02x06 - The Other Brother

Previously on Tyrant...

Ihab: The sons of Tal Jiza will become soldiers in the Army of the Caliphate.

Oh, sh1t.

Please look after my sons.

I'm not going with the Caliphate; I have to leave.

You ran away from your family.

Now I ask you a favor, you run away from me.

If you want her, take her.


Bring her.



Meet Rami Said.

Rami, this is my wife, Leila.

How do you two know each other?

He's your son.

If you stay, I'll make you a very powerful man in the army.

I need to leave now, but thank you for the offer.

Timmons: The legal team representing the Al Fayeed trust is contesting the will.

You need to appear in court, in Abuddin.

These men have come to destroy my country.

I can't keep running anymore.

But what will you do?

Barry: Whatever God's will allows me to do.

Reporter: After three days of intense fighting and with its military base overrun, sources are today confirming that the Abuddinian city of Ma'an has fallen to the Caliphate.

Government troops protecting the Ma'an oil field were unable to stop the advance of the radical group now said to control over 90% of the city while...

Female reporter: And its new leader, self-proclaimed Emir of Abuddin, Ihab Rashid.

Ahmed: Two fighter jets, three attack choppers and a cargo transporter destroyed or disabled by their anti-aircraft.

With what was seized at the base, it amounts to roughly a third of our air force.

Leila: Did you have anything to eat?

I can have the kitchen prepare something for you.

I don't want anything.

Then you should at least get some rest.

Dr. Radwan can prescribe you something.

Stop haranguing me, Leila.

You see what's happening, what I'm dealing with.

I'm meeting with the Chinese.

Food and sleep are the least of my concerns.

Then you should at least consider a shower and some fresh clothes.


(indistinct chatter)

(helicopter blades whirring)

No! No!

Where are your people?

(gasping) There's no one else.

We know your Banu Zahra clan is still giving us trouble, so I'll ask you again.

(electricity buzzing)

Where are they hiding?


(buzzing continues)



(electricity buzzing)


(groans, gasping)

You have all my people.


The rest are with Allah.

Cheer up.

You'll be reunited with them tomorrow when we hang you.

That's more than enough time for Uthal to get the truth.

Soldier: Abu Omar.

You have been gone for days.

Tell me you have something.

We found Faisel.

He and his man are dead.

That Khalil who kidnapped Faisel's wife, he did this?

We think so.

Something else.


Faisel's hand was cut off, but it's not with the bodies.

Ihab: You have all been cheated for far too long from refinery managers who collaborated with the Al Fayeeds.

From now on, the workers will get 20 cents on the dollar.


This won't do any good, Baba.

I have to try to reason with him.

Good work.

Ahmos: With utmost respect, I appeal to your mercy and your sense of justice.

Go. Let's go.

You heard him. Let's go. Let's move.

Abu Omar has claimed my wife, Daliyah, as his own.

She is, by all rights, still mine.

Please... accept this money in return for her.

It may not seem much to you, but this is all the money I have in the world.

I can get more, if that's what it takes.

Please take it.

Please give me back my Daliyah.

Your wife is safe with us.

Abu Omar is simply reeducating her on how she can best serve Allah.

So keep your money.

You're going to need it to rebuild your village, rebuild your home; keep it.

You already have my two oldest sons, Munir and Kasim, fighting for you, loyal to you.

But my youngest, Ghani, he still needs his mother.

Kasim: Father.

You heard him.

You have to go.

Your wife, she's... she's serving a higher cause now.

Kasim, you know this is wrong.

Come on. Come.

Father, please, just go, okay?

Please, just...

Okay? Just go.

What are you after?

Money? Take it!

It's all I have!

It's me.


Let's go.

Come on.

I've been in the city for three days.

I was beginning to think I wouldn't find you.

But you ran away.

I thought this wasn't my fight.

But I was wrong.

I have to find the resistance.

So, not a coward after all, then, huh?


But you're not a soldier, either, Khalil, are you?

Who are you?


Someone who's tired of running from this place.

I spent too much of my life doing that.

I'm joining my cousins in the east of the city, the Banu Zahra clan.

They're putting up the biggest fight.

I can take you to them.

Ahmos, I promise I'll do whatever I can here.

Go back to your village.

Go back to Nasrin and Ghani.

How can I return to Ghani without his mother?


I'm not leaving this city without her.

(woman sobbing)

This is a temporary setback.

Our army can retake Ma'an, I assure you.

Like you assured me this man, Rashid, would be caught after my wife was shot?

Like you assured me he would never reach the oil refinery he now controls?

He won't be able to hold it, not if your country gives us the weapons we need, and which you are obligated to provide.

We have no such obligation.

Tariq: Actually, you do, Ambassador.

Per the terms of our treaty, China would provide us J-20 fighter jets, WZ-551 armored assault vehicles...

All I'm asking is an advance.

Those terms were defined as military support to protect your borders against foreign threats.

My government refuses to be drawn into your civil war.

These are foreign invaders.

And we have a signed defense pact.

Contingent upon you holding your country together.

Maybe gassing your citizens isn't the best way to go about this.

You dare to play the human rights card with me, you puppet?

Look to your own country for that.

We are done here.

Jamal, you need to go after him.

You must apologize to him.


Jamal, you need to go after them.

Without the Chinese, we don't have the men to retake Ma'an.

Not without redeploying troops needed to stem the spread of the Caliphate in the north.

You expect them to clean up this mess you've made?

I warned you not to use the gas.

Your arrogance has doomed us.

No oil, no alliances.

You don't get to lay this at my feet, Jamal.

Not after murdering dozens of my senior staff.

And now you demand to know why our troops are ill equipped to fight our enemies?

Bassam knew this was coming.

Again... you let your brother's words fill your head.

If you insist on listening to dead men...

...listen to your father.

He knew what needed to be done.

So do I.







You are relieved of your command, General.



(ringtone playing)




Ahmed, it-it's Sammy.

I'm at, I'm at the courthouse.

I've been...

...waiting to see the judge about my inheritance.

That has nothing to do with me.

What are you doing calling me like this?

I'm forbidden from having contact with any of you.

I need your help.

We have nothing to talk about.

I'm hanging up.

No, no, no, wait, wait, look, look, I'm...

I'm not calling about that. I...

I'm trying to find Abdul.

He's somewhere in Ma'an, and I-I can't reach him.

I'm worried about him.

Can you help me find him?


We're still cousins.

We're family; we're supposed to be here for each other.


I haven't spoken with him since he left Asima.

But I know someone who may have.

Text me when you're finished.

Did you reach your friend, Abdul?

Uh, left another message.

I know you're worried, but I'm sure he got out of Ma'an in time.


Good news.

Our case made today's docket.

Took a few days.

Looks like we're finally going in.

Uh, how soon?

We're up next.


Catch up with you in a second.

Whatever happens in that courtroom, we need to give some serious thought to getting out of here before they start closing the airports.

We're not going anywhere till Sammy gets his inheritance.

I won't be chased out, not again.

So, pressure's on me, then.

Jamal: What do you mean Burkina Faso can't authorize an arms shipment?

Aren't you defense minister?

No, you listen to me.

Hello? Hello?

(echoing): Oh, God!

(footsteps approaching)

Amira: I just heard what Jamal did.

Save your false tears.

You never liked Tariq.

It's my son I'm worried about.

What happened?

I couldn't say.

I wasn't there.

I wasn't there.

He's not sleeping.

He's been taking some kind of pills, amphetamines, which are only making him paranoid.

And now, our Chinese partners have abandoned us.

We're alone.

And you knew this would happen.


Whatever else we think about each other, we both desire the safety of our family and the preservation of this regime.

Jamal... is not the military leader that his father was, which is why I tried to bring in someone who might be.

Jamal's b*st*rd is not setting foot in this house again.

Rami may very possibly be our only chance for survival.

He's only here for two more hours before he flies out to Burundi.

So put aside your objections and your dislike of me and listen to what I have to say.

Khaled Al Fayeed's will was never executed.

Um, Bassam's inheritance remains in trust.

The Al Fayeeds are refusing to release the money in the trust to my client because of alleged actions taken by his father months after the fact.

He should not have...

These actions were not simply alleged.

He was tried and convicted for his crimes and executed as a traitor.

I'm not here to dispute that.

I can only submit that the sins of the father, treason or otherwise, should have no bearing on what is legally this young man's property.

I should like to hear from Sammy.

You agree with everything that is being said on your behalf, that you are not responsible for what your father did?

Yes, sir.

So you did not share your father's desire to overthrow our sovereign government, then or now?


You renounce your father?

You see him for the traitor he was?

He was deluded and selfish.

I mean, thinking he could just come in and change a foreign country's ways.


I'd like to hear you say the words.

"I renounce my father, Bassam Al Fayeed."

Excuse me, why is this necessary?


Judge: I'd like to hear you say the words.

I renounce my father, Bassam Al Fayeed.

Molly: James, what the hell was that in there?

Making him renounce his father?

The price you pay looking for justice in a dictatorship, I guess.

Now we just have to hope he comes back with a favorable ruling.

You did well in there, Sammy.


Honey, that was awful.

I'm so sorry he put you in that position.

Well, I didn't have to lie.

What is he doing here?

He's here for me.

What? What are you talking about?

He's, uh, gonna help me find Abdul.

No. No, no, listen.

I get that you're worried about your friend, but you are not going anywhere with him.

That family murdered your father.

No, no.

That was Uncle Jamal, not Ahmed.

Sins of the father can't be blamed on his children.



(softly): Mom.


(engine revving)


Thanks for coming.

So, where are we going?

Uncle Yaser.


This old queen. (chuckles)


I don't remember his last name, but...

I ran into him a couple of times with Abdul.

Abdul said he was his uncle, but...

(smacks lips) I knew better.



You think I didn't know what Abdul was?

I always knew.

I'm not one to condemn others for what God made them, especially not those closest to me.

He comanages a nightclub for men like Abdul.

We can start there.

You're coming with me?

I could use a break from my father.

May I come in?

Of course.

I see you're getting ready to leave.


Although I imagine my leaving isn't entirely disappointing.

The very fact of me must be complicated for you.

Why would you say that?

My husband is not a general.

My son, God bless him, is not one either.

I understand your work in Africa involved negotiating with arms dealers, mercenaries.

We need weapons.

We need experienced soldiers to train our troops and a general to lead them.

My husband will only trust you.

I need you to stay.

I appreciate your confidence in me, but I have a job.

Troops are awaiting for me to return to them, and this, this is not my fight.

This is your fight.

Those people dying in Ma'an are our people.

The Caliphate is your enemy.

I don't expect you to understand this... you haven't lived my life... but everything that's happened to me thus far has made it easier for me to be someplace else, anywhere but the place I was born.

"Easier." You're right, I don't understand.

This is your country.


And who's privileged to choose where they're from?

However far you want to run away, you will always be from Abuddin.

Mrs. Al Fayeed, there is no point to this.

Fine, say whatever you want to say.

This is not your country, but neither is Burundi or half the countries you run off to protect.

You want to save the world?

Start here.

Save my people, save your grandmother's people.

Save your mother's people.

Careful not to use your real name.


My father's become such a hero...

You're an Al Fayeed.

The name cuts both ways.


I'll wait here, make sure you get back to your hotel safely.

Looking for Yaser.

I'm a friend of Abdul.

(door closes)

I'm Yaser.

It's a vigil.

For the Ma'an Nine.

(whispering): What's that?

During the fighting in Ma'an, nine men took refuge in a closed nightclub, much like this one.

The Caliphate found them, rounded them up.


Was he one of the men in-in the nightclub?

He was.

I received a text from him shortly before they...

I'm sorry.

Is he dead?

I heard they were in prison somewhere, but, uh, it's only a matter of time before he's executed.

Well, what's being done?

No... there's something we can do, I mean... wh-what can we do?

There's nothing that can be done.

You can't reason with vicious dogs.

That's not true.

They ransom hostages sometimes.

On occasion.

But not for people like us.

We are abominations to them.

No human value.

What if it's a lot of money?

(scoffs) Sweet boy.

You'd need a fortune.


More than a child like you could afford.

I might be able to afford a lot.

This is the street.

They've hit the mosque.

Barry: They must have been overrun during the night.

This is the house.

Ahmos: This is Nadia, my cousin's daughter.

She's barely 17.


(sobbing gently): Why?

I'm sorry, Ahmos.

(guns cock)

Woman: Don't move.

Who are you?

I'm looking for family.

Woman: There's no family here.

I am a cousin to Banu Zahra.

Uncle Ahmos?

Ru'a, yeah?

He's a friend, Khalil.

He came to help fight the Caliphate.

Your timing is for sh1t.

(speaks in Arabic)

Where is everybody else?

Dragged away.

Siddiq had us hide in our grain cellar when they couldn't hold them off any longer.

What about the, um... the rest of the resistance?

I told you.

No one is left.

Jane: You need to clean yourself up.

Abu Omar will be home soon.

He finally gets to rest.

It's up to us to please him.

Up to you, not to me.

You belong to Abu Omar now.

You will obey him, do what he wants whenever he wants it.

And when I speak, I speak with his voice.

Any disrespect you show me, he will know.

I'm curious.

What twisted path brought a pathetic Western whore to think that she could come to my country and dictate to me her perverted misinterpretations of the Koran?

Did your parents not love you enough?

Is that why you lay with murderers?

Is that why you stood by while the people of this house were slaughtered?

So you could sleep in their bed and call it your own?

Finish your cleaning before Abu Omar gets here.

Rami: I'm going to need every one of those arms and aircraft on the list, Solomon.

Talk to your associates and make it happen.

Men like them, they move at their own pace.

But I'll do what I can to get some shipped out with us.

Monsieur, how many military advisors will you be bringing?

As many as you can pay for, Mr. President.

I'll have the money wired to you within the hour.

(clears throat)

Abuddin owes you for this.

The people are desperate for good news, and now I have something to announce in my address tomorrow.

I'm sorry, Father.

I just got the message you were looking for me.

Where have you been?

I had some business to take care of.

Doesn't matter, I'm happy you are here.


Meet our new general.

(clears throat) This is, uh, Rami Said...

...your brother.

Blood for blood.

Ahmos: Don't be foolish.

What can a few women and children do against them?

Do you know what terrifies the Caliphate more than anything?

A girl with a gun.

Women are such lowly beings to them, they think if they're killed by one, they won't get to paradise.

You think that will make you invincible?

Some may run from you, while others aim to cut you down.

There's too many of them.

Then we cut them down first.

We'll use the catacombs to find where they're housing their soldiers.


We can pick off survivors or a few drawn by the explosions before we fall back.

I think you're making a mistake.

This doesn't concern you.

It concerns everyone.

Don't assume what you've lost here gives you a monopoly on suffering.

These hit-and-hide tactics, I've seen them used before.

By Ihab Rashid before he joined the Caliphate.

They didn't work for him, and they won't work for you.

You just suffer even worse retribution.

What, are you saying we do nothing?


If we're gonna beat them, then we have to be able to attack them on multiple fronts, keep them off balance, shake up their morale, put them on the defensive.

Khalil, look around you.

We will need far more many fighters to do what you're suggesting.

You mentioned the catacombs.

We've been using them to attack the Caliphate.

Well, now we're gonna use them to get more soldiers.

I need you to get a message to Munir.

(cars honking)

Jane: You must be famished.

Take off your clothes.

I've waited a long time for this.


I expected more fight from you.

I wouldn't give you the satisfaction.

You're perfect.



What the hell?

(men shouting)

(Daliyah sobbing)


(phone ringing)

I hit the weapons depot.

Send the Caliphate my way.


It's the weapons depot.

Our brothers are under attack.

Orders are for reinforcements. They need them now.

Go. All of you.

I'll get the guards from the inside to cover?

(shouting in Arabic)

Uthal needs reinforcements at the gate.

I'll cover your posts.

(murmuring, shouting)

Follow me.


Ahmos: Siddiq.

Everyone, we must be quiet.


(speaking Arabic)

Abu Omar, we counted only one sniper, but he's gone.

The prison.

Uthal. Uthal!

(speaks Arabic)

Abu Omar (crackling): The weapons depot was a distraction. Lock down the prison.

Halima: Please!

Please, don't leave us here.

Please! Please!

Please don't leave us here.

Go, go, go, go!

(speaks indistinctly)



You have to stay.

You're more use to us working on the inside.

No, he's my father; you can't ask that of me.

Listen to him, Munir.

He's right.

They need you.

Please, do as he tells you.

For me.

Get him out of here.

(men shouting)

There he is! The tunnels, the tunnels, the tunnels, there he is!


(bird squawks)

(people murmuring)

General's uniform suits you.

This palace is your home now.

Never forget that.

(clears throat) Rami... my wife Nusrat.

Very nice to meet you.

(clears throat)

Thank you.

People of our great nation, we stand at a crossroad.

I speak of the suffering now prevailing over our land, brought by the brutality of foreign invaders declaring themselves the true Caliphate.

Many of you have fallen into the trap of what has been cast as a conflict between this government and an opposition.

Make no mistake, this is a conflict between the homeland and its enemies.

These radicals have killed the innocent in order to extinguish light and brightness in our country.

But they are wrong.

Abu Omar: This man, Khalil, he's here in Ma'an.

The bullet's still inside you.

I'm gonna see if I can find some instruments or something like that.

It's all right.

I don't feel the pain anymore.

Ghani needs Daliyah.

Find her.

Promise me.

Find her.

I'll find her.

Come nightfall, we need to find a way out of the city.

There are Banu Zahra in the western provinces.

We'll head there.

You want to run?

This is our home; we need to stay and fight for it.

Too many of us have died defending it.

I have to protect what people we have left.



You have to respect my decision.

We're leaving.

Barry: Then every one of your family who has died, including this man, will have died in vain.

Who the hell are you?

Ru'A: His name's Khalil.

Breaking you all out was his idea.

Look, I have to do what I think is best.

I understand.

But right now, word is spreading about your escape.

People are hearing that the Banu Zahra got the better of the Caliphate.

They'll be inspired to fight back themselves.

They will be cut down, as we were.

Not if you join with them.

Think of it.

The Banu Zahra and every other tribe in this city, united against a common enemy.

Our ancestors drove the Romans from this land.

Cast down the Sassanians in battle.

They refused to bow down to a foreign invader that came here to steal our homes and steal our women.

And now it's our turn.

Jamal: Nowhere is our national character more defined than in the city of Ma'an.

So many brave and valiant soldiers lost their life during these violent few days when Ma'an fell.

Not least of all General Tariq Al Fayeed.

He loyally served this nation for many years.

In his stead, I have appointed a new commander of our armed forces.

I present to you General Rami Said, a son of Ma'an.

He has been entrusted to deliver that city from the grip of these terrorists.

General Said has already been building our arsenal and readying for our counteroffensive against the invaders.

Hand in hand, despite all our wounds, we will rescue Ma'an, retake our oil fields, and we will see, once and for all, which of ours is truly God's army.

Bassam Al Fayeed...

Before he died, he inspired me to think that things could change here.

That it was important to rise up and speak out against the regime.

To fight against anything or anyone that robs us of our freedoms.

I guess I just wanted to thank you for making me believe again.