02x05 - A Viper in the Palace

Previously, on Tyrant...

I've been waiting for you in the dairy shed.

You were supposed to help me make yogurt.

I'm helping Khalil.

Ahmos: He's been distancing himself lately from his mother.

I think because she's leaving.

Daliyah's leaving?

For Germany.

She's been accepted at a program to bring solar power to our village.

Where are the documents?

What's wrong?

No, no! Samira!

Abu Omar.

I should have known it was you.

You know him?

I want to help you liberate Abuddin from the apostate Al Fayeeds.

Jamal: I said there was to be no gas.


Ahmos: Yesterday in Ma'an... a thousand people dead.

The legal team representing the Al Fayeed trust is contesting the will.

Okay, so how do I get it?

You need to appear in court in Abuddin.

About the solar program... it could make a real difference to people's lives here.

I'll watch over Ghani while you're gone.

What kind of person slaughters innocent people?

I could.

If Abu Omar can open the palace gates... so I can slit the throat of Jamal Al Fayeed.

I could do those things and so could you.

You will be the first solar engineer from Abuddin.

(screaming, shouting)

(goats bleating)

So when the shadow moves around and passes... this stone, your mom will be in Germany.


But I'd rather have a iPhone to tell the time.


Well, maybe one day, if you're lucky, your dad'll buy you one.

Oh, yeah. (chuckles)

The Sumerians invented the sundial when this whole land was a country called Mesopotamia.

Different name.

Same land.

Same people.

(low rumbling)

(over bullhorn): People of Tal Jiza, come to the square.

You've been liberated by the Army of the Caliphate.


People of Tal Jiza, come to the square.

You've been liberated by the Army of the Caliphate.

People of Tal Jiza... come to the square.

You've been liberated by the Army of the Caliphate.

People of Tal Jiza, come to the square.

What's happening?

...come to the square.

People of Tal Jiza, come to the square.

Come on.

You've been liberated by the Army of the Caliphate.

Move, go. Go.

...come to the square.

People of Tal Jiza, come to the square.

You've been liberated by the Army of the Caliphate.

People of Tal Jiza, come to the square.

You've been liberated by the Army of the Caliphate.

What's its range?

2,000 meters.

But in my hands, it's a bit more.

People of Tal Jiza, come to the square.

Very cool. What?

Don't talk to them, don't even look at them.

Not looking at them won't make them go, okay?

Come to the square.

You've been liberated.

Come, come.

Jill, what are you doing just standing there?

Make yourself useful.

And show some enthusiasm.

I'm doing my best.

You're my wife. At least try to look like you are glad to be here.

Remember to keep the camera running no matter what, and keep my husband in frame.

You look tired.

Another night of comforting Faisel?

We don't call that "comforting" in America. We call it rape.

A wife should do as she's told.

It will get easier.

Welcome, my friend.

Come, come.

Take them up, everybody's waiting.

Here. Sir.

God honors the valiant man who slays the unbeliever that brings death to his people.

You'll be great.

Why are you smiling?

I don't know.

Oh, sh1t.

Oh, my God.

(whispers): Ahmos, no, no.

They will kill her.

They'll kill you, too.

And then what happens to your family?

They all need you.

Ghani: Pick me up, Baba.

I can't see anything.

There's not much for you to see, son.

So let's play a game, you and me, yeah?

What game?

Close your eyes, cover your ears and count as fast as you can.

I'll do the same.

Whoever counts highest wins.

Okay? Ready, set, go.

Both: One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, 11, 12, 13...

14, 15, 16, I am Ihab Rashid.

17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27...

Son of Sheik Rashid, son of Abuddin, and humble servant of God.

Our so-called government thought they had finished me.

Jamal Al Fayeed thought he had finished me.

But Jamal Al Fayeed only strengthened my faith.

And so now...

I have sworn allegiance to the Army of the Caliphate.

Good people of Tal Jiza, I've come home to liberate you from his apostate rule and from his collaborators.

Like this man.

This man, who belongs to a regime that gasses its own people.

We have been denied justice for too long.

Today it is God's will that justice be done.

(crowd exclaims)

(man shouting indistinctly)

...51, 52, 53...

(murmuring indistinctly)

Get a lower angle this time.

Don't let them kill me, please.

Or this woman who comes here from the West to lead our women on the wrong path.

We have been denied justice for far too long.

But today it is God's will that justice is done.

Woman (sobbing): Don't kill me, please.

(gun fires)

67, 68...

♪ ♪


This woman, you all know her.

She's from the village, she has strayed from God's path.

But the Army of the Caliphate knows of the power of mercy.

Come, get up.

Return to your family.

Ask their forgiveness.

Ask God's forgiveness.

Yes, my friends, the Caliphate knows the power of God's mercy.

Ghani, you won.

You won.

And look who's here.


We have come to Tal Jiza on our way to Ma'an.

Once we've liberated Ma'an, we're moving on to Asima, where Jamal Al Fayeed will finally know God's justice.

To fulfill this sacred cause, the sons of Tal Jiza will become soldiers in the Army of the Caliphate.

So every able-bodied mujahed between the ages of 15 and 50 will assemble here after the Asr prayer.

He's taking our sons.

Ihab: We will remove this tyrant, and we will restore God's law in this land.

- Takbeer!

All: Allahu Akbar.

Takbeer! Allahu Akbar!

Takbeer! Allahu Akbar!

Takbeer! Allahu Akbar!


Allahu Akbar!

I need to see the president.

It's urgent.

The Chinese ambassador sent this to me.

Solid gold.

Mr. President...

I have to think of something to send him in return.

Today, Uncle, the first new well in the Ma'an oil fields becomes operational.

Mr. President, approximately five hours ago, the Kassab Road Garrison was overrun by a division from the Army of the Caliphate.

The Caliphate?

In Abuddin?

They executed 176 soldiers, looted the armory.

Light tanks, heavy artillery.

Nothing left behind.

The good news is, we are in communication with a half dozen men who were able to escape.

That's the good news?

They managed to track the Caliphate forces to a rural village, Tal Jiza.

We suspect they're conscripting men to fortify their ranks before moving on to Ma'an.


It's the closest major city, and the Caliphate may find sympathizers there.

Because you gassed them.

And there's the oil.

And the Chinese.

I've already ordered the immediate evacuation of any Chinese nationals who might be in harm's way.

But I assure you, this will be handled.

(inhales deeply)

Convene the council so that I can evaluate your response to this crisis.

You do have a response to this crisis, right?

Of course, Mr. President.


(indistinct chatter)

Are you home for good now, Ommah?

Yes, my cub, I will never leave you again.

These men... what are they doing in Tal Jiza?

Don't worry about that now.

You'll be fine.

You're tired?

You'll nap at home.

Nasrin: We can't just let them take our sons.

We're not letting them do anything.

Will you talk to him then?

Go inside with the boys. Help them pack.


Can we talk?

(wind whistling)

I am not a man to trade hospitality, but please look after my sons.

Munir is simple, Kasim is reckless.

I fear for them.

Knowing that you are watching would mean everything to their mother and to me.

Ahmos, I can't.

You and your family have shown me more kindness than I've ever known, but I can't go with the Caliphate.

I have to leave.


How do you expect to leave?

They have sealed the village.

Leaving is not an option.

You don't understand.

For me, staying is not an option.

Oh, I think I do understand better than you do.

Ahmos, I would do anything for you, but...

Then do this.

Look, I am an enemy of the State but I am also an enemy of the Caliphate.

If they see me, they will kill me and anyone that I am with.

Including your sons.

You are just a runner, aren't you?

You run away from your family, run from the army, run away from the Caliphate.

Now I ask you a favor, you away run from me.

Look, I know it seems that way...

It is that way.


If you do somehow get away, God willing, follow the road north for 17 kilometers, then west for ten.

You will see a foot path that will take you to some Bedouin.

Give this to any Bedu.

They will help you get to Beirut.

Thank you.

Don't thank me. It's our custom.

We should have turned him in when we had the chance.

You could have gotten money.

(animal braying)

Man (over radio): Sergio Pizzorno.

Oh, he's lifting it over Seaman. Amazing!

(indistinct chatter on radio)

(animal braying)


Sergio Pizzorno has just scored one of the great Soccer Aid goals...

Don't move. (panting)

Step back. Keep your hands up.

I just want the truck, okay?

I'm... I'm gonna take you to a shed and tie you up.

Just keep your hands up.


(crying, grunting continues)

(indistinct chatter on radio)


(loud grunting)






And now the chance for Walcott to make an impact for Arsenal.

And at last, something goes right for them right near the end of the half.

Could that be the start of an improbable comeback?

Oh, it needs to be the spark, doesn't it?


We want to see more of, of Theo Walcott.

Gets himself in between defenders, on the side...

(continues indistinctly)

Man (on radio): ...that he will want to see in the future.

It's a horrible mistake from the young goalkeeper.

That's the risk you take when you...

You're not a Caliphate.

I will kill you.

Do you understand me?

What do you want me to do?


(engine starting)

You were stealing this to go where?


For what?

To do what?!

There's a checkpoint ahead.

(groans softly)

Salaam alaikum.

Let me see your identification.

You are Faisel's wife.

Let them pass.

You're the girl from the square with the camera.

Not anymore.

Now, drive us to Lebanon.

Jamal (clears throat): All right, General.

Tell the council what is your plan to stop these evil killers from reaching Ma'an.

Before we begin, Mr. President, you should know that this incursion into Abuddin...

Our intelligence suggests that the Caliphate forces are being led by Ihab Rashid.

What are you talking about?

Ihab Rashid is dead.

Actually, we never recovered his body.

It appears he fled to Syria.

Joining the Army of the Caliphate under the command of Abu Omar, with whom he attended university.

So, you gassed Ma'an for nothing.

I disagree.

We crushed Ihab's insurgency.

Crushed? Really?

Is that what you call it?

Only to have him spring up like a rat from another hole with the Caliphate Army?

How did you not know about this until now?

Admittedly, it was a failure of intelligence.

Oh, General, you are way too easy on yourself.

So now what?

Now what?

How do we protect our country, our oil?

How do we keep Ihab Rashid and these barbarians from cutting off the heads of the Chinese engineers working in Ma'an at our invitation and putting them on top of our oil derricks?

Tariq: Mr. President.

There are only two roads into and out of Tal Jiza.

Four attack helicopters from our base in Taltahar will crater both roads, effectively trapping the enemy forces inside Tal Jiza, so armored divisions and artillery can lay siege to the village.

For God's sake, there are civilians in Tal Jiza.

Who've sworn their loyalty to the Caliphate.

I am meeting with the Chinese ambassador to tell him that this incursion will be stopped, that his citizens in Ma'an are in no danger.

He will believe this because I will give him my word.

And you will not make a liar of me.

Please don't!


Tell Faisel who kidnapped his wife before your wives have no husband.

I can't tell you what I don't know.

Maybe Faisel can help you remember.

Faisel: He killed one of my fighters, and he took my wife.

Tell me where this man is.

I don't know.

We have, uh, witnesses who say he's your cousin.

He's a stranger, someone we let into our home.

So you must know where he went.

No, I don't.


He's going to Lebanon.


Tell me why I shouldn't tell them.

I owe Khalil nothing.

None of us do.

My father is a good Bedu.

He gave shelter to a... to a stranger, that's all.

This man, Khalil, do you know where he's crossing the border?

How far is it to Lebanon?

Um... another hour, maybe a bit more.

Think maybe you could take that thing off my neck?

How are we getting across the border?

There's a Bedouin camp on this side.

If I show them this, then they'll get us across.

You sound American.

You CIA?


No, I'm a doctor... was a doctor.

(scoffs) Yeah, right.

What kind of doctor kills people?

That wasn't my intention.

All I wanted was...

Forget it, it doesn't matter.

Say I believe you, you're an American doctor.

Why are you here?

This used to be my home.

You were born here.

Born and raised.

And why did you leave in the first place?

Now, that's, um... that's a long story.

But you came back.



To try and help my family.

To try and do some good.


But what?!

But being in this place forces you to kill or be killed.

Doesn't it?

I don't want to live like that anymore.

We walk from here.

How far?

I'd say three or four miles.

Do we really still need the gun?

I'm not gonna hurt you.

Yeah, people usually tell me that when they're about to do something to me.

Where in America?

That you're... from?


Where's home for you?

All right.


Deerfield Park.

Never really felt like home.

A lot of kids don't feel like they belong where they are.

A lot of kids aren't Muslims from Deerfield Park.

Yeah, but there's plenty of Muslims from Deerfield Park that don't run off and join the Caliphate.

Yeah, they deny who they are.

And pretend like America's home.

But not you, huh?

What about your family? They must miss you...

Enough, enough talking.



Oh, my God!

It's okay.

It's okay.

Let me see. (clears throat)

I'm a doctor, remember?

Hopefully it's just a sprain, but either way I'm gonna need to wrap it.

Well, if you can take baby steps, then hopefully we can get to the Bedouin and they'll have a-a car or a camel or...


Otherwise, I'm gonna have to carry you across the border.

You're not leaving me?

Put your hand across my shoulder.

Okay, let me get you in some shade.

Ihab: Oh, you should see the size of our army now, Samira.

This is an amazing thing to see.

You were right, you were right.

This is the way.

This is how we will take down these Al Fayeeds.

This is how we will take back our country.

This is the way, Samira.

So... I'll see you soon in Ma'an, yes?

Keep an eye on your brother.

I'm depending on you.

Keep an eye on your brother.

I'm depending on you.

You must be proud of your big brothers.

You should be.

They are going to be part of something very great.

Something heroic.

I'd bet you'd like to be a part of it, huh?

I could teach you the craft of the knife.

Would you like to hold it?

(gasps) Ghani... no.

If you want her, take her.

I saw the way you looked at her when you spared her life.

I see the way you look at her now.


(helicopter blades whirring)

(explosions rumbling)

They're trying to take out the main road.

Take cover. My men know what to do.

(rapid gunshots)

(gunshots continue)

(explosions continue)

(gunshots stop)

(men shouting)


Did the missiles damage the road?

Radio operator: Not enough to keep us from passing.


Invite her to join us.


I beg of you, no, no.

No! Ghani!




What kind of Muslim steals a wife from her husband?

A mother from her child?

You have already taken two of my sons.

Ghani! Ghani!



(indistinct P.A. announcements)

(airplanes taking off)

Jamal: Over the next few hours and days, you will hear propaganda Mom? from the so-called Army of the Caliphate.

These are lies meant to provoke fear.

Our forces have already begun deploying from our base in Ma'an to defend that city, should it come under attack.

We're under attack?

Ma'an is... across the country, a couple hours by air.


(sighs) We'll go to the hotel.

I can call the state department and find out what's going on.

We're okay for now.

Timmons, do you mind finding us a car?

I just want to call Emma, make sure she's not freaking out.


Thank you.

Uh, Abdul, it's Sammy.

Um, you're not gonna believe it, but I just landed in Abuddin.

Saw what was happening in Ma'an.

Just give me a call, make sure you're okay.

Who was that?

Um... a friend who's looking for work in Ma'an.

Making sure he's all right.

I didn't know you kept up with anyone from Abuddin.

Just this one guy from-from before.

A friend as in...

A friend as in I'm just worried about him.

(softly): All right.

Jamal: That the terrorist, Ihab Rashid, has joined forces with these foreigners tells you how desperate he is to lay claim to a country whose people have rejected him.

But be assured, these foreign invaders will be destroyed by the full might of our military forces.

Although we continue to strive for a peaceful Abuddin, we are unafraid to use whatever force is necessary to keep Abuddin united.

Our resolve to defend our country is as unshakable as our faith in God.

Thank you.

The plans you asked me to give the Chinese ambassador to evacuate their nationals from Ma'an.

But it won't come to that.

I didn't think it would come to this.

We will stop them, I assure you.

Like you assured me you would stop them in Tal Jiza?

We underestimated their arsenal.

You underestimated many things, Uncle.

So forgive me if I no longer feel very assured by your assurances.

That was good.

Now the world will finally understand the difference between a so-called freedom fighter and a bloody terrorist.

(groans) He was right, after all, Leila.


Bassam, he was right.

And I should have listened to him.

Right about what?

About what was bound to happen, sooner or later.


He knew Ihab Rashid would never let go.

He kept warning me, and I...

(chuckles) I killed him.

Try and put some weight on it.

All right?

(winces) Oh.



All right, lean on me.

We'll take it one step at a time, okay?


Lebanese border is straight ahead.


Get away from her.

You are hurt?

I'm fine.

Did he touch you?

I want to hear you say it.

No, he didn't touch me.

Whoever you are, you must be insane to take my wife and think you would get away with it.


Did you think I wouldn't come for her?



Stop. He didn't take me...

I went with him.

Why are you lying to protect him?

I'm not. I am not lying.

I made him take me to get away from you.

I would rather die than go back with you.

(crying, gasps)




(crying, gasping)

You all right?


Take this.

And show this to any Bedouin.

They'll get you across the border.

And what about you?

Aren't you coming with me?


I don't understand. You said that...

I know what I said.

I was wrong.

These men have come to destroy my country.

I can't keep running anymore.

But what will you do?

Whatever God's will allows me to do.

Go home.

(wind howling)