01x08 - Meet the New Boss

Previously on Tyrant...

Jamal: And my brother, Bassam... do you love him?

Sheik Rashid: There is not a morning I don't wake up and thank god I am not running against him.

(both laugh)

(Sheik Rashid coughs)

Jamal: You're okay?

Do you want me to get Bassam to help you?

(Jamal grunts)

You think everybody loves you.

Forgive me, I don't.

Sheik Rashid just collapsed in the men's room. They're saying he's dead.

Barry: What happened?

Ihab: No, no, no, you don't touch my father.

Barry: We're both doctors.

Namir: Ihab, Ihab.

Molly: Wait, wait. I got a pulse.

Barry: How far out are the EMTs?

Jamal: The doctor said he could still wake up.

Barry: I want him to wake up, too, but, uh, he's an old man.

Jamal: If you were to guess...

50/50, 60/40?

Barry: Is this why you brought me in here?

Jamal: I need it to be 100% that he doesn't.

Barry: Jamal, what did you do?

My father meant what he said to you 20 years ago.

I have a chance to finish what he started, but I know you're the only one in the way of making that happen.

Situation that you wanted me to handle.

It's done.

Tucker, I need you to meet me in the Plaza.

John: What's going on?

Barry: Jamal can't run this country.

(horns honking)

John: So, uh, Jamal killed him? That's what you're telling me?

Barry: I tried to help him, but he's...

It doesn't matter. I...

I can't get him through this.

He's not capable. At some point... in a... in a day or a week or a month... he'll snap.

And-and never mind your elections.

There will be no peace in Abbudin with my brother in power.

He has to be removed.

John: So, you want to have a coup, oust your own brother?

The U.S. is not in the business of regime change.

Barry: Say that again with a straight face.

John: You don't want to be doing this, Barry.

Trust me.

Barry: You're right.

You are right. This is the last thing I want to be doing.

But there's no going back now.

Tucker, you're not... you're not blind.

You've heard the stories.

And if you thought I was full of sh1t, I know you wouldn't still be standing here.

John: And who do you think is going to replace your brother?

Barry: I have spent many years running away from it, but I am an Al Fayeed.

John: You're a goddamn pediatrician.

And you're drunk. Go home, sleep it off.

Barry: I am home, John, okay?

So make no mistake about what this means to me.

I am the one that got the Sheik to sit down at that table.

Do you understand?

I am the one that kept the tanks out of this Plaza.

I can hold this country together until elections.

Or you can go back to Washington and you can say, "I had a chance to save this country"

"and I didn't take it."

It's up to you.

John: We didn't just have this conversation.

Until you hear from me, you don't repeat any of what you just said to a soul.

Not your wife, not Khaled's ghost.



Barry: Morning.

Jenna, welcome.

Have a nice flight?

Jenna: Enough Xanax and any flight's nice.

Barry: Hi.

Jenna: Mmm.

Single malt?

Barry: Charming as always.

Molly: Hey.

Are you okay? I've been trying to call you all night.

Barry: Yeah, I, uh, just, um, needed a little time.

I'm sorry.

I should have called.

Molly (quietly): Do you want to talk about this?

Barry: You know what, um...

I'm just gonna get a couple of hours' sleep.

Uh, there's a mourning service for the Sheik later on.

Please make sure I'm up.

Molly: Yeah.

Emma: Feel better, dad.

Jamal: How long will you punish me, Bassam?

Just tell me, so I know.

I'm doing everything I can to make it up to you.

I'm dedicating a football pitch tomorrow to keep children off the street.

And I'll do better. Just give me a chance.

So sorry for your loss.

Walid: My brother has gone home.

Jamal: So sorry for your loss.

Namir: Thank you.

Jamal: Your father was a great man.

Ihab: Thank you.

Jamal: But when Malak al-Maut calls, every man must heed.

Barry: My deepest condolences for your loss.

Ihab: Mmm.

Barry: I, um... We know what it's like to lose a father.

I sincerely hope that we, the Rashids and the Al Fayeeds, can... can continue with the process that your father helped begin.

Ihab: We will see.

Namir: My brother doesn't realize that the work left to be done is the ultimate tribute.

Walid: Namir.

Namir: Yeah.

Excuse me.

Barry: When the time is right, I would like to continue a dialogue.

Ihab: Oh, really?

Last time you wanted to talk, well, I guess you got held up.

Barry: Different circumstances.

We're not adversaries now.

We're partners in a political process.

Ihab: Ah, the election.

It's two years from now.

Mmm, global warming, MERS, earthquakes.

The world may not even be here in two years.

Barry: What are you saying?

Ihab: I'm saying six months would be better.


For a country that's never had an open election, it's gonna take a year, at least.

Nine months.

The time from conception to birth.

We owe it to your father to do this right.

Leila: They don't just give out the Nobel Peace Prize for simply having elections.

Elections are no guarantee of peace.

And nine months from now?


A little presumptuous of your brother, abridging the law you signed.

Jamal: I could run a week from now, a decade from now.

Who's left to oppose me?

Leila: Bassam caving in to the Rashid demands only makes you look weak.

I only want what's best for you.

Can you truly say the same thing about Bassam?

Jamal: What you know about Bassam is sh1t.

You want to know about my brother?

About his love for me?

I put the Sheik to sleep.

Bassam, my brother, he made sure he didn't wake up.

Leila: He...

Bassam did that?

Jamal: Yes.

He is a gentle man.

A healer.

He went against his own nature to save his brother.

So tell me what the hell you know about my brother and me.

Molly: You expecting a call?

Barry: Yeah.

Molly: From who?

Barry: (grunts) Uh...

Well, there's just a lot going on.

Molly: Honey, you've worked really hard to get this far.

You'll see it through.

It's gonna pay off.

Why don't you come to bed?

Barry: Yeah, be right there.

Molly: Okay.


(birds chirping)

(TV playing)

(door opens)

Ahmed: Hey, baby.

My father's dedicating a field for the poor kids today.

He's a politician now.


Come with me.

Cheer your man.

Nusrat: I'm taking a nap.

Ahmed: You just woke up.

(turns TV off)

(Ahmed sighs)

Why are you taking this sh1t?


Nusrat: I'm here, Ahmed.

What else do you want from me?

Barry: You want me to turn on the A/C?

Yussef: I'm fine.

Barry: Are you sure this is the way to the soccer pitch?

Why are we stopping?


Yussef, what are you doing?

Yussef: You asked John Tucker who in the government had concerns about Jamal.

Barry: You?

Yussef: Many of us have watched, waited, dreaded the day your brother took power.

Your father tried as you have tried, but Jamal is Jamal.

Don't be surprised, Bassam.

You think you went to America, ate a hot dog, and discovered democracy all by yourself?

Barry: What is this place?

John: Just a haven for weary travelers.

Barry: How did you get your bosses to sign off on this?

John: Well, don't get ahead of yourself, Barry.

It's a process.

Lea: Oh, he's here.

Let me get back to you.


Lea Exley.

Barry: You're with the state department?

Lea: Oh, whatever helps you sleep nights.

So, John told me about your brother and the Sheik.

Needless to say, we weren't surprised, but something tells me you weren't, either.

On the Hare psychopathy checklist, Jamal scored a click below Jeffrey Dahmer.

Barry: He's still my brother.

If we're gonna do this, Jamal gets complete immunity from prosecution.

Him and Leila keep their money and their dignity.

We find a way to spin it that stepping down was his choice.

Lea: That's a big ask.

Barry: It's non-negotiable.

Lea: So, where are we on the M&M's?

John: Yussef's working his angle.

Barry: What's M&M's?

John: Executing a coup requires three things...

Military, media and money.

You don't have 'em, it can't be done.

Yussef: But this M&M's... It's also a candy, yes?

Lea: Yes, it's also a candy.

John: The military's number one.

We don't have the critical mass inside the military, the whole thing sh1ts the bed.

Barry: Well, Tariq's not gonna stand by while I take over from Jamal.

Lea: Which is why we need to remove Tariq before we remove Jamal.

Barry: Even my father was afraid of taking on Tariq.

He has 200 officers in his elite guard loyal only to him.

Lea: Not all.

He's made some enemies over the years inside his own camp.

John: We're working a few leads, seeing if we can't exploit the cracks in his power base.

Barry: And what about the money and the media?

John: Hakim Bata.

Barry: Nusrat's father?

John: He owns the country's largest satellite and cable concern.

Barry: Because of my family.

He's not gonna risk all that to go against Jamal.

Yussef: I believe he would.

The night of the wedding, Jamal went to Nusrat, told her the Al Fayeed family must be certain of her... purity.

I'll spare you the details.

Fill in what horrors you will.

Hakim's wife, Sofia... she is my cousin.

We are close.

I'll ask her to ask him.

Barry: And you're sure he won't say anything?

Yussef: Hakim has already lost a daughter.

He won't risk losing his wife.

Lea: So, there's a lot of moving parts here.

If we're lucky, this thing happens fast.

A coup's got about a week between inception and execution.

That's about as long as people can keep a secret.

John: You'll have to come up with a credible reason to send Molly and the kids back to the States before this goes down.

And, uh, until then, best to keep her in the dark.

Lea: Your wife the understanding sort, Barry?

Barry: Leave my family to me.

(man shouting, cheering)

(shouting, applause, cheering)

Reporter: Mr. President, can you make a comment?

Jamal: In six months' time, this dirt will be replaced by a soccer pitch with no rival outside a stadium.

Free to all.

Except this fellow.

He got past my guard.


(camera shutter clicking)

I will see you all again in a few months when I cut the ribbon.

Thank you. Go play.


Bassam, come on.

Smile a little, at least for the cameras.

Don't stay mad at me.

Barry: I'm not mad.

This is, uh... this is good.

Jamal: Good.

(Jamal sighs)

Come on, man.

How long has it been since we've kicked the ball around?

Barry: Long time.

Jamal: Long time.

I've missed this.

You and me being brothers.

Remember our fishing trips?

Barry: Tasbani river?

Dogfish practically jumped on our hooks.


Jamal: We will go again soon like the old days.

Barry: Yussef.

Got an election to organize.

Ahmed: Heads up.

Jamal: Aah.

I passed it right to you.

What, you want me to put it in a box and tie it with a bow?

Ah, come on, Ahmed. I'm sorry.

Ahmed: No, it's... it's not you.


I don't get it. We were completely in love, and now she...

Jamal: She went through a lot.

Ahmed: She said that, too.

Jamal: It's good she's talking about it.

What does she say?

Ahmed: That she was violated.

By that little boy.

Jamal: We can't judge these things or her.

Ahmed: We were in love, and then we got married, and...

Now she doesn't want to be around me, close to me.

(Ahmed snaps his fingers) Like that.

What did I do to make her fall out of love with me?

Jamal: Give it time, Ahmed.

Things will work out.

Tariq: Your idiot nephew, Ihab... he's going back to the Plaza?

Walid: He's through with that.

He thinks he's outgrown it.

Tariq: Ah.

So he believes Bassam's elections make him the logical successor to the presidency.

Many countries have elections.

Syria, Iran.

They're easy enough to manage.

In the interest of national security, of course Ihab's party must be outlawed.

Problem with that?

Walid: They are known terrorists.

I've tried talking to him, but he think he's Che Guevara, so...

Tariq: To win this game, we need to appear to be playing it, which requires an opponent.

And the people seem to like the Rashid name.

Walid: Namir, the Sheik's other son.

Ziad: Too idealistic.

No stomach for a political campaign.

Tariq: Walid, serve your country.

In the name of democracy.

Walid: Me?

Sir, I have no political aspirations.

Tariq: Don't worry. You won't win.

But you will help us present to the world our commitment to this bullshit.

Campaign for six months, make some promises, whatever.

After the election, we have another talk.

One that shows you how we value your service to the cause.

Walid: Whatever I can do to serve the house of Al Fayeed.

Molly: We sent another MERS case home today, which was huge.

You can't imagine. To actually have someone survive.

Barry: Yeah, I bet.

Molly: What about you? How was your soccer field dedication?

Barry: Good. Uh, Jamal shook some hands, kissed some babies, you know.

(Molly laughs)

We, uh... we moved up the election to nine months, so I'm gonna start getting busy. I was...

I was thinking, before it gets impossible, I might, uh, organize a trip home.

Molly: Really?

Barry: Yeah, just-just for a week so the kids can see their friends, you can visit your mom and dad.

Uh, if-if we don't do it now, we might not get back for a while.

Molly: Yeah, it's a great plan.

Let's do it.

Barry: Okay. Uh, how about a week from today?

Molly: Oh, honey.

(chuckles) I'm gonna need a little more time than that.

I mean, I have a bunch of things to do at the hospital next week, and the kids are in school.

Uh, you know, Jenna just got here.

Barry: Yeah, I know.

Molly: Why don't we give ourselves a couple weeks just to sort it out, and then...?

Barry: Because this election is bearing down on me, honey.

We just cut our lead-in time by over a year to stop Ihab from backing out on us.

And if-if I don't take the time now, then I don't know when I'm gonna.

Molly: Okay, okay. We can figure this out.

Uh, how about right after next week?

Barry: Can you ever just say yes to me?

Molly: What's going on with you?

Barry: Nothing.

Nothing. But every day, Molly, every day, I compromise.

I compromise and negotiate, and just once, just one time, I would like you to say, "yes."

"Yes, Barry, let's do whatever you want."

"Let's do that."

Molly: Oh, yeah, Barry, because I had such a say in moving here.

Leaving our lives behind, that was a real negotiation.

You know what...

That's fine.

I can rearrange things. If it makes you happy to leave next week, we can leave next week.

Barry: Thank you.

Sofia: Hakim has many virtues.

Bravery is not one of them.

Yussef: Does he love his daughter?

Sofia: Of course he does.

Yussef: Then how can he abide her living beside a monster?

How can you?

Sofia: We could be hanged for even having this discussion.

Yussef: I'm taking the same risk.

Promise me you'll talk to him.

Sofia: If I promise, will you leave?

(plates clinking)

Jenna: Good, right?

Emma: Amazing.

Jenna: Sumac.

Never cooked with it before.

Molly: Is it poisonous?

Jenna: Can't be any worse for us than eating hot dogs with pita buns.

Sammy: You know, there are people who would like to do this for us.

Jenna: Don't you miss doing things for yourself?

Sammy: Yeah, that, um...

That was the life.

Molly: Funny you should mention that.

How would you guys feel about a week-long, all-expenses-paid trip to a place where you can cook your own food and do your own laundry?

We're going home for a week.

Sammy: What? Why?

Molly: Don't you miss your home, your stuff?

Emma: Wait, we're really going back?

Molly: Yeah, your father feels like if we don't go now, we may not get back for another year.

Emma: When are we going home? Please tell me you're not lying.

Molly: Six days.

Jenna: I just got here. I'm barely over my jet lag.

Sammy: And Ahmed is taking me to Formula One next week in Dubai.

Jenna: Sammy and I can hang out here, no problem.

Molly: Enough.

We're all going back as a family starting next monday.

All of us.

Sammy: Why?

Molly: Because, Sammy, it's what your father wants.

Sammy: Well, that sounds like bullshit.

I'll talk to dad. It's fine.

Molly: He's made his decision.

Jenna: How very Abbudin of him.

Molly: Seriously, knock it off.

Barry: That's right. Coach is fine.


Five tickets.


And you can confirm by e-mail.

Come in.

Okay. Thank you.

Leila: Am I interrupting?

Barry: No, no. I was, uh... I was just, um...

Please, sit down.

Leila: I know what you did for Jamal.

Please, Jamal told me.

Only me.

I know how hard it must have been for you to go against everything you are.

I want for us to work together.

We both love Jamal.

He needs us.

Barry: He'll, um... he'll grow into the job.

Leila: No.

He won't.

He's not you.

I blamed you for a long time.

For leaving me with all of this.

With him.

Barry: I know.

I know.

And I'm sorry.

Leila: No, don't be.

I just don't want to be angry anymore.


Barry: Come in.

Yussef: Oh.

I came to review the amendment.

But I can come back.

Leila: It's okay.

I'll leave you both to work.

Yussef: My cousin Sofia spoke to Hakim.

She tried to convince him, but... he's too afraid.

Barry: Of Jamal?

Yussef: Tariq.

Barry: We can't do this without Hakim.

You made that clear.

Yussef: She begged him, but he refused.

I'm-I'm sorry.

Barry: sh1t.

Yussef: There is nothing to be done.

(TV playing)


Jamal: May I?

Nusrat: It's your home.

(TV shuts off)

Ahmed is out.

Jamal: Yes, I know.

There seems to be a misunderstanding.

Between us.

Nusrat: A misunderstanding?

Jamal: Yes.


Anything I may have done... was for the benefit of my son and my family.

(clears throat)

The Al Fayeed name, it must be protected.


I could see how my actions...

Nusrat: Your actions...

Jamal: Yes, on... the night... of the wedding.

Nusrat: My wedding.

To your son.

Jamal: Yes, I could see how they could be misconstrued.

(clears throat)


For that I apologize.

So it's done.

I have apologized.

There's no need to be petulant with Ahmed.

It was something between us, and here it ends.

You love him, yes?

Nusrat: When I look at him, all I see is you.

Jamal: We are Al Fayeeds.

We, each one of us, have our obligations.

The father, to ensure the purity of his son's wife.

The wife, to be a wife.

And you will be a wife for him.

A good wife.

You can... feel it.

Or you can act it, if you have to.

But make him believe it.

This will be best for all parties.

Both our families have suffered enough, yes?


Young lady...

Nusrat: Whatever you say, we both know this is what you really want.

Jamal: No, I told you...

Nusrat: What?

That you apologize?

That you were doing your duty?

That you're a better man?

Jamal: Yes.

Nusrat: Do other people believe you when you say that?

Jamal: Yes.

Nusrat: So only I know what you really want.

To take everything from me.

From your son.

Finish it.

(indistinct chatter)

Barry: I used to come here as a kid.

Hakim: Yeah.

It's very popular.

With the locals.

Barry: You know why I'm here.

Hakim: As I told my wife...

Barry: Now tell me.

Hakim (quietly): I won't say anything about your plans.

I promise.

I have no desire to endanger my family further.

Barry: You're a good father.

You want to protect your daughter.

Now, the best way you can do that is to help me.

Hakim: This is what I got for trying to protect my family.

Barry: My brother's not well.

But things can be different here.

Will be different.

But not without you.

Hakim: Why are you doing this?

You are an Al Fayeed.

Jamal is your brother.

Barry: And it kills me to betray him, but, from where I'm standing, I don't have a choice.

And neither do you.

Sooner or later, my brother's gonna panic.

And then he's gonna lash out and when he does, the whole country is gonna meet the man that you and Nusrat know.

And that'll mean civil war.

Hakim: Maybe.

Barry: Right.


And maybe when the mob comes, they won't come for you.

And string you up to a lamp post and throw your wife and your daughter in jail.

Because you're all family.

Hakim: Okay, look...

Barry: You think that you can play it safe by hitching your wagon to Jamal, don't you?

You think that you can stay on the sidelines.

There are no sidelines.

Only sides.

So, tell me... do you really want to bet your family and your country on my brother?


Ziad: The shwarma over there... is it good?

It's supposed to be the best in the city.

Barry: Why are you following me?

Ziad: It's dangerous for you.

There are many enemies of the state.

Barry: I can look after myself.

Ziad: Still, it would be best if you came with me.

Barry: Sure, just let me call my brother first.

Ziad: And tell him that you plan to overthrow him?

Tucker sent me.

To make sure you don't do things like walk out of meetings such as the one you just had, in broad daylight, with no cover.


Tariq's finished.

He's old.

His iron fist bullshit is gonna get all of us killed.

The things I had to do for Tariq... and your brother...

It sickens me.

If you really do have a way forward for us, we have to try.

John: Huh, okay.

Well, that's good.

Wait to hear from us.

Well, golden boy did it.

Lea: He flipped Hakim?

John: And with no exposure.

I'm starting to think he's got a knack for this.

Lea: Look, I know you got a boner for Barry, but don't get too attached.

John: Meaning what?

Lea: Meaning don't get too attached.

John: Well, he's the only game in town.

Jamal can't do it.

One day he croaks the Sheik, next week he tells us to take our base and go home.

Plus, our fingerprints aren't on it, it's homegrown.

It's a good plan.

Lea: Mike Tyson used to say, "everybody's got a plan until they get hit in the face."

Barry: All right, stop here.

Molly: Hey.

Barry: How was your day?

Molly: It's been a day.

I took care of the passports, by the way.

Barry: Good.

Molly: Uh, except for Jenna's.

She's gonna stay.

Barry: What?

Molly: Yeah, she was bitching about the flying, saying she needs some stability in her life.

Anyway, I don't want to lose my heart rate.

Barry: Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Jenna can't stay here, okay?

She has to come with us.

Molly: Why?

She doesn't want to go, let her stay... she'd just bitch the whole trip.

Barry: Molly, I don't need you to ask me why, I just need you to make this happen.

Molly: I'm not doing this again.

This isn't how you and I work.

We talk to each other.

Or we used to.

Barry, none of this is making any sense to me.

Just tell me what's going on.

Barry: Walk with me.

You told me everything was fine.

You said every day things were getting better.

Barry: I thought they were.

But I was wrong.

Molly: So...

Then we all just go back?

Barry: Just you, Jenna and the kids.

Molly: What?

No, we're not going without you.

Why would you stay here if Jamal won't even be president?

There's nothing you can do.

Barry: I have to stay.

Molly, I'm taking his place.

Molly: No.

Bullshit, Barry.

You f... you feel responsible, he's your brother, and you couldn't fix him.

But it's not your job to fix this place.

Staying here, doing this.

You don't belong here.

Barry, come on.

Listen to me, we're gonna go home.

Together, okay?

Before it's too late.

Barry: I can't.

Molly: Why not?

Barry: Because I can't.

Molly: How dare you put me... our kids in this position, Barry?

Barry: This is why you have to leave.

Molly: And then what?

I mean, what do we come back to... you're the president?

That's the life we're coming back to?

Barry: Interim president.

Just until the elections.

Molly: Wait, are you running?

(Barry sighs)

What the hell do you know about running a country?

Barry: Do you think I want this?

Molly: I don't know.

If you're asking whether I think you get off on the power...

The-the prodigal son returns to the throne...

I don't know.

Barry: Too much has happened, Molly, okay?

The Sheik... everything that we worked for.

His death... has to count for something.

Molly: They hang people in this part of the world for this sh1t, Barry.


Barry: That's not going to happen, Molly, I can't do this without you.

Molly: No, you don't get to play that card again.

You already played that when you told me...

You lied to me and our family.

You remember?

"Just a few months, Molly."

"Just until Jamal gets on his feet."

You ripped us from our lives, Barry.

For what?

Barry: Molly, listen to me, Molly.

Molly: No.

You made me promise.

You made me promise we'd go home.

Barry: Molly.

Molly: I guess you made liars out of both of us, huh?

Barry: Listen to me.

Molly: I'll tell whatever lies you want.

To your brother.

And your kids.

I'll make sure Jenna comes home with us.

I'm taking my family home.

(silverware clinking)

Barry: Honey, can you pass me the, um...

Thank you.

Jenna: Seeing as how it's been decreed that we're leaving next week...

Permission to go shopping?

Barry: With, uh, what money, Jenna?

Man: Mr. Al Fayeed?

Your brother would like to see you.

Barry: I'm having breakfast with my family, I'll, uh...

Man 2: This is best done in person.

Barry: Be right back.

Jamal, what's up?

Jamal: When you were gone, I used to imagine what you must have been doing in Pasadena, California.


Blondes everywhere.

So far away.

I grew my hair out, dyed it like David Lee Roth.

I thought that was what my American brother looked like.

Did you?

Barry: No, I didn't.

(Jamal exclaims)

Jamal: Leila made fun of me.

I can't blame her.


I missed us so much.

Barry: I'm, um, I'm back now.

Jamal: That is right.


Barry: So, uh...

Wha-what are you doing down here?

Jamal: Looking at a boat.

Barry: Which one?

Jamal: This one.


Barry: Jamal, uh...

I can't.

Jamal: We can't go fishing in my boat.

That's ostentatious.

Beautiful here.