, I barely recognized the place.

Everything's changed.

Khaled: Yes, it has.

Saddam and Gaddafi are dead.

Mubarak is on trial.

Ben Ali, in exile.

Barry: You're still here.

Khaled: For now. Inshallah.

After everything I've given the people, they're still not satisfied.

They say they want freedom.


To do what?

Kill each other?

I give them order and prosperity, and all they want is chaos.

Barry: Listen, um... Molly and the kids are still waiting for me.

We need to check into the hotel.

Khaled: Of course.

You didn't come all this way to hear an old man complain.

It's good to have you home again, Bassam.

We've been living here for five years, and as far as we're concerned, it's paradise, right, baby?


Beaches? Best in the world.

Horses? They've got a racetrack that blows away Churchill Downs.

We could make a day of it.

Molly: Hey, how was it?

Barry: Uh, it was good.

John Tucker.

I'm with the embassy.

Nice to finally meet you.

Barry: Finally?

John: Your father talks about you all the time.

I'm Dana.

I'm with him.

Barry: - Hi.

Dana: - Hi.

Barry: Uh, we should get to the hotel.

Molly: Oh, sure. Okay.

See you at the wedding, right?

Barry: Hey, guys, time to go.

Sammy, out of the pool, please.

John: They're staying at a hotel?

Sammy: I just got in!

Leila: It's complicated.

Molly: So how was it to see your father?

Barry: I told you. It was good.

Molly: It was good?

Barry: Yeah, we, um... we went for a walk.

Molly: And?

Barry: He got old. I'm not sure what else you want me to say.

Sammy, get out of the pool.

Molly: Sammy, you heard your father. Let's go.

Sammy: Oh. Well, this is... this is so much better than the palace.

Look, a minibar.

Emma: You know, I don't really want to go to this thing tonight. I'm kind of tired.

Molly: Aw, come on, Emma. It'll be fun. We'll get our hands and feet painted.

You always say you want a tattoo.

Emma: Yeah, on my own terms, not as some creepy patriarchal tradition.

Molly: Okay, it's a bachelorette party.

There's nothing patriarchal about it.

If you're gonna be unbearable, at least be accurate.

Sammy: Does that mean our thing is the bachelor party?

Barry: Yeah.

Without the strippers and the booze.

It's, uh... it's pretty much a bunch of guys in a steam room watching the groom get shaved.

Tip the bellboy when he comes.

Molly: I'll see you in the lobby at 6:00.

Emma: Hating.

Sammy: Bunch of guys in a steam room.


Emma: You better be careful.

This isn't America.

Sammy: Thanks, Mom.

(indistinct chatter)


It's pretty.

(speaking Arabic)

She says it's your turn.

Emma: Oh, that's okay. I'm good.

Go ahead. It doesn't hurt.

Leila: So tell me, how did you finally convince Bassam to come?

Molly: I told him it's crazy, we've been married for 19 years and I've never seen where he's from.

He doesn't like to talk about his childhood much.

(sighs) I thought by coming here, maybe...

Leila: Bassam has always been a very private person.


Jamal: Remember, Sammy, the whole time we were catching fish and your father was standing over the railing and...

(mimics retching)


Like it?

Good, huh?

Bassam, come with me.

Barry: Where are we going?

Jamal: To talk to a tribal leader from Ma'an, which is still the asshole of the country.

Yussef paid him to keep things quiet during the wedding, but it didn't work.

And now I have to handle it.

Barry: What do you mean it didn't work?

Jamal: Walid's terrorist nephew, Ihab, he's been causing trouble ever since he came back from Syria.

Now he's threatening to blow up the wedding.

Blow up the wedding? Jamal, I brought my whole family here.

Jamal: No worries, Bassam.

I'll handle it.

My friend, the minute I heard you wanted to see me, I dropped everything and came here.

Jamal: You didn't come, Walid, my men brought you.

Walid: And here I am. (chuckles)

Jamal: My father is troubled by what he's been hearing about your terrorist nephew, Ihab.

Walid: People are always spreading rumors about Ihab.

Jamal: So he has no plans to blow up my son's wedding?

Walid: N-Not that I've heard.

Jamal: But you don't know for sure.

Walid: Well, look, it's true that Ihab doesn't share my goodwill for your son's wedding...

Jamal: - I pay you to control him.

Walid: I can only do what I can do.

I-I tried talking to him...

Jamal: - Not hard enough.

Walid: No! (grunts)

(Walid shouting)

(crying, shouting)

Jamal! Please!

Jamal: You think you can take our money? Well, you...

Barry: Jamal.

Jamal: I'll take your fingers one at a time.

(muffled shouting)

Barry: Jamal! Stop!

Stop! Stop it!


Jamal: Get off!

Barry: Listen to me!

You're giving him more reason to attack than he already has.

Jamal: You don't understand, Bassam.

You've been gone too long.

This asshole and his nephew need to learn there are consequences.

Barry: Okay, but not like this.

Jamal: Then how? Tell me.

I'm listening.



Barry (panting): Talk to him.

Jamal: Talk to him?

You mean like Oprah.

"How do you feel, Walid?

You had a bad childhood?

Oh, me, too. Let's hug it out."

Barry: - No, that's not what I mean.

Jamal: - Then what do you mean?

Barry: Invite him to the wedding.

Him and his nephew, Ihab.

Invite his whole family and put one of them at every single table.

He'll find a way to make sure no one attacks.

Jamal: My brother Bassam would like you and your family to come to the wedding as his honored guests.

(call to prayer in distance)

(indistinct chatter)


Fauzi (quietly): Bassam.

What the hell are you doing here?

Barry: She's beautiful.

Looks just like her mom.

Fauzi: Thank you.

She's very intelligent.

Barry (sighs): So how come you never called me back?

Fauzi: Do you have any idea what's happening here, Bassam?

Barry: I read what you write, if that's what you're asking.

Fauzi: After the protests started last year, your father sent his tanks into Ma'an.

Dozens of people were killed, hundreds wounded.

All the international web sites and papers carried my articles, yet I never heard anything from you.

Well, we never talk about politics.

Fauzi: - 'Cause you don't want to.

If there was ever a time to come back, it was then.

Instead, you come back for a wedding.

A wedding that's costing £10 million.


Your father claims that he's defending us from the infidels, the Brotherhood and the Zionists, while the people in Ma'an go hungry.

Barry: Come on, you know how corrupt they are there.

My father is not the only one to blame.

Fauzi: Of course you're defending him.

Barry: Fauzi, what do you want from me?

I-I'm a pediatrician.

Fauzi: - You're an Al Fayeed.

They are your family.

Barry: Yes.

That's why I left.

Fauzi: After I wrote about the protests, the mukhabar took me in the middle of the night and kept me in prison for three days.

While you're living your American dream, I dream about this.

I'm sorry if I interfered with your nostalgia, Bassam.

You should finish your tea.

I have a deadline.

And you have a wedding.

(fireworks popping, whistling)

(fireworks whistling, people clapping)

Barry: It's a little over the top, don't you think?

John: Are you kidding?

Barry... people can see these fireworks from 20 miles away.

The fireworks are the key to the whole thing.

Forget those pricks from Amnesty.

What your father's done here is a miracle.

Not counting the Saudis, the mean per capita income's 18% higher here than any other country in the Arab League.

Syria, Egypt-- firefights.

Here-- fireworks.

(fireworks popping)

Me, I'll take fireworks.

(whooping, cheering, whistling)

Sammy: My name's Sammy, by the way.

I know who you are.


Sammy: So, what's your connection?

Abdul: My father runs security for your grandfather.

My grandfather was the head of security for your great-grandfather.

And my great-grandfather was the head of security for your great-great...

Sammy: - I get it.

I was just making sure we're not related.

Jamal (exhales): Whoa-ho-ho!

There he is! My man... Walid!

It's good you are here.

Walid: May Allah keep the bride and groom in prosperity, and confer his blessings upon them.

Jamal: Do you know my uncle, General Tariq?

Walid: Good to see you, as always, General.

And you both know my wife, Nadia.

And my nephew...

Tariq: - Ihab.

Did you enjoy the fireworks?

Ihab: Of course.

Who doesn't enjoy fireworks?

(quietly): Boom, boom, boom.

(lively percussive music playing)

(lively percussive music continues)

Jamal: Bassam!


John: Let's go.

Barry: No, no, I'm-I'm good.

Molly: Hey. You've come all this way after 20 years.

Go on.

(men shouting rhythmically)

Jamal: You were right.

Barry: About what?

Jamal: No attacks.

Look at Walid and his terrorist nephew, standing like scarecrows.

It's because of you.

You did this.


(lively chatter nearby)


(woman gasps)


(indistinct chatter)




Khaled: Wait! Wait! Wait!

Take him. Take him.


Jamal... come out here.


Come here.

Come out here, Jamal.

Come out here.

Sometimes you have to make hard choices to be a good leader.

These are the people who shelter these dogs, these traitors who tried to kill us. Give me this.

Take this. Do it.

Do it, Jamal.

Please. I have a family.


Jamal: Your turn.

Molly: Uh, excuse me.

Where are you going?

Barry: Uh, just, uh, just, uh, getting some air.

Molly: You were just on the dance floor with your brother.

What happened?

Barry: It doesn't matter.

Molly: Barry, please stop telling me it doesn't matter.


(lock slides)



Jamal: He's a good boy, my Ahmed.

You love him?

That's good. Good.

A girl this beautiful, I'm sure you had many suitors.

(laughs softly)

The wedding night is very special.

It's important to be pure.

It would break Ahmed's heart if the woman he married wasn't pure.

(faint grunts)

(whispers): There.

There it is.

(quiet grunt)

(softly): Good girl.

(crying quietly)

Good girl.


Barry: I'm beginning to think he's insane.

The thing is, I don't even... blame Jamal.

I blame our father.

The reason that Jamal is so broken is because... my father broke him.

That's what he does.



I'm sorry, I...

I don't want to dump all this on you.

Molly: No. This is good.

It's good that you did.

Now, you need to tell your father.

Barry: - Tell him what?

Molly: - Everything.

Barry: That's not gonna change anything.

It's certainly not gonna change him.

Molly: I'm not asking you to do it for him, I'm asking you to do it for you. For us.

Barry: Us?

Molly: Barry... you ran away from your father when you were 16, and you're still running.

Since I've known you, you've been carrying around this weight that's just gotten heavier, and... it's left you... joyless.

I don't know how else to say it.

And if you think that hasn't affected your relationship with Emma and Sammy... with me...

(footsteps approach)

Yussef: Bassam.

It's your father.

He's collapsed.

I am afraid the president has suffered a cerebrovascular injury.

Jamal: What does that mean?

Barry: It means a stroke.


Jamal: He'll be fine.

We are doing everything we can.

Jamal: If he dies, you die.

You are a doctor; you fix him.

Your father asked to see you.

Khaled: My son will cut the ribbon.

I'm right here!

You can't kill me!



Barry: It's okay.

Don't try to talk.

Khaled: Listen to me.

Without you, they'll kill us all.

I was wrong.

It should have been you.

It should have been you, Bassam.

Jamal: How is he?

What did he say?

Barry: He wants to talk to you. You and Mother.

Molly: You okay?


Barry: You should check on the kids.

Molly: Okay.



Jamal: He's gone.

He's gone.

Leila: Jamal.

Jamal, come...

Where are you going?

Look at me. Look at me.

Now you are in charge.


Now it's your time.

You need to be a man.

(sniffles, short laugh)

Jamal: You're telling me to be a man?

When was the last time you were a woman to me?

Leila: Oh!

Stop it.

Jamal: You hate me.

I know that.

I love you.

And you hate me.

Leila: This is... Aah. Jamal.

Barry: Jamal.

Leila: Jamal!

President Khaled Al Fayeed's condition is still unknown at this time.

No official word from the presidential palace.

The president collapsed at his grandson's wedding celebration five hours ago.

Barry: He's dead.

Molly: I'm so sorry.

Barry: Come on. Let's go.

Molly: Okay. Back to the hotel?

Barry: - To the airport.

Molly: - What...?

Barry: - We're leaving.

Molly: - What are you talking about?

Barry: We're going home.

Molly: Barry.

We can't just leave.

Barry: - Come on. Get up.

Molly: Honey, we don't have our passports.

Barry: That's fine. We'll stop at the hotel.

Get up, Sammy. Now.

Sammy: So, what, we're not even staying for Grandpa's funeral?

Barry: Sammy, for once, you do what I tell you.

Sammy: I want to see Uncle Jamal.

Barry: No, I said we're going now.

Emma: Sammy, listen to Dad.

Sammy: I'm not leaving here until I see Uncle Jamal.

Barry: Forget Uncle Jamal.

Sammy: No.

I'm staying here.

Barry: Now.

Molly: What is the matter with you?

(engine revving)

(phone buzzing)

Jamal: Meet me downstairs.

Barry: I need four seats on the next flight to Los Angeles.

In coach, please.

Any airline?

Barry: Yeah.

Passports. Come on. (snaps fingers)

(tires screeching)

Jamal: What are you looking at?

You want to look at something?

Look at this.

Look at this. Come on.

(muffled grunt)





Good girl.

(tires screech)

That's good.


Oh, yeah.

What is this?



(tires screech)


(glass shattering)

(seagulls crying)

And once we've reached an altitude of 10,000 feet, you'll be able to use all approved electronic devices.

Molly: Okay, we're on the plane.

We're going home.

Are you ready to explain to me what that was about?


Barry: - Not now.

Molly: Oh, what do you mean, not now?

You leave without saying good-bye to your family after your father dies. I'm...

Barry: - They're not my family.

Molly: You hit our son.

Barry: Molly, not now.

Molly: No. I'm sick of it.

I never know what you're thinking.

I never know how you feel because you never tell me.

We've been married for 19 years.

And you force me to be like some kind of a mind reader.

Please, look at me.

I feel like I don't know who you are anymore.

I'm not sure I ever did.



Khaled: Do it.


Khaled: Shoot him.

I have a family, please, no, please.

Khaled: Do it, Jamal.

Please, no.


Khaled: Jamal.


(distant gunshots)

Come back here.


Get out right now.

(distant booming)

Get out.

(man sobbing quietly)

Right now-- get out of the car.

Jamal, do as I say.

No, please, please.

Khaled: Get out of the car, Jamal.

Out of the car!

Get out, Jamal!

No, no, no.




(plane engine starting up)

Khaled: It should have been you, Bassam.

Molly: I mean it, Barry.

I can't do this anymore.

If you don't tell me what's going on, I don't know what I'm gonna do.

I don't know what we're gonna do.

Hello, this is your captain speaking.

Um, sorry for the delay, but the tower has asked us to sit tight for a few minutes.

(tires screeching)

(car doors close)

Mr. Al Fayeed?

Barry: I told you we shouldn't have come.